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    1. 19-03-26 Miami Vice, NYC

      by , 04-05-2019 at 01:22 PM
      I dreamt an entire non-existent episode of Miami Vice. At least the beginning and the end. It had Tubbs sneaking into a motel at night (armed with his stubby shotgun), and a ridiculously sappy ending that had me laughing in my sleep.

      I found myself on Manhattan island. It was daytime. I ran through the streets, looking for a spot where I could see the Freedom tower. I reached a kind of square with a statue of a chariot in the middle.
    2. 18-01-13 Terrorist Attack on Empire State Building

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:14 PM
      I saw the Guild Wars inventory of a female elementalist, and noticed three sets of leggings for every build (water, earth and air magic).

      The dream started off with one of those giant robots from Wolfenstein attacking me. I tried to shoot it. Another vehicle, a mobile missile launcher, fired a slow-moving guided missile at me. I hid behind a beam. The missile missed and just fell onto the ground. After a while it exploded. Then it turns out we're actually on some kind of terrace high up the Empire State Building. It was way bigger than it is in real life. Like, big enough for mobile missiles launchers to drive around. I somehow knew that terrace was commonly used by couples to get married. Odd, but alright. Anyway, the explosion caused the entire top of the State Building to fall off. It was horrifying, like 9-11 all over again. I was pretty sure I was fucked, but then Peter Petrelli flew in out of nowhere and carried me and/or his brother to safety. Back on the ground, I was still reeling from watching presumably thousands of people die, and almost kicking the bucket myself. We were in an alley, and Gabriel Gray (also known as Sylar) was there too. I was immensely grateful to Peter, but for some reason he blamed the whole incident on Gabriel. I tried to convince Pete that Gabriel was still the good guy, but he called me naive and left. I decided to stick with Gabriel, as I believed he had a way of fixing this mess.

      Suddenly, I 'gain consciousness' standing in a kind of garden behind my old school. I'm wearing a kind of white robe? There were tons of people there, old students and teachers. Barra approaches, visibly shocked at my presence. He asked what I was doing there. I told him I had no idea how I got there. He said I was sitting at a bench scribbling Koran stuff (or gibberish, anyway) in a trance. I asked if there'd been another terrorist attack on NYC (the State Building), which he confirmed. The dream's soundtrack was a non-existent track called "Silence in the Sky".
    3. 17-11-17 Once in a Lifetime, Chasing Galactica in Speedboat

      by , 12-21-2017 at 11:56 AM
      I vaguely recall a few scenes set in a supermarket? Later, I suddenly find myself in an NYC sewer. I don't remember how I got there. I went up and looked outside, expecting to see my own country (obviously), but nope: US license plates and obvious NYC buildings. I remember I lost my shoes and socks? Once outside on the streets, I needed to find my way to LaGuardia or JFK to get home. Waiting at a traffic light, an almost naked girl tried stealing from my backpack. I caught her and told her not to do it. She got on a private jet with her dad, and I casually joined them. Turns out she was Dutch. I said "so am I!", except I'm Belgian. We had to 'crawl' through some kind of tunnel made of fabric to the cockpit (??). It was extremely claustrophobic. Then I saw there were only two seats, so I told them I had to get off. Someone reminded me I had to visit an orphanage on the 25th and that's why I was in NYC. It's possible the whole orphanage thing was mentioned in the supermarket bit before this dream. I woke up from this dream with the song "Once in a Lifetime" by The Talking Heads in my head, so I guess that was the dream's soundtrack.

      The Battlestar Galactica had landed on a river, ready to take off. The river was in the middle of a major city. Much like NYC, now that I think of it. I had to chase Galactica down from the ocean on a speedboat, through the very narrow river/channel. I made a sharp turn when I reached it, and kind of smacked into it, rocking the Battlestar. Adama was furious, and they opened fire on us (there was someone else on my boat). That made a lot of holes in the hull (of Galactica?). The holes 'healed' and the audience cheered as they saw it happened (so basically I'm inside a TV-show that's being watched). We got on board once they understood we were friendlies, and strapped in for takeoff. Some dude next to me got a bit too touchy-feely. Guess he was gay? Anyway, we were eating potato chips as we took off. Adama was seated to my left, the other dude to my right.
    4. 16-07-23 Too Many Dreams

      by , 07-23-2016 at 03:43 PM
      Boy, so many dreams again. My recall has never been this good before.

