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    1. Paris, The Beach, Or Something Simple? & Others

      by , 12-27-2017 at 02:31 PM
      Walking around some fancy big house decorated nicely. Sitting down and seeing my boyfriends ex-boss come in and sit sort of close to me. He asks me what I want for my birthday, and I keep saying 'I don't know'. He pulls out a plastic tube thing that can expand itself and there's a girl across the room and it stretches one end from her to me. He wanted me to tell her what I wanted. I imagined myself what it would be like to be on plane to Paris and in Paris. Then imagined myself on a beach in the sand,
      alone. The weather dreary with dark-ish clouds yet sunlight shining through. A bit chilly wind. The contrast of the image of it was beautiful. I was in a white sun like dress/beach dress. I finally said through the tin-can talk like device "Mani Pedi and a bottle of wine"

      TAUP E W Letters
      Dreaming of some kind of game where I had to choose a name and I chose "TAU P" or "TAUP E" and someone getting angry cuz the game wouldnt start because I had their name? I didn't care and kept trying to have "TAUP E"

      So I haven't been around in years. Gonna update some dreams I've had in the last few weeks right now, below.


      Went to my boyfriend best friends dads house and was in flip flops walking in muddy water. Was packing my stuff up from us staying there, and stealing Now and Laters and Suckers from a candy drawer to take with me. Something about my BFFE; possibly BF related.

      12/23/17 Fragments
      -My sister bought Vanilla ice cream, and was carrying it in a plastic bag up the steps to my porch.
      -Me in a towel at boyfriends best friends dads house, in front of lots of 'football' type guys/men I keep trying to make sure I'm covered by pulling my towel up.


      so my dream was we were all in NC.. we were at Gma's and there was a secret huge room in her house collecting old stuff over the years of ours. I wanted to go in there. Switches to everybody being there and i see Lil D with cigarette in her hand. I find out C slept with S and i stabbed her then burnt the house down but tried saving the kids. I got outside to the road and saw the fire through the window (silhouette) and then i ran back to try to get the kid who was going back inside but when i walked inside everything was fine/.alive no fire and all talking and what not. I thought I was going crazy again, and told C what happened.
      you can stop reading here.
      coded for myself:
      Switch to us being in a hotel room ( a nice one) and C has dinab weird tv.. music choice station 805 ? LOMF- smiles. i see dinab & ask; yes; chsbkapeirwu me frus. mad.

      i opened the front door and there was some guy sitting on the porch (i didn't see him though but his legs out my eye corner) and he was saying something but i couldnt make out what he was saying. i quickly shu the door and dead bolted and locked it. grabbed L and there was another guy in the house.. ran into our room and locked the door told C and me and L went in my closet and locked the door. C went and killed them with a knife. i somehow felt one of the bad guys knives and i was superly amazed at how sharp it was. dream over. (i seem to have woken up directly after this one)

      dream two:
      first of all-- L for real got tropical starbursts on halloween so ive seen them lately.. a two pack.. red and yellow)
      dream-- on halloween i gave some tropical starbursts ( a few) and she liked them. on christmas i gave her a huge bag and she was really happy.
      then something like... being in your van mom?? i think.. but anyway.. i was talking about how this tiny cup/glass still had melted ice and a tiny amount of water in it. was amazed the ice was still there.

      also some weird dream where i was walking through some weird camp like buildings that were really small and everyone door being open and i could see what each person was doing. then i had to walked back up through them all inside them.. cuz i guess there was doors connected them. i was on my way to my room i think??? i stopped by a room with 3 women who were in a women's club and were staying camping at the place. for some reason one of them was getting a mammogram done/preparing for it.]

      12/25/2017 - Fragment
      Dream about some kind of fire. Don't know.

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    2. Los Angeles, California

      by , 07-07-2016 at 12:25 PM
      The dream started when I rode in a car to the house of my late grandmother (mom's side) who passed away six months ago. From there the telephone rang as I was told that I had a dentist's appointment soon. A week later in the living room of my dad's house, I sit in the recliner in the living room asking my dad if he had any money to pay for a plane ticket, as it was all the way on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Dad had his TV tray with his big laptop on the table and his female friend who visits was sitting on the couch.

