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    1. 23 May; Monsters, my dog dies and robbers in Paris

      by , 05-23-2019 at 09:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      There are monsters outside that are triggered by motion or light, so one has to cover all windows and stay in the dark. One of my curtains opened a bit and they are outside approaching, I run to try to cover it. They try to come in. I panic.

      I am watching a talk show on tv, some socialite is the guest and they are interviewing her while laying on bed. The woman wears a mini skirt and flashes her under wear. She also has ugly varicose veins on her legs.

      My dog Bernardo is eating like crazy and seems to choke on a piece of macaroni. He is coughing so I give him space. But at some point he is so red I feel I need to help him. He tries to cough it one last time, pushes hard and I sense a blood vessel in his back bursting. I feel him bleeding internally and watch him die before my eyes. I keep repeating "Sorry baby, I love you so much" and I cry in agony and pain, unable to save him.

      At an amazing bakery, they make bread in shape of cactus, it is a special thing to celebrate some occasion. Looks yummy.

      On a ship in the middle of the sea, surrounded by other ships, seems like the movie Troy and Brad Pitt is in it. The ships are modern though and passing close to the shore where there is a town, in order to cause a mini tsunami and some damages on land. Then I see some green monsters in the water coming towards the ships. They are dark green, tube like. I manage to reach land, but the tsunami caused water to invade the streets so the monsters roam the streets. I get surrounded by three of them. I climb a wall and they climb too. We fight on a roof, I find some object that I can stick on them and they are like inflated balloons, so once I pierce them, they die.

      Doing a stop-over in Paris for 7h. I take a chance and go for a walk in the city. At first it is very nice, I am following a touristic path that goes to the Eiffel tower. But it gets dark and everybody disappears, except for a guy on a corner that seems suspicious and approaches me to rob me. I run, but he chases me. Then some other dude is near some bikes and also tries to block my escape. I have to go around a van and some bikes but I manage to escape him and head to a main street with some people. I decide to just go back to the airport, but I am considering going back the same way or I'll get lost because I don't have a map. Then I think maybe is best to take a taxi.
    2. 18 Jan: Family at the mall, meeting friends in Paris and terrorist attack

      by , 01-18-2019 at 01:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some big mall. I meet my aunt Lisa, Carlos and their kids. She looks embarrassed to see me. Says she has been going to a doctor, has some health problems, potentially bad. That's why she is with her ex-husband and kids.
      I see some people making a fuss at the door of a restroom. Some health inspector comes take note of the situation, I go see what it is. The bathroom has half a dozen toilets but all side by side without divisions and only a sliding curtain separating those waiting in line. Even more weird is that the toilets are high tech, with screens and wifi and conference calls and games, but no privacy.

      I meet Ana Sofia and some friends at a cafeteria and I decide to join them. I try to eat something, but grab an egg sandwich to go. We go outside and I realize we're in Paris. It is crowded and at some point people are organizing a protest with very lights and the police is starting to get in position to crack down on them. We decide to get the hell out of there but we get separated in the confusion.
      I am with some girl who has a map of the city and we try to think where the others were going. I see amazing monuments and buildings I had never seen and look for my camera. We get to a terrace with view to a magnificent area of the river, where we go on some boat with historical meaning and which takes us to see a wall on the other side of the river with amazing reliefs and paintings. There is some renowned stylist directing a photo shoot and his dog comes to the border of the boat to sniff people and befriends me. Then we hear a huge boom and the boat his hit by a big wave full of debris. I see people in the water in the middle of the debris. Our boat makes a very quick u-turn and leaves us back at the dock. They tell us another boat exploded, maybe a terrorist attack. Some people are crying because their family was in it. Everybody is scared and dispersing. My friend hands me my stuff and asks what we should do next.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Hidden Attic, Dark Steel Boots, Glider, Paris

      by , 04-21-2017 at 02:57 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-In a high-tech building, I opened an attic door that had nothing special in it. Then, I discovered a hidden door that led to a secret room in the attic. Everything was old and dusty, and looked to be around 200 years old. Also, fitting National Treasure music played in the background. After I left the attic, Riley from National Treasure showed up at the front door. He said, "Are you kidding me?" And ran inside. Next, I found myself entering a room near the attic with the help of Riley's hacking skills.

