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    1. Tuesday, March 5

      by , 03-13-2019 at 07:01 PM
      I am in some kind of bathroom or shower room. There are two larger stalls, I think with a toilet and shower head (just on the wall, a drain for the runoff) in each, that are laid out as inverses of each other. There is some girl in the other one. I think that we have been assigned to these at the same time based on us being opposite gender or something to do with our siblings? I am sitting on the toilet in here and can see her showering through the gaps in the stall walls. Her back is facing me, but the side of a breast could still be revealed in a slight turn of her body. I’m more worried about her seeing me though, as I think there’s a mirror in which she could do so. I move my body a bit to where I can no longer see her. Now, I think this girl is gone and Melissa is here in the stall with me. For a moment we were at a double sink counter, me at the left. It felt like we were on a trip and it felt weird to have the left side. I think we’re now holding each other in the shower water and talking. We touch each other.

      I am with Dad and Makayla on a sprawling beach of bright ochre sand. I get the notion to run and jump into the water and tell them I’m going to do so. I run, but when I get to the water I am met with a powerful current that renders me incapable of getting any farther. I keep trying but cannot surmount the bombardment of the unceasing tail end of these ocean waves. They are quite long, and I notice how hard they churn the water.
    2. Sunday, February 10

      by , 02-17-2019 at 12:40 AM
      Something about Sam and some guy. Sam and this less-than-quality guy are hooking up or dating or otherwise getting together at some level other than friends. I think all of us, and Brittney?, are outside. Sam and the boy go up in the hills. He has blond hair and a typical ‘fuck boy’ style. I think he is also up to no good.

      I am at Beer NV with Melissa, Brooke, and I think one other. It looks almost entirely different though, looking more like a restaurant, with different sections of tables. The energy is more subdued as well, feeling like a lazy afternoon. I have sat at the table in the midst of their playing a game that consists of a coaster sized circle piece with dots in equal increments around its perimeter. The players are supposed to connect the dots by choosing a person in the spot that correlates with the dot. The person or the connection of the dots is based on how many siblings the chosen person has? The connections then become edges along which this circle is cut, creating a new shape. (The object may be to produce a certain new shape?) On my turn, I pick Brooke. They ask ‘you think?’, mostly rhetorically but partially seriously, as they have already tried choosing Brooke but are also running out of possible solutions. Now, everyone here is playing a new (trivia?) game. An employee (Deborah?) is coming around, checking for people using their phones. I am on my phone, but I’m only checking the tap list on Digital Pour. I lock the screen and lay it on the table, seeing no need to worry about it being out if I’m really not cheating. I think about how I didn’t know they do this many games here. I now think I’m ready for another beer, feeling fine to drive, and alternate between the menu on my phone and the physical menu just within reading distance, up on the wall. The hanging chalkboard? is quite large, though the writing is small. It hangs above a rectangular table that is behind the bar counter, which is also fairly large. Two men, one old, sit at this table. Nobody else is going up to the counter, but I think it is still okay to do so. I now have a glass of beer, but I am outside with Dad and Melissa. It looks like the old house’s backyard. Dad starts talking to us. He has a few more sips of a dark beer in the glass in his hand (a nonic pint type) and the indication of more than a few sips past in his eyes and speech. This beer is a contrast to mine, which looks to be blood orange. Dad ends up showing us pictures on his phone, his age betrayed by how he holds it and swipes through pictures. One of the pictures is of Dad standing and smiling with a younger blond lady. The next picture is that same girl and one other, seated on a bench on either side of Dad, their shirts held open, small tits exposed and nipples censored (by some overlay/exposure or addition to the photo). I almost think he’s going to realize he didn’t mean to show us this one, but he leaves it up and starts giggling unabashedly. I’m not sure what to do other than laugh along at the entire situation.
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    3. Shower Imposers

      by , 02-17-2017 at 08:17 AM
      Morning of February 17, 2017. Friday.

      During water induction (my most consistent form of autosymbolism for dream state entry, as water is autosymbolism for sleep and the dynamics of the dream state), I find myself in the shower on the second floor of the King Street boarding house. I get the impression that I am still living in the L-shaped room at the end of the hall (though I have not lived there since the 1980s). A young version of Zsuzsanna (who has never been to America let alone King Street) is in my apartment at the end of the hall. The opaque sliding door of the shower is halfway open. Zsuzsanna walks around in my apartment. Curiously, both the south bathroom wall is missing as well as my apartment’s north wall, so the shower can be viewed directly from that apartment. (Missing walls as well as the ability to see through otherwise solid walls is a fairly common feature in my dreams and has been since early childhood. This is associated with the “mystery girl” of my dreams having lived in a house with missing exterior walls. This turned out to be true regardless of its high unlikelihood; that is, Zsuzsanna lived at one time as a child in an incomplete house with missing exterior walls in an area of New South Wales called Heaven.)

      I realize that I still have clothes on. This is very annoying and I take them off, but they are somehow on again later. I also notice a pair of tennis shoes near the end of the bathtub. These apparently belong to a very old man who comes in to get them and he soon leaves without speaking. While still showering, I begin to get more annoyed at having to remove my clothes more than once (but that does not trigger the realization I am dreaming).

      Somehow, several unfamiliar people end up in the shower with me (though of course there would not be enough room in reality), and I can barely move. This soon changes though, as part of the typical illogical sequencing of the dream state. I eventually notice that part of the east wall (directly beyond the end of the bathtub) is also not present. An older version of Zsuzsanna is making sounds of arousal but I can only see her from just above her knees and downward.

      The north wall (adjacent to the bathtub) also seems to not be present. There seems to be a mostly featureless room, but which may also be part of the same bathroom as there is a drain in the floor.

      Becoming annoyed in a dream at the realization that I am wearing clothes has occurred since childhood (not just with shower dreams or those where I am in bed, though my non-lucid dream self most often does not focus on whether I am dressed or not anyway). There are a number of reasons for this. One, the association with being embarrassed with the idea of “sleeping in my clothes”, which is proof of liminal dream state awareness (as why would my dream self associate with the idea I am sleeping unless I was somehow liminally aware I was in the dream state, even though with liminal dream control I do not even remember what a dream is). Two, this sometimes throws off my association with phasing through walls or flying up and out of a dream (only being aware that it is a dream in the last moments - though as if I subliminally knew the entire time). The idea I am wearing clothes occasionally interferes with my association with being incorporeal, or in some cases, even with a greater corporeal full-body flying ability. There are other reasons depending on the dream type. In the majority of my more vivid flying dreams (not always lucid) I am only in a bed sheet or cloak. Ultimately, it is natural to have dreams of not wearing clothes, as I do not sleep in my clothes. Wearing clothes in a dream is an unusual distortion caused by the lack of awareness of the self in unconsciousness and its actual physical status (unless one is dressed while sleeping, though the weight of a bed sheet probably causes this distortion in most cases).

      Regarding my dream’s cause and meaning, this is simply a typical form of RAS mediation and modulation as the waking alert factor, often activated by way of the preconscious and its personification and the sense of intrusion. As my dream self in non-lucidity is a fictitious entity, any perceived link to my conscious self identity in waking life in some levels of unconsciousness can potentially be viewed as an “intruder” (just as someone half-asleep might perceive an environmental sound, even a noise made by a family member, as liminal evidence of an “intruder”). This is one of those common factors of dreams of which many people cannot grasp at all.

