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    1. The Pirate Dungeon

      by , 10-30-2017 at 01:11 AM
      It began with a pirate woman and her slave boy. I don't remember where exactly this took place but I do remember that this woman was able to reverse the gravity in the room and cause things to fall "up." When I came onto the scene I saw that she had her slave boy trapped on the ceiling. She reversed the gravity causing him to fall and then reversed it again before he hit the ground. The boy was clearly terrified and begged her to stop. She wouldn't though. The woman was clearly enjoying toying with the boy like this. I don't remember what became of him.

      Sometime later, I ended up in some sort of RPG-like dungeon. I don't remember who I was with but I remember that we were there to do something. We ended up running a perilous gauntlet and we were able to make it through after several tries.

      As we were exiting the dungeon we saw Sandy from SpongeBob Squarepants holding on for dear life as a flying pirate ship attempted to suck her up through a giant vacuum. We rescued her by pulling her into the dungeon. She was grateful.
    2. Pirates on the Porch

      by , 06-12-2017 at 12:12 PM
      Morning of June 12, 2017. Monday.

      I become aware that I am lying on a snow-covered sidewalk, possibly in La Crosse (where I have not been in real life since February of 1994). I “remember” that I had been with a group of pirates. Presently, I and at least three others are probably in need of assistance. We all are going to be taking at least two headache tablets (even though I do not have a headache). They are all on the ground, near parts of the snow-covered sidewalk. I also see a lot of powder, the appearance of which reminds me of powdered drain cleaner. Within the mostly white powder are slightly larger red, blue, and green grains.

      I take only two pills and, even though the others have probably taken four, decide to stop there. I also ingest just a small amount of the powder. Still, I wonder if I had taken too much. (I do not use any kind of drugs or medication in reality.) I feel an unusual blissful sensation as well as a slight vivifying of my dream (even though I am not lucid).

      Later, I decide to get up. The other pirates do not follow me at this time. I find my way onto a porch that seems loosely modeled after the King Street mansion’s front porch. I lie on the wooden floor for a short time.

      Soon, the leader of the pirates opens the front door and steps out onto his porch to see me lying there on my back. Even though I am a part of his group, he seems annoyed to see me and is going to shoot me. He takes out a flintlock rifle and aims at me. I do not really feel like being shot but I do not attempt to escape or even move. Suddenly, another pirate appears behind him on the porch (having just come in from outside) and shoots him in the back of the neck. This other pirate is Charlie Pace (a “Lost” television series character played by Dominic Monaghan). I am grateful and thank him. The rest of the pirates that had been lying on the snow-covered sidewalk enter the porch from outside and look down at the body, seemingly unsure of who the new leader will be.

      This is a typical porch dream of the type I have had all my life. Porches symbolize the waking transition of liminal space and often involve the personified preconscious (here, the pirate leader). The purpose of the preconscious is to initiate waking (or finalize the consciousness shift towards waking), sometimes by “killing” or annoying the fictional dream self (though sometimes linking “return flight” symbolism). Although it is rare to be “killed” in my dreams in a discernible manner, my emergent consciousness was projected as the pirate version of Charlie Pace (though sometimes my emergent consciousness is like an enemy as well depending on the type of waking symbolism that is rendered). (I have not seen an episode of “Lost” in a long time.) There was no direct hypnopompic surge (which probably would have happened had I been “shot”). It was a soft awakening. The very common dream sign of lying down having been “asleep” is present (and I am lying down in the last scene as well), which replaces the usual water induction (although technically snow is frozen water).

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    3. October 17 2016 Dreams

      by , 10-18-2016 at 01:39 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Frag: Something to do with a giant pirate themed place, walking on wooden rickety bridges, ships in various locations.

      Frag: Over at this playground which is lakeview playground IRL, there with a group of people my age. We're on the playground and then on the other side of a chain crossed fence. I was talking to a girl named X and now I had my arm around Dana talking about something, I could see X behind Dana glaring at her jealous.

