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    1. All in one

      by , 11-22-2013 at 01:20 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)

      Eu não sei dizer se foi apenas um sonho que se desenrolou pra vários lados, ou se realmente foram vários sonhos. Vou catalogar como apenas um grande sonho.
      Eu estava num tipo de escola, conversando com pessoas que me pareciam conhecidas.
      Logo depois eu estava em um local grande, fechado e escuro. Algo como um templo, com muitas pessoas, que acabei descobrindo depois serem magos. Eu estava em uma escola de magos e ali era um tipo de cerimônia de graduação.
      Havia uma garota comigo, uma amiga.
      Era mostrado as escalas dos magos, com as diferentes classes, sendo os mais ao topo os maiores.
      A minha amiga era chamada a se juntar aos maiores magos, mas diziam que não eram permitidos [cavaleiros/paladinos] ali (percebi que eu não era um mago, e sim um cavaleiro/paladino [um dos dois, não lembro qual]).
      A minha amiga ficava triste por se separar de mim, acho que formávamos um time na escola, por isso ela recusava a oferta.

      Aqui eu já estava em outro lugar. Parecia a UNIP onde uma vez prestei um vestibular.
      Havia uma mulher que gritava muito, como uma sargento.
      Eu lembro de pensar nela como uma carrasca.
      Eu estava indo pra alguma prova.

      Outra parte do sonho.
      Eu via meu irmão no facebook com uma foto do tipo 'segurando a câmera em cima, fazendo biquinho'. Horrível!
      Ela postava fotos dele no exército. Uma delas era ele de bruços com um rifle.

      Agora eu estava descendo uma escadaria, devia ter uns 10 degraus, com a Ju atrás de mim.
      Eu via minha ex desmaiada.
      Eu a carregava pra levá-la pro hospital
      A Ju ficava brava, dizendo que eu não ia carregá-la.
      Eu retrucava dizendo que ela estava desmaiada e precisava de ajuda.
    2. Oct 17 Dream Journal: You shall not pass!

      by , 10-17-2013 at 07:06 PM
      I'm in a bombed-out bus that's been converted into a trolley that is currently being used as a taxi cab in what looks like 60's-era Vietnam in Full Metal Jacket. I'm having a lot of trouble communicating with the other passenger seated across from me that I don't understand Vietnamese. But I happen to speak Taiwanese, and by Dream Logic, I realize that the two languages are only two steps removed from each other, and are close enough that we are now able to have a conversation. This sequence fades before we can talk, though.

      Now I'm hanging around my actual house. I'm watching an NBA game while also playing a video game on my tablet. I focus on the TV, and I recognize LeBron James (Heat), Vince Carter (Raptors), Yao Ming (Rockets -- I'm not watching an All-Star game, and yes, the timing is off, for those who follow sports); and when an on-screen "who's on the court now" graphic flashes, one of the forwards is Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show. Yes, Saul Goodman is somehow holding his own against a bunch of NBA superstars from the 2000's. I will pay money to watch this happen in real life.

      I focus on my tablet, and the game I'm playing is World of Warcraft-esque, but now that I focus on the game, I'm transported into the game as an actual character. I'm in a dungeon, a lot like DOS-era Prince of Persia with a lot of stairs winding up in right angles. There is a platform in the middle that holds the sacred... Block of Cheese. Um.

      ANYWAYS, a rival wizard is nearby, and I have to prevent him from getting to that cheese before me. But he is more powerful than I am, and in a bid to stall for time, I taunt him and engage him into a belching contest. Just for the record, I am not this crass in person. I briefly turn into Eric Cartman for this contest. I burp a poisonous green gas, while the other wizard burps fire. When our burps collide, it causes an explosion. We keep one-upping each other until finally, the wizard gets really frustrated (I think it's because he's had enough of such childish antics. I know I would've been). Instead of going after the cheese, he teleports next to me, fully intent on destroying me. It's at this time that I got a good look at him, and he resembles Tim the Enchanter from Monty Python. He has his arms raised to annihilate me.

      But ah ha! I'm not a wizard. I'm a goddamned Paladin, and as he realizes that he made a mistake of coming within melee range, I catch him in a sticky trap (mocking him in Cartman's voice again) and proceed to pummel him like a punching bag. At one point of my overly-violent behavior, I actually visualize me punching the punching bag in my gym, FPS style, and even pause so I can look at my movelist like I'm in Street Fighter. I wake up.

      I'm the worst Paladin ever.

