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    1. My Old House, I Want To Jump

      by , 10-06-2017 at 06:58 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Hey dream journal, old friend.

      I was in my old neighborhood, walking up to my old house. I had left some of my clothes and things there and asked the male owner if he would let me in. He agreed. I went to my room and there was so much stuff left behind, I didn't know how I would get to it all. But then I noticed beneath me was the wife of the new house owner, and she was dead and curled up in some floorboards. She had killed their daughter. Then, the scene changed. She was alive, but deeply regretting her life. We(this is when I sort of "became" her) were on a tall tower in the heart of the city of Mke. We were trying to run up to the top to jump off, tears streaming down our face. That's when T showed up. I don't remember if she said anything, but she disappeared and that's when I closed my eyes, still sobbing, and begged her to come back, "please, please, T, I need you."

      I'm wondering if dreaming of leaving things at my old house has something to do with missing my past and the neighborhood I grew up in. Like, a part of me still lives there. As for the rest of the dream, I have no idea.
    2. Time traveling again

      by , 01-10-2017 at 10:09 PM
      I had a few dreams but they all had the same motif. I do not normally have many dreams of ppl I don't know IRL but I had a whole night of only that. I was jumping back & forth through time. Time travel seems to be a common theme for me. I was in a very old detailed house w/ a lot of big dark recessed paneled walls. In the future it had an outer space like feel. An enormous ship but I'm on the inside so I can only assume they were mother ships of some kind or at least that's what I'd compare it too. But people are not talking like that. We are just discussing the being in the past & now being in the future. The dreams themselves were very complex & detailed but I just can't explain it in a way to do it justice. And the same ppl stayed the same age which I found odd. I guess because I couldn't quite make things add up in my own mind, in turn it became even harder to write down.
    3. Art Project

      by , 04-26-2016 at 09:56 PM
      I am using paint to write words on the neighbor's car. This is the neighbor we used to live by before we moved...I am back at our old house. His house is on the left now...in real life it is on the right. I am using white paint to write a paragraph on his dark colored SUV. I don't remember exactly what I was writing, but it included the words "God" and "Devil", and the last three sentences were all the same and were about dying. The neighbor walks out of his house, and casually asks what I'm doing. I tell him it's an art project. He briefly glances at the words, which makes me uncomfortable, because I don't want anyone else to read them. My dad comes out of his house. This really makes me uncomfortable, because I especially don't want him to read what I've written. The neighbor goes over and starts talking to him. I'm afraid that the neighbor is going to tell my dad about his SUV, but my dad just starts talking about something random. My neighbor is distracted when he sees that my dad's been waxing his car improperly, and tried to point it out. My dad keeps on talking, though. Another boy, about my age, is by the SUV. He asks why I don't make the paragraph longer. I say that it's already an entire paragraph, and that the last three sentences imply that the person the paragraph was about died anyway. He agrees.
      My clothes are soaking wet. I change. Clothes get wet again. I go into the closet (which has a dark maroon/orange carpet...atmosphere seems like it's in the '70s) to find more clothes. I find a t-shirt with a picture of a Walking Dead character on it. Then I proceed to hug the shirt, but it doesn't feel like I'm hugging the shirt, it feels like I'm hugging the person whose picture is on the shirt...but physically it feels like I'm just hugging and empty shirt, but the person on the shirt must not want a hug, because I keep getting pushed back (...) and my hugs are rejected. Then I put a sweatshirt on, and it has a stupid Gears of War logo on it, and I think (for some reason) this makes me appear like a jackass. And the sweatshirt is really stiff, like it's old and hasn't been worn in a long time. The hood is REALLY stiff, and rises up to the back of my neck and makes me look weird.
      Then, I'm in my dad's old bedroom. The sheets are gone from his bed, so it's just a white cover. There might've been white cover-less pillows on the mattress? There is one pack of Swisher Sweets cigars on the bed. I pick it up, and then I see a huge box with the Swisher Sweets logo on it. I had assumed it to be empty, but I check it anyway. It's full of cigars. I take a few packs out of it, and go away before anyone sees me.
      Greg Brady (from the '70s show 'The Brady Bunch') has lost or broken something, and his dad, Mike Brady, is making him go get another of whatever he lost or broke.

