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    1. Trap Doors and Underground Sewers

      by , 06-30-2017 at 05:54 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      I remember a lot of this dream, but it was all nonsense.

      There are a lot of houses and trap doors, this much I remember. In the dream, I am in a college dorm-style environment. There is this girl on "campus" I really don't like, so I decide to use the trap doors and underground tunnels to my advantage.

      The trap doors feel really weird to go into. Somehow, while going through them, I manage to shrink myself, kind of like the way an octopus can go through a small hole. The tunnel through the trap door is really tight. I have to squeeze through, but once I make it out of the tight tunnel, I am in this large sewer system, where the ceilings are tall and there are even paths. It has a beauty to it, despite the stench.

      With a friend, I manage to pull off some sort of prank. The prank plays out using the tunnels as portals and happens on some sort of construction part of the campus. We cover her in dirt, or something like that. She becomes enraged at this, going as far as to exact revenge and smash my laptop to pieces.

      Suddenly, I seem to have a semi-lucidity, and decide to transform into a dog and leave the place. I leave by pulling up a video game interface, selecting a new location (I remember a kingdom being one of the options...why did I choose a suburban neighborhood???).

      I do transform into a dog...a Border Collie, to be exact, running around in a neighborhood. Other dogs start running with me, and I feel the foolish happiness of the carefree animal. I end up at some rich person's house, go through their doggie door, and become myself, Rose, again. This house is very bland and nearly empty, except for some of the bedrooms. The whole place feels cold and distant.

      The only person who seems to be in the house is a blonde girl, maybe fifteen years old. I can tell right from the start she is a spoiled brat, but ah well, she welcomes me into her home. It doesn't stay her house for long, though.

      The house does not change at all; rather, the ownership does. I suddenly feel as if this house belongs to Owl and her family. Lo and behold, Owl comes up behind me, saying I've come just in time for the fun and can sleep over if I want to. She says her parents are sleeping, so I should be quiet, and beckons me to her bedroom.

      There are a few other girls in her room. I recognize one or two as mutual friends of ours. She has nothing in her bedroom but a full sized bed and a twin sized bed (FYI, this house is nothing like Owl's waking house at all). She points to the twin bed, saying I can sleep there for tonight. I feel a little hurt, because we always share a bed (cuddling and all that good stuff), but I don't say anything and make myself comfortable on the twin bed.

      Well, as comfortable as I can get, anyway. The mattress is firm and I can feel every spring. This makes me feel even less desired as Owl goes on to talk with her other friends and all but ignores me. At one point, she's on Facetime with another girl, and starts flirting with her. This hurts me a lot, and I shrink into the corner of the room a bit. She notices, and asks what's wrong, but I don't answer, shrink from her touch. She realizes what I'm upset about and says she was just messing around, that it didn't mean anything.

      I decide to leave. Owl tries to follow me, but I run to a familiar trap door. I shrink into it, and the door disappears behind me. I am in the sewers again.

      This time, I'm just wandering. Then, when going to an opening, I see a little boy, about three to four years old, all alone, with a scared look on his face. He looks to me, and I can feel what he can't say; he needs help, he's in danger, he's been separated from family.

      The rest of the dream is spent searching for his family. It fades, and I don't remember whether or not I found them.

      I just want to know how I did not become lucid in this dream...it's so strange, how I can't seem to "wake up".
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    2. 9/30/14 + 10/1/14

      by , 10-02-2014 at 07:54 PM
      I've been having reallllly weird dreams lately, compared to my weird stress-induced dreams about work. I've been waking up in a panic unfortunately because of them so I lose a lot of recall on them, but this is what I remember. I would really like feedback on the dream from 10/1/14, just because I've never had a dream like that involving owls


      My boyfriend and I are at a football game, namely the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. I know it's this game because one, we're wearing our Seahawks jersies (and so are a lot of other people) and because I just know it's in Denver. Does that make sense? Anyways, the stadium is half of my high school's football field and half of Safeway, namely the checkout area. We're shopping for snacks, about to head into the game, and these little kids keep running around and fighting with each other. My boyfriend and I are sick of them fighting, so he chases them around the stadium and I'm waiting to catch them. They run into me and I grab them and say "interception! that's what happens when you play the seahawks!". Only putting that one in because I'm 99% sure I said that out loud, because my boyfriend asked me why I was talking about the Seahawks in the middle of the night.

