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    1. 2 Dec: Scanned by drones and hostage in a museum

      by , 12-02-2018 at 11:12 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I woke up in my teenage bedroom at my parent's house. There is a noise of jets outside and I go check it out and see three Northrop black planes passing by. They are flying quite low. But the stranger thing is they come back and pass in front of my window a couple more times and then come even closer and start circling my building as if scanning it. Last circle they slow down and come really close to my window, like less than a meter away and I realize they are tiny, no more than a meter wide, so they are actually unmanned drones and they seem to be very interested in me. Were they looking for me or did I attract their interest for being up staring at them while everyone else sleeps?
      I then remember getting my phone to film, but it's too late, they are gone. Meanwhile my mom is awaking and I wanna tell her, she will freak out, but she is dressed up already and in a hurry to go somewhere for a few days for some conference. I feel worried, she never leaves abruptly like this.
      Later on my father opens the door to a lady and her son. I don't like the woman, she is full of herself, but her son is actually a cool kid. They seem to be trying to fix us together, but there's no way, he is just a kid. Am I also a kid? Because I don't feel like it. I show him my room, the room from my teen years. He likes the furniture but dislikes the arrangement and gives me some advices on decoration. I'm like "seriously?".

      I go to a museum with Riverstone and Nighthawk. At some point I split from them and go to the museum shop where something strange seems to be happening. There is some lady from a religious organization and a bishop and they are talking some fundamentalist shit to people. Clearly something is about to happen, and I decide to get out from there. But when I reach the door, a fat lady is locking it up with everybody inside. People seem confused and nonreactive, but I protest violently and even start crying making up that my mom is the hospital and I need to go see her. They don't care, they are doing a protest and basically taking everybody in the museum as hostages. They take us to an auditorium and force us to watch some kind of play, that I am sure is meant to brainwash us into their cause. But after offering resistance repeatedly and they reacting violently, I decide to resist by being a nuisance and making noise with some plastics I had in my bag and loud commentaries throughout their attempted play.
    2. Restroom Play DILD

      by , 07-24-2018 at 06:42 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Found myself back at my first job. I look around and notice a few changes here and there. As I run pass the hallway I look to my right which I expected to see an elevator but to my surprise it was no longer there. I then could see a new change of something more futuristic. I go in to the tight small corner that led me to the new break room or what they called the beehive.

      I went through many of the halls not remembering how big it was compared to the last time I been there. I finally got to the end as I realize I was looking for the men rest room. Once I made it I notice these group of people ding some kind of play. I sit back and watch them. Eventually the lights go out and could feel someone breathing against me.
      Then I felt something hit me, after that the lights came on and I became lucid. I was not too happy so I toss him to the ground and tore up some of there stuff for the play.

      I could feel my lucidity slipping and I prepare to focus on the ground getting ready to deild. But then suddenly my lucidity return back to being stable. I continue as this big guy came along trying to stop me. I eventually get bored of this and left the restroom and went back out to the break room. I told the guy I am leaving and to have no hard feelings. I went back in to the tight spots and corners and left my old futuristic first job. I then wake up
    3. Random non-lucids

      by , 12-05-2016 at 09:35 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I have to do several tasks. In one my comrades stop halfway through and I have to do it myself. I had float (how did I not become lucid!!!!) through a garden singing like a bird.


      With 3 friends, we all do plays, and one all together. The 'together' was like 'Inception'.
      I cannot believe I did not become lucid!

      Two rectangular blocks are placed side by side with a space in the middle. They shine out colours and they mix.
    4. Tinkerbell

      by , 04-21-2016 at 04:17 PM
      I had a dream that I was going to watch Peter Pan the musical and they needed a Tinkerbell so someone dragged me out of the audience and asked if I would do it. I didn't have a chance to agree before I was thrown into a costume and told to react like her (she didn't have any lines). So the whole play I'm just kinda jumping around like a maniac hoping my wig won't fall off. Weird.
    5. #229 - Dream fragments

      by , 04-14-2016 at 12:57 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream fragments
      1- I remember being outside my house on the lawn, we just seeded the ground with new grass seeds IRL so the whole thing is actually just a wasteland of dirt currently. In my dream me and a friend had just walked there and all the grass was fully grown. It looked really cool and I was actually pretty happy with the results.

      2- I remember being on a stage where we were doing a play, the stage was lit and the audience area was completely dark. I apparently hadn't spend much time studying my lines, why would not study them? I was annoyed that I hadn't made better use of my time preparing for this.
      Tags: acting, grass, home, play
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Reading a Crime Novel on an Airplane

      by , 08-16-2015 at 02:16 PM
      Morning of August 16, 2015. Sunday.

