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    1. 100116:Confusion at Lidl, Cat has Worms, Getting Taunted

      by , 01-10-2016 at 10:31 PM (The Dream Journal)
      A vague memory of a dream where I leave my mom's laptop at a friend's place, how will I get it back?

      Mess at Lidl
      I go to a Lidl. It looks different than usual, the cashiers are on a different level. As I approach it I see it is almost empty, no customers, and police are everywhere. I peek in and say are the registers open, I have things I want to pay for. They say yes and I go and pay. I have groceries that will cost about 10 bucks, I don't have any more money. She is checking out a lot of stuff and the total is going over 40. Did I take too much? I'm going to have to remove a lot of items. I realize that the cashier has rung up stuff from other people behind me into my tab. They are miserable, middle-aged men there who bought lots of fancy food items and are aggravated at the inconvenience. I try to be very happy and relaxed so the checkout woman doesn't feel too stressed.

      The Cat's Voluntary Fast to Kill the Worms
      I'm in an apartment I don't recognize, my mom lives there? I see a cat in front of me, there is a bathroom to my left. I'm told the cat is on a voluntary fast it won't eat, to kill some worms it has in its intestines. It's like I can see into the cat with x-ray vision. I see two massive worms in white in its intestines. I'm told they are so large that if they got out they could fight a mouse and win. I smell that the cat has some poop stuck on its butt fur. I should remove it but I'm afraid of getting the poop on my fingers and getting worms too.

      Outside getting Taunted
      It's night time I'm by my mom's place on a forested walking path by a bench. I'm walking to a female friends place. I see a group of hooded guys, I pull my hood up so they wouldn't bother me. I try to walk by but they taunt me, one kicks me in the ass. I yell out and tell him to watch it and the whole group laughs at me. I turn, getting real angry and I wake up. In the blurriness of waking up I see one of the guys, his back turned to me, as if he's looking at the book shelf. I focus and see nothing.
    2. [17-04-2015]

      by , 04-17-2015 at 06:56 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in school. It was during biology lesson. I was checking empty fields in the list of random human parasites.
    3. Pearl Necklace, Shooting to No Avail, Female Sword Slasher in 2D Side Scroller Fantasy Game

      by , 09-07-2014 at 03:14 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Haven't posted in so long. A week or so ago, I almost panicked when I opened the program I use for my DJ, and it gave me an option to start a new dream journal, or open an existing one. Thank goodness that there was a back up, otherwise there would be over 1,000+ entries gone forever. I mean, there's this DJ, but I can't be bothered to store the content here into some other file format that won't have me pulling my hair.

      Pearl Necklace Placed In The Drawer (Non-lucid)


      I’m inside of a kitchen that’s akin to the one in real life, and I noticed that a familiar face at work is there fiddling around with something. She’s the perfect replica of the lady with the old visage and slightly frail body composition. She’s wearing a shirt that has blue, white, and red bled into each other, most likely what she wore to show national spirit at times, I guess.

      The kitchen in this dream was so real that it threw me off completely on whether or not I would be lucid at some point in the dream. Most of the area except the kitchen was fairly dark, or maybe my peripheral vision implied in the dream state was too blurry, thus enticing me to fixate my awareness to this specific location.

      There’s a fairly large transparent bag made of hard plastic, but I can’t recall what’s actually in there. I figured that with the type of material the bag is composed of, there were some elements of ice; so maybe some kind of dessert or cold items were stored there to sustain their temperature. I had an urge to take out some of the material within the ice, and with how I felt somewhat hungry in the dream, I’d assume the material was edible.

      She (let’s use “Nan” for distinction) proceeds to fiddle around some more with the bag, but not the content in it. I move the slightly huge bag around, and find felt something was odd about it. There was a slightly weird smell from the sink where the bag resides, and I immediately move the bag upwards to see what’s on the bottom.

