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    1. 18-01-23 Plane Crash, More Sex

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:40 PM
      I was in a commercial airliner. Right after takeoff, I could immediately feel something was wrong. It all happened so fast, I had no real time to fear for my life. The plane crashed, and by the time I realized what happened, I was in a burning wreck. The only survivor.

      Not sure how it happened, but I was having sex with some girl. No details required. I'll save those for my private dream log offline.

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    2. 17-02-17 Private Jet Crash, Lynn

      by , 02-27-2017 at 02:05 AM
      I was on board of a private jet, along with someone I knew from waaay back in school, when I was 6-8 years old (Mercedes). The plane was on fire, and we were definitely going down. I could barely stand, with all the shaking of the plane. One thing I noticed was that I wasn't scared. In real life, I really hate flying. It gives me horrific anxiety. So I should have been mortified if we were crashing, but I felt like nothing could possibly happen to me. I decided to abandon the plane, so I jumped out. We were already flying really low, so it was a relatively short fall to the grassy hills below. My fall was possibly slowed by the usual gravitational weirdness. Mercedes somehow also got out fine. Not sure how, I didn't see her jump. The plane carried on in the distance, a trail of fire and smoke behind it. Of the two pilots (a man and a woman, both black like Mercedes), the woman jumped. But she got tangled in some rope from the plane as she fell, and she was horrifically hung in mid-air, snapping her neck... The plane dragged her behind it, and presumably crashed in the distance. Anyway, I left the area and entered a big city. It seemed completely abandoned, and I felt like I was watched. I felt an evil presence in the area. Like something was 'wrong' but I couldn't say what. After a while, I found a group of guys, about my age. They reminded me of REDACTED. I entered a large building, perhaps a opera house? I had stuff to do there, a "mission". It was very dark, but there were guards patrolling the area. The rest of the dream was in the style of "Splinter Cell", the game. I hid in a shadow, and had a guard in a choke hold from behind. Another guard came very close, and would have discovered me. I think I was left with no choice but to shoot him with my suppressed pistol.

      I was sitting on the back of Lynn, a girl I used to have a massive crush on back when I was between the ages of 9-11, as she was flying. Weird, I know... She landed somewhere, and we talked a bit. I think there was a bit of confusion for a second, as she thought I was still into her, or something like that. I'm not. She was nice to me, surprisingly. Friendly.
    3. #164 - Plane spinning

      by , 11-24-2015 at 10:43 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Once again I was too busy during the day and didn't get the chance to write this up until now (~10:30pm)

      Dream - Plane Spinning
      I was at my parents house where there was some sort of test going on, designed to determine your 'spirit power' or something. I remember walking from the kitchen into the lounge and I'd finished the test in this moment, my spirit was apparently the best. This high spirit meant I could qualify as a teacher which was what my friend Zac had wanted to be. Though, I wanted to be a bounty hunter which a high spirit wasn't really necessary for. There were other 'skills' which you needed to get these jobs too but I don't recall there being any specifics.

      Some time later I think we must be outside on the deck by the lounge, we're listening to something about bouncy balls. I look above me and peer at the sky, seeing a powerful stream of air flowing visibly in the sky. This part stuck out to me visually as I don't think I'd seen anything like it before and it was pretty intense looking. Besides me is an old school mate, Jeff. I alert him to the air streaming above us but he isn't interested, he just wants to learn about bouncy balls. Suddenly there's a big plane which flies in from that air stream in a nose-dive. It pulls up and levels out but the entire plane is spinning very very very fast. I remember thinking that even if they stopped spinning, the passengers would be dead from the intensity of the spin. Its wings look munted and it soars over my house (within like 20m) towards a tree. If it can't pull up the plane is screwed I think... I feel like there was a bit of dream glitch here, the plane collides with the tree and breaks so branches, somehow it stops spinning but then it's further back and it has to pull up now and go over the tree. Like it had two chances?..
    4. #141 - Hime / Skateboarding / Plane ride / Class

      by , 10-27-2015 at 11:29 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Slept from 10:30pm - 8:15am, I think I was pretty tired from getting used to ADA and meditation + studying for exams.

      Last night I found it hard recalling dreams, I had to really sit there and think for a while. My dreams were also very vivid, so much detail which I think may be a result of practicing ADA.