      -2-I was at the top of a skyscraper in Paris. I checked the charge of my Dark Steel Boots. They were nearly depleted. (They completely negate fall damage when powered.) Because of this, I readied the command to toggle the glider function on my Dark Steel Chestplate. I then jumped off the top of the building, and shook my phone to open the glider about 10 stories from the ground.

      -2 scenes were lost.
    4. 4 May: Birds

      by , 05-04-2016 at 10:50 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      ... On a trip to Paris, taking amazing pictures of the sights. Then strange things start happening. but not sure exactly what. I reunite with a couple of friends I had separated previously and they tell me there had been some situations with animals turning violent in the city centre and to be aware of it. We encounter a few dog owners whose dogs seem having rabies, but people try to go on with their lives normally. Then we're attacked by a bird and I see a lot of other angry birds gathering in the sky. I remember Hitchcock's movie and look around for shelter. I tell my friends to follow me to the nearest shop. We ask the owners if we can shut the doors and explain why. They find strange but don't say no. Meanwhile the birds start descending on people. At that same moment we see a mob rushing over to all places where they can take cover, including this little shop, but we do a quick math and realize we'll be crushed if everybody comes inside, so we decide to shut the door, because if we try to save a few, we won't be able to close the door later on. People and birds smash against the door and after some time of struggle, they can even open a hole in the door. A lady with blood on her forehead manages to push through her torso and she is crazy violent, grabbing one of my friends and attacking her with anger. To help her, we need to hurt her back. I feel disturbed with all this mess and violence, but I don't feel bad with the decision made.
    5. A walk in Paris

      by , 10-29-2015 at 10:57 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was cold winter morning. Everything was kinda bright, white. I was walking around the streets with a classmate.
      Tags: classmate, paris
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. 9-21-14 Don't tickle the lemon monster

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:19 PM
      There was a boarding house in Paris, France. It was a very cute apartment and was very nicely decorated. And it was like right next to the Eiffel Tower. My mother was the owner of the boarding house, and I was part of the housekeeping team. My job was to go into all the different rooms and spray some chemical on the beds. Then in my spare time I went out and took photos of the Eiffel Tower.

      I was cleaning the beds one day when I went into a room and found my mother talking to this young french lady. As I sprayed the bed, I listened in on their conversation. The french girl was telling my mother about a new exercise technique that she had invented. It involved taking the fat on your belly between two fingers and pinching it really hard for about half an hour. My mother was quite taken with this technique, and said she would give it a try. Then the girl told my mother that she had once had a record high of 520 dreams in a single night. Obviously my mind was blown and I thought to myself, "Wow, she must be an amazingly talented lucid dreamer! I wish I could do that!" I failed to do a reality check.

      Then there was something about Jake the dog from Adventure Time going to an antique store. I was also for sale in the antique store, standing behind glass. This girl I like was looking at me, and coming up really close to the glass. Then I saw this huge monster walking around the store. It looked like an enormous hairy lemon with legs. These little girls thought it was funny, and ran around between his legs. Their hair tickled his underside and it angered him, so he grew these twig-like, flaky hairs out of the top of his head. They curved around over his body, and punctured his underside and grew back into his skin. So he was surrounded by this thick, woody shield that leaved only his two legs exposed. The girls couldn't tickle him anymore.

      Then I was Oliver Twist, and I was being chased by Fagin through London. He eventually got worn out and laid down on a park bench and fell asleep. I went up slowly to him. He had a pet monkey that was sitting on his shoulder. I fed it some bubble gum.

      Then I got back to my house. It was very late. My mother came up to me and said, "Hey, I let Fagin into the house". And I was obviously utterly shocked and outraged. But she assured me he wouldn't do anything, and that he was fast asleep. Then I asked my mom, "Why aren't you in bed?" And she said, "What? Good grief, I never sleep. I thought you knew that."

