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    1. [10-10-2016]

      by , 10-10-2016 at 07:46 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With my mother and some another woman we were deep underground in some cavern system. There was water flowing rapidly on the ground and dripping from the ceiling. It was dark, but the water was strangely illuminated. It was also in a deep blue colour, contrasting highly with dark surroundings. We were climbing up some rope, but mother said that it won't lead us far and jumped down into water. I jumped after her and stream of water took me to another cavern. We landed on a small rock from which a rope led to exit from cavern. We were climbing, and when we were halfway there my mother said to that woman "We won't get out of here. It's prohpecised that we'll die here!". They disappeared, I still climbed but when I reached exit, it was blocked by a black and soft substance that I couldn't break through. I moved back to the cavern and jumped down to water on the bottom of it, then get out of water. There were some chests and barrels scattered around, I checked what was inside them and then I saw a dark elf with his vegetables stand. A dialogue window appeared with his name and why he was in the cavern.

      Second dream

      It was a really hot day. I was outside neighbor's house, standing with mother on the roadside. Neighbors left their house and relaxed with us on the road, then a truck appeared. It drove right through neighbors, but haven't hurt them. It just passed through them.
    2. 6/14/16

      , 06-15-2016 at 06:51 AM
      Lived in a high rise, same neighbors. Hair up in a wrap, cool skirt, hanging with neighbor P by her pool on her balcony. We have a view of a canyon and she is talking about a really great restaurant but I can't see it. I feel her hand on my hip. Her husband and kids jump into the pool. My husband are talking about a trip to France. They want to go too. He said he would wear her out. I started to walk home. Across the balcony, in front of other units and then realized I was on the wrong floor. I had to go up one (or was it down, I can't remember). I walk in and Husband is on a recliner watching TV.
    3. Notes on dream memory

      by , 06-16-2015 at 09:20 PM
      I just woke from a night that was thick, rich, dense with dreaming, but the recall was scattered and sparse, which makes me ponder the nature of dream memory. After this last waking, I lay there for some minutes without being able to remember a single thing, not one detail, yet I knew for certain that I had been dreaming. This is a peculiar state of mind, the ultimate experience of ambiguity. I lay back down on the bed sideways across the covers so that I would not accidentally fall asleep again, and then let my mind drift, looking for the particulars. At first it seemed hopeless, like groping through mud, until through some mysterious process a tiny detail took shape...

      ...near my new house, a stream full of fish, all sizes and varieties...

      That detail links to more images and events, and then there all are, as vivid as life, all those memories that had seemed to be lost, and might have never been recovered had I not taken the time to seek them...

      ...I look forward to fishing, catching my own dinner... is the water clean enough? I need a fishing pole, I can buy one right now on Amazon, I'm sure they sell them, it will be here in two days... or is this the sort of thing I should buy in person? find a sporting goods store, feel the weight and balance in my hands first, try out the cast...

      ...and finally I'll have somewhere to shoot my bow! so nice to have space again.... but my bow and target are still in my old house, I won't have them until we complete the move... guess I'll have to be patient...

      ...a bit concerned about the neighbors, though, that father yelling at his children, hitting them with tires, and so openly, right in the yard! should I call and report? but surely someone has tried before, and nothing has changed. I walk back that way and he's still at it, now they're all carrying tires, all four or five children, and he's still hitting them, yelling "we don't put wood in the house!" what does that mean? all houses have wood in them, it's a basic building material... I should inquire with the other neighbors, something has to be done... at least my house is across the stream, away from here, secluded in the woods...

      And this reminds me of yet another dream...

      ...the two boys were living in such a house, alone in an open field, only woods on all sides. the old man must have been living off the grid, so no one knew when he died, and they quietly took over the house... his guests become his heirs... what did they do with the body, bury it in the yard? and then the seclusion let them build their operations, what was it, computers? what were they trying to accomplish... still can't remember...

      And another...

