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    1. 6 Mar: undercover in California, attacked by a Chinese, parade with Madonna

      by , 03-06-2019 at 12:13 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a bridge, looking at a map on the phone. I am in California, its nighttime. I am supposed to go see a place that is still a bit far. Because it is late, I choose instead to visit an alternative coffee shop nearby. It has several floors, it is know for famous people going there. I don't see any. Go to the roof terrace, very cool for photos. From there I see a multiplex cinema on the other side of a river. There is a small island in the middle of the river. I go there and find a beautiful young feline there that I become friends with. Not sure what species it is, but looks like a jaguar. Then I see also some babies that she is nursing.

      Undercover in a bad neighborhood to expose some drug dealers. There are people of all ethnicities and nationalities living and doing business there. Most are selling clothes, but many are just covers to the real drug business. I go through an alley with a chinese shop and I am approached by two men selling shirts. I have a bunch of money, so I show them trying to expose them as drug sellers. But they just sell me shirts. One guy has good quality clothes but the other tries to sell me an old ripped coat and I reject his offer. He doesn't like my rejection and I feel something is wrong with this, don't understand his game. Later I spot him following me. When night falls he runs towards me in a deserted area but I step aside and push him to the road. He falls on the asphalt and a high speed car runs over him before he can get up.
      Then I turn to another street and there is a parade going on and I blend with it. Madonna is leading the parade in a car and part of the theme is Disneyworld and I can't resist to take some photos.
    2. Parade of Shrek costume

      by , 10-27-2014 at 07:36 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Parade of Shrek costume (Non-lucid)


      I was doing psychic and mediumship readings, I believe from the podium and I had quite an amount of attendees. After a spit second, the event ended and I was now in a small house, where I believe that I was sharing with someone. I was in a small room in front of my computer, which was very different from my waking computer. I could see from my door how someone was calling me. A made up female friend was about to take a shower, but she was on a swimsuit, and she was extremely hot and sexy. She was happy i was looking at her and seemed she wanted to play.

      I had a FA where my dad was in the room, followed by another FA where my wife woke me up and told me something about cooking food in the oven.

      My dad was visiting and he called me to my cell and told him to meet outside. I exited the building (I was not longer in a house) and apparently, was a hotel on the mountains. I met with my dad and we started to walk, until we heard a lot of people talking in Spanish and eating a lot of European food. I suddenly saw a lot of people walking by, but all of them had a Shrek costume on.

      However, many of them had the costume painted on their bodies and they were naked. They had a ton of tons of greens and like scales or something, some looked very weird.
    3. Dec 2 Dream Journal: Parade in GTA

      by , 12-02-2013 at 06:07 PM
      I was playing the original GTA, complete with the top-down view and bright pixels. I apparently found a location where a bunch of pedestrians are having a parade. This being the GTA world, of course I stole a car and began driving into crowds to boost my score multiplier. I somehow lost my place, and had to start again somewhere in the map looking for the parade. When I found it again, it's not as vibrant or populated as it was before.

      I then hear news commentary of the parade, like it was a television broadcast, only the anchors had no comment on my actions. Instead, it was just a bunch of mundane, inaccurate factoids. The two I remember were "did you know San Francisco only exports 16 apples annually?" and "The biggest school is a school in China that is 19,000 square feet."

      Then my alarm wakes me up.
    4. War; World Tree; A Parade of Ghosts

      by , 11-11-2013 at 09:28 AM
      Original entry dated Feb. 16, 2002:

      I had a nightmare that I had a daughter. I don't remember much about it except that it was quite bizarre and I was very unhappy about many things that occurred in the dream.

      I had a nightmare about a huge war in a desert, and a lot of people died, but I think that's more along the lines of the typical "post-apocalyptic" dream if not for one of the characters in it. I was 12 when I had it but the girl I met was so compelling that I still remember the dream. She was dressed in blue and had long, straight brown hair and dark, intense eyes. She was in her teens in the dream, but had an oval, almost classic face that was too sad for someone so young. She saved my life. In the dream, there were spaceship like planes that were black and flew very low, and tanklike things that transported weapons. I was almost crushed by one but she threw me out of the way. I can only assume that she died, but the whole scene was enveloped by the dust kicked up by tank-treads.

