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    1. January 10, 2014 non-lucid #3

      by , 01-10-2014 at 10:49 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry non-lucid #3 Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: "A Boy and his dog" dream, was dreamed up because I watched a YouTube clip called "Don't hug me I am scared-time". The rest of the dreams I have no Idea where they come from. I am not a paramedic and I have no actual problem with people in waking life. To come to think of it I had some problems with people on GTA 5, I kept killing them they got mad and started calling me names.

      Dream fragment 1 "Paramedics saves lucid dreamer": I was driving an emergency vehicle, as a paramedic. Me and my partner got a call for a job. As we were in a freeway we see another paramedic respondent. The other paramedic starts ramming our car. I was shocked at first thinking that we were going to help each other, but since they kept ramming, I started ramming back. We beat them to the spot. My grandmother was at the scene. We asked her where is the person that needs our assistance. She points us to the body, it was a child just laying there. They put a blanket on top of his head because they thought he died. I opened the blanket and said, "people should stop calling with false reports. He was just trying to have a lucid dream". I woke up upon realizing what I said.

      Dream fragment 2 " Uninvited guest": I was at the school and I was hanging out with my friend, just for my own reference I will call him Ed. I started walking to him and I noticed all these people watching me. They looked pissed off, as if I did something to them. I was talking to Ed and I started speaking loud so that they could hear. I said, "Yeah remember that guy, I heard (this...and that)". Basically it was to intimidate them. If they knew that I knew a guy that was tougher and more "gangster" than them they would just leave us alone, since it was like 5 vs 2.

      Dream fragment 3 "A Boy and His Dog": (I was a spectator in this dream, I am only watching what is happening.) This dog and this boy were together. The boy tells the dog that he is going to die. He takes the dog upon a mountain. The mountain was red from the flaming volcano inside of it. The boy picks up the dog and raises him up high. He tells the dog that this is good bye. He tells the dog you will be a mayan god. He looked at dogs eyes and said, "you will die and burn ". (I think he tossed him in volcano or something) the dog skin got incinerated, and i could see the tendons and meat on his face. It was pretty gory. Even though this happened to the dog, the dogs first and last words to the boy was "I still love you". The boy felt guilt for what he has done. He was now inside of his house. He was a dog or dog like (I don't remember exactly). A dog investigator showed up and started asking him all of these questions. The boy tried to act like he was doing some calculus problems. I really wanted the boy to get caught and pay for his crime, but I got zapped out of the house and was now spectating outside the house. I saw this old 1930s car pull up and here comes Harry Potter and the cast. The old man, the weird creepy guy, all of them were there. They were trying to get the blond creepy kid from Harry Potter, to commit crimes such as stealing cars. The old wizard said," I don't even know who's car that is?"and he started laughing.

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    2. Dream Fragments/Blocked Toilet/False Awakening

      by , 09-25-2013 at 08:51 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream fragment (Night time) I think all three dream fragments were linked to the one dream
      I was with a group of people at the beach. I saw a fight happening in the distance. I could see police cars and paramedics fly passed but they looked weird, and looked to be levitating off the ground.

      Dream fragment
      I remember a dog was a bit aggressive. I bought Rex (My Dog) inside, and a guy was passing Rex over a chair to me. I felt bad for Rex as he was upside down, and we were fumbling around so I could get a good grip on Rex.

      Dream fragment(Night time)
      I remember Dad calling me and saying don't drive. It was as if someone had told him, I was driving without a license. I thought maybe Josh D may have told him.

      As I flushed the toilet, it started to block and started to flood the bathroom. I could see a massive poo floating on top of the bowl. I had my iPod Touch in front of the toilet, on the floor, which had flooded. I pissed that my iPod was in water. I picked it up and noticed that it was still working, but the middle button wasn't responding. I noticed the screen start to slide off, and everything break into pieces. Kayley said she could fix it without a problem and when can they not be fixed.

      False Awakening
      I remember having a false awakening but didn't catch it. I check the time on my iPod while I was in bed.
    3. Late To Class (14.9.13)

      by , 09-16-2013 at 12:47 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at my primary school, standing next to a fence naked . I asked a few people that walked passed if they would climb the steel wire fence with just their hands and nothing else. I told them if we did it, we may get the Olympics in Australia. One of the guys I told was someone I knew, Matt H.
      this is all wrong!!!!!-steel-wire-fence.jpg
      Steel wire fence.

      I skipped part of my next class. I was wandering around the school for a bit, then decided to head back to class. I was trying to think of what I would say to the teacher on why I was late. I saw a kid in the distance getting medical attention, he must have hurt himself pretty good. He was getting taken away by the paramedics were helping him leave the school.

      Someone came up to me, while I was still outside the class room. I think it was Brent's friend Brad. I said to him, I think this is our class room. It was strange, I knew it was our class but I didn't at the same time.