      Dream 1 - Hime
      A called this dream Hime, because in my dream it meant 'home' in another language. I felt like I was in a foreign country like Switzerland or the Netherlands maybe. I remember being outside a house and looking at a letterbox with 'Hime' on it, there was a warm and welcoming middle-aged lady who smiled cheerfully at me. This was her home. I think there was also something sex related, as I remember it talking about safe-sex and giving out a few packets of condoms. The scenery was blanketed in white snow too, this dream was surprisingly clear and vivid but I couldn't recall much.

      Dream fragment - I may have been an assassin, it was quite a brief dream snippet but I just get the feeling it was related to assassins.

      Dream 2 - Skateboarding
      I remember skateboarding in this dream and it was AMAZING. I don't skate in RL but this was awesome. It's like some kind of skating track in the hills, with jagged schistose rocks (like greyschist) around. Along the course were these tunnels too. I was at the beginning of the course with a couple friends, Sam and Aaron. There's some fragment about a plane at this point but I can't recall what. I go onto the course first, I'm skating down this narrow dirt track that shouldn't be able to accommodate a skateboard. There's all these jutting rocks that you have to dodge on your way down. The first tunnel comes up and I duck, gliding into the darkness then shooting out the other side. 'This is incredible!' I think to myself, I really want to video it and show it to my girlfriend. I slow down slightly so I can fumble around in my pockets to get my phone out. Zoom! Through another tunnel and out the other side. It's too hard to start videoing whilst skating so I stop now and move off to the side so I can set it up. My friends catch up, and decide to stop and wait up for me too. We sit off on the site in the grass on top of a jutting rock outcrop. My friend Aaron says he's going to make tea from some plants for later (like we're supposed to be gathering our own supplies or something). I look at the plants he's looking at and touch one, it looks like a stinging nestle. God damn it. Remembering my past experience with them I wonder if I should warn him, though after touching it I don't think it is a stinging nestle. The other is a small Kowhai. Both of these are only 30cm tall max. He says he doesn't know what the leaves are but they should work . Looking down the route a bit more I see some other people, I recall seeing them at the start. One had a distinctive fake-looking black afro and pimply white skin and acts like a very bro kind of dude. They're probably about 50 metres away, I think the scene slightly changed as the area is bigger than before with a grass field nearby with a couple trees on it. In the distance there's a vast looking landscape with mountains. Further up the skating route I spot Sam's younger brother, Laurence. He's here with his mates it seems. I think me and my mates walked down on the grass and one of the guys passes by heading towards Laurence's crowd, he makes a remark towards me "Oh look the planes coming down!" sarcastically pointing at a plane in the sky. He continues walking and as I look up I notice that suddenly the plane is actually in trouble. It looks like one of the wings has broken off (it's a small plane). I sprint forward keeping an eye on the plane, it'll maybe crash about a 5-20 minute run away (it seemed far away and at times it seemed close)? I don't know if I'll be the first on the scene but I have to try something. I decide to head to the building on the grass near me, it's blocked the view of the plane from the others so I'm the only one who knows it's crashing. I rushing in and opena door into hallway. At the end I spot a woman drinking a cup of coffee unaware of the crashing plane. I turn left and out of another door onto the backyard. Looking up I spot the part of the plane that had fallen off, it's about 50m in the air and being blown about by the wind. I keep running, it's heading in my direction and crashes near me. I think about how the lady inside must be shocked. I look up at the plane, it falls out of sight beyond an edge on the hill I'm on. I sprint faster and come to the edge - fwoop! Off the edge I go, it was apparently a cliff? I manage to reach an arm out and grab hold of the ledge, hanging by one arm over a huge fall... It must be about a 500m fall into a forest. The ledge I'm hanging from is slightly undercut, I imagine that it will start crumbing under my weight soon unless I hurry up. I reach my right arm up and grab the ledge, trying distribute my weight a bit. I shuffle my left arm forward and get my elbow on, good, this should be okay now...
      Uh oh, I spot a crack in the wall as I lift my head above the edge, I have to hurry, it starts crumbling and giving way like loose sand. I'm a goner now, I know I'll die so I just decide to wake up instead.