      I had another dream about a bunch of people testing a plane. It looked kind of like a flat triangle. Like a stealth-bomber, but not quite, there was something decidedly different about it. In any case, the test backfired and the plane crashed and burned. Luckily, the pilot didn't die. I can't remember if he was badly injured or not.

      This was followed by another, very long and vivid dream, which I'm going to try to actually do justice:

      A tree towers to dizzying heights, wreathed in clouds. It is held up by a pillar of massive, mossy trunk. Through the tangled roots springs a city, its buildings sprouting like mushrooms between the toes of a giant. Grey and fading, the tree and city are cloaked by dusk. The strange slant of the sunlight causes the shadows to pool in strange places.

      A man walks down the street, turning a corner, only to find himself amidst steaming tropical vegetation, a savage jungle. He panics, running blindly, and stares up into a dazzling sky to see something rushing toward him. That was how a nameless man was splattered in the middle of an intersection. The only person who took the time to observe this event was a small girl.

      After pausing to observe this event, the girl continued on her way through the twisting streets. The residents of the city streamed about her in a phantasmal flow of ghosts, fantastic, colorful, distorted, and exaggerated.

      Her eyes lit momentarily on a shadowy figure, and quickly jerked away. She drew into the phantom crowd, which closed around her in a flutter of harlequin rags, and she was relieved to see the figure encompassed by the swirl of paraders.

      She withdrew from the stream of grotesques and picked her way along rambling streets, tiptoeing across melted bricks. She turned to find the shadow, floating languidly above the flowing pavement. It regarded her cooly with bulbous glowing orbs set into a body that seemed to have no substance at all, except for a blurred grey outline. Ghostly animals slunk behind the wilted trashcans, chittering softly from the half-shadows.

      I've broken up some of these dream entries so I can tag them properly. With only 10 tags, it can be a little hard.
    5. Day off tomorrow? Sleepathon!!

      by , 07-15-2013 at 02:14 PM
      (4 fragments with slight memory failure in the 3rd)

      -In the top office of a large office building
      -late evening
      -Zombies creeping they're way up to the top floor
      -I used an outer staircase to make it to the bottom
      -Found some a co-worker trapped in her car surrounded by zombies
      -sneaked into my car, and rammed the zombies out of her way
      -instead of a steering wheel playstation controller (Like men in black 2 )
      -picked up another straggler being chased by zombies: balding fellow.

      -More zombies deeper in a large city
      -Most inner city people hadn't heard about zombies yet
      -Big fireworks display viewed from the roof of a shorter building
      -"they're on their way here now!!"
      -gridlocked streets
      -Took refuge inside adjacent building: Tall With big bright red advertising (damn coke's subliminal adds )
      -Many estranged children in the building
      -A splinter group attempted to escape on the roof
      -"Can't leave those kids behind"
      - Went back to try to help them
      -could hear moans of zombies inside stairwell
      - led kids to the top floor and tossed anything large I could find down stairs to block the stairs
      -pre-awakening stillness.

      -exiting prep assembly reunion
      - kids stand gasping at exit
      -"what more zombies?"
      -"No just sports team here on an away game"
      - wanted to leave but couldn't because a fleet of buses were blocking the exit
      - wandered around the 'rearranged' halls of the prep
      -chilled in the courtyard with my old english classmates and jammed to some dubstep
      -teacher said that buses had right of way but I snuck out regardless.

      -Spanish salsa parade
      -watched from inside car as the floats drove passed
      -detached 3rd person view of each float. (or as i like to call it "Ghost cam")
      -Women in long red flowing dress dancing atop one of the floats.

