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    1. 241115: A Serene House in the Forest, A Mathematical Series in my Grandparent's Old House.

      by , 11-24-2015 at 07:18 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm walking in a deep hilly wooded area on a grey day. There is a lake to my left. There are large lumps of tree roots on the surface of the ground and I trip over them. I make my way to a house, it looks modern and is very solitary, no other house in sight, as if it was right in the middle of a little depression in the ground. Looks like a safe place.

      I go inside and it is fairly dim inside as only a bluish grey light comes through the shaded windows. It give the whole house a mystical and serene feeling, hard to explain. A lamp is in the corner, it looks very fancy and modern in design gives a little more of a golden lighting deeper in the house. There is something oddly satisfying being here, safe, serene, a mindset like something remembered in childhood.

      I'm in my grandparent's old place. In the kitchen, all the lights are on, I see a mosaic decorative plate on the wall. It's like all the other decorative things they have on the wall. There are three tiles on it that stand out, the rest have fallen away. They look a bit like hexagons, one has a large "C" on it, meaning a complex number. One tile is touching it on its left, the other tile is one space away from the "C" tile on the right, not touching it. I look at it and it is supposed to show a mathematical number sequence that has something to do with complex numbers. I try to think what it could mean, I think the terms of the series can tessellate the whole plate. I hear in my mind "only a fool adds them together...".

      In the bathroom, out the window I see one of my friends and his friend have arrived by car. What are they doing all the way up here?

      I have to give a presentation of a subject of my choice. I use my sister's computer to look for some information of Kendrick Lamar, I type his name into Google. I can't find enough information, at least not enough for me to want to confidently present anything.

      It's dark outside, I'm standing by the large show window of a bookstore, there is a golden orange light coming from it, fancy, brown wooden shelves have books on them. I think of doing my presentation of Satanism and the occult, I begin to notice books with those words on the spines on the shelves. Is it too edgey?

      I wake up through the night, feeling sick and disorientated.
    2. DILD, DEILD Chaining, FA caught, Ocean Swimming, Lucid Dreaming Interuptus