      The moment I move it up, there’s maybe 2-3 creatures that look like white versions of slugs, or some kind of parasitic creatures with weird antennae like ears going diagonally from the frontal region of their heads. My lack of appetite for whatever content was in the bag augmented tremendously, and I had some weird feeling in my stomach.

      It was a sensation as if I was going to puke, or just cough in expression of disgust. I don’t know when the next experience occurs, but it had to be within this same experience I recalled just now.

      Nan continues to exist in a way that looks as if she’s a living, breathing, and sentient dream character with her own capability of doing whatever is on her mind, or whatever unconscious predispositions and beliefs I may have about her in general. She barely utters a word, and mostly expresses herself through body language and hand motions.

      I pay attention to her eyes, noticing that same look that feigns a sense of authority. She shifts her eyes downwards, and I proceed to do the same along with my face. She points to her wrist, and she finally makes a declaration that this is her pearl necklace that she’s about to give to me. I’m in slight shock as to why she would offer me something that looks so valuable, but she doesn’t communicate to me verbally after that.

      She merely opens a drawer, and puts the pearl necklace, and closes it shut. Before she did this, I noticed the necklace had a few missing pieces, or maybe the string was too long to contain the few white pearls.


      Shooting, But To No Avail (DILD)


      I’m clearly in a warzone in an area that has a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex-esque feeling to it. The overall color scheme consists of bright muddy colors, and some bright colors such as yellow mixed in with that as well.

      I’m not too sure of the weapon I’m carrying, but it seems to be one where I can fire hundreds of shots pretty quickly. I’m not really concerned on having to reload seeing how I’m going through an onslaught of soldiers that literally look like lo-polygon game entities. From their faceted look in general, and the blurry and blotchy textures applied to them, it all felt like I was just playing a run-down version of a game that probably would have better graphics with next-gen consoles.

      I can’t really presume if I exist in a dream body that represents me, but I do feel sensations of walking, running, crouching, and things like that throughout the dream. I’m aimlessly going nowhere but forward, mowing down what appears to be enemies. Some of them just won’t die, no matter how much I aim at certain locations that would guarantee some kind of kill, or knockdown.

      I seemed to be in a state of no emotions, and just shifting in and out of spectator mode, and a third person view angle where the camera would be behind the individual in focus. I get a little irritated every now and then, and whenever enemies shoot me, I get weird vibrations around my body, and if I seem to be taking too much “damage,” things get a little blurry, and some weird spatters of liquid come up; probably to signify the potential of blood loss, even though there wasn’t any red to begin with.

      There was one soldier that seemed to give me a hard time even though he was only 3-4 feet away from me. I have my back braced against a wall to the right side of this region that seems to have a dark brown road with gray sidewalks in each side that’s gradually going uphill.

      I take advantage of the fact that I can see their movements because I shift around spectator view, and a third person point of view, and I time my attacks the moment I see them having a delay in their shooting. I manage to pick off some soldiers, but while doing that, I tried putting in some bullets to the soldier in this very dark blue camo outfit. He has some kind of weird shaped helmet that would be shaped like a D-pad you’d find in a Wii Remote for example, except it’s much more extruded, and blockier, but there is some smoothing on the edges.

      I can hear the loud and rapid gunshots, and I can gradually feel myself getting enraged at how this guy isn’t being taken down. And whenever he tries to shoot me, it seems as if I could be affected, but I’m really not.

      I’m not sure if I took care of him at all, but I do know I took care of a lot of dream characters.


      2D Side Scroller Fantasy Sword Slashing Game (Non-lucid)


      I’m clearly playing a game, and I’m too lazy to go to great lengths in explaining the content, so I’ll be as concise as I can.

      - I’m playing as a female; blonde, long hair, chibi-like with an apricot colored visage. She’s wearing some elongated white top that extends to the middle of her upper thighs with some black latex/bodysuit that covers her entire torso and legs

      - She seems to be proficient with two golden swords, and a brown bow and arrow weapon set as well.

