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    1. #10. Humans vs Zombies with New Rules

      by , 06-08-2014 at 08:45 PM

      In bed: 2:55 AM - 9:20 AM

      #10. I 9:00 AM
      I am taking part in a week of Humans vs Zombies. During this game, zombies will have a limited number of lives over the whole week, limiting their lives like a human though they do get more than one. The new game is just starting. I am at my dorm and already a zombie, so I must be an original zombie or there was an earlier mission that I was tagged at. Something is going on here at my dorm, with some fighting here. I am much more cautious though since I have a limited number of lives. Later, I am just hanging around the dorm talking with non-players as I wait for the mission to be sent out. When it is finally sent out, I see that it is located at this company of sorts on campus that has an office building here for some reason. I am quite surprised by this mission location. I head out biking to the place. Inside, I try to stay hidden since I see a big group of humans who I can’t do much too alone. Later, I see two humans I know and follow behind them crouching down trying to stay quiet. They enter an office room, and I follow behind them inside. I see a good moment after entering and sprint at them, cleanly tagging one of them. The person heard me at some point and was turning around as I tagged the other person. I still am able to tag them, though they do fire. They accept that they were tagged but argue to take a life away from me.
    2. Office Cleaned and Freshly Painted (fragment)

      by , 01-06-2013 at 09:07 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: December 25, 2012 – 4:30AM (USA Eastern)

      Went into office and all of the walls were freshly painted. All of the stuff in the lab was gone and the workbench was empty.
    3. Firewall Troubles

      by , 09-30-2012 at 06:06 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 29, 2012 – 6:45AM (USA Eastern)

      I am working on some of the networking equipment at the office. I punch down a couple of cables into the patch bay, then run patch cords over to the switch. As soon as I plug in the last patch cord, I hear a click followed by a fan spinning down. I look to my right to see that one of my co-workers had just turned off the power switch on the firewall. She looks at me and says, “I turned it off because it was getting too warm.” I replied, “You do know that you just turned off the whole Internet, right?” She said, “Oops.” and then walked away.

      For some reason, the firewall is out of its chassis and is sitting on a shelf. The bare circuit board is resting on a telephone book and the power supply is dangling off to the side with its cable plugged into the board. I reach back over and turn on the power switch and the fan spins back up. When I pull my hand back from the switch, I bump into the cables and knock the circuit board off the telephone book. The front of the board touches the metal shelf and makes a couple of sparks. Immediately, the hard drive in the firewall starts making the click of death.

      Realizing that the firewall is now completely fucked, I wander over to the R&D lab to see if there is an extra firewall laying around. As I walk by the boss's office, I see that his door is closed and the doorknob is missing. I knock on his door to tell him that the Internet will be down for a little while, but I get no answer. I continue down the hall to the R&D storage room. When I enter, the light will not turn on. I look at the switch and it is in the up position. I flip it down and up again, but no light.

      I suddenly wake up, thinking about the light switch not working. Chances are, I was on the verge of lucidity, but shocked myself awake instead. I tried to re-enter the dream, but ended up having another short dream with zero recall.
    4. Nightmare: A Shooter in an Office Building

      by , 07-30-2012 at 04:56 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      [TRIGGER WARNING: This journal entry contains content that recalls the shootings in Aurora, CO. Reader discretion is advised.]

      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm on the second floor of a big office building, and I take the elevator down to the first floor. There are a lot of other people in the elevator with me. I get an odd feeling that something big and important is about to happen in just a few moments.

      I exit the elevator and walk out into the ground-floor lobby of the building. It's a large space with lots of glass that lets in sunlight, and there are lots of people walking through the lobby, going in all directions.

      Suddenly, a man with some kind of small-to-medium-sized automatic weapon fires a short burst of gunfire into the air, in the middle of the room. Everyone in the lobby panics and tries to take cover, including me.
      [I know this nightmare was inspired directly by the recent Aurora theater shooting tragedy.] As the gunman continues shooting random people in the room, I hide under a long, low, rectangular wooden table with another young woman, about my own age, with brown hair. She and I whisper to each other about how this isn't very good cover, and how he's going to find us here any moment know. We're right - he does find us there, and threatens us with the firearm. I'm terrified that I'm about to be killed. Fortunately, I realize that I'm dreaming, and that that means I can just fly away. So I do. I fly away from the gunman in a straight line, passing right through the wall of the building without even realizing that I've done so until I'm well outside the building. When I'm some distance away, I look back at the tall office building I just left. I'm far enough away that the gunman is now little more than a dot, still visible through the windows.

