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    1. Notions of the Past

      by , 11-17-2016 at 07:06 AM
      I find myself at a performance of some sort; possibly a graduation. I'm among many of my old peers from Westmont, most of them being members of the orchestra I was a part of for the year I attended the college. I see my old conductor, and I seem to remember having a desire to approach him, but i cannot remember whether or not I did. I enter a rehearsal space, and in the dream, it conveyed itself to me as the place we rehearsed every Tuesday and Thursday. But upon my awakening from the dream, I realize that it was not the chapel in which we regularly rehearsed. In fact, I think it was a place altogether new to me, but somehow similar to my high school band rehearsal room. But this new room presented me with a sickly image of a rainy night outside of my old home, and I think some of my dream took place in this situation, but I cannot remember. This dream occurred the night after my ex-girlfriend decided to text me for the first time since we broke up. She reached out first, having read the letter I had written her about two weeks prior. Many mixed emotions swirled about my brain that evening, and I attempt to find some meaningful connection between the occurrence and my unusual dream. Of course, I had previously had dreams about Westmont. And it makes sense. I spent a year there, made friends and memories, and then left. And my thoughts often drift to questions of whether or not I should have stayed there, or if I even should've attended it in the first place. Perhaps if I had continued my education there, I may never have met my summer lover, and would be free from my love-lorn afflictions and anguish. Maybe i would've found someone else; someone who made me truly happy, and who deeply loved me. But I do not like dreaming about such things, as they are notions of the past, and are unchangeable and unattainable. I long for happier dreams. Dreams of freedom, success, bliss

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. 9/28/16 - Van Trauma?

      by , 10-01-2016 at 07:51 PM
      I'm standing on a dirt path at the edge of a forest. Everything is kind of dead and in shades of grey and brown. I feel like there's a huge house near us. It's important but I don't really see it. I'm half hugging a tree trunk, watching Jungkook and Jimin practice a few dance moves from Save Me. They're doing the moves while walking to a crossroad not far ahead. They know I'm there watching them. They get back into position, ready to start again. They start moving and I step away from the tree, smiling brightly, and follow alongside them. While dancing they both smile back at me. They stop and we all stand in the middle of the crossroad. A girl appears, an old friend that's a mixture of Krystal and Jazmin. And then a mini van pulls up right in front of us. The girl and I get in, me in the back and her more in the front. Rapmon is driving. Jimin is in the van too and I think Jungkook is still there but I don't see him. The car starts moving and we are suddenly about to get onto a freeway. I say to no one in particular that I don't like vans. Everyone hears me and Rapmon tries to reassure me by saying we're safe. Then I try to explain that when I was younger something happened with a van and I'm traumatized.
    3. 8/19/16 - Dangerous Crossing

      by , 08-19-2016 at 06:56 PM
      I jump into the ocean and swim full speed to a bridge. It then hits me that I went too far and I'm in dangerous water. I panic and go around the bridge, knowing that if I stay on one spot too long, something will try to get me. Suddenly the water disappears and I'm standing on a sidewalk, the one across the street from my elementary school. Next to me is my little sister and an old friend Jasmine. We know that we have to hurry and get to the other side, but there's a ton of large cars and buses speeding and keeping us from being able to cross safely. After a minute or so of watching the speeding vehicles, I gain a large amount of confidence and get ready to run. I wait for two more buses to pass and then I run faster than I ever have and make it to the other side easily. I look next to me and Jasmine and my sister are with me already. We all feel relived and start to walk slowly, casually to the school gate entrance. Jasmine takes me hand and intertwines our fingers, repeatedly saying that I'm her best friend. I smile at her.
    4. 8/13/16 - Computers, Toast & Boyfriends

