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    1. 07.21.2016 Calamity

      by , 07-22-2016 at 03:12 PM
      Bed at 10pm to catch up on sleep! Unfortunately, exercise had me worn out last night. No echinacea or vitamins before bed; I was too tired and I forgot.

      DR 1
      I am at a university or school event of some sort. I am with a friend, her boyfriend, and a child. Most times, this child appears to be a boy.
      My friend and her boyfriend separate for some reason, and I am supposed to go with the boyfriend to get something or find something (papers from the school). I let him do his thing, because there is a small photography gallery showing that we (all of us, mainly the child) have been invited to. The child is very excited to see this, so we are rushing along to get to the room. When I get there, a man is handing out small booklets (prints of the show) for sale. The guy opens the book and its pictures of "cookies". All kinds of elaborately decorated Christmas gingerbread cookies. The one that I most remember is the one that appears to be strangled. Half of his head is coming off. Anyway, the child is so excited and wants to buy one of the books. He/she has given me his wallet, so its in my purse. I go into my purse to get the wallet and he tells me that the book is four dollars. I find four dollars in silver coins and I give it to him to pay for the book. The wallet is a long checkbook type wallet and has a rose pattern (black and pink). When I go to put the wallet back inside my purse. The child gets upset and says that its his/her wallet. At this time I cannot distinguish the sex of the child, because his/her face is so beautiful, dark brown curly hair (big ringlets), fair skin, rosy pursed lips and big brown eyes- a heart shaped face. He/she is so adorable. I say, "I have it right here! You gave it to me, remember? Do you want to hold it?" The child is okay with me holding it. We hang around a bit and then we leave.

      As we are leaving, I meet up with my friend's boyfriend again. We receive news that half the world has fallen into the sea. This is huge news, and it seems that the world is going to be over.

      Immediately, I become a third person, and I am looking down at the earth from the sky. In satellite view, I can see Spain and France flip over and fold into the water, as if someone has folded a piece of paper. The same happens to Africa. The rest of Europe, gets completely folded into Russia- and then everything goes under the water. I get freaked out and return to first person.

      People are crying and there is a lot of commotion. We are oddly calm and begin to make our way out to find the car. We find my friend. She looks kind of upset. I can feel its because her boyfriend and I have been hanging out and we had a good time. She is not happy that she left her boyfriend with me (?). She's not even upset about the earth.
      The university/school is huge! Its takes us awhile to get back to the car. I get into the driver's seat. Its a small sedan. The boyfriend gets into the front seat (?), and my friend and the child get into the back. Everything looks that dimly lit color again (golden brown sepia tones), only there are no torches or streetlights. I don't know where I am going but there is a lot of craziness about the earth on the radio. It seems that only the North American continent has survived.

      Side notes:

      Colors- Mostly the dimly lit orange/gold tones. This is a change from the normal white/grey color scheme.

      Child- This child appeared so handsome and beautiful at the same time. This is new for me in a dream; I can usually tell the sex of people in dreams, if not by appearance then by feeling.

      Coins- There were lots of quarters in my purse. In the dream, I had many of them in a plastic bag, which I took out to retrieve the coins. That is odd, but I do hate how change rumbles around and gets dirty in purses.

      Cookies- These cookies looked alot like the gingerbread cookies that my small nieces and I made last Christmas. They kept putting too much icing and making them look so different, so I started naming them.

      Earth-Probably the biggest calamity I have had in a dream lately. I didn't think I was capable of imagining that the world could just fold over into the sea. Interesting bit about Russia.
    2. Tearing Up a Catwoman Photograph

      by , 12-17-2015 at 06:17 PM
      Morning of December 17, 2015. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am aware of our family as they are now, though our house seems somewhat different, with typically rotated or mirrored features in relationship to other rooms (not rotated or mirrored as a whole). The back story seems to imply that we had been to some sort of carnival earlier in the afternoon or similar type of event related to television shows or movies. There were a few celebrities there. (The event took place a few blocks south of our house.)

      Meanwhile, there is a leak in a small pipe in our bathroom, seemingly from one corner of the room and from the water main - with only clean water (no awful plumbing mishaps as some dreams dictate). At different times, there is more water on the floor than at other times, but it does not seem that problematic or have a potential for a greater degree of flooding throughout other rooms.