      [There was more to this dream; I went on to explore the rest of the dream while lucid, but I don't remember any of the specifics.]

      Side notes:
      *derisive snort* And I call myself an oneironaut! I was having a nightmare, I became lucid, and I just used my dream control abilities to run away from the danger. Next time I go lucid during a nightmare, I will try to remember to stand up to the threat and talk it down.

      By the way, I had this dream at a hotel, on Night #1 of my big relocation road trip.
    5. It's Full Of Stars

      by , 06-28-2012 at 04:22 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm on a street in a bright, sunny city when I realize that I'm dreaming. Pleased and excited to be lucid (as always), I stop and take a look around. I'm at a T-intersection, and on one corner is a big, tall building with businesses on the bottom few floors and apartments on the upper floors. It's white, with a red roof and other colorful accents. I turn to my right and see that its twin is on the other corner of the intersection.

      There's probably a mirror in there somewhere that I can go through, I think. I approach the first building and go in the first door I find, a single door that has the name and logo of my real-life credit union on it. I go inside, and it is, indeed, a branch of said credit union. Almost everyone I see inside is a friend from real life, mostly from church, and I say hello to them as they walk past on their way out the door, but they don't seem to take any notice of me.

      The main room of the branch is very small and narrow. I walk through it, turn a corner, walk down a very short hallway, turn another corner, and find a room with a rectangular, wall-sized mirror covering a fairly large area of one wall.

      I stand facing the mirror. What do I want to be on the other side? I think to myself. One of the places I've lived before. I step forward confidently and easily go right through the mirror. I don't feel anything at all from it this time.

      There's nothing but a completely empty, black void on the other side. When I'm all the way through the mirror, I find that while there's no floor, instead of falling down, I'm sinking down very slowly. Suddenly, I feel an overwhelming rush of profound thoughts and knowledge coming at me out of the void, while at the same time, it transforms from completely black and empty to a starfield of white stars. I'm frightened, and feel like all this is too much to handle, so I feel behind me with my hands for the edge of the mirror.
      [I'm now in a seated position, though I don't specifically remember getting into it.] I find the edge of the mirror and use my arms to pull myself up and out of the mirror, back where things are at least recognizable as normal. [No, I don't remember any of the content of those profound thoughts, just that it was like a tidal wave.]

      [Side note: Woohoo! This is the first time I've ever completed the Task of the Month for two consecutive months! ]
    6. Flood Waters / Office Building (fragment)

      by , 10-21-2011 at 09:03 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: October 19, 2011 – 6:30AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      I am walking along a wooded trail, trying to get to my workplace. As I am walking, I can see that there is a river along the trail which is flooded well over its banks. The further I walk, the higher the water gets. As I approach the building, I find that the flood waters have completely surrounded the building. In an attempt to stay out of the water, I climb up on a fallen tree and jump from tree to tree to get to the building.

      Once I get to the door, I can see that the roof is leaking really bad. Water is dripping from the ceiling everywhere. The boss is in there, saying that he wants to salvage a few things before the flood ruins everything. I grab a few things off my bench, then walk over to the front office. The accounting person is not retrieving anything at all. I ask her if she wants anything out of the safe and she replies, "No." I look outside to see that the flood is getting a little bit worse. Suggesting that it's time to leave, I pick up my box of stuff and head out of the building.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    7. Explosions and exploring...

      by , 09-24-2011 at 12:50 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      I had several dreams last night, one of them lucid:

      In my first dream, I’m in a field with some friends of mine. I look up into the sky and see some kind of small aircraft approaching. I watch it fly overhead; I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s small but it has all these gadgets attached to it, so I conclude that it must be some sort of drone aircraft. Then I notice a few more in the sky; they seem to be circling. Suddenly, one of them bursts into a bunch of small pieces and I realize that the small pieces are dropping down like small missiles and exploding when they hit the ground. People on the ground are in a panic and running for cover. As one of the small drone planes bursts directly over my head, my friends and I jump into this vehicle (truck?) for cover. But looking up, I see that the small missiles are dropping straight down on us and I know that if they hit the truck, it will explode. So I tell my friends we have to run. We leave the cover of the truck and run towards an area of ground where the missiles have already hit because I know we’ll be safe there. We end up at the top of this 3 story house and have to descend down to ground level to get away.