      We walked into class, and I think it was my year 3 - 4 teacher. She reminded me of PINK the singer, a little bit in this dream. She said that I reached the injured kid after it had happened, meaning that I was just a onlooker, and should have came to class on time. I was looking for a seat to sit down on. I moved a chair to the front of a DC and was going to sit down, but it would have been both of us facing each other which would be silly as I would have had my back to the teacher. I again, moved the chair to another spot, this time next to the DC. I sat down.
      this is all wrong!!!!!-pink-singer.jpg

      The teacher was writing stuff down on the chalkboard. She was thinking of a name to write down, as an example. I thought to myself and wrote down Tommy (can't think of last name). I was struggling to spell properly and my hand writing was pretty messy. The teacher had written the exact name as I did.. I was amazed that she thought of the exact thing as me. I looked over to the DC and was going to tell him what had just happened but I remember scribbling out the name on my paper as it was incorrect spelling and messy, so I didn't mention it. I think the DC was an old friend Devon L

      There was a lot of stuff written on the board. She was writing a lot of Eminem (the rapper) on the board, I think she was a big fan of him. I said silently to someone near me, that Eminem once said ''something something nigger'', which I thought was funny. A few people laughed, but I think I offended some girls across the room. They had darker skinned boyfriends.
      this is all wrong!!!!!-eminem.jpg
    4. Today I passed out from low blood sugar this is what i experienced *dream and reality*

      by , 06-14-2012 at 06:53 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      The following is a true story of a near-death experience I experienced today...

      I won't go into details about the passing out part because it really isn't important.

      Today I passed out from low blood sugar and while unconscious i dreamed this:

      I was on clouds, I was surrounded by endless mist and clouds. I had no idea how I got there, where I was before this, and no knowledge of ever falling asleep. It felt real as real gets. I was floating above endless landscape but in the clouds only, no closer. I thought, I was just living how did I get here? Am I dead? I thought I might be due to the odd circumstances and that I couldn't wake up from this dreamlike world.

      Was I ever living? What am I now? Am I still human or some sort of spirit-being? I then heard voices, "it will be alright." Who is that I asked? No answer. Then I walk around questioning what is real and what is imaginary. Then everything goes dark and I see light and a face but I can't make it out. The person says, "stay with us, wake up, you're going to be alright."

      I thought, is this still imaginary or is this all real?

      The face goes away and I am back in the clouds.

      What is going on? Then I felt like I was dieing of thirst and I was soaking wet.

      I was cold.

      Then I give up thinking and just relax and it all goes dark again. The light comes back in a few minutes. Now I see flashing lights on a firetruck and 3 paramedics. Then I blink and now there is only 1. Then I close my eyes again rest. I try to figure out what had happened.

      I wake up and now realize I had blacked out. It takes me a couple of minutes to realize what had happened. I had low blood sugar and blacked out in my truck while backing up a trailer into the driveway. Thank God it was in park when it happened.

      It takes me at least an hour to remember the whole story from the little bits and pieces of memories I could remember from before I passed out.

      It was a very scary feeling, to be awake an active to dream state in a blink and no memory of what had happened.
      This is a first time for me when it comes to passing out.
    5. Hit and Run / Attempted Homicide 06/13/2011

      by , 07-13-2011 at 07:47 PM
      8:00 AM

      I found myself standing just off the curb of a sidewalk at night. The scenery was pretty vivid especially the lighting from nearby from nearby shops, street lights, stars, and incoming headlights. Just to my left was a lady in a business suit, skirt and black shoes. She was facing away from me. I looked over to my right to see a pair of headlights. They were bright and seemed to be headed for me so I stepped up on the sidewalk next to a sighn. I was about to warn the lady when I realized that the lights were slowing down. As they got closer I figured that the car was just meaning to park on the wrong side of the road. Then I saw the man inside what I now recognized as an old station wagon. He was obviously angry.
      He was going slow as he came in behind the lady but then stepped on the gas. The lady flew up on to his hood and they both sped around the corner to my left. I could still see the road they were headed down because it there were no building in the way. The the road they were headed on slopped down slightly. To the left of them and in front of me was a recess where there were pick-nick benches. A fenced railing separated me and the drop so I ran around the way the station wagon had gone. Before I got to the corner I saw the lady roll off, across the road and onto some grass beneath some trees. The station wagon sped away and around the next corner to the left next to (where the police station is in waking life)
      I ran down towards the lady and saw that she was in pain but not bleeding externally, The area she landed in was park like. Off to my left was a set of apartment buildings that were just off to the side of the side of the recess with the pick-nick benches. I don't have a cell phone so I decide to ring the first door bell to have them call 911. (I think I was dreaming of this set of apartments earlier.. there were some shady people living here). There were lights on inside but still nobody answered. I rang again. A dog came up behind me(was dreaming about this dog before as well) and started snarling. It eyed my leg as I rang the doorbell for the last time. Still no answer but as i looked back at the dog a girl in scrubs came walking up and fumbling with her keys.
      I was glad to see her and said what had happened and to call 911. She looked over my shoulder and pointed at the paramedics. Someone else must have had a cell phone I thought. They had already placed the business woman on a stretcher and were beginning to move her. I went over to report what I had seen. One of the paramedics, Ben, happened to be someone from my old church who actually works for UPS. I told him my story, he didn't seem to care to much but I still felt like things would get taken care of.