      I'm in a class group in some sort of mansion that doesn't really contain any walls. The teacher is asking us to pair up so I'm looking around at people, everyone seems to be getting partners but I'm all alone. The teacher asks where Hayden T is and I check my phone to see he texted me telling me he wasn't going to class. It appears to me that I'm sorta in a Mario game, specifically Super Mario 64 in the castle level where you slide down the red carpet. On the opposite side of where you'd go to the carpet is a staircase which leads to blackness on some sides except the middle which has a swirling portal kinda like an instance portal from WoW and maybe some boosting portals before it. We start to go down the other side and the path is not a red carpet but a snowy slope. I'm still looking around for a partner when I see Hayden behind us. Everyone in the class group is now sliding down this snowy slope. I'm sliding on my butt up small hills and off of jumps, grabbing onto overhanging tree branches to do tricks, trying to impress the teacher and landing perfectly down sloping angles so it doesn't hurt. My alarm wakes me up while I'm mid-air.
    4. Early Dream Recall

      by , 01-20-2016 at 01:39 AM (My Dream Journal)
      These are my earliest dream recalls I can remember. They were from back in kindergarten.
      My class was taking a field trip to a muesuem that cars were driving through. A little bit later we were walking in the streets of a city. I remember seeing a cat trap with a man trapped inside. It was Sam, the kindergarten helper at school. He was begging for help, but none of us would help him.
      The other dream was more vivid, and probably the most scary dream I have ever had in my life. (I don't get nightmares, or just don't remember them.) I was at one of those hotel pools, standing on the edge of the pool. There was a man on the other side of the pool, only he was more like a pirate. He was not exactly a person, more like a picture on the wall. He began talking to me. "I bet I could smile and scare you with it."
      I replied, "I don't think so."
      He then swooped over to me and smiled. It was a scary smile, that's all I remember. I then fell into the pool and tried to swim out, but I couldn't figure out which way was up or down. I was trapped.
      I think this next part was from the same night as the last dream, but not completely sure.
      I was half at a carnival, half at my house on the driveway. The pirate man came up to me and grabbed me. I tried to scream, but couldn't.
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    5. 6 June: stranded in a dead spinning planet

      by , 06-06-2014 at 11:52 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am visiting some planet colonized by humans. All is well, until some shit happens on the other side of the planet and humans explode the most powerful atomic bomb ever. The planet is not so big and the strength of the bomb is enough to alter its rotation and orbit. Where I am, we're not affected by the explosion itself, but soon after the planet starts spinning uncontrolably and we feel the most horrible sensation ever. We consider suicide, because we can't do anything at all for ourselves, we just experience this huge nausea and inability to walk or do anything at all. But luckily the spinning starts decreasing to a more manageable level. But then we have to consider the nuclear fallout. I hide in some sort of mine with facilities attached, where I meet a couple of people who live and work there. We lock ourselves in, isolating all the entries, but then we wonder what we will do, as we will need water and food. They have a stock that lasts some time, but then we have to start foraging outside. But the atmosphere no longer offers as much protection against space radiation and it is worse during the day, with the local sun's radiation at its peak. We learn this the hard way, after watching a lady die with severe burns, almost turning to ash, so we only go out at night with lots of protection.
      Some night we manage to find a communication device that works and we learn that people on Earth know what happen and are sending rescue for survivors.
      Meanwhile, some kind of space pirates flying nearby, also know about the situation and come down to the planet, to scavenge and loot. We have a close encounter with a couple of them, we don't really have anything for them but they threaten us with weapons. We manage to escape and right when we're on top of a hill and spot a rescue ship, a volcano erupts nearby, signaling the start of the planet's collapse. The rescuers takes us in and from space we can this planet wobbling in a strange infinite symbol shaped orbit and blowing up from the inside in multiple volcano eruptions.
    6. So many bunnies

      by , 12-08-2013 at 01:15 PM
      I was in a house full of bunnies. They were filling up the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth floors.

      They started escaping.

      I ended up in an ocean in a pirate ship, with bigger pirate ships around us. We were in battle. Once we escaped the other ships, somebody yelled that there was a black hole.
      I looked ahead, and saw a huge hole in the water that we were spinning into.

      Right before we got sucked in, I woke up.
    7. 23rd Sep 2013 Fragments

      by , 09-23-2013 at 11:14 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some video game and we were defending some place, there was something about zombies.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was in some outdoor area with a team of people, there was something going on and we had to fight someone and soon we have reached some foresty area. Here we started chasing some pirate that was turning the place into minecraft-like gravel somehow.
    8. 2013; September; 6: Pirate adventure against Satan; Super-powered-kids?; Lucid one

      by , 09-06-2013 at 02:36 PM
      These might not be all of the dreams I had.

      > Might think of this one later.

      Edit 2: I'm not sure when I had this dream, But I dreamed of the scene from The Andy Griffith Show in which Rafe Hollister was in jail after having refused his vaccination and Andy was singing "Dig my Grave" Or whatever the song is.

      > After a pirate routine and fighting with someone the thought of making kids with Satan (Who was a female dog or something) came up. I (Or whoever I saw through the eyes of) did not do that but thought about it.

      This was near and island of some sort and I recall a boat or swimming.

