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    1. Apocalpyse Dream No 9

      by , 11-23-2013 at 12:09 PM
      So in my dream I was stuck in a hotel. Some natural disaster happens which threatens the human life all over the world. Initially it began with fire balls falling from sky. Everybody started to panic and running in the hotel, but there was no where to go because the whole world was on fire. I try to run to basement. Suddenly a deadly gas erupted heading towards our hotel. I saw some people came with safety mask. I tried finding one for me but I couldn't. So, when I was running to basement I found an oxygen breathing system with cylinder across the stairs. So I decided to stay with that system, I thought that will be the best for me. Although I was worried about my family coz they might not have the same privileged as I do. Then I woke up.

      Last night I ate Italian Food: Noodles and garlic bread, before watched Hunger Games. Had Headache till now.

      I can blame watching the movie and the headache might be the reason for the dream, but I had many similar dreams with natural disaster that I want to share in other posts and I want to find if somebody else have similar dream. If somebody else have similar dream please contact me.

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    2. Earth Ends by Tidalwave

      by , 12-09-2012 at 01:34 AM
      Last night I had a dream that I was at a beach or something, watching people playing in the ocean, when a warning came in that something had happened to create a huge tidal wave out at sea, and that we would soon be seeing waves hundreds of feet high. They evecuated the beach, of course, and pushed everybody back into the hotel to get their belongings, and then move further inland.

      For some reason, though, there were a very large number of us who refused to evacuate any further. I'm in the lobby of this hotel (which is all glass, and stretches several stories high) and I'm watching these huge waves rolling up on shore, and thinking how much fun it might be to try body surfing in them.

      Some of the panes of glass aren't fitted very well, and the water just comes pouring into the lobby, and rolling back out again, with 30 and 40 foot waves moving freely through the place. I try to ride on a few, but the waves are just too powerful, and I find myself being dumped in the water, pounded by it, and generally, having a fairly unpleasant time, so I write it off as a bad idea.

      I manage to avoid being pulled too far out by the last wave I was in, then rode the crest of the next wave back into the lobby, and managed to grab ahold of a railing near the top of the lobby, and pull myself out of the water. But since the waves are still growing, I start running through the hotel, finding stairs to take me higher and higher.

      This has a feeling of New York or something, because there are all sorts of huge buildings, but frequently they are connected by bridges or walkways or something, so I'm able to get as high as I can on one building, then run over to another, even taller building, and start climbing even further. But always, the water is just one step behind.

      Eventually, I find myself in the tallest building in the area, and oddly enough, the top three stories of the building are a multi-level shopping mall. I'm on the lowest level, but I want to get to the roof, so I can be at the tallest point in the whole city, and can survive as long as possible, before the water gets me. There is one elevator which actually goes to the roof, but one needs a special key to use it.

      I find somebody in mall security who has already been overwelmed by the waves, and I take their key, but annoyingly, I can no longer find the one elevator which will go to the roof. Its getting harder and harder to avoid the waves, as the water is already starting to flood the lowest level of the mall, but I notice that the roof is tiered, and I can actually get out onto it through a window, then run around to another, higher part of the roof.

      As I'm just beginning to reach the top of the roof, I see there is a single rescue helicopter waiting to take a few people to safety. I am running for it, and find the helicopter is being piloted by Captain Sheridan of Babylon 5, and they are almost full. Unfortunately, there is only room for one more person aboard, and they make the choice to take Sixx aboard, instead of me. (I swear, I'm not making this up ... I really dreamed it.)

      I'm disappointed, but it is their helicopter, and they can make whatever choices they want to, and I acknowledge their right to do so, even as I doubt their wisdom. (And understand, I don't really know Sixx ... I just know the trouble they used to have with him at the Cafe.)

      So I'm on the top of the highest roof, and more and more people are joining me, at the highest point we can reach, and we are watching the waves rise higher and higher, realizing we have only a few more minutes before we'll drown.

      That's when the flying saucers appear, and start beaming us all up. As they explain they'll be taking us to a new place to live, where we can start our lives over again, they are lecturing us on Ayn Rand's beliefs, and explaining how that is how the new land we're going to is run, and we'd better get used to it. I, of course, am quite happy to hear it.