      Well we jump from capturing the kids to sitting on the field. We're sitting in metal bleachers on the very end, and a storms coming in. Just like in all my dreams about storms, the sky goes to a really deep navy blue, and the bad part of the storm turns black. We realize it's about to be a tornado, but we don't have time to leave. We're trying to hunker down, but the storm comes in too fast and we get sucked into the tornado. I wake up in a panic because I'm freaking terrified of tornados (even though in my city the last actual tornado to actually do anything in my city was back in 1979..). I know more happened after that but I woke up so suddenly I lost it


      This is the interesting one. I am with my family, but it's not my family. It's me, a younger sibling (I think a girl for the most part, but it's gender switched) and our aging father. We can fly, and we're flying in search of something, like food or money. I don't know what, but it's just this feeling of needing to find a supply of something. My father lands us in the mouth of this cave, halfway up a mountain. It's dark and somewhat gloomy, and there are shelves built into the wall. There is a back room you can get into through an arch built into the stone wall. We're rummaging, looking for something. I get the feeling we either own this cave area (somehow) or it's an unmanned shop. We collect items (cant remember what) and we're getting ready to go. I remember my father figure standing off to the side, holding an armful of things. I remember he lays down on his stomach in the mouth of the cave, and he's smiling. He's happy, and I get the feeling it's because he owns the cave (at least I think). A good thing to note is that in the dream I'm standing off to the side with my sibling, but I'm watching him from an upper angle to his left. I'm staring down at him, and suddenly, he's thrown back and I'm now the father. I'm in his body, and I know that it's me lying on my back, but I'm still watching from the same angle.

      This giant owl that's about 3 or 4 feet tall, light brown with a white face and chest, lands on me/father figure and pins down the body. He says something along the lines of, 'this is what your price for treachery is!' and then he sinks his beak into the neck and rips it out. And I mean, it's pretty gore. He slices the neck up and just goes to town on it. And I know it's me dying, but all I can do is watch. The owl is up to the side of me on the wall,opposite of where I'm watching from. My view switches from up above to the right to looking up at the owl beneath him. He spreads his wings out and says, "if only you had done your part, paid what you owed, you would have lived!" and I got this really heavy feeling of like, I don't know, a gang or something. Like me/father figure was in the business with the owl and we didn't do our share so the owl killed me/him.

      I woke up pretty startled, needless to say, and I lost a lot of bits from the dream
    3. An Owl and a Flute

      by , 06-15-2014 at 02:36 PM
      Night of June 15, 2014. Sunday.

      It is advised that you skip this one if you are the type to get queasy over the words “saliva” or “spit”. You have been warned.

      I am in an unfamiliar area in a city, possibly a variation of a part of La Crosse somewhere near Third Street, though it “feels” of east and west orientation. There is someone I do not know who has an owl on her left shoulder and is facing the street. It is possible that it is my sister who died this year - it is not certain - I do not look directly at the person from the front and am on her right side the whole time. It seems to be late morning.

      I have some sort of flute (of a golden color but somewhat matte) and am playing a few shorter repetitive melodies and it sounds nice. Eventually, however, there is excess saliva in the instrument which is much more like water that runs out onto the sidewalk, almost going onto the owl but not quite. I am somewhat embarrassed, as there are other people walking around. This happens about three times.

      Eventually, my brother-in-law walks out of some sort of business, perhaps a pawn shop, from behind me, to my left. He makes a comment about not having to see someone’s spit (referring to the “water”) on the sidewalk, but is not referring to me, as he thought one of his employees had done it. The person he yells at walks past me, continuing to my right, seemingly to the east.

      I ask him if I can help with anything and he points out the curb. I am to fix it up somehow, apparently by removing pieces of grass growing through cracks - and small bits of broken concrete and such. I am not sure, though, but my dream shifts to something quite different. It is something about a classmate (Kenneth W?) going to school for longer hours for some reason. It seems to be the subject of a conversation that is more like telepathy somehow.

      I think the flute relates to having heard the “H.R. Pufnstuf” theme a few times recently and having it get “stuck” in my head.

