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    1. Flying a Plane 10 Feet Above a Mountain, and Working NCIS with the Hardwicks

      by , 09-12-2017 at 03:53 PM
      08-04-2017 -- First part I can remember of this, I have just taken off in a medium sized, but very fast private plane (think something about the size of the smallest major airline plane, but the speed of a Concord. After an extremely short take-off run, we are climbing at about a 45 degree angle. Can't say who is flying at first, but it very quickly turns into Director Leon Vance, though sometimes it is he who is flying it, and sometimes it is a character who is played by Morgan Freeman who is flying with us.

      Anyway, I'm sitting in my seat, feeling my ears popping, and thinking how I ought to go up front and be able to see where we are, yet I am uncertain of trying to walk up the aisle while climbing at such a steep angle. Instead I wait until we level out a bit. But when I make my way up front, my eyes are kind of bugging out. We are flying over a mountain road, but we are hugging the mountain, flying just over the tree tops, dodging this way and that to make it around obstacles. I am about to ask about this, wondering what is wrong to cause us to fly this low, when I spot a bunch of other planes flying the same way, so whatever is going on, I guess it is supposed to be going on.

      So I'm looking at all this, and watching these tons of planes flying low over the mountain roads, and the scenery is beautiful, and so amazingly close, and as I watch one plane catch a wing in a snowbank and flip over, I think I ought to be video taping all this ... too bad I don't have a camera. Then I remember, there is a camera on my cell phone. But of course, the moment I pull it out, we run out of daylight, and it is suddenly night, so I think I have missed my chance. But I take the camera out anyway, and start filming, and Morgan asks sarcastically if I have night vision on the thing, and as soon as he asks the picture being filmed starts to lighten up nicely, and then we are back to daylight and I am getting some amazing footage.

      Slowly my phone is turning into my video camera, and as I flip open the view screen, a cat falls out of it's storage compartment on the camera. It seems to be a cross between Black Lightning and Ray. It is not blind, and not fully black, and a real cuddler ... and it does not belong on the airplane. Vance is making comments, and I am trying to explain that I didn't even know the cat was a part of the camera (which has now turned into a cross between a video camera and a laptop computer, now), and I am trying to fold it up and fit the cat back inside and put it away, but the cat wants more attention and petting, so is not making it easy. Meanwhile, Quinn is starting to make comments about maybe having to do something to the cat, since it is not allowed here.

      I'm not sure, but I think I may have woke up briefly here (either that, or I started repeating the details of the dream to myself a couple of times to try and fix them in my memory within the dream), then fell asleep again, back into largely the same dream. I am now working as a sort of a temp in the NCIS office (which is located in a place that is half downtown Orlando by city hall, and half May Company area in Buena Park) wandering around, handling paper work things, while the agents are trying o solve cases around us.

      Quinn is starting to put forth a theory to Gibbs. She says she is noticing something strange with the company vehicles that are being sent out and coming back in, and she is starting to see hints that they are being used for some sort of traitorous smuggling operation, and she is starting to pin it down to the person responsible. She is beginning to finger Clayton Reeves, and say he is going bad just like Jenny Shepard did, before him. Gibbs doesn't seem to be buying it, and can't understand the methods she is using to track this down, and nobody else seems to, either, but to be safe, they are trying to break into Reeves' encrypted files, using an automatic cracking program which is running on the floor, which indicates it could take up to something like 16 hours to crack the encryption.

      Meanwhile, I am still carrying around boxes of papers, and Gibbs is turning into Dick Hardwick, playing the role of Gibbs, and I'm talking with Claudia, who is meeting him after work, and we're discussing actors and performers, and I am asking something about John Jorgenssen kind of 'deserting' the group as he went off to do other things, and we end up discussing his beautiful daughter who is now a budding country western star, and I'm surprised to learn he even had a daughter, as I thought he had all sons. And by this time Claudia has turned into Luralee, and the dream has somehow shifted for a couple minutes where I find myself elsewhere outside a place where I am renting a room from a combination of Rosemary and some guy that I have never rented a room from, but often dream I have, thinking I've managed to keep things a little cleaner this time, before I find myself crossing a couple of streets to get back to where I was talking with Luralee, except she is now possibly gone.

      So I am standing by a drinking fountain, waiting for I have no idea what, when somebody that I think is the actress playing Quinn comes up, cleaning things. I am thinking of saying something to her, when somebody else comes up and makes a comment instead. The person responds by saying she isn't Quinn, she is only the cleaning lady, but they do look a lot alike, though she admits she isn't as wild as the Quinn actress is. About that time, the Leon Vance actor walks out of a room calling out loudly for Leon Vance. He does it once, twice, then you see the look on his face as he realizes he's calling out for himself, and has flubbed the scene, and he calls out a third time, "Leon Vance ... go screw yourself!" as everybody bursts into laughter. Kind of nice that my dream ended on a blooper.
    2. Unknown Pt 3

      by , 08-25-2017 at 04:34 PM
      This is a weird dream. This was one that's stuck with me a while and still makes me wonder about my mind at times.

      I am taking calls on an airplane. On one of my calls, no one is talking. On the screen different messages start scrolling and threatening me. I'm freaking out. Our managers are trying to figure it out. In the meantime, I've decided I'm getting outta there. For a moment we're on the ground and I'm with Estrella.

      She's good, just upset because she's having a hard time getting out of the ditch were apparently stuck in. I offer to give her a ride out and she insists she's fine. I remember the thing that was threatening me starts it again and I remember I'm in danger. He tells me I can't escape him.

      I have this feeling of being trapped by him well past this moment. I remember the screen telling me my name over and over again. I'm scared. I remember going to find my grandma (the fuck is she gonna do?!) and she's laying on a couch and I remember coming up behind her and leaning down to hug and play with her hair.