      by , 10-27-2013 at 10:30 PM
      10/27/13*+ 1145 505 WBTB SSILD. I am in my home office doing one of my typical functions closing out. The computer software is freezing up. I hear the sound aluminum blinds rustling and I realize I'm dreaming. Perhaps because I do not have blinds here. But I wake up. I deild I feel the vibrations and I see my ceiling up close this is the second or third time recently I have entered a dream this way. I look at patterns on the ceiling and realize that they are probably nothing like patterns of my actual ceiling and they start to form very consistent pattern. I think about how I want to proceed from here and I feel I'm back in bed and vibrations start up again this time decide picture a beautiful view of the ocean. I end up in the ocean start swimming putting both hands in front of me and paddling outwards to move forward. I remember suggestions to just keep going, moving forward, to stabilize a dream and I do this. I also think about rubbing my hands together but then I realize I start to sink and I resume swimming. I
      remember my goal and I start to visualize an island after swimming what seemed like a decent while. A small island appears with a single palm tree and I crawl myself on the shore and the dream fades
      into a false awakening where I write down my previous dreams not wanting to forget but then I noticed that my son is here and and we dropped him off already IWL so I realize I'm dreaming again. I talked to him about dreaming and I say that we are dreaming right now and he says yeah I guess we are...or something like that. Then I tell my wife the same thing and say look we even have visitors sleeping over that we weren't expecting a lady over there and a baby. My wife says nah like she doesn't believe me that we're dreaming. I lean over lady I think she looks kind of like G's friend from last night. My elbow and forearm accidentally touches her down in her private area and I feel awkward wondering if I should pretend like I didn't notice... she looks at me
      funny and seems to get upset
      this makes me lose my already dwindling lucidity it seems...thinking I am awake now I get & hide my DJ before wife starts tying it together with my mistake. The lady notices what I'm doing and says something about what I'm doing being wrong or something and she begins to prepare something with another lady. They put two dabs of something wet on the space between my foot and my shin but closer to the foot in the front of my lower leg or upper foot. I start to think this is weird and she has some occult website up on her laptop that she has and is following along like she's going to chant some spell and I start to say no no no you're not going to do this. She says it makes you feel good. I say yeah the evil can make you feel good but then you start doing things that you don't want to or should not do. Odd!!! This should have brought me back to lucidity. I guess I was so wrapped up in the attempt to make sure I stop them from proceeding. I wake up and write down
      the dream for real this time. I can see in my dream journal this morning where as the first part was not obviously. My next dream there's an announcement for all police officers to stay clear of a particular intersection. I even remembered one of the streets maybe both of them but do not recall them at this time and I don't think they are street names that mean anything to me. It seems but that they are tracking someone near that intersection and they don't want any police presence to scare them off. I'm in a room and I hear a knock on the door, open the door or someone else opens the door and someone pops out from out of sight and it startles me and I wake up. It feels like I realized it was a dream right before I woke up but I'm not sure if it was as I was waking up so I'm definitely I'm not counting it. Fragment where someone says salad with spicy chicken chunks is the only choice to eat at this time. I wake up and write it down. I have a number of advanced
      dreamlets with with short action and dialogue and I try to grab onto a few of them. When that doesn't work I just observe them as passively as I can. My last dream was not lucid unfortunately but I'm in line at McDonalds or a fast food place like it, and I see a little girl go behind the counter and grab a piece of food. I then notice that what appears to be her father is also behind the counter in plain clothes(not a uniform) and it seems like they're family of one of the workers. He is putting miscellaneous food items in his pocket to eat later I assume. I do wonder how cleanly that is and whether I should order food here. Then another girl probably another daughter is getting food as well and putting it in one of the containers they use sitting on the counter. I wake up and write down the dream. I close my eyes and see if I have any random odd thoughts or images come up indicating that I might still be able to dream but I think it is too late in the morning and I decide to get up.
    3. The Occult; GF; Driving a Charger

      by , 08-07-2012 at 10:39 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      The Occult

      IWL, I study nutrition. Tocopherols are a class of chemical compounds of which many have vitamin E activity.

      I dreamed there was an occult called Tocepherol. There were a bunch of people hanging around outside a building. They were all chanting some bullshit. There was a wind storm brewing.

      I started kind of making fun of them. I got a tree branch and held it above me. I ran up to them. I had to jump from a 3 foot wall down into their little courtyard. At the edge of the wall, I saw them all walking slowly in a oval as was the shape of the courtyard, or they were just shuffling around stupidly here or there.

      The wind was picking up. I saw trees swaying in the night wind. I was back a ways again and had a nice long tree branch. As I ran up, I positioned my branch to be comfortable in my hand and to have proper effect. It was long and looked impressive.

      I ran up screaming and mocking them. As I screamed, I was trying to make the wind pick up, and it did. I saw tree limbs snapping. It only added to the effect of me screaming with my tree branch which also snapped in half because it was rotten.

      I finally jumped down into the courtyard. There were people joining the occult and people leading it. The people joining had drawn little scribble monster things to show how they believed.

      There was a guy and a gir. The girl wore a dress. The guy was saying something about how someone as going to do something like screw something into someones throat, or many people were going to do this ritual. The girl said that if anyone was going to do that, it might as well be a girl.

      I thought this was the wrong logic unless you were buying into the occult. I didn't bother to tell them that. I was getting an inside look at this occult and it was getting serious. The screwing into the throat thing had a name, but I can't remember what it was.

      I started walking around and mixing with the locals. Everyone was brainwashed. I met one guy who didn't really get it. I asked what he was going to do and he said he was going to go inside. I think I advised against that. Inside was the next level in and it was even harder to get out of the occult. They would try to keep you in.

