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    1. Feeding the Hungry (Oranges and Ham)

      by , 04-05-2017 at 10:05 AM
      Morning of April 5, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am in an unfamiliar setting; a mostly featureless room that seems somewhat like a basement; that is implied to be either another world or an area near a portal where things can be pushed through to another location by teleportation. There is one other male present but I do most of the work. (The work I do in my dream is so physically realistic, my muscles feel tired upon waking and remain so.)

      Firstly, I put a large wrapped ham on a square wooden table. There is a very large cardboard box, as high as my waist and about as wide as a doorway (and slightly wider than the table). We fill it with oranges in several stages. In the last stage, when I pour the last of the oranges in, they form an unlikely conical shape higher than the box height. However, I push them about so that they are soon even with the top, some of them falling into spaces near the corners. The event is otherwise very vivid and realistic, especially in touch and motion.

      I am somewhat worried about what a challenge it might be to get the table and box (which are moved at the same time, the table in front while pushing the box) through the doorway portal. I somehow push them up a short flight of steps and through a doorway (though not the portal). After pushing them through a featureless room with a very vivid sense of physical effort, I learn that the destination is not nearly as far away, or as difficult to get to, as I first believed. The other male informs me that the doorway we need is just ahead (even though I had thought I might have to go through several other doorways and bigger flights of steps or even into a different building).

      I soon am able to push the table and box full of oranges through a doorway into an unfamiliar classroom. It appears to be high school. The humanitarian work that the other male and I had done is known by at least a couple of the students and the unfamiliar male teacher and briefly discussed. I feel good about having done such a task.

      Soon however, an unfamliar male student starts talking and asking the teacher questions about weapons of war, mentioning something about a missile. This annoys me somewhat and it seems like they are not really focused at all on what the other male and I had done. I do not say anything and soon wake.

    2. Citrus Fruits and Spiders

      by , 03-26-2017 at 09:26 AM
      Morning of March 26, 2017. Sunday.

      I am in a distorted scene where the main characters seem unknown, but could be implied to be versions of certain relatives, especially as I am in a variation of the Loomis Street house’s backyard. There is no fence on the south side as was in reality.

      The neighbors to the south are in a house that is to the west a full house distance more (into what otherwise was the backyard) than the real location. The neighbors seem to be versions of neighbors I had in Florida as a boy but their daughter is not seen. However, I do hear the father and his supposed daughter arguing when I am outside at night (apparently when she is visiting, though she is much older than her parents, which makes no sense; that is, she is about fifty and the “father” seems in his thirties). Someone loudly says, “That is a really stupid thing to argue about”.

      There is one scene where I am lying on my left side at the northwest corner of their house. It is still nighttime. The man comes out (from what seems to be the back door near the northeast corner of the house) and is oddly not angry at my imposition (though he still seems annoyed and seems to take on a somewhat sarcastic attitude). He throws a blanket on me and tells me to have a good night’s sleep, though more to himself as he thinks I am sleeping. After he goes back inside, I get up and go to the other backyard.

      The main scene involves an unusual vegetation feature on the back of the Loomis Street house (to the left of the back door when outside). There are at least two large vines, one growing oranges and the other grapefruit. Mixed in with these dense plants are a large number of spiderwebs and many golden silk orb-weaver spiders, both adults and newly hatched.

      A few people visit and say that I could probably sell the citrus fruits. I pick one and it has a lot of small bumps on it, the peel yellowish in spots. The rest do not seem fully ripe. The vegetation goes very high; up to the roof. I would need a ladder to get many of them. I get the impression that people would not want to buy them due to small spiders possibly being inside some of them, though mostly just under the peel. (Considering that I lived next to an orange grove for years, it seems unusual that my dream self thought of citrus as growing on vines.)

