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    1. Sharing meals, making wine, washing a nightmare

      by , 02-11-2015 at 10:25 PM
      Somewhere in South Asia some centuries ago where I'm visibly a foreigner, I'm leaving the docks after making some arrangements for my departure. Thinking about how to dispose of the belongings that I don't want to bring with me, I've just offered to give some rare type of food to the man who's walking with me, a human who works for me. He's shocked - he completely refuses. It's important that he and I don't share meals, and apparently this is close enough to count. I apologize, but point out to him that we've shared more than that. He asks me not to talk about this in public.

      Talking about differing customs as we walk, we get onto the subject of my own homeland. I describe it as very far to the north, very isolated from the rest of the world, not a place he's likely to have heard of. I'm being deliberately evasive, obscuring how long ago it was that I left, among other things. I have a mental image of a place that's always covered in snow, and a need to retreat.

      Thinking of my people causes me to mentally tune in to two of them who are relatively nearby, a man and a woman who I think of as something like a brother and sister to me. Her, I keep in close contact with through letters on a regular basis. Mentally brushing against her now feels sort of like a friendly wave from a distance. Him, on the other hand - last I heard from him, he'd been doing his best to ignore my existence entirely. By accidentally tuning in to him now, I'm surprised to find he was already aware of my presence in this region and has secretly been keeping tabs on me. I'm amused, particularly since he's now pretending not to notice this mental contact.

      I get lost in thought for a bit about connections and different eras, and the scene changes. I'm in Europe, speaking Spanish with a woman in the 1700s or so - I think of her as being in a sort of religious seclusion, though my speaking with her now isn't a problem. She's telling me how much she enjoyed the piece Dieter published recently about winemaking techniques, and I tell her I'll pass that along. The observer side of me considers whether or not this short scene is something to bother recording for when I wake up.

      In my IRL home, a demon's joined me in the shower. She's in the form of a beautiful naked woman and she's talking to me like we're old friends, but the scene has the feel of a nightmare. She's talking about working together in a way that I'd probably be interested in discussing under other circumstances. But with that nightmare feel, I'm only thinking about avoiding being controlled by others.

      I give her the fuck-off-out-of-my-dream variety of exorcism. This doesn't work; if anything, the feel of a nightmare intensifies with the sense of a contest of wills. She's still trying to convince me to come work with her.

      Second try: I take a look at the demon's name. It begins and ends with A, so I cover up the middle portion, rewrite it as Athena, and chant an invocation, intending to remove the nightmare by transforming the demon into a goddess. Her features shift, but then shift back. We go back and forth a little bit, but eventually I give up on this method too. She's stopped trying to convince me to come work with her and is now just enjoying this contest for its own sake.

      Being as we're in the shower, I take a look at the soap and think of cleansing/purification methods of exorcism. Worth a shot. I start washing her, starting at the top and working my way down. She's intrigued - she clearly doesn't consider this a threat, and the contact is pleasant and similar enough to sexual that she considers this a form of me giving in to her. I'm curious myself whether this scene will end up following her sexual expectations or my cleansing intention. When I kneel down before her, I kiss her just below her navel, and she makes it clear how she expects this to play out from there; but I just move on to washing her legs. When I've finished her second foot, kissing the top of it before putting it down, the sense of nightmare is completely gone. I'm able to cause the scene to transition, continuing with a series of IRL-based scenes.
    2. The Moon left Earth

      by , 11-02-2014 at 01:11 PM
      We had to move to Canada because something happened to earth's orbit and it was getting warmer. Also the moon was gone and the oceans were flowing towards the polar regions. I seen the map of where we were and it looked like we were north of Manitoba somewhere. As I looked at the map though, it became more like I was looking at a satellite view of the earth in real time. This lasted about a minute and I could see how the earth was changing and how the population who migrated north was distributed across Canada now. I was explaining the details of the map to someone I was with and telling them why this was a good spot, rather than to the west. Less people had went west, toward Alaska.

      There was much ice around outside but it was warm out and it was all melting. My sister was there messing around and I took her picture on her phone. We were wandering around watching the changes taking place, we were with a group of people. My other sister was there too with her husband. We ran across them later on. They were being funny messing around with wigs and fake beards, making them look like old people. It was good to see them having fun though.