      A few weeks later in the dream, I find myself in Los Angeles...but unfortunately, it looks like downtown Raleigh. I hear a rendition of Ain't It Fun by the band Paramore that is the work of British pianist Sam Yung (it's also on YouTube), and just as soon as the first verse ends (when he stops playing for a few seconds), the actual song's chorus plays with band frontwoman Hayley Williams' vocals just like it sounded on the band's 2013 self-titled album (which I enjoy, by the way), bass, electric guitar, percussion and all. I remember saying something about copyright. I also remember being on a bus near the back when I heard it. I suddenly have this feeling where there really wasn't a dentist's appointment in LA and that I may have been tricked. As soon as I heard Williams' vocals, I jumped and felt a funny feeling in my right leg and stomach. (I think this may have been my first lucid in a while.)

      I remember dreams I've had from 2013-15 where towns and cities in southern California (Los Angeles (twice), Hemet High School, but one scene later) look like places in North Carolina that I may have been before (dentist's office in 2013, downtown Raleigh in 2014 and a random section in Wal-Mart in 2015 that looks like none of the stores I've visited in the state), leading me to think the two states are fighting over me and/or my writing works. I've also had Paramore dreams before, but Williams' hair has been different colors than the trademark red or orange.

      (I credit the Carmen Sandiego series of computer games (I saw the game show on PBS first when I was younger) for inspiring me to do research on the two states in 1998-99 in the 7th grade.)
    3. Back-to-back YA dreams (this happened last week, too)

      by , 12-18-2015 at 03:16 PM
      12-18-15: Everything's been up and down like somewhat of a crazy game of Magic # (a Pricing Game on The Price Is Right with an impressive design that scared the crap out of me when I was younger when it appeared from a fade-in) months after I updated my Dream Journal. Also, I've been busy with other things, including a personal blog during that time.

      Last night, however, left me with some inspiration to write after a heck of a bad day, as most of the stuff (the plot, some characters) in Secret Agent 25, or SA-025, for short (my attempt at a YA novel), are inspired by dreams I have had since the 1992-93 year living in Maryland (when my parents separated in 1991-92 and I was 6 going on 7 at the time) to now.

      Ever since I started on SA-025, I have had a series of strange dreams involving possible characters, and most of those DCs had no spoken lines--even Wednesday (which was uneventful) and last week when it marked the return of the 'office buildings outside my room window' dream, something recurring since 2006-07.

      This time, it was a possible scene from later on in the series of SA-025, where possibly another Agent 25 was talking to someone, and this transpired:
      "Does this mean we'll move to South Florida?" Agent 25 asked.
      "No." A female chaperone said, sternly.

      Later on, Agent 25 and the woman went inside the building, looking like a library, where there was another woman sounding like a strict teacher I had at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High in the 2001-02 year, trying to give words of motivation, and just before the dream ends, there's a teenage girl with what appears to be a Surface tablet and it appears she is logged on to Twitter at a table, similar to a dream I had in the 2014-15 year, having brown eyes and brown hair, but she has no spoken lines as Agent 25 looks over her shoulder like a teacher. She also had a pink case to carry her Surface.

      I have a feeling this may have taken place in Hemet, California, as the villainous Sterling clan's mansion in SA-025 is there, and the dream suggested it gets turned into an underground library. It could also have taken place somewhere in North Carolina, too, where a building for villains may have also been turned into an underground library.

      I also have a tendency to throw DCs into my book as well, so I'll see what happens. Turning the Sterlings' mansion in my attempt at a YA novel into an underground library may not be such a bad idea. I don't mind getting dreams like this, personally.

      (For those who don't understand, YA stands for young-adult fiction. It is a popular genre of books amongst teenagers.)
    4. LUCID DREAM 3 (March 7, 2015) First Wild! Exploring in the darkest Night

      by , 03-07-2015 at 11:29 PM
      March 7, 2015 First WILD!