      Number one. I was chasing a cop on a bicycle. The cop was in pursuit of a suspect. I saw a sign on the side of the road, saying Highway 7. The bad guy was riding a horse and carriage, the cop and me were on bicycles. The cop dropped his wallet. It was a Pulp Fiction "bad motherfucker" wallet, like mine in real life. I was determined to give the officer his wallet back, so I started chasing him. After a pretty long chase, I caught up to the cop (maybe he had caught his suspect?). I gave him the wallet. He seemed happy. Then he pointed out I had his phone too, somehow. And he was right. I remembered seeing an app on "my" phone I didn't recognize.

      After the last dream, I was stuck on a nearby construction site. I don't *how* I was stuck, exactly. Every time I tried to walk out, something happened or something got in the way, blocking my path. At some point I got into a big truck, and thought I had started driving. But then I saw there was another truck in front of me who was doing the steering (it was like my truck was being towed, or was a wagon being pulled by a train), and I wasn't really in control.

      Creepy view of a young woman or girl. She looked "plastic", and a tear rolled down her cheek. She did not move. I "knew" or heard a voice saying she was being turned into wood... Even her tear turned to wood before it fell.

      I was leading a group of people on their way to find Han Solo. We got into a fight with an unknown enemy. We won the fight, but one of the men insisted they leave their children behind, as it had gotten too dangerous. The kids, girls aged perhaps 10, had fought alongside us wielding big guns, and had actually done quite well. I felt sorry to lose them. Alone, I quickly backtracked a bit to collect some "health packs", but as I picked them up, a turret started shooting me and chipping away at my health. Annoyed, I rejoined the others. I quickly jumped onto a ledge, and realized we had to "bait" the Millennium Falcon. We did this somehow, and the Falcon crashed. We continued, and eventually saw Han and Chewie standing high on top of a ledge/cliff - waiting for us to explain ourselves.

      We were "interviewing" Han Solo. About what, I don't know. At some point I made a joking reference to Indiana Jones, but an older Asian man furiously yelled at me that I was not to mentioned other characters of the same actor to a fictional character, as this could cause a "reality collapse". I think I caught a glimpse of such a "collapse". I saw a major city literally collapse - skyscrapers crashing into the ground until all was dust and rubble.

      Air battle. I was flying a jet in a dogfight against a bunch of other planes. I saw an invisible jet (it was blurry like the Predator when he's cloaked, and my weapon systems would not lock on to it) but I could still see it with the naked eye. I knew it was a Russian experimental jet. I became fixated on taking it down. Targeting it purely on feeling was hard. I chased it up, using my afterburners to climb higher - but the experimental jet had far more thrust. We reached space, where I lost all thrust (no air), but the Russian kept going and escaped. I got a radio message from command, saying to let the Russian go. The ISS would take care of him from space. I turned around and flew back down into the atmosphere.

      In this fragment I caught a short glimpse of NYC from the air. I thought about how far it is from Europe, and how similar/different the climate and plant life are.

      I was at a family gathering. My grandpa (on father's side) walked in. I greeted him. He asked me where Kevin (my half-brother) is. I pointed to the other side of the room, where he was standing in plain sight. My grandpa's mind in deteriorating rapidly, so I didn't blame him for not seeing him/not remembering.

      I was with a group of people, navigating a strange place. Odd, large architecture, almost resembling ancient Egyptian. There was a section where we had to dive underwater and swim quite a distance. For a moment, the underwater corridors and rooms seemed to go on and on, and I worried I would drown. I saw an opening in the ceiling, kind of hidden away in a corner. I surfaced, and was somehow catapulted out of the water. I found myself in a large room. The ground had "pools" of shallow water in them. There was a group of girls lounging around, really cute Japanese girls. I think they were amused by the way I was launched out of the water. They were nice to me. I looked around, trying to find a way to get underwater. I checked every pool, looking for the one that wasn't shallow. I found it again, and did the most graceful swam dive I could manage. For a moment I worried I'd misjudged the jump and would hit the side of the pool. I didn't. I swam underwater, and suddenly I wasn't under water anymore. Puzzled, I backtracked a bit. Then I saw it: the water surface was vertical... all water on one side, none on the other. At this point things looked a bit "video gamey". The textures of the water surface... well, they looked like textures, not reality. I walked through, back into the water and saw a giant round boulder. I walked into it, and "lost health". At some point I realized my shenanigans had caused me to fall behind my allies, who were now pretty far ahead, and spread out throughout the "level".
    5. Chased by the cops in NYC, Love in hotel