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    4. Detailed Calea Z Dream, Bugs, Aliens, and Cool Powers (Lucid)

      by , 02-21-2015 at 07:29 PM
      12-02-2014 -- First experience with Calea Z. Slept a few hours, woke after 4 or so hours, and took 2 capsules of Calea Z (appx 1 gram). Though I was very tired, could not get back to sleep. Somehow seemed to energize me a bit. Could have been the excitement of the expectation of the dreams I hoped to have. Muttered about my annoyance of not being able to fall asleep, yet still felt unusually content, overall. Perhaps two or three hours later, dozed off for a minute or two, and had the following short dream, very vivid, but not long or interesting. Annoyed to wake up far too quickly from it.

      I am driving on a freeway in Orlando, heading south on a freeway right next to the airport. (Have frequently driven this non-existent freeway in my dreams). Not sure of the car, but possibly the Lexus, since I am in the passenger seat, and Joe L. is driving. He seems to kind of freeze up, and is just sitting there as we are about to run off the road, so I lean over and grab the steering wheel. I can feel the leather under my hand, and can feel the tension of the wheel as I struggle to control it from my seat. I steer us back to the center of the lane, but now find there are several large granite boulders on the road in front of us, ranging in size from a couple of feet to five or six feet tall, and I continue to try to steer the car around them, the whole time marveling at the detail of the textures on the boulders and the difficulty of controlling the car from the passenger seat.

      Suddenly the car is in Buena Park, perhaps on the 91 freeway, driving with Dale. I do not know where he is taking me, and he isn't saying anything, but I soon find we are stopping at a bookstore somewhere in Fullerton that I have been to once or twice before (in my dreams). It is a smaller used bookstore (and getting smaller all the time) but I know the last time I was here I found some 3 Investigators stories I needed, and some kids books. This time as I glance around, I am kind of sad to find nothing new. I already have all of the 3I books, and while I am glad to see several of the old Apple paperback GK novels available for others, they are nothing I needed. I'm rather disappointed to find there is nothing here that I am really interested in.

      Again, woke up a few minutes later, and spent another hour or so laying in bed trying to fall asleep, and annoyed that the last sleep period was so short and uninteresting. Finally managed to fall asleep for probably a half hour or so, and managed to have the following, more lengthy, more interesting dream with some interesting powers and a period of lucidity.

      I am poking around the Hickory house in a dream that seems to tie in to a dream I had about two nights ago, where I found my room had been given away. My 2nd bedroom is still here, but I don't think I am currently sleeping in it. It is rather beat up, and filled with junk and litter. Neither of the doors are shut, and I know mom is not allowing me to shut the kitchen door, which annoys me no end. I am thinking of putting a new lock on it, that only I have a key for, and telling her to just learn to deal with it. Meanwhile, the piles of junk in my room are sort of sliding out the door and onto the kitchen floor where the stove should be, but oddly it is missing. [At first I did not know where this came from, but I realized I am probably telling myself to get all the crap off my bed, so it doesn't shift under me while I am shifting. None of this junk needs to be on the bed.]

      I wander out front, and seem to be sleeping in the back seat of my car, which seems to be a big black thing like an old, huge Caddy or something. I hear a noise and glance up, and a Lynx handicap van has just pulled up. It seems mom has an appointment to go somewhere. I am kind of ticked that she didn't ask if I would give her a ride or anything, so when she shakes me and tries to wake me to say goodbye, I act like I am still sleeping. She rides off in the van. I can't really sleep all that well, because there is all kinds of crap in the car, as well, so I decide it is time to clean it out a bit. I climb out, and look around all the junk that is piled outside the garage. There are several large trash cans, and I figure I will drag one of them next to the car and start filling it up. Problem is, as I reach for it, I see what looks like a black widow spider crawling around the handle, so I back off.

      As I try to step back, my foot gets caught in an old cardboard box, and as I try to shake it off my foot, several more spiders go running off. One of them is about six inches long, and kind of hairy, like a tarantula or something, yet it is also extremely thin, so it is the size of a tarantula, but shaped like a daddy long legs. I shake them all off, and back away to give them time to move to new areas, then try to grab the trash can again, but jerk my hand away as I suddenly feel a burning sensation. I wonder if I have been bit by a spider, but as I pull my hand back, I find there are several small, glowing, green caterpillars on my hand, probably about 3/8" around, and between 1 and 3" long.

      I don't know exactly what they are, but they burn to the touch, and even as I shake some off, and try to pull others off, I find they have gotten into my body, and do so more at every touch. I can see the wounds where they touched me, and if I squeeze around them, a sort of glowing pus that is turning into more of the things the longer they stay in my body is squeezed out. So I am trying to squeeze all the spots and get rid of them, but at every touch, it just causes more infection and burning. Very cool little glowing critters, though. There are a couple of other people standing around, and I am asking them to help me, but explaining it is very important they don't let the things touch their skin. Suddenly I am wearing a pair of thick leather gloves, as I continue to try and get rid of the things, and you can see steam rising from the gloves, and hear the hissing of the heat from the bugs. They seem to be very acidic or something, hence the burning. I squeeze more and more of them out of my skin, and squish them between my gloved fingers, and eventually manage to free myself from all of them.

      About this time, my friend BC has shown up, and is wondering what I am doing, and why I am not ready, as we are getting ready to go out and do something or something. I point out the gloves and explain, and try to get her to look at them (they are still sizzling). So we're talking to several other people standing around, and one of them turns to face me head-on, and I find he looks much like the alien from the diner episode of the Twilight Zone, with the large third eye in the center of his forehead, except it is a very vivid blue, rather than black and white. Suddenly it hits me that I am dreaming, and I start to scream out "Lucid!" but oddly, everybody around me starts a nanosecond later, screaming the same thing. Weird, but neat.

      So I wander back inside with BC and she is on her cell phone with her kids, and it seems we're getting ready for a Halloween party or something, because she is in the middle of dressing up as a cross between a weird blue dwarf and a Smurf. She's not small enough to be a Smurf, and doesn't have the hat, but the color is about the Smurf coloring. She has a two or three inch beard (think Grumpy from Once Upon a Time) which is white, and the paint or powder or whatever on the right side of her face has been rubbing off or something, so I am pointing out she needs to touch it up a bit, and I may be joking with her a little about it, like I was with Jimmy yesterday for his make-up test. She is wearing a loose white tunic (this part sounds more like Smurfette) which gives me a nice glimpse of her assets, and as I am dreaming anyway, I figure we're going to have a little fun in a bit.

      So she is talking on the phone, and suddenly she stumbles on something, and is grumbling about it, and I wonder what she stumbled on, so I wander over to look, and I catch a glimpse of a tennis shoe, before it is pulled back, and hear some other muttering. So I push aside a sort of fabric hanging, and step into what seems very much like a tent, somehow sitting in the kitchen wall. Inside, I find two females wrapped up in each others' arms, nude, but partly covered by a sheet or blanket.
      Spoiler for Detailed Nudity:

      But eventually I move on ... after all, I have my own fun to have with my own friend. Except ... I have no idea what I am supposed to be wearing for a costume, and as I glance at my room, and indeed, around the whole house, I am disgusted. The walls are filthy, the place is a mess, and there is junk everywhere. There is a room just off the entry hall (where there should be a closet, two bathrooms and mom's bedroom) that is just a single large junk room filled with trash, clutter, and broken crap. I just can't take it any more, and stick out both hands like some kind of super hero, and fire something at the wall. I don't know what it is, except it seems like some strange sort of black points of energy in a sort of stream. It acts kind of like a pressure washer, in that you can see the dirt streaming off the walls in waves, except there is no water, and no mess left on the floor. The dirt runs down the walls and just disappears as it reaches the floors.