      Rewritten for clarification and supplemented Friday, 25 August 2017.

      In the first part of my dream, I read at least halfway through a paperback crime novel (possibly by Erle Stanley Gardner, though this is not certain). I retain much of what I read for a few minutes after each page, enough to get a general idea of what the story is about, but I eventually forget most of it. It concerns a jewel thief who escapes by traveling by jumbo jet to another country while meeting a female on the airplane. He becomes interested in her and sees her again later on. She is a secretary that eventually goes to work for him.

      My reading of the paperback crime novel expands into an amateur play aboard the airplane. I find at least two people (unknown and unfamiliar) who I decide to act out the story with as our airplane takes off and flies to wherever we are going.

      One of these other passengers, who mostly stands to my left as I am seated on the right side of the airplane about the fourth seat back, is a young female who becomes wary about doing this as if perhaps she thinks that movies or plays made from novels are filmed or performed exactly as they are. For example, if an actor plays someone who is killed, the actor will actually be killed at that point. This seems to be an extraordinarily ignorant belief, yet in my dream, it seems typical of ordinary people to hold such beliefs. She eventually comments on the persona of the jewel thief in the story and decides to free herself of this little fictional drama and return to her own seat, no longer being interested. I am somewhat annoyed that the play was not completed, but my thoughts shift to other things.

      There is an idea that I need to make a beanie. The beanie will have a blue and white mandala design spreading over the center from the top down somewhat like a simplified spiderweb design. Another (unknown) female complains about me wanting to create the beanie (which I plan on finishing on the airplane before we land) from scratch and asks me why I do not just buy one. (In some ways, this is like saying to someone who wants to learn to play guitar to go out and buy a music CD or someone who wants to build a house to just look at pictures of houses.) At any rate, I explain to her how the design and creation has to be mine (similar to a real life event when I made a headband, as it had to be a design taken directly from my dream). I start working on my beanie, but I do not complete it before I wake.

      Meanwhile, I am given an on-flight meal which ends up leaving a horrid sweet taste in my mouth after waking. It is some sort of serving-tray-sized clump of thicker reddish jelly or conserves that is not fresh and is shaped somewhat like a land form relating to the Colorado Plateau. I do not want to eat it, but there is nothing else to eat so I eat most of it. I wake before the airplane lands.

      Time to explain the meaning of this dream, yes? I am certainly not talking about “interpretation” but about inherent meaning and why this dream is as it is.

      Firstly, I am on an airplane. This usually has nothing to do with waking life (unless prescient or based on literal dynamics from recent experiences) but is an obvious dream state indicator. This is primarily based on the floating sensation of entering sleep and the residual memory of such. (How difficult could it be for a person of average intelligence to immediately realize this?) Over twenty percent of my dreams have more obvious flight symbols. This includes tens of thousands of dreams over a fifty-year time period. As a result, can you imagine what I think when I read about “dream interpretation” as the term is often used? (To be honest, I do not think you could.)

      Then there is the paperback crime novel. Since being unconscious in the dream state is a “puzzling” state of awareness, the rendering becomes actualized in this case as a mystery novel and is even expanded into my dream’s environment as such (and how often would such an event occur in real life even symbolically?).

      Why am I making a beanie in this particular dream? I am trying to implement a connection to my outer (conscious self’s) awareness in real time (and completeness in consciousness regarding what a mandala represents). There is non-lucid dream control. A part of me knows I am dreaming (as is most often the case) yet the lucidity is not viable or held within my dream self’s inherently fictional memory. Making this cap is similar to other dreams involving my dream self attempting to initiate waking (and this is also why there is no dominant preconscious personification or other preconscious factor). The unknown female complaining about me wanting to make the beanie is possibly a distorted perception of me believing (or actually perceiving within the same level of consciousness as her as we are sleeping) that my wife does not yet want to wake. This is certainly not meant to sound negative. No one else could even come close to her beauty or compatibility with me.

      The weird dessert at the end of my dream likely relates to a few factors. (Red desserts have appeared in other dreams since childhood.) It may relate to having low blood sugar after a long sleep. It may be a rendering of the subliminal awareness of an odd taste in my mouth. Red dominating a dream typically means I have been sleeping a bit too long (or sleeping too long in one position). The association with a Colorado plateau may also indicate partial dehydration (and the need to rehydrate after waking, which is very important).

