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    1. A new world in the space

      by , 04-02-2019 at 06:45 PM (Into my world)

      I am on another planet, maybe on Mars, and I am inside of a dome working on something with another girl, there are other domes beyond mine and two people are working in each of them.
      Suddenly the planet is destroyed, shattered by something or someone, and we find ourselves flying in the space surrounded by rocks, fortunately our dome isn't damaged and even all the others are safe.
      The domes can move in the space with rockets, so we can reunite all the squads and create something like a big spaceship.

      Now we are all reunited around a table and there is the captain that is trying to explain what happened and what to do next, but a dont care about what he is saying and I decide to explore the spaceship (somehow there is gravity within it). there is another girl with me and together we explore all the rooms until we arrive in front of a door that is different from all the others and in theory there should be space on the other side, but against every precaution I decide to open it.

      We get inside of it and we discover another world, in front of us there is a man that is wearing very extravagant clothes and he tells us that he was waiting for our arrival.
      He take us on a flying car without ceiling and he explain that we are on another world where there are a lot of different species of intelligent being who live together and humans here are Gods, so they can do whatever they want, there aren't any kind of rules for us.
      I'm shocked, and to verify if this man was telling the truth I put my hand into a wall and I moved them as if they had been in water.
      however we can't stay in this world for ever, so we had to go back to our spaceship.

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    2. You can pass into the new world.

      by , 07-07-2018 at 01:56 PM
      I am 35 weeks pregnant and my dreams have become extremely vivid. Although I have not been lucid in a very long time I have not been writing my dreams or doing any lucid exercises to help myself become lucid. That being said I thought I should log this one.
      Everyone is being held in the old world. Its dark not only in color but in feeling. Everything has a grey hue, its crowded, there is a feeling of a void. I’m inline to travel it feels like a boarder crossing. I have my passport and correct documents along with my husband. When I get to the front of the line a man (guard) in what looks to be futuristic military ware puts his hands on my head. I look at him as he does this. I don’t back away but feel confident but confused. I have only love in my heart. He says “You may pass”. My husband is also aloud to pass. As I walk down this huge white stairway into this new world. It is much brighter from where I just came. I hear people talking about insects and love. About respecting all life. I now see what is being created. A new world of compassion. But I also remember a young man who has a gun in this new world and shoots someone. How did he pass? It’s a new world of compassion.
    3. January 9 - A New World (First Lucid, DEILD Method)

      by , 01-09-2011 at 07:10 PM
      First, the dream starts off with me hanging out on a beach with my family and a couple of friends, except this beach is weird. There's nothing but lots and lots of sand, but it still has this feel of a beach, and we're all dressed and acting as such. While I'm chilling out on the sand, I suddenly get freaked out because of this huge spider I see. It has more eyes and legs than a normal spider and is literally almost the size of a small dog. When it hits the sand and dies, I wake up.

      Realizing now that I was dreaming, I went back to sleep and remembered that there couldn't be a spider like that and realized inside of my dream that I was still asleep and having a dream. Since the spider seems to have come from another world, I decide to discover one. I move the spider from it's spot on the sand, and dig a hole where it once was. When I step through, I'm standing on another little strip of sand right beside of a large ship. There's a medium sized strip of deep ocean water going between where I am and another strip of sand and another ship. I walked across the large gap of ocean and opened up the side door leading inside.

      I immediately walked up to who I knew to be the ship's Captain. The Captain turns out to be one of my friends. He explains to me the nature of the world I've walked into: All industrialized life including pets lived on this one giant ship I had found. All wildlife and extremely dangerous animals were all amphibious and lived both in the strip of ocean and on the small strips of sand I had found. On the ship, nobody ever fought and there was a set rhythm to things. My friend then turns to me and opens his arms around us and says, "Welcome to a new world!"

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