      ...but before that we were looking for someone, an uncle?...can't just "lose" someone these days, not unless they don't want to be found... it takes a lot of care not to show up on the internet, to avoid social media entirely. the only clue we had was a partial bag of english muffins, not sure what that can prove, but then I wonder if the city where it was purchased is printed on the bottom... sure enough it is... but it is the name of my own city! is he here, or is this not even the right bag?

      And so on... from no memories at all, to more than are worth writing down.

      What would have happened to those memories if I hadn't taken the trouble to consciously retrieve them? What happens to all the memories of the dreams we don't remember, or have forgotten? Is there a kind of deep storage? I think there must be, because from time to time they come swimming up in flashes, like fish catching the light near the surface...

      ....a gleam of light against the wall of the building across from us, like a tile of glass catching the sun... Arya isn't paying attention, I catch her eye and direct her toward it with my own... she looks the wrong way and I have to pantomime the gaze even more cartoonishly before she sees it... we are under observation and can't speak aloud... but at last she sees the gleam and we go over to find out what it is... I think it is magic itself, these signals... this isn't the first... but is it directed by a person or inherent in the world, plot, fate? we climb the stairs inside the building and open the door at the very top... with satisfaction I perceive it is a magical goods store, and actually tell the lady proprietor what brought us there... perhaps she or something she sells here can assist us in our predicament...

      That was yet another from last night, where my own turn of phrase, "catching the light," caught the memory. But often I'll be sitting around doing things in waking life and apparently random glimpses will surface of dreams I know I had years ago, probably ones I never even wrote down, yet in some obscure way they still shadow me. Where and what are memories when we're not remembering them? Dream memory feels like it is stored separately from waking life memory, which would make sense if we need to distinguish the two to maintain sanity. But maybe that sense of separateness only comes because dream memories do not fit into the established contexts of ordinary life... at least for me, where dreams and waking life have so few qualities in common.

      There are people who hardly remember their dreams at all... are those dream memories buried inside them as if in some secret vault? Could some odd balance of brain chemicals unlock it, bring them all flooding back, the dreams of a lifetime?
    4. 12/6/14 Two OBE Style LD's, TOTM and Possibly a 3rd One Turned Semi-lucid

      by , 12-06-2014 at 07:22 PM
      12/6/14 11:40+ 2:50 early for wbtb but already awake. Wake from OBE style LD 5:10 felt like end of a REM cycle but if so no recall before OBE or dreaming I'm trying to get to sleep. Did my son actually come in the room? Anyway I feel vibrations but nothing happening but remain patient. Eventually decide to nudge vibrations and they get quite heavy...almost uncomfortable but I decide to experiment nudging them harder (eye clench) and I finally feel like I am in my dream body in bed and struggle to get out...nudge vibrations some more and feel ready to roll out and do. I feel a little sluggish like waking in middle of the night so I do glottal - seems to indicate awake. Finger through palm...solid...unreliable. Nose pinch since I am quite sure it is a dream there are no sinus repercussions and I can breathe through the pinch. It always feels so amazing. I start out of bedroom door and it sounds like my son is in the family room watching TV. I float the rest of the way to the front door. There is a chain door latch unlike IWL and I remove it and unlock the deadbolt and as I crack open the door there is a hint of cold air and I find that interesting since temperature is not noticed often. I am only wearing underwear in this dream body. I decide it will be a normal neutral temperature and also wonder if my dream will replicate my son wondering who is opening the door in the middle of the night but I suppress that thought and both work (neutral temperature and no son tugging at my lucidity. I go outside walking again at first. There are fictional neighbors across the street coming home. Night time scene. It is a husband, wife and small boy maybe 5 years old. Young Asian family. They parked in the middle of the street, perhaps only unloading. I float-fly a little slower than desired at first then speed up to get a quick look on my way toward Girl Friday's. Though the woman (the wife) is attractive I decide to continue down the street. I see another lone woman walking towards her front door and I float just above her as she goes in her house and I wonder if the DC will even pay any attention to me but she does looking a little uncomfortable. She has a big vaulted ceiling living room very much like ours and I float up into it enjoying the sensation. A bit of that then I float back down closer to her and whip it out to see her reaction. She acts uncomfortable once again. I decide to leave and as I head towards her door it starts to fade and try to closed eye teleport but I am already back in bed. I resolve to ignore the urge to reposition and attempt DEILD but perhaps a mistake after trying for too long may have been counterproductive and better to roll over and reposition more quickly. I also didn't want to open my eyes to check the time and may place in the REM cycles but later realize it was later after wbtb than I would have guessed. 6am

