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    1. Melatonin Experiment #2

      by , 02-25-2013 at 07:48 PM
      So, I decided to do another ridiculous supplement test this time. I took 80 mg of melatonin at 9 PM, and I washed it down with thin mints, for good measure. The result was interesting. First of all, my first dream of the night was lucid. That's pretty odd, especially considering the melatonin... not that I really mind. For the rest of the night I noticed that nothing overly trippy happened, except that all of the dream scenes were very, very vivid and had mostly bizarre video game themes. I was also a bit delirious whenever I woke up, which caused me to lose one or two dreams from memory before being able to write them down, so I actually had quite a few dreams this night. And I could've had even more, but I had to wake up early again, so....

      #1 - I've Yet To Make This One Work >:T [DILD]

      I remember being at a school and walking down a hallway somehow having control over what was playing on the intercom, and I was using it to mess with someone by blasting loud music whenever they started talking. Eventually I got to the class I was walking to and became lucid. I wasn't incredibly aware though, because I kept texting my friend N throughout it, and I can't remember what we were talking about now. At first I just stabilized a bit, and then I kept trying to summon a joint or a pipe into someone's hands so we could smoke, but it never worked. Eventually I just sat down next to one of the guys there and started cuddling with him, but soon afterward I woke up.

      And yes, let it be noted that 80 mg of melatonin was not enough to stop me from waking up several times throughout the night.

      #2 - Dream Fragment [Non-Lucid]

      I think I was playing as a video game character, or maybe meeting one, who was super violent and was accused of attacking someone over one thousand times "outside of battle"...? Or something like that, and I believe there was a scythe involved too, but it's hard to remember exactly.... I almost lost this one, I just barely was able to grab ahold of the memory.

      #3 - Bobolo [Non-Lucid]

      I was trying to help my cousin K with a school paper based on some kiddie game website called Bobolo that was specifically about some kind of disease or diseases, and I was slowly realizing that this topic wasn't really going to be usable to make a very good paper, but I didn't want to point that out to her because I felt bad that her paper was due the next day. What I remember of the website I could most quickly compare to Maple Story, but I wouldn't say it was exactly like that. There was also some set of medical record scans that I was able to unlock and look at at one point, but I wasn't able to make our what any of them said.

      #4 - I Would Definitely Play This Game [Non-Lucid]

      I was with my cousin G, who was living at some kind of trailer house I'm unfamiliar with with his immediate family now. We were in his room and I was playing some video game with pretty strange maps. I'm fairly certain that the way I was walking around and the character I was using were based on Phantasy Star Online, but the maps had colored grid squares with area effects that were very clearly (I even remember thinking it at the time) based on geo panels from the Disgaea series. The way the character jumped also reminds me of a Mario game thinking back on it now, but not enough to say it was based on that. I was excited about something on it, but I can't remember what now, and then I logged off and talked to G about watching kids do something pointless (the conversation is pretty hazy in my memory), and then I left the house. I got in my car and started trying to figure out how to get home while blasting some really crazy dubstep song which actually sounded pretty badass, but just as I was starting to find my way the dream faded.

      At this point I woke up and, after I got out of my mildly hypnotic state, my libido was running pretty strong. I rolled over and started basically molesting my body pillow for a minute, but I tried to do this passively so the energy would wear off and I could fall asleep again. Eventually I started drifting and had some light hypnagogia, I think of some text or something? I didn't make note of it, so it's hard to remember. And the same with not long after, I rolled over and had more hallucinations, I think it was some kind of ladder pattern running horizontal across my vision, or something... but then my mom came in and woke me up because I have stuff do. Ah, well. Not a bad night.

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    2. Day 1: Hyperdimensional Tentacled Alien Reality Factory, New Phantasy Star Dungeons, Karaoke Game

      by , 07-24-2012 at 03:40 PM
      Supplement Dose: 10 mg Melatonin, 50 mg Zinc, 250 mg Choline, 100 mg Vitamin B6

      #1 - Hyperdimensional Tentacled Alien Reality Factory [Non-Lucid]