    3. ~*Wednesday night adventures with Lalin*~

      by , 12-05-2014 at 02:42 PM (Three Fold Utopian Dreams)
      Hey Dreamers,
      It's been awhile... hope you all have been well. These are some dreams from Wednesday night. As usual, my own thoughts during the dream are italicized & moments of lucidity are usually specified.

      American Horror Story in Ala Moana
      I am wandering through the Ala Moana Shopping center at night. It's cold which is strange considering I'm in Hawaii. Snowflakes start to fall and I catch one in my hand... I say my LTP (Lucidity Trigger Phrase) as I stare at the flake melting in my palm...
      Yup. I'm dreaming... no surprise there.

      I continue walking towards the center of the mall. I see strange lights and shadows in some of the stores... kind of feels like a haunted house walk through... it amuses me. I reach the center of the mall and it seems like a show is about to start on the ground floor stage. I lean over the railing to get a closer look at the performers. Some of them I notice from American Horror Story and they were setting up stage with... hula dancers and magicians...?
      Hmm...Interesting... this should be a good show.

      I'm about to ask when the show starts but I notice something strange about the railing I'm leaning against before I can get a word out. I look down; the railing is falling away in chunks. I take a step back and realize the entire railing is made from a rotting corpse of a giant snake. My hands and shoes are covered in piles of maggots and flies. I panic slightly as I step back and almost trip but I manage to regain my mental stability.
      Argh, gross....

      I grow bored waiting for the show to begin so I leave the open seating area in search of an adventure. And that’s when I hear Strong Man (from American horror story) yell
      "Hey doll, where do you think you're going? We’re just getting started!" The tone of his voice wasn't very inviting.
      Pfft. kiss my ass.

      I begin running back towards the Sears side of the mall. I'm not afraid but I honestly don't feel like wasting my time by having "one of those dreams" again so I'm trying move to another space without interrupting the actual dream flow and atmosphere. But I stop when I hear very familiar voice coming from behind a fake plant. It's my friend who I shall refer to as...Je Lalin...Lalin for short.

      "Je Lalin, is that you?"
      Lalin: (panicked whisper voice)
      "Shhh! Yes! Shut the fuck up! Are you crazy?!?! They’re going to kill us!"

      He pulls me behind the plant and holds me by the shoulders. He's wild eyed, sweaty, and clearly disturbed by my laughing. I try to tell him I think it's a dream but he shushes me again and drags me into a store. We duck behind a rack of bras. I am completely amused by his fear... it's fricken hilarious.

      "Hey Lalin, notice anything strange about the mall?"
      "Okay seriously... just stop. This isn't a joke. I know you're in shock but you need to shut up while I try and figure this out..."
      "It's fucking snowing.... We're in the biggest outdoor mall in the world which happens to be on a TROPICAL ISLAND and...It’s snowing. Oh and we're being chased by fictional TV show characters..."

      I grab some bras off the rack, shove them in his face, and stand up. I can hear the strongman getting closer and I try to think of a really messed up way to kill him in front of Lalin.
      Shock value.

      He’s still kneeling behind the rack but I can tell he's processing what I said. He stands after a moment which was conveniently timed with strongman walking up to the front of the store. Lalin stares at strongman trying to break the glass before he grabs my face really hard and asks me if this is real... I reply
      "It's a real dream, my friend." He stares at me blankly as the back of the store molds into a tunnel...
      I pull him through.

      Oranges, Ski Lodge, & Pretend Make Out Sessions

      The dream skips a bit; I remember building a snowman with Lalin and his brother (?) at some point. I've never met his brother IRL so I can't be sure. There was tension between them... it was odd. The dream stabilizes a bit when we're playing a game of pool inside the lodge.

      On a scale of 1 to 10 my lucidity is at a 3 or 4 at best. We're playing with a young lady, early 20's, short, stocky, mixed Asian/islander. She's on the other team with another young man who looks familiar but I’m not sure why. Anyway, I notice her glaring at me a lot. I can feel her attempts to choke me with her energy. I find it rather unsettling but I ignore it. She eventually throws a knife at me after the game is done but it misses and I return fire with a half peeled orange straight at her head. Lalin and I crack up at the look on her face and she runs out of the lodge.