      ** Tried to go to sleep at 8 pm, couldn't until 2:00 am because I was watching YouTube**
    4. Stopping Kuvira

      by , 03-29-2016 at 10:32 PM
      This one was several days ago. I was in my old apartment in the livingroom. Kuvira (a military dictator/conqueror from The Legend of Korra) was there. I can't exactly remember what happened, all I remember is thinking that her next move was going to be her calling her army to catch me, so I jumped onto her and covered her mouth. I remember seeing the front door as well.
    5. 3/6/16 - Uncle's Hotel with Mark

      by , 03-06-2016 at 08:39 PM
      I'm in Uncle's old house. I'm upstairs. The hallway is exactly the same but much bigger. It has a rich, hotel type of feeling to it. The bedrooms are set up like hotel rooms and I'm staying at the end of the hall, the bedroom to the right. I start making my way down the hall, headed to my room. Someone grabs me from behind and turns me around to face them. It's Mark. I feel a bit shocked, like his presence is really unexpected, but he just smiles at me. He turns me a bit and pushes me gently against a wall. I ask him if something is wrong. He shakes his head and moves in closer to me. He makes it so that our faces our barely an inch or two apart. I feel like I should be more nervous about this situations but I'm not. It's weirdly easy for me to keep eye contact with him and to be that close. After a few moments he smiles again and kisses me. It's only a soft touch of lips at first. He pulls back a bit to look at me, to see my reaction. I look at him and smile for the first time. I raise my left hand and place it gently on his face. My hand slowly slides down to his neck. I then hold the back of his neck and pull him back to me, kissing him again. I watch him close his eyes and I follow after. He turns his head slightly to the right and our kiss deepens. After a minute or so we pull apart and stare at each other. We both smile and he grabs my left hand, entwining our fingers. He leads me down the hall to my room and opens the door. I follow him in.

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    6. Last Night (February 1st, 2016) THE HOUSE

      by , 02-05-2016 at 07:07 AM
      i have been tryen to lucid dream for foreverrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!-oldhome.jpg

      I found myself in a Fallout 4 style landscape. I, like everyone else around me found ourselves in a state of panic and determination to get somewhere safe. Every turn there were gangs standing on the streets waiting to rob civilians. I can into a group of 4 or 5 african american men wearing worn jeans and sports shirts. Some had red bandanas. I jumped over a cliff side after being persues by their shouts and agressive taunts. Luckly the hill was not to steap and I was able to run down it without tripping. It felt like a video game with the lack of realistic off balance one would have when going up down and side to side on a hill. I was a curvy street stretching down the side of the rocks ground with the dried out grass. The road I was starting to follow had first a gang of 5 men standing and sitting on a car and second a large home. This house was something you would see out of a Series of Unfortionate Events Movie or a home owned by an old woman living in Georgia post 1800's.

      I snuck around the men and entered the home from the back right side. You know that feeling when you go to a college party for the first time freshman year with friends you have only recently met? The smell of cigarettes and un mopped food and tile floors. This was that. I saw farmiliar faces but none could I put a name on. I simply passed through the house like a ghost. No one really noticed me or saw me. Finally, I got to the back left of the house where all of the attractive girls, wearing black, hair straightened, and wearing their kardashian lipstick. They huddled together in small groups. 1, which I will never forget was three girls against the window and the side wall. 2 were sitting down embracing eachother infront of a giant red pillowed heart on the wall. They faced a girl taking their picture on her phone. The second group was four girls, not friendly at all, sitting with eachother talking but never allowing themselves to be face to face. They talked and looked out into the large room. smalled groups were off to the sides and middle of the floor but were of no interest to me.
      I finally ran into a friend(who? I dont know) but she and I knew eachother as friends. She was with another guy and they were rubbaging through the kitchen trying to find supplies. They would never tell me what they were looking for and only assumed I knew why they were looking. I did.

      It was the end of days and the beginning of something terrible. 5% of the people I saw were trying to prepare, 60% were getting ready to kill and take everything from everyone, and 35% were living their lives like nothing was going to happen.