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    3. Yuya and Silver save my life in a fight against a Paladin hunting Dragons

      , 06-08-2011 at 05:50 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I am walking aimlessly over a big field.
      Something feels completely wrong.
      I can't quite put my finger on it, but I am a bit scared.
      Somehow the whole experience is a bit frightening even though it shouldn't be.
      I have a feeling like the color is being drawn out of the world.
      I don't like this at all.

      Fortunately I then realize that I'm dreaming, but that scares me even more...
      Usually whenever I get that sort of nightmare feeling, which I have right now,
      it goes away immediately after I become lucid, but this time, it doesn't.

      Suddenly, I feel a very scary presence behind me.
      I am nearly too afraid to turn around to face it, but I end up doing it.
      There's a man. Even though he's dressed in white, he's dark... so very dark.
      It's his presence, it is his urge to kill me, I can feel it... so strongly.

      He's wearing a white and silver armor with a white coat and he is wielding a very large polearm.
      He approaches me slowly.
      Why am I so afraid of him?

      He calls me by a name that I do not know, but it is clearly meant for me, and I have no doubt that I am the person he is looking for.
      He also calls me a dragon and a dream warrior and claims he is a paladin himself.

      "You shall die by my hand in the name of the lord."

      I am so fucking scared. I don't know what to do, I feel completely helpless.
      He takes his polearm and charges me. FUCK!

      Somehow my body reacts by itself.
      The dragon within me awakens, or rather explodes. I have never powered up even remotely this fast.
      I instinctively summon my katana trying to block the inevitable hit.

      I black out for a second as he hits me...

      The land is on fire. I am fully charged up. My aura burns, the sky is red and the clouds are burning.
      I am so afraid, afraid to die. I don't care if I use too much power, I just want to survive somehow.
      He keeps attacking me relentlessly, and I am only barely able to dodge and block his hits. Everything happens so fast.
      The moves I use are not my own, my body reacts instinctively, and I know if I interrupt this I will die, if I think, I will die.

      "Do you know how we kill dragons?"

      He activates some device on his polearm and my katana dematerializes in my hand and rematerializes in a holster attached to his polearm.

      "You dragons are helpless without your weapons."

      Fuck... FUCK!
      He walks towards me slowly. He knows without my katana I don't stand a chance, there's no need for him to rush.
      I'm so afraid.
      In my desperation I call out into the fabric of space and scream as loudly as I can:


      He's getting closer and closer, just a few more steps.
      Finally, he strikes, slowly...

      But right before his polearm hits me, I hear the sound of a metallic collision.
      I look up. Another man is standing in front of me, blocking the polearm with his sword.
      He looks at me over his shoulder.
      I know this man. I know him so well...

      Silver! It is Silver! A man from my childhood dreams, a friend in combat, just like Yuya and Selene.
      Then I see Yuya, she is here as well. They must have arrived at the same time.
      However, they clearly appeared independently, because Yuya is quite surprised to see Silver and even calls out his name in amazement.

      Silver looks at me.


      What a simple word, but such complexity behind it.
      Suddenly I am no longer afraid. I am no longer alone.
      The nightmare feeling disappears and the paladin takes a few steps back.

      "You're friends of the dragon. All of you will die. No one opposes the lord."

      Silver puts a hand on my shoulder:

      "He's a paladin. Paladins kill dragons."
      "Now take back your sword, you have the power to cast it into the void."

      I order my katana to be cast back into the fabric of space and summon it again, and sure enough I'm holding it in my hand.
      The paladin doesn't seem too surprised, he's confident that he can take on all three of us at the same time.

      "Well done dragon. By asking your friends for assistance you have signed their death warrant."
      "Dragons are horrible creatures. How you are able to make friends is beyond me, all of you must die."

      I am angry. He is blinded by his beliefs, he has no idea what it means to be a dragon.
      He is committing genocide without understanding anything.

      "You are but a fool following a false god."
      "A man who only believes but does not try to understand is nothing."

      The paladin seems furious because I called his lord a false god.

      Even with the power of all 3 of us combined, we only seem to be on even terms.
      But it feels just like old times, like in my childhood dreams where I would fight together with Yuya Silver and Selene.
      We fight together so well, like a perfect choreography.
      Silver and I both use our swords and direct energy attacks, whereas Yuya uses her water magic.
      But somehow, it just isn't enough.

      Yuya is clearly struggling, and I am very worried for her. If something happens to her it will be my fault.

      "First I will kill your girl. I will kill her slowly. And I will make you watch."

      I can see fear in Yuya's eyes after hearing that.

      Suddenly, my mind is blank.
      I am calm. Perfectly calm.
      It is the calm you experience when your anger is so strong that somehow you drop back into a state of calm.