      It was (I think) Highly influenced by this video which I saw in the four hours prior to sleeping:


      And now after I went through the video comments and thought of the video some more, yes it was. I even remember the bats in the dream, Somewhat. I met Satan on a boat, On a raised part of it where the floor had mostly fallen off or was damaged.

      I also recall someone moving around on the island which had trees but in general was very dark.

      > Three kids had super-powers of some sort

      I recall seeing in a house and in the bedroom where the kids lived, I thought of Fairy Oddparents but I never watched the TV show, And an image of one of the (Cartoon) kids had "655" on his shirt when at first I thought it may have been "666". I think it was explained how they got their powers too.

      > In a warehouse?

      > There was a lucid one or fairly lucid dream at some point of the night.

      Reason for editing: The title said this was on September 3 but it was September 6.

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    9. Pirate Investigation

      by , 08-12-2013 at 11:48 PM
      This was a weird one that came out of nowhere!

      I was a member of a pirate crew on a pirate ship. I am not sure if I was a pirate or just myself among the pirates. One of the pirates on the ship, a good friend, a good man who owned a treasure map, was murdered by another pirate. I then set out to investigate who killed the pirate. It was kind of like a whodunit murder mystery. I talked with the captain, some of the crew and the murder victims two sons. Strangely one of the sons is white and the other is black. Tension was running high on the ship. The captain was angry one of his crew had betrayed him and killed another member of the crew. The victims two sons were very sad. None of the crew trusted each other. The murder was unsolvable.

      The dream skips to a later date. I am at a party with balloons and laughing people. I stand alone in a bedraggled shirt, stubble and glasses, in a thin rooms with lots of light. Presumably a lot of time has passed and I have been affected by the loss of my pirate friend. I am with none of my fellow pirate crew so I assume we disbanded after the murder. The two brothers, sons of the victim walk in behind me. They are holding their dead dad's treasure map with glee, looking pleased with themselves. Turned out they had killed their old dad for the treasure map, and were secretly very greedy, malicious and evil. I slowly turn around and they look at me and fall silent.

      The dream then resets to when I'm still on the ship, solving the murder. (Sometimes my dreams reset, so I can 'do the dream right' or 'follow another path in the dream' (hard to explain, but it's how it is).
      I burst into the brothers room where they are their with the treasure map and try and fight them. They overpower me. The dream resets to before the right. I make a plan with some of the other crew to tie the two brothers up to the main mast with rope.

      That's where the dream ends, and I wake up.

      Quite an odd one! Maybe I subconsciously want to become a pirate private eye. I quite enjoyed it. I don't know how my mind comes up with this stuff.
    10. 12th May 2013 Progressive warfare video game, Being a pirate, Maze inside the ship, Dream control

      by , 05-12-2013 at 08:39 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was pretty tired yesterday and when waking up in the middle of the sleep... i just went back to sleep. Woke up with no recall, but in the next 40 minutes or so it came by itself.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some game by being in the game. The game was about some warfare, it started with some medieval stuff then i was a ninja and i had to assassinate some enemy commanders. At one point i have found some position behind some barrels that made AI bug out and go here one by one, but shortly enemy general appeared and i was not able to defeat him, so i had to retreat.
      Then the technology progressed and we got rifles and stuff and i was more usual soldier, i was in some kind of mansion and had to protect general from some attacks. Then there was some discussion about attacking the enemy and we have planned something.
      Technology progresses once again and now we have tanks and in the next mission i was controlling one of the tanks. There was massive battle between the two sides with various vehicles and we won.
      Technology advanced again and then we were having some kind of festival in the base. Suddenly enemy attacked the base and there were a bunch of(rather small) nuclear explosions caused by the enemy attacking our nuclear powered buildings. The landscape was ruined, i picked up the nuclear missile launcher from the arsenal as well as some other weapons and went to deal with the problem. Soon the mission was completed.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was a pirate and i was on the pirate ship with the team. After some discussion we have noticed another ship in the distance and decided to board it. During the boarding we have found out that there's the whole underground maze in the ship(somehow) and i went to explore it. I had to go around the maze fighting various creatures and then eventually i have found the treasure. I fought my way back out of the maze and then we had a discussion with the rest of the team about treasure and ships. Then we decided to launch some fireworks.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      I was on dreamviews chat talking to Hukif and some other people. We have come to decision that dream control is possible in 'waking life' but only up to some percent of power. I launched AI War game and we have changed some stuff in it with dream control.
    11. 04/21/13 Treasure on the Mountain

      by , 04-25-2013 at 01:44 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Treasure on the Mountain
      I am in a green field lying on a blanket, staring up at the clear blue sky. Someone is standing over me with a sword, and it looks like he is going to run it right through me when he gets struck by lightning. I hear, "Pii… kaa… chuuu!" as the lightning bolt goes off, the attacker collapses to the ground smoking slightly. I sit up and see there are more enemies around me, and a pikachu sitting right beside me. An angry pikachu. He uses his thunder attack on more of the people standing around me, I recognize them as Templars… I use Battery and add my lightning to Pikachu's storm.