      by , 08-23-2015 at 01:24 PM
      I was with a group of guys and girls and we were in New York City. We were doing something illegal (forgot what) and the cops started chasing us. We started driving away in a car, and we went through NYC to the Queens Bridge (which doesn't exist irl). It sort of looked like another bridge I know about. Eventually, we lose the cops mostly, and have to walk on foot to avoid them. We soon lose them and have to go to a hotel to sleep for the night. We all go to a hotel, and start preparing for sleep. Two girls want to sleep together, as they find out that they love each other. One of them said, "this just shows the grape vines between us," about how they were together today realizing their love. They sleep together in a room, while the rest of us sleep on 3 other beds in the hotel. I was trying to decide where to sleep, also thinking I'd end up having sex with whoever was in the bed, and ended up with a bed with a guy in it. Went to sleep and woke up irl.
    6. Useless Cops

      by , 12-31-2014 at 04:26 PM ([adrift])
      I have returned to work as a courier and am riding my bike in Manhattan for the first time in long while. I have been riding around all day and now it is late afternoon and my shift is over. Towards the end of my shift I see a fellow messenger downtown who has been at it all day. "Must be picking up the late night deliveries" I think to myself.

      On my way home, I have to pass through my least favorite area - the west side of 57th st. I do not feel anxious or nervous, however. I'm aware of the dangers but am not afraid. The West Side / Chelsea is lumped together and looks quite a bit different. Above me is an overhead railway, to my right is a large block facing the river. Crossing 57th st, I see this white four-door make some unbelievable reckless move. First, he runs the light over 57th st (two lane traffic). He then must of realized he went the wrong way he pulls a u-turn, to go the wrong way back down the avenue to 57th, throws his car into the path of oncoming traffic to make a left hand turn. I am bewildered and outraged. I follow his car to the pier and he parks under the staircase to the restaurant he must deliver for.

      I park my bike nearby and look for any police officer to report this behavior to. Walking around the loop between the water and the avenue, a police car rolls up nearby. I flag them down. The scene turns to an interior. The two cops are talking to another man. One of the officers is out of uniform, missing his jacket. After the other guy leaves I try to explain what I saw, and point to the car from the window, which is trying to pull out from under the staircase across the block. I have to anxiously get the police officer to move so he can see. I am left with a "we'll go take a look" and I go back to my bike.

      The driver is outside when I pass by. Not the young person I thought he was but rather a squat, ruddy fellow in a coat and hat. Unable to vent myself, I let him know that the police are coming to look into your wreckless driving. Alarmed, but trying to shrug it off he follows me arguing with me but trying to show he's not concerned. I keep looking over my shoulder to see if the police officers are coming. They roll by as I'm unlocking my bike and I use my thumb to point the guy out.

      Having only one witness for these events, the cops don't have much to go by. They start walking away. The other police officer finally speaks: "You know what I think, Kid.. I don't see anything". The sun is now setting and a orange glow sets over the city. Frustrated I blurt out "I am so tired of useless cops, I'm sorry.. but.." My thoughts trail off. They leave. Riding back under the overhead railway I can see a broad view of the lower half of Manhattan to my right, as if from a raised expressway. In the warm haze the Statue of Liberty is still catching light,\ but the rest of the city now rests in the cool shadows. Factory smoke stacks stand out all along the water.
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    7. Yeo Wool and Kang Chi, repeatedly

      by , 07-11-2014 at 06:55 PM
      As Kang Chi in modern times, I meet Yeo Wool. She remembers me. We're both shocked. I have a false awakening in which I try to tell IRL friend S. about that dream, and then go on to a few IRL-based scenes - trying to find a place to park in NYC, and trying to form words out of a jumble of letters.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      In the past. Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are meeting up in this hut in the mountains outside of town. They have to separate, and they're being very loudly upset about it. It's just before dawn, and as a 3rd person observer, I'm thinking they must be waking people up in town, they're so loud.

