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    1. just drive, man; chips and deodorant

      by , 12-08-2011 at 02:21 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was on the top bunk of a bunk bed with two other men. There may have been other people in the bedroom. The top bunk felt pretty high and pretty close to the ceiling. The bedroom felt pretty busy. There may have been a TV blaring in one corner of the room. There was a window letting in a lot of bright, winter light.

      The men on the bed with me were both white, gay, and probably in their mid- to late-thirties. They were laying in weird positions under blankets. The bed seemed to have tons of different blankets on it. So each of the guys had his own blanket.

      The guys both started talking to me about going to some country in Europe. They said I'd probably like it a lot better than I'd like the United States. They were reall encouraging me to go.

      Finally I said I couldn't go. I didn't have a passport. They may have said something about how they couldn't believe that. I said, "No. Really. I've never been outside the US in my entire life."

      I was about to qualify that statement, since it wasn't quite true. But both guys were now so shocked that they interrupted me. One of the guys, dressed in a feminine kind of shirt, black, with the shoulders way low, exposing a shoulder strap, like a bra-strap, said, "No, no. Stop! Just drive, man! Just get out and drive!"

      (At this point, a song started playing in my head with the words, "just drive, man, just get out and drive.")

      I knew by this that the guy meant I should just finally get out of America and go see the world. I had no idea how they expected me to do this. But I may have gotten the idea later that the two guys were actually going to give me money to do this.

      Dream #2

      I was standing in line at a huge drug store. The line seemed to be curving along the right end of a pharmacy counter, then along a wall.

      I was a couple people back in line, and I stared at a bag of chips I was holding while I waited. My chips were some dark red bag of Doritos. But the bag was old, like the 1970s style of bag.

      I soon headed over to a cashier. She was a young, black woman, kind of overweight, with hair about between jaw-length and shoulder-length.

      The woman rang up my chips. She may have held onto them for a long time. Maybe she never gave me the chips back. But she told me they cost four dollars. We had some kind of pleasant conversation about this.

      I was walking down the counter, as if I were now ready to walk out of the store. But I went up to another cashier. This time I was buying deodorant.

      The cashier was maybe Latino. He had olive-colored skin, a bald-shaved head, and a bit of stubble on his face. He was tallish, and kind of strong. But he was gay and acted a tiny bit effeminate.

      The cashier told me that I was paying way too much for this deodorant. He told me that if I had a club card, I would pay much less for a similar kind of deodorant. The new price may have been $2.69.

      I told the man that I did have a club card. I pulled my keychain (? - I think) out of my pocket. There was a mini club-card on it. But it looked all faded out, like I'd worn it out by holding it in my pocket for too long.

      I then realized that I simply hadn't taken off some kind of protective seal that had been placed over the barcode. It was like a mildly adhesive strip of semi-opaque, white plastic. I peeled this off. The barcode for the club card looked fine.

      I handed the card to the man. The man rang me up for a deodorant. As I was paying him, either the previous cashier or another cashier who looked a lot like her walked up to the left end of the cashier counter. The man told the woman, as if he'd asked her, that he was giving me the club card deal on deodorant.

      The woman looked a little annoyed that the man would have given me any of the club card deals. I now remembered that the previous cashier hadn't told me about any club card deals. I wondered if these two women had been trying to hide the club card deals from me.

      I now felt terribly shy and afraid, like I'd overstepped some kind of totem-boundary by having taken a club card deal when the women didn't want me to. All I wanted to do was get out of the store. I thanked the man and walked away.

      But I only walked a couple meters away, to a row of shelves directly facing the left end of the cashier counter. The shelves were stocked with deodorant.

      I was looking directly at the deodorant the man said I should buy. It was maybe the Tom's of Maine brand, and it may have had something like olive oil in it. The packaging was an off-white or olivey-beige color.

      The deodorant seemed to be with other stuff, too, like hand soap using similar ingredients. There may also have been some display for the products, like they were in some kind of wicker basket, or like they were standing on top of a small bale of hay.

      I suddenly realized that, even though I'd paid the man for my deodorant, I'd never actually gotten it. I figured I should just pick out one of these deodorants and take it with me. I may have knelt down to get a deodorant.

