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    1. N5: Playgrounds and textbooks -_-

      by , 08-13-2015 at 08:36 PM
      I can't remember most of this...

      So... Apparently, Sabrina Collins from Raising hope was at a playground... She was blonde, and was holding a game show... It was an obstacle course for little kids XD
      Then I dreamt that my 7-year-old neighbor was writing a book in the style of a school textbook.
      There was more to both the dreams, but I forgot.
      I think that at some point I dreamt about a stone.
    2. Treachery

      by , 01-30-2015 at 05:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was during the thaw. I was going from the bus stop to school. There was a group of classmates behind me, and we were in friendly terms. The head director made an obstacle course in the entrance of school as an action to encourage students to sport. I tried to climb up to the entrance, but I've fallen into the puddle of water. The classmates that were behind me started to laugh and joke from me. At the end they said Where did they get people like him? I shouted back In Hell! and climbed up to the entrance. A DC classmate, that was quite annoying told me Don't care about them. I've also failed to enter the school for the first time.
    3. Mountain Lions and Crocodiles in a river

      by , 08-26-2014 at 01:06 PM


      I remember being with my dad on some obstacle course over a river. There were many dangers. Rapids, crocodiles, and mountain lions. They were always taunting us along the river. I think I've actually been to this section of river before in another dream.

      Eventually we got to some wooden platforms we had to climb. I climbed up first, but then a crocodile attacked my dad. Many more crocodiles started attacking him, too. There were also mountain lions attacking. I tried to do everything I could do to save him, but it was too late. I then tried to revert to a previous point like in ksp, but I couldn't. I was more saddened than frightened.
    4. 5/20/2014

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:28 AM
      I was walking through a New Mexican village in the middle of nowhere with my vest, belt, and Remington 700. People were giving me looks and I was looking for a bathroom. I came upon one of the three bathrooms in the village and there was a line of people waiting to use them. After standing for a while, Warner appeared and started joking around, making people laugh. He recognized me and we started talking about me moving out into a place in the middle of nowhere, and how peaceful it is. Amy was there also. Everyone cleared out and I went into a house full of girls to use their bathroom. All of them left and I got on their couch, which was also a toilet. I leave but return because I forgot to flush. All this time I'm aware of my rifle. I exit and look around. The view changes and I see a beautiful mountain range. I get in my car and drive around, checking out the houses in the village and think "Must suck to be the UPS guy that delivers out here"
      I'm suddenly in a UPS facility being welcomed by a good looking skinny guy with greying hair. He gives me and a bunch of other people welcome gifts and takes us around. I see the girl who, when I saw delivering in Santa Fe, I thought was cute run up to her driver, who was a female. We kept walking and I asked if Mark that worked in Los Lunas was still here. The man said yeah and I asked to be put with him next week since it was the last week of something. The man said "Yeah I will" and I got excited. We entered a facility and I saw Antoinette. She was waiting for a door to close before she pushed the button for the lift we were on to go up. She was complaining about her supervisors, saying "Yeah I sometimes see their stinkin' heads looking at me making sure I wait till the damn doors open" I recognized her voice and called her, saying hi. I told her I'd tell her I had a dream about her next time I saw her. We had to go through a very hard obstacle course that was high up. One girl failed and they were gonna make her do it again. I thought the obstacle course was really hard, even for a person who knew parkour. I jumped on a mini trampoline and my ankle got caught in a hole. I got up and someone behind me said, "Careful, we live in NM and have the ability to swallow brain power..." meaning that most people don't know how to think properly and it doesn't really matter if we wait. I laughed and woke up laughing.
    5. Day 1

      by , 04-04-2014 at 12:40 AM
      The first part of my dream took place in an obstacle course in a gym. The gym was like the cafeteria in the old abandoned nicoma park school, about the same size and with the windows in the same place. However, where the cafeteria meets the hallway, there was just a door leading to the outside. The carpet was a mix of dark forest green and dark red. There were balancing beams and hurdles, and some other things. At the end of the area where the kitchens should be, there were two doorways, through which there were more obstacles. The area in there was open, and reminded me of a WWII exhibit, with tables and coolers of water. I seemed to be looking for someone, a girl. She was athletic with long straight thick smooth brown hair. I seemed to want to find her to carry out our wedding. The girl I was looking for was a few years older than me. The gym was full of people, all minors, doing the obstacle course, as I was. I seem to remember specifically a short, thin dark skinned kid with curly brown hair, a green short and brownish-tan shorts. I asked around to kind this girl. The time was around afternoon, and the obstacle course was a prearranged mandatory event. I don't remember seeing any adults, but I know they were there. I think most of them were through the doorways. I didn't find the girl.