      Silver and Yuya stop, not doubting my request for a second.
      I drop my katana to the ground and cancel all of my dragonic energy.

      "You fool. Are you sacrificing your self?"
      "There is but one fool here."

      I power back up, but not on dragonic energy.
      I use the same energy I use to summon my phoenix wings, a much more pure and divine power.
      My phoenix wings appear, but not on my hand this time.
      They appear on my back and they are huge and colorful.
      This power is so very different from the dragonic one.

      I look into the paladins eyes and take a step forward.
      For some reason I am right in front of him now, I have no idea how I managed to approach him so fast,
      and clearly neither does he.
      With my right hand I reach into the body of the paladin and grab onto his very soul and pull it out.
      It feels like an ability I can only use if I truly believe that a person deserves to die, if there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind.
      His body drops to the ground dead.

      I look into the eyes of the helpless soul I hold in my hand.

      "Wherever you may go, let it be known that if anyone in the whole of existence threatens my love again, I will hunt them down."
      "I don't care if they are paladin, I don't care if they are king or even if they are god. I will hunt them to beyond the planes of existence and I will crush them with my bare hands."

      I watch his soul burn away in purple flames as I crush it with my hand.
      My anger finally disappears.
      I can't believe how angry I just was.

      I hold out my hand to Silver and he shakes it.

      "Thank you."
      "So long."

      He turns around and vanishes.
      He has always been a man of few words and I have a feeling I will not see him again anytime soon.

      The rest of my memories of this dream are quite foggy.
      Why did I call Yuya "my love"?
      Was she really my lover, or did I love her as a friend I trust with my life?

      This was also remarkably scary for a lucid at first, but it turned out quite amazing.
    4. 06/18/10 Canyon Defenders

      by , 06-20-2010 at 01:25 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My list of goals remains long, but I am trying to focus on a couple at a time. Right now I am primarily focused on sharing a DDO dream with Tigress and having both of us remember it and opening that locked book I got from the Akashic Records. With not having my nightly WILD (tonight was no exception) I had better not make my list of goals for one night too long or I will just end up forgetting all of them!

      I was in a bed. I rolled over and got up. I looked around. I was not in my bedroom. I was not in a normal bedroom of any kind. It looked like the kind of bedroom one might see in an inn in an RPG. I wondered how I had gotten there. My first thought was that I needed to get home. My mother would definitely be wondering what had happened to me… I looked for my purse. I would call her. I couldn't find my purse. Shit! Where was it? What was happening here? I would get home as quickly as I could to tell my mother I was ok. So I at least needed my car keys… which were probably in my purse… which I couldn't find. Ok… this wasn't turning out to be a very good situation. I thought my keys might be in my pocket… I searched my pockets… and found I was not dressed as normal. I was wearing some strange clothes that looked like something out of an RPG. Everything was all too strange that I finally decided to do a RC… and then I realized I was dreaming.

      Now that I was lucid, I left the room and found out I really was in an inn. I looked around the room down below and it was a typical RPG pub. I walked around a bit and I could hear everyone talking. They were talking about an impending attack force coming down the canyon. They were talking about their warriors not being strong enough to hold the attack off, and about how it might turn out that their easily defended canyon hiding place might turn out to also be their tomb since there was no way out except through the enemy forces. People were clearly scared shitless, talking about trying to scale the sheer canyon walls or even killing themselves to keep from falling into the cruel hands of the enemies who would no doubt have torturous deaths planned for each and every one of them. From across the room I heard one woman who didn't sound like she had already given up. She was telling the people they needed to fight for their village and not give up no matter how big the enemy forces appeared to be. No one seemed to be listening to her, and when she asked who was with her, no one responded. A few people laughed. I finally spotted her. She was dressed as a paladin, and asked again if there was no one there with the courage to fight. I raised my hand, noting the Witchblade on it, and said loudly that I was willing to fight. She peered out over the crowd and looked directly at me.

      "Raven?!" she asked, "Is that you?"

      I hesitated, not sure how she knew me… then she took off her helmet and I immediately recognized her. It was Tigress! I went directly over to her and climbed up on the table she had climbed onto, using it as a stage to address the people around her. She now told everyone that there were two women willing to fight for their village… were there no others? Were all those men who called themselves warriors going to be shown up by a couple of women? Were there no other women who called themselves warriors willing to stand beside their fellow female fighters? Once again no one responded… there were some embarrassed glances around, some nervous chuckles. I told Tigress that we didn't need these idiots. We could handle whatever attack force there was on our own, and have fun doing it. I said I was ready to take this quest if she was. She gave one more look around the room, announced that everyone in the room was pathetic, and said she was ready to kick some ass.