      See how this dream is based on the real-time dynamics of sleeping, dreaming, and waking rather than having feasible conscious self relevance as main factors in this case? A person of reasonable intelligence should be able to grasp this with no difficulty. Even so, most of my dreams have threads of literal prescience, which could not be discerned by “interpretation” either. Thank you for reading and understanding.

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    7. Errand Run

      by , 07-02-2015 at 11:21 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      SO. Let's sum up my past five days. I've remembered at least one dream everyday for the past five days, so I have quite a bit of journaling to do on here! I'll make a separate DJ entry post for each dream, starting with Sunday's, June 28th.
      I was at a house that looked like the island house I stayed at on vacation this past month. My girlfriend and her mom were both there, and they requested I go pick them up some stuff from the shopping area across the highway. I headed out, and the drive (I was on a motorcycle for some reason) was only five minutes.
      Strangely, the shopping area I arrived at looked pretty similar to the island house as well. I saw a changing stand behind a stage where a play was going on, and randomly decided I needed to change my clothes. Once that was done, I went to the shopping area, which had black and white tiled marble flooring, and some mini-restaurants. I got the goods for my girlfriend and her mom, and also indulged by buying myself some soft jolly ranchers.
      Headed back home, I checked FB on my phone and saw that my entire family liked my status that I posted IRL the previous day. This lifted my spirits, and when I got back to the house, I gave the stuff to my girlfriend and her mom.

      A pretty standard dream, not a bunch happened. But trust me, they start getting weirder as the days go by.
    8. The Play

      by , 06-18-2015 at 12:35 AM
      I was walking into a weird building with possibly "The People" (Kind of like Spirit Guides), and my family. We were putting together the stage. After this we were just suddenly acting. Brady was yelling at me as part of the play, suddenly people told me it was my part. So I decided to fight back as part of the play, I was jumping backward a lot and swung around. I was acting and had to pretend to be drunk. I jumped back again and fell into the crowd, that happened a few times. My grandfather told that I was jumping too far. I tried to control it but I couldnt. So I just told them it was my sensory dissorder.
    9. Plays

      by , 10-27-2014 at 08:16 PM (Casting Shadows)
      Went to bed at eleven forty-six and woke up at six-seventeen.

      The dream lasted for six days.

      My parents finally accumulated enough money to buy alcohol, and they got really drunk. The next day Johnny goes out to town with them and they come back he's the first one inside. His hair is shorter than what it really is and his voice and personality are that of Donny from the previous Big Brother season. Every time the door opens, I can see that it's overcast. I can also see that there are at least three big black boxes in the car--that's how much alcohol they bought.

      "It sure was mean of them to buy all that beer," he said from Daddy's seat. (Not wearing a hat, wearing long-sleeve white shirt.)

      My dad comes in, still drunk, and I don't exactly remember what they said but I think Johnny was saying that he was better than Daddy, and of course Daddy was getting madder and madder. Father kept telling him to get out, shouting at him, and I thought a fight was going to break out, but finally Johnny leaves.

      The dream fast-fowards through the weekend and stops at either Monday or Tuesday. There were two projects from Art i was meant to do, and I can't remember them very well, but one of Jackson's was to draw a Pokemon. He tried to tell me it was so realistic that you could hear it as if it were real and then he played a dinosaur noise on his phone, but of course, I called him out on it.

      Wednesday the thirty-first rolled around, and it was just my luck that I even found the beginning of one of them (the same project as Jackson's Pokemon). Still, I did turn it in (I also recall walking around the Art room, though what I was doing I don't remember. I do know that I had a bit of trouble squeezing through desks and chairs).

      At the end, the teacher announced that we would all be going to a pageant and something else, and tomorrow we would get our tickets. (The pageant was actually a play.)

      The next day I was standing in line to get my passport and ticket for the plane. The machine that gave us both was in the school. Gail was in front of me and Chris M. was behind. I had meant to look and see what everyone else was doing, but had instead dozed off. I only came to when Gail was putting her money in this plastic pink cup that looked as though it would eventually be pulled up like a bucket from a water well. The passport and ticket were side-by-side, but I stood there for a moment, trying to figure out which one I should grab, or how I should grab it, until Chris picked up both of them and handed them to me.

      As I walked out of the school, the principal was standing by to see us off. I asked what the other thing was that we'll be doing and he explains in a comical manner and some girl behind him laughs.