      Additional note: Looking back at other dreams that had something unusual or “different” relative to the curb, I believe, for me anyway, that it has something to do with teeth (relative to the whole mouth) and aspects of their present condition, perhaps, as I do have some cavities.
      Tags: flute, owl
    4. 27.11.13 - Party fireworks and the WOW OWL

      by , 12-05-2013 at 02:16 PM (In the real life)
      I'm in a room with some other folks and we're having what seems to be a really wierd party. Everybody including me is super high and we can barely see each other from all the smoke. All of them are playing with some wierd fireworks, like they put them in a mug of water and they start emitting different colors and smoke.
      After a while someone's dad came in the room and asked about all the smoke, but we blamed it on the fireworks and he went away, but he turned of the lights in the room, which is really strange, because lights never worked before in my dreams. Anyways, after that everybody except me and a girl fell asleep.
      She asked me if i wanted to lights some fireworks and i agreed, so we went to the balcony and put those wierd sticks in two mugs of water. Mine didn't light, so after calling me stupid for not knowing how these things work she showed me and we both lighted them. Mine was red and hers was green.

      Next thing i'm in a gym with a longboard. People are watching some kind of fighting tutorial on a smartphone, so i decide to watch too. And suddenly i find myself in that video, only it's not a tutorial but the real thing. I'm in a forest on a main road and infront of me there is a sign, on the sign there is a bow and arrows, i take them. After walking for a while i see two roads, one that goes up and left and the other right and a bit down. I stop and find myself knee deep in a pond, i still have to choose a road though, my mind is racing. Next thing i know some kids are throwing rocks at me from a tree, so i try to hit them with the bow, but i didn't manage to do that. I have no arrows left and it seems like those kids are gonna kill me. I quickly start practicing a fireball spell and manage to do it, but before i could use it on them i teleported back to the gym.. I was sitting and i stood up for a second a girl and a baby took my spot so i got my longboard and tried to keep a one foot balance on it. I got bored at one point and a man came to me, he told me
      "You see those roads? Well by sunset you have to take the right road where it says fire and you're gonna be cool"
      Excited i rushed to the roads, there was a sunset already and i had a wooden stick which i was holding like a spear. It was like a videogame, but instead of choosing the right road i went with the left one. After running like a ninja for a while i saw a bunch of abandoned buildings and an abandoned football(soccer) field. I then remembered that someone told me about a party at some abandoned house, but all i could se was tall buildings. I looked around for a while and i reached a security booth, i went to the side of it and inside i saw an Owl with armour and it was playing Worl of Warcraft on a laptop. It saw me look at it and started flapping it's wings. I then started laughing loudly which i guess managed to wake me up IRL
    5. The Strange Move: Don't want to leave my socks

      by , 08-20-2013 at 08:56 AM
      I dreamed that my father, my stepmother, and I were moving out of a house. For some reason there was a rush and my stepmother especially was hurrying us along, and we were going to leave most of our stuff behind for good.

      I was worried that we were leaving my fathers guitar, many of my toys (though I was a grown up), but most of all my socks: it appeared my stepmother was actively trying to prevent me from taking any of my socks, and out of some reason I felt very deeply the need to take them.

      We were almost ready to go. I managed to persuaded father that we come in one more time to get more of the stuff, and so I could get some of my socks, and he agreed, against my stepmother's wishes. The socks out of some reason were in a large chest in the basement.

      As we passed the yard, a huge owl landed, and he said "They love eachother very much" (At least I think that was it - what the owl said is the part of my dream recall I am least sure about). I said to my father: Did you hear that? What this owl said? He had heard it, but he insisted that the owl must have learned to parrot the phrase without understanding the meaning. I agreed.

      I did get some of my socks. Though most of my stuff did stay behind.
    6. Callers of the Owls

      by , 05-07-2013 at 03:12 PM
      It seems I'm with a group of students at some type of specialized school. The class is held outdoors where a teacher tells them to move forward and use their bird control powers. I'm there with the group so I follow. Suddenly a group of owls appears and they are just hovering over a single spot in a field not too far away. The students focus on calling to one of the owls and they try different gestures and poses. Only 15 seconds later, all but one owl has flown to one of the students and has landed on him or her. There was only this one guy to my left who didn't get an owl to come yet. Since he was taking so long, the solitary owl got distracted by a group of sparrows and went after one. The owl caught the sparrow and went to land in a tree.

      Soon, an eagle joined the fray. It swooped in suddenly from above, trapping both the owl and the group of sparrows in the trees. It wanted to get its claws on anything it could eat. All the while my DCs were narrating for me what was going on by talking to one another and making comments. Some like "I hope the owl is alright", or "Oh look it is going after that group of sparrows". Now everyone was trying to make the eagle go away by yelling at it. The eagle flew up, but then came back down closer to us. It seemed to not look so much like an eagle now, but a deformed dog with huge wings. It was really ugly to look at, and then another one showed up. The pair seemed to harass the group for a few minutes, landing and stomping about near us, then flying overhead again.