      Fell asleep at around 12:30AM

      What i did before I went to bed, and during the day:
      I watched inception before bed, in bed, and went to sleep as soon as the movie finished. I drank Bed Time Tea by Yogi tea company at around 9:00PM. Spent most of the day doing a lot of nothing. I was stressed in the morning over a bad test and missed assignment, and homework made it worse. I got better though. Spent a lot of the day building on a Minecraft server. I built a tower that was an educational center to learn a little bit about lucid dreaming. I read Sageous's WILD guide earlier in the morning.

      The Preparation to Dream:
      First successful WILD! also not only that but my first WILD attempt. Tonight i had a boost in confidence. I told myself It had been too long without a LD and assured myself tonight I will have one.I Woke up at about 4:40AM without any alarm and got out of bed to get a drink, use bathroom, ect. i only stayed out of bed for about 10ish minutes, and got back into bed. I was assuming i was going to fall back asleep after about 20 minutes or less, man was i wrong. i laid motionless on my back other than an occasional itch or two that disrupted me. i laid for a while and started meditating trying to get myself to sleep. i counted my breaths and paid attention to them carefully counting up and down from 10. I would start getting images in my head, "dreamlets" forming and playing out, but for some reason i would immediately snap to an awareness state and wake up a bit. no matter how hard i tried to make myself sleep I kept snapping to a state of awareness no matter how lost in thought I felt. I thought 20 minutes had passed since i last checked the clock at about 5:00AM, and saw to my disbelief it was 6:00AM! i had a few disturbances by people awake at 5:30AM for some reason and that added to it but i was up for an hour and 12Mins. I finally rolled on my side feeling somewhat defeated by my inability to sleep and promptly fell asleep, only i didn't just go to sleep.

      The Dream Experience:
      I thought i had merely past to sleep, there was a slight gap of nothingness. Next thing i know i was dreaming, in the beginnings of transcending into REM, stuck in place and was pretty sure it was sleep paralysis, as i have already experiences countless times. I heard a lot of strange sounds out of my control, and some scary vivd images. I instantly had awareness kick, like it had done all night while awake, and I knew I Had somehow made it! Right away 4 undead corpses were headed for me whilst still not able to move and they scared me at first until i told myself this is my dream I have no reason to be afraid. I finally gained mobility before they reached me, and i put my hand on them one by one and made them instantly vanish because i did not want them here.
      I Paused for a moment, i had to think of what i wanted to do and did the first thing that came to mind and i immediately started to fly, but was very excited and almost lost it, my vision became gray and blurred, however, while still in the air I quickly started to rub my hands together in the dream bringing it back and successfully did so. when I landed it still had a blurry effect, also I don't know how to land from flying well yet. I wanted the scene to change, but I could not. I was in a very very dark, night time scene in a suburban neighborhood. flying over the few areas i did it was just a lot of houses, separated by white fencing, and plenty of trees. It was so dark though I could only see where the there were street lights and house lights, but there really was not any streets yet, just houses crowded together. I wanted to make a sunny scene but couldn't, I tried appearing at a beach but also could not so I just stopped trying. In fact other than making the zombies disappear I couldn't really change anything else. My mind was thinking very quickly, there was soo much i wanted to do but just could not do all at once. I would have one idea, then instantly jump to another. One thing my I tried to do but could not, due to not being able to summon DC or change the scene was go into "caveman mode". I knew its what would happen eventually but it didn't get to happen. I tried to find a DC to interact with. searched a few places here and there. I think i went into a few houses but honestly cannot draw any scenes in my head from them. One thing that did not surprise me until i awoke was one particular scene. While i was looking for the DC i wanted to see, I ended it up my old neighborhood from when I lived in North Carolina. Now i have not seen this place in years, nor have I recalled ever dreaming about it in years, yet here it was. Not everything was exact obviously. I went to a neighbors house there, and it still had the brick and concrete steps i remember as a kid (probably from falling on them once) and I saw my little brother and asked if he knew where this DC was. He said no in a confused manner. I looked out back at the houses and noticed more had appeared out in the darkness. I got up and went out into the street and thought what I wanted to see now but got too far lost in thought and lost control of the dream.