      This dream was fairly long if I remember correctly, but as it was early in the night and has a significant ending I've forgotten much of the beginning. My old friend D and I were back at our middle school, though we were still our same ages as now and didn't seem to think much of it. We got in my car, which was parked right in front of the school (in the parking lot), and we drove probably less than 100 feet, parked in a different spot, and got out and started walking back to my house instead. The park in between the school and my house seemed odd; the layouts of everything were arranged incorrectly and there was a ridiculous amount of very confusing construction going on. It seemed that in every direction there were lines of constantly moving shapes and out-of-place colors and textures (which is kind of hard to describe). The trees in the forest also took a very different path than they actually do. Of course none of this tipped me off to anything, I just turned to D and said something along the lines of "Wait, why are we walking? We could just go back to the car and drive there." We went back and got in and slowly got on the road in line with the other constantly-moving vehicles, though we had to drive on the sidewalk over lots of construction to do it, and we became part of the Escheresque conveyer belt just like everything else. As we approached the area where there was normally a bridge that crosses through the foresty part of the park, instead we were carried (because the road dropped, so we were more like floating now but it was more of a telekinetic pulling sensation) through what I can really only describe as some kind of yellowish-beige hyperdimensional caverns that also appeared to be some sort of fantasy town filled with enormous (like, their heads were bigger than my car) tentacled but vaguely humanoid alien monsters that emitted an aura of being some kind of hyperspatial entities with various astral powers. As we were pulled further into this it became clear that all of this was actually just part of a gigantic plane of perception that existed as a singular object which was simply modifying its own structure but was still just one thing.... And then my recall fades out and soon I woke up. X)

      #2 - New Phantasy Star Dungeons [Non-Lucid]

      I was hanging out with N, R, and J, and R and J had been playing Phantasy Star Universe apparently and N was showing me how we could use our PSPs to connect our Phantasy Star Online (which is not even a PSP game) files to their Universe files and together we could all play on brand new maps, including an insanely detailed forest where we fought a boss that I can't remember now, and sort of a Star Ocean-like medieval town that was in a circular shape and caved in to a sewage drain in the middle where we battled some kind huge red robot monster that was designed to have these really curvy claws and body structures.... Also hard to describe, but I thought it looked cool. >w< However, R and J had passed out for most of it, and N was slipping in and out of consciousness, so for the most part it was either him and I or just me playing. Near the end, N commented about how we need to "slow down on the rum" for some reason, but then I woke up.

      Dream Fragment - I don't think this dream ever fully formed, it really was a legitimate framgent. What I do remember is that I'm pretty sure Linkzelda was there and we were talking about schizophrenia, and I vaguely recall either putting on or already wearing a two-piece bathing suit that releases dopamine, which sounds insanely awesome. XD

      #3 - Karaoke Game [Non-Lucid]

      My cousin K and some friend of hers had left a karaoke game at my house and I played it with her friend since K had already left I suppose, but I didn't really know any of the few songs they had already unlocked so I wasn't doing very well. Later the girl just kind of vanished and I went to turn off the game, originally thinking it was in my GameCube but then realizing that it actually had its own system set up next to it. I looked through the menus a bit more and noticed that it was a Disney game and the characters were all kids and moms. I specifically remember seeing a little boy based on Mickey and a tall, completely black-and-shiny-skinned voluptuous woman based on Minnie. o.o I turned the game off and wandered into the kitchen and started getting really nauseous for some reason. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was almost 11:30 AM, and I thought to myself that it must be because of all the dream aids I took. () I went to grab a cookie to eat to try to make the nausea pass, but then I woke up, thankfully not nauseous for real.

      Spoiler for Reflections:
      Well, this was an interesting night. First of all, all of the dreams were extremely vivid, even the fragment as much as it possibly could be. There were multiple times throughout them where I had to read things off of various surfaces and it was all 100% clear and legible. Background details such as the placement of objects in my house were also highly accurate, and even included things like the container full of cookies that were only added to the environment within the last couple of days, and the GameCube in the living room that I've only used like once since moving it out there recently. As for the purpose of the experiment.... Are my dreams subconsciously forming the way I want them to? Yes, I would say so. (Especially the bathing suit that releases dopamine, ohmygod yes. ) There was definitely more of an alien quality to them, particularly the first two, and the way reality was pieced together in basically all of them matches ways that I would want to influence them (it's kind of hard put into words how, though). The first one was just amazing, it feels like it's been forever since I had a dream like that.... Take me back to the factory, oh magical tentacled overlords!