      Eventually, Lalin and I settle onto a white couch by the fireplace of the now empty lodge. We talk about life goals, traveling, and school. Then out of nowhere he snuggles closer, locks eyes, and leans in rather seductively. I close my eyes out of uneasiness as I feel his chest press slightly against mine... I anticipate a kiss but open my eyes to his smirk about 2 inches away from my lips. He reaches for his hot cocoa just behind me on the table. I watch him lean back playfully and sip on his mug. He tries to lean in again to put it back on the table but I grab it from his hands, take a sip, and place it on the table.
      Nice try you lil' shit...

      He laughs as if he's read my mind and then asks if I wanna play Make Believe Make Out. I crack up laughing and inquire as to what this game is and he responds with
      "It's a game where we pretend make out...duh." I watch him playfully roll his eyes at me and my curiosity peaks. I give him a coy smile and say... "Sure but what's pretend making out?" in the most nonchalant voice I could muster but I highly doubt he noticed my efforts... because his lips were on mine before I could take a breath.

      I try to protest that this isn't pretend making out in between kisses but he shushes me (again) and playfully proclaims that this is... in fact... pretend making out and we're winning the game. I can't help but laugh as he unzips my jacket and gently nuzzles his face into my cleavage... licking and kissing every inch he could reach while unclasping my bra from the back. The frustration finally gets to him and he takes off my jacket, shirt, and bra all in one fluid movement. I sigh as he pulls me onto his lap and his tongue finally reaches my nipples. He licks, nibbles, and sucks till I moan and pull his face back up to mine. I try to whisper a thousand sweet nothings to him within a kiss. My laughter's gone and I let my hands wander his body... I find something strong and throbbing just beneath his jeans for me. I unbutton, unzip, and let him out. I watch his eyes glaze over blissfully with each stroke of my hand. He whispers a thousand sweet nothings with a single kiss on my lips and the moment unfolds between us....

      Dragons & Pelicans

      I am lying in a wide open field of flowers. I sit up and automatically recognize the space as my personal sanctuary. This triggers semi-solid lucidity. I smell fire. I stand and scan the tree line and see a fucking huge black dragon just chilling by my Koi pond.
      What the fuck....

      "Isn't she beautiful?" he yells from the bridge over the pond.
      "Yes! She’s amazing! Is... is she yours?"
      "Kind of... I don't own her... I'm just lucky enough to take care of her because she lets me"
      "Ah, I feel ya, buddy. She's a beauty. Look at those eyes!"

      I stare into her endless emerald eyes as I cautiously join Lalin on the bridge. I ask him if he thinks she'd let me get a closer look at her and he shrugs... so of course, I go for it. I walk down the right side of the bridge and approach her slowly... she watches silently. I tell her she's the most beautiful dragon I’ve ever seen...and that's when she lowers her head, licks my entire arm, and takes off into the sky.

      Lalin joins me and explains that she's showing off for me. I feel very moved by her gesture. I clap and holler as loud as I can for her. She truly is amazing. I ask Lalin what her name is, he tells me but I will keep her name to myself for the time being. We're discussing her wingspan in proportion to her body when a big glob of white liquid splatters on Lalins shoe. We look up and see a ton of pelicans flying around the sky. Lalin begins whistling to himself while wiping the pelican shit off his shoe and readying his bow and arrow...
      Uh oh... babye birdies...

      Swoooossshhhhh! The first arrow flies through his bow and straight through a pelican gut. The bird begins falling from the sky but she (the dragon) swoops in and plucks the bird from his plunge to the earth before he can reach it. I can't help but clap at the team effort and Lalin explains that this is one of her favorite games they play together.
      How cool is that?!?!