      by , 08-14-2016 at 11:38 PM
      I'm at Grandpa's house using a computer. I get up from the chair for a second to get something. As soon as I get up, Jasmine immediately takes my seat. I get annoyed and run over to make sure I'm signed out of all my accounts, etc. She starts to mock me, asking if I have anything to hide, but I ignore her. She then gets up and walks away. Before she gets too far, just to be a smartass, I loudly ask mom if she wants on the computer.She says no, but another girls walks up and asks to get on, so I let her. I go outside and nibble on a piece of toast. A boy walks up Grandma's driveway and up to me. I ask him if he's eaten since he has to go to work soon. He says no so I shove the rest of my toast into his hand and tell him to eat. He smiles and starts eating it. Farquaad comes outside and I pull the boy close to me and kiss him. Farquaad looks shocked so I look at him and explain that the boy is my boyfriend. Farquaad tries to threaten him, but I cut him off and tell him to go away.
    5. 16-07-13 False Awakening & The Persian Tower

      by , 07-13-2016 at 07:37 PM
      False awakening. I thought I'd woken up, and was in the shower with a portable heater pointed at my face. I could see and feel the glow. I looked away, and suddenly it was standing on top of the door handle. I found this so bizarre, I concluded this couldn't be real. I shook my head to try and wake up, and sure enough, I woke up in bed. The real one.

      I was at the top of a large tower (ancient Persian). I'm on this round terrace built all around the top of the tower. There is no guardrail, but I hold on to the supporting pillars (the ones holding up the ceiling) as I clamber around the tower. I'm quite scared of heights. I find no way to get inside the tower. Once I had climbed around it twice, I suddenly see open doors (I feel with my hand to make sure it isn't just a window) and walk inside. The inside is a rather roomy dining hall of sorts, way too large to fit into such a small structure. I'm not sure if the following happened before or after the tower. Claire was there, in the dining room, standing by others. but I felt like she (and those others) were of a "higher caste" and thus out of my reach. I did try to get near her and interact with her, but never actually directly tried to seduce her as I feel it is hopeless. As usual. In an earlier scene (I think, the order of memories is a little vague), I think there were a lot of people, including old friends (Fenn & Barra) and people from school, and I think we were grouping up or something, for some kind of challenge. The tower thing?
    6. Skyscraper, Old Friends, Bear Chained to Tree

      by , 07-10-2016 at 06:00 PM
      I was finishing up a day of work in a very tall skyscraper. It was getting late and there was a storm, I could see lightening flashing in the dark night sky out of the giant windows of the large room I was working in. The building was swaying. I was rushing to complete my work and get out of the building, but also interacting with old friends who were around. I think I got to the bottom of the building and stayed inside. It was sunny and daytime there, although we were inside there were still giant windows that you could see out of. Many friendly interactions that I have forgotten the details of with two old friends.

      Bear chained to a tree and someone was chaining a dog (my dog?) next to it. I wondered why they would do that, it seemed very dangerous.

      I suppose the part about the storm at the top symbolizes anxiety around getting work done, or finding more work. Making my way to to 'bottom' seems almost like regression. These were 'old' friends, and I went down instead of up. Maybe my past feels safer to me, and I miss that safety? The bear chained to a fence seems really symbolic. The bear was no threat being chained to a fence, it was 'under control' but not completely gone. Putting something vulnerable that I care about like a dog near it is dangerous. Am I doing something that is putting myself or loved ones at risk unnecessarily?
    7. Hair Show/Pride Fest

      by , 06-27-2016 at 02:39 PM (Book of Dreams)
      12:00 am

      Dream 1:
      I am at a hair show, and I'm with a girl I knew in high school (dreamsign), and I need to do a touchup on her friend. We decide on what formula to use (40g 5N + 4g DBG + 20 vol) and I have the 5N, but I need to get the DBG from another stage. I make my way over there to get the color while trying not to draw any attention to myself for some reason. Then I return and mix the color, but I look into the bowl and realize the color tube was in the bowl and I poured all the color onto it, so then I grab another bowl and try again, and the same thing happens. I start freaking out because I'm wasting so much color, but I finally get it right and apply the touchup on this guy, even though the show is ending. Once I get the right mix, the color looks like a rainbow tint, like how you see those weird rainbow colors in oil. I look into the color and it feels like I'm sucked into it, it takes me to another dream scene. I didn't notice this really as I was dreaming... I could see another scene in the reflection of the rainbow color and I looked so closely that I was transported there.
      In the second scene, I'm with a coworker at a gas station and she's saying that the gas company is pumping Tryptamine into the gas, and that she's been recording it. She presses a button and the giant sign that usually posts the gas prices is now displaying how much Tryptamine is in the gas. I have no idea what this means but I think it was bad.

