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    1. Jules in Bangladesh

      by , 12-01-2015 at 07:39 PM
      There's a party full of drunk and pretty people I've gotten caught up in; it's being held in the honor of someone I don't really know, and when a group splits off for the private party, I go with them. The door closes behind me and Jules. Jules is dead sober - I'm not - and he doesn't look amused.

      I'm talking to him about the person I've been trying to meet up with, a guy who's meant to be part of this group of party people somewhere; I'd first met him in a cell in Bangladesh, where I'd been trying to track down a particular object. I'm trying to stir Jules' memory of that time, but he just nods, goes yeah, yeah - he's annoyed.

      He says, "Was I shot?" in a tone that suggests this happens frequently, and is probably my fault.

      "In the left arm," I tell him.

      He looks at the fingers of that arm, and I see a mental image of the neck of a stringed instrument. The implication is that getting shot affected his ability to play. Jules says, less annoyed now, "I do remember that one."
    2. A bad commissary experience, and homelessness on base

      by , 07-05-2015 at 06:47 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (So I've noticed dream recall and lucidity seem to be somewhat related to estrogen and progesterone levels, at least for me. When progesterone reaches its peak in the luteal phase, so does my lucids. When estrogen reaches its first and then second peaks, during ovulation and again during mid-luteal, my dream recall can get up to 5-6 a night. And the rise in body temperature from the first to second phases seem to affect vividness. Immediately before the period starts, when both hormones and temperature hit rock bottom, so does lucidity/recall/vividness. ...I guess not even most women would know what I'm talking about, but since the hubby and I are trying to have a baby, I've been keeping a laser sharp focus on those levels. So for the next few months or so I'm going to try to associate dreams to cycle days. And today is cycle day one! So yay, that's convenient.)

      CD1 AF

      I was out on base, shopping at the commissary with a girl I used to know but can't remember, and a friend of hers who was in a wheelchair. When we entered the store, the employees stopped us and insisted that her friend leave his wheelchair and use one of their store-approved ones. He didn't want to switch chairs, and the employees were getting annoyed. Samantha and I were getting annoyed and wanted to punch them for being dicks to her friend. We told them it was illegal to do what they were doing and we all tried to just go around them, but then two of them ran up to her friend and physically LIFTED him out of the chair and tried to throw him into one of theirs. We absolutely flipped the fuck out on them and there was a big fight.

      Samantha, an old friend from middle school, and I were roommates. We lived in this little flat and I guess one of us was an artist because there were sheets all up on the walls and paint and such. There were lots of windows all over the place, and you could see the nighttime lights of the city from them. I wanted to do something nice for her, but I don't remember what. She was telling me about this party while we were watching something on TV - something about a car and a cowboy? - and we decided we'd go. We had to walk there, apparently, and we were walking through a field with trees around us, and we both had flashlights, heading toward the party. On the way there we stop and see one of her friends standing out in the field, covered in dirt and wearing tattered clothes. I asked him why he was out there dressed like that and he seemed to get offended and said he lived on the street. I got really confused at that point, because we all lived on the army base and everyone there is given assigned housing so there's no way anyone living here would be homeless. Then he got SUPER angry and started saying things like "Well, where do you think poor people exist then?!" and I said "Only in the civilian world, obviously..." He chided me and told me that many of the families on base were homeless but I didn't hear about it because my dad was a high-ranking officer and the bigwigs sheltered us from those sorts of things. It kind of freaked me out to realize that all the lower-ranking privates lived on the streets past the officer community in the center of the base.
    3. Death in a theatre

      by , 02-04-2015 at 09:43 PM
      I'm at a formal party midway through the 20th century, and everyone's talking about the mysterious disappearance of the leading lady during intermission tonight. I'm as baffled as anyone, though in a slightly different way - I killed her, but I left the body in her dressing room. Someone else removed the body, and I need to find out who and why.