      The eagle-dog creatures had large muscular back legs, and really short stubby front legs. They only squatted on their hindquarters when landing on the ground, with their front legs looking like mini-arms. It is sort of how a T-Rex would look, but with a dog. Finally these things flew off for good. The owl came out of the trees and the guy summoned him this time much easier.

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    7. #58 - Free Style

      by , 04-13-2013 at 02:41 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I had two or three beers last night.
      I had three cups of coffee yesterday which I think helped me become lucid last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep for hours which happened somewhat recently as well.
      I checked in to DVirc last night.

      I was looking at a couple of red 4x4's and I knew that I was dreaming. I didn't even do an RC.

      I started flying straight up and I felt like a rocket. I even heard the jets. I went above the tree line and started thinking, "I hope I don't get heavy." I focused on the sound of the jets and tried to just ride it.

      Soon I saw stars, but I wasn't in space. It was more like here and there, there were spots of light, stars, hanging in our atmosphere. It was still awesome.

      Soon after I did get heavy. I didn't exactly fall back to Earth, but I did dream-skip to Earth. I was on a country road. This was a similar theme to a recent lucid also, but this time I didn't really see the road.

      I heard a noise and thought I'd go check it out. I followed the sound through some brush. It was really interesting to follow the sound. I was excited as I got closer and closer. I came upon a baby owl in a nest. I was afraid it would bite me if I wasn't lucid, but I was, so I picked it up. It was sweet, so I put it on my shoulder.

      Now I went back to the road. A car wizzed by. I tried to step in front of it. This was similar to jumping off a small cliff and into a river in a recent lucid. I find I like to court danger when I'm lucid. Why not?

      Then I heard a cop following this car. I was going to wait for it and step in front of it, but it never got there.

      Dream skip

      I'm in a metal pre-fab building. I forgot the junk that was in it, but I decided to leave and FAILED in my attempt to phase through the wall. I was pissed! I've been having trouble phasing which used to be a natural ability for me. I know the wall isn't there but I still cant pass.

      I ended up ripping the wall like cloth, but it took effort. This development really concerns me.

      I ended up in a room with E. I wasn't going to do anything with her, but decided that I'd had a pretty varied dream, and maybe it was time to enjoy some female activity. She left, and I ended up trying to explain to another girl whom I was not interested in, the difference between a 1964, '69, and 70 half dollar.

      The stupid DC wasn't listening to me. The dream started breaking up here.

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    8. Zombie Workers, Sleeping On a Porch, and Quitting Work All Over Again

      by , 09-27-2012 at 03:38 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in what appeared to be a cave system, but it was supposed to be at the restaurant I recently quit. The manager was evil, and was turning all the employees into zombies. I refused to let that happen to me. As the zombie workers tried to attack me, one by one, I fought them off. I remember them having red, glowing eyes.


      I was asleep on our neighbor's front porch, underneath my sleeping bag. It was nighttime. I rolled over, and the door opened. Lisa (the neighbor) checked on me, and then went back in. I rolled back over. I wondered how I was sleeping out there and not being freezing cold.

      I then remember going inside, I guess it was time to get up. The sun was just starting to come up. Lisa came down the stairs. Something about the cat needing to go outside.

      Then, I was sitting on the porch with Lisa and her husband, Steve. One of her sons, Kael, was there briefly as well. He walked up to us for a little bit. He was smiling and gently swaying from side to side.

      An owl then flew by, and I held out an orange prescription bottle of assorted pills, one Lisa had put together, of some antibiotics and antidepressants. The antibiotics looked like some I took last year IWL for an upper-respiratory infection. They were large green and blue capsules. The owl landed and took a beakful of the pills, and flew away. Apparently, Lisa did this all the time, fed the animals pills. It was supposed to help them. I was worried, though, since the owl had taken so many. He took quite a few of the antibiotics, which I felt like we needed for some reason. No one else really seemed all that concerned.

      Spoiler for Expicit content:

      Then, we were back on the porch. He was smoking a cigarette, and was surrounded by the empty orange pill bottles. I picked one up, took out a pencil, and wrote "STFU" on the white label, and put it down next to him.
      "What did you write?" Steve asked.
      "Shut the fuck up," I said, and stormed away.