      Most people had brought RVs with them to live in through this change. I followed someone into an RV and I was surprised to see that it was Jack Nicholson's RV. He was there for a minute talking to the other guy but then they left. I tried to leave too, but I couldn't find the exit. What I thought was the exit was too small for me to fit through and there was stuff in the way. As I was clearing the path, it morphed into being a dishwasher that I ended up taking out the inside racks and dishes. This was not the exit so I put it somewhat back together. Jack came back and yelled at me for messing it up, lol.
    3. Another one of the 4 demons

      by , 07-02-2013 at 03:55 PM
      This was yesterday morning. I woke up around 4 am from a lucid nightmare. In it, my husband Adam and me were at a place getting the car fixed, but the mechanic shop was not a 'shop' it was a huge dumping site, excavated land, recently emptied of trash, people were walking around scrounging for the last usable pieces of trash they could find, they were wearing zipped up haz-mat suits and wearing goggled facial masks as if they were walking in a place unsuitable to breathe in, but the air was fine. I remember 4 people dressed like that. They were spraying something on the ground. I was near the car and talking to Rosa, an internet friend of mine, and Adam was outside. Rosa touched my arm and told me "Adam is dead, I think he's been killed." I fly to the dump site, land and i'm next to his body, hes laying on his back, looking asleep and peaceful, but clearly dead, hes got no pulse and hes not breathing. The 4 masked/suited people look at me and i look at them, no words are exchanged but they know that i know they had sprayed toxic fumes and Adam breathed it in.

      Dream changes and I am transporting adams body in a casket, by hearse-bus (a huge bus built just to haul a funeral casket in reality this does not exist im sure), to somewhere up north for burial. im meeting his dad. im at some school building, sitting on the steps just outside of the building, and then Adam (who is dead in the casket on the bus which is parked near by) walks up to me and sits down beside me, and we talk, as we normally would if he were alive and well. we talk about what needs to be done, our happiness and thankfulness for life together, how we wanted more time, and how he hopes i am ready to live life without him, but he also says that he is still there, and always will be. suddenly i run to the casket inside the bus and open it and there on adams chest are 3 black feathers, like from a raven/blackbird. i pick them up and run back to where adam is still waiting for me at the steps, and show them to him, and say 'Look. These are the gifts you gave me.' he said 'yes. i hope you keep them.'

      backs story - Adam is in reality, struggling to stay alive. he's been deathly ill for months, and has had multiple strokes since February of this year, which have left him partially blind, unable to use the left side of his body, agoraphobic, and unable to track time/think clearly. he was saved and baptised in may of this year, so i wonder if the death in the dream was of his old life before Christ.

      the blackbird feathers.... 'Blackbird' was the first song he taught me to sing, the first one we performed live as a duet, and the first one he taught me how to play on the guitar.

      i also have to wonder about the 4 suited hazmat people who 'killed him'. see, back in may, right after he was baptized, i dreamed of 4 demons who had been cast out of Adam, i posted this in my journal its titled "Will never forget this one!". i wonder if they attacked him, or this was simply to make us aware that they are still close by. in the first dream, they were all highly charismatic, enchanting musicians, just like Adam. they were trying to get MY attention, to get adam to come back, because adam was either unable to sense them/ignoring them. in this dream, they were hidden behind masks, in essence, attacking him unseen.

      after his stroke, adam could no longer play or sing - after a lifetime of being a musical genius, songwriter, stage performer and recording artist. he mourned the loss of that more than anything else. i remember the woman who did the baptising (another musician, bless her), praying over him asking God to heal him of his afflictions, release him from his addictions, and if God saw it fit for adam to ever be able to pick up his guitar and play again and sing, that God would use him for His work in whatever way God deemed fit. its taken 4 months, but adam is finally able to use his left hand well enough to chord the guitar for a few minutes each day before the pain of using that hand becomes too much,and the strength in his voice is coming back slowly as well. he had another small stroke a few days ago, and since then his right hand (the good one) wont stop shaking, and the left one feels numb. its another healing process, another reminder of why he and i both need to be strong, together and as individuals. he blew me away two days ago when he asked me to google the lyrics to Amazing Grace, a song that until he came to know Jesus just 6 weeks ago he never thought much about. and he belted that song out, with all his strength. his voice that was left withered and cracked after the stroke, sounded like crystal, resounding such healing energy.