      Semi-lucid with two Tonys. Later Tony was the store owner. Got wrapped up in being caught messing around the front of his house which seemed to pull away what little lucidity I may have had. I'm trying to remember the other Tony but I remember thinking during the dream that it was pretty cool that the interaction with one Tony brought up the dream with the other Tony. Also experiment more with eye clench vibrations. More noticeable while semi-awake when ear plugs are in but still degrees of vibrations achieved so must be a sleep/wake level component to the vibrations as previously deduced.

      Wake from LD#2 7:55
      Weird colored schematic of a water fountain very vivid and I am looking at a stable image for quite a while before it starts changing. This is more than a dreamlet. I am stationary and just observing and the image becomes the outside of the water fountain and a hand reaching down to push the button. The image is panning out and I am interested to see who it is but it all fades to black. I decide it is time to get back to using the closed eye teleport. Awareness and memory is great. I start to imagine my favorite starting point that lead to some of my favorite dreams (teleport to ocean) but perhaps I focused on the wrong thing (the ocean instead of the beach that often dumps me in the ocean). I stay with it and it almost feels like I am floating in water but when the visuals come back I am laying mostly face down on my bed but it is transparent and there are a lot of miscellaneous things on the floor underneath the transparent bed including small papers like post its and other junk. I decide to do a swimming motion with my arms and perhaps that will take me to a different place. The image below my bed stays static and not moving with my supposed swims forward. This image is so out of this world and very bright but I know that I am wearing my sleep mask so there is no doubt but this is all an odd dream location. With not enough happening I decided I might as well roll out (of this transparent dream bed) like in my first LD. This time the door is straight ahead from my bed instead of up and to the left. I go out and head down the stairs and notice that the stairs are not like my stairs in waking life as opposed to the first LD. It is more of a traditional all white banister of thick block shaped wood unlike my rounded natural oak banister. As I am heading down the stairs I recalled my thoughts after my first LD that I should have tried to do at least one task of the month. I decide that when I open the door there will be snow all over the grass but as I do it is a bright sunny day with green grass and I see people over to the left and what looks like a small child over to the right across the street sitting on their porch. I decide "well there will be a small clump of snow left that hasn't melted" and I look down around the grass in front of the house I just walked out of and I find some melting snow but very little. I reach down and clump it together and it is barely larger than a golf ball but good enough and I pick up a piece of foam laying on the grass to put underneath the snowball so that the dream has no excuse to melt it. The group to the left is no longer there but the child on the porch is still there and I approach. The child is a small girl maybe only 3 or 4 years old and she is adorable blond girls with shoulder length hair. I threw the snowball very softly at her and it hit her in the face and fell apart. Her only reaction was blinking
      her eyes a lot because of the snow that got in her eyes. I decided this is just a dream and I should probably give it a proper throw and I clump back together the pieces of snow and throw it properly at her and this time she disappeared with only her small plastic figurines she had been playing with left behind. I decide to take a closer look at the figurines to remember what they were when I wake up and see if there was any significance. There are three; 1 is a standing owl-man (standing more like a man but with the head of an owl) another is a Little Mermaid knock off figurine (didn't look much like Disney's Little Mermaid and more little girl than Disney's) and the third one I forget at the moment. And actually there was a 4th one that became the owl-man but I can't remember what that one was either. The dream starts fading here and I decide to try the closed eye teleport again and it seems like I am staying asleep unt
      il my wife moves in bed abruptly and coughs and I can feel that I have fully returned to my bed, to my waking body. 243 & 244
    5. Different Times and Different Places

      by , 04-28-2014 at 07:04 PM
      Morning of April 28, 2014. Monday.

      There are three dreams in which there are no seriously more unusual or bizarre aspects as is sometimes the case. Still, they all take place in “wrong” locations relative to now as well as where people had actually been in the past in some cases.