      In my next dream, I’m in the lobby of a big building. I take notice of how detailed my surroundings are and realize that this must be a lucid dream. I do a RC by holding my nose and find that I can breathe through it. I also look at my hands and find them a little deformed. I notice that the carpeting is kind of rough, like sandpaper, so I ask that the floor be softer and smoother. Instantly, the carpet becomes soft and smooth. So I start exploring and find that I’m in some sort of office building of a company that makes gag gifts. I walk around, marveling at the detail and realism of everything, sometimes even back tracking to look at certain things again. This goes on for what seems like about ten minutes. I even check my hands again to see if I’m still lucid and they once again appear deformed. I end up on what looks like a loading dock and tell the dream I need to find a toilet, since I need to go to the bathroom. Looking around, I see that there is a toilet on the floor but it’s not hooked up. So I ask one of the dream figures what they do when they have to go to the bathroom. The DF, a woman, replies, “We just go on the floor”, and points to a small puddle on the concrete floor. I find this surprising and funny, and wake up.

      I’m pleased that I had a lucid dream (my third) but disappointed that I really didn't accomplish anything other than walking around. I need to remember to try to focus and tell the dream more what I want (dream tasks). I haven't even flown in a dream yet.
    8. 33rd Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 09-18-2011 at 09:07 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dream

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      18-09-11 I am in an office building, it is the one I used to work in in England though it doesn't really look anything like it. I am back working there though my role is changed and besides that I am more confident and have a bit more of a give a fuck attitude towards the place.

      The woman I am going with tells me we have to leave, but then Cyrille steps in and tells me that I am not going anywhere. Think he has a suspicion that we aren't really working when we are off site together. Instead I get tasked with cleaning up the management's staff and meeting area.

      I keep running into Ben T, who seems to be wearing a sling around his arm, but he assures me it isn't. I am not too bothered about having to clean, in fact I decide that I will do it quite thoroughly it beats being on the phone.

      The place is really quite filthy, so I decide to take it one room at the time. Cyrille tells me to get around the edges quite well and I ask if he has an extension for the hoover in that case as I am not going to bend all the way down to do that job. I start out with the kitchen and break area where after I move to an office room rarely used, which is understandable as there are loads of stuff and the floor is filth.

      The dream skips to somewhere else, where I am, not exactly sure where, but then I return to finish the job.

      At one point when I am back doing the work my perspective shifts from the building I am in out to a building far away. I can see that I am in a sky scraper of sorts and that the company only has 2 floors of the building (where in waking life they have a 3 story building completely to themselves). And while I am in this perspective I hear Tim S give a small scale presentation that the company has been successfully sold for some billion “currency” amount.

      I shift back to the building and Tim comes and grabs me and take me through the first floor, which is completely empty, which strikes me as odd and we walk towards the staircase/lift area. He asks me if I remember him giving me this key to the building. I feel ashamed I thought he had forgotten about that, it is a key to get into the building. But I reply “Yes”, “Well can I have it back?”, “No I don't have it any more, I lost it”, “The locks are supposed to be changed when we loose a key, why didn't you tell me?”, I explain that I was somewhat afraid of him and especially that it might have affected my career negatively. He reassures me that he wouldn't have done that.

      Notes: Really bad recall this night, only remember this one. On the plus side I woke up with light in my eyes, which is rare and I haven't slept this well for a long time ^^
    9. Exploring Three Dream Abilities

      by , 05-10-2011 at 04:22 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      I'm traveling to Epcot on a highway. The highway is elevated relative to the park, which is long and narrow, and lush and green. There is a giant, inflated jack-o’-lantern in the center of the park. I’m dismayed to realize that the jack-o’-lantern has become the park’s de facto icon; it was never meant to be.

      [Different dream.] I'm at a summer camp somewhere. [The day before I had this dream, I'd suddenly, randomly come to the nostalgic realization that it had been a very long time since I'd been to a camp of any kind. Thanks, brain! :-) ] I arrive at a wooden pickup station (sort of like a bus stop) at 8:15 A.M. [I think], in time to get picked up by a horse-drawn, wheeled wagon. I climb up into it and sit down on one of several benches. The wagon takes me and several other campers to an Old Western town where a reenactment activity will take place.

      When I get there, I'm really glad I got up in time to catch the wagon, because the town is pretty cool. There are a bunch of animatronic figures that re-enact the shootout at the OK Corral. They have guns that fire styrofoam bullets, which stick to designated, smooth, flat target areas on the other animatronic figures. I move out of the way and take cover while the shootout is going on, not wanting to get hit by the bullets.

      When the shootout is over, a large bunch of balloons comes floating toward me. I understand that it’s to transport me back to the point where I entered the town. I take hold of the ribbons on the balloons and allow them to pick me up and float me over some buildings to another part of the town.

      I touch down in front of some town official, possibly the mayor or the sheriff. He asks me, “What do you think of the town?”