      Dream 3 - Plane ride
      I'm in a plane with my friend Daniel and then later on I'm at his house. I go into the kitchen and his dad is there. We're all talking and I mention something about it being nice to have been able to catch a plane with a friend for a change instead of going alone. He says that we never caught a plane together... What?! I'm sure we did, but as I think about it I realize that I must have just dreamed about it . I don't become aware that I'm still dreaming though . I think I had been messaging my girlfriend on skype and then she called me. We had been talking about finally being able to meet up this holidays. She crying on the phone, we probably can't meet up this holiday anymore as she wants to spend time with her granddad who is dying from cancer. She says something like "Nothing is too good to wait for 3 months" - which translated to meaning if we love each other we can handle waiting another 3 months. Damn it. There's also a bunch of background noise going on, I notice vividly the sounds going on... Her voice, her crying, the sound of Lord of the Rings playing on the TV at her house, the sound of cars zooming past as if she was also outside. Even the subtle conversation of my friend and his dad behind me.

      Dream 4 - Class
      Another vivid dream from last night, which I forgot most of ... I remember being in my home village but I think it's related to having some kind of skill/power and it leads me to getting placed in a special educational class for the gifted. In this class I sit at the back left of the room next to the wall. The teacher at the front is teaching us random stuff, it feels like some kind of manga story-line progression where I can tell what the future plot line is supposed to be. The author doesn't know a great deal of science so the learning is restricted to basic stuff at first but later on advances to some serious chemistry. The classmates I have aren't all human I think, I remember one girl had the skin around her lips kind of pulled back so her teeth were exposed. It wasn't creepy looking though, just 'normal' in this dream world I guess. I remember some kind of alien joins the class, not seriously at first but something happens and he wants to join the team. He sits at his desk to the right of me and I notice him writing out a list of alien names in four columns about 5 names long in each column. He's a poison master which is apparently quite rare and powerful. Everyone has to turn their desks now, I'm now in the front row (we turned to the left). The teacher is now in the front of the class a bit to my right. I'm by the other wall now where I'm sitting, I see the piece of paper the alien had written the names on. He's one of us now, I pick it up and unfold it, and hand it over to him in a friendly manner. I sit down again, the teacher comes near me and starts writing on the wall right next to me, I look up at the board (which is on the wall next to me that he seems to be writing on) and see a plethora of complex math equations. It's insane. I look at all these numbers and stuff and it's so vivid, I think to myself that I hope he doesn't ask me to answer any of this -.- I haven't studied this before. He goes back to the front of the class and there's apparently a mix up with this board that he's supposed to be using at the front of the class. It's like a diagram thing that is supposed to be in another room. Some people come in and he's a bit confused, they take their board back and the teacher starts looking around for the correct diagram board. The girl with the retracted skin around her lips comes up and finds it, putting it up on the board for the teacher. I think she smiles at me but it's hard to tell O_O.
    5. The Smallest Plane Crash + Monsters And Other Things

      by , 07-26-2014 at 01:05 AM
      Dream 1:

      First we were at some theatre and there was a man on stage with a dragon that looked like it was made of clay and at the end of the shows it turned into a paper box kite, still in form of the dragon, but for some reason I thought it was a giant squid. Later in the dream I discovered it was real whilst walking through a plaza of Japan, but while it was in front of me, instead of a dragon it was a giant shrimp (but I still thought squid). Turns out the guy who owned the dragon/shrimp/squid was actually John Watson (Sherlock) who hated the theatre life and wanted to give up his sanity in order to die. I tried telling him not to, but he clicked a website link on a piece of paper (which was how he was giving up his sanity) and died.

      Then we were on some kind of airport and heard a tiny 'clink' from a plane that was landing, apparently it crashed, but the plane was totally fine and everyone in it. There were two cars there, a YouTuber (Robbaz) who I watch took the children into his car to drive home safely and my friend from school was in the other car, waiting for me and my other friend to get in the car. Next we were driving out of Queensland which was also Hollywood, we drove past a hotel called the "Artery Hotel" which was an almost flat and tall building with an elevator in the middle and apparently I had stayed there.