      I spoke to Rosa about the dream, and she said that she believes that north is the direction in which healing comes from. She also said she believes the blackbird feathers are healing, as is any combination of the number 3. She's Metis (NA).
    4. A Journey

      by , 10-13-2012 at 01:36 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      We are outside. It is beautiful day. Sun shining. And near some sort of fenced lot when the animals begin to roam. They are huge and attacking everyone. As I head east, an animal tracks me down so I hold very still. I breathe deeply. The animal passes. I make it back to the dorms where I find myself in a room that is not mine. I'm only wearing a short dress as I peruse the closet. It is filled with a retro clothing may be from the seventies. I'd try on a mauve, long sleeved button up shirt. I know I'll need some sort of cold protection. I take the shirt and see that there's a dog in the room. I fear it is one of the wild alien animals and continue to treat it as such, however it doesn't seem to pose any threat. I take a shower hoping the dog will leave me alone. It just jumps in. Brian joins me. I'm in room 19. We start to have sex but here a jeep pull up outside of our window. The jeep crew some of whom we may or may not know, offer to take us to a refuge. However we cannot tell the leaders what we've done or we will be negatively judged. I think we refuse. Now we are in Brian's car driving north of the few companions on a busy street. We see through a foggy sky a fleet of quick moving UFOs do twisty curvy maneuvers. They are blasting some announcement over their communication form. Brian and I are making fun of the address because it seems very obvious. All of a sudden a blanket of snow and ice is on all you can see. We panic a bit and start looking for any extra clothing we can pile on. I still am sporting a short dress and the shirt from someone's retro closet. I spy a hat, one of those kind with fur on the inside. a girl we are with grabs at first but soon I spy and other like it. After driving for a bit we realize that there is no more snow. We've reached a mountain. The road to it, you can spot all sorts of perversely large animals. The results of the recent panic. We traverse a rocky path alongside the mountain. Inlaid eye level in the mountains are short wide windows. I look inside and see a classroom laboratory. The people inside don't seem to be concerned about the recent panic. Now I'm at Suzette Kenny's house. I into the basement and Kenny is sleeping on the couch. As I go upstairs I'm thinking about the safety of Maya and mom. Suzette assures me they are safe. There is a black man smiling at me on the couch. Sharon appears to be very frail. I tell Suzette I plan on walking back, but she insists on giving me a ride.

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    5. Clusterf*&k

      by , 10-12-2012 at 08:50 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      I am at work and Kendall S. is there. I get into the golf cart and as I go to my task, a baby lion runs in front of my path. I stop and am frightened at first but soon realize it means no harm. It's mother appears. Later a medium-sized elephant stares me down from behind a madrone tree. (This is in the dream-scape that has one large room for us all to sleep in. Where we move the beds around.) As I go back to the main property I realize I've gone too far and instead of turning around I just go the long way. I cross the fence and come upon the parking lot that surrounds a great hall/convention center. I turn right to continue my loop but I see a busy road I must cross and I don't feel confident doing so in a golf cart. I turn back and meet another busy street, so I head north. Driving north I am a man and there is a woman I know in the passengers seat. She loves speed and thrills. We start to go very fast and I see her suspended body in the rear view mirror as if I am driving a limo. As we hit bumps her body seems to suspend in zero gravity. We are going very fast, now in the golf cart, and we crash. I am not hurt nor did I fear being hurt, but I do fear she has been obliterated. Even in the toss and roll of the crash she is fine. I warn her of the dangers of speed.
    6. Missing clothes

      by , 06-30-2012 at 12:48 AM (TheSpiderSilva's Dream Journal)
      This is the second dream I've had where I can't find my clothes.

      One of my best friends in the world was there, which I should have found weird considering she lives in another state. She's an adorable mexican chick, only 5 feet tall, and the sweetest person I've ever met. She's also beautiful. We've made out and stuff in real life, but that doesn't really have anything to do with my dream, lol.

      Well, she was with me the whole time in the dream. We were hanging out just like we used too, but there was one weird thing: I couldn't find my clothes. The only clothes I had were the ones I was wearing.

      I had one shoe on, and went up to some guy and asked him for one of his shoes. He said "Yeah, sure", like it wasn't wierd or anything. Now that I think about it, the shoe that he gave me was one of my shoes IRL. I was wearing another one of my shoes from IRL (but they weren't matches).