      “I think I’ll stay,” I answer. When I say this, what I mean by it is that I want to get a souvenir picture taken in period costume. There is a kiosk nearby where you can do this. I’m about to do it, but when I look at the signs on the kiosk, I see that the pictures cost $5.00 each. I don’t want to pay $5.00 for a photo, so I change my mind and turn away.

      [Dreamskip.] I’m floating with my bunch of balloons again [I think], heading toward a theme park with a roller coaster. I’m thinking about how theme parks are architectural works of art, and should be appreciated as such.

      [I waited too long to start writing this, so I don't really remember what happened between the end of that scene and the beginning of the next one, nor do I remember how or why I became lucid.]

      I'm in the entrance corridor of a big, fancy office building with a beautifully decorated interior. In front of me is a long wall with a door in it, and a sign next to the door indicating that these are the offices of a financial company. I know that it's a subsidiary of another company, and that it's in charge of the other company's finances.

      I think, Okay. I'm going to try to walk through a wall again. I start walking forward, thinking about that goal. I begin to pass through the wall, and the room on the other side becomes visible. I continue moving forward. Even when I've gone far enough that I should be all the way through, I can still see parts of the ornately-decorated wall; they linger in my vision, semi-transparent and seeming to stick with me, like the strands of a spiderweb stick to you when you walk through it. I think, Just keep going forward. They'll go away, and you'll get through. You can do it. I keep moving forward, and the last strands of the afterimage of the wall finally fall away behind me, leaving me standing in the financial offices. There's no tactile sensation this time, though, unlike in my previous lucid dream when I went through the car door; this time, I don't feel anything at all from the wall. I'm happy and proud that I've finally walked through a wall without leaving a hole in it.

      I wander through the financial offices a bit. There are employees of the company there, walking around, going about their everyday work. I think, I'm invisible and inaudible to them. Or, if I am visible, I just look like another employee. Somehow, I just know intuitively that one or the other of these things is true.

      Eventually, I end up in front of another long wall, this one made of mirrors.
      [I don't remember now how I got from one scene to the next.] When I find myself in front of this wall of mirrors, I think, Now that I've figured out how to walk through walls, I'd like to try out another dream ability. I wonder if I can create a portal. Remembering what I read in somebody’s DJ here on DreamViews, I use my right index finger to trace a circle on the mirror-wall. [I don't know what exactly made me pick this destination, but] In my thoughts, I pick “heaven” as the destination that I want to be on the other side of the portal. When I'm finished drawing the circle, the area inside it doesn't transform into a portal; instead, it swings inward, like a door on a hinge. I go through the doorway.

      The doorway is on one of the short sides of a rectangular room. The floor, walls, and ceiling of the room are all the same dark, metallic slate-gray color. At the opposite end of the room is a raised stage, also that same color, and on the stage is a smaller-than-life-size, cartoon lion. He's very definitely alive, though, and I know who he is immediately. I kneel down on the floor where I am and exclaim, “My Lord Aslan!”
      [Hmm. Well. That's reassuring.]

      [I don't really remember how I got to the next scene. I remember attempting to create another portal and finding only darkness on the other side of the circular door because I hadn't been thinking of any particular destination, but I don't remember whether that was before or after the above scene. In any case, here's the next scene that I do remember.]

      I'm now outside the building I was in before, walking across a grassy field. I happen to glance down at my feet and notice that I'm barefoot, and that I appear to have an unusually large number of toes, sticking out at odd angles and overlapping each other in unnatural ways, just like my fingers sometimes do when I look at them in dreams. I look down again, and this time I see that I have eight toes in a neat row on my left foot. It makes me smile to discover that toes can exhibit the same odd behavior as fingers in dreams.

      I'm very pleased with my achievements so far tonight, but no other ideas for new abilities to try out come to mind, and the sky and the grass are so inviting, so I decide to fly. I kick off the ground with my right foot and take off. I find myself being forced backward by some unseen, unidentified force, just as I have many times before when I've started flying. I move my fists into the position I learned from my dream dad in my previous lucid, with my left fist close to my chest and my right one further away from my body, and move them back and forth relative to each other, trying to use that new technique I'd just learned to gain control over my flying. It works. I stop feeling the unseen force, and begin flying forward.

      [That’s the last I remember of my dream.]

      I woke up and found myself still in sleep paralysis. I didn’t feel any vibrations this time, though; it just felt like my arms and legs were really heavy, and like I couldn’t move them even if I tried. I waited a few seconds before moving my arms from their position up over my head. I didn’t even remember putting them there before falling asleep. A few minutes later, the feeling goes away.

