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    1. lxiv.

      by , 11-03-2018 at 12:05 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up around 10:00, with one non-lucid sort of fresh in memory but all the detail quickly went away on waking, somehow.

      Dream fragment:
      This was from the end of the dream.

      Game-like reality; "playing" with someone else in a co-operative mode and in some underground sand or clay tunnels or something.

      The tunnels lead into a big chamber, dark. There was some sort of well at the centre. A stone colossus came towards us from the opposite side of the room and we backtracked a bit. In the dream I remember telling the other person the colossus was made of obsidian and we wouldn't be able to attack it in this form and that it would turn into black steel for a few minutes at a time every so often and we'd have to try and attack then...

      The colossus came into the tunnels/halls but I ended up darting past and into the chamber with the well; I jumped into the well, partly by accident as I meant to go across the room where there seemed to be a portal or some brightness. It was completely dark underwater and I soon "died" in a game-like fashion.

      The view changed and the camera panned out; I could hear a boss give a monologue which I don't remember in any detail, and I partly remember him asking "how did you get here? vaulted over the walls? exploited some location?" and other questions to that effect.

      Couple of notes:
      • The dream location and situation here at the end reminded me of the game Necropolis.
      • The stone colossus was similar to Anubisath, a boss in the original World of Warcraft.

      + Previous score: 65.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5

      = Total score thus far: 65.5
    2. The Obsidian Tower

      by , 01-01-2013 at 05:17 PM
      This was the second of two lucid dreams from the morning of New Year's Day.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #52: The Obsidian Tower

      I'm in a doctor's office, waiting awkwardly nearby while he examines some patient that I don't know. I'm a bit bored, so I think about the morning's previous lucid dream and how close I came to not recognizing that I'm dreaming. Things start to feel strange to me, so I hit the nose-pinch and become lucid.

      I walk out of the office into a hallway and start looking for "Exit" signs. I'm excited to see one at the end of the hallway. I follow it and happily, there's another leading me further on. A tightly-packed group of DCs strolls through the hallway, taking up the entire thing. I "excuse me, excuse me" my way through them and work my way to the next "Exit" sign. This one points me toward a stairwell.

      I begin to worry that I'm very high up so I decide that I need to get downstairs as efficiently as possible. I leap over the railing, intent on jumping my way to the bottom. Unfortunately, I just land in an untidy heap. A lady walking up the stairs nearby yelps when I crash-land. She hurries toward me and asks, "Are you okay?" It's pretty embarrassing. I tell her, "Thanks, but you don't need to worry about me."

      I hop back up and then leap over the next railing. It goes much better this time, and I hop all the way to the bottom like this, and it's probably 6-8 stories' worth of stairs. There's a long hallway at the bottom and as I walk along it, two boys of about 12 go running past me, one chasing the other. The boy in front is holding a handwritten note and the boy in pursuit says, "Give that back!" I stop them both, saying, "That's mine now", and pluck the note out of the first kid's hands. They register no objection to this and quickly wander away.

      The note has 6 bullet points, each with a sentence. At the bottom is a phone number with the area code "666".
      (Yikes!) I read every sentence and try to memorize them, but they're very random and strange. One was something about the sky. I really work at the memorization task but the content is so random that it feels hopeless. After I've read the note, I follow another "Exit" sign that leads me outside.

      I'm in a large, outdoor courtyard on a foggy morning. Across the courtyard from me is an obsidian tower made entirely of glass. It rises high into the fog and its top is entirely out of sight. I remember my goal of seeing the Pyramid, but this tower has really grabbed my interest. I float up into the air and start guiding myself toward it. One lady in the courtyard shouts, "Wait, how are you so tall?" I wonder for a moment whether I'm just growing to an enormous height and not flying at all. I double-check -- nope, there are my feet. (Oddly, they are clad in loafers.)

      I start involuntarily flying backward away from the tower instead of forward toward it. I decide to see what happens if I simply turn around and put my back to the tower. Fortunately, this works well and I keep drifting toward the tower (now at my back) as I rise. I whip through several layers of fog before perching on the tower's stone roof.

      My friend AJ is seated up there, looking out over the city. "Congratulations!" she says. "It's a great view from up here." I have to agree. The sky is brilliantly red now, and somehow I can see the courtyard far below, almost as if the fog was one-way. I can in fact see a great deal of the city from here. I wonder whether the people that I'm looking at can see me back.

      "So what am I doing all the way up here?" she says.

      "I'm not sure, but I think you've got it pretty good. I had to work my ass off to get up here!"

      She laughs and soon my vision fades to black. I try to DEILD but then AJ says, "Hey, you're actually still up here. You just can't see anything." I try to think about what I could do to get my sight back, but in a few more seconds,
      I'm really awake.