      Even more interesting is what happens with other stuff. The stream hits a cracked window with a sign hanging crookedly from a single clip, and the glass is clean, the crack is repaired, and suddenly the sign is hanging straight from two clips. Everything touched by the 'spray' of power is cleaned, repaired, polished, and straightened up. It is really interesting when I spray a pair of broken saloon-style doors that are battered, missing strips of wood, dirty, and hanging at drunken angles as the wood reappears, the damage disappears, polish and color flows on it, and the doors snap up to their proper positions. It isn't instantaneous, I have to go back over each area two or three times, with more cleaning and repairing happening each time, but it takes only a minute or two to clean up the entire junk room. I am just about to start on my room when I wake up.

      For such a short period of time, and the problem getting back asleep, I am very impressed with the level of detail of the dream. I doubt I have had a dream that detailed in months. Fairly pleased with the first attempt with Calea Z. Will probably try again tomorrow and see how it goes, though I will probably only use it once or twice a week, to avoid building up some sort of tolerance to the effects.

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    5. Who Wants to Marry a Gay Millionaire?

      by , 06-11-2014 at 07:49 PM
      04-26-2014 -- Odd one, with several parts. It starts with me seeming to remember a dream I once had, that involved walking through the snow in Southern California, and I seem to be telling my sister about it. It was a fairly interesting dream, but not supremely so, and "I recall that it started right ... here." Here being the parking lot of the place my sister is currently working, and I explain how I was here to pick up a package (in the dream) to courier it somewhere, and I spotted all the snow, and started off to walk through it for a bit. [Might have tied into the dream where I ran into the 10th and 11th Doctors in a bar, dressing up like pirates, here.]

      As I continue to tell my sister about the dream, I follow her into her work place (which somewhat resembles the 3M Dental warehouse). There's tight security, but she has no problem getting me in. We are wandering through the office area, me still telling her about the dream. We soon find ourselves standing in front of a strange cross between a vending machine and a weird sort of robotic Santa Claus giving out candy, and for some reason we are trying to empty the thing out, taking all the candy. Most of it we are just putting into a basket that everybody can take it from, but as we get close to finishing it off, I do keep a few bits for myself, including a couple of small bags of M&Ms, and what I think was a white chocolate version of a Willy Wonka Scrunch bar, a thing that has never actually existed. For some reason I am putting them in my pockets, even though I know they will melt there.

      Melody has wandered off to talk to some of her co-workers, and as I was almost finished with my dream, this annoys me. I wait a little bit, but just when I am about to be able to tell her the ending, she wanders off to talk to more people, and I decide I have had enough, and I am just going to leave. I head to the exit, wondering if security is going to give me issues for leaving without her being with me, but they just wave me through. Soon I find myself out in the parking lot, looking for my white car. Problem is, it isn't where I left it, and I am walking back and forth through the parking lot looking for it, until I begin to worry that it might have been stolen. Also there seem to be some toughs approaching me, and I am thinking things are about to get painful.

      Then suddenly the scene changes, and I am in a house where I seem to be sharing a room with either Ron D. or perhaps Chris (Kevin) W. For some reason we are literally sharing the same bedroom, and I find myself preparing to take my old wicker laundry basket out to do a load, but I have to make sure I gather up all my clothes, and none of his. Very strange, especially since the scene just changes again, for no reason.

      I am now sitting in a bar, along the right side of the bar. There are tons of people around, and we seem to be filming an odd sort of cross between a game show and a reality show. There is a very cute English blonde (I think it is the blonde I saw in the latest Star Trek film last night, Alice Eve) who has to decide which of two gay men (both already in a relationship with another guy) she is going to marry. We're all in this bar where she and her friends interact with these two guys to decide which one she will choose. First it seems like the show is being hosted by George Takei, but it may eventually switch to being hosted by Drew Carey.

      I don't really approve of the whole thing, so I am pretty much just sitting quietly, staying out of the way, but Alice is wearing a really mini mini skirt which is riding up further and further to show her stocking tops, and then eventually even her bush, while a large group of somewhat large and unattractive black ladies are standing around berating her and calling her a slut. I am just enjoying the show. Eventually the gay couple who were sitting at my part of the bar have wandered off, and there is nobody on that side any more, so I decide to move to the left side of the bar and take a seat, but as I do so, everybody is telling me I can't, and to go away, so I move back to the right side of the bar, just to find there are a couple about to take my seat there. I explain it is my seat and I need it, and have to tell them about the filming before they will go away. But eventually they do, and I have my seat back, and find myself talking to the boy friend of one of the gay men who Alice has to choose from, and we are both agreeing this is very stupid.
    6. Mysterious Girl covered in Mud

      by , 03-02-2014 at 06:21 PM
      March 2nd, 2014

      8:37am non-lucid

      Had a dream I went to TBS studio (the American TBS station, not Japanese). Also, despite being TBS, the studio seemed to have featured serious dramas rather than comedy. I met all sorts of famous people from shows I don't know. No actual celebrities from real life were in the dream. Went in a limo ride with the producers. Because I was alone with two men (though at one point there was a woman with blonde hair in the limo), I was a little scared of being taken advantage of sexually, but made it out of the limo unharmed. Though, for some reason, when I exited the limo I was naked. I grabbed a beige towel (the same one I have at my apartment in real life) quickly to cover myself.

      Before going to the TBS studio, I was going to try out for something (the Olympics?), but was worried about what to wear on TV. Finally, found a good outfit, but was late and missed my chance to try out. This somehow transitioned into my trip to the TBS studio, I think because a celebrity recognized how fashionably I dressed and invited me to the studio.

      11:13am non-lucid

      Driving somewhere alone. Will meet my husband there. I think I was driving to church, but went to a hotel instead.

      As I packed to leave the hotel, there was a replica of my bed side table with everything on it that is normally there in real life. I think to myself, "I don't remember packing this stuff."

      At some point, there was this girl covered in mud that entered the dream. She would appear behind me in photos. There was more to this story, but beyond the existence of this girl, I don't remember what. This part of the dream was very interesting.
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    7. 2/27/14 non-lucid dreams

      by , 02-27-2014 at 04:54 PM
      February 27th, 2014

      6:45 am non-lucid

      Dream 3

      Traveling, perhaps in Japan, all sorts of weird weather phenomenon. Such as a rainbow that half way through turned into heavy clouds.

      Dream 2

      Visited a Japanese store in the U.S. with my husband, met with a young teen who goes to the same high school my husband went to. He was being bullied, so I invited him to sit with us. We had our tablets out and talked about Graal. Fourth person entered discussion. I was tempted to download it again and explained I'm from the PC generation and don't really like the Android version. Harder to control and some people there are rude. Boy was sitting on opposite side of the table then moved to my side. Got out his portable DVD player or something like it and started playing a music video in which a girl is naked, her breasts clearly exposed. I though it was weird he had no shame in watching it in front of us. He got out a 2nd device and started laying Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (drama version) and I told him I haven't finished that drama yet but have seen that episode. He had four devices total out.

      Earlier in the dream before meeting him but still in the store, I got out my 3DS from my backpack to turn it on sleep mode so that I can meet people in the shop. Screen had notably more scratch-like smudges than before. I wanted to wipe them off but had no felt. Blamed my husband for taking the felt.