      I came back a little later, and that particular bottle was gone. I assumed he got angry and threw it (IWL he has a pretty bad temper).

      I was then at home, standing in my mom's office with my mom and my brother. They were on the other side of the room. I opened up the farthest left window and looked out. It was a grey, overcast morning. My brother then said
      "It smells like smoke in here."
      I then replied with
      "I didn't smoke, Steve was smoking a cigarette," or something like that.
      He then came back with
      "No, not cigarette smoke, weed smoke."
      I then turned all defensive and said
      "I only had one hit! I'm not even that high!" though I don't remember smoking weed in the dream, unless it was sometime when I was on the porch with Lisa and Steve.


      I was in a room with lots of people. A man who looked kinda like a guy I knew from my college Swing Dance Club, Alan, came up behind me and gently put his arms around me. I hugged his arms back. I was very comforted by his presence. I was very happy and content being around him, being held by him. At one point, he whispered "I love you" to me. I think he thought I was asleep. I'm pretty sure I said it back. "I love you, too."

      I was then sitting on a hospital bed, in what looked like a hospital room. The walls, floors, and sheets were all white. Sitting on two chairs in the back of the room were my old boss from the restaurant in the first dream, and a big, tall black guy who looked kind of like a guy I went to school with when I was younger, and Kenan from the show Kenan & Kel. My old boss asked me
      "So why were you in the hospital...?" She named off a few mental illnesses that could have put me in.
      I said
      "My depression got really bad." A vague statement.
      She then said
      "Oh I understand, my son deals with that sometimes," and she patted the guy next to her on the back.
      I was then handed a form I had to sign. Something on it was highlighted in yellow. I also remembered I didn't have a doctor's note, but no one asked me for one.

      As people walked by the room, I scanned for the guy from the beginning of the dream, but I couldn't find him.

      I then was following one of the girls I used to work with down a long hallway. She explained to me that since I'd been gone, they had done some renovations, so everything was located in different places now. She then told me that I either need to stay or quit, and to not do what I did again.

      As I was walking, I realized that I had no idea how or why I had come back here; I quit for a reason. But I kept on walking.

      Then, I was heading to a huge auditorium with quite a few other people. I still couldn't find the guy. The leader of the group couldn't quite decide which way the auditorium was. There were two, actually, and we needed to be at a certain one. We finally decided on one of them, and walked in.

      There were blue, auditorium-style seats in the audience and on the stage. The ones on the stage went up very high. We filed in the ones on the stage and sat. I was scanning the room for the guy that held me, wanting to find him again. I scanned in the rows of guys, who all appeared to be in tuxes, but I couldn't find him. I saw one that looked kind of like him with a blue baseball cap on, but it wasn't him. All I could remember about the guy who held me, besides what he looked like, was his last name being "Creech"; I had no idea what his first name was. I remembered this from seeing it written down somewhere.

      We were all then watching the opera class rehearse for a show. We were watching from the audience seats now, as they performed in the stage seats. Their costumes were all farmer-ish; one girl looked kind of like she was supposed to be Little Bo Peep.

      I then heard my old choir teacher from high school yell out that she needed to see me and Zach, a guy I was in band and choir with in high school. We got up and started to walk upwards (we were in the stage seats again). I then noticed Zach and I were wearing our old high school marching band uniforms, and everyone else was in my old college's marching band uniform. I felt silly, still being in my high school uniform. I guessed it was because we came in late, and had to wear some kind of uniform.

      When we got to the top, my choir teacher talked only to me, and not Zach at all. She said, with a plastered-on smile, as is the norm for her IWL,
      "Don't do what you did again. If you're going to quit, then quit. If you're going to stay, then stay. There are plenty of other people who would like to be up there."
      Inside, I was very upset that she was saying these things to me. I have depression, and it got really, really bad, and that's why I left. She then asked,
      "Can you do that for me?"
      I said
      "I...I don't know."
      I was crying at this point.

      I then walked away, planning on just removing my uniform and leaving, never to come back again, when I remembered I wanted to find that guy, "Creech", again. I turned around to go back. People were filing out of the auditorium, including the farmer-dressed opera members, who were talking about singing. I scanned the line for Creech, but couldn't find him.

      I then ran into the girl that led me down the long hallway. She said if I was going to quit, to hang up my uniform. Sigh. I didn't even want to give them that.