      Dream 2:

      I was in some kind of video game, sometimes I was spectating and sometimes I was in it. A few friends of mine and I were running away from these monsters, one type looked like a shadow beast from Zelda: Twilight Princess:

      Dream Settings-250px-shadow_beast.jpg

      except, it had a more tear dropped shielded face, only had weaves coming from the top and at the back like multiple tails, walked on all fours like a tiger and dripped some kind of goo. The second type had a seaweed like body, they usually had one, two or three and had circular heads with glowing white eyes. The third type looked like the first except it walked on two legs and was more muscular built. Soon I was spectating and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) was running from them (I watched Sherlock before I went to bed that night). He was trying to be smart about the situation but ended up cornered by them and probably died because I woke up before it happened.
    6. #66 & #67

      by , 07-02-2013 at 06:48 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Lots of dreams last night. I had a bad argument with a good friend. I was really depressed, at a big Mexican meal very late, had a cup of coffee later than usual, and I cycled for the first time in a long time, so what triggered my lucids? I have absolutely no idea.

      A kid needed a blood transfusion after an accident. I picked him up, put him on the hospital bed, and stayed holding him even though his father was right there.

      This scene kind-of alternated with a scene of a plane crash. I viewed this in 3rd person. A black guy inside was having heart trouble. The plane ended up in the water and it is up to everyone's chest. The black guy held his chest and said, "I shouldn't have come." (Ya think?)


      I was starting a company with my friend M. S. A hot brunette was working for us. We were all sitting around. M. told the girl to turn on the T.V. just so he could tell her what to do. I told M. to then tell her to come sit in my lap.

      It didn't work out exactly as I wanted, but eventually, I figured out I was dreaming. I looked at my hand to be sure--six fingers. I was so happy. I started making out with her and feeling her tits. She was delicious. I decided to lick her ass, so I told M. to come over and he could make out with her. I had her for a little, but soon woke up.


      A knight was riding a horse along the bank of the ocean or something. The water was like 50 feet below or something. The knight was riding along and I got it in my mind that his armor was purple, and that he was the Purple Knight.

      I was afraid he would fall in the water. Instead, he kept riding approaching a crowd. At this point, I focused on the crowd. I ended up in a room with several people, and I realized I was dreaming again. I looked at my hand and counted six, so I took a girl and started to eat her.

      I quickly found someone else though. She was dirty blonde and had bigger tits. Her skin was smooth and soft, her lips were deep pink to light red, but natural. I made out with her and felt her up. I soon
      woke up again though.

      It was early afternoon when I woke up. My rough night left me restless in the morning so I kept waking up, but going back to sleep. This gave me the opportunity to lucid.

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    7. Moving and then a horrible plane crash

      by , 04-13-2013 at 02:19 AM
      In this dream, I was staying at a hotel with my family because we had to move. There was a water park nearby and my daughter had gone to it. I was in the room and realized my birds were there, loose and without their cages. I had to go back to our house to get the cages for them. I kept going in and out of the room and each time I went back I would start up the wrong way and a obese teenager boy was sitting on stairs blocking one way so I kept apologizing and going back the right way. I got the keys and went to leave. I went to the water park to find my daughter but then the dream changed somehow. It was winter time and I was walking through very deep snow over a lake. There were large icy tubes that people were going down kind of like luges. My brother was there with another person, I guess it was my daughter and they were going around these luges. I went to leave and got trapped because I found myself on a lake that was melting. I was afraid to walk across the ice, I didn't want to fall in.
      The dream changed again and I was at a friends house, I didn't know this person, she was like an internet friend or something. I was staying with her in her home/motel. I was admiring her kitchen and how much counter space she had. She was going to take me to see her horses so we started walking on this trail back through the snow and next thing I know I was on a bridge and then the whole thing began moving. It was attached to a boat and we were going across a lake. It was sunset and very beautiful. I had my camera and was taking pictures. All of a sudden a plane came in like it was going to land nearby and then disappeared from view. Then a few seconds later another plane came, it was a jumbo jet. The kind with the large hump on the front of the plane. It was white with zigzag red stripes on it. No letters or numbers. It came in and then arced back up and around and came around and flipped over. I yelled that the plane was crashing. It came in and I could see it was plowing up snow before it crashed. There was a huge fireball but no I took my camera out and was trying to make a video and I couldn't get it on the right setting. The person that was driving the boat called 911 and reported the crash, the person that answered said they knew about it. We told them we saw it happen so I was trying to tell them exactly what happened and then found I couldn't talk. I was able to talk by speaking one word at a time. It was then I woke up. The dream really shook me up by how real it was.
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    8. Crash Landing a Plane; Getting My Ass Kicked

      by , 02-18-2013 at 08:16 PM (Golden Tales From The Dream World)

      It was one of those lazy days for me.
      I woke up with the memory of my dream still in my head.
      I thought, "I should probably write down some keywords".
      Then I thought, "........Naaaaaaah."
      Then I just lied down back in bed.
      Obviously the next time I woke up I had forgotten it.
      "Goddamn it!"
      The last thing I remembered were 2 keywords, Coscillard (sosillard) and ascalade.
      I was pretty disappointed in myself, I'm usually so good at dream recall.
      I went to my closet and remembered something else.
      In my dream I went to put pants on, and they had my belt already fastened around them, so I didn't have to look for it.
      Then I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror for a bit.
      I stared at my mustache making various faces (oh come on admit it you do it too), then something clicked.
      I remembered everything.

