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    1. Girls just want to have fun.

      by , 04-24-2012 at 09:12 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Enjoy.

      Dream #1 Tickling Fiesta.

      Im in a huge hotel suite with a bunch of college chicks. There are all different mixtures of women in the hotel room. There is this one girl wearing a Jason Vorhees mask, walking up to the girls and making that whispering sound like in the Jason flicks. She wiggles her fingers as she does it, i guess to let them know she is about to tickle them. She tickles this blond girl while she was on her celphone talking to someone. The girl in the Jason mask tickles her like there is no tommorrow. The blond girl begs her to stop screaming and laughing at the same time. I get up laughing from the couch and head to the kitchen to look for something to eat. After i close the fridge, The girl with the Jason Vorhees mask starts approaching me, wriggling her fingers as she walks slowly towards me.

      I tell her to chill as i am getting serious and start backing up in the corner. Other girls walk in egging her on even more yelling..
      The girl in the Jason mask tickles me all over until i wake up laughing in my bed.

      Dream #2 Wow, how did you do that?

      Im now in a basement at a table with a bunch of the college girls from my previous dream.
      We are all sitting around playing cards listening to music, i believe Jimi Hendrix purple haze was playing in the background. One of the girls (Who kinda looks like Sandra Bullock) asked me if i can come outside with her for a min while she smokes her Cigarette. We sit outside on the porch, its night time. She says..
      "I love a good smoke and staring up at the stars." Its so beautiful up there.
      "Yes it is." Hey let me show you something. I take my finger, and draw up in the night skies. I draw a man and a woman holding hands running across the Skies.
      "Wow that is Amazing!"
      I then take my finger and draw two birds flying off in the distance.
      "Wow, how did you do that?"
      "Im an artist, and i like to express my creativity. She gives me a seducing look up and down while puffing her Cigarette and says..
      "Mmmhmm i see."
      We stare up into the night skies and the dream fades.

      Dream #3 Stoned with chicks.

      Im in a clouded room getting stoned with a bunch of chicks. (Don't smoke anymore in RL) They are dancing and laughing away all while some Reggaeton music is playing in the background. (Thats all i remember from that dream)

      Final dream: Sweetest Taboo.

      Im in a bedroom making out with this Carribean chick. That song Sweetest Taboo by Sade is playing in the background. The woman looked carmel complexion, had long sandy brown curly hair, big beautiful brown eyes and full lips. After we both finish satisfying eachother with foreplay and sex, we both roll over and lay there catching our breaths. We look over at eachother and start laughing. The dream fades and i wake up.

      Notes: Im happy that i remembered all that i did. Though i could've remembered more. The 2nd dream, i clearly was somewhat lucid..but i won't mark this as a lucid dream. Overall can't complain, its always good getting a little action with the ladies.

    2. 12/11/2011 thru 12/13/2011 - 1) "Make-Shift Assassin", 2) "Losing My Best Friend", Fragments

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:26 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One

      I was lucid, from my earliest memory of this dream, riding down the highway in a ridiculously fast sports car. I was in the passenger seat, and my cute Puerto Rican friend AR was sitting on my lap, while her friend was driving. AR and I began to fool around, and slipped one hand down the front of her pants, rubbing her chest with the other, and kissing the side of her neck. We were all just completely having a blast. The more I would massage AR's erogenous zones, the faster her friend would push the car, until the sound of AR's moaning was revving right along with the engine, as was the grinding of her ass against my lap. It was probably one of the most fun lucid moments I've had, and just insanely hot. She'd throw her head back and over my shoulder, every now and then, calling out while her friend would watch us out of the corner of her eye, laughing.

      It was amazing. Lol.

      Dream Two
      "Make-shift Assassin"

      I was searching through some house; again, already lucid. Walking into one room, I noticed a vase with a head and face on it. The more I walked passed it, the more that I noticed that the face was apparently alive, and eerily smiling ever wider, as it watched me move across the room. Near the vase was a mirror, which I started into for a while, noticing the way that the furniture in the room had moved, which didn't seem to match what an actual mirror should show.