      I have a black-and-white photograph of Catwoman (though I am not sure of which actress; possibly any one of several, including at least three from the 1960s). It is mostly a head and shoulders shot, mostly facing forward. It seems autographed on the lower right but I do not attempt to check the name for whatever reason (it may read “Catwoman” in part rather than the actress name). It may in fact be a “new” fictional version of Catwoman (with an unknown or unfamiliar actress), since we apparently had met her and a few other characters at the showgrounds about an hour or so before (though I do not directly recall the event even in my dream).

      After interacting with my family for a short time in our house, I notice that the photograph has a few drops of water near the right side, about halfway down. Carefully wiping it off with my right shirt sleeve, it leaves blank white circular spots on the photograph in a triangular arrangement over the otherwise black Catwoman outfit. This makes me so angry that I slowly but deliberately tear the photograph in half from the side, soon followed by tearing it up completely, saying that it was ruined. I then say how it was a waste of time going to the showgrounds (which is not all that logical, as a photograph does not have to account for time spent, especially if the day was enjoyable during a family outing). Around this time, I notice more water coming out of the pipe and a few puddles on the floor, but there is never a problematic flooding. (The toilet itself is mirrored in the bathroom from south to north in respect to the otherwise seemingly correct orientation to other rooms.)

      If a cat (when it does not represent an actual pet) sometimes symbolizes curiosity, then what would Catwoman represent? Since Zsuzsanna often dressed up as Catwoman when she was young, the act of tearing up the photograph may relate to my awareness that everyman honestly does not have the capacity to either believe or understand our lifelong unexplainable mystery (and there is no indication that humanity will be more aware or intelligent as such in my lifetime to utilize their own connection to the Source), though could also mean that, as my lifelong “mystery girl” was validated, she is no longer a fictional character on paper but my real soulmate.

      Water is the nature of consciousness, sleep, and memory (and ever-flowing “fluid” thought even in sleep), the main metaphorical essence of the dreaming mechanism itself. A leaking pipe may imply the dream state becoming stronger or clearer on some levels (even implying a closeness to Universal Mind) - though when utilizing a negative connotation, could imply problematic memory (as one supposedly has when they get older). However, I tear up the photograph (again, a static image) and so this incarnation of my dream self does not go further into the dream state in a more imaginative or surreal sense as it might have when more clearly focusing on the mystery (in this case, an “exotic” photograph) of the dream state. It stops, in fact, in a familiar environment (and accepts the setting as “real” and present - with only a vague implied back story of the previous showgrounds) where only some energies of deeper levels of the mind are present at some points. Water as memory begins to dissolve (or “whiten”) the static image, which is also a static “memory” at some levels - a balancing or phasing, perhaps - or simply an indication of the dream state itself.

      Thoughts about the failure of product longevity were a previous focus in real life just prior to sleep. For example, my very expensive monitoring headphones that are only about two years old are disintegrating around the headband into what resembles very thin larger ashes. However, more relevant to my dream’s situation, there is also a reflection on how printer ink now vanishes from commercial receipts after a short time, so that now you cannot even keep a receipt as proof of purchase. This seems to at least partly be a vague focus of my dream self at one point.
    3. Picture in Orbit

      by , 03-16-2015 at 09:16 AM
      Morning of March 16, 2015. Monday.

      I am viewing everything from a disembodied perspective and appear to be in Earth’s orbit. I notice at least one satellite fairly close to my implied position. After a short time, a simply framed photograph of my wife and me with happy expressions and from just below the shoulders up, the picture possibly a few feet tall, floats out from near the satellite (and closer to my view) and appears to have something to do with the satellite’s function or intent (though I am not certain if it broke off from the satellite or was found by the satellite). I get a vague impression that the picture may have moved just out of range of the satellite and needs to be in a particular area, but there is no negative association or concern of any kind. Thin lightning or electricity comes upward from near the satellite or possibly from the satellite.

      This dream may be based on associations with The Phantom Zone (as seen in “Superman” from 1978) in terms of imagery, though again, there are no negative implications or associations and the concept is quite different from my dream. My dream implies only a slowly rotating photograph (that moves outward from Earth’s atmosphere) with positive associations and pleasant imagery, whereas The Phantom Zone implies actual trapped people.

      I have supplemented this dream’s details as concluding with return flight waking symbolism, as my viewpoint is towards Earth despite the photograph apparently moving out into outer space towards me. Additionally, the lightning or electricity symbolizes increasing neural activity that signifies the waking transition.

