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    1. Toy Set, Giant Worm, Time Travel, News Memories, Secret Mission.

      by , 12-27-2015 at 04:47 PM (The Dream Cauldron)
      (Unconnected dreams indicated by a *. Connected dreams indicated by a •. )

      * I'm trying to sell a toy set for a fictional book, but the main character is missing.

      * A giant worm is destroying an underground area in a place vaguely resembling Hogwarts.

      * I seem to have travelled back to the early 1900s. I have repeated run-ins with two horses named "Neighborhood Horse 1" and "Neighborhood Horse 2". I am wearing a dress and seem to be much younger (about 10 or 11). Somehow, I am captured on video and spread all over YouTube, but the majority of people don't beleive what they're seeing.

      * A news broadcast is remembering the five things they will miss at that station.

      * I'm on a secret mission to find someone. An alarm goes off (not my wake up alarm). This scene repeats itself.

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    2. Strange weather

      by , 12-24-2014 at 07:27 PM
      I'm at home watching the news, people are in front of a building demanding explanations to the ones in the top floor, some kind of civil office. In my room I find a woman, she shows me a really tiny baby. Then I'm in the street going somewhere. The sky is all grey and the city looks like a heavy storm happened not too long ago. I arrive at some kind of office and I ask about an English class. I'm told to wait outside and I get a strange feeling, like it's late afternoon but it appears to be early morning.
      Some other stuff happens next but I don't remember clearly and it deviates from previous things.
      Tags: city, class, news
    3. Dead, undead, and the apocalypse

      by , 12-12-2013 at 11:45 PM
      Fragments - song lyrics misusing the word indigent ("all the charm indigent in you" - I assume it was aiming for 'inherent'); and later, a fragment involving a tribe called Indogen, immortal creatures that were 'judged unworthy by god' and sentenced to stay in this land (wherever the dream was currently set) instead of continuing on their 'journey to the sun.'

      An apocalypse scenario; I've run through this scenario two times already and failed both times. First, I have to leave this building quickly, and avoid getting involved with this group of people; that was the mistake I made last time. Second, I can't forget to (something to do with a virus and immunity or a vaccine or similar); that was the mistake I made the first time around. Third, I have to track down three men: one's a scientist whose theories are closely related to the events that are about to happen; the second is a specific doctor.

      When I leave the building through the back door, the storyline changes; I'm caught up in some kind of street performance going on just outside, and a woman in the crowd sees me and recognizes me, and comes up to thank me for something I'd done for her in the past involving her ring.

      Another apocalypse scene then: a woman who's carrying her son, looks around 3, is begging me to take him with me.

      Rumpelstiltskin. There's a horrible smell coming from somewhere in the castle, and finally I've found the source: there's a dead body, someone who broke into the castle and got himself caught in one of the traps designed to stop such intruders from stealing my things. Belle and I have been calling back and forth as we were trying to figure out where that smell was coming from, and I'm pleased I found it before she did. I call to her now, telling her that I've found it and am taking care of it, without letting her know what it was. I magic it away.

      Julia's ranting to me about something to do with the news, full of righteous anger. There's some important event going on in the world, some tragedy or disaster or outrage, and she doesn't feel they're covering it well; she's specifically talking about CNN's failure to report on real issues. I'm happy about all this - happy about her righteous anger, that is, not the tragedy or whatever it was - I love how she cares so deeply about these events that I've come to see as commonplace.

      There's a girl, a witch, stopping in a school hallway to stand before the memorial to a recently-dead classmate, covered in flowers and candles. The dead girl was also a witch, although this isn't common knowledge, so although she didn't know the dead girl well, she takes this very personally. She's thinking about how she has something that belongs to the girl's killer, and about the girl's mother, and about poison. The candles burn down to stubs as she looks at them, and various other things around her start to catch fire; a boy who was close with the dead girl had been watching nearby, and when he sees this, he starts to run away. She stops him, corners him. He asks what she is; she says he'll never know, but that since he failed his friend, now there's someone else he has to protect - her.