      Eventually, I walked through the mirror and ended up in a different scenario. I was running assassin/theif missions with someone else, and we were both dressed as ninjas. I don't remember much of the transition into the scenario, but I was still lucid and completely enjoying the story, so I continued to play along. We did some amazing parkour across rooftops, and I would occasionally phase through the doors and walls of the buildings.
      There was one moment I vaguely remember, after I'd lost lucidity, where we'd gone to the house of a particular mark. After spending some time looking through the mark's personal belongings, we were found out, and I was able to escape a second story window before my partner was. While hanging on a ledge, outside of the room, I watched while the mark's posse came in and caught my partner, though I knew that I could not give away my position.

      "Losing My Best Friend"

      There was a massive skydive training function / party going on, involving hundreds of people. My very first jump was to be a base jump off of a tall cliff or ledge. Not to prove myself timid, I did a back flip off of the ledge, but what once seemed to be a jump of a few hundred feet turned out to last a fraction of a second, and I couldn't even finish my rotation. It felt like I tried to do a back flip off of a coffee table. Not having nearly enough rotation to complete the flip, I ended up face-planting on the ground - no pain or anything, but it was embarrassing as hell.

      After picking myself up, I went around the grounds of this festival and mingled for a bit. A lot of my old friends were there, including my best friend Todd. Soon, my second jump had come up, and Todd and I were now jumping from a plane, simultaneously. In the middle of these festival grounds was a huge cave that went straight down into the Earth. It was basically an enormous hole in the ground, that people were partying around, down below us. (Something like This, but maybe not as sheer on the sides.) Todd and I had no intentions of landing in or around this hole, but we ended up traveling off course and headed in that direction. Unable to avoid it, I crashed against one side of the cylindrical wall, just a few feet from the top, on a ledge just barely big enough to hold me in a standing position. Todd dropped a little further down, and landed on a small protrusion of rock on the opposite side of the expansive cavern, on his stomach, with his head nearly hanging over the edge and facing down into the void.

      I barely had three inches to spare, on the tiny ledge that was holding my feet above a deadly fall. The more I tried to climb out, the more the lightly packed wall of earth began to give way in my hands. Looking back across the gap at Todd, I could see that he was having trouble keeping his position, and his body was naturally beginning to slide down closer to the lip of the ledge he was on. His eyes screamed the extreme fear that his mouth would not, and the more he attempted to inch himself away from the ledge, the more the ledge began to give way. I could tell that it wouldn't be long before it completely failed him. I yelled his name, trying as desperately as I could to climb up from off of my ledge. It seemed impossible, though. Every time I tried to climb out, my hold would give way, and I would put myself in danger of falling to my death as well, but I could see that Todd was running out of time.

      Finally, the last bit of solid ground he had gave way, and I watched him slide forward, his body diving, head first, off of the tiny ledge, and down into the hole - which might as well have been bottomless, from as far down as I was able to see. I lost sight of him withing just a few moments, but then I heard that horrible Crash from down below. It hit with such force that I knew, instantly, no one could have possibly survived. I think I called out for him one more time, and - not really giving a damn about my own safety anymore - I scrambled up and out of the cave, somehow pulling myself up onto the ledge and level ground, along with the scores of other people who had been watching the whole ordeal.

      I ran around the rim of the cavern to where he once was. On the way over, I came across some drunken idiot who was laughing at the situation (while everyone else was quite visibly stunned). For the shortest moment, I almost got into a fight with this jackass. He said that he thought it was funny because Todd was 'just some random dude' and was 'nothing special'. Right. This was not his best friend we were talking about. Fuming, but still overcome with concern, I continued running around to the other side of the hole, knowing in my heart that no one could have survived that fall. Almost to the railing, where everyone else was staring down into the hole, I began pushing my way through the crowd. Suddenly, I was blocked by T's mom (whom I love dearly). She ran toward me, crying her eyes out, and threw her arms around me. She had seen the whole thing from an angle that I had not, and I could tell by her reaction that I had been right, and my best friend in the world was dead.