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    3. PSO2 Just Got Even Better, Taking Off My Robe

      by , 07-08-2012 at 04:01 PM
      Supplement Dose: 1 cup Peppermint Tea

      #1 - PSO2 Just Got Even Better [Non-Lucid]

      All I remember about the first part of the dream was JRE asking me if I was checking him out, because he said that he could tell when people had "the eyes", or something like that. I wasn't checking him out, though. My memory skips forward a bit, and now I'm hanging out with JB. We're talking about Phantasy Star Online 2 (though it's not even remotely correct in its design) and playing what I believe is a demo. It has all the same menu structures as the original Phantasy Star Online, and I ask JB if he transferred over his character from Phantasy Star Universe. (Which isn't how it works. ) I was looking through my character's inventory during this and noticing that I had tons of really badass weapons, especially swords, and one of them was called Snake Beater, which I thought was pretty cool at the time. (A Phantom Brave reference.) We're apparently playing the game in some kind of warehouse, and the cool part is, whenever I was looking at these weapons they would actually spawn right next to us. They looked soooo cool, lots of them were dark neon colors or had black shadowy auras, and stuff like that.... So awesome. >w< JB takes all of this in, then turns to me and asks if I've been laid yet. Fuck you, JB. Then I woke up.

      Soon after I rolled over to get to sleep again, I heard a somewhat loud banging noise. I actually used to get these a lot, whenever I would be entering sleep paralysis, but they haven't happened in a long time and it startled me awake. I was also getting very vivid hypnagogic stuff. Very mentholy.

      Dream Fragment - Someone else and I were out back at my pool, and as we drew in the water with our hands, waves of glowing rainbow patterns would burst out from where we touched and hold their form for a minute. Whoever I was with (I think it was a guy, but that's about all I can remember) drew a heart shape in water, and I watched it as the patterns formed together. It looked so romantic.

      #2 - Taking Off My Robe [DILD]

      I think there was something going on this dream before I became lucid, but I don't remember much of it. I was housesitting for someone, and I decided to go out front. It seemed to be about the middle of the day, and while looking down the neighborhood road I became lucid. Three for three! My senses were pretty clear and vivid too, so that's cool. Somehow I got worked into trying to fly in third-person, and it was kind of working (and I remember watching a car drive down the road from a perspective slightly off the ground as I was doing it), but it was also making the dream rather unstable, so I stopped. At this point the dream shifted to nighttime, but I was still in front of the house. The shift was somewhat disorienting, and so, though I didn't really fully lose lucidity, for a minute I was just kind of going along with what was happening. I sat down on the curb next to the driveway (which was in front of the house), and it suddenly occurred to me that I was wearing nothing except a bra, panties, and a pink robe to cover myself with. Hmm, good to know. I actually felt pretty attractive in it. At around that time, a couple walked up and started pacing around the driveway. It was dark and I wasn't really looking directly at them for most of it, but I want to say that they were Hispanic. I had an instant attraction to the girlfriend, and I wanted to go up and tell her to ditch her boyfriend but it didn't feel like the right time. I just kind of listened to what they were talking about for a minute or two (though I don't really remember what it was now), and then they went into the house. They had been acting like they knew the owners or something, and could go in freely. Once they went through the door, now regaining full lucidity, I got up and followed closely behind them, deciding it was time to make my move. I could see them sitting on the couch through a window, and they turned to look at the door as I opened it. As I walked through it, I stripped off my robe to reveal my sexy lingerie and got blasted with a wave of libido. I felt curvier and like I was radiating beauty, like I was some kind of supermodel. I went and sat down in front of the girl, who was now white with blonde hair and wearing a blue bikini top and cut off jeans, I believe (though I barely noticed the switch at the time). I reached one of my arms around her and started running my hands over her skin, massaging her breasts, and basically just stroking her all over. She felt unbelievably soft, it was great. I could tell that she was enjoying it, and I grabbed her and went in for a kiss. All of the sensations were extremely vivid, including that last bit, but then the dream started collapsing around me, and I woke up, still extremely horny.

      Oh menthol, what am I going to do with you?
    4. Pokémon Tracking, Rolling At The Theater

      by , 04-14-2012 at 09:54 PM
      #1 - Pokémon Tracking [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a bay area of some unknown location and I was testing the migration patterns of various Pokémon. There was also a small Phantasy Star Online-like mini-map displayed in my vision like it is normally on the screen. I was using the orange dots that display different creatures in the area to watch the Pokémon moving around and I was trying to capture a Pelipper. My parents and my aunt were also there just in the background talking about something, and I remember thinking that I was trying drugs that had various receptor affinities in combination, with one being 5-HT2A/D2 agonist and the other being a CB1/D2 agonist.