      - The area seems to be somewhere that has large gray statues in ruins, and general buildings in ruins as well. There’s grass forming around these structures, and the character is running the other way instead of the typical left to right movement you’d find in a side scroller 2D game.

      - She’s finishing enemies off with ease, and seems to have completely mastery of when to use the bow and arrow, and when to get close and personal with her two golden swords (or maybe it was one; she could’ve slashed so fast that I presumed she had two).

      - No one is going to stop this female from wherever she’s fixated in arriving to. I’d even presume this is some kind of chibi version of Marta from Tales of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World



      Except it’s not really like her at all from head to toe, just the costume and accessories seem slightly similar.
    4. Tales from the Dream Realm: Part 2

      by , 08-14-2014 at 06:03 AM
      Chapter 1: Brain Grubs
      The events that transpire I can’t well explain
      I stuck some white grubs into my brain
      Carnivorous grubs these creatures were
      And when I did this nobody stirred
      One after one I placed into my ear
      They crawled through my eardrums but I could still hear
      I did not scream nor did I care
      You must understand I wasn’t all there
      What happened next? Well they ate my brain!
      Why I did this? I can’t well explain.

      Chapter 2: Trashcan Girl
      So my friends and I were strolling through a camp. I don’t know what friends I was with, nor do I know what kind of camp it was but it was not the kind of camp a person wants to be at. I am guessing it was something like a refugee camp but I cannot be sure. I do know that this camp was inhabited by Chinese prostitutes and their pimps. It was the hour of twilight and my friends were wandering through the streets of this camp and came down a dark ally. There was a trashcan in the middle of the ally. We didn’t think anything of it until a prostituste popped right out of it. She climbed out without saying a word and just stood there. Confused, we were about to say something when another prostitute came in with their pimp. She peeked in the trashcan for her fellow night girl and was shocked when she could not find her. Of course Trashcan Girl was standing right fucking there but, you know, whatever.
      “Excuse me,” she said to us, “But have you seen our friend. She was just in here but now I can’t seem to find her.”
      “Here I am!” Trashcan Girl suddenly exclaimed. Happy to have found their friend the three of them leave the ally and continue on with their business leaving us to try and make sense of what had just happened.

      Chapter 3: Ponies in Dead Space
      I was not in my own body but rather I was a passive observer as I observed through the eyes of another denizen. And who was this denizen? Non other than Applejack! Applejack was walking through a giant medical spaceship. It was like a moving hospital where injured travelers could go. A necromorph outbreak had taken place on the ship but the workers were doing all they could to make sure that this did not interfere with their work. After all, they had important work to do. People were counting on them. Applejack was on her way to see my grandfather who had come in contact with the infection some how. He had not come in direct contact with a necro so he could be saved but he had to go through some sort of industrial grade decontamination machine.

      Applejack was following the way-point that was programmed into her rig armor to find my grandfather. She came across Pinkie Pie and Rarity who were playing cards at a table in front of a giant window that gave view to a big brown nebula in the background. They were having a personal conversation each one discussing some problem that was going on in their lives. Applejack attempted to chime in with her problems but they were still talking to each other.

      “Darn it!” she said, “Why are y’all ignorin’ me? I got problems too.”

      The princess Twilight Sparkle walked in and she said to Applejack, “You barged in to vent your problems but you completely disregarded theirs. I don’t excuse their ignoring you but what your doing is worse.” So Applejack left them to keep talking and her waypoint took her down a narrow corridor. I was able to feel what she felt as I saw what she saw. So when she became nervous about what may be waiting ahead, I could feel as though I were there myself. Before continuing Applejack made a point to check her Strife Specibus to see what kind of weapon she used. I don’t remember the weapon she had. She also checked the fetch modus in her sylladax and saw that she had some kind of modus that turned objects into apples. With all of this noted she continued on. She turned the corridor to find herself in between two steel shelves much like the shelves we have in the Walmart backrooms. There were three pallets of mulch that were blocking her way. She proceded to climb over them. She was half way over when the dream ended.
    5. Mountain climbing, parasites and escape routes