      Dream 2:
      I'm at a pride festival, but I'm in a hosptial gown laying on a gurney. I'm in a procession that's leading to a stage, and I'm wheeling myself with my arms. Eventually someone helps me and once I get on the stage I'm wearing a nice suit. I'm standing now with a bunch of other people in suits, and they're clapping, so I turn around and start clapping for everyone I'm with, but someone tells me to turn around because I'm getting an award. I have no idea what the award is for, but I turn around and wait. Then I get put back on the gurney, and my grandpa is there and he carries me off the stage. My uncle is there too. They take me back and I notice a big sign that has my name on it and all these people have signed it. I'm back in the hospital gown and I'm wheeled over to a train. The front of the train is open, it almost looks like the front of a boat. There is a drag queen in the front and she's crying. I want to ask her what is wrong but then the train shoots through a tunnel.
      The festival ends and I have to get off the gurney and walk, but I'm limping really badly. I'm walking in the grass back to the parking lot, but I have to scale this wall that borders a body of water. I reach a point where an old lady pushing a baby in a stroller is trying to get around me, but she somehow slips and they both fall into the water. I'm stunned at first, I see the old lady and the baby start sinking. I'm about to jump in to help them but I wake up, in one of those waking up from a nightmare type ways where you shoot up in bed. I want to DEILD back into the dream so I can help them but it doesn't work. It doesn't sound so horrible now that I'm writing it out but in the dream I was so horrified and scared for them.
    8. Beatles fragment/High School Reunion

      by , 06-25-2016 at 09:41 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Didn't end up falling asleep until after 11:30, so didn't get a full 8 hours last night.

      Dream 1 (fragment):
      I was in a mini van listening to a CD I got from the library, it was all Beatles music. This is the 2nd time I've listened to the Beatles in my dreams lately, I think it's because I watched the Anthology documentary recently. Anyways, my old dog Stormy was there again (2nd time this week!) she left a big muddy pawprint on the seat when she jumped out of the van, but I didn't mind because I was so excited to see her!

      Dream 2:
      I had to go back to my high school (dreamsign!) for some sort of meeting, though I was vague on the details. All I knew was that if we didn't go, our diplomas would not actually be valid. It ended up being a movie night, we were watching "Space Jam 3" which I don't think exists in WL, but anyways, I was there with my friend Laura and I realized my hair was really long on the top and really curly. I remember looking in the mirror very excitedly because I've always wanted curly hair. By the end of this movie, I remember saying "is this really all the wanted us here for? This is a requirement for us to get our diplomas, but really it's just to get us to buy stuff" I don't actually remember buying anything, but that's how I was feeling, apparently. Once we were released, I ran through the hallway to get back to my apartment, but i had a textbook in a backpack I was wearing and it was really slowing me down. Running took a lot of effort, the bag was SO heavy, even though there was only one book. I remember thinking "wow, I've really gotten out of shape since I graduated high school," but really it's because I was DREAMING, should have done an RC... anyways, I was running so hard and getting so sweaty, that by the time I got back to my room, my hair was all wet and it was straight again. It also looked like my hair was thinning a lot on the top, I barely had any left.
      I got back to my room to find my three roommates (none of them are my WL roommate) who were all in my graduating class, and they were working out. Our apartment was a gym, and my bed was just a couch on the side. Then i had this fake dream memory where I remembered my WL roommate was just letting me crash with her because I hated my real living situation. I decided I would go back and stay with her, because I had a real bed and room to myself.
      The dream ended where I was driving to get something from walgreens. I almost walked, but the sun was starting to set and I didn't want to walk in the dark. Before I even arrived at walgreens, I noticed it was pitch black outisde. "wow," I thought, "It really did get dark quickly, good thing I drove,"

      I feel like this whole dream I was noticing the strange inconsistencies, but didn't once think to try and RC! Before I went to bed, I was really focusing on doing a RC when I saw a dreamsign, but it looks like it didn't work, though the fact that I was noticing anything at all is a step in the right direction, I think!!

