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    1. xlvii.

      by , 10-09-2018 at 06:48 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up between 8 and 9, few details recalled of some non-lucid fragments, but some of those also lost due to writing this much later.

      Fragment 1
      Was in a spaceship of some kind, remembering traveling through a star system that had a gas giant planet that had a smaller planet lodged on its surface; I remember approaching the smaller planet and entering a blue sky atmosphere and I remember feeling both forces of ascent and descent, but always going very close to a horizontal parallel, so the forces weren't that strong.

      Fragment 2
      Some sort of transition with the first fragment where I was a giant and going through a city. Few details remembered now but I distinctly remember feeling like the perspective wasn't quite accurate (the field of view seemed too small).

      Fragment 3
      Doing something "naughty" with my partner, in a large concrete room; there was a bulb hanging from the ceiling, tungsten. There were a couple of computers that we weren't supposed to be using or something. The room had a door but it was more like a barred door, so it could be seen through. I remember feeling like somebody could intrude at any point.

      Some notes:
      • The first dream (fragment) has probably originated from recently playing Homeworld again a bit. Another game I used to play from the same era was Freelancer, which was another space game. Often, using a system editor in Freelancer meant you could do weird things like the two planets in this dream fragment.
      • Though normally I would consider the second fragment to be a possible dream goal (like for the October competition by KarlaB18), I do not consider it detailed enough to actually have achieved that goal. The fact that it occurred is a positive for me because I rarely dream of subjects I'm very interested in or want to have fun with.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 3.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 6.5
      ++ Recall any non-lucid dream over 3 consecutive nights: 3.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5 * 3 = 1.5
      ++ Fly (1st fragment): 1.0
      ++ Transform/Shapeshift (2nd fragment): 1.0

      = Total score thus far: 10.0
    2. Time masters

      by , 01-23-2017 at 09:20 PM
      21 Jan

      At an unknown outdoors location, after something has gone slightly wrong. I am sitting on a bench/couch, when this weird DC joins me. I tk a door closed to demonstrate my powers. The DC talks extensively, mentions a number of sci-fi books that merit reading. A lot of things in these books are true, he says. He's a representative of an ancient alien humanoid looking race that used to inhabit the solar system a long time ago.

      As he speaks, we find ourselves flying in space among planets. He explains that in the past all planets were inhabited by his people. I feel amazed at this statement. We now fly by the moon and I see it covered with cities and buildings under construction. He pauses for a moment, thinking that I am not interested or don't understand. Please, go ahead with the story, I want to learn more, I say.

      He then tells me, they also used to control time. They could see the future, and then would try to change it by making it come true. I am confused, but he emphasizes this point, when they want to avoid an outcome they actually make it happen. I see a visualization of planets and civilizations as he speaks, but I still don't understand.
    3. Visiting Distant Planets and Spanish Speaking "Aliens"

      by , 01-29-2016 at 07:36 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      this is the coolest dream I've had in a long time.

      Me and my dad were going to go to space. This part I don't really remember, but somehow we got on this machine that took us there. We were exposed in space and not wearing space suits but we were fine. We get to this clump of different machines in the middle of nowhere, and you had to press the button of what planet you wanted to go to. My dad pressed out destination planet and then we were there. It was a small planet, but beautiful. I went back to the button thing and wanted to explore more of space bu I didn't want to get lost so I went back. My mom, sister, and grandpa then showed up. NASA had built a house for us, it was a log cabin. I kept joking around saying things like, "where's the tv" and "my phone doesn't get any signal". The cabin was by a very small lake, or maybe it could be considered a pond. Once the sun went down, I realized that it would be back again in like 10 minutes since the planet was so small. It was basically just the cabin, the lake, and rock. But damn it was beautiful. My mom had all our meals prepared and she handed me an Arby's sandwich. I just stared at it for a bit, remembering my last experience at Arby's with a chicken sandwhich that wasn't cooked all the way through, but I just took it and told her I'd eat it later. At one point grandpa wandered off and we were worried but we found him.

      We then decided to explore another planet. We arrive in a forest-like setting next to a river and then we see people. They start to chase us down and have us all tied up ready to kill us. We try speaking to them but they don't speak our language. For some reason, I go, "Hablas Espanol?" and one of them goes, "si!" and this was a huge surprise. Now, my Spanish consists of 4 years of high school spanish, and that was 4 years ago. "Solo hablo un poco Espanol" I tell them. The man guy talks to me for awhile, trying to figure out who we are. It takes awhile but they start to understand us and become friendly. At one point I say, "Soy de el planeto Earth. Las personas son..." and then try to fish around for the spanish word for "ignorant", trying to tell them that some people on our planet our ignorant and still believe the Earth is flat. I ask which planet they are from and they tell me but I forget. Eventually they let us go and we get into our boat, ready to head back to our small planet. The end.