      by , 01-16-2014 at 10:11 PM
      Started out based on the Mulan musical that played in Tokyo a few years back, but the storyline started following the general, who no longer looks anything like the actress who played him, and now the dream has lost any theatre aspect. Now the general is the emperor's son, and has a name which translates to "divine," and has been summoned before the emperor. The emperor is blind, and from his eye sockets there are two strange things - flat, rectangular, worm-like things, something parasitic or symbiotic. Each has a small, white circle with a mark in the shape of ᛣ, and the general is aware that those marks can open and extend something that latches onto eyeballs and rips them from their sockets, he's seen it done before. The dream had been in 3rd person ever since I lost track of the theatre framing, but as I examined the things I shift to 1st person, the pov of the general, who is disgusted and afraid of the things.

      When his father dismisses him, he indicates that he should leave through a door beside the throne instead of the way he came. It's a small opening, extremely low to the ground, so that a man would have to crawl to get through it; it's designed to shame people, to stress rank and obedience. The general gets down on his knees before it, then hesitates and says "Father" - at which the emperor lurches forward, placing the parasite-things close to the general's face. It's not a threat, just an attempt to get a 'look' at him using the parasite's senses, which 'taste' the air, but it's an inhuman-looking motion, and the general drops whatever he was going to say in favor of getting away as quickly as possible. But he/I have a difficult time moving through the door as quickly as I'd like, and I realize it's because I'm becoming aware of my body lying motionless in bed.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm leading some team climbing a mountain covered in snow, explorers, the first to climb this mountain in history. But the men keep seeing something, some shadow figure, and insist there's someone already here. I dismiss this as nonsense. But now that the peak itself is in sight, I can clearly see there's somebody up there.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      For the past few dream scenes, I've been in a car with my IRL sister S. and two women, a couple, witches; and we've been lost. We were lost on the road, we were lost driving through water, we were lost and mistakenly in the wrong house, we were lost and running from that house's owner, and now we're lost and we've stumbled across a street where every house seems to be having a party, spilling out into the street, blocking our way. They invite us to join the party, and while I want to just get back to the road, the others want to stay. I spot someone in the crowd, some minor celebrity, and I'm intrigued enough to agree, we check out the party. I talk to the minor celebrity briefly and find him disappointing.

      Later, inside one of the houses where the party's going on, not much liking the company and wanting to get a move on, I've been cornered by some guy who's much taller and larger than I am and who seems to have mistaken me for a woman. He asks me if I believe in promises, and starts hinting very strongly that he believes we knew each other in a past life and are destined to be together. Yikes. I manage to shake him off and go find my sister in the kitchen, tell her that it's time we leave; the witch couple we were driving with join us and say "Um, we should go. Now." The lady of the house is in the kitchen with us and at this point she probably thinks we stole the silver, but we get out of there - through a window that opens onto the porch on the side of the house, rather than going back through that party to get to the door. As we're climbing out the window, one of the witches says something explaining to me and my sister why we've got to leave in such a hurry, something involving some guy who'd introduced himself as 'Psych', and I suspect it's that same creep.

      Out on the porch, one of the witches looks behind us and gets a horrified look on her face. My sister asks what it is, and the other witch says oh, she just saw Ben - her ex, who's dead - don't look, just go, get off the porch, now. The porch is narrow enough that we have to go single file, I'm the last, and as each one gets off the porch and onto the street and looks back, they look increasingly horrified - Ben's a minor nuisance, their expressions indicate Ben was just a symptom of something more going on here. I feel something strange on my back, at the base of my spine, and my motions seem too slow; I become aware that it's because I'm waking up.

