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    1. Nature, buses, revenge (fragments)

      by , 03-29-2017 at 03:16 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I was in my city, then somehow i wandered off into nature, and found myself in a settlement in the middle of nature, on the plains, there was little rivers flowing, abandoned buildings and such, then I found , kind of a tribe with occultists and hippies, there was a river that was secluded with rocks and cardboards flow into a lake.
      These people believed in nature and living in balance i guess? Then at a point i learned of that there were other people like me who wandered off and joined in,

      It was sunset all the time in the dream so the scenery was beautiful .

      Then the dream switched, me and some people were on a way that was cracked to the ground and some buses got stuck, I screamed "you fuck, get going already".Then the bus driver got out and was like wtf , so i asked whats the problem with the bus, then we checked the tires that was wrecked .
      after that the dream switches back

      Later I met with my friend from school , he had a different hair now though.
      I wandered around that settlement a while then I suddenly heard riot, turns out my friend got killed and the people started to fight against eachother for survival, kinda battle royale situation escalated, some people fled into a place with the leader or main person of this cult whom i met later.
      But now i ran around in this chaos, some ppl tried to kill me, they teamed up against me, so i fled from the lake where it all broke out, ran in the water among the old
      buildings, then I stopped ,
      in a building was birds, they started to fly around me , and I felt a natural energy in myself, I started to throat sing, it was kinda similar to kargyraa but alot more epic and deeper. I became one with nature , through the singing i were able to comunicate with the birds, I felt balance with myself, it felt really good, some kind of singularity I guess. I went back to comfront the riot, with an army of birds gathering above me, then I ordered the birds to kill them all, and they did, some 7-10 people died on the river.

      Then I've let go of the birds.
      Later I've met with that woman who I assume leads this tribe or what : She looked like xoxaan from star wars legacy , but with white hair and white clothes, bit similar to an assassin but without hood .
      we were floating above a rock in the middle of the plains and walleys , and some other men in dark clothes floated around us too. We talked and then kissed. Thats when I woke up.

      Updated 03-29-2017 at 03:22 PM by 92016 (forgot a fragment)

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 6/14/16

      , 06-15-2016 at 06:51 AM
      Lived in a high rise, same neighbors. Hair up in a wrap, cool skirt, hanging with neighbor P by her pool on her balcony. We have a view of a canyon and she is talking about a really great restaurant but I can't see it. I feel her hand on my hip. Her husband and kids jump into the pool. My husband are talking about a trip to France. They want to go too. He said he would wear her out. I started to walk home. Across the balcony, in front of other units and then realized I was on the wrong floor. I had to go up one (or was it down, I can't remember). I walk in and Husband is on a recliner watching TV.
    3. Similar

      by , 07-04-2014 at 10:55 PM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      So I had a dream and in there I showed my uncle what I did in my last lucid dream I had, I wasn't aware that I was jumping high in the air, and he didn't care either. I was reinacting what I did in my other lucid dream in my normal dream Still a cool feeling though, jumping, lucid or non-lucid
    4. 5/12/14 multilayered (nsfw)

      by , 05-12-2014 at 03:26 PM
      The first dream I had I woke up at my work before it was bought out by another company. The power was out so we couldn't do anything so I was just in the back room. All of a sudden my family doctor tells me to come with him. I thought that this was weird but followed him into a van where there was two other people and a weird chair. He wanted me to take some weird meds so they could record my dreams. I complied. The first dream in a dream I don't remember that well. It was something weird though. The second started with a girl taking me to the back room of a strip club. Once there we talked and flirted for a bit and eventually had sex. I ended up waking up in the van with the doctor saying something about a wrong dose of meds and that it should have only kept me asleep for about a day and not a week. They where arguing about why it would last longer. I tried to say that I was ok but I soon realized that I couldn't talk or move. As far as they where concerned I was still out so I decided to fall back asleep. When I woke up I was in the strip club again with the same girl snuggling next to me. Another girl walked in and started to talk to me. After a little bit of talking to both of them the first girl asked how my first time was. I mis-perceived the question and gave a future date where we could do it. She got really upset and walked of. The other girl asked me why I said that because she really liked me. My response was that this is all a dream and I though that was a separate dream. She looked like she understood and said even so you should have thought about your answer a little more. She went to go explain to the other girl. After a while they began to come back and I woke up (irl).
    5. Febuary the 10th

      by , 02-10-2014 at 04:38 PM
      using lookes w.i.l.d technique.
      no lucidity.
      I dreamt I was part of a group of young people who used spirits as magic. they were being taught by a group of older spirit users. I don't remember much from this area of the dream. eventually a darkness was released, followed by a group of demon users. the spirit users faught them valiantly throughout the dream, and made their final stand in a theater:
      the demon user leader enters through double doors on the right with his group, and kills whoever is on the stage. he makes a speech about the weakness of the Spirit users. we fight him bravely until I am kicked from the dream by an image of the demons ripping apart the spirits.
      Tags: not lucid, vivid
    6. Mutants

      by , 12-06-2012 at 05:33 AM
      'twas interesting

      I step into my school in a dark green suit
      which would normally as that's my regular wear but I don't own a green suit
      and I come across a figure in a hoodie whose face was to dark under the shadow to see. He was starting to approached me and his eyes glowed orange as he stepped closer, his eyes started to grow brighter and glowing orange claws sprung forth from is hands. He started to dash about 6 ft away from me when a larger figure came out of nowhere and blindsided the poor orange fellow.This man's eye's emanated a neon blue color
      There's more but I feel like this is enough for anyone to get the jist of the dream, this wasn't lucid, but, it was interesting...
    7. My Subconcious

      by , 12-01-2011 at 11:26 PM
      When people talk about having dreams, I fail to relate. By this I mean that they talk about fantastical things happening to them. Things like flying, or the earth being destroyed or something beyond unrealistic. Personally, my dreams are quite nearly the opposite. My dreams are basically memories being replayed or even edited.