      Updated 07-15-2013 at 02:47 PM by 63176

    6. Study after the Parade

      by , 12-15-2012 at 12:44 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      ~ 6 am

      I am in a parade. We were carrying some sort of banner. I think FF was right behind us. They had cosplayers, one in particular that has the long, blond hair of Naruto, but it's a flaming gay. They also had a banner, which reminded me of our banner. I asked the person beside me if it wasn't ours.

      I was talking to someone about work or study. I think it was Joerome. He needs to rent a dorm in a nearby city if he wants to work or study in some place. I think Silay came to mind.
    7. Potion and Energy Drinks

      by , 12-14-2012 at 01:17 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      ~ 5 am

      A parade, going out

      ~ 7 am

      I am mixing a potion with a finger. Depending on the effect I desire, I use a different finger: pointing, middle, or little finger.

      I go down the market. It just opened. I looked for energy drinks.
    8. Sep 15, 2012 - Black Angels

      by , 10-10-2012 at 06:02 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      R18 WARNING

      Travel to a province. Rent a room. We are going to have a shoot. Foursome. It starts with me and a girl then two guys enter the scene. I can't get hard on the girl. I told them not to upload to YouTube, and no penetration without condom. I'd really rather touch the boys. One looks Asian.

      [I am immortal]

      The other is unclear. Parade. I'm trying to use a condom. It was too soft. It ripped. Asked them now to put it on. A small town. Trying to get to Rob's old place, but the area is flooded. Can't get there. He no longer lives there. FF meeting. Missed it. The take for the porn film.

      I am flying, trying to avoid a lot of black things. They seem to be chasing me. Everywhere I go, they circle and trap me. I can't seem to control my flight properly. A game? Friendly. I can't avoid them afurther. They are close. They look like the kid angels with swords. I swing my sword at them but missed. They me through with their sword. Two angels. I seem to have hit one with my wild swing, or so they told me.

      I told the porn videographer that I don't believe in love. They said they should add(?) me on in a group that talks about those stuff.
    9. July 15, 2012 - Royal Hotel Parade/Dance

      by , 07-16-2012 at 04:54 AM
      This is my first dream journal entry! All I can really remember is being at this location that looked very similar to the hotel Chatou Frontinac in Quebec, Canada (I have been there before once). The surroundings were not at all like what they are in real life - everything around was flat and there were some structures that were smaller versions of the hotel, they also had green roofs. I remember being behind this group of people in this long hall of arches outdoors - the posts of arches stretched about 100 meters. It looked like a parade or some sort of dance - I distinctly remember a group of girls in spandex (light green and red, like neon colors) in a cheerleading type form a couple of meters ahead of me. Then, I am touching this big object to my left ( it was either a big shiny ball like a marble or an instrument like a drum) that was in wheels. Someone ahead of me was pulling the object with a rope. Then, I remember these stairs that looked very rich and royal - white and thick rock). I think I saw some of my friends but I am not sure entirely.

      This was not a lucid dream, although there were a lot of clues that gave the fact that it was a dream away. I hope to get better at recognizing that I am dreaming and hopefully lucid dream after getting a few more entries.

      I just recently got interested in lucid dreaming and I find all of this extremely fascinating. I wish I could someday experience what some people on this website have!
    10. Multiple Dreams

      by , 04-09-2012 at 07:52 PM (The Dreams of a Trapped Mind)
      1) Ok, this one was rather strange.. There was some huge fair/parade going through town so basically everyone was centralized in the streets. I picked up a Gatling gun and started killing everyone I saw. I just mowed them all down. The strange part was that all the people I knew, loved, or cared for, the bullets did nothing to. It was as if something stopped the bullets from hurting those who never hurt me. I had a few conversations and killed practically everyone in town. Kill'n the mayor was the funnest, just say'n.
      2) Ok, this one topped that one on strangeness. I was like a fish or some'm with a bunch of friends who were fishes too. We were trying to swim from like this river to the ocean to the bottom or some'm. Strange...
      3) There was a third dream.. I believe it was before the first one I wrote. But when you have this many random dreams you tend to forget the first few...
    11. My first recalled dream after my goal of having a LD.(Failed)