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    4. Trolled by Dalai Lama

      by , 03-03-2015 at 03:03 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I'm eating a nice meal with my spiritual guide and a couple other people at our table. We're content, and enjoying what is before us when suddenly we look over and see the Dalai Lama at the very next table with some of the high ranking Tibetan leadership around him. The Dalai Lama makes a scary face at me, and then they take our picture with me looking all scared. I'm a little embarrassed, and regain my composure. But they didn't want a nice picture. The Dalai Lama laughs and turns back to his table. For some reason, I don't think he likes me. My spiritual guide looks at me and I know that it doesn't matter if anyone likes me or not, no matter who they are.
    5. Photographing the Dragon Moon

      by , 09-11-2014 at 07:30 PM
      Ritual: After five hours of sleep I woke naturally and was determined to make a good WILD attempt. I spent an hour-long WBTB reading and writing about dreams, then returned to bed just before the sun rose. Despite a promising transition phase in which I observed hypnagogic visuals and audio distinctly manifesting, I was interrupted by frequent re-awakenings and eventually realized it was time to turn on my side and enter real sleep. I fully expected to WILD at this point because the conditions felt ideal, but instead I just had NLDs.

      NLD: I had just left a cafe and was walking down the sidewalk to where I had parked a couple blocks away. The sky was oppressively dark, darker than seemed natural, and I composed a couple lines to try to describe it:

      The world cowers beneath an enormous dark,
      Unrepentent and unredeeming.

      I wasn't sure if I liked them but figured I should write them down as soon as I could, because if I came up with a whole structure I could always come back to it and work it into something better.

      As I entered the parking lot I noticed the moon. The last few days have seen a huge harvest moon, but this one was even bigger, with that sallow yellow hue that tints it when it is still low in the sky. Moreover, the pattern on its face was unusual: it resembled a winged dragon, drawn with iconic simplicity and in a rampant position like a figure on shield heraldry. I felt an urge to photograph it.

      I opened the passenger side door, left it open, and sat down on the edge of the seat to brace myself so I could try to frame a good clear shot of it on my iPhone. I thought I felt movement and the image was bouncing around on the screen, the moon lost among some trees now. Was the car driving off with me? How inconvenient! I reached to the side and jerked up the emergency brake, then returned to my attempt to take a picture.

      As I held up the phone again and looked at the image on the screen, I was more alert to the possibility of movement this time, and yes, I was able to confirm from it that indeed we were moving, and this was preventing me from taking clear photograph. Bad car! We were now driving rather quickly down a city street so I scooted fully inside and managed to get the door closed. (I realize now that in the dream the car door was hinged in the back and opened backwards, flat against the side of the car, rather than being hinged in the front and opening outwards as in WL.)

      Once the car door was closed I wanted to get control of the car back, so I awkwardly climbed over into the driver's seat. A towel seemed to be wrapping around my feet and impeding me, but with some effort I managed to get myself seated appropriately so that I could take over the driving. I had been planning to do some other things before leaving the quarter of the city that we'd come from, but by now we had driven away too far for it to be convenient to return, so I decided to just go home instead.

      After that I was waking up, but there was one more scene where I was standing next to a tram and again wondered if I wanted to return to the area I'd been in at the start of the dream. Once more I decided not to, since I couldn't be sure the tram would go to the right place either, and I was at that point under the impression that it was the tram, not my car, that had driven off with me.

      Then I realized with exasperation how absurd it was that dreams continually present me with situations that are extraordinary by the standards of waking life, yet I usually don't recognize them as evidence of dreaming. Why not? "I guess I just don't find them strange" was all I could come up with. Later I realized that I was at least still half in a dream state as I had these thoughts, and didn't realize I was dreaming then either.
    6. Deadly doll

      by , 03-03-2014 at 07:02 PM
      I am shown a picture taken by soldiers during the war in Afghanistan. In the picture there's this broken, miserable child's doll. It is a bomb in disguise. On it's blonde hair it is written in blue marker: "WHAT I ..."
      "They didn't know it was a bomb at the time the photograph was taken." The girl who is showing me the picture says.
      It dawns upon me that the soldiers might be dead. I am wondering/ worrying about this as I wake up.

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    7. Bus stuck in the sand

      by , 09-06-2011 at 11:00 PM
      I am at the coast I'm looking out towards the sea. I think I've come here with someone but now I'm alone.