      A woman is introducing two of her friends to each other outside a mausoleum, introducing one of them by the nickname she calls her, "Little N." It's N's family mausoleum they're standing in front of. N introduces herself as "Anekhet (last name sounds something like Sastemony) - or Little N." From her tone, which is pleasant, it's still clear that the Little N nickname is a name for only this particular friend to use, not the man she's being introduced to. The man introduces himself with a bow as her ancestor and the founder of this town, and a "comocido" - which in the dream seemed to be a word related to suicide or homicide, a word that indicated the specific way in which he was killed, hundreds of years ago. Anekhet is surprised but not particularly thrown by this.

      Integra is watching a map showing enemy vessels approaching England, trying to calculate how much time she has left, torn between two objectives, and finally she dispatches Alucard to a certain ship, to destroy it if he doesn't hear otherwise after a certain amount of time. Alucard drops out of the sky onto that ship, and in his head he's intensely focused on the form he needs to take at any given time, it's almost like psyching himself up, or like playing a role.
    4. 17th July 2013 - Surreal Dream with Past Self & False Awakening

      by , 07-19-2013 at 01:27 AM (Adventures of a Shy Panda (^_^)v)
      Non-dream | Dream | Lucid

      Bedtime: 05:00

      Title: Untitled
      Description: Surreal dream in which I bump into a lot of people from my past with brief lucidity and a false awakening.

      There was more before this, but I can only remember anything after this point.

      It's dark and quite late and although I don't remember any of them, I'm with a couple of people walking into some kind of bar in town. Once inside, it's absolutely packed with people and I notice something really weird. Amongst the crowd I start seeing people I used to know, but much younger. I even saw my younger self in there.

      I come around the corner to find a round table against the wall where I can see Chloe and some other people sitting while talking and drinking. There's a lot of noise so I lean over in between two people who are sitting on top of the table to shout something across to Chloe. She leans in to listen and I Tell her "Something really weird is happening, everyone I used to know from childhood is here" but she doesn't really understand why that would be weird so I try to explain by saying I just saw my younger self.

      Suddenly I become distracted by the idea that I'm probably dreaming, and look around to see what I could do or where I could go.
      However, the entire dream had been a bit "foggy" and I'm not really aware enough to stabilize the dream so I quickly lose lucidity.

      I notice someone who I think was a young Kusano in the crowd in front of me and it prompts me to think of NEWS, which leads to another brief moment of lucidity where Massu appears behind me, also a younger version, but for some reason he's taller than me.

      He casually throws his right arm around me and leans towards my face to say something, but before he does I cut him off and ask him where Shige is. Usually my DC's don't reply to me so I was really surprised when he answered me, and in English too!

      His reply was very strange, he told me something along the lines of how Shige isn't available or can't be visible or present in my dreams. It kind of made sense to me as he is very rarely in my dreams even when all the other's are, and I often find it impossible to successfully bring him into a lucid dream. But why? Why Shige?

      I tried asking why, but the scene changed and I was thrown into my parents bedroom with one of the other's. Whoever it was still kind of looked like Massu but also both of the others. The entire dream wasn't very "clear" so it's kind of hard to tell.

      Anyway, whoever it was leaned in over me as if they were going to make a move on me so I shoved them away because they weren't Shige!

      After that, I had a false awakening but failed to acknowledge it and tried to get back to "sleep" but I couldn't. I could hear my parents outside my door making noise, and I really REALLY had to pee so I gave up and climbed out of bed.

      Then I actually wake up.

      This was a really "weird feeling" dream, I woke up feeling a bit well, weird. And I did really REALLY have to pee. I consider myself lucky LOL.

      Anyway... It's been a long time since I last focused on lucid dreaming, and I'm so ready to get back into it! Although I'm surprised I (kind of) had one on the first night, especially since I didn't even try. I think I remember waking up naturally about 4 hours after I fell asleep, and had the dream after that.

      Characters: Chloe | Kusano | Massu | Koyama | Tegoshi | Mentions of Shige

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      Tags: lucid, news, surreal
      lucid , false awakening
    5. 13th Jan 2013 Watching videos and stuff

      by , 01-13-2013 at 11:24 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Don't remember much of this dream, was woken up abruptly, thus was having hard time remembering stuff.