      We pair off and start to dance, and I focus on a man who's not dancing, just watching the rest of us - he's in some position of authority in the theatre. I switch to third person, and now I see the scene as he does - he 'saw' that leading lady emerge from between two of the dancing couples, a pale woman dressed in red, black hair pulled back tight to her head, with a haughty and sort of mocking look on her face. That attitude doesn't square with the way I remember her at all; it's clear to me that the version of her he's seeing is his own hallucination, not an actual visit from her spirit.

      She puts a hand on his shoulder and begins to dance along to the song with the rest of us, though he's not moving with her. She circles around him, saying that she knew from the start that this wouldn't work. She sings along to the music: "-won't let me leave you, but amore, that's to blame."
    4. Weird Parties

      by , 11-27-2014 at 08:46 AM
      Morning of November 27, 2014. Thursday.

      In my vivid non-lucid dream, I had set up an otherwise family-based “maximum well-being” scenario that was altered by annoying nuances once my dream was beginning to stabilize and progress on the momentum of the less-precise scripting. The holographic numeric keypad layer over my left hand (for in-dream “programming” and “channel changing”) brought in all the members of my immediate family, but also brought in my wife’s mother and a few others. Also, the environment was not defined yet and presently seems to be my second-storey childhood Rose Street apartment in La Crosse (which burned down over twenty years ago). The first scene is a birthday party of our youngest daughter.

      Everything seems fine at first. However, I eventually see that my unwelcome mother-in-law is playing with our youngest daughter in an overly rough way and also, I believe she may be lying to all our children about various things to wrongfully influence them. She is somehow lifting her with her feet and putting her up over her head, slightly behind her (which reflects a real-life perspective of about eighteen years ago where she acted crazed and “cornered” by the nurses and security guards and I feared she was going to toss our newborn son out the window of the maternity ward), and it dawns on me that she should not be in the residence or have any contact with our family at all even though she is presently in a cheerful passive stage. I tell her to get out and never come back.

      Soon, she and at least two others are off to contact the authorities about one of her typically fabricated claims. Two unknown females visit later as well; some sort of social workers, it seems, and are also somehow involved in her problematic plans against my family (as she had done in real life to a variety of people and almost all her neighbors). I vaguely think about “resetting” my dream but I am not lucid thus do not consider all the limitless potential of dreams at the time, but during this time I press a number sequence on my keypad that changes the DNA of dream characters so that when she comes back with investigators they will find that she is not even my wife’s mother as she claims, as I had already told this to other authorities by that point. I tap the palm of my left hand with the fingers of my left hand (curved over) to deactivate the keypad (into invisibility) until I decide to use it again.

      Eventually, there are several unknown people coming into our apartment from downstairs. It is as I expect. My wife’s mother and youngest sister have no matching DNA and there are no records she is related or even associated with her. It is a relief to be justifiably victorious in this scenario though I have to “upgrade” one of the females into a higher-ranking police officer to take everyone else away. The first set of clothes do not quite fit, so I have to make a couple minor adjustments as they balloon out slightly before taking a perfect fit to her form. She is patient enough to accept the slightly slower transition before going fully into character. I go into a long speech, asking the others present, including a ship’s captain it seems, about why people like this are not put into mental institutions so as not to create problems for other people - and I also mention how she has caused problems for over two hundred people with false crime reports and continuously lying to government agencies, including while pretending to be different people. (I reflect on how she once eventually and unexpectedly ended up talking to the person she was pretending to be over the telephone, which was quite amusing.)

      I activate my keypad and press the number “8” (middle of third row of four rows - 1 2 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9, * 0 #) for a “portal” in the form of a bathroom (which symbolizes purification during transitions) with two opposite doors - the entrance doorway of which forms on a hallway wall, to either wake or go into a different dream. The room is slightly cramped, but all of my family members walk through the doorway, to go to the other doorway that opens into a hallway of a different dream. A boy, who may be a younger version of my oldest son, seems to be spitting up any negative energies from the previous dream scenario. Meanwhile, two very heavyset women have an argument and eventual physical fight as the previous section of my dream loses cohesion and they do not regard my presence at all (possibly triggered by two or more people yelling on the street outside our home in real life).