      I saw myself in a mirror. My face looked basically the same, but the skin of my face was really really dry and peelly, and the skin of my face was flaking off and blowing away.
    7. 5/4 & 5/5 Epic Awesome (Personally), TOTM And Beyond

      by , 05-05-2014 at 07:25 PM
      5/5/14* Epic for me!..the part I am referring to starts at the ocean/beach further into the first lucid (blue) section. Got a great balance of self-awareness and dream environment attention and vividness! Weirdness induced second night in a row, but this time intentionally. This may be too personally felt for anyone else to get it. Also I was getting HH's while wife was getting up to get ready and there are only two of us in the house but I could hear the door closing on the other side of the house at the same time I felt my bed bouncing a little bit like when someone gets in or out of bed and that was a little bit freaky but I took it as HH's and I stay calm (which was it...was the bed movement or the door closing the HH...or both? ha ha!). Dream: We are in a big group seem to be traveling and we are in like a passport or visa line in Paris (the dream tells me this but I am not sure how, perhaps from earlier in the dream) but I am disappointed to see that we arrived in one of the suburbs and at first there is a huge line I see over to the left and I hope that that is not the line we're getting in but no we are dropped off to another place. There doesn't seem to be a line and we just have to go down this series of stairs, more and more stairs until finally I'm in this line but it is an amusement park line for some ride. It is a train of 4 to 6 cars each half-dome shaped with space for two. I've lost everyone except for one girl that is with us. But then I notice that I got out of line somehow on the exit side of the ride and the ride operator wouldn't let me get back on with the person I was with so now she was on the ride and taking off and the ride operator said something smart and I got upset at him and I thought it makes me just want to punch the guy and as I think about actually punching him I realize wait a minute that's a dream-like scenario taking control and punching someone and I realize I'm dreaming and I think about the musical performance task of the month and how I had already planned on doing it, but first I punch the guy. So I start playing air guitar and I the guitar appears and then I started doing air drums imagining the song by Phil Collins "I can feel it coming in the air tonight" I forget the title. Everything goes fuzzy but the crowd, I can start to hear the crowd getting louder and louder forming around me and there was already a crowd in the line of the ride but then I imagine them cheering and continue playing the drums and I am having a blast when I feel the dreamscape fading and I remember to try to spin and I fade into the void. In the void I tried to go back to where I was, with me performing, but nothing was happening fast enough so I remember my old reliable happy place, an ocean beach. As I imagine the scene I can start to hear ocean waves very gentle but repetitive rolling in along with seagulls calling and I patiently wait and it feels like I'm starting to float in slightly undulating water and I decide I don't want it to be too deep I want to be close to shore so I can explore the land and I do feel the water shallow...success! I feel the water up to my shins and the scene appears around me it is a grassy ocean with long green something not really kelp but it looks more like thick green grass and it grows above the surface of the very calm waters a little bit maybe half a foot or so and at the edge of the short beach (or high tide) it is like a big ruins wall with an arch opening in it and a column rising up from it up to the right. It looks like what remains of a wall or maybe the façade of a structure. It is maybe 50 yards wide (~50 meters) and maybe 25 or 30 yards high. I decide to fly up to the top of it and have a look around on top of the ruins. At the top of one smaller column I take a closer look and notice that the bricks are made of thin layers of tiny bricks joined together in sheets almost, kind of like reddish adobe clay perhaps, each layer is very intricate there is what I estimate to be about 10 little bricks going across one way with a thin connecting layer between each and then I guess that it must be about 10 going across the other way but when I count I get beyond 12 and I think that there are a few more than that and this layer of connected bricks looks to be only about a quarter-inch thick and it is pliable and I'm kind of messing it up like it is not dry yet and I decide to move on. I fly up over the wall and there are so many miniature things, toys and what not and I fly over to another ruin wall and stop and then fly down again to take a closer look there's this one set of toys that is all in an Arabian theme. There are several guys on camels and they look like royalty, nicely dressed with attire hooded over their head as you might expect from some Arabian tales and not dissimilar to the wise men typically seen in a nativity scene. These are very nice figurines. They were obviously set up in an array perhaps like a kid might set up to play with but neatly or like set up for a museum miniature display. These figures look like they were a good 12-18 inches tall or so. I'm really loving this and decide to keep exploring and go past one of the other ruins and it becomes like a room with a little window box on the far end and more displays inside there. I think about whether or not to fly or phase into that window box display thing but I just think why?..it could cause complications for the stability of the dream. I turn around and there are so many different things in this room and as I head towards the door-like opening I see there is a big glass display case like a curio cabinet and I can see part of my reflection and I notice I'm only wearing underwear and I say well let's see what my thing looks like in this dream. I pull down my underwear and it is kind of a retracted and not much 2 speak of...more like a child's. This dreamscape is so fascinating (and I think that it is some kind of representation of my child-like fantasies of exploring ancient ruins and also the imagination that went along with playing with toy figurines when I was a kid. This was a feeling I recently recaptured when doing the open beta exercises. It is like how when you were a kid you could look at an area under a bush and imagine it as a cool world for your figurines to play in or for your toy soldiers to fight in and I think that is how this world came to be even though I started off imagining the beach and got the beach with the grassy ocean.) As I go on through the door-like arch the dream feels like it is fading but I decided not to fight it because I don't want to forget all of the details of the dreamscape I just explored or the dream before with me performing musically. When I woke up I was quite pleased with myself, and though it may not sound that interesting to many people, it was utterly fascinating to me and I absolutely loved it! It felt like playing somewhere in my subconscious! I can imagine that this is one of those dreams that may only mean a lot to me. I also don't want to consider counting it as TOTM completion because I have more I want to do with that task and I am afraid I won't go back to it if I already have the wings. Awesome fun! 142