      I was in some room, watching videos on the monitor. There were bunch of people around me, mostly random people, but parents were there too. Apparently we were watching some sort of news channel, there was stuff like planes crashing and ships sinking on it, i was laughing for some reason. That continued for some time until like half of people left to do some other things, then i switched to some animation video, which had mix of characters from different cartoons, animation series and games(don't remember most of them tho), in one of episodes that i remember, Duke Nukem was shooting at some enemies in the desert and then running super-fast into some sort of hanger. At the end of the dream i was thinking if i should go to sleep or continue watching(Ahaha).
    6. Flying (DEILD)

      by , 08-26-2012 at 11:53 PM

      I wake up I don't move I feel the vibrations, once they stopped I roll out of my bed and in the dream. I do the nose plug RC it does not confirm I am dreaming so I do the finger thru palm and that also doesn't confirm I am dreaming. Since I know I am dreaming already I just forget doing the reality checks. Everything looks very blurry but it becomes stable moments later. I see my mother on her couch however she has this green gassy aura around her. When I walked closer to her I think she might attack me so I leave her alone. I jump and I stay up in the air. Excited I immediately fly through my window. I end up outside floating high above a city. I hear some sort of news cast going on in the background. I fly down quickly then ascend back into the air. I rub my hands together for grounding and things become more clearer. A few seconds later I am back in waking life and my mother is watching the news.

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    7. Weather in China

      by , 08-26-2012 at 11:26 PM
      Taking lunch in the University courtyard which I often dream of (not the real one). Become aware of a pilgrimage of Western soldiers through China, from SW to NE, as some form of protest. Started to watch a news report on the subject, which was presented like a weather report, with a puppet weatherman standing in front of a map of China covered with yellow McDonald's symbols of varying size, probably representing cities. Reporter showed path of soldiers, and where they were taking refuge in a small country, isolated in the middle of China. Report of some being abducted from sanctuary country by Chinese government. Reporter went on to talk about commercialisation of mainland China, indicating McDonald's symbols.
    8. Always reality check

      by , 05-20-2012 at 06:54 PM

      I was in my front room, sitting on my sofa and was watching television with my family. We were watching the BBC News and two black men were in court. One didn't have a shirt on and placed his shoes/trainers into a box being held by a white man at the front of the court.

      I was eating some Shreddies and looked at the clock (I think it said midnight) I was going to reality check but I had a bowl of cereal on my lap and I didn't want to spill it by nose pinching. So I told myself "It's ok. I know I'm not dreaming."

      How foolish. I woke up feeling like I missed a huge chance at being lucid. This just goes to show how real dreams can be.
    9. Colorful mood, small fry, moment of clarity

      by , 05-18-2012 at 02:37 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Colorful Mood.

      Me and Mila Kunis are outside, its night time and we are on a grassy field. We are looking at the stars and talking about astrology and signs. She mentions that she is a Leo sign, and i tell her im a Cancer sign. She says something like..

      "You know im a fire sign right?"

      "Yea i know. But my water can calm the wildest forest fires baby."

      (She blushes)

      We start kissing and she asks me if i had any pills. I reach in my pocket and pull out a vibrant pink pill for her, and i took a gold pill.

      She is now glowing a vibrant pink colour, and i am glowing my a bright shimmering Gold colour. We start making out on the grassy field and i wake up.

      Dream #2 Small Fry.

      Im in a huge room talking with a bunch of mafioso guys about loyalty and respect. Im also mentioning that family must always stick together...no matter what. One guy gets up and starts clapping and tells me i should be a political speaker or something like that. I tell him that i only speak the facts, not fiction. They explain that its a little fella, who needs to be taught a lesson. I them let me take care of it for them.

      Im now walking down a avenue, its evening time and there is this one little teenage kid who looks Italian. He asks me if i can handle something for him, and i tell him i don't have time right now. He explains to me that there is a man coming here in his neighborhood threating to kill his family unless he pays him or something like that. He tells me who his uncle is, and i remember that i work with him.