      I end up at a different party with an alternate version of my wife who is not that much like her - probably a glitch in the intended scenario which I cannot remember setting.

      I say hello to Dagwood Bumstead and Blondie, who are sitting on different armchairs and drinking cocktails near the main entrance of the apartment. They look like real people and not comic strip characters for the most part. However, Dagwood looks a bit unusual with his odd hairstyle (as in the comic strip) as well as a bit frail. I converse with them for a time. Dagwood’s boss is also there but I cannot remember his name. I settle on “Mr. Bagely” (bagel-lee) but that is not correct and this is after I think of “Mr. Beasley” - who is actually the mailman. (The boss’s last name is actually “Dithers”.) I ask his boss what sort of advertising they mostly do and he says “furniture”, which is not reflective of the real-life comic (it is actually a construction company).

      My alternate wife is conversing with an unknown female (or another version of my wife) who is standing undressed near her armchair and I recognize that two unrelated lines from the scripting likely got cross-linked and glitched-out and I become annoyed. I decide to leave because the music (though not that loud) is annoying as well. I go out and discover that the area looks a bit like Gillette Street but also with Rose Street elements (in reality that area of Rose Street is completely different now, not remotely resembling how it looked in the 1960s). A heavyset man follows me down the street as I walk east (on the south side of the street) and I turn, materializing a gun in my right hand to shoot him, but instead, a huge powerful stream of water comes out and knocks him down from over fifteen feet away. Another man on the opposite side of the street starts pointing and laughing as if in relief he is not in much danger. As I continue, I am ready to take to the air, but I notice Smokey the Bear, carrying a shovel, emerging from a poster on an alleyway wall and he will possibly be problematic as he heads toward me. Apparently, he may be able to fly as well, so I press the hash key (meaning “turn my dream off”) and am out of there. (I have no idea why Smokey the Bear appeared, though I often have pyrokinetic abilities in dreams, but did not use any in this one - the shovel possibly related to mortality or concern of being buried. However, there is also a brief reflection on a rather crude comedic poster I had as a teenager that displayed “forest fires prevent bears” as a spoof on the Smokey Bear public service announcements.)

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    5. A dream with in a dream

      by , 08-02-2012 at 06:44 PM
      Ok so I broke up with my boyfriend a week ago and this is when this dream started! For the past 6 days its been the same dream.
      The dream inside the dream is me at a party with alot of friends and this one guy I've had a crush on for a while (Austin) now was there and he was following me around the party and grabbing my hands and waist like we were a couple and i was walking around as if i was trying to make sure none of my crazy party animal friends didnt get hurt.Which is really weird because im crazy like that i dont know why i took this role of a "chaperone" in this dream.Then a while after i would wake from that dream and i would be in the other dream where i am laying down and that guy (austin) is on the foot of my bed sitting watching me and my band director is looking at me standing over austin and my best friend is turned around facing the wall. My band director looks angry and Austin looks like he wants to say something but no one talks.Then i wake up

      I dont understand why this is a recurring dream, maybe my band director being there was a sign that i should practice because band camp starts in 2 weeks and we need music memorized but it was just weird like i've never had a dream like this recurring so often exactly the same
    6. M looks for his love

      by , 03-11-2012 at 08:39 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I do not participate in this dream directly and I see everything happen in the 3rd person, like I am watching a movie. There is a tall muscular man with long black hair (I will call him "M"), and he is working as a bodyguard for a gangster. It is night time and the gangster's entourage is driving slowly along a road by the sea. There are many people out walking along the beach and many are drunk or having wild parties. The town not far away is a tourist destination with many shops and historical buildings, but those are only fronts for the many criminal activities that go on. There are many gansters vying for control of the area and right now the one M works for is on top.