      Side notes:

      I get to check another goal off my list of lucid-dreaming goals! Yay! I really look forward to continuing to improve my intangibility skills. Now that I've more or less gotten the hang of going through things, my new big goal is to get good at defining, creating, and getting into dream environments of my choice.
    10. I Got Hired! (Too bad it was a dream.)

      by , 03-27-2011 at 07:09 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      [Dream #1] I'm at the offices of a certain company. [The layout is slightly different than it is in real life.] I'm wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with some logo on it. As far as I know, I'm there to volunteer for the day, to test-drive the job I'm being considered for. [Specifically, the one I'm being considered for in real life.] From the part of the office where all the workstations are, I go out to the front reception desk for something. The person at the desk asks me to stop and let her take my picture for my ID badge. I'm surprised. If I'm getting my picture taken for my permanent ID badge, that must mean that they're actually giving me the job! I hadn't realized that today was officially my first day on the job! I had thought I was just there to volunteer and see what it was like. I'm so happy and honored that I actually got the job!

      I speak to the lady at the front desk, expressing some of that excitement and those thoughts, and adding something along the lines of, “If I had known today was my first day and I was getting my picture taken, I would have dressed up more!” She tells me that since I'm not wearing any makeup or anything, I should go back to my workstation and look through my paperwork from the interview and application process, to see if there's still a good, professional-looking photo of me in there. I go back to my workstation and do so. There is, indeed, a good photo of me among many other pieces of paper in a manila folder. I bring the picture back to the front desk and give it to the lady there. “I have a nice smile in this picture,” I say when I give it to her. She accepts it, and we shake hands. I start to say something like, “You have no idea how much this means to me! This is only my second full-time job ever...” I kind of stop after that, because I've just realized that mentioning how inexperienced I am probably isn't the smartest thing to do at my new job.

      I go down some stairs, which lead down and out of the building in a spiral. The outdoor part of the stairway is carved out of stone. On my way down, I pass my friends Linda N. and Janet
      [they're both friends of mine from real life]. I smile at them and say hello.

      When I woke up and discovered that my first day on the job had just been a dream, I was genuinely surprised, then immediately became genuinely angry and disappointed. [It makes sense both that I would feel that way and that I would dream about getting that job; I've been waiting all week to hear whether I got the job, so it's been on my mind a lot and I really, really want it to happen. Also, I'd like to note that this dream was actually much longer and much more detailed, elaborate, and vivid than described above. I didn't get a chance to write about it until just before bed the following night, though, so I no longer recall all the details.]

      [Dream #2] I'm out on a road trip with my family. At a store where we stop along the way, I buy a small children's book that is [somehow] about the song “Friday,” on impulse. We're on our way to stay at the home of some friends. When I get there, I sit on the floor in the living room and read the book. [I could read perfectly normally in the dream, as always, but I don't remember now what it said.] While I'm there, three teenage boys come into the room.

      The house we're staying in is huge, and has lots of people living in it. I watch some younger kids get up to the second floor by climbing some stepladder steps that jut out from the wall in one corner of the living room and lead to an opening between the first and second floors. To get to the bottom step, they have to stand on the couch.

      I wander into
      [what is most likely] the dining room, passing the woman whose house it is along the way. On the back wall of this room is a normal staircase leading to the second floor. The woman asks me if I want an entire room, or just a place to sleep. I answer, “I just need a place to sleep.” The woman tells me to go upstairs, and I do so. The staircase ends in a bedroom with a kid-sized bed; this will be my place to sleep. I'll have to sleep with my feet and probably half my lower legs hanging off the end of the bed, but I just accept this. Beyond this bedroom are other bedrooms and bathrooms, and even a third floor to the house, really just a loft bedroom situated in the highest gable of the house.

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    11. Journey to a Meeting with Celebrities, Dogs, and Cows

      by , 03-23-2011 at 05:58 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      It's after closing time at a big, fancy modern office building, but I have to go back inside to retrieve something. On my way in, I see a couple of my friends from a club I'm in, and say hello to them. Someone closes the door that leads deeper into the interior of the building before I can get to it. There is a sign on the wall next to it that reads “Shift Workers.” Since I don't have a key to this door, I decide that whatever I was going to get can wait until the next day, and abandon my errand. I walk back out of the building and through the glass front doors.

      Outside the doors is a wide, concrete entry plaza with concrete stairs leading down to the street on the side opposite the doors. The plaza and the stairs are crowded with people. As I cross the plaza, I meet Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We walk down the stairs together, talking. At the bottom of the stairs, a guy in a movie-quality Darth Maul costume is greeting kids in character.