      Kang Chi's lying on his back in that town at night, looking up at the full moon. It looks massive, taking up most of my field of vision. He's meant to be meeting Yeo Wool soon and traveling somewhere together, but he's convinced himself she won't come anyway - there's something that's happened between them or something she's involved in that's on his mind, but he's not thinking about it directly. He's talking to himself out loud, convincing himself that she won't come and he should just leave on his own.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Kang Chi's delirious, standing outside somewhere on the edge of that same town and calling for someone he calls brother - not a literal brother. Yeo Wool's trying to get him to move, but as he starts talking like this, she remembers a time in the past when they were in trouble in this same place and Wol Ryung had helped them. He and Kang Chi had called each other brother sometimes - it's partially a reference to being the same species, and partially acknowledging each other as close while sidestepping the complicated family issue. So she realizes that, delirious, Kang Chi's calling Wol Ryung for help. Wol Ryung's dead.

      Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are traveling together in a very distant place. Yeo Wool's wearing modern clothes - no one else is. They're surrounded by soldiers carrying spears and a froglike nobleman on horseback - not a human being. The two of them raise daggers to their own throats, threatening to kill themselves rather than let the froglike man capture them alive.

      As Kang Chi, I'm outside and looking through a window at Yeo Wool. There's a luna moth on the window.

      And then two IRL-based scenes - catching and releasing an insect, and a visit from an IRL sister's friend.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      In modern times, Kang Chi's at a studio where they're filming a movie or a show, and a woman is talking to him, sounding very irritated. Without naming any names, she makes it clear there's been rumors going around about someone who works here being viewed as violent, potentially dangerous. Kang Chi's thinking this is about Yeo Wool - she's recently become nonhuman, and the adjustment period can be rough. Which makes this his responsibility. Without specifically naming names, Kang Chi tries to get the woman to confirm that it's Yeo Wool she's talking about. But Yeo Wool's just appeared at the end of the hall, and the woman says to ask her himself and stalks off.

      And then an IRL-based scene involving studying Agamemnon.
    8. Erin Goes WILD in NYC

      by , 04-23-2013 at 02:50 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])

      I was my shorty character PPM and I was at some kind of Middle Age town. The dream was unstable though. All I could see was dirty rocky Middle Age floor tiles and I was holding onto a wooden cart. There were lots of people in some kind of square. I got lucid right away for no reason, doing parkour all over the town. I skipped around, shouting something in husky child voice, but the dream was just unstable I decided to switch the scene to a modern city.

      It changed to a NYC scene!

      I kept saying 'holy shit! I can't believe this!' while floating in the air. I could see shiny billboards on the buildings and people busily walking on the streets. The city was filled with nighty atmosphere. I kinda missed the city.
      I don't know why, but I unconsciously morphed into my emo girl character Erin. HAHA! She's actually involved with NYC in the story. And strangely I tried to carry out Gray's superpower. I jumped up high, doing parkour again. I remember holding onto a billboard and tried to jump over another building. EDIT: I ran on the buildings in sideways like Sonic. I tried to run fast.

      I was in a small park somewhere. I wanted to have close-combat battle with a DC so I just picked this young Latino/black guy in front of me (I'm not racist!) and positioned myself like playing kickboxing before fighting. The guy kicked me first, but then I grabbed his leg, and tried to twist it but it was kinda hard. I kicked him once. Twice. Soon I grabbed both of his legs and he kept trying punching me in the air lol. I punched him once, then kicked him in the air and I won.

