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    1. Nose Plug Induction

      by , 11-01-2016 at 04:15 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #498 - DEILD - TIME?

      I have to be breif and It wasn't so awesome of an LD but I was happy hitting after being unfocused so much. All I was trying to do was work on recall but I end up doing a DEILD and imagining nose plugs until it really felt like I was pinching my nose. As soon as I get a solid dreamy nose plug I realize I am in the dream and I get brief vibrations. Expectation, I suppose. I stumble around my dark dream house for a bit. Some random things happen and I have an FA where I try to DJ. Then I wake up and try DEILD again but lose focus and never wake up until the alarm. I'm lucky I recalled this at all.
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    2. Free Meal

      by , 10-20-2015 at 12:44 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #474 - DILD - 4:45AM

      Summary: I am out to lunch and when I notice the time is incorrect I become lucid. I decide to eat other people's food and really enjoy the No-bake cookies. I talk with a coworker, but he turns into someone else. Oneironaut Zero comes out of nowhere and punches me awake.
      I have some unusual wakefulness for almost an hour after 3am, so I spend the time focusing on LD and meditating as much as I can. I mantra that I will do a nose plug in the next scene I am in as I fall into sleep.

      I am at work and about to leave. I am looking out some window thinking that I remember the gas light being on in my car. I have confusion because I remember getting a full tank last night (IWL). I assume that someone has siphoned my gas and I have some anxiety about this, but eventually let it go as there is nothing I can do about it.

      It's lunch time and I decide to go out to eat. I get in my car and realize I drove the other car and that's why my gas is low. I ignore it though and quickly find myself at some restaurant. It didn't seem fast food, but there is a woman behind a counter and a very empty looking menu board with some guy taking off to the side. I ask the woman how long it will be for a "Country Basket Meal" and, after some thought, says about 15 min. Ok that should do, but how much time do I have left to get back? I pull my phone out of my pocket and see the time go random and then settle on 3:48PM. WHAT? I should be off work not a lunch! I do a nose plug and, to my delight, realize this is all a dream. I now remember that this is exactly what I was trying to do and kind of feel dumb for not noticing all this sooner.

      I turn and see a large pane glass window and almost phase out of it. I stop when I realize it's way too dark outside and very rainy. I don't want to deal with that so I turn and head into the main dining area. I look over my shoulder at the woman and yell, "That's OK. I don't the need Country Basket anymore. I've changed my mind." The woman doesn't look up at and I worry that she didn't hear me. Then I chuckle when I remember that none of this matters anyway. I continue on.

      When I see all the people sitting at round tables eating various foods, I feel a little disappointed that I didn't put my order in after all. Guilt free eating is the best! Naturally I go ahead and decide to just start eating off people's plates at random. I interrupt some lady about to take a bite of some food and grab a handful of chips out of her plate. I feel the social stigma of doing such a thing in waking life bearing down on me, but I forge on reminding myself that there are no rules here. The chips have very little crunch and absolutely no taste at all. I move on. I have another thought that this would all be terrible if I had somehow fudged up my nose plug and all of this was actually the waking world. No I'm really certain this is a dream. The woman just smiles dumbly at me as I turn away. In fact, I notice the entire restaurant is staring at me. OK all eyes on me. I am the star of this movie!

      My work buddy Jon is sitting at one table alone and I see a plate of no-bake cookies piled up high. I take one and Jon looks shocked and pissed. I say, "Dude, relax. This is all a dream. None of this even matters." He too smiles dumbly at me. I take a bite and the taste is so vivid and very delicious. I take time to enjoy all the realistic feelings of eating those cookies.
      I remark, "Fucking hell, Jon! You have the best food!" Jon starts to get up to leave, but I tell him to come back and remind him this is a dream. Now, I notice a half eaten chicken breast sandwich will all the fixins. I go ahead and try a bite of that but it's exactly like the chips. I grab another cookie before walking away.

      The restaurant now merges into a version of work and I see Brandon. I give him half the cookie and tell him to try it. He hesitates and I tell him it's really good and to just try it. We eat the cookie halves together, but I've mostly forgot to notice the taste now. Still I say, "See? Pretty good huh?" Brandon just gives me the same drugged up smile as everyone else and it's getting old now so I try to ignore it. I continue, "I'll probably tell you about this dream when I come to work today. That should be pretty weird." Now Brandon's hair grows out and turns black and his skin changes color. He looks a lot like a Mexican and I find him morphing and changing face to be a little uninteresting.

      I turn to leave and head another direction. Suddenly, I see Oneironaut Zero looking real pissed and quickly heading my way. He throws a jab a my face and my vision distorts. I made effort to dodge it, but I think just he hit me. There was no sensation of getting hit, just my vision is distorted and I am disoriented. I try to focus, but I feel myself waking up now. The dream ends.