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    6. Dream Journal Dec. 1: Zombies, Aliens, and Stupid Plans

      by , 12-01-2013 at 09:17 PM
      I start in spectator view. A red (missed MILD cue alert!) car carrying three teenagers gang members pull alongside a cop car, and one of the gang members shoot the cop sitting in back the head.

      My brain goes, "Oh, not gruesome enough? Let's see it again close-up!" So that scene replays. At least the cop looked pissed off when she died, instead of surprised or sad. The gang car peels off, and the cops give chase. The cops shoots shotguns at the gang car, and that somehow causes a chain link fence to break. And what would you know, the broken fence frees up zombies.

      I get a quick cut to three British hooligans wearing yellow raincoats. The focus is on the fat kid, who is attempting to run past zombies towards a portal. He is getting surrounded, but fortunately, his in-shape friends catch up and disperses the zombies just a little bit. The fat kid still gets surrounded though, but he is pushing on through a small crowd of zombies.

      Another quick cut, and it looks like two of the hooligans made it through the portal. One of them is the fat kid, and he lost an arm -- the zombies managed to get a bite in, and his other friend amputated it for him. They walk alongside a cliff side path until they come to some sort of neo-modern flat-house/apartment, where some survivalist are holed up.

      The view returns to "my" POV, and I'm part of the survivors alongside my friend K. We remark how amazing it is that the fat kid (we don't call him that to his face) survived, and he needs medical attention immediately. Dream Logic fills in the gap that these kids are part of a group run by M, K's wife (in real-life as well), and K wants to send out a party to investigate. So I'm part of a group to go back through the portal to find out.

      But before we set off, we get a ring at the doorbell. We go up to K's room, which has a perfect overhead view of the front door, and there's a skinny blonde woman. She identifies herself as "Amy Adams' friend," and we let her in. I don't know any Amy Adams in real life, so it's a little funny how specific the name is.

      (Edit: Okay, so Google reveals Amy Adams is actually a pretty famous actress that I even saw a few movies of. I definitely did not make the connection in my dream.)

      Anyways, she joins my team, and suddenly I get a 16-bit side-scroller view of my two companions. There's the blonde woman, who carries a pretty wicked Contra-styled rifle; But like in Contra, she can only take one hit before she'll die. My other companion is another long-haired blond, but I think he's like some sort of futuristic elf; he's some sort of cool, silent sniper-type, and his "rifle" has a feature that turns it into a laser bow. Um, okay then.

      We somehow forget about our mission to find M's party. Instead, the King of our survivor group decides to stage a mass exodus towards an underground location (dumb plan 1). So we set out in the middle of the night, forming a single-file line (dumb plan 2), and some of the survivors take this chance to go Trick or Treating. I remark that our group is made up of idiots, so I ask K to guard the rear while I move ahead to guard the middle.

      We safely arrive at our location, and the blond elf and I scout ahead inside a building that is jutting out of the ground. The insides of the place looks like the bombed-out ruins of an office designed by M.C. Escher, with stairs circling a giant pit. We don't get too far before Elfy comes across a creepy, bloody, and naked woman, who is clearly infected. After a brief struggle, Elfy shoots her down. I should note that it is "completely" dark in here, but Elfy's weapon releases a neon-green discharge that lingers at the end of his rifle, soooo not the most stealthy thing ever.

      Anyways, a couple of us investigate the corpse, in which suddenly, an alien parasite bursts out of her stomach and starts snapping at Elfy (ew!). One of the other guys, who looks like the chunky best friend played by Jonah Hill in a stoner movie, appears. His left arm is apparently the same arm as Hellboy's (um...), and in this world, that hand has the property of disrupting these aliens (...'kay...). So Handy grabs the parasite, which implodes/shrivels in a flash of light.

      The King, who is there now, decides to drop a bomb made of light that shares the same property as the Hellboy arm (again, Dream Logic is taking leaps here) into the depths of the ruins. The bomb is called a "Grounswell" here, which I guess is a pretty apt name. Anyways, when the bomb detonates, it causes all the other infected creatures to come rushing up (dumb plan 3). The dream ends here.

