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    1. The Plasma Gun Universe

      by , 07-28-2022 at 11:04 PM
      This dream was incredibly profound for me at the time. I woke up half-way through the night and had all the details, but then I fell right back asleep. When I woke up for good, a lot of the details were missing, but I still retained some of it. One thing that bothers me about dreams is how profound they can be when you first wake up and have all the details, but through the day, many of them fade into obscurity and no longer seem worth writing about.

      I'm on a bus. I'm a younger version of myself. Sitting across from me on the other side of the bus is a really attractive girl. She looks like Vanessa Hudgens from the past. She's talking with the person next to her who I don't remember very well. I begin to notice that she's psychologically playing with me. Whenever she says something to that other person, it has some deep double meaning that relates to myself. I start to feel very divided. I'm simultaneously very attracted, but scared of her at the same time. She seems too smart. It's kind of eerie. I wish I could remember what she was saying at that point, but I can't.

      We arrive at our destination (which is like a combination of the house I grew up at and a summer camp). There are a lot of people there (like maybe 50 to 100). I try to talk to her after we exit the bus, but she kind of ignores me and continues talking to the other person. We all part ways and go to some kind of lunchroom. Stuff happens I don't remember. Later, I'm able to finally have a conversation with her. She acts as if she wanted to talk to me all along, but was just waiting for some reason. As we talk it becomes clear that she knows things she really shouldn't know about me. It's getting creepy, yet I'm even more attracted to her cause she seems like an oracle. She says a bunch of stuff, but here's what I remember...

      "That suffering you went through when you were younger... I know you experienced some loss. That was supposed to happen. Like it happens to everyone." I see an image of her laying in bed talking in my minds eye. She explains that I'm in some type of trial to test my strength and implies that certain other people are too. This is the purpose of this universe. "Everything is made from a plasma gun. The plasma gun is a projector and it creates the entire universe for you." She seems to allude to this whole thing being some type of experiment. She tells me to hold up my arm in front of me. She takes her hands next to my arm and shows me the size of it relative to my arm. It's only a few inches longer than my arm and it's rectangular in shape. If I had to guess, it's about 2.5 feet long and a few inches in diameter. She explains this is how the universe is created. The plasma shoots out the end of the gun and creates a virtual reality. It's all made out of waves and particles are an illusion. I then suddenly see a white background with the gun itself in my mind's eye. It looks like a huge Juul. The end of the gun has all these swirling colors and images. I then come back to dream reality. I'm speechless. She explains more about how the thing works, but I don't remember it. My mind was blown at the time and I could tell she wasn't lying cause it was like she just hacked into my brain and knew all about me.

      I wanted to talk to her more, but after that, it seemed like she wanted to get away from me. The dream kept fading and becoming less and less real until I woke up.

      PS: I think this dream happened cause I was watching a video on how CRT screens work before bed.
    2. #206. The Oracle

      by , 08-28-2015 at 12:15 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      To get to the oracle, who is in some kind of park or zoo, we need to walk through dozens and dozens of tents that belong to homeless people. (The homeless people are elsewhere at the moment.)

      We face the oracle and explain our quest. The oracle's gender shifts at least once.

      We get our answers. The number 100 is important. The oracle mentions that the previous dreamer wanted to go after a spirit or a murderer, and we should be keeping an eye out for that spirit.

      Husband asks if, when our health accounts are charged for this, if it could not show up on his as something to do with the occult?

      I might or might not be lucid. We're climbing up a rock face towards a valley that has a ship in it. We're beyond the ship and someone shouts to me which side I want the explosion on. I shout back an answer.

      A maze. Changing my thoughts to make images appear in between the rows.

      My three companions are unconscious, and I need to drag them through the sand of the labyrinth without waking the women in the centre. I'm almost to the exit, but one of the women sends a boa constrictor after the sleepers.

      I'm running up the stairs, racing the snake, and then I'm one of the women fighting her sisters, running up paper blinds in the room beyond.

