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    1. #177. Leverage

      by , 01-13-2011 at 12:26 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      Darth Vader is quite literally on ice, lying frozen in the bathtub. All part of your regular Wednesday morning kidnapping attempt. The plan is to free Vader from the control of the Emporer, and to take our chances with a renegade Sith Lord. (Large-scale mayhem is the most likely outcome, but to Parker, that might just be the most interesting one.)

      I'm stripping the Stormtrooper uniform off of some poor, dead bastard when a man in a black flight suit rounds the corner. He freezes for a moment, processing me, half dressed as a Stormtrooper and the body half undressed... I shoot him in the head with a blaster pistol.

      "Everything okay in there, Nate?" says a voice crackling through the earpiece.

      "Everything's fine, Eliot." I reply, putting a hand to my ear. I scowl at the second, inconvenient body for a moment before a new plan starts to form in my mind.

      "Parker, are you in position?" I say, pulling on the gloves of my uniform.

      "Nate?" says Sophie, concern in her transmitted voice, "What are you thinking?"

      I smile as I slip the Stormtrooper helmet over my head. "We're going to steal a Death Star."

      Leverage. Scare Factor: 2.
    2. #141. Extranormals

      by , 09-09-2010 at 06:42 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I don't think I've been getting email notifications for the past few days. Weird.


      Ixburg, SK


      He's killed, just like that. His daughter, seven years old, is alone in their apartment across town. I'm the daughter.

      I slip from the bed, tiny and blonde and short-haired, and push open the door to the rest of the apartment. Somehow, I'm not surprised to see a man there. The man is stocky and blond, and I can see that he's grinning when the orange light from the window hits his face.

      I incline my head. "Sir." I say, my voice neutral.

      He grins wider and nods back. I step back into the doorway of my bedroom, and he brushes past me into the bright light of the hallway.

      He'll be back, if only to keep an eye on me. I need to leave.

      Quote Originally Posted by DreamViews DC
      It really doesn't count for the RPG if you make up the stories while you're awake.
      Quote Originally Posted by Samael
      That's why I'm posting in this thread, isn't it? You know, the planning thread. Plotting thread. Where we plot.

      I'm incubating a dream, okay?
      Quote Originally Posted by DreamViews DC
      You still have to write your character profile, btw.
      Quote Originally Posted by Samael
      ...I'm going to finish the story now.
      Unknown, IL


      I'm a man in a black suit, sitting in the back of a black car, which is driving to the outskirts of a town in Illinois. And we're in Illinois, of course, because the Organization tracked an Extranormal here. One false move, one positive test, and suddenly Jane Doe (Age 17, Grade 12, parents work from home) is about to be assassinated by a team of armed government goons.

      It's funny. Extranormals can't strictly be barred from going to school, or holding regular jobs. Hell, they can even travel. Different countries have different restrictions, of course, but the good ol' US of A is all about liberty. The Organization can track them, though. Legality's a little fuzzy, but some real dangerous ones pop up occasionally. What to do with them?

      Here's the thing: Extranormals go crazy all the time. They lose control of their powers and suddenly they're either a human icicle or a pile of ashes. Most of the time they take innocent bystanders with them. It's really no problem at all to fake a meltdown. Kill the EN, murder all the bystanders, blow shit up. It's easy.

      This one's powers are a little more subtle, so no flashy special effects. Fortunately, ENs tend to be a little crazy to begin with, so it wouldn't be unheard of for one to suddenly... snap. Possibly kill her entire family with a butcher knife. Double murder-suicide, neat and clean.

      The man in the passenger seat has the knife.

      We pull up the gravel driveway. The other three men silently open their doors and step out. I hide a grin by turning toward the empty road as I step out of the car. No one's coming.

      The plan is to enter the house and kill the parents, then ambush the girl when she comes home from school.

      Neat and clean.


      Her father died ten years ago.

      Her mother died even before that.

      And Jane Doe is a really stupid pseudonym.

      The only person in the house is the lodger who rents out the basement. That lodger is an Extranormal himself, a young black man who's trying to lie low. Obviously, that's not working out.

      I can sense him in the front entrance of the house, ready to attack the first man who comes in. I give the all-clear to the other men.

      The man with the knife kicks open the door and walks into an ambush. I shoot the other two in the back.

      Once upon a time, there was a man in a black suit. The man was supposed to sit in the back of a black car, and break into a house, and help murder an entire family. While he was still alive, this man used to really hate shapeshifters.

      Scare Factor: 3/10
      Rating: 6/10

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    3. #51. Ghost Ship

      by , 06-14-2010 at 06:54 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm alone on a ship - all of the crew have succumbed to... something. Another ship is attacking mine, full of spirits. I swing over onto the enemy ship and rescue a girl, who turns out to be another ghost. She's my ally in the dream.

      I've had visions throughout the dream of the final battle against my enemy. I've lost every time. Now, the time is really here. My enemy taunts me, tells me that there's no way I can win, but I've seen how he won before and I know I can beat him. I meet his attack with a wave of blue energy that knocks him away and destabilizes the dream.


      Human survivors terrorize each other post-apocalypse, forcing their views on the weaker individuals.

      A group of survivors in some post-apocalyptic world is trying to establish a prohibition on alcohol. The main character (male, short blond hair) is arguing during a town meeting. This is followed by someone accusing, "It's almost like you don't want it gone!" Well, duh.

