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    1. My crush as a player - Haunted house at the beach - Another haunted house

      by , 06-17-2017 at 09:18 AM
      So, I got three dreams and to make it simple I'm just going to write them all at once. None of them was lucid. Btw I'm writing all my dreams to my own notebook too and because it's my main DJ I might not write here at all if I don't feel like doing so. But here are my dreams from last night:

      #1 This dream was pretty short. I remember my crush being there. He smiled weirdly and was trying to get me date him even thought he didn't really like me. I knew that but apparently I still fell for him...The dream ended.

      #2 At first I was hanging around with some girl. I didn't know her IRL. We were at the beach and there were some random red stairs so we were hanging there. Then my companion changed to my family and relatives and we went to some house. It was round and off the ground (it had pillars). It wasn't that big and I think it was red too. The house was haunted and had quite disgusting history. Also it was swinging like a boat for some reason. Some of the walls were unstable. There was propably some secret room. I felt sick and was afraid some ghost would show up. Others had no problem with the house and seemed happy. I went outside. I puked. It was very weird but not as bad as IRL. The dream ended.

      #3 Another haunted house dream. This time the house was more big. It looked gray. The dream begann already inside it, I think. There were people I know IRL including my sister. Most of the people were girls and younger than me, but there was one boy who was the same age as me. Some went to a room that seemed scarier than the other rooms. Or atleast I felt like it was scarier. They got stuck for a while and the boy went to save them. I just ate salad that someone found. There were plastic forks. Weird . The dream ended.

      I also remember having a fourth dream, but I only remember that I was in school in it, so it doesn't count imo.

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    2. 8/25/16 - Bananas

      by , 08-25-2016 at 08:15 PM
      I'm gathered with a tribe at a beach and standing near the edge of the water. There is an elder that stands in the water to his waist. Behind me there is a row of people coming out of a line of trees, holding giant bundles of bananas. They carry them to the water and toss them in. The elder then inspects each one of them and decides whether or not they are safe to eat. But then he disappears and really big waves start coming in. Everyone on the beach backs up, but I stay fairly close, fascinated by the big waves. There's still bananas to inspect so I find my little sister and tell her that she's the best when it comes to knowing when to eat bananas. She agrees and goes into the water. The big waves stop and everything is calm again. I gather a large bundle of bananas and toss them into the water for her.
    3. 6/28/14 - Monster Child

      by , 06-29-2014 at 05:41 PM
      My little sister and I are walking towards Almond Drive. I keep looking behind us. It feels like something is coming. I notice a small boy. He's no more than five years old with blond hair and blue eyes. He's not right. We start running. We make it to our house and try to shut the door. It won't shut. There is a gap about two or three inches wide. As we struggle to shut the door, the boy appears in front of it, snarling and trying angrily to get to us. We keep pushing him back and hitting him and doing everything we can to keep him away. He just keeps coming back.

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    4. 1/23/14 - My Tiger and Me

      by , 01-24-2014 at 07:46 AM
      I'm walking slowly through a really crappy, almost deserted carnival. It's really quiet and unsettling. As I walk I keep looking into empty cages, wondering why they are empty. I stop walking and decide to turn around and go back. I turn around and behind me is a huge, full grown tiger. It startles me a bit but it has a calm look on it's face so I don't feel afraid. It's really beautiful and bigger than normal. I go to walk around it, but it turns around as well and begins to follow me. I continue walking and place my hand on it's head when it catches up to my side. While walking, the scenery changes and we are walking on a sidewalk next to the stater bros in my town. Again the area is pretty quiet and empty. It suddenly gets insanely hot and the tiger and I start panting and walking slower. I get horribly worried about it and stop walking. I kneel down beside him and stroke his face, talking to him and telling him we are almost home. He looks sad and he collapses, his head resting on my lap. I start to panic and yell for someone to get me some water. Suddenly I look up and my Grandma and my little sister are there next to me. I tell them to please buy me some water because my tiger is sick. They agree and start walking to the store. Half way there my sister yells that this is stupid and she leaves. I start crying and murmuring to my tiger, telling him that everything will be okay. I look up again and my grandma hands me a big bottle of cold water and a red bowl to pour it in. I sigh with relief and pour the water into the bowl. The tiger lifts it's head and drinks it all. I scratch it's head the whole time. After he is done, we get up and start walking again. I keep my hand on his head, petting it lightly and he purrs happily. We our on our way home.
    5. 8/4/13 - A Dangerous Path