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    3. The minecraft fan event.

      by , 03-20-2011 at 09:52 AM (The weird dreams of Appe96)
      Type: non-lucid.
      Vivid: medium.

      Notes Dream Lucid

      This is a dream about a guy on youtube that makes minecraft videos.

      I am standing in a line with alot of people.(Like how you stand in the military.)In front of us stands the youtuber.(That I told you about earlier.)He is teaching us about flying. He told us that we should position our palms pointing at the ground. I where thinking that i could use this technique in a dream when I becomes lucid(Why didn't i do a RC?!)I started tho fly around the minecraft world that I where standing in. One of my classmates told me that she where going to find spawn. I followed AK(the youtuber.)to a room made of iron blocks. Whe where going to use our hands to destroy some obsidian blocks. It worked pretty well, I destroyed it in two seconds. One of my classmates couldn't fly so we where going to use the minerals from the obsidian block to make her fly.(wtf?)

      I woke up in my bed and started to write this down

      PS: Sorry for bad english.
    4. #130. Mugging the Monster

      by , 08-27-2010 at 05:43 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm baaack.

      Quote Originally Posted by #1. First Appearances
      It's dark, and I'm surrounded by beautiful, frightening living statues made of shadow... twisted, slender, lethal. I want to remember them when I wake up, because they're mine.

      The Monster of the Week gets in over its head.

      This dream takes place in my old apartment building in Ixburg. The suite is a floor down from where I actually used to live, and it's been refitted with giant windows. It has a balcony with a fire exit, and the place is spacious and airy. Which is fortunate, because I live there with a group of people, and we're all sleeping together.

      I'm alone in the bedroom when I see it. A presence has been on the edges of my consciousness for a while now, and it finally coalesces into a physical form. It's a black statue, shiny and carved out of something like obsidian or onyx. It's vaguely humanoid, but it's a simplified form. It has a somewhat bulbous head, but the rest of it is sleek, almost liquid.

      Time speeds up, and I watch life continue in fast-forward. The other people in the apartment don't notice the statue at all. I have the feeling that it's been there for some time, and the fact that I can see it now means nothing good.

      Ignoring the others going about their day, I stand up from the bed and walk over to the statue. It's immobile, but I can feel a dark presence.

      It's moving. The statue bends an arm back, quick as lightening, and stabs forward. My mouth falls open in an involuntary gasp, and I see myself being impaled on the thing's arm, its hand reaching out through my lower back. I come to the sudden, horrible realization that I'm a sacrifice, and the only person who lives here that meets the requirements. Golden white light streams into my vision, claiming everything, and I feel myself fall back, completely detached from my physical form.

      It's like being in the blue-white light from previous dreams, but this feels more like home, more a part of myself. I'm searching for something, cataloguing information that my conscious mind can't comprehend. And I feel it.

      The "statue" exists before me as an infinitesimal dark speck, a mote of dust. The thing before me, the spirit inside the statue, I reach out - no, I don't even have to reach out. Just by existing in this state, I snuff out its tiny little black soul.

      The light falls away, and I'm left standing in the apartment, completely intact. The dark presence is gone, and I allow myself a glimmer of satisfaction.

      There's a reason they call me the Lightbringer.

      Mugging the Monster. Scare Factor: 2.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. #120. Mansions of Silence

      by , 08-04-2010 at 06:07 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Behold, my massive HvZ/Star Wars/Fable/White Collar/Inception/Supernatural/Good Omens crossover dream. Includes characters from Inception, but no spoilers.


      My brother and I are sneaking into our cousins' house, playing a game of what amounts to Humans vs. Zombies, but with more humans trying to "kill" each other.

      My aunt catches us in the house. Her face is red and she attempts to loom over us threateningly. "You're trespassing, you know."

      "I don't think that's against the rules." Ben says, considering.

      "But we are sorry. Truly, sincerely sorry," I lie. "Really. We should go."


      I look around. I'm in a mountainous region surrounded by pillars of ice and concrete bunkers. I'm close to the top of a mountain, on a snowy path.

      I pull out my phone and look at it. If Hazel's speed dial "8", I could probably reach my brother the same way. I press "1".

      The line picks up.

      "Hey, Ben. What the hell happened to you?"

      "Kkkshhk...separated...zombies...meet up...later."

      The line goes dead.

      I shrug, knowing that Ben can take care of himself. I look out over the snowy plains, at once clouded and sunny. It looks like a video game environment. Paths leading to certain places, all of the corners rounded and indistinct... If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was on Hoth.

      "Hands in the air," says a voice, crackling and metallic.

      I turn around slowly, pasting a smile onto my face.


      Leaning against the concrete wall of the control room, I remain nonchalant as two of the guards keep their weapons trained on me. I was surprised when I realized that they weren't Stormtroopers, and weren't Rebels either. The group that I've let myself be captured by are dark-siders of a different sort, and I haven't yet figured out who they're working for.