      Templars are taken out in a massive lightning storm. The field of green grass is now clear, though there are some burned spots on the grass where Templars got struck by lightning. I remember that the plan was to get to the moon and do some healing. I open a portal to get to the moon, then I go through into the area around the balancing pools. Nomad is already there, as is Winter. Winter is floating in the water as if asleep, she is a mermaid just floating in the middle of the pool about a foot under the surface of the water. I get in the water and feel its relaxing warmth, I focus healing energy into Winter and through Nomad's foot as well. Nomad has said the injuries on his foot are just about gone, which I am glad of. I focus more healing energy on Winter. I drift in the water for a few more minutes, or it might have been longer, I can't be sure. Nomad gets out of the water and I follow him to the moon tower. Inside the control room there is a display showing the deck of the Black Pearl, I know what ship it is because I can see Captain Jack Sparrow on it. A portal opens near the display and Nomad goes through it, I follow him. On the other side Jack doesn't seem surprised when Nomad and I just appear from nowhere. I notice we are sailing rather close to a sheer cliff on an island. The rock face climbs into the sky, it looks virtually impossible to scale. I see a ledge far up the cliff, almost to the top. I know that is where we are going. Jack says we have arrived just when needed as usual, so how do we go about getting to the treasure cave? I activate my tiara and form raven wings, flying up into the air briefly and then landing. Nomad transforms into a winged black feline, a lot like a large winged panther.

      Jack says something about how having a pair of wings sure would be useful… I use Of Wolf and Man to transform Jack to a winged form, his wings turn out to look like the wings of a giant sparrow. He flaps them a couple times and easily takes flight. All of the crew are watching the three of us with their eyes wide, no one says anything about wanting a pair of wings of their own, however. I pick up a golden monkey statue before taking to the sky and flying up to the cave entrance. Nomad and Jack follow me. Inside the cave there is a pedestal near the far end of the cave. There is a spot on the pedestal that is the right size for the golden monkey. I set the monkey on the pedestal, it fits into an indentation like a key. It sinks down farther into the indentation and then a door slides open in the back of the cave, a door that had been completely invisible before. We go through the door and down a long passage before coming to a huge chamber. The chamber is illuminated through a hole in the roof of the cavern through which I can see blue sky. The room looks even brighter than it would otherwise look because there are piles of gold coins scattered through the room, huge piles, it definitely looks like a dragon nest. And in the middle of the room there is a large golden egg nestled in a particularly large pile of gold.

      Nomad has gone over to the egg and is looking at it closely. I comment that without its mother's flame to warm it the egg won't hatch. Jack asks what I know about dragons, I tell him I have seen a dragon egg hatch one time before, and this one looks like that egg off of Harry Potter. Nomad transforms into a humanoid winged black panther and takes the egg carefully in hand. I look around and see Jack Sparrow collecting some gold in a large sack. He looks and sees me watching, he says his crew won't work for nothing… There is so much gold there that the small amount Jack collects isn't even noticeable. Nomad suggests taking more, the egg probably needs to be in gold when it hatches. I collect a bag full of gold before we leave the cave and fly back down. The door to the treasure chamber closes when we remove the monkey statue. We all fly back down to the ship where the crew is still waiting in the Black Pearl. Jack tosses his bag of gold over amongst them, telling them that is their cut to divide amongst them, they look in the bag and seem very happy with that. Someone asks what about the other bag, and what is with the egg? Jack says he's going to be a father… then indicates a chest, which I pour my bag of gold into. Nomad sets the egg in the chest carefully. I tell Jack it's going to need some fire to hatch… fire like its mother would provide if its mother had still been there. We build a nest out of hay, grasses, and some wood, and then I use a small fireball to set it on fire. The fire caresses the surface of the egg. Jack tells his crew to gather what they can find that will burn, that fire can't be allowed to go out. They start bringing various items over. I wonder if the egg can still hatch, how long has it been without its mother? I am still wondering this when I wake.
    12. 04/23/13 Stolen Treasure

      by , 04-24-2013 at 05:41 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Stolen Treasure
      I am on a ship at sea, it looks like an old pirate ship. I am there with Jack Sparrow and Nomad, I look around and see Spike is also there looking out over the ocean. I see there is another ship in the distance. A sailing ship. I wonder what that ship is doing. Nomad asks if I realize I am dreaming. I do a reality check by pinching my nose and finding I can still breathe. Jack says they have already spotted us and are getting closer. Nomad says someone should distract the enemies while someone else goes in and gets the monkey idol. I see that the other ship is indeed getting closer.