      I smile to myself and watch them play their game together...
      I can feel the dream fading and I know I'll wake up soon. I wonder if he'll remember any of this. I want him to very much so and I sigh slightly within my wishful thinking. I look over just in time to see him smiling at me. I reach for his hand but the feel microfiber of my couch...
      I'm too late.
      My eyes flutter open before I can let go of the couch in my grip.

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    4. 4/22 Dream fragments, again, didn't sleep well, but I'm finally not sick!!

      by , 04-23-2012 at 12:32 AM
      All I remember is flying a plane, and picking oranges. Pretty pathetic, huh? hehehe I love these things
    5. Real California oranges, diving out windows, and trespassing (Lucid)

      by , 10-25-2011 at 01:05 PM
      Well now, another lucid.

      Oct. 25, 2011
      I was following the dream plot for a while. I was on a school trip with some random people, and some others were trying to kill us. I don't remember much of that bit, except the place we were staying was all brown, and I wanted to wake up at one point. But then, I decided to take control of my dream, since I was, after all, lucid. I dove out a window headfirst and floated/glided to the ground, where I tumbled around and emerged muddy. I laughed, got up, and rubbed my hands together. They felt amazingly realistic- dusty and smooth. I marveled at how real everything looked. I was in someone’s garden. Then I leapt up and floated for another moment, and came upon a street sign leading into a brambly path saying “East End Avenue.” So I went in and ran, trying to bend air as I went and failing-ish. I followed the path all the way behind someone’s house, and they saw me. I tried to casually walk back, and they walked past me, and I said “Sorry about that, I was just-“ to a teenage boy, but he ignored me. Someone (there was a basketball court near their house) then commented, “I wish it wasn’t raining,” because it was drizzling, so I yelled, “Make it stop raining!” Unfortunately, it began pouring. I giggled and saw a bush with oranges that were slightly green, and I yelled, “Look! Real California oranges!” even though I wasn’t in California. Then I woke up.
      Tags: oranges, vivid
    6. Oranges in an unrelated Orchard

      by , 03-28-2011 at 03:48 PM
      [methods used to enter this dream]

      I used an old method I was taught to dream quickly, which involves ignoring the bodies checks on whether you are awake or not, while deliberately keeping the mind active (so all of the itches and uncomfortable feelings must be ignored, even though they get quite unpleasant, while I keep reciting things to remain aware of where I am- I use the poetry of Blake, and quote Chesterton to myself. Hey, works for me). Then when I feel "heavy", I open my eyes for a minute or so before closing, allow an enviroment to form around me (it does nine times out of ten) and see what I can do with that enviroment. Enough chatter, I will post the log now, only removing names for privacy reasons.


      In the ******'s Orchard. I asked if I could have an orange from their orchard. They said yes. I said "hang on a minute, you don't grow oranges, do you?" (I don't remember their crop but this was proof enough). He said "no we don't". I used this as a logical reality check, and then went to pick an orange. First though, I noticed that my feet were cold (I sleep without sheets for psychological reasons). I felt like I might be losing touch and wake up, so I remembered that in their orchard at this early hour I would be wearing boots (we would be coming back from an early morning shoot). I visualised the texture, the colour of my socks that I wear with boots (both nylon and wool layers) and wrapped my feet in them in my mind. I made that my socks were damp from the fact they hadn't trimmed the grass, which satisfied my mind's checks on whether I could continue in the dream and as such, continued. I took an apple (more proof that this was a dream, it was an orange orchard above) and took a bite. Sundowner I think, probably because I remembered today that they are going to be more pricey as winter hits. I hear a dog, probably Fin, their heeler, barking, and that is the last thing I remember before losing the dream and awaking. It is odd. I only "slept" for thirty minutes, but I felt refreshed, like I slept a full night. This energy is leaving quickly though, I already am feeling weary again. Back to sleep, may see if I can squeeze a DILD into the next few hours before I must awake properly.