      The limo goes to a mansion by the sea and the gangster throws a huge party filled with celebrities, drugs, and prostitutes. All of the other bodyguards partake in the indulgences but M sneaks off to have a look around town. The town is empty and the shops closed and the silence is only broken by M's footsteps on the cobblestone roads. He is looking for someone, a woman with red hair whom he loves, but he does not know where to find her.

      M returns to the party and his boss insists that he have a woman for himself that night, so he picks one from a line-up that is presented in front of him and takes her to a room upstairs. M knows that she is a sex slave in a trafficking ring and doesn't want to be there. He has not desire for sex with the unwilling or drugs and offers the woman some food until she falls asleep on the bed. M stares out the window until morning comes.

      Early next morning, while his gangster boss and fellow bodyguards sleep off their hangovers, M heads to town again to ask shop owners if they have seen the red haired woman. No one can help him but he indadvertantly stumbles upon a rival gangster's sex slave trafficking ring behind one shop and finds a woman he knew long ago in other country. He buys time with her from the rival gangster and takes her to a room where he wants to ask her how she ended up there.

      The woman knows that the gangster is having them watched and tells M to be quiet and that they have to have sex or they will both be killed. M tries to fake it at first but the woman is insistant that their intercourse be as real as possible so M complies. After they have both orgasmed and collapsed from exaustion, the rival gangster's goons come and take the woman away before M can ask her anything.

      M is very angry and after redressing himself he goes back to the slave shop and beats several of the goons unconsious before confronting the rival gangster, who gets away on a motorbike. M's boss shows up and congratulates him on driving the competition away and offers to promote him from bodyguard but M refuses. His boss leaves and M can finally talk to the woman he knows and she tells him that she was kidnapped and forced into slavery while looking for her husband who went missing after visiting this town. She says she does not know where the red haired woman is.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    7. cheetos are not drugs, moron

      by , 10-23-2011 at 09:51 PM
      i was at a school halloween party and i was hanging out with Dionne for a bit and then Dakotah and i pulled a baggy of cheetos out of my purse and we were eating them and some stpid kids walks over and is ell "how much?" and Dakotah says "fifteen a gram" and i look over at him like what??? and he's just like "shh" and we sell our cheetos and then laugh while this stupid kid pretends to be high...
    8. Beer, Storms, Babies, and LSD

      by , 01-14-2011 at 03:18 PM
      First dream of the night consisted of only thoughts. I just remember waking up around 4am thinking that he needed to turn in his points he'd earned. I had a mental image of a board game. (I think this was because me and my b/f were playing Life before we went to sleep)

      The second dream, I found myself putting my son back to bed (which I really just did) and I was lying awake in bed trying to sleep again. Then all of a sudden someone knocked on the door. I cursed and got up and went to the door. My friend, we'll call her Dylan, was there with quite a few other people. They all started coming inside. At first, I was just mingling with them, I had no idea why they thought it was okay to just come in my house and party while we were trying to sleep. They all started drinking, and rolling joints.

      I walked around the house (which I think back now, was actually my mom's house, but ours in the dream) and realized that I only knew a few people. I went back to my sleeping boyfriend and realized that my mom was sleeping there too. (must've realized in the dream that it wasn't my house and expected to see her) I could tell that they were having troubles sleeping because of the noise, and I didn't know what to do. My b/f, for name's sake, we'll call him Bob, he got up and got a beer. So, I start walking back to where the living room is and find a small round table, with some interesting looking people around it.

      This girl, I remember she was a white haired blonde, she was rolling a suspicious looking joint. She handed it to me and before I took a hit, I asked her if there was anything else besides THC in it, she shook her head and said no, so I took a huge puff. As I'm passing the joint to the next person I notice a color-changing line running through it and I glanced back at the girl and she said, oh yea, you're going to feel really good after a few minutes. I realized then that it was LSD. ()(I don't even know if you can smoke LSD, or cut it with THC, but... anything is possible in dreams right... and I can dream, right??) I was excited and also very pissed off at the same time I wanted to punch this girl but she had walked into the next room. I followed her then and asked why she lied to me, and she said she didn't. Apparently, I had never asked her if there was anything else in it.