      The main character is female, now. Long, black hair, looks like a character from one of my stories. She's with the blonde (no longer ghost) girl from the previous dream. They're standing in a run-down shack. Then I show up. My dream avatar is some kind of male mythological figure, with long white hair. A conversation takes place. She's accusing me of something.

      I laugh and say, "You're more of a Reaper than I am!"

      (Unconsciously stepping back and choosing the weapons: a short, hand held scythe for the MC, a sword for the ex-ghost, and I'm somehow fighting with chains.)

      I quickly knock the blonde out of the fight, sending her flying toward the wall. I block their blades with heavy metal chains on the defensive, strike barehanded on the offensive. With ghost-girl out of the fight, I renew my attack on the MC, enjoying what - to me - is a friendly sparring session.

      Ghost Ship. Scare Factor: 3. [/QUOTE]

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    4. #39. Murder Mysteries

      by , 06-14-2010 at 06:17 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I'm walking along a path by the river in Quickton. There are a large number of orangutan/dog/otter hybrids about, and the locals have been warned to stay away from them. One that looks like a great dane approaches me and jumps up, trying to lick at my face. I laugh.


      I practically fall out of the truck when we reach the police station. "It's okay", says Kate Beckett, "You're safe here."

      My POV switches to Beckett, who's trying to solve the mystery of the invisible animalistic murderer. I'm now interacting with myself ("Sam") as the character Kate Beckett. I note that we don't have much ammo.

      An Asian woman stumbles toward the safety of the police station. Already, she's bleeding from numerous slashes to her torso, which look almost like claw marks. The monster must have followed us here.

      Sam mysteriously disappears, and we assume the worst.

      I interrogate people who are the collective head of an international company. Someone sabotages the elevator, almost killing one of them.

      They upgrade security.

      The elevator is sabotaged again. I almost catch the culprit, but I have to stay in order to save the people inside. I catch the chain of the machine used for sabotage, and pull it up to a floor where they'll be able to get out.

      The Chairman of the company is killed. The CEO chooses to reveal his identity.

      The murderer decides to talk to me. It's Sam, complete with all my lucid superpowers. Apparently, I was the murderer all along. I'm watching myself give a villainous monologue. From a third person perspective apart from Beckett's character, I'm very surprised.

      Murder Mysteries. Scare Factor: 2. Reaction: Did not see that coming.

      I'm working on a short-story adaptation of this dream, minus the identity confusion. It was actually a lot of fun.[/QUOTE]
    5. #27. Amestrian Conspiracies

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:20 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Overlooking a dirt street from the rooftops. A man is talking to a thief-girl he saw on the street. She bolts, and he makes no move to catch her. The girl swings her way onto the rooftops, moving directly past my hiding place. I'm immediately in pursuit. She panics, makes her way to a pillar jutting from the roof, hoping for a reprieve. It should be impossible to climb, but I use my momentum to move upwards and find handholds where there are none.

      I may not be an alchemist, but I have my own talents.

      I face off against the girl on top of an eight foot circle of concrete.

      "I'm not going to hurt you," I say, "I just need to know what he told you."

      The girl lashes out at me, shrieking. I dodge her easily. She strikes again, goes wide, and loses her footing - I grab onto her tattered cloak, and her momentum pulls me with her from the top of the tower. I'm holding onto the edge with one hand, but if I want to keep the girl from falling, I have to let go.

      I let go of the wall entirely, touching only with my feet. I'm holding the girl in my arms and am standing at a ninety degree angle to the wall. There's a moment of breathless surprise from the girl in my arms before I jump -

      We land easily on the roof below the tower.

      I have a quick conversation with the dazed pickpocket, who takes off after giving me the information I need. I don't follow.

      "Elric!" I shout to the street. The man from before, with long, dark hair and glasses, looks up at me, quietly amused. I drop down to the dirt road in order to interrogate him more quietly. Alphonse doesn't back down. "I need to talk to your brother."

      The conversation goes nowhere, and I find myself tailing the younger Elric brother from the rooftops. I stay low, watching the reactions of the AS2-style city guards so I don't have to keep him in my direct line of sight.

      I follow him to a building with glass double-doors, and I drop down onto the street. I walk toward the guard. I think about giving him a three-digit code for "I'm following that guy; don't get in my way," but I'm bad with numbers while I'm dreaming. I nod at the DC, willing him to pass on the message. It worked. As I walk down the hallway, I'm aware of the DC passing it on to the other guards in the area.

      Alphonse is reporting to someone in an office with a glass wall. I can't keep the woman from seeing me, but Alphonse has his back to me, and I walk past the office as if I belong there, into an L-shaped corridor. As I round the corner I have a brief 3rd person glimpse of myself wearing Assassin's White. I stand at the edge of the glass wall, behind curtains, trying to hear what's being said.

      ((Note: Deliberate perspective leaps could be useful while spying. Try to induce these deliberately.))

      The meeting is over and I quickly move down the hallway into an unexplored room. As I open the door, I realize that this is Edward Elric's study. I notice the cot jammed into the far corner. Or bedroom. Black blankets are piled around the room and I briefly consider hiding under a pile as Alphonse opens the door. Only, that would be undignified.

      No, it's time for a two-sided interrogation. This should be fun.

      Amestrian Conspiracies Involving Your Protagonist. Scare Factor: 2.