      The human male in the corner is force sensitive, but not trained. He has short black hair, plain dark clothing, and is probably in his late teens. He's either looking at me with distrust or he's sulking over the pot of cold coffee on the counter. I haven't decided.

      The apparent leader is a female Zabrak. Her dark hair is cut in a short bob, and she's going through my personal effects. Finally, she picks up my dual lightsabers in each hand. I shift my weight to my other foot. One of the guards hisses a breath and clutches at his weapon tightly.

      "Twitchy, twitchy." I say, eyeing the terrified guard. "Someone could get hurt."

      "I'd be careful, Jedi," the leader hisses at me, still holding my lightsabers. "We have you at a disadvantage."

      "Do you really?" I ask, amused. I motion with my hand. On the other side of the room, the coffee pours upward into the air, forming an amorphous blob and flying into the face of the sulking teenager. The boy starts to curse, but the woman in front of me barely seems to notice.

      "There's very little difference between the Jedi and the Sith."

      "You're telling me." I say, "One of those lightsabers is red, you know."

      A blood-curdling roar is unleashed from outside. The bunker shakes from its very foundations. Outside in the darkness, I can sense the fury of the beast, aimed at the creatures encroaching on its territory. Us.

      "I wonder what happened to the Imperials that built this station." I say quietly, meeting the eyes of the leader.

      My dual sabers are in my hands and light up in the next instant, glowing red and blue (and I'm my female Exile character from KOTOR 2). The woman raises her hands. I watch as the blades are folded up into sheets of blunt metal, and look at the woman mournfully.

      "You are no fun at all," I say, yanking a pistol from a guard across the room. "Try not to die."

      I see a flash of red through the blinding snowstorm. I aim my pistol and shoot three times before it disappears. I hear a roar through the storm, and can barely see the outline of the monster's arms raised into the air before I'm dashing across the arena, dodging the cracks that appear in the ground.


      "Coffee?" I ask brightly, pushing a cup towards the teenager. He scowls but takes the cup.

      "That was a mean trick," he says, "I like coffee."

      "No, messing with someone's lightsaber, that's a mean trick." I pause, "The coffee was just funny."

      He's still angry, but he seems to be hiding a smile as well.

      "Master Kenobi. In my study, you will meet me," says a voice over my comlink.

      "Of course, Master Yoda."

      Yoda shows me over to a glass case filled with crystals and gemstones. He motions me to look at them. I find myself drawn to a black piece of rock the size of my palm, smooth and glassy, with waves rippling over the surface. I stare at it, intrigued, and look back at Yoda for permission.

      He nods.

      I feel for the orange piece of Carnelian in my left pocket, reassured when it's still there. Turning my attention back to the shelf, I pick up the rock carefully, touching it only with my fingertips, and turn it to lie flat on my palm.

      I breathe in, allowing the power in the stone to ground me. I feel...

      "There's a darkness to this," I say, as if I'm in a trance. "It has a history with death, it's beautiful, it feels cool, the temperature, I mean. I can feel it echoing through me... ignacious, born of fire and now... cold, complete, rational -"

      "Back on the shelf, you should put it," says Yoda sharply.

      I set the rock back on the shelf, drawing a shaky breath. I want to pick up the rock again, feel for the green crystal that I know should be there, break it in two and give the other half to the person who should have it... Stop it, you're supposed to be Obi-Wan.

      "See, you do, the power inherent in these crystals." Yoda says, "Yours, one of them will be, should you take on an apprentice."

      I smile, leaning against one of the white walls. I'd wondered why the force-sensitive teenager felt so familiar. Amon?

      I shake myself. "We have a mission," I say reprovingly, "Are you trying to distract me, Master Yoda?"

      "Hmph. Dream of it, I wouldn't."


      I take on the guise of Neal Caffrey, all smiles and warm handshakes as we bluff our way into Saito's mansion. Ariadne and Scott Summers back me up, along with four men and women in suits that follow us demurely.

      Our whole group is surrounded by Saito's bodyguards, and my companions are feeling intimidated, grouping together until they're nearly touching elbows. I pretend not to notice, and focus on the conversation with Saito as he shows us around his mansion.

      We stop by the swimming pool. We're more or less openly flirting right now, and I'm drawing on the Neal Caffrey personality in order to distance myself and appear more outgoing. My form is flickering now, male to female and back again, through half a dozen personalities before settling back on Neal. No one seems to notice.

      I fall into the water, pleased to feel the shock of cold on my skin. It feels wonderful, and I let myself sigh in pleasure before I force myself to concentrate. I climb the steps up onto the deck, my clothes holding none of the moisture.