      I only remember leaving the house shortly after my friends preceaded up stairs while the gangsters from our side came into the building. They did not know weather to kill and take everything from everyone or join the party. Aimlessly looking around I snuck past them and back into the barren wasteland. Waiting for what was to come.
    7. 11/7/15 - At Almond Drive with Gale

      by , 11-08-2015 at 01:48 AM
      I'm outside in the driveway at my old house with a few people. I think my little sister is one of those people but I'm not sure. There's a girl there that seems annoyed or even angry at me. Gale walks up to me and smiles. I smile back and grab his hand happily. He pulls me into a hug and I feel happy. After we pull apart, it's just us and the girl who seems angry. She gives me a mean look and pulls me away from Gale. He then turns away and walks back to his house without saying a word. I pull away from the girl and panic a bit. I look around and I feel like I need to be with Gale. So I start walking quickly to his house in the hopes of seeing him again. I can't find him so I pull out my old phone and try desperately to text him. But no matter how hard I try, I can't text properly and I keep messing up. I become really upset. I can't think about anything else but having him with me again.
    8. #207. Citrine and Aventurine

      by , 08-30-2015 at 04:01 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm in an old, rickety wooden house with a group of friends. Each room contains a challenge, and when that challenge has been defeated, I can spawn a new room and continue moving upwards through the never-ending attic.

      The trick is that it's always hard to control groups of people. In one room, simulacra of our personal bags, backpacks and purses appear, and we all grab them by habit, wondering why they're somewhere other than where we left them (the entrance of the house.) Unfortunately, the challenge in this room is to "not steal things," and the simulacra technically aren't ours.

      I figure this out, and tell everyone to put the things back and line up to ascend to the next room. Everyone moves into the area that will allow the next room to spawnóbut one person didn't listen.

      I'm outside, and I'm mad at husband for GM'ing a game that didn't really allow our characters a possibility of surviving. And then I realize that the scenario is kind of silly, and I'm dreaming.

      There's an algae-infested lake/creek behind the old house, but I jump in regardless, willing the water to clear and breathing in deep. I swim up the creek, underwater, marvelling at the beauty of the rocks at the bed of the creek, bright green aventurine and glowing orange citrine, and I reach down to bring some with me. And I remember that I'm dreaming, and I leave the rocks be.

      I reach another house up the creek, and I wander its rooms. I feel static, and I turn around with a smile, asking a question. A woman has appeared behind me, and she asks me about the old house. I tell her about it, but I know that she had something to do with the whole thing.
    9. We Don't Have The Correct Dress Code (23.8.15)

      by , 08-23-2015 at 10:39 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      We Don't Have The Correct Dress Code (23.8.15)
      I'm out the front of a bungalow that has no blinds. It's my cousin Rach's place that she stays. I think that she doesn't have any privacy, and what if she wanted to have sex.

      I'm out the front of a night club, waiting in line. I realize I don't have the right pants on to be able to enter the club. I was wearing tracksuit pants. My brother gets knocked back due to his shoes. We walk into a near by toilet where he changes them. The shoes he is now wearing were going to be tight putting on, but he had some spray which must make his foot slide into his shoes much better.

      I get a taxi back to my old house with lee and my brother. I feel a nice confidence about myself when talking to Lee. I run inside and get what I needed. Now that I think about it, I thought I had spare pants that I could change into when I was out front of the club. So I could have changed in toilets with brother.
    10. Kicking Footy With Elite Movement, Party With Kokinarkis (2.8.15)

      by , 08-02-2015 at 03:57 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Kicking Footy With Elite Movement
      I was in narrow park kicking a footy. I booted the ball pretty far for my ability. I see some people now and then. I boot the ball and it goes through into someone's property. They had broken fence, which allowed the ball the go in. I go into the property and see that it's a car mechanics. Some of the workers come out to see what came into their yard. I tell them it was an accident and they're cool with that. They fetch my ball and I'm on my way. I use 2 trees as goals, and I'm on quite the angle. I kick and miss the goals. I start using my agility which is at an elite level. I'm moving quickly and very responsive. I even do the spin that would break a tackle.

      Party With Kokinarkis
      I'm at a shopping market where I see a vision of a prank someone was using. They would throw an item just In front of them which would make them fumble and fall over. I do the same thing, and throw some items. Someone looks to have knocked themselves out. I have something in my hand that I want to discard. I reach the checkout and security has put out cinema strapping to keep the line together. I duck under it. I tell them I don't want my items.

      I at house which looks familiar, maybe old house. There's a bit of party going on. I see kokinarkis with that Hayley Fits. He's looking to hook up with her. Kok is given a present from one of the tennis greats. Kok tries guessing, thinking maybe it's similar to what myself and Kyrios got. I can see a inventory menu come up at the bottom of the vision. It has the item that was given to me and Ky. I check out Kok's present which ended up being a cooler for beverages. It was a bit bigger then a microwave. I put my hand in and feel the coolness. Kok is kissing Hayley at this point and I leave them be on the bed. The cooler looks bigger in the pic, and different looking. I hear someone say if u leave the party, u can't get back in.