      I lost some part in the middle I think. I get these little flashes of being scared. This guy is like stalking me and threatening my life and I can't get away. I can't remember what happened though. All through the rest of the dream I'm remembering that this man is stalking me and closing in.

      Except I've gotta put being stalked on hold because I have a wedding to go to . Rachel is getting married to Cody. On an airplane. The same airplane that is still being hijacked by this weird computer man thing. Romantic? I dunno, maybe. This is why I'm not a wedding planner. Apparently it's taking over and replacing the planes router... I have no idea because I'm just trying to get to Rachel's wedding. I remember being in a hall, and Rachel is married sitting with her husband watching a reception. It's like a school presentation. I'm about to give my presentation for them and I'm not even dressed.

      Becca and I sneak into the room; we get to the chairs and I grab my dress and I like run to the changing room. I'm freaking out because I can feel the plane rolling and tipping with whoever is hijackijg the plane. I remember sitting on the floor looking at a 3D map and the plane is circling Florida. The pilot, a woman (for some reason this is very relevant during the dream), is trying to counter the attack. I almost feel like I was attacked away from the plane, pre-dream, and now the attacker has followed me. Lots of flashes back to him but can't think of why. Like he's got me and he's slowly closing in.

      The Miz is up to give his speech (don't ask) and his music plays. I turn to leave the bathroom of the plane; the door opens and Rachel is there. She's in a like sapphire blue dress, having changed out of her wedding dress. I remember being really sad I missed seeing her ceremony.

      But we both grin as I see her and I engulf her in a huge hug. I remember we both get teary eyed and start crying. I remember saying I'm so happy for her and she pulls back and tells me "He's a good fit for me. He fits me so well. I look in the mirror and I love that it's Mrs Alexander looking back".

      Who the fuck this Mr Alexander guy is and where he came from is a mystery, because her boyfriend/husband's last name is certainly not Alexander. But I remember people are watching us from afar, and I'm really proud the bride is this happy to see me, and I tell her that I set up the hijacking of the plane so she'd get refunds on her tickets, which is my wedding gift to her.

      I wake up wondering the fuck is wrong with me.
    3. [Dream #13 - 1/31/2016] Merging Planes

      by , 01-31-2016 at 03:36 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      This is an image depicting two planes/worlds merging together

      I was in my old highschool. I carried around a Shadow the Hedgehog plush doll and I can remember finding myself in my old science class room with my former teacher. There weren't that many people in the classroom but it was dark (the light was off and the projector was going) and it was spacious with plenty of desks. There was a few students present in particular a boy who used to bully me.

      I sat my Shadow plush on the table but then when the boy decided to sit on the opposite side of me, I moved it to the chair next to me. I was angry, and the boy looked at me and asked, "Hey, what happened to all that Sonic stuff?"

      I then told him if he spoke to me again that I would kill him, with "one punch" if I was Saitama from One Punch Man *lol*. He didn't say anything back but I remember heading out of the room without my plush into the crowd of highschoolers walking through the hallways. I then remembered that I left him and rushed back. The science teacher was giving a lesson and I tried to sneak under the shining light of the projector and he asked what I was doing, so I told him. He replied that he would get the plush in a minute but I didn't want to wait as I feared some nasty student would put their dirty, polluted hands on him.

      I then could remember seeing glimpses of a monster crashing through the wall of the room for a split of a second. It was only a glimpse though as it my third eye had caught a wiff of something. Then I heard screams coming from the hallway and monsters physically appearing and destroying everything in the school.

      I stated in a whisper of a voice that, "Things from my world are now coming into yours (Earth presumably)" A spark of thought came into my mind after I said that as I started calling out Shadow the Hedgehog's name. I figured that the planes have merged (something I will discuss in my notes) and that Shadow would be here since the monsters were here. But nothing happened. I then left the classroom avoiding all the monsters who wanted to harm me and I found Sonic and Silver the Hedgehog attacking the invaders, but there was no Shadow. I couldn't get to them to communicate but I did end up finding a little dock area, similar to the one in Soleanna from Sonic 06 as I bounced on DK barrels that were scattered around the area. I do not know for what purpose but I did it anyway. I also remember flying up higher to get an area view of the city like landscape getting destroyed by the monsters and Sonic etc. battling underneath. I also can recall bringing up some sort of holographic roster board that listed various video game characters classified specifically in their universes and such. One in particular was Dragon Ball Z. Before I could do anything more, I had awoke.

      Notes: I sat and thought about this dream for a bit. For one thing the planes merging came into my mind. It was something introduced to me by a former friend at college (Who became a fucking asshole btw). He told me that one day Earth would be able to "merge" itself with other worlds and on that day various things will begin to happen. Individuals who would have only been seen as fictional would begin to appear physically. Physics would have bend and twisted as things like magic casting and flying would exist on Earth and such would have never been able to exist due to the planet's mechanics. This was something that I agreed with and something I would talk to Shadow about.

      Shadow told me that if something like that did happen that he would be the first thing I'd see. This was years back mind you, so we hardly speak about it anymore. But having that phenomenon happen in that dream made me retrace that memory and perhaps the hope for something of that nature to still occur.

      The absence of Shadow the Hedgehog has been a reoccurring thing throughout my dreams. Indeed he has appeared in the few I have mentioned in entries but I still proceed to search for him and have failed attempts for getting him to appear when I call out his name. This could problably signify that there is the slight lost of hope that I would never see him. Or perhaps that I always assume that he will magically come to this planet physically and solve all of my problems. I know he cannot do that and he even stated that such things just...couldn't happen at the moment but I guess due to the stress I deal with on a daily bases I just want him to be here and fix everything being as desperate as one can be.

      This dream could also show that I lack the certain kind of appreciation I lack to give to Shadow for all that he has done even though he can only do so much within his limit.