      (The above is a direct copy of my DJ log for that dream. That DILD never came though)
    7. Lucid Dream 191: Feeding Frenzy

      by , 03-11-2011 at 08:32 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      March 8, 2011
      Lucid Dream 191: Feeding Frenzy
      Series: The Land of Dreams, Episode 4

      Category - Exploration

      ....I felt my self fade in and back out of reality and knew my DEILD was successful. My body began spinning around and I noticed I was in the basement of my house. After a short period of spinning/rolling in place, I stopped and stood. Everything was a bit fuzzy, so I performed some quick stabilization techniques. Everything cleared up rather nicely.

      Through the sliding glass door I could see it was dark outside. I turned away and headed toward the stairs. The wood paneling on the lower half of the walls had names carved into name. There must have been hundreds of them. I read a few, "Ben G, Alastor, Gobbleton, James was here, etc." I didn't waste much time reading them and headed up the stairs. I exited via the front door and it was still dark outside. Pulled over on the side of my street I noticed about 3 school buses, several cop cars, an ambulance, and a firetruck. All the vehicles had their lights on and specialty lights (cop car, ambulance), but there was no sign of life among them. I suddenly remembered some that I wanted to recruit for my dream army. I leapt off my porch and took flight. I floor over the trees and up over top of the nearest mountain. On the other side, I noticed the ground had turned to the sky, so I stopped and landed at the top of the mountain.

      I decided to dream spin and see if the problem fixed. I just performed a quick 360 (didn't want to spin too much and scramble everything). It worked. There were woods in front of my. I took flight once more and stayed low to the ground, dodging trees and such. As I flew it gradually turned to daylight. I flew upon a small lake or giant pond. I flew lower over the lake/pond and skimmed my hands on the top off the water as I flew. There was a tiny island in the middle of the lake, barely large enough for two people stand. I flew over to it and landed on a large, flat rock that (located on the island). I noticed the lake/pond had suddenly became very swamp-like.

      The water had a thick layer of green something (algae?) floating on the top. The surrounding trees were no longer pine trees and had all become mangrove trees. There was a vine covered tree in the middle of the island I was standing on. I scaled up the vines to a limb that hung out over the water. I felt around in my pocket until I found a blunt and pulled it out. I performed my usual, invisible lighter trick, and lit the blunt. I smoked and started looking around for some wild life. A few moments later I started to notice several gators were swimming in the area. As I observed them, I began to notice more and more in the area. I now noticed that they all seemed to be swimming in my direction. I wanted to throw something into the water and see if they attacked it.

      I stood on the branch and began rummaging through the leaves over head. I found an orange and soon after there were oranges everywhere. I started throwing them in the water and the gators were viciously splashing about and attacking the oranges. All of the gators were gathered below me. There must have been 50 of them gathered under my limb and the immediate surrounding area. I started launching oranges as hard as I could aiming for the gators head. When I hit them with the orange, they sunk under water for several moments before resurfacing. I began launching oranges like crazy and it turned into a game like whack-a-mole. The gators were stationary and popped up in and out of the water as I launched oranges at them. This went on for several minutes when I suddenly got an idea.

      I sat on the branch and wiggled my feet in the air. The gators broke out of their whack-a-gator state and began chomping the air and jumping up a little trying to bite my leg. Once they were all viciously aggressive. I took a deep breathing and jumped off the branch. My arm got caught in the trees vines and I was just hanging there as the gators chomped below me. I struggled for a bit, but couldn't seem to wriggle free. I could feel my actual bodies arm and figured the dream had become unstable. I performed a couple nose pinch RCs (for stabilization purposes) and could feel the vine loosening up. The vine suddenly let go and I dropped right into the middle of the gators. As I hit the water I felt gators slam into me from all angles, but unfortunately, I woke up immediately (I think the rush of emotion/adrenaline kicked me from the dream).
      I was a little disappointed that I didn't keep my cool, but I did just jump into the middle of 50 hungry gators .

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What exactly does it mean to be KingYoshi? To find out, stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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