      Yeah it was kinda weird that the "aliens" spoke Spanish but whatever. The imagery in this dream was unreal. I wish I could visit distant planets. Maybe someday..
      Tags: aliens, planets, space
    4. The Worst Comic Book Ever

      by , 11-08-2015 at 09:04 PM
      I dreamed about 3 planets. One was Earth and one was Mars, maybe the third was actually the moon? Anyway, Mars and another one were revolving around Earth, and they all had personalities (which I don't remember anything about) and were having some kind of conversation that I don't recall. Except maybe Mars was jealous of something?

      Then I dreamed about... a house that only had a living room and kitchen... and there was an underground part to it, like a basement. The basement was dark and full of buried zombies. They were marked by little circular markers on the floor that were digital markers, and you could navigate through them with something that looked like a mouse pointer cruising on the surface of the ground. But if you got too close to or hit one of the markers, then the zombies would all awaken, and you'd have to fight all of them at once. Some other person (I don't recall what they looked like or sounded like, or if they even had a physical appearance at all) was telling me that he wasn't as good at it as I was. I tried to cruise between two points, but it woke the zombies up. Then, a team of people - young people, late teens or early twenties - who were sort of like X-men all ran into the basement to fight the zombies. They were all doing this at the behest of an old scientist (no, nothing like Prof. X) who looked a lot like a cross between Bill Nye and Ian McKellen, except much skinnier, and he was dressed in kind of a grey tweed suit...

      Anyway, once the zombies were all defeated, he started to construct an underground complex beneath the house where he would house everybody. Constructing it was kind of like doing so in The Sims 3. Anyway, it was all dark down there, so he added a bunch of lights, and then in the dining hall he started adding fake windows that had lights behind them so it looked like fake sunlight, and then some HD screens that projected pictures of outdoors, so the whole place felt less "underground" and cooped up, and more like a regular above-ground dining room. I recall that it worked out pretty well.

      Then suddenly, there were pigeons everywhere. Just tons of them. And he had a favorite pigeon that did some sort of special thing (I don't remember what) and was super useful. It looked just like a regular gray pigeon. He wanted to breed more of them, because of how super useful this particular pigeon was.

      Then I was standing on the edge of a boat... or maybe a dock... but there was a metal railing. And he had created a new kind of shoe that allowed him to walk on water, as long as he walked very carefully and in a certain way, and he was explaining how revolutionary it was even though I completely understood how important it was to be able to walk on water. I began to think about the possiblities (such as building cities on water) but also how annoying it would be to misstep and suddenly fall into the water.

      And then I was waiting for a bus. I wanted to go to some kind of concert. I think it was for The Village People. I'd asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go, and he said no, which actually kind of surprised me because I thought he loved them. But I decided to go on my own, even though I wasn't sure if there were still going to be tickets available when I got there. Except that the bus I needed to catch disappeared as soon as it pulled up. I remember the bus driver was a lady with short curly hair. I don't remember what she said to me. But suddenly the bus was missing, and I was irritated because I had to wait for the next bus. So the bus pulled up (it was bus 15) and then it disappeared AGAIN. At this point, I was really starting to reconsider going to this concert, especially since I kind of didn't want to go anyway because my boyfriend wasn't coming with me. So I didn't think I'd enjoy it very much, and I'd be pissed if I got there and there were no tickets.

      So while I was waiting, this young-ish woman... late teens/early 20s... started chatting with me, and all she wanted to talk about was some kind of manga/comic book called something like UltraGoth, and which had two of the most annoying main characters I've ever encountered. And it was way overdone, very "buckles and zippers everywhere", and both of them were supposed to be angels or something, and they were involved in a turf war, and one of them was supposed to be something like the king of heaven and the other one hated him. The first guy had super spiky ridiculous looking hair and was shorter. The second one had long hair and was arguably more of an asshole, but not by much. And each issue was just them yelling at each other and having ridiculous battles, Dragon Ball Z style, along with some extremely melodramatic drama thrown in.

      Anyway, she REALLY LOVED THIS COMIC and made me read through an entire issue with her. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I suffered through it and pretended that I thought it was an awesome comic book even though it was stupid as hell.
    5. Balloon planet, bringing the coffee

      by , 08-27-2015 at 12:48 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my frontyard, launching a rocket to fly away and explore other planets. I was flying with speed of the light, avoiding many asteroids on my way, until I crashed at the moon. I immediately started to collect parts and repair my rocket, and then I flewn away. Next I landed on a balloon planet - there was no earth, rocks or anything. Just a pink, elastic membrane surrounding empty space. I walked on it for a while, and tried to plant some plants in flower pots, but then the membrane have broken, and I was falling into the outerspace. As I was falling, I noticed that I'm going to land on earth. Flying past planets of the solar system, I have finally reached Earth and landed in a dumpster near a restaurant. I got out of the dumpster, entered restaurant, and then someone gave me a platter with coffee cups and told me to bring it to politicians in one of the rooms.
    6. The Psychedelic Sky

      by , 07-12-2015 at 10:12 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #449 - DILD - 2:48AM

      I hit this DILD just before my scheduled WBTB. I almost decided to skip it but I'm really wanting to get another lucid tonight.


