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    1. Ignored

      by , 03-25-2013 at 08:17 AM
      Later in the night, I was supposed to spent some quality time with a really attractive girl. She's one I've met before but I won't mention her name because that's going off-bounds from a relationship with one of my friends.

      Although I don't feel any lust for that girl right now, she was so freaking beautiful in the dream! I was laying back on a couch in her home while she was standing on the on bedroom walk way. She was leaning against to the wall on the right, in a sexy-like posture. I'm guessing this probably happened because I was picking up prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto a couple hours ago. She told me something along the lines of, "Let's go somewhere more private and have a good time." I thought it was a good idea.

      Things started to change. Later on in the story, she was no longer interested in me. It could of been another girl, I'm just not sure. What happened was this... I was back at Pacific High School again, in history class, along with my child development class. Every female in the class was supposed to have sex with one male in the class. At first, the female I was going to have sex with agreed that we should. That soon changed though.

      When everybody took turns having sex, it finally came up to me and this girl. That's when she finally decided that she didn't want to do it. I'm not sure why she refused, but I didn't try arguing back. The other students, however, tried encouraging her to have sex with me. They said I was a nice guy and deserve some of it. It never happened. We then went on during the day while the girl was feeling guilty for not doing it. We never did it.
    2. Almighty Power

      by , 03-22-2013 at 10:27 PM
      My journey began at Pacific High School. It's the school I'm always dreaming about. I'm standing at the quad waiting for a few friends to showing up during the day. There was a lot of people walking around so I'm assuming school was out. I met up with a few friends a met from another school I'm taking right now. Well, I really just met Natalie. When she shows up, I was lucid. I was lucid before this, I just forgot where I was and what I was doing.

      There were times when I just wanted people to die. That's when I used my powers to have them killed off easily. That's when I start to notice differences in how I can control my powers. I felt that the more I thought about killing someone, the harder it'll be or it may not happen. I tried not to think about it and look away and strangely, it worked. I raised my right hand and formed it in a shape of a pistol and killed almost everyone I saw. Even as me and Natalie were walking home, I was killing people.

      I remember telling Natalie something. I told her that I had some kind of friendly love for her. She didn't show too much sympathy but when we reached the quieter part of the school, she showed some interest in walking very close next to me. I also saw a man walking in the direction we were walking in. At first, I thought he was going to kill us, but I walked in to a factory just half the mile from the school. I didn't take to much time there. That place was a ghost town. I'm not sure what was standing beyond the road, there was a big wall surrounding the area I was walking next to.

      This is the part where I ditch Natalie and enter the factory. There's a few people I met in the factory, but nothing special happened. I only noticed a few women standing in front a set of clothing while some of them were nagging about it.

      I also do remember another part. I was back at my house with the power of lucidity. I was standing in front yard with two other people on the ground, injured. I looked up at the sky and felt it was a perfect time to end the world off with a meteor. I paused and stared at the school for a few seconds and raised my right hand. I tried my best to destroy the world but it just wouldn't work. Again.
    3. I'm Not Afraid

      by , 02-28-2013 at 04:14 AM
      It was a raining day at Pacific High School. I can't seem to run away from this place and the more I think about it the more I start to believe about taking other in life. I started at the rear of the school. I'm inside a classroom, just waiting. There are a few people outside and we weren't allowed to go out at the time.

      This place gave off a gloomy, depressing feel to me. I was calm until I had to go out to the rain and speak with two adults. These two adults I spoke to, I don't know them, I forgot what they looked liked, but they were there to protect the school from this "unknown" monster.

      I volunteered to go with them and see if I could be of any use, despite not knowing what I was getting myself in to. They agreed to let me follow and from there, we ran down the halls of the school in to the danger zone.

      As I was running I noticed the fear I had preparing for this unknown confrontation. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to but no matter what it was, I had to be confident and defeat it.

      Once I knew we arrived, I saw a big backyard full of dirty things. There were clothes thrown out everywhere, lots of jungle trees and wet writing paper everyone on the ground. The rain only made it look depressing. My team rain across this big, dirty yard and I followed. They went on without me. I heard some screams, scared screams. I didn't like it. I ran back towards the entrance from whence we came. I was running in fear.

      On my way to the entrance, I saw a gorilla of some sort. It seemed human but still I wasn't sure. I was too scared to go back to the entrance so instead I turned back towards the screams and ran as fast as I could! That's when I decided to fly. I got a running start and slowly jumped in the air and began flying!

      I was slowly ascending up towards the rainy sky and eventually went out of sight from the gorilla. I was scared at the time so I didn't care how high I went, I just wanted to get away from the gorilla! I heard the gorilla yell out to me as I was happily moving away from this part of land. When I finally escaped the proximity of the gorilla's attacking range, I reached the plains behind the yard. It was safe there but I still wouldn't trust it.