      In one, my wife and I are living back at Clayfield in our first apartment. There are a few mixed stacks of mostly plastic-coated place mats, photographs, and maps (I think more place mats than anything else). There are so many, I put some under the bed to go through later. My wife has a stack of smaller “screens” (tapestry canvases) for craft work of some kind. I do not want to get everything mixed up, but technically, it already is. The photographs, mostly black and white, seem to show scenes of people standing around in urban areas; mostly city sidewalks, from possibly New York in the 1930s. The place mats have a slightly different image on each one, but which appears to be the deck of a pirate ship in most cases with not that many features other than a row of small cannons on some. My wife goes out into the hallway from the kitchen and I start calling her because I am concerned about the strange people in the other apartments. I yell fairly loud but am not sure if she hears me.

      Another dream involves some sort of video conference with my brother in the USA (Dennis). At the same time as the video conference, which seems related to some sort of party or holiday celebration, he is sending questions that seem of a forum thread in structure, but answering them himself (instead of allowing the others to) with various rude comments. Instead of computer print, however, it seems to appear more like handwriting. People in my wife’s family and their spouses are the ones at the actual location. We are at Clayfield again. The main scene involves a couple girls standing around talking (Bonnie and Kathy, I think). They have stringed wooden beads hanging all about their hair and when they nod or turn their head, there is a loud clacking noise.

      In the final dream, my wife and I are living on Loomis Street (in my sister’s old house) though she has never been to the USA. We are having a nice evening, but then all the lights suddenly go off, which seems a bit ominous (rather than just being like a common power outage). I get the idea that it may be because someone cut off our power so that they could then rob us (assuming that there was a burglar alarm, as well as the dark disorienting us - but realistically, we would know our way around in our own house far more than a burglar, especially in the dark). I check outside and someone with an axe appears near the front door. Somehow, I manage to get the axe and keep swinging at “him” (I assume). However, I use the blunt back of the axe so that I do not accidentally chop his head off. Most of the time I miss his head, but he still just stands there. Eventually, uninjured, he seemingly goes to rob the house next door and seems to have the axe back again somehow.

      A little later (I think there is some sort of distorted or incongruous “reset” at this point), I look south to the house next door and see someone walking around in the small front yard, which I believe is the same person. The person comes back over to our house and I feel there may be more trouble. My wife is calling the police at this point. It seems to be a younger slightly chubby male with short reddish hair and freckles. However, the person eventually seems to be Karen S (but thirty years or more younger, possibly only from about fifteen to eighteen or so, I am not sure) with rather short hair, who supposedly lives there with her parents (and I assume, her younger brother). In reality, she had never been to Wisconsin let alone lived in that house. The lights are on next door in every room (but I am not sure anyone had been home due to Karen needing to break into the place), so I know our power is off either on purpose or by a blown fuse. It seems strange because the person originally seemed taller than me and slightly muscular, but Karen is actually much shorter than average. She had been carrying a large axe, but does not seem threatening for the most part.

      I find out (from her claims) that Karen had been supposedly trying to get into her house through some odd means that is not that clear or does not make much sense, as she said she had lost her keys; something about turning off an alarm and then getting in by breaking a window, but I am not quite sure why our electricity was cut off. Also, she was mostly just standing around or pacing about in the front yard and not seeming to attempt to actually get in that house in any way (being mostly only in the area between the sidewalk and house and never near the front door itself). She is seated on her knees on the floor near our front door and I tell my wife to tell the police that they do not have to come to the house (and somehow I hear the officer talking loudly and clearly over the telephone and seeming annoyed), but for some reason, Karen wants to be arrested, which makes no sense. She is talking about “losing her graffiti” and cries a bit about the wrong things she has done and how no one ever cared about her as she was growing up and going to school, which seems an excuse to be (or pointlessly act like) a juvenile delinquent. (None of this relates to anything real in any way, including any event in the past.) I try to make her less worried, but she insists on being “difficult” - and she says that she deserves all the trouble because of losing her keys and more to do with graffiti. (I get the impression that she is a graffiti artist, which almost seems like a high school class or college course at that point.) Time passes, and the police never show up. I look out into the streets a few times. Everything is dark and quiet.
    6. 1/25/14 - running around the house