      Also have a near lucid just before this dream. I was camping with my wife and we kept hearing this loud growling. I sleep and dream in the dream that I am a little girl and they find my half eaten bloody body in the woods. I wake up back to camping and find myself on a dark path. I hear the growling behind me and I am very frightened. Some how I get a vague sense that its a dream and I should face the monster. I know that if I do it will become something nice. I turn to the growling and find a large friendly dog with blue and black diamonds in his fur. I think I called him Diamond. I get him to follow me and my wife falls in love with the dog. We decide to take him home but we have to do something about all his fleas! I go back to sleep in the dream and have another dream where the dog is talking about planning to steal all our coffee with another dog.

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    3. "I love alligators!", First LD- LUCID

      by , 08-15-2015 at 01:28 PM (DreamLab Njegere)
      So I did a WBTB WILD last night (meditated while waiting to go back to bed), but it didn't work. I tried the WILD three times, and each time I would get the vibrations, but I never really lost the sense of my body. Oh, well, it ended up not mattering because my RCs and MILD mantra kicked in and saved the night. Lucid in only five days since I started? Not bad.

      I'm in my room, in the dark, looking at my monitor. One of my speakers is to the right. I hear singing from it. It is in another language. I think its Welsh. I know that it is coming from down stairs and that it must be my dad, who sings all the time (he does this IWL, and yes, some of the songs are in Welsh). I'm not sure why, but I go to the bathroom, maybe with the idea of taking a shower and getting up. The makeup of the house is completely different from my WL house, but I don't notice this. The light is on in the bathroom. I look in the mirror. I look normal, except my hair is sticking out on all sides so it looks like I have a saucer around my head. The top of my head, my crown, is also shaved, like a Christian monk. This triggers a reality check. The light in the bathroom must have gone off, because I performed the RC in the dark. I plug my nose and try to breathe. I still can! I become semi-lucid, but I'm so surprised at being able to breathe through closed nostrils that I perform the RC again. I thought my fingers might have slipped and half-opened a nostril. I'm excited, so I run out into the hall, where everything is dark. I whisper "Turn on the lights," or something like that, but nothing happens. I'm whispering because I have a crazy idea that my dad is downstairs, and I don't want him to know I'm lucid dreaming (I get secretive about weird stuff IWL, and this is why I figured this dream was not completely lucid). I find a switch and flick it. The lights come on. I run towards a balcony. Steps lead downstairs to a wall full of large windows. The steps are tiled with wood and the banister beside them is of some exotic wood. I can see that outside it is that time before dawn when everything is gray or deep shades of blue. As I run down the stairs, the sun comes up and by the time I make it outside it is morning. The sky is a brilliant shade of denim blue, without a cloud in the sky.

      I am in a cheery neighborhood with comfortable looking homes, most of them ranch style. For some reason the neighborhood reminds me of Norther California. It is definitely not my own WL neck of suburbia. There are paths leading to other houses, and the spaces between the paths are mulched with red cedar.

      Everything looks a bit blurry, so I shout "Clarify!". Nothing happens, but it must have worked because the last scene in the dream is very vivid. I remember that if I get too excited I will wake up, so I think stabilizing would be a good idea. I try to rub my hands together, but I am wearing these large red oven mits. I take off the mits and rub my hands together. I don't feel more grounded or anything. I have an idea that it might be a good idea to twirl for further stabilization. But I remember that turning around can also teleport you somewhere else, so I don't end up doing it. I want to explore the neighborhood first.

      I look for something to do. I see a dream character across the road, checking her mail. She's this girl I knew from a farm in Northern California when I hitchhiked down the West Coast from Seattle. She has a cute coffee-cream brown face with a sprinkling of freckles on her nose. Her eyes are the color of brown autumn leaves, and her chocolate hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She is wearing blue sweatpants. I forget what she was wearing for her top. I run over to her, and she backs up into the siding of her house. She looks pretty calm, nevertheless, to see a strange fat guy sprinting towards her.

      "Do you want the table?" she asks when I arrive. I don't remember if there was a table nearby she could give me, but I certainly didn't want it.

      "No," I reply with crazy enthusiasm. "I want to tell you a story!"

      I don't know what story I had in mind, but she says something I can't quite recall, but that ends with "alligators."

      "I love alligators!" I cry.

      I wake up.

