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    1. intrigued by carpet pattern again

      by , 12-10-2016 at 09:27 PM
      In a room off from the bosses office, I am trying not to be heard. There is very little in the room and it is dark except for a window with the blind drawn letting in a little light.
      The is an old white landline phone on the floor, the carpet is worn. I wake up.

      I re-enter the dream and am lucid. I can see more in the room now, I look closely at the carpet which takes on the appearance of my parents carpet with an intricate yellow and brown (very 70s) pattern.
      I try to alter the carpet but only succeed in drawing it out in a cuboid shape. I focus closer on a spot on the fabric but it does not change.
      Thinking I should try something else, I go to the door. Open it and enter a corridor with no light except that coming from around the door frame of a door to the right. Entering this room in total darkness, I hear sounds from the kitchen in spirited away, loud and muffled. I make the lights come on and the kitchen changes into an apartment with low level lighting. I am disturbed by the waking world and awake.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Attempt to Disbelieve

      by , 08-29-2014 at 05:40 PM
      Brief DILD event in last sleep period: I was at home, and stepped out of the library to find what I thought must be catsick all over the hallway. It was confusing, though, because it occurred in distinct splats all over a wide area, almost forming a lattice pattern, and there seemed to be way too much of it to come from the cat. Then I noticed that there was a hole in the ceiling, as though something had burst through. Was this something that had fallen through the roof from outside? Or something that had been lodged under the roof and had now fallen through the ceilling? And what the hell was it? It was beige and chunky, and sure did look like cat vomit. It was spread over such a wide area that I couldn't help but step in some as I passed through the hall, and I was even more disturbed to feel a tiny movement under my toes. Oh my god, was it full of maggots or something?

      I walked carefully across the kitchen floor, trying to step only on the heel of the dirty foot so I wouldn't spread the stuff around more, and then washed my foot in the kitchen sink. I needed to put on shoes to protect my feet, as well as clothes better suited to cleaning up this mess. I went into the living room where I thought I could find sandals and maybe some clothes I had left next to my worktable, and I stopped, stunned to discover that all the furniture in the room was missing. It was just a blank expanse of floor. How could this have happened? There was just no way... I realized that I had to be dreaming. Upon questioning the scenario my initial impression was that no, I wasn't dreaming, but I refused accept this and persisted firmly in my doubt: sorry Mind, you can't trick me this time, I'm obviously dreaming, get with the program. In the face of such resolve my mind finally acquiesced and acknowledged that I was dreaming by spitefully waking me up.
    3. Almost Another WILD :O

      by , 08-18-2012 at 05:39 AM (Dimension X)
      Ok, I ALMOST had yet another WILD. This would have been my 4th one this week, had this attempt and another attempt not failed. So I've had 2 WILDs this week, And 2 almost WILDs. I'm definitely getting the hang of these now. I felt the heavy feeling come across my body and everything, and it got darker and darker... But for some stupid reason, I woke up -__- I dunno why, but I did. There appears to be a... pattern... as well...

      WILD, Almost WILD, WILD, Almost WILD, ---

      Perhaps this is a pattern, and maybe I'll have another full WILD soon? Idk. But I'm still glad I'm getting used to Lucid Dreaming again...
    4. Patterns of Blue Light (Not really a dream)

      by , 04-24-2012 at 01:10 PM (My Dream Journal; Mentis est Infinata)
      I was taking a nap. I tried to lucid dream, but I ended up not getting a nap at all. However, this was still quite interesting.

      Whenever I close my eyes, I see patterns of blue light. I see waves of glowing blue all moving around freely, with some occasional orange thrown into the mix.

      This time it was very vivid. At one point it was so clear I could see the rough edges instead of blurriness.

      The strangest part is, at one point my heart started pounding for no reason. It quickly went back to normal, though.

      I also remember feeling vibrations in my feet at one point, but it went away after a few seconds.

      Spoiler for Picture:

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    5. 12/12/11 - Day Four

      by , 12-13-2011 at 11:28 PM (The Book of Dreams and Astral Projection)
      Dream Count: 0
      DILDs: 0 , WILDs: 0 , MILDS: 0 , APs: 0

      This is similar to the second day of my dream journal. I may be developing a subconscious pattern. I hope I am not, I must stop this if I do.
    6. Checkerboard pattern

      by , 06-18-2011 at 06:36 PM
      I remember three dreams, and each of them is centered around a certain pattern. The basic pattern was a continuous image with parts covered up by blocks that were all the same color.

      1. My brother brings a movie to me and we decide to watch it. He puts it in the player, and I tell him that I've already seen most of it. When it loads up on the screen, it shows how much of the movie I've already seen. It displays a representation of the movie as something like a combination of a mural and sheet music. There were horizontal rows of images going down the screen, and so if you 'read' each line you could see what happened in the movie. However, a lot of it was blacked-out because I hadn't seen those parts. You'd think that if I hadn't seen the whole movie then I must have seen maybe the beginning, and then maybe some scenes from the middle or something, but the screen showed that I had seen one or two hundred tiny segments that couldn't have been more than a couple of seconds each, and they were scattered evenly over the whole duration of the movie. It looked kind of like the 'mural' was missing pixels.

      2. I am thinking about my eyes. They are an unusual but kind of nice color of blue (my eyes are not blue irl) and in the dream I thought they looked kind of like that painting by Magritte:

      I was travelling while I was thinking. It was sort of a combination of walking and falling, mainly forwards but pulled a little to the right as well. It felt like three different things:
      1. Like I was in orbit around the sun
      2. Like I was walking
      3. This one's kind of hard to explain, but it felt like I was a bird of prey swooping down, except the whole scene was sideways. Kind of like if you were lying on your side so that the grass was on the right and the sky was on your left, and you saw a bird swoop but it looked like it was going right instead of down.

      Anyway, I felt like I was in control (since I was walking), but I also felt really stylish because I was orbiting. I was 'swooping down' on some friends who I knew were around the corner, and I was thinking that they were going to think I was so cool when they saw me. But I was still thinking about my eyes, and I thought, what if I got my eyes painted (as in literally painting my eyeballs)? I thought that would be so cool. I was trying to decide what pattern to paint on them, and I settled on a checkerboard pattern where I would paint white squares that matched the white of my eye over the colored part of my eye. Then, as I pictured this, I scaled the blocks up and down, trying to decide what was the best size. When they were big, I thought it looked kind of retro. Then I made then shrink, and it started to resemble the 'nothing channel' on TV (I don't know what it's really called but I'm talking about the black and white fuzzy one). Finally they were too small to really be detectable but they made my eyes look glittery or sparkly. I liked all of them but decided on the glittery one.

      (This is the second time I have dreamed about having different patterns on my eyes)

      3. I am cooking a pie with my sister. I walk in the kitchen as she pulls it out of the oven. For some reason we baked it without crust on top. I don't know what kind of pie it was, but it was kind of bluish-purplish-blackish. I got little crust squares and placed them in the checkerboard pattern on top of the pie.