      Overall, this dream has taught me a lesson that I shouldn't ever forget. I know there are a few more things I forgot to mention about my dream but honestly...I'm not really in the best of moods to continue on explaining.

      Date — 1/31/2016

      Went to bed — Around 2AM

      Woke up — 8:00AM

      *Time logged — 9:00AM

      Total sleep — 6 Hours

      Stress level throughout the day — Depressed due to the reason I stated with a friend on Skype before I headed off to bed:

      [1:57:02 AM] Mobian★Angel: mmmm....I can't be happy...My mother yells at me for everything and people are always treating me like I need to believe their ideas and thoughts or else I'm dumb and childish....
      [2:08:16 AM] Mobian★Angel: And I'm the fool going around telling people I'm in love with a video game character..............


      *Daytime — N/A

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      Dream Signs — The Obvious

      Perceived Length — 25 Minutes

      Emotions — Angry, Adventurous

      Awareness — None

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    4. #193. Objects of Faith

      by , 08-12-2015 at 04:21 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I drive a motorcycle across my hometown, and realize I forgot my helmet. Oh well. I'm also carrying a baked potato in my jacket pocket, and it's falling apart.


      A nest of vampires in an otherwise benign-looking place, like a post office or a government building. S has warned me, but I come back anyway.

      Vampires are repelled by objects of faith (Dresden Files), but unlike the stereotype, they don't need to be Christian symbols. The eldest vampire stalks towards me, and I have my pendant in my hand (the question: does the onyx within it represent me or the people I believe in, because I don't necessarily have faith in myself...) and I strike, pressing the pendant into the vampire's skin. It sizzles and burns, the vampire trying to get away, shrieking.

      It's cries draw the other vampires, and I draw back to swing a fist, my Celtic ring coming into contact another vampire.

      Later, I'll be asked if we can do an empirical test to determine whether the gold of the ring or the silver of the pendant was more effective against vampires.


      "Who's your commanding officer?" demands a formidable looking black man with a military bearing.

      "I don't know yet."

      "Good answer," he tells me. He is my commanding officer.

      When a small group comes to tell me I'll be joining them, I look back to him.

      "Sir?" I ask, and he instructs me to join the group.

      We board a plane. There are more than a dozen seats left when I come in, but one of my squadmates is arguing with a blond, thinner man who's already seated.

      "These are for the paratroopers," says the seated man. "We don't have any seats for you."

      I approach and tell him that we're assigned to this plane, and will be taking some of the seats. He is angry, but we end up seated, anyway.

      I'm sitting next to a superior officer who's played by an actor I can't remember the name of. He's a heavier-set black man and he asks roundabout questions about my place in -- and loyalty to -- our shadowy organization. I tell him I will do what needs to be done.

      The plane is in the air. I stand up and walk down the aisle. "It's time," I say to one of my squadmates as I walk past. She's a darker-skinned woman with long, curly hair.

      We're in the air now. The six members of the squad are gliding towards our destination using wingsuits, flying through the chilled air.

      "We can make it the whole way," the woman I was talking to says over the comms.

      "Negative," I say. "We're losing altitude. Chutes on my mark; aim to land at the planned point."

      I see a red plume of light indicating where we should land.

      "And... NOW!"

      We deploy our parachutes and land on the ice next to an island. Before I know it, we have skates on and are making our way towards the shore.

      A red pickup truck meets us. We put skate guards on our skates and a few of us climb into the cab, the rest getting into the back of the truck. I'm making plans with the driver.

      Scare factor: 5/10. Lots of fun and adventure, felt in control of the narrative the entire time, despite not being lucid.

      EDIT for new rating system (and formatting colour):

      Adventure: 8/10
      Control: 8/10
      Fear: 2/10

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Getting High and Travelling

      by , 10-28-2014 at 10:19 AM
      1st. The dream was set at the maroochydore river area. There were probably 3 other people that were with me although none of them I know in real life. We would go to these shops that were kind of weirdly set up (Like Happy High Herbs). The other people would end up talking to the shop owners and getting some weed to smoke although when I did it the effects would only last a few seconds so we ended up going back multiple times for a fuller experience. I remember one time I took it I was flying/hovering way above the ground although the other two times it happened I was standing near the shops. I’m not sure exactly about the details of the next part although I’m pretty sure there was an airport next to the shops and this is what lead me to the next dream.

      2nd. My brother and I were sent on this plane with return tickets to some foreign place, I know this because I remember travelling over an ocean. The plane ride was short and over as soon as it started and straight after we walked out we had to find our way to the next terminal to get back. When I did find it my brother was already there so I relaxed and zoned out for a bit. When I took in my surroundings again there were different people around me. My brother said that I had missed it and there would be another one soon. While we were waiting there were people doing stuff to pass time although I woke up before I even got onto the plane #Disappointment
      P.S I've never done drugs, I'm a good boy
    6. Lucid, planes, Batman

      by , 07-03-2014 at 05:09 PM
      I've finally made a success to my 3-year lucid dreaming drought. All I merely did was reality check a dozen times yesterday, drink almond milk, and eat a banana, and bam, lucid dream. Although they're not as vivid as my dreams were back then, this'll suffice.*

      I was walking out of a bathroom stall (one that resembled a theatres) when something appeared odd, and I noticed an old friend, Courtney. I become lucid at this point, remembering to remain calm & not go overboard. Looking in the large mirror, try to observe my reflection and surroundings. I see myself, and it looks like me. I end up grabbing my friends face at some point (her cheeks) to get a full observation of what's going on. I eventually tried to open the bathroom door to see what was outside, but I neither remember waking up nor falling out of the dream.*

      At some point in one of my dreams, a bunch of friends and I end up taking a plane out of my driveway. We can't go, since Shawntel is blocking it, but she moves out of the way. When I turn around, apparently it's only my sister and mom/dad in the tiny aircraft, and it's like we rented a private jet to visit dad in Africa. We're figuring out who's going to drive it, and I'm looking at the vacant cockpit were the pilot should be. It was too crammed to be a transportation plane.