      I don't necessarily dream lucidly, no, I can only react in those memories, as I would in real life. Now that might sound rather dull, but I assure you that it's much more exciting than any lucid dream I've ever heard described.

      When I say my dreams are edited I mean that it has fragments of memories folded, mixed, and smashed together to make something amazing.
      For example, one of my favorite dreams to date is the one where me, my girlfriend (Redisreddish), and four others I know are in a skyscraper trying to fight off a horde of zombies.
      Now that may sound crazy unreal, but it was too real. I have this weird thing where I can feel everything that's happening to me in dream. But the reason for this is due to the fact that everything I feel I've felt at some point in my life.
      Other times the dreams are nightmares beyond comprehension. There have been times where I start out in the dream as me laying on a beach holding my girl and having a romantic moment (NOT SEXUAL!!!) and I feel knives entering my entire body.
      People that lucid dream told me to just wake myself up, but you can't wake up from a memory!
      At any rate, that's how I have dreams. If anyone reads this (but that I highly doubt) ask me more about my dreams if it interests you. I would also like to know if anyone else out there shares this kind of dreaming.
      I'm also on facebook as Wes Hemenway.
    8. Night 3

      by , 06-25-2011 at 10:16 AM
      ok, so i had no recalls on night 2- probably due to exam stress. Also, a day late posting this, since i was a bit busy yesterday


      We are travelling by car to a coastal town somewhere in the north of england. There is an unknown woman in the car with us, holding a device that looks like an ipad, but much larger (about the size of an A3 sheet of paper) This isn't working correctly; the screen is glitching out, throwing up random swirls of colour. Upon arrival, we enter a shop, which, although looking fairly large on the outside, is actually my local cornershop on the inside.
      The device then tells us to go to a fictional island; We boarded a ship, but i have no further recollection of the journey, which takes several days. When we arrive, everyone I was travelling with has disappeared, except for the stranger. Her device tells us that we need to go back home. She then turns into a spanish woman; I didn't recognise her, but was friends with her, apparantly. The device has gone.
      The dream then changes, and I'm watching a documentary about dangerous animals. There is a clip of a snake attacking a man, but the snake has many rows of very large teeth, similar to a shark. The attack is quite graphically violent. A series of other animals is shown, becoming increasingly more unlikely, until the narrator is standing next to a cage, feeding the animal inside it. The camera angle changes, and i see that the animal is a cockatrice.


      Ok, so slightly more vivid than night 1. My attempts to MILD failed, as did my WILD attempt upon waking- This, however, was met with marginally more success than usual- I started feeling heavy, as if i was partially into Sleep-Paralysis, and i was getting occasional random images. Nothing approaching a dream, of course, but.. an improvement, surely?
    9. Night 1

      by , 06-22-2011 at 09:53 AM
      Roight, so my first night of attempted dream recall. After attempting to WILD as per KingYoshi's guide, and failing abysmally, i decided to go to sleep. What I remember of this dream (it may even have been multiple seperate dreams) is fractured at best, but here it is.

      I wake up to find everything more or less as normal, wander around for a bit, and went to check on the dog, who was in my father's bedroom (he had already gone to work). I find the dog asleep, and suddenly the phone begins ringing. I ignored it, and looked at the computer screen, which seemed to show a CCTV cam of a beach. I seemed to know it was in my home town, despite the fact that it doesn't look remotely familiar. I walk out the door and find myself on the same beach, with no memory of how i got there.
      I look around. The beach is wide, and curves round sharply, so there is sea in 3 directions around me. about 10 or 15 metres out, there is a very large crane-like structure protruding from the water- it put me in mind of some kind of giant oil-rig. I climbed the ladder, expecting to see someone at the top. When i get up there my mobile phone rings. I answer it, and speak to my father, who asks me what i'm doing up there. He tells me he is at work, and then hangs up.
      I go down the ladder again, and see a group of 3 or 4 killer whales in the distance, one of which comes very close to the shore. Up close, i see it's completely black, and looks more like a cross between a killer and sperm-whale. it then drifts onto the beach, and starts sliding along the ground like a snail. I start walking away from it, and it speeds up.
      Suddenly i find myself in my local cornershop, except that the interior has been rearranged. I buy a bag of shopping, the contents of which i can't recall, and walked out, except when i got out the door, everything in the bag was gone. I walked back in and asked the shopkeeper if she'd seen it, and she said it was still in the bag. I look, and find it still there. When i leave, however, it disappears again.
      I then appear to be in some underground place, which i thought was an aquarium, for no logical reason. A group of us were following the tour guide, who was talking about the revolutionary new A.I system they had in charge of the building now. As we walk, laser beams go across the corridor; these look like very narrow Hardlight Beams, if you've ever played Portal 2 you'll know what i mean by that.
      The tour guide clapped his hands once, and 5 people came out of a side room. These were dressed as the 3 musketeers. They continued down the corridor, dodging the lasers with mission-impossible music (but played on a Bass guitar, by the sound of it) playing in the background.
      ==Dream Ends==

      I did not manage to attain lucidity, but I remember more than I usually would in a dream. I've also come to the conclusion that my mind is, well. A bit weird. Agree?
    10. Underwater Caves

      by , 06-08-2010 at 09:27 PM
      I find myself at some sort of resort with a group of people that I have never seen before.
      I jump off of a tower-like thing into a small pond, which leads into a cave filled with sunlight. Weird. I see a friend floating in front of me with his scuba mask drifting beside him.
      --Later again--
      I'm back with the group. Apparently they're fighting over Gameboy games. I punch the games and wake up.

      That was just freaky.
      Tags: not lucid