      by , 01-25-2014 at 07:44 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My mom and sister are whispering about me, so I run into my moms room and go to climb out her window because she is enslaving us. I accidentally knock three glass cups that were stacked on this black thing by her window to the floor. They shatter and glass goes everywhere, I think none of it injured me so I continue to climb out the window because she probably heard that. Now I'm outside and it's just after sun down, there is only slightly light and purple left in the sky. I run to the cement on the side of my house and am ducking the whole time trying to keep out of site. I feel this thing in my foot, I look down and see glass sticking out, it only hurts a little but it is an annoyance more than anything. I lip a little forward on my hands and feet, then I hear the neighbors laughing, They must see me through the fence, then I realize I look a mess I don't even have shoes on and I'm limping and my hair is messy. I hurry around the corner of the house because their laughing was probably grabbing my mom attention, then I hear the side door slam open, so I run around the house once and hear her behind me so I run around the house again, and then another time, then I quickly hop the fence and hide behind someones car and hear nothing.
    7. Dec 3 Dream Journal: Hockey + Basketball = This Crap

      by , 12-03-2013 at 05:43 PM
      I'm invited to a fancy mansion that has a slightly off-kilter architecture, like from the game Fable. I get a bird's-eye view, and it has a brown roof and is shaped like an elongated turtle.

      I'm on part of a mystery or side-quest -- I'm there to do something. I speak with the head of the house guards, who informs me the grounds are in lock down. I cannot leave the premises until the quest is complete. So I run around, talking to various haughty-looking guests to gather clues.

      I end up in the garage, where I picked up a basketball that is a little bit deflated. I inflate it with a bike pump, and go outside (so much for the lockdown) where I'm suddenly at my old house in Canada, and I'm going to shoot hoops at my neighbor's driveway baskets.

      I see my neighbors B, G, and F, who look like last I remembered nearly 20 years ago -- only, B (who is a couple grades older than me) looks like he's on steroids. F is hanging on the rim. I don't know how he got up there, but now he has a 8-feet drop, and he doesn't want to let go.

      Somehow, other people start showing up. One of them is some teenage girl who claims to be Kobe Bryant's biggest fan (this is exceedingly awkward for those who don't know about his... um... history). She insists on retrying my shoelaces to the current style, which is basically wrapping the laces around the entire shoe like you would tie up a roast.

      The game gets underway, but it devolves into a city-wide obstacle course, where you score by putting the ball through ANY basket you can find, provided you aren't checked or tackled while searching. It becomes very physical, and Dream Knowledge indicates people are getting injured regularly.

      I go up against a knight in full plate armor -- at this point, I'm back in Fable universe, but still playing the "basketball" game -- and I'm trying to figure out a way past his armor with my starting-weapon stick.

      I wake up.
    8. The (al)most of it

      by , 08-29-2013 at 10:02 PM
      Pre bed: 200mg valerian

      Total sleep time: 5 1/2hrs, external factors, very tired

      Early fragment: many iPhones

      Early fragment: I am talking to someone about how I'm about to ld

      Woken up, WBTB, insomnia

      Fragment: some sort of toy head that is spinning in the water

      LD fragment: I am in our old place and see lots of people on the stairs, including an older lady who passed away years ago. After seeing her, it dawns on me that it's a dream. I make a sound to acknowledge the fact that I recognize her as a dream sign (also for the first time!). Not sure if I said something or not to her or others there, but I head down the stairs and exit the building. I think about visiting my friend but this time decide to go to his work since it's really close.

      I am on the street now, but feel that the dream is starting to destabilize, so take a moment to fix that. I remember the behave as if real life, but can't figure out how to apply this at the moment. Instead, I turn back to where the fence is and start touching the stone, feeling the surface. It doesn't do the trick and I feel I have very little time left so I just observe whatever is in front of me as I see and feel the dream as if made of liquid energy (same image but like underwater) being gently sucked in an unknown direction until it turns to a light feeling in my head and I find myself in bed.