      by , 08-05-2013 at 05:27 AM
      Julie and I are walking through a field. I hear a noise and look down. A couple of feet ahead of me is a rattlesnake. We dodge and step over the snake, but more appear. We spend a good half hour, or so, dodging the snakes. The snakes vanish then, when we reach the end of the field. The ground suddenly becomes wet, uneven rock. We start carefully picking our way across the rock and as we do that, a giant weeping willow appears. We stop walking. Julie studies the tree for a minute and then tells me to put my hood on because the branches and leaves are poison if they touch our heads. We both put our hoods on and walk under and away from the tree. Once we're away from the tree a cave appears in front of us. We walk inside and it becomes a parking garage. "This is what it'll be", Julies says. "They're going to put and hold us here." I get scared. We start making our way through the garage and we are at the exit when a red, old car shows up. There's a man driving. He tries to run us over. Julie and I are able to avoid him and we escape the garage. We are instantly at home, both wondering what just happened.
    6. 7/28/13 - Knowing Unknown

      by , 07-29-2013 at 05:21 AM
      Dream Fragment 1: I'm holding onto a man. Both of my hands are gripping one of his arms very tightly. He doesn't seem to mind. We are in a very crowded area. It's filled with people laughing, drinking and dancing. I let go of his arm and he places his hand on the small of my back, leading me away from the crowd. I feel happy.

      Dream Fragment 2: I'm in Grandma and Grandpa's R.V., sitting at the table. Julie and I sit on opposite sides, talking about whatever. A guy, who I both know and don't know, Walks up to the table with a plate of food. He looks at Julie and then he looks at me. He smiles big and tells me to move over. I move a bit and he sits next to me. We share his plate of food.
    7. 7/23/13 - The Bad Man

      by , 07-28-2013 at 05:34 AM
      Julie and I are on Olive Creek St., reading a sign on one of the lamp posts. The sign is fuzzy. We immediately look at each other and know that we have to run home as fast as we can. In my head, before he appears, I see a man. I can't see his face and he's covered from head to toe in black leather. I know he's dangerous and will get us if we don't run. We start running and just as we are about to turn on our street, I look behind me and the bad man is walking behind us. We run faster and make it home. We run into the house and lock the locks and wait. We both look out of the peep hole and we see the man walk past the house.
    8. Lucid this week

      by , 05-16-2013 at 02:23 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      (WILD)I entered the lucid dream when I could see through my eyelids, I instantly jumped out of my bed, I opened my curtains and marveled at how wrong my mind recreated my window, its all skinny now but in waking life it is big. Suddenly I shoot back into my body and my sister is shaking me try to wake me up but I can't move but I mumble to her that I'm just paralyzed for a bit and to hold on, but then I think how could she have gotten into my room when it was locked, so I shoot back into lucid and get up and she is gone, I walk out of my door and run through the kitchen and go outside, I don't know why i didn't try to change scenes, i just know that I was intrigued at how well it all looked yet things were different. I saw my neighbors through the window and they looked different (damn woke up because certain people insist upon stomping around the house with all the force they can muster up)
    9. A dream one month ago

      by , 03-18-2011 at 09:26 PM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Backround history: In the dream, it was so ilegal to skipp school that you got shoot right on spot if the polis realized that you where skipping school.

      The dream: The dream starts of with me who are on a buss thinking on that i am on my way to freedom from school. (Wich is akward because i like school ) for some reason, my sister are on the same buss.

      The buss stop's at my old kindergarten. Wich is a exact replica of a place 1 kilometer from my house.

      I start's to run because i want to be very far away when the police starts to look after me.( In my dream, i starts to think on my previous attempt of skipping school, wich was a actuall dream. So you can say that this was a continuation of a dream that i had 6 month's ago)

      I gets telleported to a candy store and buy's candy. All of the sudden, my sister comes into the store and starts begging me for candy . I get's telleported to a place 200 meters from my old kindergarten and starts to run again.

      I get's telleported AGAIN to a medow 500 meters from the spot and start's to run again.
      I see a huge hole( Wich is reinforced with concrete and looks like a bunker and a prision at the same time) and jumps down into the hole. I see alot of hot chics there who eats chicken
      and ask's me if i want to join them. Then i wake's up

      ps: sorry for bad english