      Once we reach the new land, however, they need people to build the elevators that allow us to get around, and it is dangerous work, since it means climbing around these (currently) empty elevator shafts, preparing them for use. I'm jumping around happily, pleased to find I've got something worthwhile to do.
    3. Nighthog's Archive: 8 June 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 11:35 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      8 June 2010

      Ok, was a bit of a weird night tonight. I kind of repeated my dreams 3 times.
      Something about getting it right and checking back as I didn't recall every detail for my dream journal as I was writing in it inside my dreams between each repeat in FA.

      USA natural super disaster?

      Walking on a desolate road in a dark atmosphere and lands with grass and brushes somewhat dried. I'm just walking in the middle of no where and I soon hear a large roar or explosion behind me after seeing a sudden brightness coming about.
      I and another guy who was on a motorbike look back. It looks like atomic weapon blasts way far back in the distance.
      No it's something else... Gigantic super volcano eruption?
      Molten rock and lava is flying up, up and more up. It's way far away but it's so damn large anyway. I'm terrified by this sight.
      I shortly walk back toward it to see how far the thing will reach or to try measure distance. But soon I see a rain of lava and molten rock and debris come down. There is a large crowd of people escaping in panic many get hit by the motlen rocks and such. Me and the guy on the motorbike turn around fast. The rain is coming quickly toward us.
      The biker is hit by some small splashes of lava. His clothes catch fire and he really is in pain by them but he speeds up to escape away. I run back but ain't hit luckily.
      I now see the ground start to crack up and then collapse downward. Th ground is disappearing from beneath our feet this far away? It's crazy lava would even have flown this far.
      The bike makes a few turns on the collapsing ground but makes it just in time. We are all running away as far as we can. The ground is collapsing behind us revealing a sea of molten rock and lava beneath in the further distance I noted. Closer to my location I saw the spread of the shock wave coming. The ground was vibrating and pushing up dust a feet up or such. Further back I could now see the lava blast no longer. It was all obfuscated by the immense ash cloud coming toward us.
      We need to get to safety quickly.

      I run through some areas whit houses and fences and such and see stuff collapse and get quickly cowered in the ash cloud that is now only tens of meters behind me. I'm running as fast as I can and it's keeping a steady pace in about same way. Every hindrance or stop I'm made to take makes the cloud get closer. Making me only more panicked to get away as soon as possible. I can't fall inside the ash cloud. I will suffocate.

      I finally spot my house. Or it's a mixture of my house and cottage. I run inside by family trying to yell me to be faster and having the door ready to close as soon as I enter. The cloud is just behind me.
      I run inside and hear the door close and the cloud surrounds the house. I go to check around and make sure windows and air vents etc are closed or have filters.
      I'm unsure that the air vents have sufficient filtering. I see a slight dark mist come inside. But the ash isn't getting inside easily. It's safe enough.
      We need to stay inside and wait out till the ash disperses.

      I go to a view of seeing the whole Northern America.
      There in the middle of it is a huge hole with lava and molten rock. It's a huge rift going through the whole of USA from mouth of the Mississippi delta up into Canada. The lava area is huge. It looks like the earth has been torn open and revealed it's innards. It's way to huge.

      I now see the rift quickly get filled with sea water and the lands around it start to sink down and getting under water. The land getting cowered by water is accelerating and spreading quickly. I'm worried that our house will be under water soon. It's located to the west, east of the mountains. The water just about stops getting further there and my house is now on a island surrounded by a sea of water. There were many islands created around here.
      Western America? It sank in it's whole all beneath the waters.. Northern America was now only the 1/3 of the eastern part where the mountain ranges are. Everything else is now beneath the seas.

      FA, I kind of went to write notes and to recall the dream and then went down to continue dreaming.

      It's a repeat!

      Version 2

      The blast happened again and I'm once again running away and soon hit the area where there are buildings. Though this time I didn't see the biker and things went about slightly altered. The walls and buildings are different. I go a different route this time. I end up going inside some stairs in a building to go upwards. I am soon on higher ground but I enter the building again and walking up this tower now instead... Heading upward I know the ash cloud is already outside. I was wondering why it didn't play out like before.
      fade out.