      I was then in the back, and there were some fat, ugly girls in full-length black choir dresses. They were apparently on the "sidelines" of the choir, so to speak; if I quit, one would get to sing. I remember one with curly hair and glasses talking about it. I took off my uniform (no longer the band uniform, though I'm not sure what uniform I was wearing), and was wearing clothing underneath. One of the girls took off some chunky light brown sandals, and asked where her "wide shoes" were. I put on the sandals she took off, first making sure they weren't the "wide" shoes; their size said something like 7/6 or 7/8, but no "W" to indicate that they were wide. They were kind of wide on my feet, but fit well otherwise. I knew that one of the girls was excited to sing; they seemed very happy, and were going on about it.

      I was then walking back down the long hallway, free of my uniform. I felt lighter without it on. I looked down at the light brown sandals as I walked.

      I was then behind the counter making a sandwich for a little girl. As she came up to me, I didn't say anything. She spouted off her order. I cut the bread pretty easily. This was what I had signed up to do, not run around and do some weird choir thing too; I was supposed to be making sandwiches! But I realized that I didn't want to be there either. I started putting some gloves on; they were small, and hard to get on my hands. I debated just walking out.

      Oddly enough, I loved choir in high school, and would love to be in a choir now if I could.

      The sandwich job though, I fucking hated it. Just for the record.

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    9. Owl and Bat House

      by , 09-02-2012 at 03:47 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Owl and Bat House

      My recall has been really poor lately, but I remember this dream from last night.

      There was a house that was always dark, and I mean like there were no lights. It was full of owls and bats. You could hardly walk because they were everywhere.

      There was some lady who lived in this house. It was narrated to me that she walked around the house naked all the time because there were no lights.

      My view of the room was like a black and white drawing. Nothing moved. I was able to KIND of focus on some of the owls and bats, as though I was verifying what they were or something.
    10. [The Owl (Host of Strange)]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:08 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, August 29th, 2012]
      (Three dreams. My dad was in some of them. But overall failed recall.)
      (EDIT: I just remember one of the dreams. It was a nightmare.)

      The entire dream was me trying to complete some strange paranormal competition event. There were thousands of participants. It consisted of a number of phases and it was spread out over an open scene with changing environments. For instance, most of the land was forest, but just up north, there was a line that seperated icy wasteland from it, and to the south; desert.

      The earliest stage I really "remember" was Phase 6: We were transported back in time to World War II and were in front of an enormous cathedral. I walked in with a group of 3-4 other RM's, us being way behind the rest of the crowd. There were no guards in the first room, in fact there wasn't anyone. The rest were all in the next room with the pupit in front and the benches facing it. Everyone had crowded in there for some reason, and Hitler was giving a speech to them. I remember hearing screams and suddenly there was growls and gunfire. (I was so thankful for being slow.) We turned to the left and followed a short hallway to a few joint-bedrooms where we discussed what to do next. For SOME odd reason, the rest of the group came up with the BRILLIANT idea that two of them would have sex in the bed as if it would solve anything. I went with their plan. I was to have guard duty outside in the hallway. The man who was going to have sex with one of the women asked me if it was okay that he was doing this, as if this woman was my lover or something. I shrugged; I didn't know any of them. They were all unrecognizable DC's. They started and I walked out of the room and sat down in the hallway with my back to the wall and waited.

      The next thing I know, we WON. We advanced to the next round, and I wasn't even sure how. Maybe all we had to do was survive. Our group somehow also aquired a map that was coded that didn't help us in any observable way.

      Onto Phase 7. The host (who happened to be an Owl-being) told us that we would have to find the next area on our own. At this time we were standing by an old rotting two-story house and the forest around us was in just of bad condition. Spooky. But the house was locked all around. 4 ninjas (probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too.) seperate from our group, walked past and I overheard them trying to figure out what to do next. They were stumped like us. Once they were gone, I climbed the building to the roof and climbed in through the belltower's window on top. The rest of my group followed suit. Once in, a few more people leaked in, but there had to be less than 10 total. When our group reached a familiar hallway that resembled my old home's hall, we all split up and took a different room. The room I had was my old bed room. There were two others in the room with me. We were tearing it up looking for a clue... a treasure... anything. Suddenly, a loud buzzing noise erupted from outside the room. I ran out to hear screams and laughter and my heart skipped a few beats as I listened. Everyone in my group was already dead. The two people in the room I had just been in had vanished. I was alone. I heard a sick laugh again and suddenly the darkest music began to play and I heard someone screaming, "TATTOOS AND CLOWNS. TATTOOS AND CLOWNS." It was a fucking demon clown. He was coming for ME. I thought about hiding behind a propped up mattress, but scurried to the doorless-closet instead. There was a small bit of wall to hide behind at least there. Back to the wall and out of sight, I waited in silence. My heart began to race faster and faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore. I woke up; my heart still beating out of control.
    11. 30/07/12 Asya, Japanese gift shop, Owl necklace and Green sushi