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    4. Wurlman And The Flood

      by , 08-04-2015 at 12:42 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #458 - DILD - 12:27AM

      Wurlman visits. This never happens, but I'm sure its not a dream. I nose plug out of good practice. I have a hard time believing.
      I am in hovering in the sky in some sort of Minecraft world. I see pixelated trees and cliff down to an ocean. Although I am high in the sky, I seem to be walking on a solid surface. I turn, look up, and see Wurlman next to me. I am now in a bedroom of my house though the floor still opens up to Minecraft. We start a conversation that I only recall bits of. I jokingly ask Wurlman, "What have you been doing? Jerking off in my parents bed?"
      We both laugh at this and he makes some reply. We then start talking about lucid dreaming for a while.

      I suddenly realize that we always talk of meeting and hanging out, but never have. I decide to make note of it.
      I say, "Hold on. Now that we are together we should make sure this isn't actually a dream." I feel certain this isn't a dream, but decide it's just good practice to follow through with it. I do a quick nose plug and to my amazement I blow through. Oh wait. What? I nose plug several more times becoming more and more stunned that I am actually blowing through. After a moment, I fully accept this is indeed a dream. I tell Wurlman about it, but at that moment the dream break up and fades to black. I forget to notice this is merely a bardo nor do I remember to try to DEILD.


      I am a baseball star. I am the teams all star hitter. We practice and I since no one wants to pitch to me I toss one up myself and smash it. A player throws back, but I can catch it. Now I completely have a hard time with any hand-eye coordination. The coach comes out to talk to us.

      #459 - DILD - 2:25AM

      I feel that I have been lucid a long time as I wonder around the dream environment. I lose some lucidity and play with a large bubble of water that causes a gigantic flood.
      I forget the begging of this dream, but I recall being lucid and yelling something rude at someone through a window. I feel bad for a second then think, It's ok. This is MY dream. I shout, "THIS! IS! MY! DREEEAAAAMMMMM!" I think that I have been lucid for a really long time and I am amazed by it. I have no real goal at the moment and just wander around the dream environment.

      My lucidity drops a lot, but I have some general sense that this is a dream. I find myself still outside next to some shed in a wooded area on a hill. There is a bush and a tree with a huge bubble of water attached to it. I poke at it and it flexes and bounces a bit like jello. I then smooth my hand over one side allowing the water to flow with it. This unleashes a torrent of water as if the hillside is at it's very peak of capacity and I put it all out of balance. I expect to feel wet for a second, then realize that I shouldn't. Although I have a feeling it doesn't matter, I still take my phone out of my pocket and hold it up out of the water to protect it from getting damaged. I ride waves down a massive hill into a small village. I feel butterflies in my stomach from the strong sense of falling. I shout, "Look out everyone water is coming! It's a tidal wave!" After I say this, I see another massive wave of water converging on my location. I am quickly washed farther down hill then land in a dry area near a metal shed with a garage door. I still have momentum and I slide through the doorway with some tall, bald, and muscular man. I immediately try to leave, but the man shuts the door. I am confused what has happened and have lost all lucidity now. I feel out of place here and try to push past the man, but a woman barges in the door. I try to slide past them, but they just block my way. The man and woman argue over something and the man says, "No. I have a visitor. See?"
      I make a hand gesture signalling that I just mean to leave, but the man is very insistent that I stay and not blow the lie.
      He goes on, "We are talking about weed and stuff." I ignore all of this and continue to search for a way out. I wake up.


      I am to be executed by electrocution. I tell another prisoner that I don't care. They can't kill me. In fact, it will only make me stronger. I know that if they kill me here, I will come back as a god. I will enter into the internet and control everything like some all powerful AI. I do note that this is hurt very bad and be very scary. I tell myself to think of it like I am having an OBE and to slip out of my body into the network.

      I am led away into the public execution area before a crowd. The man with a mic asks me if I am Jesus Christ. I tell him, "Some say this is true, but I do not." The crowd erupts into an uproar and the man belly laughs. I fell no shame only trepidation. However, I bodily step on the stage waiting for it to all go down. I actually laugh with the man and make some joke of my own. I wake up.

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    5. Repeat FA

      by , 07-01-2015 at 12:18 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #445 - DILD - ???

      OK I'll keep this entry super short and summarized because it was a total flop are far are lucid dreams go.