      I tell him that i'll take care of that little problem for him. Im now in a apartment building in a room with classical music playing in the background. Loading up my guns and getting dressed up, i hear a knock on the door.

      The guy waiting outside the door had a very calm attitude. But you can tell he also had a very in sane nature about him. He reminded me of the guy in the picture Ryuji Yamazaki from the King Of Fighters Video games. He asks me in a very calm tone...

      "So...you ready to take this small fry out?"

      "Oh im all for it."

      We head out the door and now arrive at some warehouse where there are a bunch of men loading up a bunch of stuff in a box. Me and the Ryuji Yamazaki looking cat, started shooting at all the men. I noticed that one of the men was at the top of the stairs watching all of this. I went after him and started yelling at him telling him..

      "You are only making it worst by running you know that right?"

      My partner is downstairs laughing like a maniac killing off all of the guys down there. I finally find the man hiding in one of his rooms. He pulls out a gun a shoots at me but he misses. I start reaching in my pocket looking for something, and the guy comes out of nowhere and shoots me then i wake up. (Must've been searching for my totem probably lol)

      6:24 - 6:40 am. Did plenty of reality checks with my totem. And went back to sleep.

      Final dream: A moment of clarity.

      Im in a supermarket and start telling myself..

      "I am the dream navigator, i navigate thru peoples dreams. I always remember my dreams."

      (Yet i did not become lucid)

      Lol, anyway. Im walking thru the supermarket and i see a young lady who looks familiar? We talk for a bit, and i start mentioning to her about dreams. We talked for a good while, and she told me to email her later. Im now at home emailing her about dreams, yet i still did not become lucid!

      Im now sitting down in my living room sipping my tea rubbing my hawk coin totem and reading the newspaper. I notice in one of the articles in big bold letters that said...


      My eyes light up, and i start laughing and read another section that says something about the urban legend Candyman may just be real. In it, it was talking about people who claimed to have seen him slaughter and wipe out the entire circus or something like that. I laugh as im reading this and start feeling like i may had something to do with this???

      The dream fades, and i wake up.

      Damn...i clearly could have became lucid in the 1st dream. (somewhat) The second dream i almost became lucid if it was'nt for that damn...


      Lmao! But its all good. The last dream, i defintely should've hit full lucidity at that supermarket. DAMN! Lol, and while i was reading that newspaper, that defintely should've triggered some lucidity there for me! Ahhh, well can't get em all. Lol but i noticed my subconscious has a funny way of throwing certain things in my face when im not aware of it at times. Hmm..i don't mind what i got, besides..lucid dreams are just full control right? Being somewhat in control is not so bad depending on the theme that is. But overall im happy with my recall, and my results.
    10. My Brother Gives the News on NPR

      by , 04-19-2012 at 05:26 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      My Brother Gives the News on NPR
      Alarm Infiltrated Dream

      My brother was walking around the room spewing the news. I couldn't believe he could remember so much of what he'd heard. He was not only being his typical annoying self, but he was delivering the news just like the read it on the radio, fully intonated. He was bugging the SHIT out of me.

      He kept going and going. I was amazed out how much he remembered AND how much he spoke like a radio personality.
      Tags: brother, news
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. killer updates

      by , 09-28-2011 at 12:22 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a dark bedroom with my mom and my sister. The room seemed to have cinder block walls and concrete floors. The only light in the room seemed to be a blue glow from somewhere along the walls. The room was really big, almost empty, with a big bed off on the right wall.

      I held something like an iPad in my hands. It was playing some sort of news show. Below the news show there was a little yellow strip that ran horizontally across the screen. In this strip would be shown little squares that were like stills frome video news stories.

      The news story playing in the main part of the screen was interrupted at one point by an announcer informing people that updates had been made on a man who had been wanted by the police.

      I looked down to see the updated videos. At first there were strings of black text. As well as the wanted man, there had been a missing man. One string of text said, "MISSING MAN FOUND DEAD." Another string of text said, "WANTED MAN FOUND KILLING MISSING MAN."