      I wake up in jail wanting a way out. My phone doesn't act right so I do a nose plug. I morph through a screen door and play with a cat. I enjoy a psychedelic night sky with planets and nebulae. One planet was a giant baseball. I play with an inflatable octopus in a fountain and then wake up.
      I wake up in jail. I believe it to be jail although it doesn't really looking like it. I'm laying on something uncomfortable, but I ignore it. I am not sure why I am jail. I never think about that I just know that I hate it when I wake up in jail though this has never happened in waking life. Its late morning and I realize I am late for work. I don't rush around to get ready because I am bummed about jail. It's only 30 days and I've nearly done a week but this really sucks. They only let me out to go to work. Why do they do that? I think I should just pay a lawyer and get this thing taken care of. I really want to go home. I consider taking a vacation day so I can do that, but I don't want to get caught and make things worse. Surely, they track me somehow. I see an ad on the floor for a local lawyer. I decide to should call him before I go to work. I look at my cell phone. It's past 9AM. I unlock, but cant get my phone to respond properly. It's acting really random and I notice this as a dream sign. As a matter of fact off this seems really weird. I do a nose plug and I am relieved to blow through. Whoo-hoo! Problem solved!

      I hop up and notice I am some version of an old house of mine. I want out and the first thing I see is a window screen. I try phasing but the screen distorts my vision too much. I look left and see a screen door, but I don't think to open it. I try to phase, but the same thing happens. I suddenly recall to practice eye movement and I get a left-right, but quickly my eyes feel like they roll. I shake it off. I see a cat outside and play with it a little by tapping on the screen. It's scared at first, but I will it to respond and it latches on the screen for a second. I laugh and am finally able to relax enough to merge through the screen.

      Now that I am outside, I notice it has become dark. I play with the cat a little to stabilize before moving on. I realize I have no goal so I just decide to look at the sky. Dream skys are always super fun and psychedelic. I let out a "wow" when I see a large planet that looks like a baseball with a colorful nebula around it. I hold the cat up and say, "Look cat. That's what the title of this dream will be." The cat doesn't care about that and scrambles to be let down so, I drop the it and forget about it. The baseball planet has vanished now so, I look around the sky some more. Several nebulae appear with multiple planets of every color coming and going. I walk around enjoying this for a long while until I have a bad thought. I wonder if I am really supposed to get getting up for work. I wonder what time it really is. The dream is starting to get unstable again and I feel that I could wake myself up right now. I consider it, but decide to enjoy the dream a little longer.

      I look around me and see a strange fountain with something glowing yellow like holographic tentacles. A holographic octopus? When I come near, the hologram vanishes and a cartoonist, inflatable, pink octopus emerges out of the fountain. Amused I grab the octopus by the tentacles and spin around with it. I focus on the horrible humanoid face of the thing as the world spins around me. It's eye are bulging now and I hear a faint muffled scream coming from the thing. It's "alive"? The whole thing is slightly nightmarish, but I find it too funny to be afraid. The dream collapses here and I have a few random images before waking up.

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    7. Archery Lessons and the Planetarium

      by , 02-06-2015 at 05:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had signed up to do archery lessons somewhere. In order to pay for the lesson I had to help the person who owned the archery range judge the value of another peice of property they owned. It had to be worth at least $40k.

      On it was this huge building. In it was this hemispherical room. The walls were covered with bookshelves curving up to the ceiling. (How the books didn't slide off of the upper shelves is beyond me.) There was also this huge bronze/golden contraption that showed the alignments of the planets in some alien solar system.

      There were escalators in the building. I think one of them got broken, however.
    8. Humanoids and Space

      by , 11-26-2014 at 02:24 AM
      Outside the gym, parking lot right up against woods. Park my car on the edge. Right off the edge the woods goes downhill into sort of a giant ditch. Nighttime. There are random pumpkins throughout the woods on the ground. Friend goes to check it out, breaks a pumpkin. There was a humanoid trapped in the pumpkin. Kind of like a fetus, but it would have never hatched if someone didn't break it out. Once broken out of the pumpkin humanoid was normal adult size. They look different though, kind of fluffy, more teeth, etc. I break more pumpkins, friend leaves at some point. They're heavy and difficult to break, it's hard work. Suddenly they start coming uphill on their own and breaking out on their own. I'm a bit scared, they just keep coming out. I'm not scared anymore, they're greatful to me. Government shows up and starts fighting them for some reason. We hide, I am their leader. Lots of running around the woods, etc.