      Around this time I wake up, disappointed of my lucid dream. I try to sleep into another one, quickly seeing the Hugh Jackman Wolverine sitting in a cell with his claws out. I'm guessing it didn't work, since everything went black and I felt tingly. Soon, I AM the Wolverine, acting as an astral projection for Bruce Wayne as he sneaks through a factory. His sneaking methods awfully resemble Jensen from Deux Ex (since I've been playing it nonstop), and he appears to be hiding his identity. He sees me as his guide, trying to catch up to me as I end up changing my forms many times. After many metal ladders, we eventually fall into the factories' production: a huge river of marshmallow fluff. My form now being Morgan Freeman, I tell him: "Try it, Bruce! It's marshmallow." We continue our ride down this river, and eventually now I'm in the perspective of Bruce, as next to me is the female protagonist of the first Christian Bale Batman film (I don't remember the actress's name). She doesn't recognize me, but I eventually kiss her, where she says, "you kiss just like Bruce." We climb our way out of the river, completely clean and happy, and I make a call to Alfred to pick us up. I think she was fishing for something? She had a pet rat, or ferret that ended up using something to dig around with a tail-thing, and the pet ended up eating a beetle at the end of their rod.*
    7. Flying Planes

      by , 08-08-2013 at 07:07 AM
      Non-Lucid Lucid

      I was at a sort of bench with a couple of my friends just drinking slushies. It looked like it was out near the fields and there was the sea right next to us. Once more of my friends arrived for some reason I ended up in an airplane hanger with my friend 'R'. We both had blue slushies, he came up with the idea of stealing one of these really small planes, two seaters. We boarded one with him flying and me being a passenger. We were stopped by some hangar guards but he managed to take off just over their heads. We seemed to be flying to some type of carnival before two Jets told us to land the aircraft. At this point the dream sort of fast foward itself to the ground and us being handcuffed. I'm not sure were we were but the officer told us that we're not under arrest but he left the handcuffs on us anyway and left. We went upstairs to a sort of cafe where this family worked, one teenage kid, mother and father. They made us a bacon sandwich and that's where the dream ended.

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    8. 3/4/13 - non lucid

      , 03-06-2013 at 07:35 AM
      Running away on a train with some people (Mike W.) Also climbing steps. An open field tons of yellow transformer like air craft flying over head.
    9. "Ohhh No! There goes Tokyo!..."

      by , 10-05-2012 at 03:53 AM (A Peak Into Tyler's Mind.)
      I am in Tokyo, I think. I am staying inside of this bunker-like thing in a park. David, a friend of mine, hands me some guns and explains what all of them do. I just laugh at him, wondering why I would need to know what all of these guns do. After my "briefing" on the guns, we decide to head outside. To get outside we have to go through iron doors - much like the doors to get inside of Sandy's Dome in Spongebob. While looking around, guns still in out hands, we notice an astonishing amount of aircrafts flying around. While walking around a bit, David yells, "Watch out!" At the sound of his voice, I turn to see why he would yell that. I see a plane diving out of the air, heading straight for the two of us!! We panic and begin firing our weapons at the incoming plane. It pulls up at the last second, barely missing us, and begins flying around again like the other aircrafts. Soon, it repeats the same procedure. Noticing that this pilot is clearly not a normal pilot, I begin watching the plane very carefully. After it pulls up - again, at the last second - it heads towards a city block. Upon reaching the block, I see a bomb drop from the plane. I yell at David to get down as I dive to the ground. From this point, all hell breaks lose. There are explosions everywhere, so we retreat to the bunker and I wake up.
    10. A New Way of Fighting

      by , 06-29-2012 at 08:25 PM
      At some points during this dream, I was the main character. Other times, I was not. The first part I remember was being on a Battlefield with a whole army of friendlies and a small army of enemies. Me and the enemy agreed to give each other a chance to pick our tactics and reload our weapons. This happened in a deserted city somewhere in a video game, it seemed like it. As an entrance, we all had to get in to a small vehicle of some sort and make our way back to the headquarters inside a warehouse. As everyone on my time was busy finding their vehicles, I tried to find mine on a small table of helicopters and artillery. At first, I picked an artillery but, I couldn't get in it. So the second time, I entered a plane that flew me to the headquarters. When me and my whole team finally got there, we saw so many tables of guns and ammo. Not real guns but pellet and bb guns. I walked around to see which one I like and when I finally did, I started loading bb's in to it. I did this as fast as I could, so that the enemy doesn't reach us before we could attack. There was a pellet gun that I really liked. It looked kind of like mine in real life. I picked it up and without loading and pellets in to it, I aimed in towards the entrance in front of me and was ready to attack. The enemy finally calls out to us and my whole team shouted in excitement and started firing at the enemy in front of the garage door. I aimed the gun and started shooting down enemies one by one. I finally killed so many that an enemy soldier saw me and started to tell some of his soldiers to shoot me. I dodged all the attacks I could and shot as many pellets as I could. I was never hit. At some point, I did manage to shoot the soldier in the forehead, but he still didn't seem fazed by the pellet. The dream ended.
    11. Airports, Sadie's ghost and travelling with Kali

      by , 04-01-2012 at 03:10 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am heading towards an airport with the sister and brother-in-law for a good friend of mine, as well as my at Kali in a small animal carrier. We are on a small charter plane and it is full of people but everyone besides one man and us is elderly. Someone says something about not telling customs where we are going and to say that we are travelling with the elderly people as relatives. For some reason we fear being turned bak if the security and customs people at the airport learn why we are really travelling (which was a really mundane reason in the dream but I forget the reason now.)