      Never put last nights LD in my DJ:
      5/4* (copying from the TOTM post. I was on a cruise ship vacation in two different dreams this night but only including the TOTM related one here.)

      Had an attempt at advanced ii...but I am most happy with my self-awareness during the LD and also breaking away from my typical LD slant (though that kind of sexual thinking helped me realize it was a dream).

      I am back on the cruise ship and I see some movement involving a woman in this big glass windowed room/atrium and I think about going in but then it occurs to me that this is a dream scenario for me...I might be...I must be...yeah...I will float up and prove it to myself. Sure enough I float up maybe 20 feet in the air and think that this is a great location to do the musical performance task in front of a large audience on a cruise ship. (Dream control poison removed to protect the dream schema of the innocent). I am now flying over an odd version of a vast ocean. Instead of a realistic ocean it is very light blue for as far as I can see in all directions with symbols in a symmetrical pattern throughout. The repeating symbol was kind of like a yin & yang symbol but with a dolphin on one side and a graphical representation of a wave on the other. I try flying in different directions and still thinking about how to find a large audience and I tell myself that I will begin seeing a city. The seascape starts to change but instead of starting to see a city I suddenly find myself in a large dark, dusty room with a fireplace mantle on one end and a few decorations hanging around it and several old dusty chairs sitting on the right and left side of the room. I find this very interesting to have such a drastic change in scene and look around in amazement. This place looks most like an abandoned retirement home and I feel like this room is probably the recreational room where they would play bingo and what not. I decide that I can still make this work, I just need to summon a bunch of people like I did in last months TOTM, but I tried to summon everyone in with one idea. The idea was that I could hear the crowd building and cheering flowing into the room and I could start to hear it when I felt the dream quickly dissipate. Perhaps I should have brought groups of people in, one at a time, like I did last month thinking I may have tried to do too much at once or perhaps I was coming to the end of my REM anyway. 141
    8. Weird Random..

      by , 11-18-2013 at 05:39 AM
      This is what i remember:

      - We were throwing a surprise party for one of my friends
      - I remember there were cupcakes with frosting
      - It was at some place near the sea
      - One of my friends told me " I left a space to eat something sweet that you made" (I bake a lot)
      - One of my friends told me she hates Paris and when i asked her why she told me it was a secret and she wouldn't tell me
    9. Thank you, Galantamind

      , 06-21-2013 at 07:57 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Friday 6/21/13

      Last night bed 12:20 - 5:15am WBTB 5:15 - 6:22 Took GM 4mg+choline 300mg at 6:22 Had to get up from bed and go back at 7:10.

      Got up at 10:11, after LDs and a very long and detailed regular dream.

      I thought it will be a bust. I had to get up twice and got back to bed just 10 min before GM should have been on peak of it's action.

      I started having the bright screen and some HH on bright background. I remember some writing that was sideways, as if you looked at book while laying down on your side. (That's how I was, on my right side on my sofa.) I was thinking too bad, because I'm nowhere near to asleep.

      In fact I was still wide awake, or perhaps just aware, but felt like awake, when I got an idea to urge a LD. I remembered this post by serclif from yesterday, how he felt sliding off the bed. Well, I love my sensations, so I thought why not trying that. I gently pushed my left shoulder and it took over. Slowly falling over the edge of the sofa and pulling rest of me with it. It was similar feeling to rollin out, but perhaps little more controlled, since I didn't roll over, just drifted to the ground in super slow motion.