      Ellen, Joe, and I have to get to a meeting or event somewhere else, so we start walking there. Ellen is wearing her teal evening gown
      [the one she's wearing in the picture I linked to above]. As we walk along a road in a semi-rural area, she carries me by holding her right forearm straight out to the side and parallel to the ground, and letting me sit on it. I can feel my pelvic bones digging into her arm. I wonder if she's doing all right carrying me all this way, since I'm bigger and heavier than she is, but I don't say anything, and she doesn't complain. She starts singing a song in Japanese, one I recognize and know well, so I join in and sing along. I think, I didn't know she was an anime fan. When we get to the end of the song, I identify it: “Digimon, season 1, ending 1.” [That ending song sounds like this in real life, but the song we were singing didn't sound like that at all. It sounded a little more like this one, but not really.] I think, The only other people I've had friendships this close with have been my AmeriCorps friends.

      We come upon a park. There are several people there with some dogs that they, and Ellen, identify as Rottweilers, but they have reddish fur and look kind of fox-like. I somehow manage to drop my purse and the series of plastic bags containing the components of our picnic lunch all over the grass, and have to get them back without the dogs attacking me. I start picking them up, saying to Ellen, “I don't give a s*** about the food, I just want my purse back!” I'm scared of the dogs. One of them does end up biting my hand, but more playfully than viciously; I can feel its teeth on my hand. I try to get my hand out of its mouth without tearing the skin on a tooth.
      [I think] I finally succeed, after I've removed the mask that has slipped down over my eyes so that I can see it again. [I was, as usual, wearing a sleep mask in real life. I also remember having to remove covers from my ears in order to hear people at some point during this dream, but I don't remember when. I didn't have anything in or covering my ears in real life.]

      We leave the park, and continue on our way down the road. I am now riding bareback on a big, black cow. Ellen is walking next to it. [Joe had disappeared from the dream entirely by this point.] I can feel the cow's fur, warmth, and movement. We're almost to our destination, which is a boxy, white, one-story set of office buildings on the next block. I think about how many different forms of transportation I've taken on my way to this place: walking, being carried by Ellen, riding in a golf cart, and now riding on a cow. [I don't remember the part of the dream where I rode in a golf cart anymore.] The office building is set back from the road a little bit. Before we get to it, and right up next to the road, there is a stable with a whole herd of black cows in it. The cow I'm riding stops in front of the stable, facing it, and moos. All the other cows moo back. This exchange repeats twice. I dismount from the cow so that she can go into the stable. She gets scared of something and climbs one of the support beams holding the roof of the stable up. She clings to the top of it, now about the size of a human child.

      I turn back to face the way we just came. A woman is approaching me on the road. She has a geometric pattern of straight lines with corners all over her tan skin, and is busy putting on a silver loincloth-skirt thing as she walks toward me. I call her “Charissa” as I approach her.
      That's the last I remember before waking up.

      Side notes:

      Two of the last things I did before going to bed last night were watching a Star Wars fan video and working on my current Arthur/Ariadne fanfic. I'm slightly surprised both that those elements showed up in my dreams immediately (unusual for me) and that it wasn't the characters themselves who showed up, but the actors who played them.

      This was a really cool, fairly vivid dream with a lot of tactile sensation. I was also amazed to realize upon waking up that I'd slept right through my parents' morning routine, the sounds of which usually prevent me from getting back to sleep for that last cycle. This difference can probably be explained by the fact that I didn't get to sleep until after midnight last night, which is later than I usually do these days.
    12. Reign of Fire

      by , 02-26-2011 at 08:28 AM

      The city is crowded and my friends in eye are walking in no particular direction. I look into the sky and notice a symbol I mistakenly recognize as a red superman symbol being projected by means of a spotlight. Upon pointing my finger to show my friends, I realize it is actually a goat's head in the shape of an inverted pentagram. My heart sinks. I recall there being some sort of prophecy of the night changing to day and the world ending. At that moment, I see I bright red ring in the distance. The night turns to day and I notice the ring is surrounding an Eiffel Tower-like building. It explodes and collapses.

      The entire city is in panic and everyone is running in different directions. My friends and I make off in the same direction until bombs start dropping. It is now a frantic effort to stay alive. I start leaping what feels like ten feet at a time, at one point being propelled by an explosion beneath my feet. Eventually, I make it to what I decide to be a safe location. A parking garage built underneath a large office building. I'm with a close friend of mine, Chris. We have a view of the large reddish nebula-like phenomenon, I think it to be some sort of portal, which has now taken the place of the Eiffel Tower-like structure.