      So Tigress and I left the pub full of cowards, the people around us were muttering something about that just meant we would be the first to die, and went outside into the village. Tigress must have been there for a while already, as she seemed to know where to go. I followed Tigress. She went to the front gates of the village. There were guards there that didn't want to open the gates. They didn't seem to think two people stood a chance against the invading forces. We insisted on going out. They finally gave in and opened the gates, announcing that if we really felt like committing suicide that they wouldn't stand in the way. After all, everyone in the town would be dead before long when the enemy forces arrived. We went through the gate, the guards shut and barred it behind us. I wondered why they even bothered closing the gates since they were so sure they would be killed anyhow…

      There was a winding path through the canyon. Tigress and I went down the path and around a bend and then we spotted a large number of somethings approaching. We got closer and it turned out there was an entire army of what looked like kobolds. Mixed in among the kobolds were some larger orc type creatures and some that looked like humans. They were all armed with swords, spears, and bows, all in armor. That was definitely a sizable attack force. A hail of arrows shot out of the group at us. Somehow we had been spotted. Tigress had a bow and arrows. She was firing five arrows with each shot. That was an interesting trick. That resulted in a return fire of a hail of arrows, because she was also very fast with shooting them. I saw there were spear warriors just beyond the archers. Those spears up in the air looked like lightning rods! I used Battery and they worked like lightning rods, too. The spear warriors were electrocuted through their own spears. The battle continued. We encountered each other. Tigress and I were both using our swords now, I formed my sword from Withcblade. Both Tigress and I were moving like lightning. Much faster than the kobolds, orcs, and human enemies. Our swords cut through their armor like it was made of tissue paper. Tigress jumped to a couple of rocks and part way up the canyon wall, then she unleashed another rain of arrows. The enemies kept coming. I cut some more down, threw some fireballs at more of them. Tigress got tired of the bow and arrows, changed into a werewolf and jumped down off the canyon wall. She tore into a bunch of the enemies with her claws, leaping from one enemy to the next. In spite of the fact we were sorely outnumbered, we fought until all of the enemies were either dead or retreating… mostly dead. The battle was over.

      Tigress and I returned to the village. The guards on the gate looked quite surprised to see us back in one piece. They were just staring. Tigress said the enemies were all either dead or they had fled for their lives. The guards seemed reluctant to believe that. I noticed for the first time that Tigress had a severed head… yuck. Apparently it was the head of the leader of the enemy forces, as it convinced the guards that we had indeed been victorious. They let us into the village now. Tigress showed the head to prove the danger had passed, at the same time as she made fun of all of those people who called themselves warriors and had not had the guts to go out there and fight for their village. It looked like they weren't sure if they should be happy with us for helping them or annoyed for calling them cowards… but the thing was, that was what they were… a bunch of cowards. Overall, the view of us was that we were some kind of heroes… which I really didn't care about. I told Tigress maybe we could go out and explore a bit. She said sure, but then she disappeared… damn… she must have woken up. The people from the town were silent now, staring at where she had been. They were muttering amongst themselves about what kind of magic she had just used. I thought I could still explore a bit. I took to flight and looked down, wondering which way to go. I had just barely gotten to go anywhere before I woke.
    5. Sewing Machines, Watery Platforms, MUDs

      by , 06-12-2008 at 02:59 AM
      (original post dated 06/11/2008):

      Dreamed that my aunt S was using my sewing machine to knit with, somehow. I wanted to remove the yarn in order to do some sewing, but didn't know if she was done with it yet, and my cousin Jenny wasn't much help because she didn't know. I had gotten a new pair of pants that, at first, looked really cool, but they were falling apart and had holes in them, which I had not realized when I bought them - hence the need to sew them up. Once I put them on, I was chagrined to discover that they were actually tacky snow-pants with a bright orange camouflage pattern on them.

      Then, I was an imp cleaning up someone's house. And then, for some reason, we were also putting on this show, where we jumped from a platform into a lake below us, and I was an imp but also myself. Something about my swimsuit, I don't remember. I was debating a graceful dive vs. a back-flop (more in character for an imp) when the platform abruptly descended. The guy working it was asian and looked familiar but I couldn't make out who he was, and suddenly I was underwater and swimming back up to the platform before it ascended again.

      Then I was playing a text-based MUD, and was debating whether to be a Paladin or a Monk, and decided to be a Paladin but specialize in unarmed combat and fist-weapons.