      I now pressed on one of the stills, to play one of the video news updates. In my mind's eye, I saw a video image of the wanted man being caught doing something like sawing the missing man's head off while he was still alive.

      While I had been wathing the original news story and reading the lines of text, I had been sitting out on the floor, in the middle of the room. Now I was laying on the bed, possibly with my sister.

      The still I had pressed played a video history of the two men, up to the most updated news reports. The shots showed various photos of the men in some living room. There was often also a woman in the room. The woman was one of the men's wife. I'm not sure which man.

      The men's appearances changed throughout the photos. Sometimes the men looked young, almost 1970s-like. They had huge hair and wore dark sweaters and jeans. At other times, they looked like kind of clean-cut college guys.

      But most of the time the two guys looked almost identical: long hair pulled back in a ponytail, the hair mostly brown, with grey streaks in it, and a big grey streak in the center, full, but not huge, beards, and blue eyes.

      The two men had had something to do with a cult. It was like one of the men had been the cult leader, while another of the men had been a member of the cult, then gone on either to join another cult or try to make a cult of his own.

      Either both men or just the cult leader became militantly angry. There were possibly even groups sent out with weapons. Finally the cult leader had caught up with the other guy and killed him.
    12. "Osama's got Bin Laden!"

      by , 09-06-2011 at 01:36 PM
      8 Aug 2011

      David Letterman announced on National Radio that "Osama's got Bin Laden!" Harry Ackerman had killed Bin Laden after a dispute on set. From this arose many jokes on the Late Show and I was invited to meet Letterman.
    13. 2 False Awakenings and being a Bounty Hunter

      by , 07-25-2011 at 09:21 AM
      I was a bounty hunter chasing these robots. They looked like droids from Star Wars and come to think of it my team looked like Delta Squad from Star Wars Republic Commando. We were chasing the droid or someone and I was yelling orders. The hallways were red like it was lava or something.

      I had a false awakening but I knew it was a dream I walked downstairs and read a newspaper. I kept thinking about Megan Fox so she would appear butshe didnt appear. When I awoke I wanted to go back so I just went back to sleep and I did.

      I had another false awakening and I was reading a newspaper that had a picture of my sister in it. The picture was upside down.
      I got out of bed or started thinking of Megan Fox again it still didn't work.
    14. A Real Superhero!

      by , 05-02-2011 at 04:57 AM (Twilight Tales)

      ----This first part occurred almost like looking back on memories within the dream----

      I was apart of a secret group of super heroes. The group had been together since we were kids, about ten years old or so. We started out as a group of friends and there was five or six of us. One summer we decided to try and help stop crime in the city. So each summer for years we would get together as a team and catch criminals. We had not been together in awhile though since we had gone our separate ways for college/work etc.

      ---This was the 'present time' in the dream-----

      But we heard something terrible was going to happen in the city so we all got together one more time, and it was the first time we had seen each other in ages. So we all met in the city, in our uniforms/disguises to get ready for the unknown evil force to come. Of course a couple of punk kids came over and started bugging us so I went over and told them to give me their best shot. They tried to kick my legs out from under me but I didn't budge. Then I did some crazy flip and landed inches in front of them, which intimidated them so they ran off.

      Out of our group of heroes I was by far the smallest and shortest person. But I was the most agile and able to do insane acrobatic-type moves. So I guess I moved alot like Spiderman or nightcrawler.....Anyways, I wore a mask that was half red half blue with spikey blue hair on it. I wore a Patriots football jersey to match, with skinny jeans and black sneakers. One of my friends wore a black and yellow disguise. He was the biggest and strongest. Then a news crew showed up and we asked them why they never put us on the new for all the good deeds we had done.

      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Dream Challenge Day 11

      by , 10-30-2010 at 04:48 AM (Mindscape of Xaqaria)
      A little more success this morning; I dreamt that I was watching the making of some 60 Minutes special interviewing 25 people who were involved in ... something in the 60's or I don't remember exactly. Mike Wallace was interviewing people, but he was also one of the people involved, so he was interviewed by a woman named "Silica". +1

      0 !
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