      But now the man called from behind me. Either the man threw a trial-size deodorant at me, or the trial-size deodorant fell from the shelves. The man told me he'd forgotten to give me a deodorant. But he'd give one to me right now.
    2. no passport; museum amusement park; chocolate cookie

      by , 11-19-2011 at 03:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a car with my mom and another woman. It was a grey day, probably a little drizzly. My mom and the woman were driving me somewhere, probably to the border of Holland. We drove under some small, arched stone bridge, like an arched bridge walkway in park.

      As we drove to and under the arch, I realized that I really wouldn't be able to get into Holland. I didn't have a passport! I must be in Europe, I thought, if I was close enough to drive to the border of Holland. How did I even get here in the first place, without a passport?

      I looked straight up to the underside of the bridge. It was rounded, like the roof of a tunnel. It may have been covered with bricks, or it may have been rough, grey stone.

      When we got to the other side I saw a huge obelisk, like the Cleopatra's Needle obelisk in Central Park. But this one was so big I could barely see around the base, and I definitely couldn't see up to the top.

      My mom and the woman must have been getting ready to drop me off. But I knew I couldn't go without a passport. But I was ashamed to admit to my mom that I didn't have a passport.

      But finally I got up the courage to tell my mom. I was standing out on some wheelchair ramp, like I was in front of a building. When I told my mom, I actually started crying, sorrowfully, as if I was telling my mom something that had to do with some sadness or problem I'd carried with me all my life.

      My mom and the woman probably walked hurriedly over to me to hug and console me.

      Dream #2

      I was in a gigantic, white building with my mom. The building was something like a museum. But it felt more like some kind of big box store, like a Sam's Club. But it seemed to be humongous, as big as a convention center. The walls were white, and the ceiling may have been glass.

      My mom and I were probably here with a group of people, probably including our family members. But we were separated from them. We may have been looking for them or waiting for them. In the meantime, we decided we'd check out some of the exhibits.

      I went into a small room off to the right. It was kind of dim. Along the walls were the museum-style diorama wildlife displays. I walked a ways into the room, all by myself, before actually looking at any of the displays.

      I turned around, toward the entrance. One of the displays to my left caught my eye. It was apparently a display of some animal like an antelope. The antelope stood in some desert-like area at night -- the background sky was painted dark blue and purple.

      But beside the antelope was a long, fallen tree-limb. And writhed around this tree limb was an enormous snake. The snake must have been ten meters long! But it wasn't scaly: it was slightly furry, like a short-hair cat.

      I couldn't believe my eyes. So I got closer to the display. I was kind of afraid to: I thought the snake might actually be alive. The snake's skin didn't seem to be as pronouncedly furry as I'd thought. The snake was red, with occasional large, white spots, which may have had black outlines around them.

      The snake also didn't seem to have eyes, or even much of a mouth. Its head was pointed down menacingly, but it almost looked like a sock puppet.

      But what seemed really to have struck me about the snake was how vividly it was posed. It seemed menacing, alive, because it had been posed in such a dynamic way.

      I looked at another display (which I can't remember now). I was again struck by the dynamism of the display. I began to get the idea that this room was all about displaying animals in dynamic, "action packed" situations. This was supposed to be a draw for kids, who had lately been neglecting the parts of the museum with the animal displays.

      I thought this was a bad idea. In my opinion, the display I'd just been looking at was so dynamic, you could barely see the animal. And the purpose, I thought, of these displays was so you could really get a good idea of the animal's anatomy. So sometimes a still view was better.

      I walked to another display. This one was lit. But it was even more dynamic and "action packed." It was apparently showing some desert wildcat attacking its prey. But the view was some kind of absurd bird's eye view.

      The view showed the cat jumping toward some unseen prey. But the cat was posed so that it was almost perpendicular to the "ground" (which, in the case, would have been the back wall, although it seemed to be tilted down somehow). So all you could really see of the cat was its head and paws.

      There were also some cacti, like the big, stereotypical saguaro cacti, in the view. Their tops burst imposingly out toward the glass. They seemed more dynamic and "3D"-like than anything else in the scene. But everything in the display looked distorted and hard to see. I didn't think it was very effective.

      I walked over to another display. This one was also lit. It was toward the back of the room, just around a curve in the room that went off to the left, as I faced away from the entrance.

