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    1. Monday, March 9

      by , 03-15-2020 at 05:50 AM
      I am outside somewhere that seems pretty far from home, but still in the states. The sky is bright blue, streaked by billowy clouds that are moving at an almost impossible, time lapse speed. There is dense, dark green vegetation around and it seems humid out; this makes me think I may be on the east coast. As I walk, a large building comes into view. It looks like a classical style, whether replicated or actually antique I canít tell. There are two facades, the left one set at about a 20 degree angle from the main one. From the main facade cascades two long, straight staircases parallel with each other. Between them lies a fountain. I start up the stairs, passing a family coming down. I get the impression that this is a tourist site. I also get the impression of an octopus, I think because of how the stairs spill out of the main level? The stairs lead to a sort of open landing. On the ceiling I notice two different tracks of what almost look like fake icicles? running to the back of the room from the center line of each staircase. Though this main room is open to the outside, it is very dim. There are more people in here. Thereís also some kind of museum-like display. I look at it, noticing the photographs and placards of text. Thereís a wing off to the right that I think was the set of a movie. I want to go explore it, but the lights are all off and not coming on and itís kind of creepy. It looks like a nice house up here. I now leave and take a few pictures of the building. I think Iím somewhat self conscious of being alone and/or taking pictures.
    2. I tried to reach out , LD

      by , 12-21-2018 at 10:03 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      At morning I was really cozy in bed ,so I thought I'll just attempt a wild and try to find that sweet point of balance between consciousness and relaxation...
      And somehow I found that goldilocks zone of WILD.
      I observed that when I fall asleep it feels like if my eyeballs get under a gentle pressure ,and it feels like I'm focusing into the far horizon of space... and thats when things start to form, and then suddenly I found myself in an empty room.
      The dream was lackey still butI didnt care, I called out for N ...repeated her name a few times , thought of her, and then the dream dissolved and I floated up into this kinda fog, void...and started to see a picture...of a room, a messy one, and a door infront opening to another room...and then something else I don't remember... And then I found myself again in an empty house, I went out and found myself in a suburban neighborhood situationed on the lower part of a hill, mountain.
      It looked nice , but it was made of the same kind of buildings that are in my neighborhood so I realized that I'm still in my dream... and then I woke up
    3. Sunday, August 19

      by , 12-20-2018 at 03:46 AM
      I am at some house with some others (in the dream they are familiar, but Iím not really sure who they are. I think they are younger and family friends/people weíve known a while but donít see all the time). One of them is trying to see a picture of my hair when it was longer. I am looking through my pictures, but canít find one. I then go onto Snapchatís Ďmy eyes onlyí. I scroll slowly, thinking I have inappropriate pictures on here. The boy is practically looking right over my shoulder, and I wish he would back up a bit. I donít find any pictures except for what looks like a lot of pictures from Yosemite. I think I mustíve lost some pictures or something. Weíve been outside, but I now go up a slight hill and into the house to use the bathroom. Most lights are out and it seems later, leading me to believe that anyone in here is asleep. I go into the slightly large bathroom, and the door doesnít shut quite right. I then get it to stay as closed as itíll get and stand right by it while I use the toilet, since itís right by the door.

      I am with Melissa and Mom in a small coffee shop. Both Mom and I have cups that weíve just drank coffee from. I think they both still have ice in them. Mom sets hers on the counter and orders a chai with espresso in it. I ask for an in iced Americano, also setting my cup on the counter. We all sit at the counter and Mom tells us how her and the barista, a black lady a bit younger than Mom, have known each other for a while.
    4. Ice Cream collector?

      by , 08-20-2018 at 06:13 PM
      Ice Cream collector?

      I ran around doing my job, which was fixing birthday parties and it was a lot! But at the same time I needed to collect as many kinds of ice cream as possible to make the best parties. When I wasn’t running around preparing, I went to see my baby I had. A friend asked me if it wasn’t a lot of work with a baby and I said: “Nooo, not at all.” And just tucked in a bottle in the baby’s mouth. I also took the baby to my mother and told her to babysit my child, which she gladly did. I felt so stressed during the dream like I wouldn’t have the time to do all the things that I really needed to do. Later I found my phone laying in the baby’s carriage and had a look at it. Instead of showing the picture of the locked screen it showed me so many pictures it possible could in a few seconds. The time was also going faster as the pictures changed. All of the pictures were of a guy. A thought I had was that the time suddenly stopped at the time my alarm should go off. And so I realised it was a dream.