      We're relieve and rest in this location, intently staring at the portal. I decide to call my parents and inform them of my dire situation, say my goodbye, and tell them I love them one last time. As I start to fiddle with my phone, a group of three red and black dragons emerge from the portal. Again, my heart sinks... To our horror, the dragon flies and lands right in front of us. We run for our lives up the stairs of the parking garage, being followed closely by the dragon. We get to an upper level, where we split ways and run to different stair exits in an attempt to shake the dragon. I jump down each flight of stairs as quickly as possible. The dragon is coming after me. Once I'm at the lowest level, I sprint to the elevator and smash the close door button until it finally closes. Just in time! I can feel the dragon blowing fire up the elevator shaft, heating up the elevator I'm now trapped in.

      Right before it's almost too hot to bear, the elevator stops right before the floor I'd intended to get off at. I press the open door upon and see that I've stopped a few feet too short and pull myself up the rest of the way and climb out. I'm now in an large, open office-like room with a surprisingly amount of calm, collective people. I observe my surroundings for a few minutes until my comrade emerges the elevator shaft. I'm surprised, but ecstatic to see him. We feel as though we've escaped the dragon for the time being, but that he'll be back. I take this time to try to send a text message to my parents, but I cannot get it to work no matter how hard I try. It's extremely disheartening.

      My friend and I decide it would be a safe time to go explore our area. We exit the building to our left and enter a park filled with benches and trees. We wander for quite some time and meet up with another friend of ours, Chris C., until we notice a dragon emerging from the portal once again. We make a run for the building we came from to shelter ourselves and hopefully not stick out as targets.

      I notice a few men investigating the elevator shaft I came out of, which now resembles my car's trunk. It has all the things I'd normally have in my trunk: some tools, a skateboard, a deflated volleyball, and a case full of Magic: The Gathering cards (which wouldn't normally be there). The men want to by them, but I tell them to wait for my friend, who they belong to, and to come back later. They argue they aren't well enough protect as the box they're in cannot lock, but I show them I can shut the trunk and lock the doors to my car. Problem solved.

      At this point the dragon has arrived again and I still haven't sent my text message, although I've been trying this entire time. We all run out in the direction of the park. We leap in different directions in an attempt to avoid the dragon and the flames its spewing. I realize now, that instead of killing people, the fire transforms people into non-aggressive goblin looking creatures. Instead of attacking, they merely point my direction and inform the dragon of my position if I try to hide. The dragon gets both of my friends, and I'm dismayed to be on my own. I keep going however, and reach a neighborhood where I hide behind a circle of fences which are surrounded by trees. A goblin gives away my position and the dragon finds me. I wake up.

    13. A Day in a Big, Multi-Use Building

      by , 12-15-2010 at 05:20 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Non-lucid, Lucid, [Commentary made while awake]

      [I dreamed for a subjectively really long time last night, but my recall is a bit fragmented. I don't really remember the transitions between most of the scenes, which is reflected in the absence of flowing transitions between paragraphs in this entry.]

      I'm lying in a bed that I'm sharing with a man I know. It's not sexual; he's asleep. He rolls over onto me, apparently completely unaware of my presence. I struggle to get out from underneath him, and succeed, standing up.

      I'm now in a long, wide, rectangular space with white walls that serves as the entryway to our church's offices, which are within a really big building. A long, straight hallway leading to other offices on the floor forms one of the long sides of the rectangle, and the doors into our offices are on the other side. The center of the rectangle is filled with a row of wide, square, dark-colored, upholstered seats. I'm lying on one of them, with my knees bent over the front edge of it and my feet on the floor. Several people from my church walk by, coming in and out of the doors. They see me, and I say, “Hi.”

      I'm in another room in the same really big building. It's being remodeled. There's a couch that's completely wrapped in newsprint, because someone is going to paint this room. I'm standing near the doorway, and I see L.M.
      [a teacher from my real high school, whose class I was never in] walking by out in the hall. I introduce one of the other people who's in the room with me to her: “This is L.M. She teaches biology.” L.M. is wearing a name tag that says “Sakura Lily [Something-or-other beginning with M],” in Roman characters. I think, I didn't know that was her real name.

      I'm looking out the wall of the really big building that's make up of one really big window, at a sky filled with pink and orange clouds. I realize that it's already 3:00 in the afternoon, and I've already wasted most of the day. I'd better hurry up if I want to do the studying I still need to do for my final.
      [In the dream, I actually remembered having experienced most of an entire day in that really big building, including lunchtime.]