      Suddenly, I teleport to a different solar system. I fly over the outer planets (there are a few of them, then the two that are alike in color and size, then a small one near their sun. Their sun is a dull white color, as I fly into it, I become that star and I shine larger and more yellow (even though scientifically, the yellow is cooler, in the dream it feels warmer). Then I see from a 3rd person point of view, the sun and a moon hanging out in human form in a pool. They're in love, but for some reason it feels like it's wrong.

      Fast forward to the center of the solar system, I, leader of humanoids control the team of robots. There used to only be 450 of them, now there is a team of 1800. They're like robots or mechas (think japanese anime), they can also terraform, activated by me with the code 06. I experiment moving the terrain.

      Funny "WILD"-dj-solar-system-11.25.2014-smaller.jpg

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    9. Manei tries to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian (LD #121), Destroying the Lucid Barrier (LD #122)

      by , 10-15-2014 at 01:21 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Well... good night last night. Took me an hour to type this up.

      I was driving along in a mountainous region supposedly on some family vacation with my parents. The sky looks to be a very deep shade of blue and I think there were some planets in the sky. The mountains we are on don't look very earth-like either.
      The mountains are made out of a light brown/tawny rock and covered in moss that seems to flow over them like water. Exotic fern-trees grow in some of the more level areas but the mountains are fairly jagged.
      The road we are driving on is narrow (two lane) and built up on this really high end, futuristic looking bridge. Eventually I saw that we were coming up on a settlement in a valley.
      It was a very small settlement. Two houses, one of the houses is very modern with a big glass wall on the front and a solar array on the roof. The other one looks older, being made of bricks with a circular drive out front. There is also an old fashioned well and a park with swings and a play structure.
      My parents said that we had been driving for awhile and that we should pull over and eat lunch as a family in this park.

      This somehow led me to becoming lucid. I ran into Manei, who had taken on a youthful form, she was about 8. She then turned and ran and I came after her. I chased her across the playground structure and she went down the slide.
      "Come on! Go down the slide!"
      "mmm... Ok."
      I go down the slide, trying to rack up a little bit of dream stabilization along the way. I recall the slide being a reddish color, and having scuff marks on it. Before I reach the bottom, she says something else.
      "When you get to the bottom, don't stop!"
      I slide down and when I come off the end of the slide I go forward a little bit because of my momentum and land on my butt in the wood chips. For some reason I seem to sink into the wood chips.
      "Good, I had to make sure you were still (able to act like a child). The Dwarven Guardians who run this place really like that."
      "I'm going to summon the Angelic Dwarven Guardian now. Now you won't be able to see him because (He exists across the fourth dimension), but (He will be standing right in front of you) you will be able to communicate with him through thoughts."
      Manei changes into her base form (goes through puberty in a couple of seconds) and begin concentrating on summoning him. The dream begins to shift, I have a false awakening, or a scenery change, can't remember. Anyways, I'm in my bedroom. The wood chips I was laying in have become my bed. I lose some lucidity.

      The dream scene changes again. I am now in the basement of my house, standing. Manei continues concentrating for a minute or two and then all four of our family's cats (including the dead one) show up. Our youngest cat is particularly interested in whatever she is trying to do. He meows and rubs against her leg.
      "Rrrrgh! No! (Facepalms) That's not what I meant to do!"
      The dream carried on for a minute as Manei became frustrated in her attempts to summon this being, and I just sort of stood there patiently waiting to see what exactly was going to happen. I began to feel like the cat, the young one was somehow a representation of the being we were trying to summon. I tried to lock onto the cats energy and he and I engaged in a staring contest. I could feel something else in there. I could see it in his eyes. I was about to tell Manei that she should change her approach when I woke up.

      5:10. Let's go back.

      I had a dream where I had gotten a job at a superstore, like Target or Wal-Mart. I was the Janitor and my job was to clean the interior windows on the office walls in the back. My boss (a grouchy, short, fat, black haired man) gave me a toilet brush that had been dipped in soapy water.
      "Get your ass moving now!"
      I walk into the back of the store and begin scrubbing the windows. I haven't been told that I have to dry them or anything, and wasn't given a towel, so I just scrub them clean. The first office is really easy, but the second office, for some reason, someone has splattered a muddy brown substance on the window. I couldn't tell if it was mud, chocolate, caramel, or *shudders* something worse.
      Regardless, I'm the Janitor, and I guess they have to put up with stuff like this, so I just push past it. I start scrubbing but my brush gets contaminated with the muddy substance. I'm not really cleaning anymore, I'm just moving the dirt around. I decide I will go back to my boss and tell him that I'm going to need a bucket of soapy water.
      I start walking back across the store floor to the front where my boss is; in the front. I don't get very far until I come across my mom who is shopping. She tells me that I really should put on some pants if I want to impress my boss, and I realize that I am wearing a shirt and briefs.

