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    1. Nancy Pelosi, naked with coworkers, LD, first successful reality check, childhood bedroom

      by , 12-31-2011 at 07:42 PM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was in an office complex where my company's building joined with a governmental department next door. In search of a bathroom, I wandered to the other building attached to mine and saw Nancy Pelosi, who worked there. Though we've met before, she didn't recognize me, so I took the opportunity to get her to say something stupid. We talked about how the elevators and floor line up in our two buildings, and she mentions something about how doors and Muslims are involved in a complex liberal conspiracy. I tell her it sounds ridiculous and ask what her evidence is. She walks away, telling me to say hi to [my husband's name], showing she did recognize me after all.

      Feeling silly, I wander back over to my office on my side of the building. My coworkers and I are sitting around, drinking and socializing. I see an ex-colleague and we have a friendly chat. Then, feeling sick, I take off all my clothes and lie down on the ground, and immediately wonder if that looked too dramatic and people will think I merely want sympathy.

      Then, I was in bed in my childhood bedroom, and I noticed my vision was fuzzy and wavy. I decided to do my LD reality check and examine my wedding ring. Success! The bands were moving around, so I knew I was dreaming. I did a few other standard reality checks: tapped the palm of my left hand with the forefinger of my right, and it went straight through my hand! I also jumped in place - yep, jumped too high for RL. Definitely LDing.

      So, what should I do next? I was still in my bedroom and worried that my sleeping body may be mirroring some things I did in my dream, so I decided to stay there. Sex with a friend came to mind, so I tried to create a friend in my bed. But, it really didn't work well - only parts of the person were visible at a time, and it never looked like them. I gave up and decided to just masturbate in my dream to see what it felt like. But, as I laid down in bed, I felt a sharp pain: I'd laid on a stiff comb, whose bristles were jamming into my back. I felt the dream fade as the pain continued. I desperately yanked the brush out and spun in place to get the dream back. I spun and spun and things stabilized temporarily... but then they became fuzzy again and I woke up.

      Note: This happened on a Saturday nap after I'd already been up and around. Was very tired from the day before. I really am not good at conjuring up specific people in my dream. This is the first successful use of my wedding band reality check, which I've been doing several times a day since I joined DV.