      DEILD: I remain still and fall asleep more from being tired than from trying to DEILD. Yet, I end up in an ld that I unfortunately no longer can recall. Not very nice but it happens.

      LD: After the previous dream fades, I find myself in darkness, but it's actually a room. It takes a while but then I can see just a bit better to orientate myself, confirm by the feel of it that this is a dream and that I am in our place. I am slightly amazed since I don't get many lds here. I go to the living room and decide I will phase out the window and press myself against it. However, it feels way too solid, I know I can do it and refuse to believe it's not working so push myself forward. Nothing. I become confused, thinking I may actually be sleepwalking around the house. I decide to go out the good old fashioned way - through the door. I am thinking about doing a quick review of the dreams so that I don't forget. A guy appears in front of me, sitting on the couch. He is quite a good mirror of my thoughts and emotions. Initially, he looks menacing, but as I contemplate what to do here and have a moment of sexy thoughts, he immediately becomes more appealing, making gestures with his hands "come here". Then I tell myself to calm down, inhale exhale metaphorically, sit and relax and he stares at me neutrally.

      I am thinking something about the previous dream and wonder if I have performed some tricks to enhance this dream's stability. I wonder if I tried to go to bed in the dream as a way to change the scene and since I feel kind of stuck here, I decide that I will try to do that now. As I go to sleep, the guy lies behind me, pretending he is falling asleep too. I fidget way too much, also get a few moments of are my eyes open or closed, and don't try to open them, until I finally succeed to move my physical leg and wake up.

      I woke up but couldn't takes notes on time as I involuntarily fell asleep again.

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    9. 8/27/13 - across the street

      by , 08-27-2013 at 08:39 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my room doing seemingly nothing, I notice loud music starts to reverberate through my house from across the street. I automatically assume they are having a party of sorts, usually I would bitch and moan about it, but I notice that I am completely alone in my house for some reason, I wonder where my sister has gone. I wait nervously until I decide to get dressed out of my pajamas into clothes, and sneak into the party across the street, I believe I can because it's almost dark and theirs a shit ton of people in their twenties walking in and out and in front of the party. So I quietly walk out of my house and walk a little ways down the street then turn around and walk along the sidewalk and fence nearest the part. Then I turn into the driveway, and I see a table with a girl and boy managing it, there's tickets on it. I walk up to it and they ask me if I'll be buying the underage tickets and pass, I tell them no I am 21, the boy doesn't believe me so I tell him I can show him ID, and he says yeah sarcastically, but then is shocked when I show it to him, then the girl hands me a sheet of adult tickets and tells me it'll cost $5, so I give her $5, then she says for $1 more I can get a bonus row of tickets so I agree and pay her the $1, then she put a neon blue wrist band around my wrist, then she asks me will I be eating salads or hotdogs? I immediately say hotdogs because who eats salads at a party, but then I contemplate what she meant by salads like if there was potato salad, macaroni salad, because I'd rather have potato salad to be honest, but it was too late she gave me hotdog ticket things so I just walked in and passed everything, the food, the candy stand that all I could see was pop-rocks, and I walk up the stairs and enter the house, hardly any people are in here but I see the parents who own it, they see me and look at me in shock like they know me, the DC's two men I've never seen in RL but I suppose they represent people because I feel the need to apologize to them for what my dad has done to them and that I don't want his blood on my hands and I told them I have nothing to do with him, and they somewhat forgave me but kept an eye on me, then the man tells me that on his bedroom door is a game so I went into his room and shut his door which is clear and play this game that has porno pictures as the puzzle, once I realize what the image is that I was trying to put together I freak out and try to erase it or turn the game off but I don't know how, but finally I turn the game off then walk out into the living room and watch drunkards stumble about.
    10. Lucid this week