      At some point there was a little crowd of people in the park and in front of them there was a dubstep DJ. I've always wanted to play a DJ concert lol. So I went over to the DJ set - don't know where the DJ was gone - there was a perfect DJ set! but a little small. Anyway I turned a song out loud with that tiny volume knob and Skrillex's Rock n' Roll started playing. I just recklessly turned other knobs, without even knowing what they do. Well that's basically how the DJs do. LOL When the heavy drop came on, the crowd started jumping at the same time and I did too. I rocked my head and it was just awesome!
      Somehow at some point I couldn't jump well... and suddenly the monsters that represented Scary Monsters and Sprites (?) appeared in the middle of the city and people started screaming. I don't know why but I was utterly mad, so I ran up to the monsters and started beating them up. Strangely the monsters looked like huge soda jelly beans - there were yellow one and orange one in star shape with cartoony google eyes on them. I punched them hard (I think I got mad because they hindered my DJ concert. But I wasn't really angry, rather playfully mad.) and I tried to kill them with a knife. I grabbed a short dagger on the table near me, and locked the orange one by pressing him with my knees and stabbed him once to death. The weird soda jelly liquid came out in the cut...

      I was now calm and put the dagger in the holder on my waist. At this point I just wanted to observe the dream and people in the streets. I was inside a building for some reasons after that. It felt like a nice reception meeting of an art exhibition. There were many people crowded in a small place. I kinda felt frustrated so I just opened a balcony door to go outside. It was raining and it was really dark. I went outside anyway because the rain cooled me down. Then I noticed something weird... below the balcony there was someone playing basketball alone, at this time, raining?! So I did turning vault! on the wooden balcony porch and jumped down onto the basketball court.

      The guy who was playing basketball was my character Oscar. He looked tall. For some reasons his blond hair wasn't wet.
      "What are you doing here?" I asked. I mean what are you doing here Oscar, in my dream?
      "I don't know, it just feels good to play basketball outside raining."
      I stared at him with weird face, but then he laughed out loud and told me to come sit on a bench. We sat together and just chilled out.

      Suddenly my dream started getting unstable. I quickly noticed that behind me, some kind of gooy black thing was approaching slowly in the hall way of the building. I heard weird monster's voice in the back and Oscar tried to protect me, then I woke up. This whole dream felt like it lasted half an hour.

      Some non-LDs

      dream 1 - I was in the 3rd person perspective watching a huge white boat floating on beautiful emerald ocean in top down view. There were many young guys and girls wearing swimsuits, partying on the boat. The people on the very top of the boat, started diving into the ocean and this girl screamed as she was falling. I thought, woah that looks pretty high from the boat. But then the girl just laughed on the surface of the sea. Other guys jumped into the sea too.
      But then something happened. A huge grey shark came by them who jumped into the ocean and started eating all of them. Everyone screamed, the boat sank down, and there was only one girl left (who screamed while diving.) I think she ended up in pacific ocean, and she was just holding onto a broken plank of the boat crying and trying really hard to hold onto it because the sky was filled up with cloudy aggressively stormy and rainy with thunders and the dangerous waves were rocking the ocean. Damn! how are you gonna survive girl? If I were you, in that situation, there would be no way but to die. This dream was weird.

      Dream 2 - I was at a 'open' library. Yep, open library....where the tall huge book cabinets were lined up outside the building in the park. This librarian picked a book up and put it back in the cabinet - the book was the one I owned IRL called 'The Sacred Messages'. It was about all global religious texts. Then the 2 guys near me talked about this book's topic in general.

      This one guy said:
      "I mean, if the texts are really containing sacred words and great wisdoms, then why are we not all spritually intellect right now? Is it really necessary to know all those 'great truths'? If you know, then it won't change anything unless you wisely use that wisdom into something good. That's why science has changed many things in our lives. Science is a heroic achievement of humanity."
      And this other guy said "Yes, it's indeed a heroic thing!" That science is a heroic achievement of humanity line was very memorable for some reasons. Come to think of it that man made sense, in a realistic way...
      That's definitely true haha. But I partly disagree lol

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    9. NYC and a Creepy old lady ghost

      by , 01-24-2013 at 04:32 PM

      Hrs slept: 5, then 2 more

      I have been recently trying to incorporate WBTB with my MILD, but last night I was lax - didn't do any mantras. However I was woken up by the cat at the right time, so I stayed up a little and did a visualization. No lucids but the dreams I had were pretty vivid.