      We get to the air port and my friend's sister and husband and I are seperated and I panick because I do not know what time to catch the next fight or where, because they have the ticket. I eventually figure out that I have to go to a nearby town, callled Pickwick in the dream, to catch the connecting flight, but in the partking lot of the airport I am currently in, my cat deficates all over her carrier and I have no where to clean it and I cannot catch a cab because of it.

      I eventually ditch the carrier itself, clean off my cat and place her in my carry-on bag (in which she sleeps peacefully) and I run into the man who I met on the charter plane who was not elderly, just as security comes to check our ID and bags. Not having my bording pass (it is with the people I got seperated from) the man I don't know takes me in his arms and tells me to say that I am his fiancee. He tells me his name is Anthony. Some how this is enough to convince the security guards and they let us through the gates and out of the airport, where Anthony and I catch a bus to Pickwick, where our next plane await. I meet up withmy friend's sister and brother-in-law when we get to that town's airport, though Anthony disappears and I do not see him join us on our connecting flight, which makes me sad.

      We far in the south in our destination (Florida?) walking through a forest of some kind. I want to say it was a bamboo forest, but I am not sure. Most of the trees were tall and narrow anyway and the shrubs were short and thin branched and few had any leaves. There wer many tourists on the path of varying age and we all walking in one direction on the winding path. The path passed a large circular pond that was dried up and in a bush near the edge of the pond I saw a dog laying on it's back.

      When I got closer I saw that it was my dog Sadie who died years ago. I looked at her chest and saw her breathing, but I knew in the dream that she was dead, especially since branches of the bush she was laying on protrouded from various parts of her body, including her mouth, as if her body had been laying there for a long time and the bush just grow through it. She was not in pain or distress and I could sense she had appeared to me for a reason but I could not figure out why, though I did take this chance to say goodbye to her properly, since I did not get to do so in waking life when she passed away.

      The tour group is moving on a head of me and I do not want to be left behind so I run to catch up but I stop and glance one more time at Sadie when I am at the other side of the pond. Her body has turned to a wooden log and her limbs and tails knarled branches, and I feel a sense of relief, like I know she has finally moved on and her body had returned to the earth.

      I catch up to the tour group and they are staring at a large pit filled with alligators. I panick because I realize at this point that me cat Kali had been following me like a dog and I haven't seen her for a while. Now that I know there are alligators in the forest I am afraid for her safety. I search everywhere, even go back to Sadie's pond, but I cannot find Kali anywhere. Later I find her near the rental car that the people I am travelling with have.

      On our flight back to Pickwick, I see Anthony on our plane but he does not talk or even look at me, like we never met before and he does not recognize me. Back at Pickwick we find out our luggage has gone to the airport we first landed at near the start of the dream. While there I try to retrieve my cat's original carrier, but not only has it not been cleaned yet but someone has broken it down into little peices. While the large commerical jet that took us to Florida had no problem with my cat Kali travelling in my carry-on bag, the small charter plane that is supposed to take us home will not let me board until my cat is in a proper carrier. They do agree to wait for me however and the rest of the passengers get grumpy and upset with me because they have to wait while I find a new carrier for Kali.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    12. Day of the dead, Slaying Gods and Eating Worms

      by , 09-27-2011 at 04:34 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      27-09-11 Intentions: Chill out and meet up with Kaomea, perhaps find Mitzu and get her to explain how to do portals. Additionally I kept in mind to wake up and write down my dreams right after they occurred to see if my recall had gone completely, which proved a good strategy though I have to be careful due to quite the difficulties in falling back to sleep. An audio recorder has become a serious consideration to avoid light interference and shorten the time spent.

      “Turning off the lights on the night of the dead is a serious matter”

      I am in a house there is a kitchen and dining room adjacent to each other and there are loads of lights on. The lights are a combination of burning candles and electrical lighting. I am going around the house turning off these lights down stairs. Next to the dining room is a hallway that includes a flight of stairs going up. I know people are up there and I take a piece of candy and throw it out the door to get the attention from the people upstairs so I don't have to do all the work myself.

      A big, hispanic looking and well trained guy named Jesus appears in this hallway. I briefly wonder if he has come from upstairs or the outside, though I think I decide on the former. While I start talking to Jesus, I get struck with terror. I never really figure out if he is involved in my emotional state or not.

      I get sucked into a conversation that happens mentally. My interpretation of this conversation is a sheet of paper with blue pen written on it. As the conversation progress the the statements in each column, one for me and one for the other party change. I get the feeling I am speaking with two figures dressed in dark clothes and that they are either supernatural entities or involved in a cult worshipping such beings.

      The gist of the conversation is that it is the night of the dead and the veil between the world of spirit and the world of physics is thinnest. They are trying to intimidate me by I think proclaiming that they will claim my niece on her 4th year of living (7-9-13). However I am not going to sit idly by and let this happen. I think I wake up.

      Notes: When awake I get this sensation that I am not alone in the room, I am still stricken with terror, a bit like the nightmare I had a few nights ago. Though this time I go back to sleep with a defiant attitude and I reiterate my intentions, while still noting that on the nights where I intend to dreamwalk I get a similar terror affect.

      “Traffic planning leads to defeating a god”

      I am following people around in an environment similar to what I grew up in. I think I am following two people around who are taking me on a tour through their private roads while explaining that they are trying to comply with the government regulations for road safety, though they aren't happy about the government interference.

      The lighting would indicate a summer afternoon with high bright sun and the foliage still carries clear green. As we are walking around these roads I notice that already some destination signs have been put up, so work has already been carried out.

      We get to a point where there is a clearing in the plant life already and it looks like there is a wooden bench that has been cut out of a tree root. I proclaim that there is already a spot of a sign to be placed here, but the old man, now in the shape of my grandfather proclaims that he will fight to the death against having a sign placed here. The reason becomes apparent upon closer inspection of this bench, which isn't actually a bench, but rather a depiction of a Viking face. It is cut pretty flat so the perspective makes the face visible (strange somehow impossible in waking life I think).