      Dream Fragments
      I've reached a dead end. I'm looking over a cliff basically
    11. Old Mate Robot (31.7.15)

      by , 08-01-2015 at 08:35 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Old Mate Robot
      At a Shopping centre. I see Dennis, and try to avoid him. I see Brodie, and seem to be talking to him from a distance.

      Im standing around in a car park. I'm at my old house, laying down on my front lawn. I see Roberts sis walk over to dons, with one of her friends. Someone tells me robot is coming. He greets us with weird hand shake. He Pretends to root dads hand.

      I'm in a car park and I'm spying on robot playing on computer. I thought he may be wanking. He's playing game that's soccer as I see reflection. He's playing against another guy. I got confused, as I thought robot was the other guy. Other guy has a girl with him. I tell robot about seeing his sis and that I jokingly liked her. I sense he's not happy with it. I cOntinue to stir him up. Dave thinks I'm gay. I try to prove to him that I am straight. I wipe ass with toilet paper then put in bag, then wipe it onto clothes.

      Dream Fragments
      1. Flashing dick in front of girl. Is bigger then normal or just looks it from my view

      2. I let my dog sleep under my blankets

      3. Some of my walls on coc are pink.
    12. Irish TV Coverage On Conor McGregor, Surprising Brothel Visit (24.7.15)

      by , 07-24-2015 at 01:48 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Irish TV coverage on Conor McGregor
      Im watching TV in lounge room at my old house. I see my mum who's with me also. I walk over to dad, where he's sitting at a computer. He's watching the news, and it's of an Irish news program. They're talking about Conor McGregor. I sit down and notice a picture of the news reporters smoking with those old school pop eye pipes. I comment on them asking where I could get one from. They respond quickly. I figure they had the intonation hot keyed.
      Dad goes to respond also. I'm not sure if he saw what I did. We have an argument over him doing a weird thing with the keyboard. He does an alt ctrl del type of move. I try telling him it's not needed. He tells me it gets a quicker response time. A scene flashes by of a car accident.
      Something has smashed through the car window and Impaled the driver.

      Surprising Brothel Visit
      We're driving a guy to brothel as a surprise. We reach the sign which looks to be still winched. We ask the guy if he knows where he is. He does. He's looking around having a laugh. We ask if he is keen to go in. He says Fuck no. He pulls out his phone and begins taking photos and video footage of the entrance and building. We hear someone near by and tell everyone to remain quite and not run. It ends up being the wrong decision as an employer sees us. He looks to be dressed up as a women. He chances back into a man once he begins talking to me. He tells me that we have to leave, and not to tell anyone about the place.mI respect his decision and take it. One of the guys with me says that we should have questioned him asking if we're legally in wrong, and that maybe he would invite us in.

      Dream Fragment
      My Grandmother feels forced to have sex with her partner. Her back is sore in the process. I see waves.
    13. He Found His Darkness In Me, Golf Ball Retriever (16.7.15)

      by , 07-16-2015 at 12:20 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      He Found His Darkness In Me
      I take something out of microwave and notice that something has exploded. There's shit everywhere inside it, sticking to the roof and sides of microwave. I let Kayley know what has happened.

      I'm at my old house in the backyard. Theres a snake on the ground. Some guy climbs the tree and kills a snake, and then hangs it from a branch. I thought the food that exploded was up in the tree. I see a Komodo Dragon inside a bag up in the tree. It breaks through the bag and attacks a snake that's lurking around in the tree. The Dragon comes down after me. I try and scare it away by hitting it. I quickly get to higher ground by climbing half way up the fence. I tell Kayley who is in the distance, near the gate, to get away somehow. I think I suggest to her to climb the fence. The fences are broken, there not in good shape. The dragon turns into a large ferret looking thing. I start patting it and being friendly to it. It seems to be changing its way towards. It's being nice towards me now. I put my hands in its mouth and let it bite me in a friendly way. I'm a bit wary doing so, just incase it turns on me. I see a scene of the ferret evolve from light/energy into a ferret. I have a feeling come to me, that the ferret was trying to find its darkness, which is me. It loves me, I can feel it's love.

