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    1. Left Behind

      by , 05-09-2011 at 12:32 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-20-10
      Length: 5 Minutes
      Vividness: 2/10

      I was in downtown Santa Barbara with my girlfriend Dakota when my dad came and picked me up.
      We forgot Dakota so I told him we had to go back, but he got annoyed.

    2. Assorted fragments 1/15-16/11

      by , 01-16-2011 at 08:49 PM
      1. A hotel where half of the guests act as butlers for the other guests.

      2. A swimming pool full of confetti launchers that activate when you step on them.

      3. Trying to put on stage makeup in the basement of the house in my old-old town.

      4. Going to summer camp.

      5. A bunch of girls invite me to a "het slumber party" on the stage of the gym in my old high school. Basically, everyone is supposed to sleep in a giant dogpile and prove their straightness by having no physical reactions to doing so. When I get into the dogpile, my pulse starts racing and I start to feel an *ahem* disturbance in the southern regions. To avoid suspicion, I pretend to be sleeping as heavily as the rest of them, but they still catch on and throw me out.

      6. A crumbling old hotel.

      7. I'm playing some sort of Mario Kart/F-Zero mashup game, and I win every race except the last one, where I come in second.

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    3. Second Lucid.

      by , 12-25-2010 at 04:33 AM
      Despite the weird theme going on here, and the fact that I couldn't control what I was doing very well, I thought this was a pretty cool dream.

      At first in my dream i was driving a car around some strange southern type town. It looked like something out of The Dukes of Hazzard (the old show, not the movie). I passed by like three cop cars that were parked on the side of the road. I thought this was weird because the cars were exactly the same, old looking and completely white. Then I noticed they were parked all over the place (the sidewalk, the middle of the street, etc.) and all the cops leaning against their cars looked exactly like Sheriff Roscoe. That was when i realized i was dreaming, and decided to see what would happen if i pissed the Roscoes off. I turned my car sharply to the left through traffic, ran over a couple of people, drove on the sidewalk, smashed into a couple of cars parked next to parking meters, and rolled my car over (I hadn't meant to do all that damage, but I couldn't control my driving too well so I just went with it).

      I got out of my car and saw twenty Roscoes running at me from all sides, with police sirens sounding. I told myself I'd make all the Roscoes disappear when I snapped my fingers. I tried snapping them but I couldn't, and I realized it was because I don't know how to in real life (cuz I'm super cool like that). The Roscoes were almost on me, so I did like a weird rewind thing and made them go back to where they were when I first noticed them coming at me, then told myself to make them run in slow motion. (It's strange how I could do this, but I couldn't do what I really wanted to. I also don't understand why I didn't just try to make them disappear with something i CAN do in real life, like a clap, but whatever.) I stood there trying to snap my fingers while they slowly ran towards me. I never could snap my fingers and totally make them disappear, but I noticed with each sad attempt they faded away a little. I decided instead of trying to make them go away all at once I'd just keep half-snapping really fast so that they'd eventually fade away. This actually worked, and soon they were all gone. I stood there for a while trying to think of something fun I could do while I was lucid, until I thought to myself, 'Wait, what time is it, shouldn't my alarm be going off?" I woke up and found that my alarm had been going off for ten minutes, but I must have bumped the volume while setting it because it was all the way down.

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    4. 9/16/10 Old Town

      by , 09-21-2010 at 12:36 AM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I remember being in some sort of old town. I walked up a road where some men were camping, I think. One guy came out to me. I told him that I need some food. "Sir, can I please have some of your food?" He hesitated. "Pretty please?" I said.
      "Fine." he said. I walked over to where the food was. I saw two or three more guys sitting at a table playing poker. I can't remember if I took any food though.

      - - - - (no recall)

      I remember walking down a sidewalk in front of a motel.

      - - - - (no recall)

      Then I remember being in the same place where the men were, but they were gone but the table was still there. There was a girl there who looked like a big hit on the web (like Fred, only it was a girl, maybe like Venetian Princess) and she said she was quitting for some reason. I stood there shocked. She collected all her umm idea papers? and put them into a folder. My friend AG (who copies people) took all of the papers from her. She looked desperate to take her place. l0l.

      Then I remember being in my dad's house. I walked down the hallway and saw that same web girl sitting on my old bedroom's bed with her hair wrapped in a towel. Also the bathroom had a room connected to it, with two extra beds in it. (In my dreams, the familiar houses always look remodeled for some reason) She was reading a book or something, I can't remember. I then walked upstairs to my room and saw another room attached to it. My homeroom teacher was laying on the bed in that room (wth) doing something. Sleeping maybe. Then I saw my mom standing beside me, and that's all I remember.
    5. Swimming...on the roof

      by , 08-05-2010 at 10:32 AM (Purple Trees and Zombies: Trippy Dreams of an Artist/Writer)
      I'm taking my sister home from somewhere, have no idea where. It's night and we are on the highway, the only car. I stop at my apartment for some reason, and Stephanie (my sister) wets her hair down - why, I have no idea. I am irritated she's taking so long and tell her to hurry up. I think I get snacks or something from the fridge.

      We stop at a church next...and there is an old couple sitting in the pews. Just them, no one else. My sister and I get bored and leave. I don't remember much about this part of the dream.

      Still traveling at night, still the only car. But for some reason, I miss my exit and run out of road - literally. The pavement ends and there's a drop off (not huge, but a couple of feet) to this dirt road that's horizontal to my vertical freeway.

      We abandon the car and arrive in this town. Everything is run down, and what isn't run down is really old, vintage style places. The library is a shack, the store is a booth in the road, etc.. I want to use a phone to call my dad and tell him Stephanie is going to be late. I end up using one in one of the shack places. Dad on the other end isn't happy with me, and I hang up with the sense that I disappointed him.

      There is a nice house in town, a mansion. Somehow, getting Stephanie home isn't priority anymore, exploring this house is. I go in, and look around. Everything is luxury from the rugs to the furniture. I go upstairs and the maid tells me I can go swimming on the roof. I take off all my clothes and sit outside the window, in where the gutter should be, but it's the pool. I'm not worried about being naked as there's a huge privacy fence around the house, and a well manicured lawn. I remember it being really really green.

      The pool is the size of a gutter though, and I scoot down until it gets wider and wider. Now the water is covering the entire roof, inside the attic. It's really clear, no dirt at all. I swim and explore the waterlogged rooms, and my sister pops up, asks me what I'm doing. I tell her to come in. The maid starts making us drinks. I sit on this bench that suddenly appears and look into a mirror. I have these weird patches of hair on my chest and get embarrassed. I think I have to go home and shave them off.


      At least no one was blond this time. *sigh*