      Went to NYC with Becca for Jessica’s 21st birthday. We were in her house with her 3 roommates, one of them was Carrissa. Becca and I seemed to be as excited as Jessica, and no one else was. So we started getting ready. I was hanging at a small square table near a kitchen area with her roomies and Bec had gone into Jessica’s bedroom with her. The kitchen I was sitting in was yellow, and it was by a railing that seperated it from the living room/entry to the house. Beyond the kitchen through one door was Jess's room. This seemed to be the entire house. So we start talking about nails and are comparing nail beds. Then I go into Jessica's room and see she has music videos playing on a big screen tv on the wall and the a smaller tv on the opposite wall playing the same thing.
      Confustion>>> Next Becca and I are trying to leave the city? And our moms are around somewhere, I think. So we run and catch this tiny ferry, thinking it’s going somewhere and it happens to be full of these younger guys all in uniforms, like they were boy scouts or navy or something. It’s nighttime at this point.
      More confusion>>> I’m still trying to get home but I have Smokey (my real life cat) with me!! Still night. I’m walking and clutching her for dear life and she wants to get down. We pass numerous dogs and she’s shaking in my arms. Then I get to a subway station and am pretty positive I can’t take pets on board. I look and see a “No Pets” sign, it was blue with white letters. So I’m thinking wow, I should have NEVER taken a cat into the city, and thought of Mindy who knew I did it (even though I took her without asking) and she was probably thinking I made a mistake. So this subway is somehow in Queens, and at that point I realize I can’t board a plane with her, and can’t really take a taxi anywhere. What I needed was someone to drive me home! (I think I may have been semi-lucid for this dream, cause once I realized there was no way to get home, I woke up).
      Fragment- Somewhere in those dreams I was at home hanging out with L and we got a feeling a ghost was near. It was dark in my room, and I was looking down at the stairs and we saw a shadow figure, to me it was some old lady, creepishly crawling up to us! I distinctly saw a hand figure and her move up the stairs. Then she was upstairs, we could sense it, and so I said kind of aggressively (only cause I was freaked out
      ) “Leave! You can get out!” and I don’t think she did because then the attic door kept opening by itself.
    10. Flying over NYC

      by , 09-11-2012 at 07:59 PM (Exterminate)
      Everything may not be in correct order...

      I remember I was in this like play, and I was an adult female. A creepy guy was beside me talking about something, then I guess he scared me, as I went above into the air vents, and he followed, I remember spraying something on him, don't remember what it was. Skip ahead, I wanted to go to this one secluded island off the side of NYC, and I was trying to make a getaway, but I was stuck listening to this guy..He offered to help me, but I didn't trust him. I sneaked away, onto a nearby island, and decided I needed to get somewhere specific. I floated into the air, scared at first not knowing if I could control it, but then I figured it out. Fists forward, superman like but with both fists, I found flying downwards brought my up, up brought me down, left and right worked fine. I could build up a lot of speed, but never got too far into the sky. My main goal was not hitting power lines or cars, but also worrying what others were thinking of someone flying past them while they were driving. I fly all the way to one corner of town, and stop as it is getting dark, and I am getting tired. There is an antiques shop, and an old restaurant. I tell the guy trying to help me over cell phone where I am, and he comes, I eat while he is on his way. I look at the things left over, I guess I got like fries and something else, the containers they were in were like McDonalds, but darker red, and old fashioned. It appears there are monopoly stickers on them, so I read them, one said "Discount on blah blah" The other one was free shake or something like that.

      So the guy comes over, I steal his car(rude..), find a few things inside throw them out, and run the car into a 20 foot deep or so ditch. I then fly away across the town, as I am on the exact other corner of the town that I wanted to be in, it is daytime again, and I just keep flying. I reach my destination, it looks like nobody has ever been on the island, I am in paradise.