      Note: My alarm went off so I woke up tho… not sure if the dream was finished or not?

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    5. Dream - Frantic Farm

      by , 08-13-2017 at 01:58 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 13 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 177 - Frantic Farm

      I don't remember what exactly happened for the majority of this dream. From where I do remember, I was at some random farm with my mum and brother. We were visiting someone but I forgot who it was. My mum and brother went inside the house but I was still outside. I was running around the block of land but saw no entrance into the house. After a few laps, I started thinking about Dreamy WB for some reason but never got to calling her. I never found an entrance into the house.

      The dream scene shifted to me browsing on Instagram. I went to WB's page and saw heaps of junk posts on there, she even posted some pictures of Jeffy from SML. Then I was in my sitting room and there was this parcel from Logan and Chilly. I opened it and found that it was these cucumbers and zucchinis chopped up in an interesting way. Apparently Logan and Chilly wrote that I could use the veggies to put into a salad. After that, I was in front of the fireplace and was singing to a soundtrack song from Spyro The Eternal Night. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
    6. Train station, taking pictures and people leaving

      by , 01-23-2017 at 10:51 AM
      I am at a train-station.
      There is snow so appears to be like wintertime, but in a weird way I know I am in a warm country where winter with snow never happen. It is a dry and warm country in reality, the winter is meaningful in some way. There is someone with me, constantly behind my back and following. Its a friend.
      The country is a foreign place for me, a country far away, and we are both taking pictures with our cameras.
      I have noticed that mine has a very long lens on it, and I can zoom in very far. Its an interesting function, it takes some time for me to adjust and focus the camera. But at some point I succeed.
      I walk around in the train station and take photo after photo. Some are meaningless and not beautiful or interesting in any way. But every now and then I am surprised by how well a photo has turned out.
      I walk to another platform, where a train has arrived. People walk out of the train and there is a lot of hustling and bustling, people everywhere. Again I take a lot of photo's.
      The now empty train is soon going to a new place, so new people are going towards it to step inside and make their journey.
      People come form all corners and they even walk on the train track. It appears to be a country where a lot of people with dark hair live. I am not sure which country.
      I take a picture of how they walk towards and enter the train.
      When I look at the screen of the camera, I am utterly amazed by the beauty of the picture. Some people, people that are on the move, appear like a blur. Others are clear and colorful. I cannot explain what it looked like, it seemed a very balanced out picture.
      A flow of beautiful people leaving, on a journey. For some reason it has a significance that I do not fully grasp.

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    7. 5 days of DJ's due to Ice Storm issue & one DJ will make you roll w/ laughter!

      by , 01-16-2017 at 06:42 PM
      Thursday January 12, Non-Lucid: My childhood friend Shannon & I & some other friends of ours were in some sort of picture posing contest. At the end we submitted the photos that we had taken at a checkout counter which was of course odd. There were rows & rows of candy.

      Friday January 13, D1: Non-Lucid: I was staying w/ others at what looked kind of like a bed & bread & breakfast but it was actually a huge house w/ many several kitchens, floors, rooms & no sharing of bathrooms. It was very old but not run down. On the contrary that is what made it very beautiful. It had recessed panels in the walls which are something you might see an older library or very old home owned by someone wealthy. There was a creepy man running the "Inn". It felt like there were people in the walls which made me uneasy. It all felt like a very sinister situation which caused me to wake up. I snuggled up to Mike before I went back to sleep because I felt so uneasy.

      Friday January 13, D2: In & out of lucidity: I unfortunately chained right back into the dream. This time me & the mans son who was also there found a dead woman in one of the walls in a kitchen. Me & the other guests weren't being allowed to leave now. I was pleading w/ the man's son that we wouldn't tell anyone if he could just help us escape but he was terrified of his father. The son was a grown man in his 20's so it seemed as though this more young man had seen many horrors for quite some time. Me & the other guests had many failed escapes which only made the owner even angrier. I finally just woke up out of fear.