      After we all left by train, the boy, who was only in the U.S. for the weekend, took the train going south, while my husband and I took the train going north. We got to the train by going up the stairs. It was so crowded. I got separated from my husband who was in a booth. I went to a crowded seated area and sat in a long single seat with a feet rest facing the window. I thought it was weird, but then I saw a close friend of mine in a different train below from the window in the same kind of seat but not facing the window. I let my husband know I made it on the train, perhaps through a text.

      A little girl from the daycare I work at called out my name from behind. She was sitting in the same kind of seat. Stranger was sitting next to her. I wondered why she was all alone. She looked so excited.

      Dream 1

      Snowy day (?), ordered pizza. Pizza guy was mad, perhaps because we were close to the pizza store (?). But my husband and I thought we were justified.

      Finished writing at 7:06 am.

      9:53 am non-lucid

      Woke up many times from alarm, just didn't want to get up.

      Had a dream that I went to see a live show. I think the scenario repeated itself twice. Went to balcony floor. Performer complained, but more people started coming up anyways.

      Classmate was in the dream. Was given a prize trip to Connecticut and rolled his eyes. As the next prize fell I grabbed for it. I think the prize was cleaning supplies. I gave it to the person next to me. When I went to grab for it, it was going in that person's direction and I kind of leaned over to grab it. Though, my classmate, even though he doesn't know what the prize is, looked like he wanted to trade.

      Performer asked Andy from The Office what he thought of the show, and he gave a good response and dropped my name in appreciation for reasons I don't remember. He used my internet alias, lumiina. Attention was on me. I tried to make a nice comment, but didn't appear sincere. I didn't really like the performer and thought he was a jerk.
    8. Humanoid Hypnopompic Hallucination and Sudden Dream Recall

      by , 02-24-2014 at 06:19 PM
      Time unknown hypnopompic hallucination

      I wake up to see a humanoid figure kneeling down at my cat, Miitan's level staring at her. My cat is stretched out laying on my husband's legs, not looking at the figure (if she was... that'd be very creepy). The figure is translucent and I can only really see the outline. It seems male to me. So different from my usual hallucinations, which are full of color and depth. I also rarely hallucinate humanoid figures and more often just spiders.

      Dream recall at 10:30 am non-lucid

      Lingering feeling about a farm after waking up. I felt like I wasn't going to remember any dreams from that night. I wasn't focused on dreaming that night and just wanted to rest. I laid in bed for a while, soaking up the comfort of my nice pillow and blankets, and then suddenly remembered my dream.

      I went to my best friend's house, which in my dream world is a farm. I've dreamt it this way before. As always, we start off having a good time, but then we go to the mall with her friends, which like in previous dreams, leads me to going off on my own instead of sticking with the group.

      In the dream I feel really self conscious about my looks, everything from the clothes that I'm wearing (which are really layered in the dream) to my hairstyle to my face, which leads me to feeling too embarrassed to hang out with her friends.

      We stick around at the entertainment store, in which I point out some Japanese media. At one point I see a よつばと! box set, thinking how can this be, the creator of the manga doesn't want it to be an anime, but when I pick it up, I realize it's only a box set of the manga.

      The next place I go with them is a pet store, which is more of an adoption center. I feel I really want to adopt a dog, but the prices range around $8000. I figure it'd be better to go to a breeder or adopt from a shelter. One of the dogs is strangely the face of a human woman with dark, medium-length crimpy hair and dark skin. One person pets her, but I find it odd. When I went up to her, she insults the way I look.

      There's something about a play my friend's friends are going to perform later and we prepare for it, but I don't remember much.

      I stay behind as they all head to a different store. I explore the mall. At one point, I reach a museum like area that I've been to with my friend in a previous dream but go to alone in this dream. I'm in line with people from another school and somehow when looking at myself in a mirror, taking off layers, trying to adjust my hair, end up exposing one of my breasts accidentally. I check to see if anyone noticed, and one boy who has dark skin and an afro did notice, but gives an expression that let's me know it's not a big deal and accidents happen.

      Somehow I end up hanging out with that boy and his friends. They ask me to participate in their play, but I just can't accept, because I'd feel guilty not participating in my friend's but participating in theirs.

      Somehow I make it back to my friend's house and feel guilty for not spending time with her, but hoping she understands. I'd rather just spend time with her one-on-one. She understands. I think about how am I going to get home without a GPS and figure I'll just ask her which way to the highway later.

      At some point this girl, who's friends with us in the dream but I don't know in real life, comes through the window to hang out. She's Asian.

      I think I see my friend's dad in the dream whom in real life I've never met before, but I don't remember.

      Finished recording the dream at 10:50 am.
    9. === Don't Mix Friends And Business ===

      by , 01-31-2014 at 06:58 PM
      === Don't Mix Friends And Business ===
      I was in this store, like a rite-aid, and my friend was working the counter. It was my turn. She said something to me about something. I pulled out my money and put it down on the counter. She said something to me about how I could really being spreading illness with all that unnecessary laying out of things, implying I should just plunk down something exact and not do inventory on her countertop. I don't recall the exchange in detail anymore, but I end up getting upset and raising my voice, going into some diatribe.

      === An Old Console ===
      I'm using this video game console, something old, puts me to mind of the old mac my aunt Ruthie's and uncle Dennis gave me. There are games, and it had multiple open windows with icons in a taskbar. This is a recurrent theme for me, or something old I'm returning to, like getting back to an outstanding plan.

      === A Hard (To Manage) Workout ===
      I'm at the gym with this boy, he puts me to mind entirely of my cousin Daniel. The first exercise we're doing is with a barbell, doing overhead shoulder presses. He asks me how much weight I'm doing and I try to read the bar's weight but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. I'm not sure it each weight has it's own value on it, or if the highest number gives you the total. It seems like there's around 140 or 160 on the bar, and he comments that that's not bad at all. I give it a try and it's too much for me, so I go to take some weight off. It's a little tricky dealing with the weights, I'm not used to these kind. They're like, thinner than I'm used to, and weirdly shaped with like, flat plates between them. I end up taking off way too much weight and being left with like, 6 pounds. So I'm still dickin' around with these weights and my partner says he's going to move on the something else, and I was like yeah yeah, of course, obviously no need to hold you back. As he's going away he hands me this like, stack of papers, for me to take them home. The papers are some publication from around there, like the squelch at berkeley or something, and it seems I was originally planning on taking them all for some reason, but instead decide I'm going to take just one. Well as I'm trying to pull out that one from underneath the bundle ties, this guy sees me and is all like hey buddy! what are you doing with all those papers. He assumes I'm just taking them all, which to be fair had been the original idea. I tell him hey look, I'm just taking one. This conversation seems to be in Spanish. He gets someone else involved it seems and I walk away leaving the rest of the pile and reassure him that the rest are all still there. As I'm walking away I see a naked dude standing by a locker toweling off by what seems to be the shower. Off course it catches my eye.
    10. Dream Bits: Car Thefts, Walking Through Walls, Paranoid Realities and The Custody Suit

      by , 11-16-2013 at 08:34 AM
      11-01-2013 -- Dale is just starting to arrive for a vacation ... or perhaps he is just about to leave. It's a dream ... who knows for sure. I am looking into a hotel room somewhere down around Disney, and it turns out to be the hotel from the dream The Affair and the Time Travelers Hotel, though this time it does not involve any time travel. I am looking for a cheap room, though I have no idea how I ever might pay for it. Regardless, when they quote a price that is far too high, I start considering maybe driving over to the Record Parkside Inn (a hotel in Kissimmee that I stayed at for a few days back in June or July) and trying to get a room there.