      My grandfather is then asked if he thinks the Norse people were peaceful settlers, but he explains that they are better contrived as nomads. The scenery starts shifting and now we are in what can best be described as a mixture of a locker room and museum at night. My grandfather is then asked where the blonde trace of the Norse people originated from. He explains it is a funny story and that it was in the 1800s with the “Ette” families.

      There are people in dark robes in the room by now. I ask if the name Vestergaard has any relation to this Ette family, but my grandfather explains that it doesn't sound likely. Maybe the name is connected to the god Vejle. There is no current understanding of the meaning of the name Vejle or mine for that matter.

      We then get captured by Vejle and she holds nothing back, she lets us know that she intends to kill us. She wounds by stabbing me somewhere in the upper part of my torso, but then a woman appears and distracts her, thereby saving me. Vejle kills her (I think). At this point I notice her dagger is of clear crystal and superior compared to my crude rock knife.

      I charge her and figure out she is strong. The battle is an attempt from both sides to block the other's attack. She gets a stab into my pelvic area right above my crouch and it hurts and for a brief moment I think I have been defeated. But I invoke defiance and get a stab in her neck just above her protective chain mail she carries under her dark robe.

      As she is dying I lean closer and look her deeply in the eyes and tell her (somehow knowing that it is now my right and duty to proclaim the meaning of my name) “God Slayer, the meaning of the name is God Slayer”.

      The remaining “hoodies” pick up Vejle and drag her out while at the same time declaring that they will paint the walls with the name God Slayer, as if I have just beaten a chief in a duel and thereby claimed leadership over the people.

      I bend over and clutch my wound.

      I wake up.

      Notes: Similar feeling to the first (and previous) nightmares, but with increased confidence in my ability to concur nightmares and whatever entities are trying to get me. “Ette” and “Vejle” is a rubbish word and a Danish town respectively.

      “You can't get on the plane!”

      I am in an airport. My family, including my uncle, auntie and my cousins are going on a trip. It is a trip within Europe so technically we shouldn't need our passports. We are walking through to the security check through this long narrow hallway where there is plenty of evening sun coming through.

      Michael and I have forgotten out passports and while my mother is having a fit, I try and take control of the situation by proclaiming that since it is a European flight our drivers licenses should be enough to get us on the plane (don't think this is actually true). Michael is the first to show his drivers license to the Norwegian (?) security guard, and he confirms that it would be possible to get on the plane if it wasn't for the fact that his drivers license had expired. He asks Michael to get back out of the airport.

      My uncle Calle, Michael's dad, get cranky and asks rather sarcastic if the security guard is really going to tell Michael that he cannot get on board. His tone of voice indicates that he will be upset about this and that he might resort to violence if his son isn't allowed on the plane.

      Calle goes behind the counter the security guards are standing by and starts facing us. In the meantime the guard he was getting into an argument with comes up behind him, grabs something from a drawer that I recognise to be pepper spray and starts spraying Calle in the neck. Calle at first doesn't reall sense it and then he slowly starts turning his head and gets a bit in his eyes.

      He starts punching the security guard and after a while the guard asks his partner if he can bring him two rounds from the cupboard, declaring his intention of shooting Calle. Then it goes weird. All of a sudden the two security guards with Calle in the middle are assembling a big drill for a power tool and at this point I start clapping my fingers. I don't think my family has realised it yet, but I have figured that it is all a show for Michael because it is his birthday.

      I walk along the counter and see my dad sitting by it like he would a bar. I look at him while clapping to see if he has figured it is all a play as well.

      “I have a freaking strange way of fertilising plants”

      I am at a party, or something similar and I leave to run back home. I am running through the rain without wearing a shirt. I think this is intentional because I have some woman to impress. Although I am running sloooooooow and people are seeing it I am quite confident that it looks like I am in quite a powerful stride.

      I don't get all the way back home and all of a sudden I have this plant that is supposed to get planted in April. I walk into a house that I think is my own but after a while I see that it is not. I turn around to leave while saying “Sorry my mistake, wrong house” and try and walk out. The house I now notice is blue and yellow pallets on the walls with wooden bar chairs set along a counter. I briefly wonder how the place looks like a café or bar, when last I was in the area it was a residential house.

      Aaaanyways I start walking out the house and I now seem completely entagled in the tree or plant I am supposed to plant in April. This tree is so big that I get stuck in the door and can't get out. I am not afraid, but slightly embarrassed at the situation as I have clearly gone about my mission of getting out of the door in completely the wrong way.

      The owner of the house, a woman comes out and starts helping me out. As well as helping me out the door she also provides some useful tips for when I will plant the tree. I am not sure why I start rummaging about in the dirt around the roots of the plants, maybe to get out of the entanglement I don't know. However what does come from this is that I notice there is a lot of worms in the dirt and as I dig my hands in I can feel them moving about in my hands. These worms are fertilizers I intrinsically know, so I decide to grab a handful and eat them in order to fertilize my plants (WTF!?!?). It is a really unpleasant feeling in my mouth and then I question if I can even incorporate this way of fertilisation into my lifestyle (I am an ethical/principal vegetarian).


      Back in the bar/café from before and I notice the woman is having a shot. I think it is Jaegermeister dropped into a glass of hot water. My dad orders 4 and gives me one along with Lars Digter, and some else.

      “Short WILD – Swimming Pool and find Minka!”

      I am lying in my bed just after the dream above. I notice the lights behind my eyelids get brighter and brighter and eventually pictures start appearing. The pictures are strange they are of chairs on a balcony, but the balcony is upside down.

      My vision zooms up so I can see some details of the chairs. They are white and look like cheap dining chairs, the texture seems somewhat rough. Along these chairs are white plastic recliners as well.