      I'm walking down the beach but at the back behind the things that are on the beach.

      I get to a part of the beach where a bus had come over the edge and is buried in the sand. Not all of it just it's nose. People are there trying to get it out. I'm taking pictures of it in a surupticious way so people can't see me.

      Someone comes over to me I'm going home with this person.
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    8. stage photo for sister

      by , 08-26-2011 at 12:03 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was part of some situation that was like a TV show. In the show, there was some guy, who was either a young man or a young man dressed up like an old man. As the young man, he may have been clean-cut and slightly effeminate, wearing some kind of plaid, Abercrombie-style shirt. As the young man made up as an old man, he had white hair and wore a black suit.

      The man and I were with a few other people. The man started talking about how he was gay. I said it didn't matter to me whether he was gay. I said that I wasn't gay.

      There was now a transition scene, maybe to a commercial. The transition scene showed a bunch of hot girls in spandex suits like exercise outfits doing some kind of hip-hop dance on a big, wooden platform, like the floor of a dance studio. But this "floor" was either elevated above buildings, on the roof of a building, or attached like a ledge to a building. The camera panned away, revealing a huge city.

      I was now in a theatre. It was like the program I'd come to watch had finished. We were all leaving the theatre. There were only a few people left in the seats. I was up in the balcony. A female friend of mine stood to my right. Looking down to the stage area, I saw a big, wooden platform. It almost looked like a gigantic, wooden bed frame, with a tall, narrow mirror as the headboard.

      I told my female friend, "That's what my sister wanted me to take a picture of! She'd told me she wanted a souvenir shot of the big bed from the show. I had no idea what she was talking about. But now I remember it!" I also remembered that the "big bed" was the platform the dancers had been on during the transition scene.

      I pulled out a camera and started to take a picture. There were two girls, one in her early teens and one a bit younger, standing by the stage. The older girl wore a long, maroon sweater and a wool cap, and she had straight, black hair that flowed almost down to her waist.

      Either as the dream ended or as I woke up, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the two girls to stand near the "big bed," so I could illustrate the size of the bed by using them as reference points.
    9. grandpa's air force photos; lingerie store; song

      by , 08-25-2011 at 12:28 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was at my great grandmother's house. My great grandma (who IWL passed away about two years ago) was sitting in an armchair near her front door. My sister sat at a footstool near the chair. There were other family members in the house, as if we were having a gathering or party of some kind.

      My great grandma was showing us photos from a big photo album she had. The photo album had black covers, and the pages were letter-size, clear plastic page sleeves, probably with a black "backing" set into each sleeve. Each page had one photograph, which was as big as a letter-size piece of paper.

      The photos were from my great grandfather's time of service in the Air Force. Apparently he had fought in World War II. My great grandma and/or my sister told how my great grandpa would send these photos home in letters. The letters would be kind of cheerful, not hinting at any danger my great grandpa was experiencing.

      My great grandma had put all these photos into a book and then had then captioned each one in the same kind of cheerful, breezy tone that my great grandpa had used in his letters.

      My great grandma now laughed. She said that, looking back on these photo captions, she was shocked at how naive and silly they sounded, and how they trivialized the hard experiences my great grandpa had had in the war. We all laughed.

      My sister took the book. She may have had the intention either of putting the book away or of showing us the pictures, but not reading any of the captions. I asked my sister, a little forcibly, if I could see the book. I wanted to read some of the captions aloud. After my great grandma's story, the captions seemed like the most interesting thing of all.

      I sat down on a footstool on the other side of the room from my sister. I looked through the pages. Some photos had captions on their bottom edges, typed in. Others had captions written on the backs of the photos, scrawled out in big letters with some purplish pencil. Others had a combination of typing and handwriting.

      I now started actually looking at the photos. I was stunned when I saw a photo of a jet fighter, like an F-4 or an F-16. The fighter was on the ground, and it was largely hidden from view by big vehicles like trucks, so I only saw the nose, cockpit, and two rectangular air intake valves on either side of the nose.

      I looked at the back side of the photograph. It said F-15 and something like "Flurry or Fury" or "Fluffy or Fury." The word "Fury" was then repeated. This was all typed, centered, at the top of the page, as if by an official agency. There was a little bit more official text, followed by a lot of scrawled out writing from my great grandma.

      I stuttered to my family, "This -- this -- must be one of the first uses of jet fighters in actual combat situations!"

      My great grandma nodded in affirmation.