      I have a strange bathroom experience with the toilets flushing by themselves and the usual public restroom oddness I bounce from this to having repeated false awakenings over and over and eventually do a nose plug. I have a type of in-dream-WILD and get out of bed. The dream is extremely unstable and I do my best to stabilize. I eventually find myself admiring some super detailed but, very plastic, wood veneer before giving up on the dream totally thinking that I ran out of REM cycle. Of course, I go on to having some other super vivid and detailed non lucid dream soon after.
    6. Birthday Present

      by , 05-03-2015 at 04:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #434 - DILD - 6:24AM

      the orgasm of lucid sex-749d2eacbb61274b77139826b7a50fdf.jpg

      I open a package from the mail and find this beautiful .357 magnum with a case of shells. I awkwardly load a few directly into the back of the gun and realize one shell is actually a large nail. I throw it away and discover it has a magazine clip. I ponder the possibility of actually getting a super awesome pistol in the mail. I'm amusing it's a birthday present, but who from? Maybe, it was sent to the wrong address. I check the package and it has my name and address correctly printed. Do they even send guns in the mail? Oh well, I'm just glad I got it. Hmmm. Things like this never happen. I should nose plug out of good practice. I blow through and don't want to believe. I do it several more times and become really disappointed that I don't get the gun after all, but decide to go ahead and enjoy both lucidity and my handgun.

      I look around and it seems to be some sort of apartment merged with past houses I've lived in. I don't thing about this too much as I point my gun looking for something to shoot. I see A from work and tell her to "Freeze". I pull the trigger, but only get a *click*. Damn, it's not working. Ok maybe I really don't want to shoot a co-worker DC. I point the gun around the apartment trying to shoot but only getting dry clicks.

      Sadly, the dream starts to darken, and I have to recreate a scenario. Shooting zombies is probably ideal. With that thought, a couple lurch at me out of the void. The sound of the gun fire is disappointing, but I blast an unrealistically large hole the size of a frying pan clean through each torso. I, and both zombies, pause to stare at the damage with mild surprise.
    7. Bugs Bunny, Nazi's, and Mr. Miles

      by , 11-16-2014 at 11:17 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Joyce from work is holding me like I am a small child. I am trying to fall asleep but can't because she is talking about eating with another lady. I try to talk and move but I feel so sleepy and lethargic. This reminds me of a dream sign and I think I should nose plug but I don't have the energy to try. I really think this might be a dream but I tell myself to give is some more time.

      I have an FA were I am trying to DJ but nothing is working right and I can't move. I realize I am dreaming and decide to wait a little longer.

      I have another FA in a car. I am with my wife and her mom. I have false memories about camping and fishing. It's a shame we didn't get to fish much after driving all that way. I as my mother-in-law where we went camping. She says Michigan. Thinking of Wurlman I ask were in Michigan. She tells me it was near St. Florentine(not a real place) I an feeling really guilty about having camped in Michigan but totally not going to Wurlman's wedding. I tell her something about my friend living in near there and we should have drove a little farther.

      I watch a movie of WWII paratrooper Bugs Bunny diving out of an airplane. His chute doesn't open and he does an impossible belly flop in the water. The environment is realistic but Bug's is cartoon giving it a Roger Rabbit feel. Bugs then tries to deploy his inflatable raft but that's not working either. He swims off.

      I am standing in an old fashioned store in Nazi Germany. I am working as a spy with several others. Bugs Bunny is talking about calling customer service about his parachute and raft not working. There is a more modern corded phone on the wall but it is unplugged. I try to help him out but I am afraid of getting caught.

      For some reason I am staring off at a wall. A Nazi soldier walk's by and yells at me to get back to work. I drop the phone cord and leave Bugs Bunny to fend for himself. As I wonder around I see there are many unusual items on displays as well as people working on wire harnesses. I tell myself that I used to do that back home and could probably jump back into it to blend in. However, I am not sure why they are building something like this in this time period. Certain items start to look really steampunk and I dismiss it as secret advancement.

      I pay close attention to various tools for sale in hard plastic packages. They all look really alien but I can see how each one has a specific use. The detail is extremely vivid and interesting. Had I become lucid I doubt I would have done anything any different.

      After a minute or two I find a familiar face. Some guy that looks like celebrity that I don't know the name of. He's one of the other spies. He tells me that he's really working for the Nazi's now and is planning to stay. I notice he is wearing modern clothes but I just think he's not in uniform anymore. He's really quit. I look down and have a brown military uniform on but I am holding a t-shirt with a Captain America symbol on it in black and gray colors distressed colors. I am in some conversation with the man as he walks out of the store. Not wanting to look like I am stealing the shirt, I stop at the door and yell some final words at him. When I turn around, I hear a faint alarm.

      I look down at the shirt and see no sensor tag on it but I feel like the alarm is because of me. I look back and see the man come in. I feel like my cover is blown and I begin to hear theatrical pulsing danger music. I tell him that we are in trouble and need to run but he doesn't seem convinced. I say, "Don't you hear the music?" Then is dawns on me that this is related to a lucid dare I was going to try. I know I am dreaming and don't need to nose plug. Unfortunately, the dream crashes right at that moment.