      I'm about to take an afternoon nap... I'm hoping for a LD
    9. 6/17/16

      by , 06-17-2016 at 12:56 PM (Book of Dreams)
      Only recalling one dream from last night...

      I can't remember exactly how the dream started, but the first thing I remember is that I was downtown, walking around with some people, and I kept running into people from my high school. I would say hi, but as this kept happening I remember thinking, "this is so weird seeing this many high school friends at once..." when eventually I came across the actual school, but I was still downtown. I asked around as to why the school was moved, and somebody told me they relocated it to the Chicago river. This was an acceptable answer to me, so I went inside and reconnected with some classmates (funny how my whole graduating class was still hanging out in and around the school...)

      The next thing I remember is running through the halls with a large group of friends following me, but I was literally running as fast as I could. They weren't chasing me, but we were all going at top speed, and I was trying to get away from them but they didn't know it.

      I can't recall how the running sequence ended, but then I remember being outside the school again, on a little patch of land by the river. As I looked back at the school, I realized it was literally on the water. I reached out one hand, one tower of the building began bubbling from under the water, where the foundation was. Eventually the whole tower collapsed. Nearby students watched and started freaking out, and I just kept stretching my hands out, destroying the school one section at a time. Once the whole thing had come down, a huge fight scene ensued between me and all the students who were outside. It was like a martial arts movie. Then I woke up.
    10. Catching Up.

      by , 12-30-2015 at 06:26 PM (I Have a Problem)
      I was in Santa Barbara for the first part of the dream.
      All of my old Santa Barbara friends were there: Gio, Colette, John, and probably other people that I can't remember. I was there for Gio's birthday party, and we were all just hanging out and talking. At some point, Gio tells me that he has some kind of death robot. I pictured this robot to be about the size of a Roomba. Apparently, it was just a regular robot that blasts a heat wave into your face to warm you up, but this one was malfunctioning and wouldn't stop blasting the heat wave until you died. No one seemed scared of it though. Thinking about it now, it seems like it might've been one of the robots from Fallout 4, that holds people down and blasts their face with a laser.
      At one point I remember hanging out with John, and I was sitting on his bed just talking to him and catching up, since it had been more than 5 years since I last saw him.
      I'm pretty sure at one point I was also watching a movie with all of them.

      For the second part of the dream, I was at the Seattle gang's apartment, and we were all just hanging out. I remember Ena, Mike, and Ishani being there for sure, but I'm not sure about the rest. We were all just hanging out and catching up. The apartment was really big, with a nice living room with natural light coming in. It was sunny and beautiful.
    11. 11/7/15 - At Almond Drive with Gale

      by , 11-08-2015 at 01:48 AM
      I'm outside in the driveway at my old house with a few people. I think my little sister is one of those people but I'm not sure. There's a girl there that seems annoyed or even angry at me. Gale walks up to me and smiles. I smile back and grab his hand happily. He pulls me into a hug and I feel happy. After we pull apart, it's just us and the girl who seems angry. She gives me a mean look and pulls me away from Gale. He then turns away and walks back to his house without saying a word. I pull away from the girl and panic a bit. I look around and I feel like I need to be with Gale. So I start walking quickly to his house in the hopes of seeing him again. I can't find him so I pull out my old phone and try desperately to text him. But no matter how hard I try, I can't text properly and I keep messing up. I become really upset. I can't think about anything else but having him with me again.
    12. meth and death

      by , 10-25-2015 at 08:00 AM
      I had this dream over 12 hours ago so its not the best it could be. I just remember the really odd stuff.
      I remember my dad being really hyper and smiling and giving me a hug then as i pull away he smiles and says he is going to stab me and pretends to stab my back. He seemed so happy and he was smiling. Very hyper which is not normal at all for my dad. Then i remember me and my grandpa talking about my dad and my grandpa said it was a shame that he was on meth. I dont know a lot about meth but to me at the time it made perfect sence Then I remember spending the next two days in my room planing to escape and I did. I was walking into town (i live out of town) except my town seemed very primitive. I saw this girl that i talk to and she asked what i was doing and i told her running away and she said that i could stay at her house and i was going to until this guy that flirts with me and use to be friends with walked up to me and said i could stay at his house and i thought good i could go smoke some weed although i dont even smoke weed.
      And i cant remember the rest other than i was driving and didnt go to his houses and i went shopping????
    13. Makeshift Spa