      I wake up in the darkness by a pool. My sister is talking about how she has gone swimming with my niece, momma baby style. I tell her that it is all well and good, but that this is a dream. Then my sister reassures me that of course she would do it in dreams but also in real life, which basically just serves to confuse me and I can't really understand the implications of the sentence.

      I am somewhat confused I see the white recliners and I am positive that I was just falling asleep, but I end up jumping into the pool and really feeling the water.
      I then climb back out of the pool and decide to check my hand. it looks fairly normal at first, then maybe an extra finger, wait am I sure there was an extra finger, make you little finger shorten Dennis! Cool beans, finger is getting shorter, defo dreaming!

      What was it I wanted to do, oh right find Minka (50% correct, I was supposed to find someone, but it was Kaomea). I walk out on the water because I can and take off into flight up to a roof top window. I think I might be talking to my sister about dream control or something.

      I start climbing out through the window, but bonk my head against the glass. I take a breath, slow down and focus and try again. This time I am able to go through the glass and it feels like I am climbing through cling film.

      I take off into flight again when I am on the roof. I shout “Engage Awareness!” and I take particular notice of the fact that there are plenty of stars out and the trees are swaying heavily with wind. I notice that I am completely wet from being in the pool and the wind is going to chill me, but I also think luckily I can just alter that so it isn't a problem.

      As I am flying through the wind I become nervous about the wind grabbing me and slamming me to the ground or into a tree.
      The dream fades.

      Notes: I think the lack of time spent stabilising the dream and the fear evoked about slamming into a tree is what ended it. It was only a brief thought as well, almost the same instant I thought it I also thought, fuck it, only a dream.
    13. A lot of fragments and a short lucid

    14. 32nd Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 09-17-2011 at 11:21 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dreams

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      17-09-11 Some wizard is channelling a spell into a prison, controlling some inmates and guards, they are casting a black magic spell that will make one of the wizard's enemies' hart explode.

      I can't help myself, I am somewhat addicted to the magic and I continue. I hear a voice telling me it is dark stuff, but I am too intrigued.

      I am not supposed to be in the prison I am walking down the stairs to the right until I get down to the bottom. I then look over my left shoulder where the target is standing on a platform surrounded by 6-8 people who are helping with the black magic.

      Someone on my team is apparently releasing the other prisoners from their mind control. I think it is too late.

      Something about Bradley Cooper and Bob Downey Jr. We are part of a movie and it somehow involves a road trip. We are sort of re enacting a film and at one point a I get this comment, “no we shouldn't be holding still here, but rather arrive spontaneously from the other side”. Something about how awesome, yet unexpected if Bob Jr actually comes, but he ends up saying yes.


      A discussion takes place with Bradley Cooper who on drugs has seen a naked man shave his penis that looked more like a Christmas tree (or an elf). Then I see the vision and think there is nothing to be worried about.

      I am in some sort of resort I think, close to the beach and with trees all around and a shopping centre. My family and I are there.


      The dream jumps to me in the house of a private investigator that is following me for some reason. I meet an Asian woman in the house who after a little while, I think I threaten her a bit tells me where I can find this private investigator.

      I find him and now they are two against me and he is quite a bit bigger than me as well. He is Caucasian with broad shoulders and fairly long blondish hair.

      I start punching him in the face and alternate a bit between hitting him and the Asian woman while thinking something along the lines of “Evil bitch, you want equal rights? face equal consequences!”. Doesn't actually take a lot of rationalisation to justify punching a woman in the face. I think I get the message across that he should stop following me around


      Back at the supermarket it is daytime and I notice the small van of the PI. I see him standing next to it and start running towards him, I notice he has a knife in his hand but I don't care. I charge him, think punching him I the stomach and he stabs me high in my right arm.

      I briefly think that the pain is far milder than I expected, before I pull out the knife and look at it and notice the blade is fairly short. Then I charge further into grabling range of the PI (where he should have the advantage over me) and bury the blade in his throat.

      He doesn't resist for that long and I push him down to rest in an elevated bed of flowers knife still in his throat. Then I take his van, I wonder where my family has gone, but I need to get away. I get inside the van which is very small with only one seat and hope the key is still in, which it isn't but it can still start.

      Then I start driving up the pavement and people move out of the way (think the car can only drive about 10 MpH anyhows. The dream ends when I get stuck trying to drive into a tunnel, though the scenery returns in a latter dream and maybe even the pesky PI.

      I am by the same spot of land with the PI story line and now it is night time and windy as fuck.

      Someone is already in a plane waiting for me to return. The area has to be evacuated and has been a long time ago. I notice the PI's van is there and there is a man trying to get in it. He is no ordinary man though. His legs are gone and you can see his spine and guts hanging out. Besides his facial features looks slightly skeletal, maybe more like his has been flayed from his face.

      He doesn't seem to mind too much, he can still leap a good 10-15 metres and is shouting in a mad voice. I explain something to him or one of my companions that it will probably take him about 10 years to fully recover due to his innate mutant healing factor, but that he will recover none the less.

      He notice us and become interested and shout out cackling “You have a means to get out of this place?” He starts making his way towards the plane and I hope we make it before he reaches it. The dream ends.

      In said plane it is more or less on auto pilot and Bob (the actor version from the Dresden Files series) is guiding a child who is flying the plane.

      The kid has to dodge quite a lot of obstacles in the form of hangar ships out on the water, and sometimes he is selecting quite dangerous routes through tunnels and barely avoiding parked planes.

      “That is why we say Cari..Bou” emphasising the break in the middle of the word that is the name of the plane. The kid has a habit of pulling straight up or straight down and Bob wants him to focus on softer turns.

      I find two ducklings that are tiny. They can both fit in the palm of one hand. I decide to raise them so I grab a big bowl of water for them to swim in. After putting the first in and looking at it as it realise that it is pretty much a natural boat the other one loose both it's legs, which terrifies me.