      I am sitting on the couch next to my mom. She tells me my old elementary school teacher, Mr Miles, just passed away and flashes a vivid photo of him. I am said and tell my mom he was my favorite teacher of all time. I cry a little and my wife comforts me. I want to see that picture of him again but my mom can't find it. I take her camera and look through he pictures stored on memory. I ask mom how she knows he died and she tells me that she just talked to his wife. I am confused why she's been talking to her. My mom knows my old teacher's wife? Takes really weird. My vision is blurry and I can't really tell what I am looking for on the camera so I try to look him up online on my laptop. I try to type his name and the town and school he taught in but I can't get anything to work right. All of this reminds me of how when I have a FA and I try to type in my DJ. I think it can't hurt to do a nose plug and I am shocked by the result.

      Lucid now, I stand up and run forward into another room with some random DC's chilling in some chairs. I fly around the room with my arm out like an airplane. The DC's smile at me and seem to accept this as normal. There is a strong feeling of G-forces in my gut as I circle around back to the door.

      I go back into the living room but it is now a totally different house. It's way more spacious that anything I've even been in and every room and has really light brown thick fluffy carpet. The walls are nearly the same color but it has a serene and heavenly feel to it. I rush through at kitchen with a large island and come to some sort of den or family room. My father is relaxed on a cough giving me a knowing look. I fly around this room a few times but I become preoccupied thinking I had a goal in mind. I try for several seconds but it just wont come to me. Not wanting to ruin the dream, I decide to forget about it.

      I come back around to the dad DC and take his hand trying to pull him off the cough. I want him to go adventuring with me but he won't move. For some reason, I notice his hand feels funny. My sense of touch is numbed but his hand feels spongy. I try to ignore it, "Dad, I am having a dream. Get up lets go." He waves me away. "But Dad, it's a lucid dream."

      I fall to the floor now and the dream goes dark. I feel the carpet and try to stabilize myself. The plush is deep and I dig in holding on. My left leg twitches and it feel as if I am on my stomach. I wonder if it's my physical body but I know I am not sleeping on my stomach. Then, I feel as if my feet are being pulled up and I wonder if my Dad DC was an actual entity if he sees me being sucked into a vortex from the dream world into the waking world. I can almost see it in my mind. I hear strange noises and then I wake up.
    8. The Flying Submarine And Other Random Events

      by , 11-08-2014 at 07:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      OK so I'm not counting this but at least I'll celebrate this little lucid moment and enter all my dreams straight from my DJ notes for the night. I'm actually impressed with myself for recalling so many. 10


      Ith (Wow that was such a good dream it left me unable to type.)

      5:40AM (I recall several dreams)

      I am at work and talking to Brandon. For some reason I put hot solder on the wire coming out of the tip of my dick. Brandon puts hot solder on his beard and it wicks up all over so that he has a solid metal beard.

      My wife is in some open office that looks like a mesh of ancient Greece and something more modern. I think shes looking super sexy in her outfit. He has a gray business dress on but with colorful thigh high socks. I admire her as she is debating with some scum bag politicians. One of them looks a lot like Bruce Greenwood. I don't understand the issue but they are trying to bully her with some issue and she stands her ground without losing her cool. I admire her even more for that. After the men leave she tells me that she'll have to talk to my bitch sister about this and the conversation will be hard. I say well at least your not having to deal with my bitch ex-wife.

      Brandon asks me to join his band and play guitar tonight. I am not sure I remember how but I say I will. Then someone starts playing the keyboard and everyone sings a version of "Oklahoma". I don't know the words so I just stand there silent.

      I really have to pee but the bathroom looks very strange. There is a deformed toilet that might cause me to piss everywhere and next to is is a nearly full bucket. I choose the bucket. The sensation is accurate but I am not feeling any relief. A duplicate version of me shows up to my left and tells me not to pee in the bucket. We debate weather or not this is a dream. I finally figure it out but have to jolt myself away to rush to the bathroom.


      We are camping. Some super nerdy guy shows up and screams, "PART ANIMAL!" We make fun of him. I say something about him partying alone. A second nerd shows up. I say, "Ok party of two." A third shows up and I start to say something else up something in the sky catches my eye. I look up and see something like a large submarine bobbing around and floating in the sky. Is this a dream? No that seems legit... No wait that can't happen. I better check. I do a nose plug and it feels obstructed but not quite normal. I do another but more deliberately and I blow clean. I am happy and start thinking about goals but I wake up almost immediately. I don't think to try DEILD.