      This display barely showed an animal at all. The animal was, in fact, just a grey blur coming around the right side of a huge plant. I'd guess, from the size and color of the blur, that the animal was something like a big lemur with grey and black fur. But it may have been some kind of small wildcat.

      The plant itself was maybe two or three meters tall. It may have been something like a yucca or an agave. But it was full and round, almost like a gigantic artichoke.

      I walked out of the room, possibly because my mom had asked me if I was ready to go. But I didn't go with my mom. Instead I walked out to "catch up" with the friends I'd come with. I walked through a huge open space with a lot of people.

      I headed into a room off to the right. The room was something like a roller skating rink. I found "my friends" there -- a few white men, maybe college students, tall, kind of big, wearing sweaters and baseball caps. The had a kind of arrogant look.

      The men were all standing outside the rink, leaning against the barrier and looking toward the rink. One of the men said we were waiting for somebody to get back from somewhere. Once he got here, we'd leave.

      The guy started talking about a ride in some other room. I now recalled, coming into this room, seeing in to some other room that had some kind of big amusement park-like ride in it. I may have seen a little Asian girl on the ride. It may have been something like a slide. It looked fun.

      The ride now sounded so interesting to me that I asked the guy if he wouldn't mind if I went and did the ride while we were waiting for the other guy. The guy shrugged, kind of annoyed that I'd ask for permission. He said, "Do whatever you want, man. I'm not your boss."

      I left the room in a hurry, ashamed for having annoyed the guy by asking his permission to do something. The room with the big ride was, I knew, off to the left. But I turned to the right, almost instinctively, to head toward the bathroom.

      I passed a little dividing area that was waist high and had a swing-door near the right wall. The bathrooms were in a kind of empty space, just beyond which may have been a much bigger area like an amuseument park for little kids, possibly with some kind of ferris wheel in the center of it all.

      Dream #3

      I was "at work," sitting at a desk. My old co-worker, DC, came up to me from my right. He sat a chocolate cookie on my desk and said, "Here, you want a cookie?"

      I looked at the cookie. It had a thin layer of hard, white frosting on it, like is sometimes on ginger cookies. The cookie looked good, but I knew I shouldn't eat it. So I shyly told DC, "Oh, no. I can't. But thank you."

      DC was kind of offended that I'd declined his offer. He laughed and said, "Oh..." as if to let me know he thought I was being pretty arrogant, and that he'd do something sooner or later to put me in my place.
    3. Drug dealing passport stealers, Love hotel, Lost in the subway

      by , 01-31-2011 at 07:26 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      I have memories of three fragmented dreams, all rather random...

      Fragment 1

      All I can remember is I'm out in the middle of the woods, at some log cabin home where this hippy type man and woman live. They are drug dealers, apparently. The man takes my passport and makes a break for it in his station wagon (complete with wood panel!) I chase after him, crying, panicked.

      Fragment 2

      I'm in an Indian themed love hotel searching for someone

      Fragment 3

      I'm lost in a labyrinth of underground train and subway tunnels. I keep changing trains trying to find my way, but it just gets me more and more hopelessly lost. I ask for help but no one can help me or understand me. I eventually find my ex (he's wearing this strange crepe type white shirt that has a 'stylishly' ripped V neck. He's laughing and nervous because he's lost and confused too.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Hiking into the wild.

      , 07-08-2010 at 10:39 AM
      I was hiking in the forest like Into The Wild. I was scared that I wasn't going to find anything to eat and would probably die out here. But then I stumbled across these people camping. They had these weird circular bed things that they slept in. They were pretty cool actually and looked pretty comfortable.
      There was one girl and a few guys, and they were sitting around in a circle. The girl was a blonde Australian. One of the guys had a Swedish accent. And then they did something weird lol, that I won't say here [...]

      I had a map, and to the north was either a river or a road, I can't remember what. To the south was some kind of border. Maybe it was the ocean.

      There was another part where I was having my identification checked but I was using my mum's passport for some reason. And in her photo she had glasses on, so I couldn't pass as her.

      I've forgotten most of the rest of the dream.
      Tags: hiking, map, mum, passport
      non-lucid , dream fragment