      In the second part of my dream, I was still at the obstacle course. It was the next day and it was early morning. Everything was the same, except there were no people but me and the girl I was looking for. We were doing the obstacle course, talking about something, I think it was about our future. I remember meeting he parents. It was all very surreal, of course, and I seemed to be meeting them to confirm our marriage. They were dressed as if they were the two from that painting, with the man holding the pitchfork next to his wife. I remember thinking about, and talking about, the wedding ceremony. However, I do not think there was a wedding ceremony, but I do remember us being husband and wife in the obstacle course (perhaps she was already me wife?) That is the end of my dream, and this is about the third time this year I have had a wife in my dreams.
    6. Turning Into Babies & The Witcher Obstacle Course

      by , 08-03-2012 at 11:17 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Turning Into Babies (Non-lucid)


      This has to be one of the most surreal dreams I've ever had. How this didn't spark off a DILD I have no idea.

      I'm on the bus with one of my best friends. We get off the bus and start to walk home together. At one point in our walk, the conversation turns to the thought of having children [bear in mind we're only 19], and my friend talks about how bad it would be if his child didn't like the child of his best friend [me? I don't know].

      Suddenly, we are babies. We're both about 1 year old, or whatever age babies start to stand up, but we're totally cool with it. It doesn't bother us. It's as if we've made this change by choice, and as if this was a normal thing to do. We're simply 19-year old guys in babies' bodies.

      I explain that if I, as a baby, were to go up to him and push him over, which I demonstrate, he'd not remember by the time he'd grown up - in an attempt to explain it doesn't matter if babies don't like each other, as they won't remember anyway.

      I then remark how strange it is that we have adult minds, and that anyone that saw us now would be incredible confused by our 19-year old intellect. I also point out that my voice is unchanged, while his is different - though he tells me this isn't the case from his perspective.

      I get the feeling this element to the dream comes from the video of the two babies pretending to have an adult conversation, despite speaking in only 'daa daa's, found here.

      I'm later in the attic room of my new house with my girlfriend. Again, we're both babies.

      For some reason, we take some greetings cards sent for our parents and drop them in a large pot of liquid, so that the writing disappears.

      After going downstairs briefly and coming back up again, we're back in our normal bodies. I pull her on top of me, and she complains that she's too tired to have sex. However, not because I'm trying it on, but because she's been complaining to me recently about being desperate for some action [we haven't seen each other in a few months], and now that's she's finally come to visit, she doesn't have the energy!

      A flop of a sex dream if I ever did see one

      Witcher Obstacle Course (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a huge cave with countless platforms and bridges over a large body of water, again with one of my best friends. We've just finished a Witcher quest [as in, from the game Witcher II, which I've been playing recently] and we head towards the exit.

      We fight through a few easy monsters, with me using my typical Aard sign tactic. However, the magic comes from a giant toothpaste tube, which I squeeze. I'm carrying my coat over one shoulder, which causes me to miss a few times.

      We cross various obstacles, such as a tiny floating platform which moves across the water, which we almost fall off. We eventually arrive at two rope bridges, now joined by two more of my close friends. Two of them take one each, but almost fall off after not realising how unstable they were.

      The dream ends with a tiny, squared rope ladder, which all my friends help me down on my back, but drop me at the bottom.
    7. Random Frag

      by , 02-05-2012 at 01:55 AM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I woke up this morning to no recall, only to look through my DJ and see this scribbled down:

      Went through some obstacle course, sitting a bench in gym hallway (school) talking to some kid asking what my powers are. "I'm really fast and strong and I can turn into a vampire and be even faster and stronger" I told him.

      lol... I don't remember writing that I think the vampire thing is from reading the Rosario+Vampire Manga these past couple days
    8. Amusement Park / Contest Over the Lake

      by , 11-13-2011 at 03:38 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was at some amusement park, on a really lame ride. It was like a roller coaster, but it was slow and stayed indoors on the ground. The cars kept breaking apart, too.