      Saturday January 14, Non-Lucid: I was in a minimum security prison but not sure why. I was in a class w/ Dana Carvey the actor/comedian. I was drawing a plan to escape but I'm not much of an artist. He said he'd give it some thought. Another day we came into another classroom much like the first & I sat in the chair that the "Top Dog" of the prison usually sat at. She was angry when she came in but finally let me sit there because I needed to sit there to see out the windows & out of door while I was sketching more ideas for an escape. Later she was very impressed by a fuse system I had developed to help us escape. My wbtb went off but I couldn't fall back asleep because I had to get up & check out the weather again. We have been doing this sense yesterday due to the ice storm warnings.

      Sunday January 15, Non-Lucid: My childhood friend Bobby & I were at a water park. I really wanted to stay asleep because I haven't seen him in a crazy amount of yrs. But of course I did anyway. The dream was pleasant & just a typical dream of having fun at a water park.

      Monday January 16, Non-lucid: This dream is funny but graphic so I need it to have a spoiler for ADULT CONTENT>

      Spoiler for ADULT CONTENT:
    8. 10/18/16 - Kid Purses and Arcade Games

      by , 10-19-2016 at 05:25 AM
      I'm in some kind of hotel. I walk alone down a hall and enter an arcade room. It's small and there's about 5 or 6 games. Two of them are being played by two girls that i know. I walk up to them and try to talk, but they ignore me. I take a closer look at one of the games being played and it strikes me as odd. The character has the body of a steak. Suddenly the character changes and it has the head of deadpool, but the body is skinless and bloody. The boss character goes behind deadpool and starts stabbing him. With each stab, deadpool swells up and cries out in pain, louder and louder. After a minute or so the character completely explodes. I back up and walk to the other side of the room. I see and vending machine with iced coffee and decide that I want one. When I go to reach for money I notice a sofa with something under it. I get down on my hands and knees and find 3 child purses. I pull them out and dig in them. In each one I find a 5 dollar bill. I get excited. Then in the last purse I find pictures of kids and baby pictures as well. I think it's weird, so I get up and throw them away on a trash can. I then go back to the vending machine but then remember that I can't get coffee cause I'm vegan.
    9. 8/25/2014

      by , 09-16-2014 at 10:40 PM
      False Awakening

      I woke up on a bed because I could hear the sound of a heavy breeze coming through an open window. The breeze sent printed pictures under the closed door to the outside of the room. I knew the breeze was telling me to go out of the room. I wondered why but all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. A powerful man's voice kept telling me I was dreaming, and that I had to go look at one of the rooms. I replied "I can't go back to the dream, it's already too late, I'm already awake." The voice replied, "You are in a dream; look at your watch," upon doing so, I realized that my watch looked normal except for the area where the date is shown was blank. I realized I was dreaming!
      I calmed myself and stabilized the dream. The voice told me "Someone is waiting for you at the open door" I went out the room and down the hallway to the left. As I passed the open doors, they shut by themselves. In the third or fourth door, I saw some sort of cat run out the room. I tried talking to it but couldn't speak. I reached the end of the hallway, which opened up into a small room with an open window and very big vans outside. I turned around and saw an open door. The place was dark and I said "Light!", which made a flash of light appear. The area lit up for a few seconds. I entered a room with an open door. The room itself was a little dirty and dark. I noticed two beds and said "Light!", making the flash of light appear again. I saw a woman on one of the beds, which startled me. I walked towards what I saw was an older woman, around 50, wrinkles, but attractive, skinny and a darkish skin tone. We made introductions and she told me her name was Lisa, but that I could call her whatever I wanted. She was very vibrant and outgoing and she told me she was what I refer to as a 'Dream Guide'.
      We chatted for a while and I eventually asked what the water in most of my dreams represented. She went on a long explanation about her being in prison and her being a native, and about a bear or something. I don't remember. I then asked her if the way I was woken up, with the wind, had any meaning. She smiled and said no. She started looking a lot older and my dream got blurry. I lost awareness and as I was waking up, Lisa told me I looked good at the grocery store.
    10. Pulled out when getting in...