      Lucidity hits me like a brick wall.
      There was this weird part though where the scenario repeated itself semi lucid. I was in a library this time, and my boss was a female, but no less grumpy. I went through scrubbing the windows, but there was this extra part where I was trying to clean the brush off in a drinking fountain in the back of the library.
      Regardless, I had a false awakening. As my eyes started to open, I could tell I was in my bedroom.
      My lucidity was clear enough to remember that I had gone to sleep in my college dorm room. I did a nose pinch.
      "Yeah! Just what I thought! A false awakening!"
      Something felt odd about my bedroom, like everything was reflected to the opposite side.
      I started to get out of bed and I took note of how dark everything was. I decided to turn on the lights. The dream glitched here and I was instantly over at the door, facing as If I were walking into my bedroom. I flicked on the light-switch and nothing happened. I flicked it up and down two times, and nothing happened.
      "Wait... don't light switches not work in dreams...?"
      The light flashed on blindingly bright for a fraction of a second. I heard a loud scream, then everything was black. I could feel myself falling for a few seconds.
      I false awaken. After one false awakening, I was ready to catch the second one, especially if it was to be in the same place as the first. I was in my bedroom. It was dark. I looked at the floor to see that it had been extruded down about 20 feet and filled with water back to the level of the original floor. The weird part was, all the furniture was sitting in place on the surface of the water.
      I recall the water being dark and murky, and seeing a large shark or predatory fish of some sort in the water.
      I must not have been fully lucid because I felt trapped by it. Eventually a blurry-faced dream character in a tiny yellow inflatable dingy came in, rowing with a wooden paddle. When they came up to my bed, I pushed them into the water and stole their little boat.
      I rowed into the guest bedroom for some odd reason and the clarity and mood of the dream picked up significantly. I thought that I was in a surreal painting or something. The water here was very shallow, six inches at the most, and clear. There were brightly colored fish in it, and the carpet flooring had been replaced with wood.
      There was a waterfall flowing from a bottomless pitcher suspended in midair, down a wooden desk, then onto a wooden chair into the floor below. For some reason, there was also a coat rack with a couple of bird cages hanging from it, with brightly colored birds in them. Some of the cages were open and a couple of exotic dream-birds were circling around the room.
      There were vases of flowers everywhere and lily pads in the water.
      I saw a turtle in the water. The turtle had mosses and grasses growing on his shell. I asked the turtle if he would protect me from the shark that was in the other room. He then created this little explosion of bubbles and a tiny fish appeared. It was black and brown with yellow spots. He told me that the fish would protect me.

      I turned back and looked around the room. My lucidity was slipping and I had to remind myself that this was just a dream. I decided to go outside. I began walking out of my house, and the water floors were fading away now.
      I open the door and take one look. I couldn't help myself.
      Holy S**t!
      The dream world was so bright and realistic. I could make out every leaf on every tree, blowing in the wind. I could see a full, white moon rising in the daytime sky. The sky still had that look that it had in the first dream though, it was a darker blue than it should have been. All of the colors seemed to pop, though.
      The trees in our yard were not quite right though. They seemed to be of different species. The one that is right out the front door was replaced with this one with millions of tiny bright green leaves. And where our pine tree was was a palm tree that started with a single base and split into multiple tops. Another tree was replaced with a giant red and white mushroom.
      As I looked more closely at the sky, I could see a structure in it. I couldn't really describe quite what it looked like in words, but it was made up of these circular nodes. Each one had a rune symbol on it. The rune symbols were connected by large beams with small white lights along the edges. Between those larger beams were smaller intricate spiral and radial patterns, sometimes centering around the nodes. The structure arched across the whole sky.
      Although I couldn't quite tell what it was, I could tell that it was solid, probably made of stone or metal, and that it was at least a few miles up. It had a sort of technological look to it, like the surface of the death star would. But also a very mystical, design. There were a couple of clouds in places obscuring parts of the structure.
      I was a bit taken aback by all this scenery. I almost lost the dream.
      "Keep it together (Jade)! It's just a dream... A very very good lucid dream."
      Then, just when I couldn't taken any more, we got planets. Two of them. Somehow visible past the barrier. Both of them looked earth-like, with atmospheres and oceans. One was larger and looked pretty flat, mostly land. The other was much more topographically interesting with craters and oceans.
      I had to contain myself a second time. I tried to think of something I could do. I then thought of the "Lucid Barrier" and thought that perhaps that huge structure in the sky is my lucid barrier. I should fly up and destroy it!
      Okay, usually in very stable, vivid dreams, flying can be a bit of a hassle. I try not to think about the fact that there is a massive structure hindering my lucid dreaming ability right above me. I start running from my front porch, toward the road. I try projecting my energy out of my hands to generate lift. I can't feel any energy flowing. I look upwards, at the house across the street and try to imagine myself being pulled toward the second floor.
      I jump, and notice that I don't seem to be heading back toward the ground. I feel the energy start flowing from my hands, and my little hand rockets ignite. Classic.
      "Haha! Yeah!"
      All of the sudden I hear a horn. I am now in the middle of the road, and only a couple of feet off the ground. A large white van careens toward me. I get struck on the left and side of the van and spun around by the impact. But it doesn't really hurt, despite the fact that I was hit at a fairly high speed. I try not to let the spin destabilize or change the dream environment.
      The van fares a little worse though, it careens off the road and hits one of the neighbor's trees. The dream character; a black man with dreads gets out.
      "Hey! Watch it! I... You're flying... He's flying!" The dream character yells.
      Something made me realize that the huge structure in the sky was not my lucid barrier. I decide to manifest a physical representation of it and destroy it. I turned around, and in the middle of the street was my lucid barrier.
      It was made out of rings of a pink polished stone, like a target, with a white four pointed star, also made out of polished stone. There was a ring of grey polished stone that connected into a pedestal and a crescent of more white polished stone along the inside of the outer ring. It was actually a beautiful sculpture and I felt a little bit bad for having to destroy it.
      I started to fly at it. For some reason, my flying was a little bit awkward and I was flying feet-first. I wanted to turn myself around, until I realized this was actually perfect. I kicked into it, knocking out the white crescent and breaking the outer ring ring of grey stone. I looked back to see my work, and a little less than half of the wall was gone.
      I felt my lucidity get clearer. Then I realized the reason my lucidity was so clear, and that my mind was so awake was that I was actually waking up.