      I'm laying down in bed with a girl, that's supposedly my partner. She pats the ferret, but she's a little timid towards it. She tells me that I don't talk to her the way I talk to the ferret. I jokingly tell her that I was talking to her not the ferret. She puts my hand on my dick and it arouses me. I feel ashamed as my penis feels really small.

      Golf Ball Retriever
      I was In a narrow area and kids were hitting golf balls towards me. I was trying to catch them. They went over my head. I run to get them. They yell something. I put my hands up while running cause I feel they're mocking me. I come back with ball. I talking to them from a lil distance and they're ignoring me. They look like Taliban soldiers. I start to get angry and raise voice. They finally respond. I throw them the golf ball later.
      I'm up some stairs and Bryce Gibbs wants to know if he can show his mates in the kitchen. I go and ask the coach. He said give it 4 Mins. I go up to Bryce and tell him. I start getting ready to open the roller door for him.
    14. Letting Go

      by , 12-24-2014 at 06:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #394 - DILD - 5:55AM

      I am walking in the street with someone. We watch a strange looking UFO fly down and hover over someone. Then, in a flash of light, they disappear. I say to the person how amazing this is. I just can't believe I witnessed a UFO abduction right in the middle of downtown. I notice how everything turned from night to daytime really quickly and I feel like I am missing something important. My thought is interrupted by someone ushering me into a building. [Something] happens inside and then we are ushered out. When I turn around, the building dissolves into my old house; the first one I bought with my ex-wife. Someone tells me everything (the UFO abduction and building) was just holograms an illusions. I laugh that I got punked so hard and watch the next person get it. Things happen differently this time and the 'abductee' walks down the street toward the building. I follow closely behind the hologram and laugh with my 'friend' as I watch my hand pass into it. It's like a ghost but the more I play with it the more solid it becomes. I think maybe the hologram passed over an actual person. I only recall random and fleeting images next (sexy time with wife?), but I somehow end up in that old house talking to my wife.

      I wonder why we decided to buy this house. I really don't want to live here after-all. Then I quickly recall that I have had this exact dream before. As I nose plug, my wife is telling me something. I am not listing because I am trying to make sense of why I feel like I am slightly blowing through. Am I really dreaming? I do several more nose plugs, but the last one is more deliberate and I blow cleanly through. I am dreaming! I don't want to be here at all so I immediately leave my wife and head out the back door. As I cross the yard, I feel guilty for just running off. I wonder if there is something important there that I should resolve. I pull myself over a privacy fence and, for fun, climb a tree. I see my old neighbors house and try peaking in the window. I wonder if they would recognize me if they saw me. Ridiculous. I ponder the house issue while up there. I admit that I did enjoy some memories living in that house and I do miss it in a way. I decide to climb down and resolve this. There is a long winding limb the leads down to the trunk of the tree and I enjoy extra upper arm strength as I move along it like a monkey. I jump down and float toward the street in the front. Someone is growing beans along the road and I have to step over them. I find this curious, but decide to ignore it.

      I get down the street and see the house. It now looks like every window has been removed. I can see bare 2X4s and insulation around the edges. I feel like there is some meaning here, but I can't imagine what it is. I enter the house, determined to play this dream out. I act like I am considering buying this house a second time. I begin looking things over, forgetting about the windows already. I notice the laminate wood flooring is still there and looks really nice. I move down the hall and see my wife and son. I pass them and enter the front bathroom. In waking life, I installed ceramic tile over concrete slab, but here there is several layers of linoleum over plywood. I can see a lot of water damage around the bathtub as I peel the edges back. In fact, the wood feels soft and moist even now. My son gets in the way of what I am doing and I have to move him out of the way. I stop and ponder things now. I decide this house really isn't so great after-all and the emotions I get from it feel resolved. It's time to let this place go. Feeling like I accomplished something, I get up and head outside while my wife and son follow behind. I feel like I have been dreaming a really long time now, and consider waking myself up so I won't forget things. I really think I could wake up at will, but it's been a long time since I have had a nice long lucid so I decide to leave it alone for now.

      I see our Nissan down the street and tell my wife that I will race her. I hope she agrees because I know that I am still dreaming and I will impress her with my ability to teleport. She nods and I let it happen. There is a surging streak of light and color and I find myself sitting in the car. Unfortunately, it's not a complete teleport because, I can see two realities. Yes, I am sitting in the car but I can also see the place that I was standing layered over. I look over at my wife standing next to me and this brings me completely back to start. I stand up, feeling a little embarrassed. As we resume walking to the car, I tell her how I almost teleported and ask her what it all that looked like to her.
      She just says, "It looked really weird."
      I nod and say, "I bet it did. I was really there for a second."