      I then flipped through some more pages. One group of photos showed some kind of switchboard area. Women were working the switchboards. There was one photo with a woman with dark hair, in a 1940s style, curly, down to about her shoulders. The woman wore a uniform, but I don't remember if she wore a hat. She may have been wearing small, round eyeglasses.

      I said, again in surprise, that this was one of the first groups of women to be used for something like strategic or technological operations.

      Dream #2

      I was walking into a really busy clothing store, coming in behind a big group of people. There were racks full of clothes as soon as we came in the doors. The people in front of me kind of filtered out to different areas of the store. A little girl in a cheerful-patterned, red and white dress followed the people.

      I basically went to some set of clothes racks with panties on display. There were some other people there. Two were a couple, a young man and a young woman. They both looked kind of well-off. I was afraid they would think I was a pervert for being here. I also worried whether the parents of the little girl I'd seen would think I was a pervert.

      Dream #3

      A song. A guitar played a nice sounding, strumming melody with a solid, but relaxed rhythm. I took this to be the foreground music. Then another stringed instrument (???) Would come in occasionally and add a little riff that sounded a bit like that "Brazil" song from the movie... um... Brazil, by Terry Gilliam.
    10. talking business and sexual arousal

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:37 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a small, tight bedroom with three old, white men and one young, black man. I was sitting in a metal-framed dining chair. One old man sat to my right. Another old man sat to my left. The third old man and the young man stood off to my left, near the foot of the bed. My vision was largerly focused inward and downward, really close to my body.

      The three old men were very rich. The young man and I were talking about working on a number of different projects for a company. There were at least three projects. The young man said that we should focus on the project that was something like an award ceremony, possibly for one key performer.

      I kind of felt like this wasn't the right thing for us to be focusing on. The other two projects were more administrative. They actually dealt with problems, and they actually needed work.

      My vision kind of drifted off, down really close to the floor and then toward an empty closet with open doors. I also had visions of photographs, like snapshots being laid one on top of the other, like in some TV show or commercial about traveling. Most of the snapshots had white borders, but some had pink borders. The photos may have been related to the projects the young man and I were discussing.

      My vision came back to my body. I dropped photos on the floor. I stood up and then bent over at the waist, with straight legs, to grab the photos. I basically shoved my rear end in the face of the old man to my right. I could see my back side. I was kind of old and flabby somehow, and I was wearing slacks that were really nice but kind of baggy. Somehow I could also see my butt through the pants.

      I sat down. The guy to my right was now acting really excited and nervous. We were all trying to talk about something, but the old man to my right was really too distracted to do so.

      The young man somehow let me know that when I had shoved my rear end in the old man's face, I'd really turned him on. Now the old man couldn't think about anything other than having sex with me.

      The young man let me know that I'd probably end up having to have sex with the old man now, if we wanted to get anything done with our business. The young man said, "Don't worry. I've had to do it before, too."
    11. He was Jealous, I had Mild Fear and (Pity or Shame)

      by , 04-16-2011 at 09:02 AM

      Slipping a Picture Out

      A younger man and a man who seemed to be something like his mentor. Doing some organizing or redecorating of some sort. Cleaning? Inside an old, historic feeling building. Many large windows around one end.

      The younger man
      (was it me? I seemed to switch back and forth from third person to somewhat identified with him) had accomplished something, some landmark. He seemed like a learned novice. He had a picture of himself to mark the occasion.

      The older man took a frame off the wall. The frame and its anchoring to the wall was complex, attached to a simple wood rod decoration with a few soft undulances and shallow, smooth, symmetrical crevices. It was dusty. Some old, shriveled cobwebs huddled against it. The frame somehow slid onto this bar to connect to the wall. He told the younger man that he was going to replace the older picture of another of his (students?) with this one. The younger man felt uncomfortable with this, knew it would upset the person who was being replaced. The older man didn’t open the frame, just slowly slipped the other picture out of the bottom, surprising the young man, who was me, and then slid the new picture in.

      The new picture looked casual and somewhat professional, but not strong, solid, and fitting like the old picture. It looked too new, too much of a body shot, too bright, not authentic and serious and traditional enough, with muted colors, like the picture that used to be there. But it did look happier and younger.

      The man whose picture had been replaced came over from the dim back of the building, which felt like an old bar. He was somewhat angry and jealous, disappointed, about his picture being removed. He didn’t feel positively toward the young man.
    12. More international dreaming.