      (This was the absolute worst dream I have had in a very long time. I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. Todd has been in Australia for the past year, and I called him a few times after hearing this dream, just to hear is voice. Wasn't able to get in touch with him until a few days after this dream, though. It was pretty rough. )

      All I remember is that I dove into a large, rock-filled lagoon with some friends, and began swimming down into a huge hole (much like the one in the previous dream, but in the water instead of on land). Apparently, we could all breathe underwater, because we just kept swimming further and further down. Eventually, what was a tunnel opened up into a seemingly-boundless cavern of sorts. We began to see lights and over-sized mechanisms like cogs and chains surrounding us. We had swam down into what turned out to be an underwater civilization, reminiscent of what some might depict Atlantis to be - domed buildings and rock-set architecture. Never got a chance to associate with any of the locals, though.

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    3. Partying on a ship

      by , 09-26-2011 at 09:58 PM
      I am at a party on a cruise ship and I am eating nachos and cookies my friend Anthony, my brother, and I were there. it is almost time to leave.

      dream 2

      Captain Hero is defeating his enemies with nacho cheese and on the cruise ship we are out of chips. Anthony is playing a video game on a T.V in which I can't see. Again it was nighttime and Captain Hero loses against his enemies.

      Dream 3

      I am in a cold dreary place and it is snowing. I then find myself alone in an apartment sitting in a chair looking at a window. the Window is closed but strangley the yellow curtains are blowing. I hear the voice of a deceased woman who is angry at me for killing her.

      Dream 4

      I am in a desertand I am fighting in the Army. it is daytime and it is warm. A military leader by the name of Jose is conspiring with the enemy. I roll down a sand dune and I find myself alone in my dream facing a bunker.

      NOTE: I have four dreams on the same day because two of them I had at night and the other two I had in midday. the name in my fourth dream is a spanish name and it has an accent on the e so it is pronounced (hoa-zeh)... I must've been hungry for the first two dreams
    4. Stars, Accidents, Confessions

      by , 09-06-2011 at 11:59 AM (A's Night Lives)
      1. I noticed that the stars were out of place. I could only find two recognizable constellations, Orion and Scorpio, which seemed to be approximately in their proper locations. I reasoned that the end of this dimension must be very near for the stars to be so disorganized. I was too disappointed to be afraid.

      2. I was riding in a vehicle with someone who kept getting in an accident. It was like we were stuck in a death loop. I knew what was going to happen each time but only a few moments before it happened. I never had enough time to warn the driver.

      3. Was at a small party in an unfamiliar basement. I kept looking out the window at the feet walking past it. I decided to leave. Before I could everyone gathered into a circle and started confessing their deepest secrets. One of the people confessed to have loved me since 5th grade. I didn't know what to say to this so I said nothing. When my turn for confession came I only admitted that I was bored and wanted to leave. Then I left. The person who confessed love for me followed me but always stayed behind.

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    5. Party/Weird Board Game

      by , 08-29-2011 at 03:11 AM
      Had this one a while ago but didn't bother to record it.