      I did stabilize in few LDs, remember touching the wall and saying, "yup, feels the same as my wall, because it is my wall".

      WILD and DEILDs

      1. Remember being on my moms balcony from my bedroom, trying to get over the cables she has there for drying clothes. I felt the cables and the tension in them.

      2. Same balcony, trying to prop myself over the cables.

      In all of the remaining LDs I'm naked from waste up. Rest of me is wearing blue jeans. I must say I look good. Young and tanned.

      3. After exit, I was kinda surprised and took me a second to get on my knees and get up. I went to the window and got out. There is nobody outside my apartment. It looks a little different.

      4. After exit, I already knew what's going on. Jumped up and started singing some show tune, that I'm not even sure I know. Out the window again. Outside of the building, different than my apartment. I hear doors closing in the underground hallway. I walk in, place is lit by soft yellow light. I see one lady just closing the door from inside and she is not interested in my nakedness.

      5. On the ground again, no surprise, I know the dril. Jump up, happy as can be, strike a pose and belt out a showtune. I get out of the building and find myself on a wide sidewalk next to the street with low traffic. It's winter and ground is covered in snow. I walk down the sidewalk and see one guy. I try to get him interested in my nakedness, but he makes a wide berth around me. I stalk him for a while, then give up.

      6. I end up on the ground. Can't see, but I know I'm next to my sofa. Try to get out through the wall. I end up on the same wide sidewalk. It's still winter, but there are only few signs of snow on the ground. I hear a sound saying "this is a better place, there is lots of Stanford students here". And it's right. Student's are walking alone and in groups. They talk amongs themselves, having fun. I try to attract their attention and they see me.

      7. I end up on the ground. Can't see again, so I figure if I just keep rolling, I will roll myself out of the builing. I roll for a while, I should have been out already, but I'm not.

      8. I keep rolling again, this time for a shorter distance. Can't see.

      9. I can't see, try to pry my eyes open with my hands.

      I feel the ride is over. Not ready for that yet, decide to go to sleep and see if I can get a DILD.

      Gawd, I just remembered I did the thumb/palm RC at least 2-3 times and it was awful. It's been progressively worse everytime I do it, because it bacame painfull and i feel as if it was tearing through my flesh. I gotta stop practicing this RC.

      Reg, DR -
      I'm riding in a car with someone, sittin on the back seat on driver side. We are in Paris and i'm looking at the map of the city. We went there to do something. I'm telling them that we should at least go and see the Eifel tower, since we are already in Paris. They agree and we start driving. I'm looking at all the great buildings and I realize I don't have my camera, since we only went for a short trip, not anticipating a sightseeing tour. Suddenly the driver doesn't wanna drive. I look out the windshield and traffic is heavy in this modern city. I offer to drive.

      I end up with a friend of mine walking down the street full of street food vendors. So much beautiful looking food. Someone offers us a sample of pecan cake. Holly shit, it's so good. Pecans are crunchy and it tastes heavenly. We have to take some of it home.

      We decide to eat. I want to try some small, flat fish, that's grilled to perfection. They have a ton of it in every booth. Then there are other see creatures and salads and soups and sweets. I take a plate, because that's what my friend does and go to the vendor to pile on some food for me. But then my friend puts the plate down. She speaks french so I ask her to help me. She is already sitting with a plate full of some grey looking stew and she says she won't help me. I guess she is pissedd because she picked crappy food.

      So I go to the guy and tell him all the words i know in French. I say "bonjur monsieur, como ce va" and "pettit" plate. I would like a big plate, but all I can say is petit. He picks a big plate anyway and I ask for the grilled fish, but he is giving me some boiled fish, that's thicker than the grilled one. I'm telling him no, but he gives me that anyway. And I wanna know what the other food is, because he is admiring some fish eyes in a jar, and I for sure don't wanna that.

      Then there is a guy, who jumps over the 12 foot fence and climbes on a double decker tour bus with open top. Everybody cheers for him.