      I woke up.
    4. Getting Away with Murder

      by , 02-02-2013 at 06:52 PM
      It first started somewhere out in Pacific High School, somewhere in the back of the school where my old history teacher was teaching in. I had a cold feeling being here but I'm not exactly sure why I was feeling like this.

      I remember something, someone I was pursuing to kill. It was Quynh, I wanted to kill Quynh. Pacific is no longer the school I'm attending but one of the problems I have is with Quynh. I went through groups and groups of people hoping no one would recognize me and catch me. They didn't know my intent and I wasn't going to stop the urge. I scattered all around until I came to a new scenario. I had a scary feeling during all of this, I'm not sure how to describe it well. The more about it, the more scared I was.

      I then appeared in a mall. I was feeling this group of three girls until they led me somewhere interesting. The lights of the mall weren't so well light. The lights gave off a grey color to the whole room making me feel like I've been here before. I never been.

      As me and these group of girls were walking around the mall, I thought about killing someone. I felt lucid but it didn't feel all that exciting here. We were walking under the escalator and that's when it happened. I grabbed someone by their neck and cracked it, not knowing why the body I was holding felt really thin.

      The next person I murdered in the dream, it was Quynh, my old Vietnamese friend. I summoned her with my eyes closed and twisted her neck as well. Even then, I felt no satisfaction in feeling that liar died.

      That wasn't all. I had to get away with it now. I was now in the back yard of my home. There was an online buddy chasing me. Their name was Gold_Digger_5000. I chat with them on a Minecraft server sometimes.

      I had this card that read "hax" on it. I'm not sure what it was supposed to do but I held on to it just in case. This buddy of mine, he wanted to catch me, so I won't do anymore harm. He was the only one after me at the time. We climbed from roof top to roof top, from yard to yard until I decided to use my flying abilities. I jumped and started flying just a few feet above the ground. I struggled with it at times but I still managed to get away.
    5. Twisted Ends

      by , 01-14-2013 at 04:03 AM
      There's not much I can recall from this night, just a couple of things.

      I was back at school again, not sure what sure what school, so probably Pacific again. The classroom lights were shut off like always in the dreams. The students are sitting around the classroom in the form of a circle. We were the last ones left, all the other kids moved on to bigger and better places. I was stuck with them.

      There was only one face I remember. Her name was Leah. What surprised me the most was that she was a smart one where I actually went to school and she was also Asian. This surprised me because I don't see too many of them around the area I live in the real world. I talked to one but she barely knows English. Ever since I fell in love with someone from Vietnam, I started to feel excited when ever I saw an Asian person in the area I live in. So when I saw Leah in the dream, it felt like she wasn't supposed to be with students who fail lots of tests. Well, that was it.
    6. Talking in Public

      by , 01-07-2013 at 12:05 AM
      Back at Pacific a same night, I was in Ms. Kelly's science class. The classroom was dark and only half of the students were there. I knew some of the students but I could remember them all. One of them was Adrian and of course, Ms. Kelly.

      Kelly was lecturing us as she walked around the classroom and pointed at things. She didn't look much different than she did a few years ago I saw her. After all this time passed, I can still look at them the same.

      Ms. Kelly brought something up to the class and see if anyone would respond. She pointed a stick somewhere on a board in a back and after a few minutes of waiting, no one responded. But just about when she was going to walk back to the front of the classroom, I opened up a few words out of my mouth. Now the only reason I thought this was strange was because I never talked much in the classroom when I was in school. I was always the shy one and only spoke up when someone asked me a question.

      I asked the teacher a random question. "Do you think I'll get married some day?" She looked at me and tried to answer. I asked her another question, "Do you think I'll make a great husband?" The whole class were just listening. I stared back at the teacher and heard Adrian's voice whispering out, "He talks." The teacher responded, "Well, I don't know, do you like boys or girls?" I smiled and brought my hands up in the year in a sign of confusion. The students laughed at my response. I cannot remember anything else.
    7. Death Symbol

      by , 01-06-2013 at 11:46 PM
      Still thinking about Pacific again, I started out in the same classroom, history. I was seated in the back of the classroom, waiting for the bell to ring. I've always felt this way in the classroom in the real world. It was the class of the day and I always finished my work just to get out of that place quickly.

      After the bell rang, most of the students got ready to leave while a few others stayed and used the monitors in the back. I never left that quickly. There were still some things I wanted to get out of my head before I left the classroom, it's how I'm used to doing things in reality. These feelings that I had, they were sad ones.