      FA. again, trying to recall and makes mental notes before sleeping again.

      Version 3

      More similar to the first version but this time I'm already really at the house. It's now though located in it's proper place. In Sweden. Not in USA. So the worry somehow stops there. USA is really practically gone I see on the world map as the rift was opened and water filled it all again sinking everything. I spot the new islands and the one where the supposed house from before just made it barely.
      I kind of see a vision on where they are making a new life and going onward with life. Seems they made a farm on the island. It's big enough like that.

      The dream now finally went onward.
      These also kind of repeated in 3 versions.

      I'll write it down later. It's a bit of a mess which dream had which details of the same things in part.

      The continuation, The other dream?

      I'm in some larger building complex with various functions and rooms etc. I can't be sure what to classify it as. It had classrooms of sorts, and labs? Research institute? Had a kind of white hospital feel to it all but saw no such equipment. I really only walked the empty corridors after seeing the empty reception.
      I was trying to sneak about without being spotted. I have some task of rescuing or doing something in this specific back room where some people were gathered.
      I went inside and was confronted. It had not been the way I had liked it to go... I wanted to redo it.. (which I kind of got to do)
      I had somehow failed with my task. It was supposed to be sneaky and unspotted. (I somehow get the feeling of stealing something)

      I went out to exit the building complex and next went down to some military side building where they had a shooting range and training areas. Some female instructor was bossing about what to do. Though she wasn't a officer or a solder or the sorts. Had more like lab clothing on her. I was supposed to do some running and then later take my rifle and have some shooting practice. I remember walking the range to the longest one and commenting to some instructor that I'm quite good at it if I first get a few rounds to shoot to get into it.(I was decent shooter in the army but thanks to the way we did it we continuously were interrupted and needed to wait and get up and run down the the targets to check hits and whatnot, it didn't work well with me. I needed a few shots and then if I would be allowed then to shoot a long series I gathered a good swarm if I got to go at it uninterrupted. I always did much better with the times we got to do it more freely.)
      The instructor didn't seem to believe my skills.(which they didn't as they never saw the good ones or times I did well, or the times I did, they would not believe my description on what I had done to gather this bad swarm or done this other thing,(especially this one time long range shooting, I saw my hits go to high and then altered my aim for the next round and then did my last correction for the last few which I got in the middle after doing to big a correction at first. the instructor did not believe my explanation on how I ended up whit the three distinct areas of hits. Which kind of looked like a bad shooting, but I new the three swarm for each of the rounds I had done. He called me a liar basically >_>; ))
      I was about to start my practice but got a fade out a and FA whit a new recall session and writing down details.

      New sleep
      Version 2
      I was back and entered the same building once again. This time around though I kept walking about the complex after finding the door to the room in which I had failed previously. I instead this time went and looked around more. I thought I could wait for the people to exit or go elsewhere and then come back. Sadly they never did no such thing and I also had hard time finding my way back to this door afterwards. I wandered far and wide inside the complex.
      I think it ended with me giving up and wandering out the entrance next to the reception.

      Version 3
      A new go at it again.
      This time I wandered around the areas in which I had wandered about in version 2 once again. Never really getting to the door from before. I think I was in some open areas in the place that looked like some mall. I think I thought I found some kind of club or cinema or similar at one point. There was these stairs leading down to a area and then going back up again and there was a entrance to a club there. There was a long row of people waiting to get inside. I walked away afterwards.
      I then later again found myself to enter the room I was supposed to go into. It slightly went different this time. They weren't as confronting as before and it seemed natural that I would be there. I think they had been waiting for me. Can't recall to well. They weren't to pleased with my late arrival.

      Later I went outside again to go down to the military building and the shooting range.
      This time I greeted the guys sitting about there. It was night and I asked if it was all right to be doing shooting practice at this time of night. They said it was all right, no problem. They seemed to know me. I was in my military clothing here now. The guy standing there was on guard as the other one who oversees the ammunitions and such.
      The Sergeant went to point that I had one of my unit badges upside down and that it looked like a Russian unit insignia like that. It was a small badge with some different colour boxes. He took it and turned it right. I noticed and realized this isn't mine, which I point out to him and remove it.
      Then he checks out the other badges and as I look are also incorrect? They aren't mine. I think I mention it must have been there when I went to change clothing and got a new jacket and it had these attached and I had forgotten to check it before putting it on. I say which badges I should have.
      There was this badge on my right arm. two '^' over another and then a single line below them. (I looked in my army book and there really is no such badge. they have two straight lines below as minimum for two '^'. and the 'cadet' symbol was missing so it's strange.)