      Somehow I am rolling around in the hotel lobby in an odd cross between a wheelchair and a rocking chair that I just found sitting in the lobby, though it is slightly messed up, and it can only go backward, not forward, which means I am rolling the thing around without being able to see very well just where I am going. I move out into the parking lot, looking for my car. I can't remember if I was driving the Jimmy (my car) or the Lexus (Joe L's car), but whichever one I was in, neither one is anywhere in the parking lot, which means I have had another freaking car stolen! [Never in real life, but all the time in my dreams.]

      The problem is, I couldn't lock the doors, but I had my notebook computer and a musical keyboard in the front seat, and even worse than losing the car (since they always seem to be returned eventually, always in a little worse shape than when they were stolen) is losing my computer. I go back into the lobby long enough to try and drop off the wheel/rocking chair, but the problem is as I try to get out of it, the thing falls to pieces. One of the maids is kind of grumbling about it, but waves me off.

      I head back out to the parking lot to look around a little more and make sure somebody didn't just move it to the side or something, and as I am looking around, I am approached by a very tall blonde woman (at least 6'6", maybe closer to 7') who greets me by name and seems to know me, though I don't recognize her, and she seems to be somebody I would remember. She says I helped her by giving her a tour a couple of years ago or something. (Since the hotel was in a time travel dream, who knows, maybe it is a couple of years from now.) Anyway, she asks me how I am doing, and I start ranting and raving about how people are always stealing my car.


      11-01-2013 -- I am in the front bathroom in the Hickory house, and am filling the sink with water. I add some soap, then start throwing some clothes in, and it seems I am trying to use the sink for clothes washing or something, but it is too small, and it is just about to overflow. So I start grabbing wet clothes from the sink, and start throwing them into the tub (which is also filled) instead. Problem is, the water is still running, and the sink is about to overflow, and I can't get it to drain, either. Especially since the drain seems to be blocked by bits of lego and stuff. Then I discover I wasn't paying enough attention, and along with clothes I was also throwing in stuff like video tapes and books and comics and stuff, none of which is likely to be improved by being dipped in hot, soapy water. I am trying to get the stuff out, hopefully without ruining it all!

      Soon I find myself standing outside the house (which almost instantly turns into a hotel) talking with my mom. She plans to enter the hotel, but we're a good distance away from the door, so I am commenting on how she is going to have to walk a good ways. She says that she and the others have learned to cheat, and as I stand there and try to figure out just what she means, she turns around and just walks right through the wall as if it wasn't there. I am already shocked, but then my mind is fully blown as a group of five or six women, probably ranging between thirty and fifty, walk up. They are all gorgeous, excellent bodies, large breast, completely nude ... and they must be the 'others' my mom was referring to, because they walk right through the wall without a hesitation. I decide on the instant that if they can all cheat, so can I. I turn and try to walk through the wall. I can kind of do it, but obviously I have not practiced, as I get stuck halfway through, and have to kind of push myself the rest of the way. Then I go off looking for the lovely women. Short, but fun.


      11-02-2013 -- [This may have been anything between 1 and 3 dreams that I kept fading in and out of when I wasn't sleeping well. Very disjointed, and not very detailed.] Very Buffy-ish feeling, though I cannot specifically recall any characters from the show, just the sort of atmosphere. I am in a bedroom somewhere, and I feel like I am being watched. I turn my head, and it is like I can almost see something out of the corner of my eye, but when I look directly at it, all I see is a small squiggle on the wall. I reach out to touch it, and something just feels wrong, but if I close my eyes and touch the spot, there is something large there. I give it a solid tug, and something large and black (and previously invisible) somehow thuds to the ground. It seems to be a weird sort of camera, and between the not being able to see it, and the odd feeling to the whole dream, it is seeming very other worldly, very "They Live". I find myself awaking (or possibly false awaking) and breathing heavily, not sure if I am really waking up, or being somehow forced back into not being able to see the controlling stuff that is really there. VERY freaky.


      11-02-2013 -- I am at the Disneyland Hotel in the bar that used to be Sargeant Preston's, but is now just a generic bar, and mom and BC are here with me. We are involved in a court case (which seems to be being judged here in the bar) and Anne is trying to take C away from B. Mom is helping us with the case, and so we offer to buy her a drink, but she turns it down. She may want to keep a clear head, which would, admittedly, make a lot of sense. B has mentioned how Anne has multiple personality disorder [wouldn't that explain a lot?!?], and we are trying to trigger a switch to her very psychotic personality, because if the court saw that, there is no chance that they would ever award Anne custody.

      Eventually we win the case, but even after it is all over with, mom won't allow us to buy her a drink. Meanwhile, we run into a reporter who is doing a report on the whole case, and is quoting a Bible verse about Paul, and saying it is called the second amendment. I tell him the Bible doesn't have amendments, and then proceed to explain how he is also taking the verse out of context and twisting its meaning, and he eventually stomps off in a huff.

      Soon B takes C home, and I start wandering around the hotel, circling the main building. For some reason my pants are falling down, and I have my underwear on top of my pants instead of underneath, so it is really a problem. I am kind of hiding behind a large electrical transformer and trying to pull my pants up before I start grabbing bits of metal and wire and electrical parts, and for some reason start swallowing them. I find myself in a cross between a laundry room and a sort of mobile home park decked out with lots of picnic tables, and I soon find myself trying to bring back up all the crud that I swallowed without either becoming terribly sick or tearing up my innards, and find myself wondering why I was stupid enough to start swallowing all the stuff, anyway.
    11. School, Dale, and the Political Convention (minor lucid)

      by , 08-29-2013 at 08:01 PM
      08-29-2013 -- [Short dream with not too much to it, that turned out to be quite detailed and long.] Something about cats, other animals, and possibly digging holes in the back yard at the Hickory house. Something else about BC being around. Then I find myself in a classroom setting. It feels very like a high school class, though the teacher is Julie Davey. No idea what the subject is. I've just finished a test of some sort, and it seemed somewhat quick and simple. I seem to be spending the time afterward brainstorming some fiction writing or something, perhaps a Victor story, when Julie comes by for my test, surprised I am done so quickly.

      I explain I think I did quite well, and she agrees, knowing how I always seem to test pretty well, and I start rummaging through my things until I come across the newspaper clipping we were supposed to be reviewing after the test. Glancing at the picture, wondering what it is about, I see almost a full-size model of a rocket, made out of huge balloons, and am thinking how I've made a similar ship out of a 160 and a bee body many times.

      Julie looks at the clock, and it is just a couple of minutes before 5:30, so she tells us to start gathering our things, and get back to a more usual seating arrangement than the random groupings we'd been in. I end up sitting next to a cute blonde, waiting for the last couple of minutes to end, and we somehow seem to be talking about how about half the class had left at 1:30. Perhaps it was an optional class or something.

      Class is soon over, and I find myself approaching Dale's house. I almost seem to be floating over the Nabisco plant to reach his driveway. (Considering later in the dream I am lucid and do some flying, perhaps I was flying here, as well.) I am driving a car, but as I approach their driveway, I remember something about them repaving it, and I walk up carrying my motorcycle, trying to get it on the strip of grass next to the paved driveway, where all their cars are parked, right now. (In real life, that strip of grass is at most a foot and a half wide.)