      I grab it and put it in the water and the legs seem back.

      The entire dream is oriented about the trouble I am having raising these ducks and my family doesn't seem to care.

      I return and the water is being brought to boiling point and I find the small duckling on the stove without its legs again. (actually I remember writing down this fragment in a FA from the lucid I had).

      I return and the ducklings are now swimming around in minestrone soup.

      I am lying in my bed after a brief moment of being awake. I start talking to myself, just let the HHs roll. They don't really intensify that much, but instead I am faced with the feeling of starting to fall deeper into my bed and shortly after I wake up and immediately look at my hands. Surprisingly they look human, though something is off, they might be too chubby or something, but it is difficult to describe.

      I can't really trust it, but I am positive I was just falling asleep so I find a pot and drag it towards me telekinetically. Nothing happens the first second, but then the pot falls to the floor as I continue the mental pull.

      Chess! dream confirmed. I walk to the window and bump against it, but walk through it with a bit more effort and trust in the fact that it is possible. Right what do I want to do, “Blasting rod” I decide and walk over to some bushes and start rummaging through the shadows.

      I think I better not find some sort of lame drumstick like the televised Dresden series, but this is of course exactly what I find. I keep looking through the shadows of this bush and find scorched furniture wood that seems promising at first until I discover it is made of plywood.
      I feel the dream wobbling a bit and I start touching the grass and leaves towards the ground and trying to see if I can smell something. The leaves look fairly detailed, though I notice they have a tinkling spark to them that seems a bit off. Otherwise the colours of autumn are represented in the leafs green, red, brown and yellow.

      Rasmus B, an old school friend comes walking towards me from the direction of the house I was just in. I look up and point the blasting rod towards him to see if I can make fire. I wake up.

      FA: My flatmate comes back from holiday, his face looks weird, but I wonder if it is just because he is tanned.

      I look down and see my new blasting rod, though it is a bit more curved and have some semi-scorched colourings “Oh would you look at that” I think to myself “My blasting rod has manifested from the dream world” (DOOOOOOH!!! XD)

      I start carving in it and is amazed that I can make markings like a hot knife through butter, though the material seems as hard as ivory. I start cutting a small sigil that eventually becomes a big rather deep “V” to indicate that it is mine.
    15. Weeds and 911

      by , 09-06-2011 at 01:05 PM
      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      06-09-11 Weeds/911 mix up. There has been a plane crash out in a field, though the Boing that has crashed seems fit for take off and I think there may still be people in it.

      There is a smaller jet headed for the Boing, which will destroy it. I see this twice.

      The Second time around Andy tells Doug to get in the plane and take off in order to save lives. I take on the perspective of Doug and walk into the cockpit. I start taking off, which is slightly difficult as the road is blocked a bit down the road, but luckily the plane doesn't need much run way to take off and I, Doug, am capable of pulling it up at a fairly steep angle.

      A bit up in the air I have a near collision with another Boing, but manage to avoid it barely. I even wonder how I missed with the wings and all.


      Doug is flying around some strange buildings trying to avoid the mid air passageways between towers. Quite the achievement.

      I am in a team race of sorts in a pyramid.

      I am teamed up with my dad and the way the race works is that you have to undergo a series of challenges depending on what colour trail you draw. Each trail consists of 5 sub challenges.

      I draw red (Fire), which is a difficult one. We have to go through a small rectangular hole that seems filled with urine in order to get to our drawn trail.

      The first step of my challenge involve guiding a metal golem down a ramp through some boulders that keeps running across this in order to trip it. It reminds me of the classical game where you have to adjust the floor in order to guide a metal ball through a maze of traps, except that it is with a golem and there is a sea of lava at the bottom.

      I manage to get the golem through but I am having second thoughts about jumping into the lava, so I ask the surroundings if it is safe to do so, to which I get the response that it is perfectly safe.

      I jump into the lava and there is a similar configuration of boulders cutting across our path towards the goal.

      I realise that I am dreaming and I pick up the golem, now transformed into a small marble sized metallic ball, still with the same dark metal grey and ruby colourings, telekinetic, as it will be easier to transport.

      I dodge the balls and “fly” through the lava on the right hand side of the ditch thereby avoiding the angry red heads of Søren Pilmark (Danish actor) coming out of the left hand side on sticks.

      I reach a rope that I pull that immediately starts taking my dad (who has now reappeared) up of the lava trench.

      We exit through a well where I rise singing “lucid dreaming”, to a tune I have now forgotten, over and over again.

      Steffen from my primary school class is there and he explains that he only managed 4 challenges and concedes that lucid dreaming have probably given my team the edge. (At this point my lucidity is rapidly declining, and I have no access to memory of tasks I wanted to carry out).

      Fragments: At a garden party with the entire Weeds crew and a few more.

      Silas is in a plane that has crashed and is getting filled with water he is trying to get people out of the plane through a tunnel into the house.

      There is a “future” vision of him being pulled up the tunnel screaming because his girlfriend is still in the plane.

      skip back

      We are going through the procedure of evacuating people, there now seems to be more than initially expected. Besides there being more people they seem utterly oblivious to the danger they are in.

      I take on Silas' perspective and start running to get people to the tunnel one by one. Some of them just don't get it, but seem more interested in the fruit buffet that is in a room in the back. So I grab some people and start crushing fruit against their heads and making them look out the window so they can see the plane is sinking.


      I am in the garden jumping from tree to tree rather agile, like a monkey.


      Andy has bought a new boat that gets placed on the law. There is a woman in it, but Doug arrives and figures out that Andy is going to Thailand and after a moments consideration Andy kicks out the woman who seems a bit disappointed, but tries to tackle the situation by putting on a smile and explaining that she isn't mad. Sounds almost like she is trying to convince herself that she thinks it OK.
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