      by , 05-01-2014 at 08:28 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      I'm on my bed playing with a camera, trying to take pictures of a city park in front of me, when a dark mist covers part of some trees. The image on the LCD looks very dreamy to me. Then I tell a DC on my side "it looks like it is a dreamscape". I try to get more pictures of it, until the the haze is to dark and the images turn in black. I get exited because of the possibility to get dreamscapes with this camera, then I point to a door on my left, by moving just the image on the screen with a smooth movement of my hands (it looked more like a 1st person game motion). When I press the button, I see the illumination of the image like the sun is moving really fast until I get a beautiful photo of a tree with its roots coming out of a wall next to a door. It's filled in blue and green colors besides the dreamy shadows. I'm fascinated when the DC turns into my wife and she tells me that we have to go somewhere.
      I want to take more pictures, when I notice I'm pointing a window in front of me. I put the camera down and I realize it's a known dreamscape in the outside! I tell her "Wow, there it is, it's THAT dreamworld I love the most!! I stand up from my bed to see an abandoned train station in the outside and tell her: "There is the old train station!!..." Then I take one more picture. I hear the sound of an analog camera when I press the button. I look around to realize the whole dreamscape, I'm simply fascinated!
      My wife doesn't seem to get interested at all, and she starts pulling me to go. I ask her to wait a little. I just want to go out of this dark room and explore, because I'm starting to realize what it means (it's a dream). Then she holds me from my genitals and squeeze them. That hurts and I'm thinking for what to do to get rid off her. I wonder about the pain, and she insists to take me out from here. I complain about it in a friendly way, trying to see the situation as something funny, but it's hurting me...
      Finally, I'm lying on the floor, with the camera on my hands with my wife pulling me from my genitals...
      then I wake up thinking perhaps she has something interesting to say or do...

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    11. Riding a boat, shop issues

      by , 07-19-2013 at 04:40 PM

      Length: ~1 hour
      Type: Non-lucid

      I was riding a boat with a whole ton of people. I can't remember whether they were in my family or not. But I knew that my Aunt Susan, my brother, and my cousin were there with me. So I sort of guessed we were in the same family. We were going to ride boats, and I started to say "I call the front seat". Because everyone knows its the best on a small boat. Surprisingly, no one argued. We got down and I got in a boat with... my cousin, my aunt, and my brother.

      We rode out first and started doing some loops around a island just offshore waiting for the others. Then they came out. It was like 7 boats packed to the teeth with people. My aunt said "Wow, that many of us...". My aunt then got out and said "Well, you don't have to worry about me, I'm walkin'"
      That did seem like her, always wanting to walk instead of being transported by other means, but it was strange, because I didn't even know you could walk this path.

      Now that's strange in waking life because I had knowledge of a path I'd never taken in waking life, but I knew about it in a dream.
      I feel like I'm learning new things about dreaming every night.

      Anyways, she hopped out and I took the controls, then I blasted away and the others followed me.

      Then, I woke up.


      Length: ~20 minutes
      Type: Non-lucid

      I opened a shop selling souvenir pictures from my trip to Alaska. I was at home flipping through channels on my favorite red couch (favorite couches never chance, even in dreams). Then my brother walked up to me and offered me some money for the shop. I hesitated, then sold him it.

      After this, I can't recall what happened, but I do know that I eventually got it back and he was madder than hell at me. Which isn't that weird in waking life.

      All that stuff gives me and excuse to not have done a reality check. No dream sign, realism (I was even thinking of setting up that "shop" in real life at Eugene's Saturday market!).

      Anyways... go along now.
    12. Man in the Canoe; Pictures in the Fog

      by , 10-12-2012 at 04:14 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Man in the Canoe

      I was on the computer. I saw a page of images with a girl. I selected the one I wanted and watched a video. It was of the girl masterbating.

      Pictures in the Fog

      It was night time. I was in the army or something--at least some commander type was ordering me to come with him. I told him I would be there in a minute as I had to get my shoes. He kept urging me. I finally convinced him I needed literally one minute to get my shoes. He said OK.

      Dream Skip

      It was still very dark. I walked along a path to a small bridge over a creek that led to a small lake. It was very foggy. The scene made a great picture, and I took a few.

      I was then at another such bridge and took similar pictures feeling fortunate that I had the opportunity to take these pictures.

      I started walking along the path when up from behind us came a Mustang. I identified it as such, then a DC identified it more specifically, I think as a Spitfire, which I realize is not a Mustang.

      I agreed that it was that, but then asked how he could tell. Before he could answer, the Mustang started coming up the trail towards us, but now it was a motorcycle. As it came up to us, I noticed that the front was built out as a motorcycle, but the back had a bicycle tire.