      #2 - Rolling At The Theater [Non-Lucid]

      I went to a movie with my family and D. D and I abandoned my family and found our own seats. I could tell he was really fucked up, so first I asked if he was drunk and he said no, so I asked him if he was rolling next (on ecstasy). He had a huge grin plastered on his face and shook his head yes. I asked him if he bought the tabs there at the theater and he just looked around and pulled out a HUGE pill, like 500+ mg at least. My jaw dropped, and then I took it with some water but it never kicked in before I woke up. It also made me notice my mouth was full of strange gummy candies that were sticking to my teeth for some reason.... I think the movie we were watching had something to do with Hogwarts (though it looked much more normal, like a campus but still fancy) and taking some special "Blu Ray" transportation line to get there. But that's about all I can remember.
    5. This Is What Pikachu Is!, Did The Dream Change For You Too?

      by , 02-22-2012 at 06:49 PM
      #1 - This Is What Pikachu Is! [Non-Lucid]

      There was something going on in the dream up to this point, but this is where my memory picks up. I was standing outside and there was a kid disguised as Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh! standing high up on a tree branch. I started talking to him and he asked me if I liked Yu-Gi-Oh! and I was saying I've been a fan before, and he transformed me into Kaiba and gave me a duel disk. I think part of me didn't believe this was actually happening, but I wanted to draw my hand so I closed my eyes to imagine the duel disk being there and did it, and I felt the cards between my fingers. I think closing my eyes is where things went wrong here. When I opened them again, I was myself and I was sitting on the ground dueling this kid with our cards just on the floor and no duel disks. This kid seemed so normal when I talked to him before, but now he was acting really childish and unstable, and he seemed to have an obsession with Pichu (the Pokémon). >.> He had a big Pichu doll and picked it up and ran into the corner of the room and embraced it in the fetal position. He started repeatedly yelling "This is what Pikachu is! This is what Pikachu is!!" I looked down and noticed that both his deck and the deck he gave me consisted almost entirely of Pokémon cards with a few Yu-Gi-Oh! cards here and there. I looked at my hand specifically, six cards. The first two were Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, of Pichu. And the last four were Pokémon cards, also of Pichu. -_- A guy, J, I used to know shows up to watch the duel and tells me that we're apparently at some after school event, and a girl I recognize but I can't remember where from goes over and tries to calm the kid down. And that was it.

      Fragment - There was something about Phantasy Star Online somewhere in here (third-person control as if I was the character), but I can't remember anything else about it.

      #2 - Did The Dream Change For You Too? [DILD]

      Outside some diner, my friends D, O, and I are getting into my car and it's being robbed by two men (and maybe a woman?) and we stop them, but they end up coming after me with knives but I kill them in self-defense... or at least, one of them. If there was a woman then I killed her too, but one of the men survived and got away. This part of the dream is really hazy and hard to remember. We get warped to some huge department store (it looks kind of like a Sam's Club) fused with a library (I interpret it as the library from a University close to where I live that some of my friends go to). An old friend, N, is there so O and I go sit down by him after noticing some really shady looking guys working at the store that I think may be connected to the robber who got away. Suddenly, a voice comes on on the overhead speakers calling me out specifically by reading a letter, but I didn't listen to it. I noticed that the call was coming from one of the shady guys using a walkie-talkie-like thing, and I went jumping up and down (like several feet ) around the isles to taunt him and make it really obvious that I know it's him. I go and sit down next to D (where O and N were a minute ago) and ask him what the letter said, but then a girl walks out from behind the shady guy and says it was her letter, and reads it again. She says that the robbers I killed (the man and woman) were her parents and now she's challenging me so she can get revenge. I say that it's them who attacked me and it's their own fault, but I won't deny her a fight. I walk up to the back wall with D and everyone vanishes on the way, and I stop to look at a bunch of purple posters on the back wall. There's a very strange perspective change, the posters vanish and suddenly things get really vivid. I had an unbelievably brief moment of lucidity here, and said "The dream just changed...." Then things got a little fuzzier and I turned to D and said "Did the dream change for you, too?" He stares at me with a really creepy smile, and I blast off toward the ceiling. I'm bouncing off all the walls at extreme speeds and there's a black line being drawn behind me to follow my path. I remember feeling like this line being drawn was expanding my consciousness to infinity and I assume that I'm on some drug now, but then I woke up.

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