      by , 07-31-2012 at 02:22 AM
      I am in a small city in Japan with one of my old classmates Asya. We are on holidays here together and this is the last day, soon enough we are supposed to go home. We are walking through the street full of souvenir shops and small food places. We enter one of the antique gift shops and I look around.

      The shop looks much bigger on the inside, I see stalls and stalls from floor to the ceiling with all sort of things. We are here to find something for our friends and families.

      On one of the stalls an owl necklace catches my eye. A small metal bird with a watch in its stomach. I take it in my hands and at it for quite a long time, there’s something wrong with the watch, but I can’t wrap my head around what is wrong. One thing I know – they are not the usual type and they definitely don’t show time. I head the sudden loud chattering sound somewhere at the back of the store and turn my head to it.

      I don’t see anything that could make such noise, but for some reason I imagine some sort of insect. I’m surprised to see that nobody else has looked in that direction, seems like I was the only one to notice it.
      When I turn back to the stall, the owl necklace is gone.

      We are eating sushi at some other place, I eat one made from some red fish and the guy that sits nearby says that it is gross because it’s made from sturgeon. He then reaches the plate and eats another one from some kind of green fish…

      That’s all I remember for today.
    12. Dragons and Owls?

      by , 04-03-2012 at 05:15 AM
      So I had this dream a night ago and I only vaguely remember details, which is sad because I hate to waist a good dream...Here goes

      I was at a fort of some kind. The layout reminded me of the first world of the first Spyro game. Bright green grass and generic trees. The outside of the fort had a different layout, darker grass and more real trees. There were houses (wooden with nicely built decks yet no doors or window just opening were they would be, reminds me of a cottage you would see on the beach, a few of the houses are made of stone but have the same design)

      In my dream I go outside the fort and get attacked by a dragon. I wearing armor and I have a sword. I also have a team aiding me. The Dragon chases me and my friends past a stone building. My team makes it passed and into the fort but i become trapped inside the stone house because the dragon is breathing fire all around it. I catch fire and began to burn. I drop my sword and try and put it out but it engulfs me and I drop to the ground screaming in pain.

      There is a odd sensation and everything seems to be going backward like time is reversing and I'm completely aware. As such the flames grow less until they are gone and my wounds heal as if i was never harmed. I stand and see my sword is now in me hand and see a partner of mine rush pass. He yells "Don't stand there, the dragon will trap you!" So I follow him and the others and get safely over the walls of the fort.

      My memory is hazy from here....

      I talk to this guy about a cannon to fight the Dragon with then I go to get council from the great Owls

      The Owls are in this Giant dead tree the basically right beside "where the side walk ends". No joke. There is a pathway up to were the tree is, which is the big round platform but on the other side it just cut off and drops into nowhere.
      When walking up the pathway time moves faster and it goes from day to night way to fast but I take this as normal. When I walk up to the Owls ( there are five, all five times the size of a person, they look like barn owls) I kneel down before them and have this great feeling of danger like they are going to eat me. They say something but I don't remember. I do remember they have "booming" voices of high power and seem to be very demanding.

      That's all i remember, It seemed rather interesting and i wish i knew more but that's what i get for not writing it down sooner.
    13. Chichen Itza + Shapeshifting 7/14/11

      by , 07-14-2011 at 06:37 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I went to bed at 12 and attempted a WILD at 3:10. Puffin and I are part of the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project and have been trying to meet up at Chichen Itza. Unfortunately, we have not been in an LD at the same time yet.

      I was looking up at the sky and saw birds circling over me. I stood up and looked around. I was in the middle of a desert and it was daytime.

      I wanted to teleport to Chichen Itza to see if Puffin would be there. I had been thinking of cool ways to teleport lately and decided to try this one.

      I imagined the sun sucking me out of Earth extremely fast, towards it. I was shooting up into the air going so fast everything was a blur. I saw Saturn, Mars, and then I could see myself shooting into the sun. I imagined the sun was a huge teleporting device, and would take me wherever I thought.