      So my friends (Britt and Laura) and I were at Laura's house in her basement. Actually it wasn't her basement, because it looked completely different and had windows, but for whatever reason I felt like that's where we were. Anyways, we were partying it up and dancing around. There was music and a bunch of balloons and some food. After a while we all got bored. I suggested we go to my house so I could pick up this board game. My friends hate board games, but I convinced them this one was super fun, so we hopped in Laura's Tahoe and drove to my house. Instead of going where I actually lived at the time of the dream, we headed towards my old house on a dead end street. Laura was driving and Britt and I were in the back; she was on the right and I was on the left. A couple of times Laura teleported to the middle back, and the car drove itself. When we got near the intersection of 76th and Morgan, I pointed out to Laura there was construction ahead. She climbed back to the front of the car and slowed down, because the construction zone hadn't been taped off or anything, it was just a bunch of potholes and equipment and stuff lying around the road. There was one guy standing there directing traffic (we were the only ones though), and he had us drive on the other side until we got to the lights. (Side note: in my dream it's evening now, so it's sort of dark but the street lights aren't on yet.) When we got to the traffic lights (still on the wrong side of the road) Laura stopped and said she'd just drop me off here. I didn't understand why because I still had to go like 14 blocks West and a few more blocks North, but I didn't complain since it wasn't a big deal. I said I'd be right back with the game, got out of the car, and crossed the street. I saw Laura drive into the used car lot on the corner and park before I started running to my house. I ran a few blocks up Morgan when I looked down at my feet and noticed I suddenly had some funky chicken-looking boots on. They were neon-pink and went up to my knees, and the ends looked like chicken feet (which means in order for anyone to really fit in these, half of their feet would be chopped off). I wondered why I was wearing them, but then realized I was running faster than I normally would be able to without them, so I just kept them on. After a while longer I heard footsteps behind me. I looked back (still running) and saw a girl jogging behind me. She was blonde with a pony tail, and had a sports bra and shorts on. She was also wearing tennis shoes that were the same color as my chicken boot things. And she had a creepy ass smile on her face. I wasn't sure whether I should be scared or not, but it didn't seem like she was following me at all. Still, I decided to pick up the pace. When I got to 84th and Morgan I turned right, and when I looked back the jogging girl was gone. I continued on into the little suburb area where my old house was, and I started to get really nervous. For whatever reason I felt like I shouldn't be going back to my house, because my parents might still be there and I'd wake them up (but in real life they've been out of that house for like a year). (Another side note: it felt like I was 'hiding' from them or something.) When I got to my house it was night time. The whole thing was dark and empty looking (as it should be). I opened the door without any keys and went into my old bedroom in a hurry. Oddly enough, my bedroom was untouched. Everything was as it was before I moved out. On my bed was the board game I was supposed to get. I sat down on my bed and opened up the lid of the game, and got sucked into it.

      When I 'woke up' in the board game, I was in this really big castle-ish room. (I say castle-ish because it had stone walls and floors, churchy windows, and candle lamps.) It was dark except for the light coming from the candles. Around me were ceiling high mounds of crap, like a hoarder lived in the room. I wandered around through the maze of junk until I ran into an old man. He was holding something, but I don't remember what. Also he said something to me that I don't remember. I followed the old man until we came to a clearing in the junk. There were like five random kids my age gathered around a campfire. They looked like they were from an 80's tv show. When we got there, the kids started gathering around us. The old guy pulled out some weird bracelet thingy and put it on me. He told me something was going to happen, and if I lived I would get my board game. (At this point I started to wonder why I would go through all this effort to get the game... and why I was getting the game from IN the game... but I didn't feel panicky or anything because I knew I had done this before.) This really loud windy-noise came from somewhere, and things around me started to get blue and blurry as the noise got louder. All the people around me sort of fell down; I think they died. I looked down at the bracelet on my arm, and saw that it was now IN my arm, under my skin. As the noise continued to get louder, and the background turned completely blue/purpley and whooshy, the bracelet started to grow. It really hurt, but the old man's voice came from somewhere and told me if I made it through without my arm exploding I would get the board game. Unfortunately I woke up before I found out if I made it.

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    6. 01/18/2011 - "Penrose"

      by , 02-01-2011 at 12:44 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      This dream had something to do with Inception, but I can't remember exactly how it tied in. (I had been watching the movie, when I went to bed.) There was a gunfight going on, in and around some multi-tiered structure, at night. There were some snipers around the facility, and my group and I spent most of our time on the run. I don't remember much, but there was a certain high pillar or something, that I kept falling off of. Before I hit the ground, I would realize that this was all a dream, and my first instinct would be to try to wake myself up, before impact. But instead of waking up, I would simply restart the dream from the beginning, having lost lucidity. I would then get back to that same pillar, fall off again, realize I was dreaming and instinctually try to wake myself up, before I hit the ground. And then I would just start the dream over again. I don't know how many times I did this, but it was quite a few. Some time later, my friends and I had gotten back into the area where the pillar was. Something had changed this time, though, and we ended up taking a different trail, slipping down into a trap door in the floor, away from our attackers. We ended up in a house that was somehow "under" the facility that we'd been fighting in.