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    10. Confusing Dream Fragment

      by , 06-21-2012 at 01:10 AM (Elegy Dreams)
      Everyone has those confusing dreams or dream fragments.
      Today I've had one of those and once again forgot to do a reality check, which is frustrating.
      Anyways, i was in Paris or France.
      I could tell cause of how the people dressed and the buildings as well. But the confusing part is when i am in the middle of the road and the world starts to tilt sideways and i fall to the very end of the road... which seems to be a wooden hotel room blocking the road, and an open window.
      Anyways the road becomes a wall, the hotel room becomes a floor and the window is the hole in the floor and if i fall through that whole, well i fall into space or wherever else.
      And there's beds in all hotel rooms right? Well this French mime is sleeping in the bed and is waken up by the chaos. Well he looks at me and -Facepalms-... which is when i start screaming.
      now that i think about it, it's a funny dream kind of but still very confusing and weird. Also i remember this guy walking up to me and saying " everything's upside down in Paris" some time in the dream... i think maybe when i was standing in the middle of the road.
      < END OF DREAM>
    11. Parisian Flat with Summer

      by , 01-24-2012 at 08:07 PM (Second Reality Experiences)
      I was in the passenger seat of Summer's car - she was driving. We were in a city that I imagine looked a lot like Paris. There were cobblestone roads and bright street lamps lighting up the alleys. We decided to stop at a drive-through cafe to get a couple of sandwiches. However the man who worked there was obnoxious and started yelling at us about being closed and that he didn't have time to serve us. Summer called him a fuck-face and then we left. We drove to our place, it was a nice studio flat with wooden floors and a stone fireplace. My snake Virgo was out of his cage and was curled up on the floor. I went to go pick him up but he tried to bite me several times (my snakes are always aggressive in my dreams) so I left him alone. We also had a pretty large black lizard walking around. I tried to pick him up too but he sprayed this pretty strong musk that smelled like bleach.

      "At least it smells clean," Summer said, and shrugged her shoulders.

      It smelled clean but a couple of droplets got into my mouth and it tasted horrible, bitter, and disgusting.

      "Hey Summer. why don't I go down the road and stop at one of the cafes there? Ill find us something to eat." I figured we were living in an area that probably had some kind of small restaurant on every block. There was bound to be something.

      "Sure" she said.

      The dream faded away.

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    12. Lucid in Paris, flying, try to save ship, become space shuttle, go to moon

      by , 01-21-2012 at 02:26 AM (Hypatia's Dream Journal)
      I was walking through gardened, sunlit streets of Paris while servants rushed past me carrying flowers and lanterns. Suddenly, I realized I was dreaming. I hadn't done a reality check - the environment was simply unfamiliar and felt dreamlike. Knowing I was lucid, I tried to collect my thoughts and spun a few times to stay asleep. Because I'd been having with dream control, I decided to start by truly flying rather than the sad floating I'd been doing in lucid dreams lately.

      Still in Paris, I flung myself off of a balcony and began to fly. The flying was fantastic - very fast and soaring, yet completely under control. The cities and towns of France were beautiful but also looked rendered, like a video game. I remember thinking that there were no landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, because this was Paris in the early seventeenth century.

      I noted at this point that I was flying in a kind of standing position, with my legs pointed down and head vertical. I wondered if flying on my stomach may be a better experience and tried it. However, it felt just like the hand gliding I do in the real world, and my visibility wasn't as good. I went back to flying while standing.

      As I was flying around, I noticed a ship that had partially sunk like the Costa Concordia in Italy. I thought hey, it's a lucid dream, I'll fly down and save the ship. However, I was unable to turn it over, and was gored and bloodied in the process with skin ripped off my body. This wasn't painful or scary, though, because I was still lucid. I figured I hadn't "assumed" I could help the boat, and therefore couldn't.

      After flying a bit more, I decided to try going to the moon. I became a space shuttle, and rockets blasted below me, propelling me skywards. I landed on the moon and became a person again, exploring a partially unbuilt lunar base with other humans. After that, I flew more, and remember explaining to a dream character that the reason I was spinning in place was to stay asleep. My alarm clock eventually woke me up.

      Note: Went to bed drunk
      Tags: flying, lucid, paris
      lucid , memorable
    13. Trip To Paris. November 25th, 2011

      by , 11-27-2011 at 07:34 AM
      This was a nap I took from 1pm-5:30pm. I pulled another all-nighter this night. Gotta stop with that.