      I started to worry how I was going to take care of my son when he woke up if I was tripping. I went to Bob and told him what happened, he told me to not worry about it. I went and grabbed a beer and sat on the couch, thinking things over. I figured I'd go talk to Dylan and figure out who that girl was cause I wanted to beat her ass. I found Dylan in the kitchen with two guys. I told her what happened and she just gave me this helpless look. I told her never to bring a bunch of people I don't know to my house with a bunch of drugs. I told her that she was always welcome, but her friends were not.

      I started walking around the house again and I ran into a girl I went to High School with, I told her that she was welcome here since I knew her. I walked again and found another old friend, told him he was welcome as well. Couldn't recognize anyone else. I remember searching for that girl again, returning to the living room and asking about her. I mentioned something about this really cute guy everyone liked to Dylan and then told everyone to get out, please.

      After they left, the house was a mess, I went back to bed I guess because when I woke up my bed was outside of the house, still with my boyfriend and my mom and my baby was at the foot of the bed in his crib. Only, it had stormed while we were sleeping outside, and even though it was winter, I thought, it was very warm, so I wasn't worried about my baby for a minute. Then I noticed all these trees dipping down that seemed to have been hit by lightning. I looked toward his crib and saw that it was slanted, like two legs on one side broke off. Bob hurried to his crib and pulled him out, he had bruises all over his face. I remember thinking, how the hell could I have let that happen to my baby. I felt so shitty, I didn't understand how we got outside. Bob said we needed to take him to the hospital, as he got things together, I was looking for the baby tylenol, he wasn't crying but I was afraid just in case.

      After a few minutes I realized my baby was fine and didn't need the hospital, he was just a bit scratched up. So we're sitting in the house and suddenly my cousin's daughter (Gemma) is there (she is 3) and I'm watching her for some reason. I dressed her in this cute red dress and red heels (the last time I saw her at christmas, her grandma, my rich aunt, bought her a dress up kit, she looked so silly lol). Anyway, next scene, me and Gemma are in some store with a cart, waiting in line to check out. Her dad, my cousin, is in front of us and someone calls his cell phone. He starts explaining something about why he wasn't there, then I realized my mom was behind me and she started talking about that party. My cousin turns around and says shhh really loud.

      Pretty sure I woke up after this. Crazy dream.
      Dreamsign: Another storm. Beds go INSIDE of the house.
    9. 07/19/10 The Animal Cannibals

      by , 07-19-2010 at 02:27 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Notes: This dream was very long, but it was really fragmented.

      I was in 3rd person mode, except, I wasn't there. I was looking at the dream like a TV, I guess. The dream opened on a guy standing in an alleyway beside my mom's house, where the garage is supposed to be.

      He (let's call him Alex) saw a dead possum, or the carcass of it, picked it up, and ate it. Yuck. He walked back around the house to find a party going on. (Several parties were going on, actually) Alex was confused as to where he was, but he wasn't stupid. A girl walked up to him and told him something. I can't remember what she told him.

      After she walked away, another person just like Alex walked up to him and told Alex to go catch him a possum. Alex said sure because he was delighted (and he would get a few snacks on the way). Alex then walked back to the alleyway, and peeked around the corner. The girl and her friends were sitting there, so he decided to walk away.

      Alex walked down the street to the last house. He bumped into a woman who was getting into her car. "Sorry." he said. "That's okay, sweetie." She replied. She drove her car away. As Alex looked up more, he saw a giant pink thing similar to the St. Louis Arch. But much, much smaller. He walked around the corner on the left side and to his surprise found another house with a party going on. He just ignored it and went on down the road.

      After a couple of minutes, he arrived at a boring business looking house. There was a small park beside it, and Alex found himself looking for squirrels. I can't remember what happened next; I must've woken up.