      The next day came. We were still in the house, but the whole facility above us - along with the whole gunfight scenario - was gone. We were partying a bit. My friend Sam was there, and her and the others were passing around some liquor. I kept trying to get some, but every time I would get close to the bottle, it would get passed over to somebody else, and out of my reach.
    7. 01/13/2011 - "UFO, EMP, WTF"

      by , 02-01-2011 at 12:36 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "UFO, EMP, WTF"

      I had been hanging out with a few friends. Josh was there, and there were a couple of girls along with us. We'd spent most of the night just partying and just getting into a lot of shit we weren't supposed to be. I remember being in a garage, sitting in the passenger seat of a car, and one of the girls from the back seat slithered up front to sit on my lap. Looking back, though, I can't say that this is a girl that I already knew in waking life.

      Later, we were supposed to be going to a house party, but when we got there it was completely abandoned. It was the middle of the night, and there were still a couple of cars outside, even though there was apparently nobody home. Ultimately not caring, we all just decided to hang out there, and have our own little party. So we started just getting hanging out and getting hammered. The whole thing seemed completely wrong, though. Everything was dark and ominous, and the house itself had a really run-down, horror movie type of feel to it, as if it were a cross between the Bates motel (Psycho) and Springwood High School (A Nightmare on Elm Street). Even though we were just having a grand ol' time, there was still this foreboding feeling that we just shouldn't be there.

      After some period of time, we were all outside. The house was somewhat in the sticks, and even though there was a least one neighbor nearby, there were acres and acres of land, around us. Suddenly, in the dead of night, we heard the electronic whir of some sort of aircraft above us. We looked overhead and there was a small cluster of about 3 spot lights beaming down through the clouds, sweeping over the house and surrounding area. The machine was hovering, just to high above the mist for us to make out its shape. Still, it was easy to see it was like nothing I'd ever witnessed. Just as suddenly, a convoy of military vehicles roared onto the scene, tearing through the grassy field beside us, and apparently chasing the flying vehicle, which had shifted off to the clearing behind the house. There was something huge going on, and we weren't even sure if we were allowed to be on this property. We figured that it would probably be best to get the Hell out of the area, before the military decided to come back, and 'interrogate' any witnesses. However, when we tried to start the cars, they were all dead. Everything electronic was dead. Apparently, we figured, that thing in the sky had triggered some kind of EMP, and we were now stranded. (Didn't realize that this didn't explain how the military was able to drive in across the field. Oh well.)

      The next thing I knew, it was the following morning. I vaguely remember waking up in a friend's car. We were trying to leave again, and this time, the car was starting. The only thing left was for me to check my car...which was suddenly nowhere to be found. I exploded into panic, jumping out of the car and scoping around for mine. Josh suggested that I might have parked it around back, with some of the others. I went around the side of the house, and into the back yard. There were a a couple of cars back there, but most of them looked run down, and mine was nowhere in sight. I'd gone back around to the front of the house and found the rest of the group in the garage. They were tending to the girl who had been with Josh, and she was apparently very sick. She had these mysterious bruises that just showed up, all over her body, and there was suddenly blood all over the section of the car where she was sitting, which apparently came from her. Everybody was freaking out, because this girl was apparently getting worse by the moment. I was immediately reminded of the snake things in the movie The Ruins, and I couldn't help but think that this girl had them crawling around beneath her skin. If she was somehow infected with these parasites, we were all in grave danger, and we had to get out of there. Now.

      There simply wasn't enough room for all of us to drive off in the only car that we had, so I knew we needed some other mode of transportation. I ran back around to the back of the house and started looking for a car that might actually start. There was a really dope, customized Camaro, but it turned out to be a piece of junk that simply didn't run. Another car, which seemed suitable from afar, seemed to suddenly morph into a child's PowerWheels type of toy. Finally, I came across another car, which looked a lot like mine, except it was a convertible of a different color. We somehow got it started, piled ourselves into both vehicles, and drove away to try to get some medical attention.

      That's all I remember.

    8. Bus Driver

      by , 01-13-2009 at 05:28 AM
      I recall part of a dream from the other night: involved a massive mansion, purchasing it or staying in it or something, a bunch of super prissy girls I hung out with, too much partying, and someone puking in a purse.

      Then I wandered with my family up the stairs at the mansion into a Jurassic garden full of dinosaurs.

      Last night's dream was more mundane, a run-down farm-ish/trailorish building, horses involved somehow, then I was riding a bus while hugging my aunt's cat Jones (who was digging her claws into me).