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    7. Nov 28. Dream Journal: Under the sea

      by , 11-28-2013 at 07:05 PM
      Didn't get the best night's sleep -- partially out of my own fault, partially because of things on my mind and so on, so forth. C'est la vie.

      Dream one tells me I'm, yet again, back in the Fallout world; but I'm woefully out of place as a fantasy-setting fighter type. I "knew" that I was able to enter V.A.T.S. and take my time targeting enemies, though I never really did. I wander around the ruins of a radioactive city a little bit. I know my RAD level is raising, so I'm trying to find a "safe" zone -- only all the doors I come across are inaccessible because they don't have a waypoint set. The dream fades and I wake up.

      I fall asleep again, but then I'm immediately jolted awake by my alarm. Stupid me set it up on the wrong day, so there's that little episode.

      Next, I'm in the deep ocean. Not the magical one you see in cartoons, but the pitch black reality of the abyss -- I knew this day would come, but dammit, it still took me by surprise. I'm swimming in the trenches without any special equipment, and I'm intensely worried that some parasitic creature would drill into my brain, or I'd look at my arm and there's suddenly a cigar shark eating a hole. My "vision" resembles a flashlight sequence in a video game, and part of me knows that as long as that "light" is on, the fishes will stay out of my protective sphere. My visibility is also quite clear despite being underwater, in the dark, and not wearing any goggles; plus my eye sight isn't the best as is.

      I eventually come across a humongous pit -- maybe something like a kilometer wide and God knows how deep? It's an uneasy feeling, but I know that I must go down there. So I swim over to try to peer down, but a current emitting from the pit keeps pushing me back, so it was really difficult. The dream fades and I wake up again at whatever hour this was.

      I fall asleep again (note that it takes me a long time to fall asleep everytime I wake up), and now I'm in spectator mode. I see my parents and my brother. I'm agitated due to real life things, and I start walking over. It takes forever to get to them, and I wake up before I could because my normal alarm goes off.

    8. Tiny Mouths in my Face

      by , 03-10-2013 at 04:00 PM
      Original entry dated Feb. 18th, 2002:

      I dreamed that I woke up and pressed my hand against my forehead. My skin was moving. You know how it feels when goldfish (or any other sort of fish, except for maybe piranhas and oscars) nibble at your fingers? It felt like that - all over my forehead - dozens of tiny moist nibbles.

      I got up and looked in the mirror. My forehead was covered in dozens of tiny red... mouth-things... only without teeth. Moist, cherry-red little mouths, each about the size of a pimple, gapping open and closed and each of them making tiny peeping sounds like baby chicks. I couldn't stand looking at them, or bringing my hands anywhere near my face - I just wanted to gouge them off...

      ...I went to the doctor, and they were apparently some sort of parasitic infection. I learned that, unfortunately, it spread really fast and through skin-contact. There was only one way to treat them, too. The doctor had to inject each mouth - individually - with an antibiotic ointment. It wasn't so much painful as disgusting. When they died, they shriveled up and fell out in tiny brown balls, leaving dozens of tiny, deep holes in my forehead.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. 10/19/10 Parasites, Walms, and Templars... oh, my!

      by , 10-24-2010 at 04:18 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: Tonight was composed of fragments which I will post here. Actually, I'm sure there was more to each of these dreams, but those are parts that I am not able to remember at this point. So here are the fragments:

      Under My Skin
      I was in the lab / sick bay in the biodome tower with Tigress and Janet, I couldn't remember how I had gotten there, but somehow I was lucid. I looked around, I saw Tigress talking to Janet for a bit, so I just waited. I remembered Tigress saying she wanted Janet to check us both out to see if we might have any parasites inside us. She came over to me and said Janet had given her a clean bill of health, so there was no need for her to stay here any longer. I wondered where she might be going so fast, didn't she want to stick around and maybe do something after Janet checked me out? Janet told me to lie down on the sick bay bed and she would check me out. I did that, and I couldn't see what she was doing, I was lying on my stomach, but she was talking about some rather disgusting leech type things that she was removing. I wondered if Tigress was waiting for me… I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, I looked and I saw Nomad. He said there were parasites on me, he was sure he had sensed those there. Janet said there sure were, but she was almost done getting them all off. Nomad asked if she had gotten the ones off of Tigress, too. Janet said Tigress hadn't had any parasites on her, though she had checked for them. Nomad seemed to think that was odd, but he didn't say anything.