      February 16th 2013

      I'm on a plane.
      I'm in the same cabin as my grandma, for some reason we're the only ones here.
      She and I share a heart felled talk about life.
      We kind of bond for a bit.
      After were done she goes and sits back down in her chair.
      The question still lingers, where is everyone?
      I decided to go into the other cabin in front (there were only 2 cabins, it was a small plane).
      That's when the gravity of the situation kind of hit me.
      There were about 9 people in the front cabin, all of them panicking.
      One of the windows had cracked open and was letting in strong gusts of air that were visibly white.
      Something had gone wrong with the plane, and we had to make an emergency landing.
      Except, there were no airports around.
      I sat down in one of the seats with my head poking out into the aisle.
      Apparently the original pilots were dead or unconscious, because one of the passengers was flying, though he seemed to have experience.
      At this point, I also noticed that the cockpit had nothing separating it from the cabin, it was pretty much a part of it.


      A woman responded to him. She was hysterical and had tears in her eyes.

      "Um...yeah. There's some trees. ;_;"

      But it was already too late for that, we had to land now.
      We started to descend onto a highway.
      We touched down and began to brake.
      Various cars coming are way had to swerve out of the way to avoid us hitting them.
      Eventually the plane came to a nice halt, we had made.

      "WOOH! YEAH! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!" I yelled enthusiastically.

      Everyone else gave a rowdy applause, they were happy to not be dead.
      I stepped out and walked toward a parking lot.
      There was a little entrance to what now I can only assume was a planetarium or something.
      There were to officers at the entrance wearing ponchos (it was raining), one a man one a woman.
      The woman made a comment about our proficiency in some way.

      "Yeah, were proficient enough to land a goddamn plane!" I responded.

      I went inside and moved through, I couldn't really remember why I was here.
      I then recognized the voice of my teacher and decided to travel toward it.
      I came across a little area where a wall was blocking my view of my teacher and assumed classmates.
      I had a bit of a hard time getting on the other side of the wall.
      (I think it was because my brain was loading all of the classmates).
      I see a bench with quite a few of my fellow students sitting on it, as well as my aforementioned teacher.
      He was showing pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his iPad.
      Apparently he was explaining how she had gotten some kind of maturity disorder and started growing facial hair.
      I can't help but feel like he's showing us this out of spite for her for some reason.
      We started to walk around for a bit.
      I began walking with a kid I know kevin (I know a lot of kevins by the way).
      We were talking about something or the other, perhaps something about space travel.


      I was in someones house with 2 people, a man and a woman, who were in a relationship together.
      I guess I was kind of "in the mood" at the time, and the closest DC happened to be her.
      I used my unintentional skill of persuasion to woo her and she carefully slipped away from her boyfriend.
      We were about to get away together when her boyfriend noticed what was going on.
      What happened next was actually pretty surprising.
      He beat the ever loving shit out of me.
      I don't mean just punching me while down on the ground, but an actual fist fight.
      Near the end of it he sparta kicked me into a pool, and then proceeded to pummel me some more.
      I didn't feel any pain, though I did get really fucked up.
      I had cuts and bruises and was bleed profusely form most of my orifices.