      Lucidity is Lost, Regained, but too Late:
      Next thing I see, I am already in another scene. I am at my grandmothers house in Connecticut, non-lucid now. i look out the front door and see 3 dogs that look like mine and let them inside, except another group of the same kind of dogs also comes in. i spend the next few minutes trying to get the ones that are not mine back outside. I almost get it and then i have another sense of Lucidity and become Lucid again, unfortunately i become lucid because i notice one thing, the dream is about to collapse. Though i think quick and go to rub my hands together fast before it is gone i am too late, and that thought of rubbing my hands transfers from the dream world to the real world and i wake up rubbing my hands together in real life! It i now about 6:25 AM.

      I Fall asleep at about 6:50AM again and sleep till 7:52, 3 minutes before my Alarm to get up for my first Karst HydroGeology Field Trip. I only got around 5-6 Hours of sleep this night. I was trying hard to fight sleep on the way back during the van ride.

      Goals and Progress:
      about 25 minutes of dreaming and about 20 of them were Lucid! One of my goals was to have a 10 minute LD, and I Passed it. This was my first WILD attempt, and what a success in the dream world it was, it made the long painful night of fighting to go to sleep worth it.

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    5. One of the weirdest dreams I've EVER had (or: How My Dumb Luck Gave Me a Weird Dream)

      by , 01-20-2015 at 02:43 PM
      01-20-15: This is what I get for viewing past dreams on my blog on this site (especially the one stemming from the "davemadson" silliness with everyone's "termination" reaction with the screaming little girl with brown eyes and brown hair from a couple of months ago). This time, the main dream character had blue eyes and blonde hair and was around college age standing around 5'6"-5'8", kind of like a scene from a '90s-early '00s film. And I thought I wasn't going to get anything after a heck of a bad day yesterday (it has been happening a lot lately).

      This all happened after the first act of the dream inspired by either the PS3 or PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V made no sense--and it was the online part of the game (I have the PS4 version), and no parts from this were used in the second act (I think).

      However, back to the second act: she was surrounded by two or three boys while she was in front of a yellow muscle car, probably a '70s Ford Mustang Mach 1 or a '70s Dodge Charger Super Bee or Challenger. One of the boys (or other DCs) had a beanie with a patterned or crocheted skull on it (it was black or charcoal/white). I couldn't tell if she was trying to befriend them or run away from them.

      Also, in the background, I could see some downtown Raleigh buildings or buildings near the NCSU (North Carolina State University for all you non-U.S. viewers of this blog) campus.

      I don't know if she was a student at the college or anything in particular. I also do not know if the main DC involved resembles a '90s Reese Witherspoon, a '90s Alicia Silverstone, or anyone in particular from that era with blue eyes and blonde hair, or NC natives Evan Rachel Wood or Britt Robertson, either. I think she was cornered by at least 3 boys, or guys. After their encounter, the rest of the act of the dream made no sense and I woke up at about 6:05 AM unexpectedly. I don't even get why because I started back writing this year (it's my 20th), these weird dreams started happening again.

      (Wow...this is my first post in a while where I went the whole thing without one sentence talking about James Lafferty--D'OH!)

      ...oh, well. Until next time, WM86

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    6. Young-adult fiction dream characters (How did this get under the radar?!)

      by , 11-04-2014 at 12:27 AM
      11-03-2014: It's been a while since I last posted here. Yes, I have had some strange dreams over the past three years, but either they went too fast or I haven't had the time or bad days have caught up to me...repeatedly.

      However, the one last night was pretty memorable. I was able to also match the description of the dream character as well. She had brown hair and brown eyes, a petit build, wearing a beige bubble jacket, dark blue jeans with black high top Chucks (Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, for those who don't get the popular term) with either aqua green or sky blue shoelaces.