      Dream was interrupted by the door bell ringing.

      I just had a afternoon nap and had some good dreams.

      Helping a girl out how to breath underwater.

      I had walked up a spiral stair case and almost at the top I encounter two girls coming down.
      As they spot me they figure they will have some fun with me. They seem to know me and I slightly recognized them. Recall fails on who they were but they came unto me and kind of hanged on me. Really close. I was kind of pushed into a corner. There were words exchanged but I can't recall. Soon they are kind of satisfied with their fun and I'm either allowed up or went down again. I meet up with my old friend again. I have the girls with me. They tell me about the LanGhost I think. I can come and join at any time. They have it every day. I think between 6:00pm to 4:00am. They kind of invite me to join them for that. I asked for the details. My old friend answered it all a bit uncertain. He seemed unsure if I really was interested.

      Either way I'm tasked with a task. There is water below the staircase and I go down in it. I might have been pushed over the ledge of the staircase. One of the girl follows me down. I'm taking it easy. I already know how to handle under water environments. You just be calm about it. There is kind of ledge and staircase going down. There are these signs and papers with text to them. You need to read them going down. I take the girl with me and we read them and advance. Sadly I have no recall on what they said. Seems it was relevant to myself.
      At the bottom I ask her for help on the last one. My vision is blurry and I remove my glasses and see better but my eyes get irritated by the water. I tell her about this issue. I get her help to try and read the sign.
      I also noticed she had trouble breathing normally here in the water. She seemed not used to it. She was kind of hyper ventilating having quick breaths. I wanted to help her and gave her some advice on it. She needed to calm down. I tried some distractions on her for her to forget about the breathing and get more comfortable with the surroundings and situation.
      Basically I took hold of her who was behind me and then went a bit touchy close with her. I pressed my ass against her to make her a little distracted as I knew she didn't like it as I had gathered in the few moment with her. She didn't want me to be close on her and had distanced before and said no to me about trying to get close.
      I only did it for a few moments until she no longer was doing the distressed breathing and how she seemed to get familiar with it by calming down. I stopped doing it and noted how she was calm about it now. She had no problems breathing or talking here in the water now.

      She said thanks to me and also mentioned my real name. She really knew me it seems.
      Dream faded out.

      Helping another girl, a ghosts child?
      I soon was in another dream and I had been with this other small girl. She had asked me for help. Or I had offered it after she seeming a bit 'looking for help' but not asking for it.

      She had taken and lead me into this house and then inside this room there in the back. I meet up with another person there. He/she was a bystander but knew the girl and the issue it seemed but I never saw any action by him/her.
      We were there to help the girl find and get this child and take care of her basically. Though there was a problem. The girl was invisible or a ghost I gather so was her mother I think... The girl I was with was the only one who could see them but as I entered them room and asked the girl about the two others where they might be and how to help her I ended up seeing the mother who had come inside the room to greet the girl I was with. She went to go into the next room. I talked with the girl I'm with asking if the 'ghost' was here or going there and such. She seemed to have a worried look as I said these things to her but listened and went and followed to where the mother had gone. In the next room by was her child with her. She had made ready the clothing and other things.
      I went to ask the two girls their names.
      I had a little struggle hearing and getting them right so I had them repeat and help me with it till I seemed to get them right.
      Eleina, Soumila. Something to this sort they were. As quickly a I got them I forgot them >_>;
      They were Finnish names.

      We were about ready and about to go and leave now with the child. The mother went to say to take care of her well and hoped that things would go well between me and the girl I was with. She hoped that things would progress well and that we would continue to be together. It seemed all to not certain somehow that we would but seemed there was hope. It kind of surprised me. I hadn't thought we two were together or the sort at all.
      The mother ends with saying she sleeps well at 'Markos' house if we ever have problems with her like crying constantly or otherwise.
      I turned around to walk out with the child and the girl.