      This is surprising because I've, as far as I've known, never been able to be beaten in a fist fight in a dream before.
      I remember repeated times where I tried to fight back to which he responded by blocking and destroying me some more.
      I, till this point, didn't know that was possible.
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    9. rome olympics plane crash

      by , 11-27-2012 at 01:13 PM
      i am in this posh hotel with loads of old mates. we are high up above a city which seems to be rome. there is about to be some ceremony which feels like the closing ceremony of the olympics. we have an amazing view of the city as the hotel seems to fly by the lights as evening descends. i even remark to someone that the only time i have seen such amazing views is in dreams yet don't become lucid. i spend ages trying to get a beer as the ceremony starts. as it does we all gather round the window at this fantastic overlooking view. suddenly it becomes really close and we are right in front of the performers who are dancing and singing operas in english for some reason. i am trying to record it on a shitty camera phone.

      then it changes to a plane. we struggle to climb a hill in front of us and have to perform an emergeny landing. there is a long mat laid down for the plane but it is soaking wet so we just slide along it at an incredible pace for miles. eventually we are sliding along next to this cliff, and there is a huge corner coming up that it seems we have no chance of turning round which would slam us into the cliff. this all reminds me of the coach crach dreams i've had but still no lucid. we hit the rocks but for some reason nothing really happens and we are all fine. we are all down the front of the plane and i mkae a joke about the lack of panic sex. i then go through the plane to the back and someone else in an empty section says something about having sex with her boyfriend as we were sliding along towards the rocks.
    10. Plane Crash [DILD]

      by , 10-19-2012 at 09:53 AM
      Black - Narrative/Thoughts

      I was suddenly in a falling plane with people I have never met before, but I felt like I knew them in my dream. I remember sitting on my seat, hearing the falling sounds of a plane rushing through the air. I remember looking out the window to see debris and clouds wizzing past. The fear and terror rushed through me as I knew I was going to die.

      I then begand to question this reality, as I thought I shouldn't die now. I then realised that I do not remember ever buying a plane ticket or even boarding the plane and for what reason. With this, I did a hand RC and saw fuzzy hands. I instantly knew I was dreaming. The strange thing is, even after this realisation, I still accepted the DC's as being peopleI knew - or rather I was more interested in stopping the plane for crashing and this didn't cross my mind!

      I said to the DC's that this was a dream and that I wanted it to stop, I commanded the plane to stop; but it didn't. I commanding it a second time, this time with more force and then everything just froze. The sounds of the plane, the falling sensation, even the DC's froze.

      I felt the scene fade to black with a small rumble sound getting louder.

      I wake up.
    11. The One Where I Realised It's Getting Hard To Start All Titles With "The"...

      by , 05-29-2012 at 02:29 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      29th of May, 2012

      Okay, I'm writing this completely unrehearsed coz I've just got fragments, but we'll see what gets remembered as we go along...

      I was with Nooks and Acka in a car and we had to buy some flowers for a very specific person and purpose. We went to a service station and there was a drive-through flower spot. I got out and went to buy stuff and then Nooks got angry at me coz I was buying flowers for someone else.


      We were driving and there had been a plane crash of some kind. Acka was helping to pick up the pieces.


      Me and Dad got back to some house after being on holiday. We realised we'd left the door unlocked and when we went into the house, I noticed that the back door was swinging as if someone had just run out of it. That was creepy.
      Then there was some big thing about having to grow plants and I was running back and forth trying to save them from dying. One plant that I specifically remember was the "Laser Plant"; it was this thumb-sized circle of glowing blue tendrils about 20cm long that hummed and waved. They were SUPER thin and almost smoke like. Or laser like I suppose!


      Acka had to drive a bus down a mountain because the actual bus driver was scared to do it.

      Notes: I was actually reading about plane crashes and lasers before bed!
    12. Plane Crash

      by , 04-08-2012 at 05:43 PM (LMR's Mental Adventures)
      There is a man in a plane, he is talking through a speaker. He says something about it being time to go to sleep and then says goodbye. I begin to freak out and I see him crash the plane.
    13. An Old Friend... Plane Crash

      by , 12-17-2011 at 03:19 PM (Pickle's Nightly Subconscious Activities Recorded in a Journal)
      I moved to New Zealand from Scotland a few years ago. Thoughts about old friends come up every now and again, but I only went to Primary School with them. Now, to set the scene. I'll try and simplify, as explaining would take some time. In my town there is an annual event. At this event there are many groups doing different things, and a group I am involved with take turns with a similar group each year doing the same thing. Please tell me if you don't understand. Onto the dream.

      It starts, when I am walking home from school, when who do I see but my good old friend Scott. Now Scott is here for the event, as it is one year in the future and he, who lives in Scotland and probably has no idea of the group and event I'm affiliated with, is with the second group taking their turn running their part of the event. Odd, I know.