      Hopefully now that I started tearing down that lucid barrier my LDs will increase.

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    10. Crashing into the pink and gold planet, The easter island heads beach, Destiny

      by , 08-27-2014 at 04:53 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am at the helm of a spaceship exploring another solar system. I can recall there is an inner system of gas planets and an outer system of gas planets, leaving room in the middle for a belt of smaller rocky planets to orbit. This is the area that command has asked us to explore.
      Anyways, I end up falling asleep at the helm, only to be awoke by the ships alarm because the radar has picked up that we are near the surface of something. I wake up and see that we are flying dangerously low over the surface of a very strange planet.
      The planet has a bright pink surface, with pink boulders scattered about, and there are huge golden crystals jutting out from the surface. In some of the crystals there were evidence of carving as though an alien civilization had carved out the inside of the golden crystals into homes.
      Regardless, we are about to crash. I begin turning the ship upwards, and fire the main engine. The main engine is rather slow however, and after about fifteen seconds and almost no change in velocity we run out of fuel.
      The ship ends up crashing into a large golden crystal. I somehow survive. Command scolds me for falling asleep at the helm and killing my entire crew... But I was alone.
      I know that I am going to die, but I figure I might as well explore some of the hollowed out crystals in my space suit before I run out of oxygen. I think eventually I do run out of oxygen and discover that what I have been doing was actually just a training simulation and I failed because I fell asleep.

      I do not recall much at all about this dream. It feels like I might have actually had this dream years ago and perhaps only recalled it now. I don't even recall the plot of the dream, only the location that it took place in.
      I recall a beach with Easter island heads on it. Everywhere. They all looked exactly the same but some were broken. Some were tipped over. Some had palm trees growing out of them. The beach is beautiful. The water is clear and blue, and the clouds in the sky looked amazing. It was a very vivid dream.
      I can also recall being on a boat and going down a river that let out into the ocean. I think Manei may have been there but I am not sure.

      H has invited me to go to a convention/event type thing where we are going to get an early-release copy of the game Destiny. Anyways me and a few hundred people are waiting around in what sort of feels like the cafeteria to my old middle school. (Yes we get to put a because there is a connection to my old middle school. In fact, we get to put two. I hated middle school.)
      Anyways I am sitting at the table with H and my cousin and many other people. I look around and think that the crowd is awfully young to be playing this game. I mean this is an officially sponsored event by Bungie, and I think that Destiny is going to be rated T or M, so having almost the entire crowd by eight-year-olds is a little odd. Granted, there are some older people in here, but me and them are in the minority.
      Also, to add to the childishness of the event all of the tables boxes of crayons and coloring pages. I don't remember actually coloring anything, but I think H was. We sat there for what felt like a really long time and caught up.
      Anyways, to decide who gets an early-release copy of Destiny you get to draw a card out of this jar. If you get a white card, you have to leave, but if you get a card that is sort of a teal color then you win a free copy, and get to stay and play in a big LAN party with everyone. I end up getting a white card but somebody else lets me have their card, them having a teal one obviously. I wake up a few moments after they give me the card.
    11. Interplanetary tubes.

      by , 08-24-2014 at 11:49 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Interplanetary tubes. (Non-lucid)


      Apparently I took a few trips to space, as I had a friend who owned a fleet of space crafts and some weird futuristic tubes to travel through.