      I imagined Chichen Itza in my mind and collided with the sun. I felt tingly and like I had just cliff jumped into the ocean. I saw my self rapidly falling towards Chichen Itza and slammed into the stairs. The stairs bent back and shot me back towards space. I quickly imagined a barrier in the sky which shot me back towards Chichen Itza. I stopped myself right before I hit the ground.

      That technique was a little more rough then I thought . I stood up and looked around for Puffin, or anyone else. I didn't see her, and I waited for about 5 minutes, then I started walking around Chichen Itza.

      I focused on everyone I knew in the project, and saw an owl staring down at me. I imagine myself switching places with the owl, and I was looking down at my body. I was the owl. I jumped off the branch and started flying around. I watched the owl trapped in my body stammer around, and try to fly. I decided to fly up as high as I could go and slam into the top of Chichen Itza.

      I dove rapidly and collided with the top. Instead of hitting it, it kept bending and all of a sudden I was flying on top of a mountain. my senses were heightened, and I could hear people walking. I was about to go find out who they were when I woke up.

    14. owl, ravine, pool, cd's, lizzyking, return to bril castle

      by , 07-05-2011 at 02:01 PM
      great long lucid last night. pre lucid i was walking through a forest with a barn owl. then i was by a ravine with a mate and a girl in front. i said to my mate something like havent we seen this in a dream before, to which he dismissed it and carried on walking. i knew it was a dream and launched myself off the ravine backwards..? i caught up with the girl and walked her home, stopping on the way with loads of distractions. we got to my place and i took my shoes off. i was losing lucidity, and as it was quite wet, when she had to leave i thought i had to go and put my shoes back on to walk her home.

      when she was gone i was in a place that was bit like a terraced stand. again the feeling of overlooking something made me realise i could launch off it. i started to tell people around me that it was a dream. one guy shhhssed everyone else so they could hear me. itold him he shouldnt have done that because now what i was saying would be rubbish. i wxplained that it was a dream and one guy said ok then well why dont you just do something like its a dream. i said ok, then everyone elses doubt started to spill into me. i said to him that its easy to control a dream when you are on your own, but it is much harder when you ae surrounded by loads of skeptical dc's. i was going to just jump off the terrace to prove it, so they lined up this little deep pool at the bottom for us to land in. this put me off further as it was a cold night and i had a long way to walk back wet. its crazy how lucidity comes in waves and just dissapears for short times.

      anyway i knew i couldnt fly properly at the time so i just ounced down the terrace steps getting higher each time and then proving it was a dream by bouncing high and landing on my head. there is a bit of a gap now and then i remember having seena film called "return to bril castle" which had really influenced this dream. ive never seen the film but the tv i watched before bed definately played a big part.

      i was cd shopping, which is odd because ive not brought a cd for ages, with someone else i know from another place on the net. we bought some similar cd's but they all got mixed up and we spent a while trying to get the right ones. i think at some point i threw some liquid off the building i was in. this caused loads of people to be pissed at me, but i was just acting like a dick and treating it like it didnt matter at all. of course it didnt really matter but maybe i should just explain myself better next time. even if its just because it is so much fun to explain to the characters that it is a dream
    15. April 23 - My Best Owl

      by , 04-23-2011 at 03:02 PM
      I'm by myself, playing around in my back yard (which seems much larger than normal) when I noticed what seems to be a bird's nest. However, it's weird because in my dream it's resting at the bottom of one of the trees in the yard. There are about five or so eggs in there, and one of them is partially hatched. The sight makes me extremely sad because in the partially hatched one I can see part of the animal inside and I believed it to be dead and I pick it up. However, all of a sudden the eggs continues to hatch and out emerges some sort of owl species. I absolutely fall in love with it and the feeling appears to be mutual as it crawls up my arm and settles there. It already knows how to fly and we become sort of best friends and are completely in sync with one another.

      There then seems to be a bit of a time skip, because all of a sudden it's a few years later. I'm searching for my owl but I can't find it anywhere. I quickly find out that someone has stolen my owl and killed it, and this makes me extremely angry. I track the kidnapper to a group of scientists who are working to perfect the human being by infusing various animal DNA into various humans. I find out that they killed my owl and another woman's child so they can fuse the genes and create a new being. I go kind of insane and begin killing the scientists with whatever I can find, and halfway through my massacre I wake up from my dream.
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