      by , 05-16-2013 at 02:23 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      (WILD)I entered the lucid dream when I could see through my eyelids, I instantly jumped out of my bed, I opened my curtains and marveled at how wrong my mind recreated my window, its all skinny now but in waking life it is big. Suddenly I shoot back into my body and my sister is shaking me try to wake me up but I can't move but I mumble to her that I'm just paralyzed for a bit and to hold on, but then I think how could she have gotten into my room when it was locked, so I shoot back into lucid and get up and she is gone, I walk out of my door and run through the kitchen and go outside, I don't know why i didn't try to change scenes, i just know that I was intrigued at how well it all looked yet things were different. I saw my neighbors through the window and they looked different (damn woke up because certain people insist upon stomping around the house with all the force they can muster up)
    11. The Neighbor's House

      by , 02-15-2013 at 04:37 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Woke up at 4AM to WBTB Moved to recliner SSILD - No Aids

      #131 - The Neighbor's House -DEILD 5:01AM

      I wake up from a NLD. Have a really hard remembering the dream. A part of me thinks that I woke up here in a lucid FA. I am not sure. I move a little and get comfortable. The I decide to just forget the dream and DEILD. I get the vibrations almost immediately. It comes slow at first and then gains intensity. I have to admit and I am really excited at this point and I know this stage can make or break the LD. Instead of trying to visualize a place or scene, I go for a OBE style LD and hurriedly get out of the recliner and rush outside. I felt a little sluggish at first but the transition was pretty smooth.

      I go into the yard and for some reason look in the sky. I think its real life habit coming out. The sky is dimly lit and cloudy. The clouds look like gray and black marble. I find it really pretty and admire it for a while. The only problem is that I seem to look moving my head wildly back and forth and not able to hold still.

      I look at the ground to stabilize. I realize I didn't think of a goal before hand. (I was so unprepared for this LD) I had to really rack my brain to think of a TOTM. I remember flower and start searching the grass. I pluck a piece of grass and start to will it to be a flower. Then I remember that one is already done. I think really hard. I remember the clock but I am outside and don't feel like looking for a clock. Erase major element! I realize that I had wondered over towards the neighbor's yard so I started looking around for something to erase. I wasn't about to mess with my own stuff! I see his red car. Not enough. I see the houses across the street. Too much. I look back at the neighbors house. Ha! Ill erase his house! Then, I notice the dream world getting darker except for the house. The color seems way to bright and vivid like bad Technicolor. A car passes behind me and for a brief moment everything is lit up and normal. I don't want to fall to darkness so I ask the dream for light. I look and and yell "Lights! I need lights here please." I notice how strange my voice sounds hollow and echoes. Nothing happens so I try again. I clap at the sky and yell "LIGHTS!" The sensation on my hand is strange. Still nothing so I give up.I focus on my neighbors house once again. I put a hand up over my line of sight so that it looks like I have my hand above it. The idea was to just wipe the house away like and eraser on a chalkboard. At that moment the world goes completely dark. I think I am waking up. I forget all of my void/DEILD tricks and give up on the dream. After a few seconds I am fooled by a FA

      I wake up and notice thats its late morning and the light from the windows is bright. I notice how my dream clock is usually close to waking time. I guess I was off this time. (Doh! I missed that one!) I see a pile of cat vomit on the floor and it looks like cornbread stuffing. I see Stella, my cat, is next to it. I am so pissed that I slap her head. She is not phased by it. I backhand her in the head really hard but she just looks at me. I find this really odd but don't think it through (missed another one ) I see some familiar DC in the kitchen cleaning. I start bitching about the cats and go help clean. I wake up.

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    12. Sleeping On A Tree Branch

      by , 09-26-2012 at 10:07 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am sleeping in a tree on my side yard. It is a huge tree with a thick branch. My neighbors car pulls into their driveway and I wake up. Instead of walking into their house they go into their backyard through the side yard. I pretend to be asleep when they notice me in the tree. After they go into the backyard I follow them. My cat V is there and he is extremely happy to see me. He is making strange noises that I somehow know are happy sounds.

      Dream 2:

      I am getting ready to play in a huge football game with my boss. My boss keeps asking me if I am ready, rushing me. I am hanging out with my co-worker YA.

      Dream 3:

      I am fighting Sheeva from Mortal Kombat.