      by , 02-08-2012 at 02:22 AM
      Attempt & Extra Background Info
      In order to get myself into the habit, im posting all dreams of mine, regardless of how pointless. I attempted another WILD for about the fourth time last night. I've been trying many multifarious techniques; this time I tried Reversed Blinking to get myself very relaxed, followed by deep breathing whilst counting down from 100 in between breaths. I made it to about 60 before I fell asleep into a non-memorable mini-dream(I get these very often when attempting to LD). Then I conted up from 1, made it to I think 17, and fell asleep. I awakened at 4A.M. for my WBTB technique, did a RC to make sure I wasn't in a false awakening and stayed up for about 20min browsing DV. After 20min I decided I was pretty awake, and didnt want to risk not falling back asleep, and attempted a WBTB-WILD. This time I tried to simply breath deeply, imagining a dream setting thoroughly involving all the senses, and tried to remain aware. Eventually I fell asleep and overslept according to my normal school waking time. De to me oversleeping, I didn't sit and try to recall my dream, because I was rushing. The collection of my dream randomly hit me before class started, and I was walking into the cafeteria.

      The non-LD

      This was a dull dream fragment, however I remember some details. There was alot of conversation that took place during the whole dream, and I can tell it was pretty normal. However, I didnt recall any deep details such as conversations. The earliest I can recall, is being a party with some of my ex-druggie friends.(I used to be pretty heavy in drugs, but I eventually dropped it like cold turkey due to my urge to be so sucessful academicly and overall.) Some im no longer friends with, and some I just dont talk to much anymore(my old "scene" druggie group). We were in a large house hosted by my ex-friend Josh(who had called me the previous day asking for one of his items) planned for a party. They all started popping pills and I left the situation, and found someone who disapproved of it like myself. I encountered a girl I never talk to, an underclassmen named Andrea. We pretty much ranted how we thought popping pills was so ignorant. Eventually I ended up running into another girl(upperclassmen that has posted on my FB wall I never speak to.) named Melissa. She was sitting on the floor at the edge of a bed, looking out a window. Outside there was like a parade, and I recall watching someone in a giant dinosaur costume. A human was controlling it, but the costume was probably about 5 feet taller than a bus. The dinosaur grabbed a bus acting ornery and people in the bus screamed. I spoke to Melissa a bit, and that's all I can remember.

      I should be getting a galantamine supplement to make my dreams more vivid tomorrow. As for the LD, i'll still be attempting every night!
    12. youth parade fragments

      by , 01-31-2012 at 03:09 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      a long line of kids my age outside of my work place.
      holy shit a gun? no- a lighter, no worries.
      pehry passes joints around.
      were gonna be here awhile.
      moving along, all of a sudden i'm alone.
      my surroundings have changed now that i "look up"
      i'm in a borders books/clothing store, asking people where the line went.
      dirty looks, still lost, think about taking small sketchbooks but i have a dream conscience.
      we were supposed to see the abandoned building-
      oldest submerged bathtub and dead bodies
      (i can "see" what it looks like)

    13. This was kinda weird

      by , 01-24-2012 at 07:01 PM
      So this dream takes place near my last place of residence. I remember fragments of it but what i do remember the most was that there were alot of people setting outside on the side of the streets watching a parade go by including me. but i was with a group of people that i used to go to high school with. now the weird thing is that my ex girlfriend Mandie (Daughters Mother) was hanging out in the group and we were all sitting in a circle. i was playing around on my cell phone and then one of my friends from school snatched it out of my hands. everyone started to pass it around and i was like "give me back my phone" like i didnt wants them to see what was on it. Then, my Ex got it last and (weird part) she started playing with the phone and started dialing a number and she said "Im going to call you" she said this in a snickering voice. and thats when i woke up and my phone was ringing and i picked it up and it said Mandie's Cell which is my ex girlfriend! Now i can understand the phone concept of it ringing and incorperating itself in my dream but for her to be the one to call me and actually tell me in my dream that shes gonna call an actually call as im waking from that dreeam. that blew my mind a bit! it was cool.
    14. A ship out of control...

