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    1. Accidental Lucid

      by , 01-24-2012 at 11:32 PM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      My recall has been getting better lately, but we are still far away from the best I've been and still the dry spell for lucids continues. Let's go back to the past again.

      Accidental Lucid
      Date: October 5th, 2009
      Lucid: Yes
      Method: DILD

      I was having a conversation with my brother in the living room. I was lying down on the sofa and he was using my computer, but with his head turned towards me. We were coincidentally talking about reality checks. My brother doesn't know much about LDing and in fact, he to this day thinks it's some kind of satan's worshipping. Anyway, I started demonstrating to him the different methods that you can use to RC. I didn't have any clue about being in a dream at that point.

      First off I did the plugging the nose -test. I managed to push some air out of my nose, but there was some friction, which made me think that I just didn't plug my nose properly. Still, the seed of suspicion was laid. Next I tried to push my fingers through my hand. My dreams are too realistic, I guess, for that to work. Nonetheless lastly I demonstrated the clock-test.

      The time on the clock only shifted around a bit, so I did the test multiple times, until on the sixth time the clock turned from 12 am. to 7 pm. That was big enough change for me to believe that I was dreaming. I didn't remember what was the monthly challenge. I even asked my brother, but he didn't have any clue. He was surprised too for this being a dream and started writing on my hand with a pen.

      Next I shouted "Clarity now!" to increase the clarity of the dream, despite it being okay to begin with. Shouting that didn't work for me though. Next I asked my brother to make the dream clearer. "Alright", he answered and started writing again on my hand. I guess the stimulation that the point of the pen caused on my skin was enough to indeed make the dream more clearer.

      I headed towards my brother's room, but he was still pestering me with that pen. I told him to do 100 push-ups just to make him leave me alone. Instead he just piled some junk on his hands and started doing bench press with them.

      I proceeded through a corridor towards his room. There was a lot of his stuff on the corridor just piled up, like he was moving or something. I accidentally caused one pile of cd records to fall. I froze and was afraid, that he would attack me angrily now. Instead he started crying over some record. I just told him that it didn't necessarily break.

      Then I just woke up, before I really managed to do anything special. That was my 19th lucid since I started closely keeping a record at the start of 2009.