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    1. Looping dream, attic, school

      by , 08-29-2015 at 09:38 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      With my friends we were breaking into some kind of government offices. We were going to the archives, to take some information we needed. We were wandering the building, and then we were in a corridor leading to the archives. There was an office to our left - there was no one inside. The only thing that have drawn my attention was an aquarium. Then there was an intersecting corridor, also to the left, and directors office, also on the left side. The only room to the right were the archives.

      The dimmensions might have been different, and the aquarium office could've been closer to the corridor. The way down from the aquarium office could've been closed by door without ways to open it.

      First time, we moved into the aquarium office. I looked at random fishes swimming in jelly-like substance. Then we got into the intersection with another corridor. The guards were going that way, and they shot us as soon as they saw us.

      Then the dream repeated. We moved into aquarium office, and went to the intersection. There were no guards this time, but as we moved closer to directors office a woman went out of it - she was a tall brunette woman with brown eyes. She was wearing a long, dark blue dress. When my friends saw her, they have immediately died for some unknown reason.

      And the dream repeated again. We moved out of aquarium office (each time random fishes were swimming in jelly-like substance), head for the directors office and entered it. There was an elderly woman inside. She was friendly for us, and told us to have a seat, while she'll make some coffee.

      Again repeat. We moved out of aquarium office, and head for directors office. On the way we saw that brunette woman, she had some weapon, and killed the elderly woman with it. Then we found some guns, and show her down. We finally reached the archives, and looked for information we needed.

      First dream fragment

      With my younger sister we were tidying the attic, to make ourselves bedrooms up there. Each time I walked close to the ladder, I almost fallen down.

      Second dream fragmend

      I was entering my classroom, found a good place to sit, and sat down.
    2. 7/28/2014

      by , 08-31-2014 at 10:29 PM

      I was with a group of people driving to Santa Rosa to visit the Blue Hole. I counted my fingers and looked at my watch, which was going crazy, and realized I was dreaming. My car was parked and I went into a small office-like building and got a blowjob from one of the girls. After a few seconds, I kept going through the office, exploring it. Many times I said "When I open this door, I'll be at the bottom of the blue hole!" but it didn't work. I left the office and decided to look for water and try and find the meaning of it. I flew and came upon a park with kids playing. The park reminded me of Anna Becker Park in Belen. Still flying, I was able to control my elevation and rise and lower at will. I asked a guy where I could find lakes, rivers, or the ocean but he replied "Oceans" as in 'There is non in NM' I got mad and before I flew away, I used water magic on his legs to hopefully trip him. I flew out of the town, which still looked like Belen, and flew over some houses, looking for water. The further I went, the more the wind started to pick up. Eventually, it was not possible to keep flying forward because the wind was too powerful. I still tried flying forward and made note of how pretty the houses were. The powerful wind caused me to turn around and I saw a big, flat mountain with torches lighting up a dirt road/trail. There was a man jogging on it and I thought the mountain looked awesome, but kept looking for water.
      Eventually, the wind got too strong and I thought it'd be easier to walk than to fly. I went into a house and was teleported back to the office I had first gone in to. This time, the office was filled with children. I asked a girl "What does the water in my dreams represent" and she looked at her handkerchief and then back at me and said "Alex and Christa". She walked away and I followed, asking "What about them?" She was about to tell me something but I woke up.