      Now, at the car, I get caught up with trying to manually put my son in his car seat. None of the straps and buckles are working right and I spend a lot of time fumbling with things. My wife is trying to help me, but it's just not working right. The dream destabilizes and I decide it's fine to go ahead and wake up now.
    15. The Variable-Sword

      by , 12-22-2014 at 05:53 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #392 - WILD - 3:44AM

      Almost an hour WBTB with some meditation and the usual Galantamine dose.

      I focus on body awareness and quickly enter into a very long transition in vibrations and SP. I use every trick I can think of to get the dream going but it's being very stubborn. I forget most of the sensations, but it was all very typical for me and only mildly interesting. Eventually, I find myself floating listlessly above the foot of the bed. I look up and see the floor. I am upside down so I reach for the floor landing on all fours. I crawl out of the bedroom into the living room, heading for the front door. I feel very weak and gravity is extra heavy. The dream is very unstable and non-vivid but it's all I've got right now. I continue to crawl, making very little progress. I know I need to stand, but the thought of it seems impossible. I tell myself, "Don't be a pussy." as I use all my will to stand up.

      As I stagger to the front door I see a line of dead bolts spin to the unlocked position. I was grateful for this, because the thought of manually unlocking all them seems like an impossible task at the moment. I feel hopeful as I reach outside but the dream is still really unstable. I float to the grass in the yard and feel with my hands as I revert back to crawling. I note the texture and feel as my legs drag across long blades. I recall Jenkees' dare to have theatrical music and try to conjure up something. The Indiana Jones Theme song begins to play in my ears. This is all wrong for the moment so I shake the sound out my mind. At this point the dream decides to crash.

      I wake up feeling mentally exhausted and decide to hope for DILD later. I mantra "Remember mindfulness" as I fall back to sleep.

      #393 - DILD - 4:07AM

      Quote Originally Posted by From Ringworld, by Larry Niven.
      "I have a variable-sword," said Speaker-to-Animals. "I urge calm." The kzin stood against a curved wall. In one clawed fist he held something like an oversized jump rope handle. Ten feet from the handle, held expertly at the level of the kzin's eyes, was a small, glowing red ball. The wire which joined ball to handle was too thin to be visible, but Louis didn't doubt it was there. Protected and made rigid by a Slaver stasis field, the wire would cut through most materials including the back of Louis's crash couch.
      I am at an old slave house back in the 1800's. The door is boarded up but I manage to breakthrough. I feel compassion and want to free them all. I load everyone up into covered wagon and try to think of a way to get them to the underground railroad.

      I have a mini wake-up but fall right back to sleep. I am now in a mixture of my basement and the old dirt floor garage from a house I lived in as a child. I am mindlessly digging up the dirt floor wanting to make a tunnel. As I do this I recall the previous dream. I notice how odd it is that the dirt just vanishes as I dig. It's very minecraft-life. After a moment I pause and stare out a window in a door. Something feels off. I remember to be mindful and quickly recognize this as a dream.

      I step outside now unconcerned with digging. I quickly recall one of my goals. I want to revisit the lightsaber play from a non-lucid dream that I had last week while taking another stab at the theatrical music. Recalling the visuals, I blind summon a red lightsaber and give it a few spins. It looks good at first but the light quickly fades out as I walk around the house. I come around the side and see a very strange and distorted version of my Dodge with all sorts of attachments jutting out from the sides.

      I look at my lightsaber, but it only look like a laser pointer as I stare at a red dot on the driveway. I decide this is ok because it is now a variable-sword like the one in Ringworld. I flick my wrist and make a cut at one of the chrome appendages on the car. I see it slice a very thin line but it doesn't fall off. I go ahead and give a tap making the thing drop away. I make another slash at the side-view mirror with the same effect. Ok that's kind of cool. Now I need my music. I try to summon something, but all I get is random humming in my head that sounds pretty weak and ridiculous. I let it go for now and wonder around with my sword.

      To my left, I see smoke from a something like a brush pile, and to my right, I see a tree covered with Christmas lights. I am torn between the two; looking back-and-forth. This seems to do something strange with my eyes causing my eyelids to flit open, waking me up.
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