      After that, the place turned into a lake. Apparently there was a contest in which I was competing in. I had to get through an obstacle course above the lake against some other guy. It consisted of ropes and wooden panels. On each panel was a set of songs from different categories. I had to choose the right one. The last panel had love songs, and I was surprised to see Magnet on there. I picked something else though, and that was the right one.

      At the end of the course, I was the winner. The other contestants were doing other things. The girl at the end of the lake did some kind of science experiment.
    9. Another Stupid Field Trip

      by , 07-15-2011 at 05:04 AM
      I have a lot of dreams about taking field-trips with school classes.

      So last night, we went on an "endurance trip." The class was split into groups of four and given a specialty trainer. After training our groups would be put through an obstacle course relevant to thair trained specialty while the rest of the class watched their performance on TV.

      (This is very similar to a book series I read called The Hunger Games, based off of which I have had multiple dreams. Usually in these dreams I am in the violence, however this time I was just watching.)

      For no apparent reason the class was staying at my house while we stayed up all night watching the group's performance on TV.

      I knew three of the four group members: Brandon (a "chum" of mine, don't know well, but he is very nice and humorous), Tania (we were very good friends a few years back and occasionally still get together), and Sarah (we were friends during 2nd and 3rd grade), and a 2nd guy I don't know in RL.

      It was nighttime and it appeared that they were climbing the Eiffel Tower (I'm not sure what the reason was). And a bomb detonated. Suddenly there were bombs going off all over the dang tower (they looked more like mega-high-voltage shocks, I'm nots sure). The coordinators of the obstacle course only meant to have one bomb and the anonymous guy's ex-girlfriend was suspected of sabotaging the course.

      Most people were shocked, some were awed and maybe even proud of the girl for "getting revenge", but I seemed to be the only one who was crying over it.

      However, the group still had to complete the course. I walked away from the TV and stood looking out a glass door. Suddenly I could see the four group members sitting on a bench just outside of the door. They were talking to a gruop of guys who were apparently friends of the anonymous guy.

      Brandon was telling jokes to the guys and laughing with them, apparently unscathed. The anonymous guy was presumed dead, but he had a hood on and I couldn't see his face. Tania was slumped down and sweating terribly with a fever, somehow she'd gotten sick. Sarah had apparently lost several toes and was relatively out of it, like a concusion.

      I was telling the rest of the class what I saw, describing how bad the situation was. But then I started to wake up. As the dream was fading I realized the coordinators were giving me the option of replacing one of the group members so that they could be taken care of and I would help the group carry on. However, I awoke too soon to decide my course of action.
    10. Pug Genocide and the Obstacle Course + Circle Class + Fragments

      by , 03-08-2011 at 03:36 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Pug Genocide and the Obstacle Course

      Iím on my street walking two dogs, a Pomeranian and a pug. I make sure to keep them walking on the right side of the road, and my dream-mind thinks of how much I like the direction of East. I have trouble keeping them out of the roads but I manage to take them to my destination: a big building with all the kids from school waiting in line outside. Thereís something going on, but I donít really know what. I notice that if I get in line, Iíll be waiting for hours. Itís extremely hot out, the peak of summer.

      I see my Uncle Pat come at me from a distance. He has a shot gun. Suddenly I am being pulled to the ground. I canít see anything and my dogs are taken. Hands are over me. I am put in a car. I open my eyes. Iím in the backseat. My momís in front with my Nana and the dogs are here in the back. The windows are rolled up and weíre all sweating really hard because of the heat.

      ďYou canít take Pugs out in the open,Ē my Nana says. She explains that they are being killed off, and my Uncle is one of the men who shoots them. I donít know why itís happening. I roll a window down and shove my face out. Itís a little refreshing. I draw things in the thick condensation thatís formed on the windows.

      They drop me off at my dream-house, where Iím staying. Itís night time. I take the dogs into a shed and ruffle through a few boxes. I find a purple wig and put it on. In the mirror, I look the same, and my wig looks really funny. I canít fit all my hair under it.