      8:15AM ( I recall two more)

      We are back at the beach. The city has put a playground right in the sand and I let my son play. I walk up to the water but it looks like some sort of pink scum is growing on top. I notice there are no waves and there are small hills with clumps of grass poking out of the water. I put a foot into the pink stuff and it has a feeling like cooked oatmeal. Gross. I look farther down the coastline and see a more normal beach with some nice waves rolling in. I shout back to my wife, "We need to move farther down to swim."

      I have a kilt with a dress shirt on. As part of some protest, I am supposed to go to Wal-Mart like this and ask for a copy of the US Constitution. I start having second thoughts and realize this is a totally stupid thing to do. I am not going to be seen in a kilt! How does this even make sense? Why am I protesting? I'm not even trying to be political these day! I go to the bed to room to take these clothes off but I have several layers on. I notice my Fudpucker's shirt is the last but it seems wet and suction to my skin. I panic as I struggle to get it off me.

      9:15AM (a few more as I woke for the day)

      I discover and go to the upper management breakroom at work. It has all sorts of baked goods in a glass cabinet. I take a biscuit but also really want one of those super tall cupcakes. As I take the cupcake I notice they actually cost. Oh man!
      Everything is 85 cents so I dig in my pocket for change. I can't seem to add up the cost but I'm sure I have enough to cover it and then some. There is a slot in the side of the cabinet and I hear the coins slide down and hit in a pile. I dropped a nickle and a few pennies. As I pick them up a man asks to borrow 4 cents. I just give him what I have and tell him I was over paying anyway and I just want to get rid of all this change. He takes it and I go to a table in the hallway to be alone. I have a hard time carrying my food and coffee but I manage. Then I get it all like a fat kid enjoying every second. As I start to sip my coffee a man comes into the hallway and start speaking to a group that has now appeared behind me. He says something about out military customers all having one type of mental disorder or another so we need to be really careful how we handle them. Theres something about a schizophrenic that turns into a long conversation.

      This morphs into a new dream. I am doing a podcast with some woman named Deanna over skype. We are talking about some guy that has been in the news for some crime but it wasn't clear if he was guilty. We called him live on the podcast and asked if we could interview him. I noticed he sounds like an old smoker and was very friendly and open. We told him our names and that we were from the Lucid For Life podcast.

      There was something about being on the moon. I recall the gray landscape but the sky was dark and starless. I had to walk from on building to another on the moonbase. There was something about how the dark side has no gravity. I wondered what it would be like to float off into space.
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    9. Startled on the Road

      by , 01-22-2013 at 01:10 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      PreBed: Valerian Root

      Bedtime: 9:30PM

      Try nREM WILD. Close. But I lose it.

      2:30 WBTB - I vaguely recall a dream about a guy at a car lot talking my wife out or working there. Shootings and stabbings. The location was dream familar. I see it from an birds eye view.

      I try to induce WILD with Binaural Beats from my recliner. I found the sound kept me awake and one of the cats kept making noise. As soon as the audio stopped I feel into non lucid sleep.

      The dream is like a TV drama about a boy finding his mom abusing pills. The dad has a break down in front of people at a party. There is an after scene and the mom says shes taking her life in a new direction. Someone tells the son to take his money and fix the window and then use the rest for gas. He continues to tell him the doesn't was this hanging over his head the rest of his life. "Zule" will be with you. (Zule? WTF?)


      I move to my bed.

      I have another crazy dream about some crazy woman in a tree. She almost looks like Ernest P. Worrell in drag. She is quoting from the bible. Her plan is to crash through a window of a church and exercise a demon. As she is reading the Bible she acts seductive and rubs her legs. It was all very comical. She then leaps onto a zip line and almost crashes through the window but she was too heavy and hit low. She gets up off the ground hurt and says something so funny that I wake up laughing. But I couldn't remember what it was she said.


      MILD mantra. Back to sleep.

      #122 Startled on the Road

      I am having a sex dream with my wife when I hear some one yell, "OK TIME TO EAAAAT!"

      I have a type of FA here. My wife runs into the other room and says, "How do they expect us to come like this?"

      I reply, "How do you think I feel?"

      Then realize the bedroom door is open and we are visiting. I see her Aunt D come to the door way and pause. I stretch and yaw like I had just woke up. She walks in and adjusts a strange looking box fan. She asks, "How did you sleep?"

      I say, "I slept fine."

      Suddenly I am driving in my car. I can hear a intermittent wind coming from the left window (I think it was actually either my breathing or my wife snoring LOL) I look at the window but it is up. Then, I wonder what just happened. I look to the right and see my wife is not with me. I yell out for my son, "R, are you back there?" Then I realize he wouldn't answer. I ask for my wife, "A, are you back there?" No reply. I feel odd about this so I do a habitual nose plug.