      I'm in another living-room-like room, similar to the one that was being remodeled, except that this one isn't. At this point, it hits me: This isn't a real place. I'm dreaming. That explains why I wasn't really hungry for lunch earlier: my real body is asleep, and I had a big dinner before I went to bed. Oh! Since I'm dreaming, it's not really 3:00. The day hasn't even started yet! I still have time to study! Strangely, thinking about the fact that I'm dreaming causes me to feel woozy, dizzy, and sick, and the whole world to tilt. [Probably because I was rereading parts of the Inception shooting script again, in which telling someone that they're dreaming causes the dream to destabilize. Dang it! I know it doesn't have to be like that.] I think, No. I have to keep the dream stable. I kneel down to feel the carpet, which, this time, is a little like the carpet in my real room, except lighter (more yellow than brown) and slightly shaggier. The dizzy, tilting feeling goes away. Standing up, I put my hands under running water. At first, I can't feel it at all, but then I feel the warm water running over my hands. Then, I reach into a fish tank on a nearby table to touch the goldfish in it with my fingers. I've done this before, I think. What did it feel like? This. It does feel pretty much like I remember it feeling when I had my own goldfish tank in reality.

      I return to the room that was being remodeled, to find that they're done remodeling it. The couch has been unwrapped and all the other furniture has been returned to the room. This room will be serving as the first-aid station for some kind of event; there's a handwritten paper sign on the door saying so. I feel the need to leave this room clean and neat before this dream ends (I sense that it will soon), so I pick up all the trash and used tissues that are lying all over the middle of the floor.

      I'm outside, at night, looking at a couple of brightly-lit city blocks. I think, Oh, cool! Those are the blocks just to the south of home!
      [What home, I don't have the slightest idea.] I start flying, this time taking off with more of an effort of will and belief than by jumping (it also helps that I'm feeling happy and excited), and go straight up, so as to admire the view better. When I get up high, I start being pulled backward again [see this DJ entry and this one], but this time, it doesn't frighten me. I think, Oh, I must be going back to my real body now.

      It turns out that I'm wrong. I find myself in another unfamiliar place
      [I don't remember where it was]. I pinch my nose and can still breathe through it, which is a pretty neat feeling. I'm still dreaming. [I remember doing this on two different occasions, but I'm not sure when the other one was.]

      I'm entering my family's house [but it's none of our real houses]. P. is waiting for me inside, and expresses frustration that I've been gone so long. I'm still aware that this is a dream, but I decide to play along with the dream plot. I enter the kitchen, and my parents are there. I look at the whiteboard/calendar attached to the side of the fridge and see that something I wrote there before has been erased, and the magnets on it have been moved around. I follow my family up the stairs in the house, and we end up in a room filled with barrels of wine.

      Side notes:

      This dream seemed to go on for a really long time, especially considering that I remembered being in the dream building for most of a day. I only wrote down the most memorable moments. I think this is because time dilation was the topic I was reading the most about here on DV before I went to bed last night. I am pleased with this development, and now I'm even more motivated to learn better control, so that I can really take advantage of the time and stability I now seem to have in lucid dreams.
    14. Lunch Meeting

      by , 10-20-2010 at 04:53 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      [These dreams, all of which were non-lucid, are actually from the night before last. The ones from last night are private.]

      I'm at a supermarket. I attempt to get money out of an ATM, but my card doesn't work. While I'm there, I run into Jenny A. [She's a real-life friend of mine.]

      I'm with a group of people my own age, and we're all studying for either the A+ or CCNA exams. We're discussing whether or not you should broadcast SSIDs. [That question has come up as I've been studying for the A+ in real life. The sample questions say you shouldn't broadcast them, but they're apparently operating under the assumption that the wireless network is only there for the benefit of company employees. If it's there for the benefit of customers, then of course you should broadcast the SSID, so your customers will know which network is yours.]

      I'm outside a tall office building with P. We need to get into a conference room, where lunch is being served. The way we're going to get there is by riding up to the outside window of the conference room on a porch swing being lifted by a helicopter. P. goes up first. She tilts the swing so it's not at a right angle to the chains [by flipping it over? I guess so, but I didn't see her do it] and stands on top of it, holding on to the chain to her left. [I think] I tell her that that's dangerous, but she ignores me and rides up. She has no problem stepping off the swing and into the conference room.

      I don't get to enter the conference room by riding up on the swing. I have to get there by climbing up this net of ropes that has appeared on the side of the building. My mom is there cheering me on. On my way up, I can smell the coffee in the conference room. When I get to where I can see into the room, some of the monsters from Sesame Street are there. Also, Mr. Saito is one of the people at the lunch meeting. [Why is he the only one from the Dream Team who's actually shown up in any of my dreams so far? I think it's because of my long-abiding love for Japan and everything about it.]