      I go into the house. Iím staying with an autistic boy and his autistic friend. They annoy me, not because theyíre autistic, but they wonít leave me alone for a moment. I try to run into my room and quickly close the door, but they get in. I do it again, forcefully and lock the door. The dogs play around in my room.

      The scene jumps to me going back to the building with the school kids. Itís daytime again, but the same day, just a few hours later. No one is outside and I see the tail end of the line going in. Shit. To go in, you walk up some stairs on the side of the building, so I do that. The next part is the beginning of a big obstacle course. I didnít know that was what this was.

      Derek, my friend, is in front of me. After the stairs, you climb through a window-esque opening. I do so, but after casually going through, I am almost falling off a circular ledge that leads from the outside to the inside. Below me, all the kids are doing their obstacles or just watching me fall. This is the first part, and Iím already failing. Well I didnít know about it, so I donít feel that bad, I donít really care about this. The ledge is absolutely terrifying, however.

      I fall more, and Iím dangling half inside half outside the building, my hands on the ledge.

      ďFuck all you hoes,Ē I say (lols) and manage to lift myself up. I slink around the ledge and come to a bigger part of it. Kayla, a schoolmate, is in back of me. There are two doorways. They are both extremely small. I enter one, and it gets blistering hot as I walk through. I take off my hoodie, and my mind says this is why my dream has been so hot. Itís still hot in the hallway. It zigzags vertically and becomes too small to fit through. I look back and see Kayla has taken the other hallway, the correct choice. Shit, failed again.

      Scene change to the end of the course. Iíve probably come in last, but Iím hanging out with the first place and second place kids until they make a final announcement. Itís kind of like a break time. First place is ďHeatherĒ, although it doesnít look like her and she keeps taking her glasses off (which she doesnít have in waking life) and saying how she canít see.

      Circle Class

      I am in a big fancy house and I am going to interview someone. They bring me to the ďtea roomĒ, which is a huge circular white room. I sit down.

      Scene change to me sitting in the room, but in a desk. There are about thirty desks all arranged in a circular way. I see Jack sitting on the other side of the circle. Iím talking to Megan, a childhood friend, and Derek, a friend from school. We talk for a long time, most of the dream, but I donít remember dialogue much. My mouth is really dry.

      I look down the line and see Heather talking to a friend, Aimee. I get a jealousy pang but remember that Iím having a quite good time myself here talking with Megan. We are sitting in rolly chairs and I spin around the room, having some fun.

      For some reason, a lot of people start to leave. I think theyíll come back so I wait. Eventually itís just me and a few kids near Jack who are really dedicated students and wouldnít leave a class. I know everyone is having a good time without me, and I get very upset. I see Derek left me a drawing. Itís really good, and on the back it has a black scratch area. It reveals rainbow colors if you scratch it away. I doodle on it and think about what Heather is doing without me. I do some funny things to entertain the students, who laugh, but I canít close my mouth. Itís too dry!

      I wake up, and have the worst dry mouth. I drink water and go back to bed.


      I am in Goodwill with my mom and someone else. This girl Emily who is really disgusting is here. She points to a sailing instrument, a tiny globe that has a handle under it that controls a grid laying over the earth. It tells you longitude and latitude numbers. I really want it, but itís thirty dollars. I carry it around and slip it into my pocket.

      I check out the records and they have video game soundtracks. I really want the Donkey Kong 64 Part 2 (doesnít exist!) soundtrack, or the Banjoe Tooie. No money, oh well. I think about telling my friend Lotie about them, because she just got a record player.

      I look at a television playing something on a shelf. A thought comes to mind that my mom had cancer in my dream or something. The dream details on this, but I donít recall any of it.


      Itís a year later than now, and I ďwake upĒ in a daze into the new present time, knowing nothing of the past year. I ask Heather all the things we did in the passing year, and have my mom tell me some things we did too. I go to a park with my mom and dad and my dad uncovers my old bike from under a hiding spot. He said I put it there last year.

      I'm in my first room ever. On the ground there are two vests, identical. Weird, I think. Why would that happen? I could be dreaming. I become lucid, look at the vests, and see they are remarkably different. I wake up.