      She also looked around 14 or 15-17 years of age, and politely asked me and another character on a bus as she walked by, "Is anybody sitting here?" I didn't get to see what happened next, as I woke up around 6:30~40-ish. I believe she appeared in one other dream I had a couple of months ago, stemming from a strange YouTube video I saw detailing the uploader's views on reactions if YouTube user davemadson was terminated, and one of which had a screaming little girl that likely came from an episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour that aired on Discovery Family (formerly The Hub). (On a sad note, he DID have to close down his channel on April 7, 2014 because of his busy personal life AND Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows XP that day--and I didn't even subscribe to him.)

      However, it was likely the girl from last night's dream but with the same clothes clinging to me, holding on to my left arm like she's scared of somebody. And yes, she still had the same (either) medium or dark brown hair and brown eyes. Again, I didn't know what happened next like the dream last night, as I woke up early.

      One of my life goals is to write a YA story, or young-adult novel. And as I'm writing this entry, I'm considering making her the main character. As I listen to a lot of music, I am also considering what kind of playlist she might have (personally, I would like it to be '90s mixed with today) as well. I am also in my 19th year writing (got my first computer/word processor in 1994, didn't start writing until 1995). In regards to the dream character, I haven't given her a name yet. I am also considering creating teenage boy characters where James Lafferty and Miko Hughes are inspirations/ideas (this is starting to become a trademark habit of mine) as well that serve as an interest to her. However, I'm not sure whether to base the story in California or North Carolina yet.

      I have found out in recent years that writing a story that takes place in North Carolina is a lot harder than writing one that takes place in California. This has been going on since late-2003 when I took a creative writing class in my senior year of high school. And I also learned that writing a young-adult novel is a tall order and I've got my work cut out for me. So that means I'd better get going and not let life distractions get in the way of achieving said goal. Until next time...WM86
    7. College

      by , 09-04-2012 at 02:37 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I had a dream that I was going to college. It was like a graduation ceremony, though, except it was for the new students. They started by calling the names of the students who'd earned scholarships, then went on to call everyone else, one by one. There were seats in the front of the room, behind the official people calling names, facing the back, for all the students whose names had already been called. They were also higher up; the room was like an auditorium, where it's slanted, except the front of the room was higher up). It was really exciting when they called my name.

      After I'd been called, though, I remembered that I still had another year of high school... but then I just assumed this ceremony was for the students who'd been accepted and would be starting college next fall.

      In the next dream, my family and I had moved to a hotel in North Carolina, but I really didn't want to be there. The hotel was not very good, and I assumed the rest of the state was the same.

      I woke up from that dream and started writing in my dream journal. I'd written almost one page when I heard my mom call from the dining room to say that breakfast was ready. I told her I'd be out in just a moment and continued writing.

      ...then I woke up.
    8. Very Productive night

      by , 08-11-2012 at 06:03 AM
      It was a fitful night of sleep but a very productive one.

      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 over most of dream
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      D1 First Job
      There was a lot of chaotic dream imagery going on in my childhood home. By the end of it, I remember a replay of the day I went off to my first real job. It didn’t really happen like the dream, this was as if it was being reacted again. From what little I remember of the day, this dream’s reenactment had a lot more upbeat-ness to it than the real event. There were other people there as well that were not there in real life but the real participants didn’t interact with them almost as if they were extras just there to fill in the background. The overall feeling was that my mom and I were so glad that I was finally going off to a real job; we were almost giddy with happiness. I’ve been working since I was 16 and was never giddy to start any job.

      Notes: I see this as my subconscious putting on a play on this subject. My subconscious’ retelling of the event is an interesting take and one that makes me focus on my own possibly dower mindset and questioning the amount I worry. I guess that time should have been a giddy one being as big as it was but why it wasn’t is now something to think about.

      Awake, I tossed off the covers I was way too hot.