      This is a hard to describe dream, as I would need to paint it to make a better description, but I am still improving my painting skills, lol. But somehow, I would travel through some tubes, but these tubes had sharp turns an sometimes I could hear how the little ship we were traveling in would hit the walls, but it was just noise. Our ship was like a sphere, it was like made of iron and apparently it had no engines or anything.

      These tunnels were illuminated by lights and there was like different turns that you would take through pressured air or something, a bit confusing to explain.

      Several planets were connected through these tubes and you could travel very far.

      I took my wife with me in one of these trips and she was a little scared, because there were a lot of noises and my wife though we would crash or something. In one of the tubes, there were a ton of graffiti and I was surprised like how they made those graffiti if this was in space, and then I figured that maybe these tunnels were made from scrap metal recycled from trains or something.
    12. An Alternate Past With My First Crush

      by , 08-09-2014 at 02:16 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was reliving my past, though it was an alternate version. Honestly, I'm not sure where I was, I just know I was inside somewhere. I was watching the guy that I first kissed, Nick, taking these girls into the bathroom with him. I was jealous because I really liked him. I think at one point I went in there with him, but we didn't make out or anything. He was showing me something in there.

      This alternate past went on for quite awhile, mostly it was me watching Nick, wishing he would be with me. There was a brief point of lucidity, though it was hard to grasp. It was like I was having trouble letting go of the dream plot. I finally grasped the idea that I was dreaming, and started trying to do other things,
      when I woke up.


      I was in Nick's house, though it was a weird house; it was like a mixture between a house and another location. I saw that Nick was in his room, though I did not go in there. I was in a dark, basement-like part of the building, but I could clearly see the entrance to Nick's room, and I could see the kitchen. We were older now. I had been in this building with him for quite awhile, it seems like years, and he had been in his room for mostly the whole time. I did not see him come out. I didn't want him to see me.

      I then had to go in there to give him something. I was afraid he wouldn't talk to me. I believe we did talk, but I can't remember for sure.

      I then was "remembering" a part of my alternate past again, though it was when we were older and in college. We were talking and having a great time. We weren't together as a couple, but we were quite close with one another, closer than we ever were IWL. We were sitting on some stairs, just talking and having a great time. I looked into his eyes, and saw him for who he was; his light brown eyes were quite happy.

      I then was "remembering" us writing letters to each other. At some point during this, I started to "remember" the past more as it really happened IWL, though not to a T; I wrote him a letter that upset him, and he never spoke to me again. I was now back in the present moment. I then had another "memory" of me in a dark room that was lit with starlights, and it was full of small models of the orbiting planets. There was also a picture on the wall of all the planets that apparently I had made. It looked very realistic, as if it were a computer rendered image or a very realistic painting. It wasn't accurate as far as their orbits went, and I had more on on there than the ones we know, but still, it was really good. It was really quite beautiful. I tried to telekinetically take control of Neptune, which looked like a grey rock with an indentation in the middle. I was not doing a great job at it. As this was happening with the planets, I was thinking about Nick and how close we had been and how upset he was at me.

      Then, I was back in the present moment, considering whether or not I should write him more letters, though I was receiving no response. I wanted to write poetry to him, but I then thought about how inappropriate that would be since I'm married.

      Dream skip, though the Nick thing was still relevant somehow. I was working at a grocery store, the same one I work at now, though I was not in the bakery, but I was doing something else. I was in a different section. It looked like produce, but was not all produce; there were other things besides fruits and veggies, like rice and such. I was working on setting up a display, when a woman approached me, an older, Asian woman with glasses. She asked me about a bag of rice that she had that was slightly opened. I told her I'd get her another one. I took the one from her and gave her another one. She examined it very carefully to make sure it wasn't opened. The bag was VERY slightly torn, and she noticed. I told her it was fine, it wasn't opened like the other one was. She still needed another one, however. Before I left, she told me she needed a 1-pound bag because the one she had was 3 pounds, and she wanted 4 pounds of rice. She was holding up two bags and showing me how one said one pound and the other said three pound. I took them from her to look, one at a time. For bags of rice, they were extremely lightweight. I gave them back to her. As I was leaving to go get one from the back, she shouted after me
      "One pound!" as if I didn't hear her the first time.

      I went and found one, I think asking someone about it on the way. I made sure that it said 1 pound on the bag. I went to bring it to her, and she swore it said 3 pounds. -_-'

      She then directed my attention to another woman, a customer, who looked like she had chain smoked all her life, who was standing at a microphone at a podium to make an announcement. Only associates were supposed to use those. I saw some smoke trickle from between her lips. She was announcing something. The customer then asked me
      "What's your joystick policy?" she asked as if she was quizzing me; she knew the answer, but wanted to see if I knew.
      "I don't know," I responded. I had never heard of a "joystick policy" before.
      She then directed my attention to an associate, a girl wearing the uniform we have to wear, who was standing behind a different podium with a microphone, but she was standing a bit further a way. The customer asked her to tell me what it was. She started to speak into the microphone, but her voice was no clear at all and I could not understand a word she said. I told the lady I couldn't understand what she was saying.