      I find myself passing three animals that seem to look a lot like wolves, and I am a little worried, but not much. Then they shift and sit up, then start to hop off, and I realize they aren't wolves, but kangaroos, and wonder what the heck they are doing in Buena Park? Somehow I seem to be soaked, so I am taking off my pants and shirt and dropping them on the cycle, and wrapping myself in a big gray towel. About that time, Kevin wanders out of the house, says a couple of sentences of what seems to be gibberish, and then climbs in a car and drives off, which worries me. (He's not allowed to drive.)

      I open the door to the house and walk in, only thinking about what I might walk into to barging into somebody else's house without knocking after I get inside, so I kind of bashfully knock on the wall. Fred and Betty are in the living room, and they don't seem to have minded my walking right in. I spot odd movement on the floor, and find myself looking at an odd white and pink puppy that seems to be a cross between a bijon and a poodle, though the coloring looks like some of the white and pink snakes I saw pictures of on the internet a few months ago. Soon I see two more wiggling out from under the blank. I ask Betty "You got new dogs?", kind of surprised. She tells me they don't know if they will keep them.

      I have brought a cheap pizza with me, and open the refrigerator to put it in there, and see they have maybe 3/4 of a huge 26 inch party pizza from Ciro's sitting in there, pepperoni and sausage. Wish I'd known ... I wouldn't have bothered with the lousy one I got. I'm thinking I have to see if I can snag a couple of slices. Meanwhile, I am trying to find Dale, so I walk a few feet down the corridor to his room, but when I glance inside, he has a couple of girls in there, with him. [Not doing anything wrong ... this isn't that kind of dream.] I'm thinking about razzing him about it, until I realize I am still walking around wrapped in a towel, and decide I had better get some clothes on. It seems today is a big ball game of some sort, and they have a lot of people over to see it.

      I walk outside, wanting to get my clothes, but somehow the area has changed a little, and I have to climb a fence (like we were going to visit Bertha) to get back to where my motorcycle is parked, I finally find it, and grab my blue shirt and start putting it on, just to discover I am putting it on over the top of another one. Somehow a shirt and pants just appeared on my body, and I realize I am dreaming. I try to hop the fence back to Dale's, but somehow I seem to be being pulled in the opposite direction. So I leap up and try to fly, and manage the flying, but am getting sucked at high speed toward what was the Nabisco plant. I go crashing through a wall, and find myself standing in a room surrounded by people.

      It seems I have somehow been kind of summoned, as I am now surrounded by lots of people, and they have called me to be a candidate, as they try to figure who they want as their candidate for president. There are a bunch of other candidates as well, and they are talking to people, making speeches, and all of them are holding on to their wives. Every one. I look around and see an attractive blonde (she kind of looks like Reese Witherspoon) watching everything, and I grab her and pull her to me, just kind of joking around. She turns to tell me off, and our eyes meet, and wow! It's like we suddenly know everything about each other. Her head kind of tilts to the side as she studies me, and a small grin starts to form on her face before I lean in and give her a gentle kiss, then wrap my arm around her shoulder. We're now a couple, and very happy to have found each other.

      But she is working here, and has things to do, so I have to let her go for a time. The others and I are writing speeches and songs or something, and I am singing a little ditty I've been working on. It's not fabulous, but it's not too bad, either. But one of the others makes a really nasty comment about it. I turn to him, ready to rip into his song, but I don't really want to run that kind of a campaign, so I have to settle for simply telling him his needs some work, too. Besides, I don't really have all that much interest in singing some kind of political song. Instead, I decide I want to sing to my new love, and am trying to remember the words to a song I wrote about 18 years ago called Love with Me. In waking life I can remember it fine, but in the dream, it was a struggle. Meanwhile, I have no voice, so I am not going to be able to sing well, but I hope the words (and the fact that I wrote it) will still have meaning to her.

      Dale is here, as well, and we are wandering around the convention, and for some reason I am carrying a fire hose with me, though it isn't spraying. We're just approaching a stadium, and preparing to look for seats, and I am wondering just how much length this hose has, as I've dragged it a pretty far distance by this time. My new girlfriend shows up, and I drape my arm around her shoulder, lean my head against her, and just relax in the wonderful feeling of having her there next to me.
    12. A Balloon Dress for Lady Liberty and Getting Hot for Teacher

      by , 07-21-2013 at 03:00 AM
      07-20-2013 -- I'm on a college campus, taking a class. The instructor is assigning classwork and homework, and we're working on it. The overall class seems to be some sort of art class, but it spans a wide variety of artistic forms. The biggest thing is that, at the end of the semester, we are going to New York, where we will be making a red, white and blue balloon dress for the Statue of Liberty for some sort of patriotic celebration. I think during the course of the dream I attend three classes, but all three sort of flow together.

      During the first class, several students show up for the class who just don't seem to be very into it, not paying much attention, showing little interest, and leaving early. The classwork is some very interesting reading and questions, and I am really into it and find that I am able to do an excellent job with them, and earn compliments for them. Unfortunately, before the class is over, I am called away to home for a few minutes to do something for my mom. Thankfully it doesn't take long, and I am soon back for the rest of the class. As it ends, I am trying to find all my papers and assignments, and hoping I don't get called away again, as it seems sort of unprofessional.

      During the next class, some of the students are talking about others that were here for the previous class, but aren't here today, and they are the same ones who didn't really seem to be into things. One student is telling of one of them who supposedly left because he had to tutor another student in another subject, but the person telling the story insists the supposed tutor doesn't know the subject well enough to tutor a first grader and teach them anything. There is also some discussion about a somewhat cute brunette, probably about 16 or 17, that was here the last time, but isn't here now, but then she shows up with the gray haired professor (who looks kind of like a non-cartoon version of Lisa Simpson's band teacher), arguing almost violently with him about her being late, and her not having the assigned homework done. She seems to be demanding to know why he can't cut her some slack, and he finally loses it and almost screams at her "Because I'm the ogre ... erm ... teacher, that's why!" Then he tells her that she is well on her way to becoming an ogre, and we all start to chuckle. Then he puts her in charge of the whole class while he goes and runs some short errands, and we're suddenly no longer laughing!

      The first part of the class is taking place in an almost bowl-shaped seating area just outside of the building the class officially takes place in, and we start by turning in the homework, which is one of those sort of adult coloring sheets, perhaps 11x17 or 12x18, with a black-lined image that one is supposed to color using fine markers or colored pencils. It is a picture of perhaps five generic super heroes in poses outside a building. Our assignment was to color it in, developing the heroes or the building or the scene ... whatever we were interested in. I concentrated on the heroes, designing their costumes and hinting at their powers, as many did, but some worked on the scene or the building. One didn't seem to have much time, and just took two colors and did what he wanted throughout with those colors, and left the rest in black and white.

      The professor is handing out the classwork, and it doesn't seem to be nearly as in-depth or involved as the last time, but instead seems to be mostly ads for Universal Studios. Joking, I raise my hand and ask if this is a hint about our next field trip. He says actually they are trying to arrange a visit, but for now we are to compare and contrast the different ads and decide which ones work better, and why. Soon we move into the lecture hall and continue the class.

      The teacher seems kind of disappointed with us as a class, because out of the entire class, only me and one other voted to do some extra prep work for this New York visit, and he worries we aren't taking the honor of being the ones tasked with making this massive balloon dress seriously enough.

