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    1. Cafe, Alone, Rock Monster

      by , 07-04-2016 at 06:27 PM
      I was working on the layout of an old newspaper and the image of a man at a radio station talking into a mic appeared. He said he had been working at this station since 1865 under the title of ĎFather of the House.í I remember thinking he didnít look that old, maybe only 45.

      I was working at the cafe, very busy section towards the front of the house.
      Two women together ordered food, changed tables while waiting on food so I had trouble finding them at first. One of the women told me she hadnít ordered this dish: it was a baking pan of 4 enchilada-shaped objects wrapped in what looked like blue plastic. It was called Ďthe Four Plasticsí and I remembered her ordering it but I didnít argue. She said she had ordered the ĎRhubarb Salad. Lots of detailed activity happened that I donít remember well now- fumbling with computer and ordering food, fumbling at cash register and fumbling getting people checks. I was at the cash register and I could see a girl in my section was out of water. I grabbed a pitcher and I walked over to her. She was a regular (dream- but she seemed to be a younger female version of a waking life regular I used to know) and she had a drink when I got to her table. She said it was an accident that she gestured towards me, that she had been doing some kind of experiment/magic. She was only 19, had long auburn hair, giant round glasses, and an awkward face. She was nice, but very strange. I felt bad for her, and wanted to find a way to help her grow into herself, specifically initially helping her to speak in a more eloquent manner. But I didnít say anything. I listened to her tell me and some other people how she was tiring about going to a costume party, but that she would probably stay at home and dress up at her place alone. Maybe as a tomato? I canít remember.
      We had a new chef and a new [manager?] at the cafe. They were loyal to each other.

      I had a small black puppy with me behind bar at one point. It was scrambling in my arms and ran around behind the bar and up to the top to greet some customers.

      At one point there was an ex president visiting. He was of an asian background and he lived in this town that the cafe waist now that he was retired. His daughter worked at the cafe. They had been eating and listening to audiobooks that we rented out- a long series of perhaps 12 titles, all written on his receipt that he handed me at the cash register when he walked up. Initially he told me, ĎDonít freak outÖí when he walked up. I told him I was remaining relaxed. One of the titles had the word phantom in it. I had trouble ringing them up but I did the best I could. A woman manger came up to me later and told me to organize them in a better way. I told her I wasnít sure how- but she shoved the receipt into my chest and walked away.

      I donít remember it happening, but my husband had left me. I had moved on to an ex from long ago and he had left me as well. Then I had moved on to yet another ex, and we had been living in an old apartment similar to one we actually lived in in real life. We had issues and then we decided to stay together but get different apartments. I found one that was slightly cheaper at $640/month in the same complex. He eventually left me too. I remember feeling sad that everyone seemed to leave me, that something must be wrong with me.
      I woke up (false) on my bed with my jeans and t-shirt on. I couldnít recall going to bed, thought I must have bee really tired and just passed out when I came home from work. As I laid there, I looked up and could see a bunch of bikes hanging around me, and a bike part on my bed. Then I saw my mom through a window in my bedroom door. She came in and I told her that my ex had left me. I told her I already had my own place, and she seemed to be trying to help me plan my future, saying, ĎThatís not so badÖí about the price of the apartment. I felt sad about living in this city again, didnít want to be there. She was giving me $160 for my birthday. I told her I wanted a bike.

      My apartment was a the foothills of some mountains. In the valley there was a large river. It was beautiful, though I didnít acknowledge it in the dream. To the southwest , and n the opposite side of the river, was another range of mountains, and one structure in particular looked like a giant rock monster. I imagined him as a mythological being, that sometime woke up and ran through the valley, creating the river bed. He seemed slightly scary.

      I think Iím subconsciously afraid that I am not treating my husband well enough and fear him leaving me. I think this fear is valid but not really applicable, as we have great communication and things are good with us. I think this comes from general anxiety within my self about many things in my life. The cafe dreams are definitely a reoccurring theme, and I suppose I feel like I am struggling to keep up with things and making too many mistakes. Again I think it comes from a general anxiety, maybe specifically over my career.
    2. Deleted

      by , 01-05-2011 at 05:23 AM (Torra)

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      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Dec 25

      by , 12-26-2010 at 07:24 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I wrote this down on my ipod touch earlier then deleted it believing that I already posted so I'll give the short version since that's all I remember

      Greek Myths

      My mother was a teacher of Greek myth although in my dream, greek myths were actually the history. They became gods that we made statues of. I learned how to make a bust of one out of aluminum. I went into my mom's lecture class and showed her, interrupting the class. Every student left. I then remembered my improv team had a show. I forgot this stole a t-shirt and on the way to running to my car, ran into the rest of the team in the cafeteria. I ate some fries...

      That was the speed version
      non-lucid , memorable