      I blow right through! (The sensation is always so odd) *GASP* "I am dreaming!" It was such a shock for some reason. I either am too excited or I think about my physical body, because I have a FA but I can feel light vibrations. I wait a moment to be sure of things and then I get up. The feeling of it feel about right for a dream. This time the sheet stick to me. I can see fine in the dim light and note the bedroom door. I try to unwind myself but the sheet keeps coming like a roll of toilet paper. I drop it and ignore it. I start thinking about TOTY and how I was going to teleport. I feel confused about it.

      Then I wake briefly. I start to DEILD and begin to feel the vibrations again. This time I let my mind become distracted by trying to remember how this all started. The vibrations left and I was fully awake now. I tried to get it back but I couldn't

      Wake at 5:23AM

      Position: On my back and slightly turned to the right side
      Lucid Duration: about a minute. Too effen brief.

      Tech: MILD mantra "I am dreaming" after several non lucid awakenings.
      Aids: None
      Things to improve: Staying focused on the dream and on the now. Excitement issues returning.

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    10. Two Short LDs - 7/19/12

      by , 07-30-2012 at 02:35 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      1. I used the nose plug RC out of habit, and realized I was dreaming. I stared at the ground, I was in my old house. I noticed the dream was becoming more vivid and clear when I was examining the carpet. While staring at the ground trying to stabilize, I decided to crawl on the ground. Then I woke up.

      2. Later that morning, I got lucid again! I didnít RC this time, I think I realized I was dreaming as soon as I was in the dream. It was already relatively stable. There were plastic bags on my hands, so I thought, ďIím dreaming. I should be able to rip these bags off!Ē So I tore the bag on my left hand, then my right. I looked at the bag on my left hand, and it had grown. There was a much smaller hole in the left bag than what I made. The bag on the right hand was completely undamaged. I gave up and stared at my hands to stabilize. There were tiny air bubbles all over my palms, as if the gloves were filled with water. I might have tried to get the gloves off again, and then I lost lucidity.
    11. DV IRC turns lucid

      by , 07-13-2012 at 12:50 PM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      I was in DV IRC, I started talking about Katamari. I saw only the text and a sort of screen, nothing else. As my thoughts became more focused on Katamari, the theme song started playing in my head or in the dream itself. I suddenly heard my father and a friend of mine talking downstairs. I was confused, why would my friend be at my house so early in the morning?

      I used the nose plug RC four times to be absolutely certain I was dreaming, my friend's voice sounded so clear and real. Once I was satisfied, my next thought was: I need to stabilize. I remembered that visualizing stabilization doesn't work if I'm dreaming, so I moved my hands and started rubbing them together.

      That friction felt too real. I RCed again, and I was awake. I had rubbed my real hands together.
    12. Lucid Dreaming Discussed in Science Class

      by , 05-22-2012 at 01:19 AM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      Most of the details from the dream are fuzzy now.

      I was in school, and I had the same science class as two of my friends. My female friend tried to seduce me in my room, but she was only doing it to use me. She was very tempting, but I shied away from her offer. Then someone else accused me of having feelings toward a male friend, even though I'm engaged. I wasn't quite sure how to handle that situation; the accusation was true, but I didn't like him enough to consider ending my current relationship. The accusation was a waste of breath.

      I went to my science class, and in the middle of the lecture, the teacher began discussing lucid dreaming. Even his powerpoint slides had LD pictures. I notice how focused the teacher and the projector screen are on lucid dreams, and I am immediately suspicious. I become a little anxious--I think I was concerned that I would miss an opportunity to become lucid--and plug my nose. I can't tell if it had worked or not; I might have been able to breathe through my nose, but my nose didn't feel anything. The previous time, I distinctly felt the air in my nose. I make sure my mouth is closed, and I try the nose plug again, and I feel the air flowing through my nose.

      My alarm goes off. I miss my chance to become lucid.
    13. DILD + 5 DEILDS on one night