      by , 09-25-2015 at 08:07 AM
      I directed the bodypainter girl toward the Art class, letting her know I was already late and she could go without me,actually wanting to be alone. This was after speaking to Nestor about comig past California and Yosemite, and him wanting to know how much i would be saving a month, to which I replied 6k.

      The organisers where young etnical guys and didnt seemed to care much how we created the pool.
      I even over-exaggeratted the proccess and told him that i was to do some damage, which he non-chalantly ignored.

      I took the big bag of bentonite clay and threw it into the middle of the makeshift square pool along with boiling water.
      It filled quicky and Mel, Justin and other friends where soon immeresed and muddy, feeling the benifits,
    14. Teachers leave them kids alone

      by , 03-08-2015 at 06:19 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      A school dream where a lot of students are upset, because new students are taking over some of the old ones duties without any say.

      The old ones decide to leave.

      The setting is my old school. I sneak off with my phone and call Ella, but she’s in trouble.

      We’re in some game-type dungeon and I’m trying to help her escape, but there’s a bear. We manage to circuit around it. There was a bit more but it’s fuzzy.

      We’re back at school and trying to escape. We come up to a big garage-type door. Suddenly, I smell gas! We have to get out. I find some tool and bash on the door, but it only comes loose a bit. I see where the gas leak is coming from – the building is going to explode!

      We make it through a crack in the door to outside where some other students are standing around. We run away, and I look back and yell, “Get back, get back, there’s going to be an explosion!” After a moment they respond in realization and start moving.

      …But nothing happens, leaving me confused.


      The students who are leaving are transferring to another school. A guy with a girl is talking about his plans, and I wonder if they’re not worried about splitting up if he’s the only one leaving.

      A taller African American boy wearing glasses who comes across as smart is going on to the teacher at the checkout about how relieved he is to be getting away. I’m watching off to the side, maybe omnisciently.

      There’s an African American man behind him who interrupts. I feel that’s a bit rude even if the boy was rambling. He tells the checkout woman that he just wanted to drop off some charity thing before he was done for the day. I change my mind about him.

      Just before he leaves, he turns and says to the boy something like, “And if you were really happy to be leaving, you wouldn’t keep going on and on about this place.”


      We’re sitting down at tables and eating. I glance to my left to my friend. She’s looking at me as well so I start to smile. The other people look up at me too, and then suddenly everyone is roaring laughing at me. My smile quickly falls off my face and I cover it. I must have something on my face??

      I jump up from my spot and start leaving, trying to think of how to cover my face up with this jacket thing I have and still see, whilst thinking resentful thoughts like, ‘If you’d told me what was so funny you could laugh with me and not at me, but you didn’t!’.
    15. Cheeky Feathered Intrusion

      by , 09-29-2014 at 01:11 PM
      Sitting in my small square white walled room, my best friend and cousin discuss the different countries we've visited while looking at the large map plastered on my wall. There seemed to be red moving markings on it, a animation that showed the routes we travelled. India seemed to be distant and across many seas.
      They soon left, leaving me alone in my room.

      A bag of cheesy chips lay on my desk close to the window. Suddenly a pigeon flew inside and began to peck at the crumbs.
      I tried to shoo it away with a pillow but it kept flying back.Then a large guinea fowl entered. It's large blue and red head towered above the pigeons as it pushed the weaker counterpart aside.
      I approached swiftly, trying to scare them away, but this time the guineu fowl looked directly at me, unafraid, as if he wanted to charge at me.I threw the pillow at him,which he easily shrugged off. He then ran at me with malignant intent,disregarding my size and stature comparatively to his.I was left having to to side step in order to dodge him.
      Crazy bird!
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