      First, I was on the internet with this chick. She seemed really interested in me, and we were going to go to Paris together. Tickets to Paris were only $1.04 per person, and I was going to go without even telling my parents. I forget why, but something happened and the girl from the internet suddenly thought I was a creep or something. There was more to this dream, but I only wrote down vague notes.

      Then, it was the last day of school, and I was in a class taught by Madame Arcusi. The class was very large, and pretty much my whole graduating class was in there (DE). I was being very annoying the whole time, because I just wanted to get out of there and go to Paris. I knew everyone was getting annoyed, but I didn't care, and I said something like, "Everyone is listening to-" Then I corrected myself, "Everyone is hearing me complain and make annoying noises on purpose." Kate, who was sitting next to me kept asking me to stop. The teacher kept morphing into different people. It started with Madame Arcusi, then they might have been Mrs. Gunther-Brown, but I know at one point they were Mr. Yourison and I remember him coming over to my desk and I was worried he would find something (can't remember what) so I distracted him or something, and he talked to the kid next to me. Behind my desk was a large window, which sometimes led to another classroom, and sometimes showed a go-kart course, depending on when you looked at it. When it was another classroom, I remember seeing this girl who kind of looked like Nicole, but I don't think it was her. When we were finally leaving the school, I mentioned to Kate (but mostly offhandedly to the class) that I finally get to go to Paris now, and she said it was pretty cool.

      In the last part of the dream, I was finally in Paris, but I found out that my $1.04 ticket only got me the most run-down room in this hotel. The hotel had nice rooms, but the quality of your room was determined by the amount of money you paid. Outside didn't even look like Paris, by the way. It looked more like a park in Philadelphia in the fall. But anyway, at this point in the dream, I was just watching, and my character had morphed into Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. His room was just this one bed suspended on this platform on a really high ceiling. The bed had a lever that flipped him forward so he would be facing the other side of the bed. Since this was Carl, he was fine with having a crappy hotel room if it meant he was in Paris, and he was trying to justify it by saying that he'll get bed in breakfast, and that he could put a newspaper on the other side of the bed so that he could pull the lever and switch activities quickly. He kept pulling the lever and saying, "See? Breakfast, newspaper! Breakfast, newspaper!"

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    14. Flying Through Paris

      by , 09-12-2011 at 06:23 AM
      My dream begins with me feeling incredible emotions of jealousy because it is my birthday I think my boyfriend is expressing his attraction to one of my roommates. I become angry and leave everyone behind and find myself with another girl I've never seen before. At first I have negative feelings for her and I want to leave, but before I do she grabs me by the ankles and asks me not to go but to help her fly. So I take off, and this is when I become lucid, and I begin flying with her flying behind me holding onto my feet. At some point she detaches and I am only aware of my own flight. I'm going over a sunny outdoor cafe with bright green trees before me, and then I am flying over a river or large canal. I know in my mind that this is Paris, and after a while longer of flying I lose my lucidity. Strangely I did not awaken with any sense of euphoria, nor did I experience elation the past few times I had lucid dreams.
    15. [LUCID] The Adjustment Bureau

      by , 08-16-2011 at 11:54 AM (The Lion Within)
      I was in a classroom, being taught a lesson, I presume.

      I stood up straight away, realizing that this is a dream, I don't know how I realized. I just stood up and thought 'this is a dream.' I walked over to a door, my class seemed not to have a problem with it. I remembered that I could 'change dream scenes' or as I called it, teleporting. I went through many doors, teleporting to different places, but wandering to the next door without exploring my surroundings. I regret that now, I could have discovered more 'lucid powers.'

      I come to another door, which is the last door I went through, and the only place I could remember. I decided I wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, not a random place like I have done before. I ended up not directly under the Eiffel Tower, like I had planned. But with the Eiffel Tower a few blocks away, and me next to a river, coming out of a warehouse door, with some French lads opposite me. They taunted me, but I just ignored them and was about to go towards the Eiffel Tower, when...

      My mum woke me up, by getting out of bed and making noise. All I had is a brief recollection of this lucid, which I have patched together and made this story out of.

      I called this 'The Adjustment Bureau' because if anyone has seen the film, they travel through doors to different places, much like changing a scene, or rather dream scene, in my case.

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