      One of the students in the class is another professor who is taking the course. She is a fairly attractive red head, perhaps about thirty five, with a reasonably nice figure. She is wearing a sort of orangish dress that comes down to just below her knees, kind of muted and professional, but she is doing some minor dance steps that hike it up two or three inches above the knee, before saying oops, she shouldn't show her legs like that or "..." (a student whose name I can't remember) will overheat himself. I don't quite follow the transition, but within minutes, this red headed professor is on her belly on the ground, showing off one of her favorite exercises, which somehow has her undulating like an earthworm. The thing about this is that it has her dress riding up her body and pooling around her waist, showing every inch of her luscious stocking-clad legs. Worse, something about the movements also causes her panties to not hold, and they go falling down her legs, flashing the entire class. Pleasantly shocked, one of the male students turns to glance at me and says "Did I just see ..." "Yes ... yes you did," I reply, while the ladies in the class are horrified, and all the men are trying to find a better viewing position.

      Thankfully (or not), we're just about done for the day, so we start gathering up our things as the professor/student straightens out her clothes. She leaves, and goes to her office to gather the rest of her things, done with all classes for the day, and a few of us run into her again, near the parking lot. She still is going on about how much she loves that exercise, and ends up lying in the grass demonstrating it again to the great pleasure of some of us. This time the girls act, however, and are trying to pull her panties back up as she undulates. I'm just grinning as this already reasonably attractive professor becomes more and more so. For the first time in quite a while, I find I'm growing hot for teacher!

      Soon the third class rolls around, and we are all back together again, though I am struggling to find my papers and supplies, which for some reason seem to be scattered all over the classroom. I find myself having to go through several stacks of other people's works to find the scattered remains of my own. But I don't really care, as very shortly the red head is doing her exercises again. Somebody comments on her form or something, and she shifts to look at them in such a way that has her plainly visible twat undulating inches from my face, and I can't help but think she has to know what she is showing, and to be doing so like this, she must be desperate for some attention. I might just have to give her some. Meanwhile, the young brunette student is getting tired of this, and seems to decide that she wants some attention, too. She suddenly starts talking about how she likes doing handstands ... while wearing a loose top that gathers around her neck, showing off her small (but still growing) breasts. Unfortunately, she doesn't have anything interesting enough to distract from the red head's salient point. You know, it is really too bad that I awoke at that point!


      Earlier in the night had a long, involved dream, but of the kind that you can't remember many of the details. I know it involved a lot of super heroes or vampires or that sort of 'ultra-human' beings running around, but soon it kind of switched to less ... talented people, but just tough guys and gals. Not quite wrestler sorts, but tough fighters. One guy tries to grab me by the neck and flip me over his shoulder, but I see him coming and grab him at the same time, so we both flip each other, but as we lay on the ground, I am the one that recovers first, which kind of tells them to be a little wary of messing with me. After a while, when they are trying to determine a sort of ranking, they pair me with a kind of short guy. Not a midget, but like five feet tall or so. Very broad and muscular, though. We grapple for a few moments, and I throw him to the ground on his back kind of gently, so there is less chance of hurting him, but again showing I am not somebody to mess with. Two other small bits involve me somehow coming in with what I, and everybody else in the dream would swear is a jaguar kit, but it truly is as small as a kitten. Also, a lady who was a bit of a tough fighter, earlier in the dream, is now back, but cares nothing for fighting, but is only worried about finding her dogs, before they get lost or hurt. Strange stuff.
    13. Mystery Shopping, Security, and a Medieval Fantasy

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:16 AM
      07-17-2013 [Long, detailed, and fun. Sometimes I love my dreams.] I seem to be doing some sort of mystery shop at Circle K, and it seems to involve buying a slurpee which is poured into a cone-shaped cup. The problem is, the slurpee almost immediately freezes solid, making it impossible to drink, while at the same time it somehow slips out of the bottom of the cup, leaving the customer to only get a sip or two before it is gone. I go to get a refill, but they jump all over me, telling me that isn't allowed, which annoys me, as I want more of the green apple slurpee. Instead they throw me out, and I am thinking they're going to get a very bad report this time.

      I stalk back to my car, past some guys on a football field, and as I reach it, I find that I have been working security with Pedus again, and for some reason was using one of the furry bomber jackets as a sort of a car bra, but large parts of it have been ripped off. I find one of the nearest football players with a couple of pieces of it, and he grins kind of sheepishly and gives those pieces back to me, but one of the other players has more pieces, and he refuses to give them back. I notice he is wearing a Boone High School jersey, and figure I'll try to report him to the school to see if they can do anything about it, but then I glance at some of the other jerseys, and at least four teams are represented here.

      I ask who's playing, and one of the ruder players explains that the season is over, nobody is playing, they are just celebrating the end of the season ... and I'd better get out of there if I know what's good for me. I back off and start moving toward my car, but then all the cheerleaders start pulling off their uniforms, and underneath they all have body paint in team colors that do nothing to really hide their jutting nipples and neatly trimmed pussies. I enjoy a nice look as I slowly climb into my car and start to drive away.

      I seem to be driving somewhere further south on a mystery shopping trip, down around West Palm Beach or maybe Lauderdale. I'm trying to figure the best route to get home, or maybe to my next shop, just driving along making turns, but things start to slowly change. The busy highway is turning more and more to a wooded path. The car is turning more to a horse, and then to me walking along the path, as things start to greatly resemble a generic fantasy novel.

      Soon I find myself facing a Confucius-like Oriental wise man who is telling me to guide my thoughts, and to go backward to go forward, so I turn around and head back down the path I'd been on, looking for others involved in my quest that I might be able to help. I come across a guy who is working to fill a very tiny chest with 'valuable silver' (actually just quarters and fifty-cent pieces) and I am really not impressed with the treasure. The tiny chest is maybe 4" x 8" X 1" and I was expecting it to be more like 6" deep, and filled with gold, rather than fake silver. With such a small chest and such limited content I am thinking the 'treasure' is rather worthless, but they assure me it is still enough for the bad guys to kill us over, and send me on my way.

      Soon, while walking through the woods, I come across a sexy young Oriental fighter who is on my team, and turns out to be the daughter of the wise man, though she isn't sure she believes he is all that wise. As I am talking to both of them, my very nice, very sturdy hiking boots kind of dissolve off of my feet, and I find myself standing next to a very beat up pair of leather sandals that most closely resemble a pair of flip flops. They seem to expect me to be upset about this, but I try to tell myself there might be a reason for this, and just slide on my new (to me) sandals. My acceptance seems to impress them.

      There is some sort of very handsome but powerful beast that suddenly turns violent, but thankfully it mostly seems to ignore me, and attack the bad guys. Soon I am 'told' to concentrate strongly on a number, something like 4,600 or 46,000, in my mind, and it turns out we are passing someone or something that can read minds, but if I only seem to be thinking about the 'inventory' we are carrying in our merchant disguise, they won't have reason to press any deeper in my mind.

      I am carrying only a very small box, and am acting sort of weak and unimpressive, but they tell me to act strong, but like dumb muscle. So I approach somebody struggling with a larger box and swap with him, then a yet larger crate, and a few moments later, I take over the lifting and pulling of a fairly large cart loaded down with huge logs, really showing my strength as I pull it up the hill to the city we're infiltrating. It has a sort of Pirates of the Caribbean vibe to it, with lots of wild folks running around the place, carousing.

      Though it is not Pirates, there is a slight hint of 'jumping' the cart/boat into a slightly different 'flume' that takes me closer to where I want to go, but that sense soon vanishes. I drop off my huge load, and am paid a $5 bill, and trying to play my part, I try to act proud and excited to have 'so much' money, ready to defend myself against others who might want to steal my pittance, while laughing inside about the whole farce and just carrying on.