      I am not sure if they are approaching us or if we're approaching them, but they are definitely closer. Some cannons are fired at each other, then the ships are close enough to board, and then a fight starts. I wonder where the monkey idol might be kept on the ship. I have an idea on where I need to go to find it. Fighting is going on all around me now. Someone tells me the idol is in the cargo bay, go get it while everyone is distracted by the fighting. I look over the edge of the ship and I see there is a hole in the hull of the ship made by a cannon ball. I slip over the edge and in through that hole. I now find myself in a room with a lot of crates in it, though there is one in the middle of the room with three men guarding it. I wonder why they aren't going out to join in the fight… whatever they're guarding must be very important. The men attack me when they see me. I form Witchblade into a sword and block the attack from the first one, using Battery to strike the others with a bolt of lightning. I am able to take the last one out with my sword. I go over to the crate they were guarding, keeping an eye on the exit to the deck, wondering if anyone heard that something is going on in the cargo area. I look into the crate and I find a statue made of gold in the form of a monkey.

      That's what we're after! I take the monkey statue from the crate and head back over to the hole in the side of the ship. I jump out of the ship and telekinetically fly over to the Black Pearl, depositing the statue on Jack's ship. I telepathically tell Nomad that I have the monkey statue. He and the others fighting on the other ship come back to the Black Pearl. We are already moving away from the other ship, it seems they are much too slow to catch up with the Black pearl. A few more cannon shots are exchanged before we are out of range, leaving the other ship far behind as they are still trying to turn around in order to follow. I am watching that ship disappear in the distance as I wake up.
    13. Library Yetis, Pirate Ships, New Roomates

      by , 12-04-2012 at 08:01 PM

      1st Dream
      Run into an old friend from school. I have been worrying about where to live when my roomate gets married next year and out of the blue this old friend invites me to live with him. I agree and we start to move my stuff in. I wake up and get pretty shitty when I realized it was only a dream.

      2nd Dream
      I am at my local library checkin out some new books to read. My hands are full and I have my girlfriend get my keys out of my pocket so we can get in the car. She does and we get in the car, but it won't start. As I look at the horizon I see about 20 huge yetis running down the hill straight for my car. I am not worried. All I can think is "fuckin yetis, now we're gonna be late". To what, I have no idea. The yetis run up to the car and begin to shake it back and forth like an angry mob. As they do this they transform into people. Very strange.

      3rd Dream
      I am sleeping in a hammock in the crows nest of a pirate ship. The view is beautiful as I awake but quickly turns dark and stormy. I have to come down because it's freezing cold and lightning is everywhere. I put on my favorite sweatshirt and head down to the hold. A girl I had a thing for in highschool is there wearing only a towel. She smiles at me, drops the towel, and walks up to me. I wake up. MAJOR BUMMER
    14. Running from Pirates

      by , 05-09-2012 at 03:52 AM
      I remember me and a friend are trying to get away from some pirates. We are on a small island sort of thing and we open a hatch into the ground and start running through a underground tunnel. Some how me and my friend get separated and lost in this maze of tunnels. I here foot steps behind me and one of the Pirates shines a flashlight on me and yells to the others "There she is!" He starts chasing me and I freak out and run as fast as I can. I come up to a ladder and climb up and out into the opening. I'm standing on a round platform in the middle of the ocean and there is no where to run. There is a metal pipe lying on the ground so I pick it up and prepare myself to knock the pirate out when he comes through the opening. The pirate pops his head out and I hit him but rather than passing out he yells "OWWW!" He looks up at me with this puzzled expression and asks "Why'd you hit me?!" I respond "Because your a pirate trying to kill me." He shakes his head "NO I'm trying to capture you, and you didn't have to hit me." I'm quite confused as to how the situation turned and made me the bad guy but I start to feel sorry and began to apologize. Then the guy is like "Whateves...my ride is here..." I turn and there is a giant cool looking Pirate ship.

      That is all I can remember from my dream.
    15. A scary movie

      by , 04-08-2012 at 10:36 PM (I hate Titles...)
      Me and my step dad are going to go see a scary movie that's coming out in the theatre, but for some reason I go into a childs movie. inside of it, the dream changes to a trolley of some kind leading to an amusement park? The amusement park had something to do with Pirates,

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