      Mistaken Identity
      I was in my room and lucid, I remembered I had a goal of locating Walms and restoring his flame, which he had told me was out. I knew from how he had acted that it wasn't completely out, but I thought maybe he could use a bit of help getting it strong again after encountering some strange energy that had apparently damaged it. He said he had been staying away from everyone until the flame was restored so he wouldn't look to pointlessly hurt anyone (if the flame had been out that wouldn't have mattered) so I might have problems finding him. I focused on locating Walms, he said his energy would be different, so I wasn't really sure what I would trace. So I just focused on what I know about Walms from talking to him and sharing a few dreams in the past, using a song spell for tracking… and thought it took a bit more energy, a portal finally opened, so I went through. I exited the portal into a forest area, looked consistent with somewhere I might find Walms. I looked around, not sure where I might find Walms, but then I spotted someone over beside a particularly large tree. I went over to him and looked at him closely, I couldn't see much in the way of energy there, well that fit… I had expected that Walms would be hiding his energy pretty well. I called the person Walms and said hello, I said I was there to restore his flame, and I was sure I hadn't been followed. I got a blank look as a response, so I thought maybe he wasn't lucid… I told him he was dreaming, I added that I was Raven Knight. He continued to give me the same blank look as if I was speaking in a foreign language… damn… I wondered if there were times that Walms was non-lucid that he didn't remember English… "Yo estoy Raven Knight," I stumbled in Spanish, "Estoy aquí para restaurar el fuego interior ... Walms? Estás soñando, ya sabes ..." That same blank look that was beginning to get quite frustrating… "How cute…" a voice said from my right, "She doesn't recognize me…" I turned to my right really fast, just in time to see someone vanish… Walms?! Then who was I talking to? The person I had been talking to said something that made absolutely no sense… um… I went over to the place the person had vanished… that was Walms, no doubt… "Wait a sec!" I called, even though he was long gone. I focused on opening a portal to follow him, but my memory ends here.

      Templar Party
      I was in what I thought of as my house, but it wasn't like my waking life home. The inside of it was very similar, but there was a huge deck out back where there were a lot of people having a party, there was music, food, a swimming pool, and everyone was having lots of fun. But somehow I knew the guests were all Templars… I was also thinking my mom had no idea who she had invited over. I tried to tell her, but she wasn't listening. She went outside to take care of the guests, but I stayed in my room. I was able to look out my window at the partiers outside. I didn't want them to see me, so I was staying low and just peeking over my window sill to see them out there. My mom looked frustrated, then she came inside and found me spying on the party. She said she didn't care if I stayed long, but it was rude of me to not show up and at least say hi to our guests. I said I couldn't do that, those were all Templars, and they would surly know that I was aligned with the Assassins… She told me not to be silly, they wouldn't know that unless I went out with a sign that said, "GO ASSASSINS" or something dumb like that. She said she wanted to see me outside in 15 minutes, and that was final. With that she left the room. I knew for sure that the Templars would recognize me, so I had to get out of there. I went out of the back door and headed for the gate, trying to hurry before I was seen… epic fail. I hadn't made it halfway to the gate before my mom spotted me and brought everyone's attention to me. The Templars looked over at me, I could tell by the way they looked that they knew I was with the Assassins… My mom, oblivious to everything, was cheerfully introducing us, which is not actually like her normal behavior at all.