      , 04-01-2012 at 06:16 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Saturday 3/31/12 5-HTP at 10:15pm, bed at 11:50pm didn't practice awareness
      DR 3:47
      WBTB 3:47 - 4:21 didn't fall asleep till 5:20 (cat going potty)
      Woke up at 7:15 from DILD + 5 DEILDs Each about 5min long
      For WBTB WILD I visualize being at beer pub with mom, dad, and two others. I recall the tables, people, green leaves on a tree, glasses with beer.
      Then I fall asleep and have a DILD.
      At home on RD10. I'm hugging and kissing my parents. My dad's cheek has a 5o'clock shadow. We are in a hallway, light are on. Then I'm on front balcony looking out (or maybe through my brothers room window). It's at night and everything is shining under moonlight, as if it was covered by ice. (EDIT: I thught for long time what it reminds me of, and I figured it out today - it has colors, beauty and misticism of Hyu's avatar pic.) I trick my mind into making everything more focused by saying 'Look how is everything so detailed', although it wasn't. In that moment it gets very vivid and focused in shades of black, grey and blue, shiny with ice surface. beautiful.
      I'm on my balcony. It's daytime. So crisp and focused, I think it's WL. I do a bunch of RCs. First time I do 'nose plug' RC, although I have never practiced it. I can breathe. But I'm not 100% sure. Doesn't stop me from jumping off the balcony to fly.
      Not sure if this is the same LD or a separate one. - I'm on balcony to a street. I know that in my previous LD was daytime and I wonder, why is it night. I say it and in little while the sun is coming up. I'm trying to go to the moon from the backyard. I find it on the skies and take aim. I think I wake up.
      DEILD 1
      I'm on a sidewalk of a major city. I see tall modern buildings on the left. Bunch of DCs. I ask two of them, one man and then one woman 'Excuse me mam, sir, what is this town, err, city?' I'm so nervous talking, I fumble with words. One of them says Philadelphia.
      A bus pulls up to the sidewalk. I'm so scared as it's turning towards us, because its huge, like 3 buses on top of each other. Menacing, white metal, heavy looking. I walk on a sidewalk among lots of DCs. From the left is an exit from a bus depot? Big machines are coming out of there from behind big black rubber flaps, so you don't see something is coming until you are close to it. I'm scared to walk by, so I don't get run over.
      Note sure if this is the same LD or another one. >> I'm in a building. Me and another person or two plus our guide are hovering on top of some very tall furniture - couple of stories high. He is shoving us this so we can decide, what kind of a tour we want. I see a window, open it, pull away the screen and fly out. I feel so free. Not sure if it was here, but at one point I jumped off a tall building although I was not sure, that I can fly. Just inches from sidewalk my fall changed to a glide above ground.
      ***I wake up, (was I sleeping on my back and right shoulder) and remember not to move. I wait to enter another LD.
      DEILD 2
      I'm on a river bank. Decide to swim across. Water is yellowish. Someone else is in the water. I get out on other side. There is a area fenced off by chain link fence. Some bikers are watching two of them fight, as if in a rink. I decide to try my powers and take the place of one guy to fight the bigger one. The ground is slippery from spilled beer. I think they are pouring beer at each other. I ask where is my beer. One of them brings two big, classical beer glasses filled with what looks like lager. But he takes a drink from them so I say to forget it. I don't know how to fight this guy. >> I'm in a building/shack next to this fight field. I ask a cute biker if he wants to have sx. He says sure and we start to undress. We are almost there, but I wake up.
      DEILD 3
      I'm back with the biker. He doesn't want to go on, because he doesn't want to wake up again. I walk over to a group of 2-3 bikers, one is a cop in blue uniform and tell them I just broke up with my boyfriend, if they want to continue where he left off. Things start to happen, but I wake up again.
      DEILD 4
      I'm flying inside the museum. Lots of rooms and people. I realized a few moments past by and suddenly everything is focused. I realize, this is what people mean about dream getting focused after a minute or two. Looking for a window to get out, but can't find any. I realize, I can get out by getting lucid by looking at something moving towards me. I find a boy sitting on a floor playing with a train. I sit down and we pass the train between us, while I stare at it when it's coming towards me.
      DEILD 5
      I'm hovering over a street with other DCs. I ask out loud to see my grandma. One DC separates from others and flies to me. She is smiling, but her face is changing from a mummy to a girl of maybe 20 years of age. I ask her if it's really her and she assures me yes. But I'm pretty sure it's not.

      ***In one of the LDs I was able to only whisper. Rest of them I was shouting***
      ***In one of the LDs I signed my full name without any problem and then was able to read it***
      ***In most of them, I kept saying to myself loud 'I'm dreaming' to keep myself aware***
      ***First time 'nose plug' RC. Feels great to breathe through pinched nose.***

      Each transition - when woke up from LD - was the most awesome part of the whole thing. I realized, I can get a headrush by looking at something moving towards me and then tilting my head forward or back. (This head tilt is recurring thing from couple weeks ago, when I realized in regular dream, that I can get lucid this way.)
      So I looked at the street hoping for a car to come by - and it did, looking at a toy train when playing with a boy, looking at starfield in hyperspace on TV. When this field was going sideways, I made it change direction so it flies at me. Also was able to recall smell from previous LD to help induce another one.

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