      by , 11-18-2011 at 03:21 PM (Pop's Dream Journal)
      My dreams starts out with me standing on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. It's nighttime and the moon is out, reflecting it's light on the water. My dog Milo is with me. As I look out over the water, I see the bright lights of what looks like a large ferry approaching in the distance. It's moving fast and heading right for us. Seeing that there are no docks or peirs nearby for it to pull up to, I realize that it's going to crash. I turn and start running, yelling at other people around me, "Run! It's going to crash. Run as fast as you can and don't look back!" I keep running, wanting to look back but I don't because I want to get as far away as I can. The ferry was close, so as I'm running, I'm expecting any second for it to come crashing up on shore behind me.
      I finally reach a house and run inside and start running up the stairs, trying to get as high as I can. But at the top of the stairs is a grate. I climb up through it and find myself in a town square of sorts. It's still nighttime and there is some kind of parade or procession going on. It looks like some kind of royalty riding by in horse drawn carriages and waving to the crowds of people standing around. At this point I woke up.
    15. Noche de los Muertos

      by , 08-01-2011 at 02:54 PM
      Inception style dream happened to me last night and had me pretty hooked. It began with a false awakening, of course I took no note to the oddities of my room and left to my garage (the hangout in my house) to find several close friends, family members and acquaintances gathered there. I remember a couple of them, particularly my step mom Laura and her son Jeffree wanted me to stay but the majority of the crowd just told me to go back to bed. So I did. Upon doing so moments later I had another false awakening, once again taking no notice of the now even stranger room I was in, and left into what I thought would be my living room. I (gotta love dream logic) walk into a completely different house from my bedroom without noticing anything is amiss and find a few of the people who were in my garage the previous night. I begin telling them "Oh my gosh you guys, I totally had a pre-cognitive vibe about this. I saw you in my dream last night." A young chubby girl asks me what that means, and what I assume is her mother cuts her off and answers, "it's hard to explain." Which may simply be bad parenting. Anyway I think it was right about here I either realized I was dreaming and tried to wake myself or simply found myself in another false awakening, but I was now in my bed again. Unsure, if I was really awake I try holding my nose, "I'm still breathing!" I shout in my mind and try blowing really hard through my nose to jar myself awake. I knock myself off the bed and assume that it worked;it didn't.
      I left the bedroom and went into the living room and find now that several of my close friends, a couple family members, and even total strangers are having some kind of slumber party at my house. I go up to my friend Jon and excitedly start telling him about the dreams I'd just had. In my excitement I began speaking very loud and was shushed more than once. So I try pulling him into our garage which has a view of our neighborhood, as I open the door a large stranger of Mexican decent approaches and says something in regards to what I was telling my friend. His comment makes me realize the fact that I felt very much like I was on a psychedelic drug at the moment. So I get even more excited with what I was telling my friend. We get into the garage and I see a parade in the streets about to start. The people from my house tell me it's for the day of the dead and as it starts I completely forget about telling anyone anything and run like a madman, or a child, through the cars and the parade, and the fireworks. I forget how it happens but soon after that I awaken one last time. Thinking to myself, "I wonder if that day of the dead stuff last night was real." I check the street through my window and sure enough the decorations are still up, and my street is still a mess. but no one is outside this morning. I go to the bathroom, as per usual. And I notice my body is covered in strange bumps. This shakes me up quite a bit, so I finish up my business and go to ask my mom what she thinks of it. She sees only one at first and thinks it's nothing, but the notices that there are many, and a weird look comes up on her face. We begin talking about my upcoming doctors appointment and...that's all I remember.

      As a side note, there were more awakenings where I just stayed in my bed and tripped out on whether I was awake or not. One of which there was recording equipment near my bed playing some kind of message recorded by what I assume was the previous owner. In another I used the chance for visuals to play some Assassins creed, literally within my mind. Also throughout the course of the dream there was an eerie feeling of some kind, difficult to describe.
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