      Strange dream.
    7. masquerade dream to the north.

      by , 07-28-2011 at 01:02 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i typed up my entire dream and didn't log in. fuck it.

      from a 3rd person pov, i am inside a merry go round on a track. i dream of dreaming, that is my dream is a masquerade ball. like this:

      3rd person pov again, i see that the merry go round i am in and another one are about to collide. when they do, mine softly pulverizes the other which turns to flames.

      i get out and a figure tells me to go north, which means to the highest point. i do.

      in the forests and fields in which i run, i see things i never have: lime green birds, strange trees. the figure laughs at me.

      finally outside of the fields i am now in portland, maine on the coast. the dream seems to shift.
    8. Saved by a starving wolf.

      by , 12-25-2010 at 03:18 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am lost in a coniferous forest somewhere in snowy northern Canada. I have been lost for a long time, wandering in the endless frozen forest, and the cold is starting to effect my body in seriously adverse ways. My left hand, from the wrist, has turned completely black from frostbite and my legs have been numb for hours, thoughI still force myself to stumble through the snow because for I have a false believe that if I keep moving that things will get better or I will be found or something.

      Another night comes and the moon is the biggest and the fullest I have ever seen before. It is so bright in fact that I can find my way through the forst as if it were day time. I cannot see what it is but I hear foot falls in the snow behind me and know that I am being followed by a wild animal. Many days and nights pass and my body is sucumbing more to the cold. The animal that has been following me is still around but I have no yet seen what it is, though I suspect that it is waiting for me to die. One day I collapse in the snow exhausted finally reigned to my inevitable fate and wait for the wild animal to come and eat me.

      I lift my tired head and see a light grey wolf slowing making its way to me. The wolf is very think and weak looking and I can see the outline of its ribs and the creature seems to be starving terribly, though it is not threatening me and seems more curious than anything. I figure I am going to die anyway so I pull a pocket knife out and cut off my frostbitten hand and toss it towards the wolf then immediately pass out. I wake up at night and find myself alone. I don't know where the wolf went and cannot see if it ate my hand because it is too dark. I find the strength to stand up and begin wandering again, more out of boredom than anything because I don't think I am going to be saved and I am essentially just passing the time until I do. I am so cold and so tired that I no longer actually feel the cold that much anymore, let alone think about it.

      Something happens one day though the dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember exactly what. I think a bear or a group of evil hunter men came upon me and attack me but I am saved my the light grey wolf that had been following me before. The wolf chases away my attacks and then has to drag me away from there, by the collar of my coat, through the forest because my body is so tired and damaged by the cold that I can no longer walk. I don't know how long the wolf dragged me but it felt like a long time. I pass in and out of consciousness for days and in one moment of clarity I talk to the wolf and believe it can understand me (partly loneliness, partly delerium) and tell him that when I die that he has my permission to eat my body because I know that it is still starving. I pass out again right after.

      I wake up in a hospital bed. I know I am still in the north because I can see a snowstorm raging outside of my hospital window. It is night and everything is quiet and I am trying to wrap my mind around how I survived in the frozen north for so long. I also wonder about the starving wolf and feel bad that I did not die so that he would have something to eat. I lay awake for a long time because my mind is ruminating about so many things and the thoughts of my experience begin to overwhelm me when a nurse with sort curly hair in pink scrubs comes in and says that the doctor will be in shortly. After some time passes an elderly Native American aboriginal chief dressed in a leather vest and a coyboy hat comes in and tells me that I am lucky to be alive and he asks me about the details of my ordeal.

      I tell him everything I remember happening including being saved by the starving wolf and the doctor tells me that I am mistaken. He says that I was found by the side of the road in one peice and that they had to amputate my hand because of the frostbite damage after I was brought to the hospital. I argue with the doctor and tell him that I am so sure that it all really happened. The doctor tells me that I was suffering from delerium from the cold and that I probably hallucinated the whole thing. I feel kind of at a loss because I am not sure how to feel but the doctor tells me that I probably did meet a wolf in the frozen north and that it guided me out of the forest because in Native American aboriginal legend, the wolf is a protector and a guide for lost soles.

      After the docotr leaves I stare out of the window for a long time, trying to come to terms with what I though was real and what I was told really happen. Through the blowing snow outside I can see something move and when it comes close to the window I can see that it is the starving wolf that saved me, though it no longer looks like it is starving. The wolf looks at me for a moment than runs off into the snowstorm and the dream ends there.

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