      I feel like there was more to this dream, like with the car, just that stop mainly, and at the beginning, that play.. I think I have been to that place before where the play was..I can feel another dream coming to me from either last night or a few nights ago, but I can't quite remember what it is about .-. Actually, it is probably yesterday's dream that I couldn't remember..
    11. First lucid FLYING experience!! (morning of 4-26-11)

      by , 06-23-2011 at 10:19 AM
      (Took me a while to post this... This dream was probably a direct result of something I do IWL on occasion: Late at night, I go outside to my car when I leave something in it. I take a moment to stand there, taking in the cool breeze in my pajamas, and imagine myself in a lucid dream, taking off from the dark street and flying…)

      I find myself outside at night, near the back wall of an unknown building, on a lawn with mostly smallish trees scattered around. It's very dark, and I'm very isolated. I realize I'm just a little cold, which leads me to notice I'm wearing only pajama pants and a t-shirt, outside in the slightly breezy dark night. Then I jump up slightly above the grass and begin to spin around & around in the air, for no apparent reason. I think something along the lines of, "It probably isn't safe to be out here in the dark by myself - what if I get attacked or something?" I'm nervous now, but not in a panic. It's around this point I realize I'm dreaming (duh!).

      One of my first thoughts is remembering my intention to stop and give serious thought to what it means to be lucid in a dream, and not take the experience for granted. But I end up turning my attention to the subject of flying, since I find myself lucid in a dream that features it. This is one of my primary lucid goals! So I float forward, away from the building I was just behind, and I find myself coming into the large parking lot that surrounds my work (looks pretty much like it does IWL, but more/larger trees). It’s still night, so the parking lot lights are glowing brightly.

      IWL I’ve often imagined taking off from the parking lot & flying over the adjacent strip of shops in the plaza… so that’s what I do in this dream! I easily recall the way I’ve flown in many dreams throughout my life (basically I fly in a standing position, levitating my body by maintaining a consistent mental “force” - it always takes me a couple tries to pinpoint the right amount of concentration, but once I have it I’m generally good). With some effort, I rise above the parking lot, and then I clear the shopping center!!

      I’M FLYING IN A LUCID DREAM!!! After passing over the shopping center I continue over the nighttime cityscape below (cities at night are so beautiful). What I’m seeing actually looks a lot nicer than my real city, but that just adds to the novelty of the dream. Then I fly over 2 tall structures with wide, round platform-like things at the top; they roughly resemble the Seattle Space Needle.

      Then comes the best part: Suddenly I’m flying between the skyscrapers of New York City (an ideal vacation destination of mine, and setting of the various free-roam Spider-Man video games I enjoy)! I end up flying along the outer buildings on my right, with the black harbor far below me out to my left. The buildings are appearing in my line of sight just like they do in the games.

      Suddenly I see flashes of light from a tiny island out in the distance, I guess where Ellis Island would be. It looks like fireworks, very noticeable against the dark water. I debate whether to keep flying between the skyscrapers, or to look into this unplanned spectacle. I’d love to keep flying in NYC, but I decide it would be best to investigate what my dream is surprising me with. So I fly over the dark harbor, off toward the island. As I get closer and fly lower, I realize I’m going to fall short of the rooftops on the island, so I instinctively do a web-zip (from the aforementioned Spidey games - a horizontally shot webline used to yank yourself closer to a rooftop if you’re about to miss it), except I find myself grabbing a rope instead of a web. I seem to have difficulty landing properly.

      Finally I touch down on the rooftops of the island - various rooftops of slightly different heights packed so closely together that it’s like one big building. Not very high above the ground either, although all I see is the rooftop area. I’m surprised to see that the light display is no longer fireworks, but GIANT pink dice, glowing with almost neon brightness. Even the dots are lit up, in white I believe. Suddenly I feel my left hand half asleep, knowing I probably rolled over on it in bed, and I manage to ignore it. But then I think about opening my real eyes, or blinking,
      and I flicker myself right out of the dream by actually blinking.

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    12. too much 'puter

      by , 08-03-2010 at 02:28 PM (Way of the Lizard)
      Last night I dreamed that I read on Gawker about flatworms infecting people's brains in NYC subways. There was a picture of the back of some bald guy's head, and a reddened, irritated vein leading to a starburst of smaller reddened veins, like an infection site. There was also a diagram of how the worms travel through your brain, and the worms looked a lot like zerg drones in Starcraft 2.

      Later, I was walking through old, dank subway tunnels, and sending out drones to harvest resources (which they basically did by eating poo). I remember saying to someone walking with me, "I guess it doesn't matter if my worms get worms."