      I did go in, but only because I wanted to see what was going on, and I knew they weren't going to brainwash me; when I went in though, it was hard to get out. The leaders had the exit kind of blocked just by sheer volume of people.

      I would go out of this room and come back in for some reason, but going back out got harder each time.

      I ended up with a bag of something. There was a candle that I couldn't get to stay lit. the wick was in the wax, so I was trying to let the wax melt away from the wic so it would burn higher. Somehow the candle shown on a girl in th bag. It made sense in the dream. The girl was naked and I wanted to get a better view of her.

      Now everyone was getting ready to do something for the occult. There was an attractive girl getting ready. She was naked, but she was covered in wax. She was really brainwashed. She was going in to be fucked by someone, or to be burned, or both. Then she caught fire from her right leg. She didn't seem to care.

      Then one of the leaders or something--he started telling me and the other guy who wasn't really buying this crap, a story about one of the other leaders. This guy said that the other guy hand taken his two best girs and (accidentally) burned them to ashes, and he would talk to other girls, and taking a little of their ashes, he would say, "This is an ace" or "This is an ace of spaids." Then he would give the ash to the girl he was talking to.

      It was time to get the Hell out of there. I talked to this one guy and asked what he was going to do. He said, "I guess I'll bribe the Sherrif!" The guy hadn't done anything, but that would sure make it seem as though he had.

      I just left, but I don't know if I got out of the courtyard. It was like I could check out anytime I wanted, but I could never leave. I actually could once I got out of that room, but now the courtyard was hard to leave also.


      I was on a beach looking at a huge wave. Some people were surfing. I mentioned that I had surfed waves like that in Melbourne (FL) on the eve of hurricane Hugo. I did surf that day iwl, but it was nothing like the wave in my dream.

      I ended up going to this one girls house. They had chickens. I mentioned that I have a chicken coup half built out. She said she was selling one. I asked how much. She thought for a minute and said, $700.00. I forgot what I said, but I mentioned it would be hard to get it back to my state. Later she offered it for $600.00

      We went further in the house and I saw her dad. He was looking at repairs that were needed. There was a very narrow hall. One wall looked like an extra wall that wasn't necessary. At the end, I looked around it. Down a long flight of steps was a dark, basement. There was debris like rock and dust at the bottom. It was a good, spooky basement.

      The girls father said something about what they needed to do to the basement.

      I left the house with the girl. I was in my underwear, but it looked like swim trunks. I asked if she liked how I was just walking around in my underwear.

      Dream Skip

      I'm with a girl. She was a girl I went out with a couple times iwl, but it just wasn't right--at all. She had asked about us. I had to tell her it was over but I didn't want to hurt her.

      I said, "We had fun, didn't we?"

      She knew what that meant. She started to cry a little. I didn't say anything else because there was no need. I held her hand.

      Now I'm in a car with her and someone else. I'm looking at the girl. I can't take my eyes off her. She looks a little different now and is very cute. Her hair is brown instead of black. Then she has grey streaks in her hair. She's still really cute.

      The girl is gone and I'm in the car with a guy who's telling me how he was once driving this VW Bug in disrepair. He said it was only going about 5 mph once while he was on the phone. I told him I had a dream of the occult last night. I remembered the dream I had 3 hours ago in this dream.

      We pass a business where they are holding a birthday party for someone. The guy says he would like to get with the girl who wants to do 45 hits of GBS. I look and ask, "Which one?"

      He says, "I'll show you." He turned into the driveway, and now I'm with my friend MJ. He drives up and tries to drive through the owners of the business who turns us away. It's a private party. She knows we are up to no good and says, "Sticks and stones can hurt" or something like that.

      My friend turned around, and as we were about to pull out of the property, he slowly raises his finger to point the girl out. I told him not to be so obvious.

      Driving a Charger

      I was with two girls in their Dodge Charger. It was a '67 or so. I was driving it about 80 mph on the highway. It was really shaky. When I saw a car on the side of the road, I had to slow down because I couldn't tell if it was a cop or not.

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