      , 07-30-2010 at 01:25 PM
      I had agreed to do the voice recording thing with Tobias. But the thing was, I wasn't here recording it over the net, I was there in Sweden xD He said "hey come over here, how about we record this one?". So I went and sat next to him and watched the video he had pointed out to me. I thought that it was a nice choice because it had both English and Swedish subtitles. Near the end the dialogue sounded like French or Italian, and so I got confused.

      I walked away from that, and for some reason I was looking to find something to take a photograph of for him.
      I was walking along, and I passed this woman. She was blond and looked like she was in her late 40s. She was one of those types that was wearing make up to try and look young, but I guess it somehow just enhanced her wrinkles. She was wearing medical nursing scrubs, but I think they were pink. So it looked like a pink tracksuit.
      She told me in plain English "If you want to get a job here, you should become a foster carer. There are plenty of jobs for that here." I have no idea how true this is lol.
      Firstly, even though she said foster carer, she meant a carer for old people, in nursing homes. Secondly, I thought to myself how I'd need to speak pretty good Swedish for that, because all the old people won't really be speaking much English (or so I assume).

      I came across this grassy field and there was a tall building with a slogan on its side. I thought that the slogan was pretty cool, but then when I noticed that it was an advertisement for Target I decided against taking a photo of it. It was an Australian ad. Maybe I was back in Australia?

      There was some part where I was in the city. The people were much unfriendlier there.

      There was another part with my brother. I think we were in Taiwan; there was some Chinese guy.
      Oh yeah, we boarded a train. Except this train was really weird, but really cool. It was like some sort of showground ride, but not intense at all. It would follow this weird track set, which would go on circles and twist and turn and stuff. It was awesome fun. There was a man that was pulling us along and twisting the route and stuff. He was doing it with a rope attached to a pulley that was attached to the train carriage. He was Chinese. I think I remember thinking to myself how dodgy this is.
      For some reason there were eggs, and I was trying to show my brother the eggs. It is too blurry for me to remember xP
    13. Thunderstorm

      by , 07-12-2010 at 05:07 PM
      I was in the kitchen at my parents place. It was day and raining outside. Gradually the rain went over to be a thunderstorm. It wasn't very powerful at all though. After a while I think it subsided some and the clouds were pretty white.

      Suddenly I noticed two tornadoes that had formed. They were much darker than the rest of the sky. I got excited and decided to photograph it fast! I ran to my jacket and pulled out my cam from a pocket and hurried back to the window. They had decreased some, but there was still time to photo it. Much to my dismay I realised that I had my mums cam! Unacceptable! I ran back to my jacket (who walks around with several cameras in a jacket?), pulled out my own camera and rushed back. The tornadoes was over... xD I got disappointed. Left on the sky was only smoke that looked like tornadoes. The smoke came from peoples houses that were burning for some reason.

      Kim and Tistou appeared in the kitchen somehow and I told them about the tornadoes. Then we just random talked, I cannot recall about what. :/ I do recall though that Kim said some swedish phrases without any apparent accent, lol.


      I had another dream as well and it is very possible that that one passed over into this one. I don't remember much but it was something about me being at konsum (a food store) with some friends. I think Tistou was there. We were going to eat sushi. Somehow my old japanese teacher from gymnasium was dragged into it and she was there with some kids that was hers. We all was going to go home to her and make sushi because that was much cheaper than going to a restaurant.

      I don't know how this transcended into the thunderstorm dream, but I just have a feeling that it did.
    14. Flower place

      by , 07-10-2010 at 11:59 AM
      I awoke after this dream. I wrote down some keywords and checked the time. It was 05:53. That is about 3 hours after I went to bed. Should have written more keywords though since I now only remember it vaguely.

      I was in a very strange place. It was outside but somehow everything was different to it. It almost look like the school yard of my elementary school. But not really. More like it had vibes of that place. I was there alone. In a square shaped area there was several flowers growing. They were spectacular in some way. Like something you would see in a unicorn forest or a fairy land, lol. x)

      I was at that place for quite some time, but I can't remember what I did or if it even felt like long time. When the sun started to set, it shone epicly with a golden light on the flowers and I felt an urge to fotograf it. I hurried to bring up my camera and searched for a good view to photograph from. The sun sank quickly. I don't know if I managed to photograph it or not. I also recall being there at night afterwards but I have forgotten most of it.

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