      On average, I dream about Nick 1-3 times a year. It's usually something vivid too.
    13. LD #101, The moon gets destroyed. More Planets

      by , 07-31-2014 at 12:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in my school's courtyard, but it feels different, like everything is facing the wrong way. S and A are there, along with a huge crowd of students. I think that my grandparents were there as well.
      I've gotten sick of dreaming up these scenes and not becoming lucid, so I began preparing specifically for them. And this time I actually wound up
      S, A and I are waiting for someone else. (C?) Upon becoming lucid I forget the plot of the dream and decide to manifest my dream guide. I think I saw her somewhere in the crowd for like a second. I decide to try and text her for some reason. I take out my phone and open up my contacts. Sure enough she is in there.
      I look in our text messages, and most of them are messages that she has sent to me. Some of them are written in an illegible language. She messages me something.
      I don't know why but I want to reply 'lol' to it. Now comes the hard part. Text messaging in a lucid dream.
      So sure enough I try several times to write a message, but it always changes. Eventually I just commit. I just look at the keyboard, type 'lol' and hit send before the words can change. Woot! Text messaged in a dream!
      I wake up moments after sending the text.

      Me and some friends are traveling on an escape pod from a much larger vessel in space. We had gone far out below the plane of the galaxy. Apparently we had been in cryo-sleep for hundreds of years, that being the reason for our desolate location.
      Upon awakening I took to the controls and tried to correct our course to return us to the galaxy. Took some doing given the fact that I couldn't tell what direction our ship was facing and only had some sort of galactic compass to help me.
      We went back into cryo for another few hundred years and when we came out we found we had returned to the galaxy. We began flying past a solar system and the dream changed. The plot about the escape pod was lost. I was taken out and the presence appeared.

      The presence showed the orbital arcs of the planets in a solar system. There were dozens of planets in this system, far more than our own solar system. Most of them were orbiting in the same line as the galaxy, but maybe five or six were orbiting 'vertically', going up over the poles of the star.
      The presence began explaining that this solar system (It was called the Var system) was the result of two solar systems colliding. We fly in close to the star and see that this in fact a triple star system. There is a large blue star, a medium sized yellow star, also orbiting vertically and a small red star farther out.
      The presence explains to me that this was the result of two solar systems colliding with one another. Their centers of gravity merged. It also explains that it is very dangerous because the planets in polar orbits could collide with the planets in regular orbits.

      And then, I'm back at my house. I look outside, and rising in the east is the moon, but it looks different... Holy @#$%...
      New cool experience for me!!!-oblivion157.jpg
      Something like that only the moon looks as though it's actively being destroyed. The entire moon is 'smoking' and explosions are erupting out of the surface. It was by far some of the most vivid imagery I have ever seen in a dream. About half the moon was gone when I saw it.
      Everybody is outside, watching in awe at the destruction. Then, what was left of it exploded in a massive blast, as if the death star had just done a test run there.
      I waited 10...15...20...25...seconds. After about a minute a wall of high-speed meteors slammed into the earth's atmosphere. Debris of all sizes impacted. One was even close enough to cause a sonic boom and take out the windows in everyone's houses.
      I run inside. My parents say to get my things, we are evacuating. I run upstairs and get my computer. I think to check the news and see why the moon exploded. No, no time. I get my computer, a '25' dollar bill and my crystal that I use for meditation. For some reason it looks like I wrote all over it with a black magic marker.

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    14. Space Road Truckers

      by , 06-14-2014 at 04:34 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am a driver on this TV show called 'Space Road Truckers' about a small group of people who drive (or fly) cargo trucks throughout the solar system. Also this does not feel like the normal solar system. I believe it was taking place in a binary star system. The planets I had to deliver to were moons of a large jupiter-like gas planet orbiting close to the star. Also, the trucks and futuristic designs to them. Rather than wheels, they had these blue glowing energy conduits running along the bottom allowing them to hover and fly into space, and the cab had some extra reinforcement to protect the driver from radiation and pressures.

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    15. Random Bits

      by , 05-18-2014 at 03:35 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was missing all of my fingers on both hands save for my thumb and index finger.

      There is a war going on in outer space and I am watching it unfold. The war is over this tiny cube-shaped planet, no more than a few hundred meters across. The planet has a blue and grey marble texture and orbits another, much larger planet similar to mars. Various factions use spaceships to deploy ground units such as tanks and mechs onto the tiny planet to do battle.

      I am in some valley or canyon feeling area, inside of some cartoon. There is a villainous snake with a mustache that I am fighting.I become lucid while fighting him and try to use some dream control but most of it seems to fail. Our battle seems to repeat over and over.

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