      Dream 4:

      I have a child - a little baby girl. I am very good with her and I am holding her, talking to her, etc...
    13. July 30, 12

      , 08-01-2012 at 07:30 AM
      Our houses were different and no one went outside. We shared a kitchen with our next door neighbors. Turns out their 9 year old boy was a vampire. No one talked about it though. He could go outside though, so he must have been half vampire. My brother was one too. They were just trying to get by - my bro would feed on me and it was scary. There were much more sinister vampires out there I had to run from or fly by with weapon in hand. Perhaps I was a slayer of some sort. All the while being food for my brother.
    14. Styrofoam

      by , 06-26-2012 at 03:12 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Went to a neighbors house. The husband was installing sheets of styrofoam as insulation. But he was going over board. Every wall floor and ceiling. He was in the attic cutting and laying thick. Sheet I was interested in the attic part. I was watching from the lower part. Their kids were playing and the wife was there. I felt awkward just standing there so I started a conversation with the wife. Normal chit chat. she told me about the sacks or foam rubber hanging from the ceiling as added insulation. I look up and thing it looks aweful but keep an open mind. she said it was really helpful because they eat in this room. I look to the left and see a bar and stools at a open window and a kitchen beyond that.

      2) I am taking my son (who isn't born yet) Riley to his first football camp/practice. we are in wrong place. I get the car stuck in mud. son asked for help. "calipers ". I have no tires but I drive anyway.

      3) I am someone else. I am with a friend and we are old rocker. we had a band. we jam together (can't remember the song) I was the Singer. we talk about going to six flags. He says he has some stuff to do first. I say it doesn't matter. He says it leaves a bad taste in his mouth. I ask him what he means. He said he was talking about King City.
    15. Magic Castle/Fortress

      by , 02-18-2012 at 07:18 PM
      Dream starts off with 5 City kids (based off of that 70's show) waking up, and walking around a destroyed city. There's nobody there, but they see a large portal (white, but looks like the one behind Taerar) inside of a building, 1/2 of the building smashed to pieces. They decide to go in, and find themselves in a large, demonic castle. The ruler of the castle and the realm, (name not remembered) approaches the kids (he looks like a badass timmy turner villain when he wants to beat his parents, venom/black/red mix in that form) the kids see that they got transformed into adults, fit with robin hood-ish gear. The ruler says "Hello and welcome to the GAME. My name is (?), and we're going to have some fun (half smile-sneer). If you want to escape this nightmare realm, you have to defeat me. Now minions, ATTACK!" So the kids run, they still have no clue what to do with weapons. They go somewhere outside of the forest (looks like your HUGE backyard. Neighbor that has a yard really far down is an endless prairie. south neighbors are a forest. Other neighbors are a continuation of the giant fortress. This is all around the castle, so south = forest, east = prairie, west = more forest). The kids end up in a small camp somewhere in the forest. At this point in the game, you switch from playing the robin hood guy to a starter in the fortress. He is sitting out by the east wall of the yard, (everything is HUGE by the way), watching the birds. He tries to speak to them in any way he can. He speaks in a hushed tone, and manages to command the birds to poop on a place he pointed at. In the dream, this was called the language of Yeshmin, but... no, just no. At this point, another guard comes to him and says that the master needs him, fast. ATTENTION: At this point, i'll say that the demons use all spells, and the kids use weapons like bows, arrows, etc. Once outside the gate of the fortress, they see some demons that are trying to destroy the fortress. They resemble dark Illidan/lock metamorphosis forms, while the guards resemble Daedra from Oblivion. Your character uses a mind flay type spell, but the yeshmin language just before. the demon is destroyed in a melting way, and the guards are whispering behind you saying "he spoke the language of yeshmin.." Your character knows this is not approved by the master, and runs into the forest. Some time later, he meets up with the kids, and throws up his hands to say "dont shoot or attack! i'm not going to hurt you!" The kids ask him about why, and he tells them the story. The kids ask him to teach them the language of yeshmin, and he tells them that he only knows the basic "poop" word.. I WOKE UP

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