      Saito is yelling at his guard for jostling me, and apologizes. I tell him not to worry, but that I need to talk to my doctor, as I may have broken one of my ribs. The man points out the change rooms on the other side of the pool.

      "Doctor?" I say, holding out an elbow for Ariadne. She looks surprised, but catches herself and nods. She threads her arm through mine and we walk towards the change rooms.

      "Doctor?" she hisses.

      "It's improv, Ariadne." I say, smiling. "Just go with it."

      We round the corner and Ariadne steps away, brushing at her arm. I flirt with her as she touches my temples, exposing the wiring there.

      "I need to upload the schematics to your mind," I tell her, "So that I can stay behind while you get Xavier the information."

      "And why is it you're staying behind?" She asks, skeptical.

      "There's something bigger going on here," I say quietly. "I need to convince Saito I'm on his side. You get the others out, and I'll figure out what's going on."

      Ariadne steps back, nodding reluctantly.

      I decide to give Cyclops the information, since his visor will work as a direct transference point into his temples. (What?) A quick shock, and he's ready to head back home.


      "Not so fast," says Saito.

      We're standing outside in a courtyard, surrounded by enemies. The DCs in business suits are entirely useless, and for some reason, I have to keep them alive. Guards have automatic weapons trained on us, and I'm practically staring down one of the barrels as I raise my hands slowly, ready to talk my way out of this. Ariadne shoots me a look, clearly worried. Cyclops is ready to start a fight.

      Saito is overconfident. I can use that, but I need to get the others away first. I need Yoda and Xavier to owe me a favour, dammit, and that isn't going to happen if I get their people killed.

      Bright white light explodes from the far end of the courtyard, and a shockwave knocks the guards to the ground and disarms them. Not limited by human sight, I swing around to face the four pillars of light materializing on the ground before us. One of the pillars is wreathed in red flames that fan outward, scorching the earth around it.

      The light coalesces into four human figures, three of them standing in a ring behind their leader.

      He is never going to let me live this down.

      "Castiel." I greet him, but the angel is already barking orders to the other three, sending them into the fray to grab my people and transport them back to the compound. Ariadne catches my eye as she disappears, and I can see all of the questions written across her face.

      Until the only ones left standing are me, Saito, and Castiel. I let my false face fall away, and I turn to say something to Saito.

      The dream fades.

      Mansions of Silence. Scare Factor: 3.

      Looks like Castiel and I are 1:1 for rescues.

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    6. #1. First Appearances

      by , 06-14-2010 at 02:57 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Spring 2008

      I'm in my grandmother's old office. Shift. It's dark, and I'm surrounded by beautiful, frightening living statues made of shadow... twisted, slender, lethal. I want to remember them when I wake up, because they're mine.

      The office space gives way, and I'm in the basement of my old house. I'm waking up, still surrounded by the last traces of my shadow-creatures. I'm trying to remember them, listing their traits aloud. Onyx. Jet. Shadow. Cat-like, bat-like, tribal, sharp, angular. They wouldn't have been out of place on a tattoo, if they weren't so real, so dynamic.

      I hear a scream.

      From upstairs. My mother? Why am I in the basement? Everything is hazy and dream, and my reactions are sluggish. I stumble through the basement and away from my dream-room. I reach the base of the stairs, which, oddly, are not located where they should be. The only light is coming from upstairs. I look up. There is a man standing there.

      He's old, unremarkable. I wouldn't recognize his features if I saw him now. He's small, but not in any particular way. Not overly short, not overly skinny.

      There was a scream from upstairs, but now, it's all about me. Because the man is stepping down stairs toward me, and I'm just standing there. There's no screaming - it's so quiet - and I couldn't move if I wanted to. And I want to move.

      I'm rooted to the spot, affixed by an unbreakable bond to the dreamscape. I can't flex my muscles or flail, because it's not about my feet. I am stuck, immobile, immovable.

      And the old man is walking down the stairs, unremarkably. Not sinister or threatening, but I need to get away. Because something horrible is about to happen.

      And he reaches the base of the stairs and I haven't moved because I can't, although this is my last chance to rush him, to push past him onto the bare wooden steps.

      He's standing in front of me, and of all my will, the only thing I can do is push two words past my lips, "No, please" and it's barely more than a whisper, because nothing's moving, and I haven't thought about drawing breath.

      And the old man looks at me, his expression unremarkably pleasant. He places his hand on my forearm -


      First Appearances. Scare Factor: 9.

      I'm not sure what it was about the dream that freaked me out so much. But I couldn't be alone in my apartment once I woke up. Not in the dark. It was something like five in the morning, and the Tim Hortons beside the building was open. I threw on clothes and nearly flew down the stairs. I ordered a hot chocolate, and a bagel, and sat with my back to a wall where I could see every exit, I and waited for the sun to come up.