      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 over most of dream
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      D2 Necromancing
      Again, a lot of chaotic dream happenstances going on in dry outside “scrub” areas.
      I am flying around a lot in a California area. I see a nice California suburb and a nice house on a hilly street and fly in only to see the family right there behind the door and they are up to something. They are all (father/mother/20+son/16+daughter) going to rollerblade out the front door, down the street and down a very very steep street to the bottom of the hilly area where a train track was; it looked deadly but they were very happy and getting ready to go.

      As I looked down where they would go my attention followed and I was now looking at another typical California house but not in a comfortable suburb and more on its own and with large succulents growing in the front yard made of rocks and sand. This house had a retention pond next to it filled with green water. There was a road in front of the house and in the road was a dead cat with dried blood and body fluids staining the road.
      Thinking about the cat gave me a higher level of lucidity and I commanded, “back to life and all [internal] parts back the way they were” and I made a gesture with my hand to push life energy out toward and into it. Nothing happened. Still I sat waiting. Then it moved, the mound of fur got up off the blood stained area and I could see the cat’s face and its legs clearly. It staggered slightly as if it had woken from anesthesia or something, down toward the retention pond where it took a good drink. Afterward the reanimated cat walked off to my left toward the house still groggy but seemingly perfectly fine. I was happy that I had found a new dream power.

      While awake I pulled up the covers being way too cold. I tried to remember the alive cat.

      Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 over most of dream
      Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      D3 Father in the lot
      There was more chaotic activity and I flew around but I came to a vacant lot that seemed to be somewhere in a central North Carolina area with that red soil. For some reason I was looking for a link to the real physical world from here in the dream world and I thought I could find it here. I looked over the lot, there were a lot of people here milling around and I asked them but they had no idea what I was talking about. I circled the lot from the road front to the back and then back up to the road front finding nothing.
      I was pretty lucid at this point and noticed dreamers popping into this area either from other dreams or from just falling asleep, it was an interesting area, especially for a weeded empty lot.
      Then someone popped in that looked like my father when he was in his 20’s. I was a bit shocked thinking if that was really him. He stood there looking off into the distance smoking a cigarette with a lot of attitude like they used to in those old movies. I fully realized he could look however he felt, this is the dream world. I walked past him looking. Then he turned to me, I saw it really was him and we both hugged. Then I said “So, Welcome to North Carolina” and as I put my hands out encompassing the dry dirty red soiled vacant lot and street, a boy popped in right to my right with a look of complete surprise. I was annoyed with this dreamer getting in my way and pushed him out of my way with my arm. In hindsight I remember this boy back from a dream I had of looking in a mirror and I was he, a towheaded 10-year-old chubby white boy with a crew cut. I ignored the boy and walked back to the back of the lot with my father following, he was more concerned with how he felt than anything anyone else was doing. I asked a dreamer that looked like he knew something where this was but he just looked at me for a second then looked back at the rusted stove he was wresting with, with some other guys.

      I wandered around and found my way inside a department store inside an open-air mall. I was still trying to find a connection between here in the dream world and the physical world and was very aware of the dreaming world’s rules. While wandering around this place I rhetorically asked a three foot tall impressionistic statue of a T-Rex “where is this place” and it started to come to life, which shocked me! This small yellow metal impression of a T-Rex had been given some of my life by me asking it something, by my giving it my attention and this I felt sorry for since it was barely a T-Rex or anything, it was bad art that would have a life like that so I foolishly as a reflex said to it “oh sorry” which only served to give it more life! It then jumped off the shelf it was on and down to the floor very alive and becoming more so. It looked up at me like it was speaking but I heard nothing. This was uncomfortable and felt sorry for it so I walked past it to take my attention from it so it could go wherever such unintended creations went.

      I saw a sales girl behind the makeup counter and asked her my now constant question but more pointedly so that she knew what I was talking about, “where is a point of reference between the physical world and this one?” She looked at me with a sarcastic look of “are you nuts?”
      Then I see one of those cash register laser guns red lights and think that maybe the point of a common link between the two worlds is not a thing but an energy, maybe the photons can be that link.

      I woke up and was still too cold and now ached too, I felt like I had been on my back for hours.