      I'm moving through rooms that remind me of the Jedi Knight video games, all steel and sliding doors. I'm having trouble remembering which direction I need to go in, and I walk into a room and am unsurprised by the room spawning a Sentry Bot from Fallout. I've played this level before (it's a fun one, and I hold the high score.)
    3. Destiny, Training Liv, What is a DG, Ice cream with Yuya, being a female Oracle, FA

      , 04-18-2011 at 05:02 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      Ugh, what a busy week. I remember a lot of dreams, but for some messed up reason most of the good ones were on days
      where I had to leave my house immediately after waking up, preventing me from writing them down properly.
      This is what I remember from these dreams:

      I'm on board the Destiny, getting quite excited.
      We're close to our destination, just one day to go.
      My co-pilot aka first officer enters the cockpit.
      We exchange looks and I feel quite weird.
      I think we had sex earlier today. We've both been in this spacecraft for over 2 weeks,
      so the sexual tension was strong in both of us and it must have just happened.
      I remember that we decided that no-one should have sex during the mission to avoid potential issues within the team.
      I feel bad for breaking a rule I was originally in favor of, but I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones who have done so.

      Training with Liv
      I'm on Teraluna teaching Liv how to fight more effectively with the help of Yuya and Faye.
      Liv is stronger than I originally thought, but she's clearly nowhere close to Yuya or myself.
      Liv's main problem is that she isn't very confident in her own abilities, and somewhat shy to use some of them.
      Some of her abilities require her to dance in what I can only describe as a "sexy way".
      This seems to be very uncomfortable for her.

      What is a Dream Guide?
      I'm hanging out with Faye. I'm having a rather interesting conversation with her about Dream Guides.
      She's saying many quite complex things, but the basics I can gather is that according to her,
      a Dream Guide is someone who's main role it is to help me achieve goals in my dreams.
      She also explains that she is very different from Yuya.
      She is mostly a projection of my subconscious and a little bit of something else.

      Ice cream with Yuya
      I'm on Teraluna with Yuya, at some kind of ice cream bar I guess.
      I order the biggest chocolate sundae they have, and it is huge. o_o
      It's served in a glass bowl shaped like a blossom.
      We're sharing it, but I have no idea how we're supposed to finish this.

      I eat too fast, like I always do, and get a massive brain freeze.
      I am amazed that I am able to experience this pain so powerfully in the dream, so I deliberately resume eating too fast.
      I get another brain freeze and say "Amazing!"
      Yuya laughs and tells me that I am absolutely insane.
      I say "I never claimed otherwise"

      I am in the past, in Greece I think, in some sort of temple.
      Some women dressed in white tunics escort me through the temple to a surreal looking room.
      There's a crack in the floor with colorful fumes streaming out of it.
      I sit in my designated spot noticing that I am a women myself.

      I become semi-lucid and call out to Faye asking her for help.
      She appears disguised in a similar Tunic and tells me that I am an Oracle, and I need to help someone take an important decision.
      I tell her I don't know how to do that, but she insists it's ok, because the fumes in this room will cause me to get high, which will help.
      I indeed start to get quite high.

      A women enters the room, with an extremely fancy dress. She must be very important.
      She asks me something and I give an answer that feels right, but doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me, and sounds completely out of context.
      For some reason she knows exactly what to do now though and leaves happily.
      Then I get distracted by my own boobs and start fondling them.

      False awakening
      I get up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth etc.
      After getting dressed I get into my car, drive to university, and get stuck in a traffic jam on my way there for maybe half an hour...
      I end up at university and hold a lecture for about an hour until I notice that something is off.
      I wonder if I might be dreaming and think back and am easily capable of retracing my steps.
      Nope, must be awake.
      Then I notice Faye is sitting in my classroom.

      I say "You've got to be fucking kidding me", realizing that I just had an insanely long FA.
      Some students laugh at me. I'm pissed, and I ask Faye if I just got trolled by my own subconscious.