      Now we are carrying much smaller, more valuable cargo to show to the big wigs. I think I am carrying a small but valuable snack cake, something like caviar or truffles, but a decadent dessert. The person next to me has something like compressed apples or something, really good stuff, but the big wigs are ignoring us and acting like we and our products are nothing, and nobody is buying anything. This is really annoying the guy next to me, and he suddenly throws one of his compressed apples into the water, where it causes a huge blast and shows just how good an explosive it is. He's thinking that'll teach them not to ignore us, but I just think it'll make them mad. I'm right, and soon we're all being chased again!
    14. The Torrent

      by , 06-16-2013 at 10:03 PM
      This was the third of five lucid dreams from last night/this morning.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #108: The Torrent

      I'm watching one of the Star Wars films with some friends. We're sitting on the floor of some strange classroom and even though I hate to miss any of the movie, I have to pee so badly that I can't wait. I get up and enter some public restroom, approach the urinal, and start going.

      While I'm doing this, some guy comes in to use one of the stalls. The bathroom has this horrible design where there's a mirror on the wall which is angled so that I can see straight into the stall. The guy sits down on the toilet and commences his business without bothering to close the door. It's an awful sight. "Shut the door!" I wail. He obediently slams the door shut.

      Meanwhile, I keep peeing and peeing. The guy in the stall finally finishes his business, washes his hands, and leaves... yet I'm still going. Something's not right about this,
      and I realize that this is a dream. I still need to pee just as badly as when I first arrived, and there seems to be no stopping things. I'm vaguely worried that I'm wetting the bed but I figure that whatever is happening to my waking body, the die has been cast. Time to get out and enjoy this LD.

      I step away from the urinal, still peeing all over the place, and exit the restroom. I emerge in a huge store that looks like a Walmart. I survey my surroundings, and every time I look in a direction, I start peeing all over the floor that's in my field of view. Most of the DCs in the store ignore this, but a few run away. Fortunately, after a few seconds, the urine seems to just disappear.

      There's a huge mirror covering one wall next to a crudely-constructed wooden stage. I check how I look -- exactly like myself, except I'm pissing all over the place. I find the actual sight of myself doing this totally revolting and devote some dream control effort to making it stop. Soon it does, and all is forgiven (or forgotten.)

      I hit a quick double-biceps pose in the mirror, and it occurs to me that the Advanced Task of the Month is to get naked in front of a crowd. I leap onto the stage and all of the DCs in the store turn to look at what I'm up to. I grab my shirt by the back of the collar with both hands and rip the shirt off of my body. It looks like I'm just in jeans and socks now. (No idea where my shoes went -- did I go into the men's room in just socks? Gross!) With one quick downward move, I simultaneously pants myself and pull off the socks, now stark naked.

      I feel strangely relaxed and confident about all of this and throw in a few little stripper-style dance moves. Scanning the crowd, I notice that every audience member is now female. I'm not sure whether that's strictly a trick of the menthol or just something that somehow makes me feel more comfortable but I take note of it. With the task satisfied, I jump off the stage, imagining myself clothed once again.

      I can't remember what else I'd wanted to do so I have a bit of fun wrecking displays in the store -- I force-push some chairs into a shelf of goods, levitate a bunch of stuff in the air, and generally act like a bad kid. As I'm looking around for my next bit of mischief, an attractive, dark-haired woman in her late 20s approaches me. She's wearing a close-fitting, dark blue dress. Menthol? I think.

      "Hi," she says. "What were you hoping I was going to say to you?"

      The truth: "I was sort of hoping that you were looking for sex." In spite of myself, I feel pretty embarrassed when I say this.

      "There's an honest answer! But don't you think that you ought to get to know me first? Here, sit down," she says, gesturing at a long row of wooden chairs. "I'm Gina."

      I sit down with her and she pulls out a notebook that looks exactly like my written dream journal. "What's that notebook?" I ask.

      "Dream journal!" she answers cheerfully. "You've got to write everything down if you want to remember it."

      She looks like she's about to ask me something when a guy sits down in the chair next to her. He's a black guy, about 30, a touch pudgy. Gina leans back to let him speak, looking a little impatient. This new guy speaks to me in a lecturing tone, saying, "Do you think you can just close every door that you open?" I'm confused by what he's saying and as I'm preparing to ask him what he means,
      I wake up.
    15. Wed Feb 27 (0:39-9:00) ***

      by , 02-28-2013 at 12:41 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Swimming Pool (7:15) (LUCID)

      The play I'm watching turns out to be rather experimental. First they pretend like the play was over, then they keep going. Then they even turn on the house lights and go offstage, but somehow I know that the play's not actually over yet. I wonder how they're going to catch everyone's attention again to continue the show.

      Later, walking down a hallway, I realize that I'm dreaming. Time to go on an adventure! I'm carrying a backpack, which would be an annoyance to deal with, so I get in an elevator to take it back to my room first. But then I realize that that's stupid. I'll make it disappear instead. Setting it against the wall of the elevator, I focus on it. How to make it disappear? I imagine being able to see the corner of the elevator through the backpack--just a wireframe. Then fill it in with some colors . . . the dream doesn't feel stable . . . it was a bit dangerous to try to control things this directly . . . but just a bit more . . .

      Suddenly, the backpack disappears! Immediately, the dream feels twice as vivid, twice as stable. Success! Now I go straight to the floor of interest, instead of going back to my room first. After getting out of the elevator, I start taking off my clothes. Then I pause to do a reality check: I wouldn't want to be doing this in real life. Although, now I think on it, why would I want to do it in a dream, either? It's kind of taking a lot of time to remove every blasted item of clothing. Well, whatever. As I continue, I think about what I want to do with this dream. I remember one of my dream goals: "swim beneath the ocean."

      Later, I look through a window. Gravity and architecture aren't quite behaving properly; the exterior of the building slants diagonally away from the window, ending many stories below in a pool at ground level. I dive out the window and splash into the pool. Darkness and confusion reign for a few moments as a bodiless voice narrates something about symbolic significance of water, representing protection from the danger of the outside world. Moments later, I break the surface and see undulating hills of water all around, like small ocean swells. The narrator then says, "You know what else represents protection?" and suddenly a girl floats into view and up to my side. She's not wearing anything.

      Obviously, the expectation is that I'll take this chance to have sex. "Squirt me," she says with an encouraging smile. I give her a wry look and reply, "No." I'm not interested in doing that right now, although I do "squirt" off to the side just to acknowledge the temptation, or something. We pick a direction and start swimming that way. On a whim, I decide to go in for some manual stimulation and reach between her legs. She doesn't react, though. "That doesn't do anything for you?" I ask after a few moments. She shakes her head and replies, "Like I said, I'm trying to quit." Soon, I wake up.

      Personal Tutoring (8:20) (LUCID)

      Alone, I'm exploring a castle. After a while, I realize that walking is taking too long, so I take out my bike and start riding around instead. But even that gets boring, and I start wondering what else I could be doing. Just like that, I remember my dream goal about swimming in the ocean, and I realize that I'm dreaming.

      Moments later, I find myself again underneath the water in a swimming pool. Dumbledore is tutoring me in dream control. Rather than trying to force myself to the surface, he says, I should trust the dream to buoy me. This strikes me as real wisdom. I hold myself in cannonball position and focus on the sensation of being lifted and turned by the water. Soon, I wake up.

      Christian String Quartet (9:00)

      I'm sitting in a public area when suddenly I hear an acoustic guitar behind me. Cool, live music! When the string quartet starts playing a song, I'm not sure exactly what it's about at first, but I suspect (slightly uncomfortably) that it's Christian rock.

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