      The teacher was staring at me the whole time I was staring at my desk, or at least I thought she did. When I realized that, I decided to stay a little longer and use one of the computers in the back. My intention was to try and see if the teacher would say anything about her staring at me.

      She was a friendly teacher. She allowed us stay on the computer for as long as we wanted, it didn't bother her. I was on the computer reading some of the messages I had on EcoCityCraft. Most of them were from Gold_Digger_5000. That's all I did. I wanted to play Star Wars but didn't wanted to get in trouble for it.

      My time at the monitor was finally over and I would soon make an exit from the classroom. There was a problem when I tried. A few people outside were yelling out to everyone, "Don't stare at it!" I had no clue what they were talking about until more people yelled the words.

      There was something just a few steps away from the classroom I was about to leave. It was something to be deemed as evil or satanic. I believed if you got near it, bad things would happen, but I never went in front of it so I wouldn't know.
    8. A Christmas Gift

      by , 12-26-2012 at 02:11 PM
      I had just fallen asleep with the idea that 2013 will be no different than 2012, it was a bad year for me. Me and the rest of my classmates were back at that same area where one of the doctors had to inject a needle through me. This time it was different though. I felt no happy emotions throughout all of it. These feelings scared me. It was depressing!

      Me and the rest of the class started to work our way through a narrow hall down to the next station. There was no other classrooms in front of us, so that was kind of strange. I can only remember stopping once. I sort of smelled like a wet dog at the time, so I didn't want any of the classmates around to smell me. I tried my best to keep my distance from them.

      Okay, that seemed to be it for that part. There is another scenario that came along with it so I'll just include that one with this one.

      It was on a dark, lonely street. It was way past our bed time and being out here was very dangerous! Me and my family were walking down streets trying to find our home. We were all at a distance from each other at the time. While this was happening, I could only recall the horrible experience I've been through last year(beaten up while walking alone to see one of my friends). I have always hated to feel like it, especially loneliness. I began to shudder at the darkest parts of this street. I had no choice but to continue my search for home.

      I did run in to a few obstacles on the way. I ran in to an old man throwing some kind of fireballs on to the street I was on. Me and my father watched this man feared this man would've throw one at us. This other older man had a routine on where he would through the "fireball". He only threw it on the street. Oddly enough, my father walked past around the circumference of the landing zone on the street rather than simply walking on the front yards of homes. I did the same, it only took me longer.

      Once I got past that, a new fear entered my mind. I finally reached the end of the street. I was standing on the spotlight of a street light. I took the street to my right and continued walking, leaving my family behind. I was now alone which meant danger.

      Luckily, I reached one of the wide roadways, so if I got attacked, people would see. I was walking in the same direction from when the dream started now. I slowed down my steps. I saw a little boy a few meters away from me. He had seemed to be lost. I walked past him and heard a scream come out of him. The boy yelled out once he saw me right past him. I don't remember much of what he said but he said something about being afraid of me. I told him not to be afraid, I would not hurt him. Then a few seconds later, I see this young middle aged man in a car's passenger seat staring at me. He just kept looking at me. It was as if he though I would kill the boy. :/

      The dream would end here but there is another part I'd like to mention. A part that saddened my mind.

      I appeared in a car this time. Some woman was driving me to places I've been to before. She had no problem driving me to places. It felt like I was lucid dreaming sometimes too but it didn't feel like I had much power controlling it.

      She brought up Pacific High School. "You wanna go to Pacific?", maybe worded a bit differently but that's what she said. She drove me over to Pacific but I knew it was a bad idea to go back there again. That was what is bothering me. I'm not sure if I want to go back there again. I finished high school two years ago, but I still dream of this place! But going back there meant I could probably see my old friends again, possibly even Quynh, when she wasn't such a bitch. Still, this woman took me to this school I gained some awareness there or at least I thought(I kept asking the woman dreaming questions when we got there). But when we got there, I was spectating the whole thing from the top of the school. From there, the school looked a lot like a medieval palace.

      So anyways, I woke up after this and saw the Christmas in front of me. It was a sad year for me but I don't plan to keep dreaming about Quynh as much, but if I do, it'll be the only place where I can believe she loves me too, well, after I kill her once in the dream.
    9. Same Classroom, Different Teacher

      by , 12-15-2012 at 08:45 PM
      I had this dream more than once. It's the same classroom just different teachers. As a matter of fact, I don't think there was an active teacher here, only me and several other students. It was Pacific High School and I sort of thought I would forget about this school. Nothing much happened in the dream besides talking to fellow classmates. I was happy but it's all I could remember. The classmates were strangers I've never seen before, though there was only one male student I think I met somewhere before. I want to say someone I met on the streets while walking but, I know his face from a very old classroom I walked in to before...