      We go into town, I don't remember details but I remember reminiscing about Primary School, and me asking about other friends in Scotland. He eventually arrives at, what seems to be a location in many of my dreams that doesn't exist in my current home town, a large church on a small hill, surrounded by old brick/metal bar fencing/barrier, with a large metal gate at one side. I follow him inside, at this point he seems to be ignoring me, concentrating on being inside the church, where I've since not been allowed. I tried getting his attention, to no avail. We end up in this room, where there are other adult men I don't recognize. They all look at me like I've done something very wrong. Scott looks at me, and says "Bye Andrew"... it fades, but I end up back in the middle of town.

      I'm feeling sad about what happened, but then completely out of the blue, behind some small buildings which you would easily see a plane over, appears from as if underground a plane pulling up hard. It's close, and HUGE. I start running. I watch the plane. It's barely off the ground, pointing straight up, and slowing down from it's initial pull up. It drops slowly, the world is quiet, and lands on the buildings it came from. Screaming is heard. I'm still running but I still see the cloud of smoke covering everything and coming out from the impact zone, so no wreckage is visible. This, since it came from nowhere, gave me a fright and I awoke myself.

      I'm going to discuss some thoughts I had about this in a new thread, thanks for reading.
    14. Lucid #22 Park, Volcano

      by , 11-23-2011 at 12:25 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am mountain biking with a some random guys. I leave the bike at a small metal house. We start hiking. We suddenly start walking back. Someone sees a crack in a big rock. It's a BIG crack! Soon there is a giant lava pool in front of us, like a volcano. The ground starts shaking and moving towards the lava. We have to get out of here. We run back where we came from, but there is water everywhere... No second thoughts, we swim! The water is warm from the whole volcanic thing. It starts snowing... WTF? Something is wrong, that's for sure, but the only thing I think of is getting out of here as fast as possible! My bike is at the bottom of the water (like 5 meters down), but if i get it I will ride down the mountain faster. I find it with the front tire slightly damaged, but works. Off I go!
      Dream scene changes.
      I am in a city after that bike adventure. I reach a tavern and I see some other bikers in there too. I walk into that place, some guys are waiting for me. We sit in a big table and some random guys join us... Then the waiter brings us fried potatoes, but we hadn't ordered...

      Maybe after leaving the tavern, I find myself in a pretty big park. I go towards the road. I see some guy trying to un-park and another trying to quickly park there. They start shouting. I walk by the road and then I see some friends talking about the mountain thing. One of them seems confused, so I join the conversation to tell the story straight. The guy seems focused on the story. As I am talking there is a noise in my ears, like a bug flying around my head. No matter how hard I try to dissipate it, I can't actually do it, because I can't see it. I shout "STOP" and then it stops.
      I become lucid right away. The dream is clear and stable. I observe the environment. One of my friends is still here. So I start showing off... My control is pretty sweet. There is a plane flying over the city so I say "fall", and then it stops in the air and starts falling. I did that many times. Then there is a bus passing in front of us. I say "BOOM" and snap my fingers... Nothing... "Fire!"... Nothing. That seemed a little annoying because it was the only one that didn't work. I did many stuff like this in that dream, but I didn't get to write it when i woke up. I also remember seeing a wall with a word on it. The word (if it exists) had the letters A B D J. Then I see a intense, but not bright, light rising up. It's the sun, that came up within a few seconds. I don't think it was night before that though... The colors seem a little strange. I do a nose RC and try to feel my weight, but the dream is fading...

      In my last 2 lucids I wanted to look for my dream guide, but in both of them I got into stupid stuff and forgot my goals...
    15. Plane Crash.

      by , 10-31-2011 at 01:31 PM
      I had a dream that me, my mum & brother went to a place called either Baurmind or Bourneville, it was quite the eastern European country with small temple things you'd see in say Russia, but more modern yet still quite poor. On the way there the plane runway was the sand on the beach, people were playing there and jogging however they were used to planes coming + going. When we were on the runways the plane wouldn't slow down + couldn't stop. The plane that started spinning out of control with the electrics flashing on and off, me and my brother were panicking.
      The plane then started to crash into buildings with its wings + tail but aparently it was good in order to stop the plane. We then ended up in a green forest and people got out the plane and were assigned to their hotels. My brother wasn't in the same hotel as mum and I so I told the people he went with to look after him.
      I was then left thinking 'What are we going to do in Bourneville?'
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