      The End
    13. Stupid camera!

      by , 03-19-2012 at 04:06 PM
      I were at some camp, Again.
      And I found out that some guy, and a girl friend of his, not girlfriend) had taken some photos of me. That worried, and annoyed me.
      Me and Lise, my friend went over to them. I asked him to borrow the camera.
      "No! Why? You'll just take it." He said irritated
      "No." I started convincing "Of course I won't. I'll use it on shopping!"
      "You'll just delete the pictures."
      "No." I lied, "of course not. Just give me the camera, please?"
      And that was what it took to get the little compact grey camera that may or may not have been digital.
      I went down to a clothes department, Cubus-ish I think, except I had never been there before. Lise were with me. To play out the "faking" I looked at some T-shirts along a wall. Then I lifted the camera to look through the pictures. I showed Lise.
      The little camera showed 5-6 miniature images of an unknowing little me walking around, standing around, sitting around.
      So I decided to delete them. I was worried that Sim. and Mal. (owners of stupid camera) would come down to check up on what we were doing. And just then they did. And that pushed me into a sudden hurry.
      I rotated the camera in my hands, and pressed a Menu button. A little grey menu on the right side showed up, but none of the three alternatives contained "trash bin". I lifted the camera feeling like a trapped mouse, looked beneath it, and all that was was little grey buttons. Agh!
      Sim. and Mal. were getting closer.
      "I told you." "What are you doing? Deleting the photos." "Give me the camera now!"
      "No.!" I said, rejecting to hand it over.
      Looking for a gap in their defense, and finding it, I leaped between them, avoiding contact with their bodies. I think Sim. had reached out for me, but missed way far off.
      I had managed to push out of the door when they got themselves together enough to follow me. I didn't have much of a headstart though.
      My heart was beating quickly and something similar to adrenaline started spreading trough me. I think I might have run over parked cars beside the sidewalk.
      Then the dream ended.

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    14. A Giant; Family and Friends

      by , 01-31-2012 at 04:15 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Giant

      I was looking out the side bedroom window. Clear as day, I saw a giant. He was about 80 feet tall. He was black. I remember the detail in his face...shape and all.

      He had bad intentions. I was really scared. I saw a school bus floating just outside my window over to the side. I remember telling my wife that it was all real, or that he was bad, as evidenced by the bus floating outside the window.

      The End

      I also had a dream about being a giant myself.

      Family and Friends

      I was in someones back yard. My fgf was sitting to one side. About 20 feet away, my dad was sitting next to M. About 20 feet away from that was another couple...they were friends in the dream.

      I was going to take a picture of my dad with his girlfriend, but his head was hanging down. I know this was because my father has passed away. Instead, I decided to take a picture of mogf, or the other couple, or maybe I ended up taking a picture of my dad and M. if he lifted his head. I can't remember, but I did end up getting one picture.

      This is interesting because I just had a dream about having pictures of me the night before.

      The End

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    15. At Work

      by , 01-07-2012 at 05:15 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      At Work

      I was at a job. I was on an elevator. I hit the wrong button which bothered me. It didn't have any major implications, but it was a flub that seemed to bother me due to some kind of implication.

      I was wearing a suit. This would be a reflection from the first corporate job I ever had. As I got off the elevator, I stood tall. I walked with a crowd. I looked over and saw the ogf. We didn't speak; I just kept walking, but this really effected the mood.

      I was showing somebody pictures of a vacation. This was strange because I got to see 2 of the pictures, and in my experience, seeing pictures, art, hearing music clearly--are all difficult to do, and I consider them free art. In other words, if I wanted to write down the music or recreate a piece of art, I wouldn't have to be creative because it all came to me in a dream.

      So, the picture I showed the lady was of my daughter with a bridge in the background. It was a basic bridge over water. My daughter had told me she thought it looked like the Golden Gate bridge. I thought she was so smart to remember that bridge, even just the name, as I had been to S.Fran as a kid, but she never had, so she was reaching deep to remember a picture or a conversation or something.

      The lady then said that if she turns out to be really smart, she could pass all the tests in high school really easily, or win awards in high school, or something like that.

      Then I saw a manager type figure. I tried to show him the picture, but it was at the bottom of the stack and I kept going forward. The pictures were not good, but then I came to one really interesting picture.

      I was on an I-beam like 500 feet in the air. I was sitting on the beam hunched over and holding on scared, but I had no ropes on me. I showed him the picture and wondered myself exactly how I ended up agreeing to be on that I-beam with no ropes. It wasn't a ride on an amusement park, so it was kind of weird that I ended up on the beam.

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