      It's night outside, and the Art teacher, someone else, and Chris are waiting in the car for me. They eventually turn into my parents (I don't remember who replaced Chris) and I began to wonder how long I would be gone. I unfolded my passport and it said something like,

      6 from 9 weeks in a Sweepstakes Hotel
      3 of which payed for by Sweepstakes!

      In the real world this would mean that I'd be gone for only three weeks, all of which would be payed for by Sweepstakes (which was some dream company I suppose), but in the dream either it meant I'd be gone for six weeks or I only thought I would be gone for six weeks.

      The play was going to be about Naruto and my dad commented and said that he thought it was already over and I said that the guy who does it is wrapping up.

      We--all of the students--would be the ones starring in the play.
    10. Blue-Feathered Bird and the Surprise Marriage

      by , 10-10-2014 at 07:45 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I dreamed of a bird with blue feathers, three black "hairs" and white chest and belly area. It has a long, blue tail. It was on a branch.

      I dreamed I was married to a woman. I didn't experience the marriage. I was just walking on a street and suddenly thought of it.

      Before walking on the street, I was inside a house eating a meal or soup. An uncle told me to accompany him/them. I told them I was eating, but he gave me a look which looked... I'm not sure. Dead? He frowned and then kind of just stood there, then left. Somehow, I remembered something: I was staying in their place. I quickly slurped the soup/food and went with them. We were walking on the road when I thought that I married someone, and they forced me to marry the woman, whoever she is. A cousin, I think. She never appeared in this dream.

      I thought we were going to take one of their cars, but when we walked outside and in a corner, I saw them ride a jeep. I was surprised so I wasn't able to get in with them, and the jeep sped off. I just shrugged and thought I'd walk to wherever they were going. My sister appeared by my said and we talked while walking to the venue. I think she was in the house as well, but not sure.

      We arrived at a place. Not sure if it was the place we were supposed to go. It has a nice garden or mini-forest around it, with trees and flowers and herbs. We went inside. It's a theater and there was a play. And a dog. Not sure how the dog fits in.


      This was yesterday's dream. I didn't get to write it until now.
      I've been meditating before and after sleeping.
      I'm still working on the Dream Yoga book.
    11. The Demon Bull and Burning Chemicals

      by , 10-01-2014 at 01:35 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a building doing some sort of computer test that involved two computers. I then had to go somewhere in the house I grew up in to get something. I was walking towards the bonus room when I saw my room was very dark. Inside of it, on my bed, was a huge, red bull, a humanoid bull. He was glowing red. It was like he was a demon or Satan. I was quite scared by this and quickly went past my room and into the bonus room. I don't remember what I needed in there, but as I was heading out, I dreaded passing my room. I could now see a red glow inside my room. I looked in further, and saw that the bull was holding onto the leg of a lifesized doll of...me. It kept repeating him pulling and her resisting, like animatronics. The doll's face looked terrified. I was terrified.

      I then had an FA in my bed at our apartment. I was towards the middle of the bed, and I couldn't see my husband. Where was he?? I was still terrified from that dream.
      "Dallas?" I said. I then saw him. Phew. But still, something didn't seem right. I think there was a cat there on the bed with me, standing very close, but it wasn't my current kitty. I realized I was having an FA and tried to wake myself up for real.

      I then really woke up and saw my husband next to me. I wondered if I had talked in my sleep and said his name.


      I was watching home videos that my mom had taken years ago. There was some weird intro with my mom showing all her shoes nicely put away in her closet. She was talking over it. It looked really good, actually, almost professional. Then there was a clip of me as a toddler sitting on the floor. I said something to the camera, though I don't remember what. I realized Dallas was there with me watching this, and I was not wanting him to see all my embarrassing home videos. -_-;

      Then it was showing a play that my cousin Ben was in. It was supposed to be before I was born, I believe, though I was thinking about the ages of everyone in the play; they appeared to be in high school, which, IWL doesn't add up to their ages now, but I didn't think too much more about it. I somehow decided that it was right. Anyway, my cousin was a main character. The play looked to be set in the 1800s or so. My cousin was playing an older gentleman. He was in his house. There was another older man there as well who spent the play convincing him to collect and store a lot of this white powdery substance that was in bags. Throughout the play, you didn't know what the substance was. I assumed it was cocaine. Towards the end, though, it turned out to be some kind of peroxide chemical powder, "sodium peroxide" is what it was called. All these crates and bags were in the man's living area. The man wouldn't sell it or do anything with it like the other man wanted him to, so he took it all outside and blew it up, which is not what the other man wanted him to do.

      Then, the blow up site was my room in the house I grew up in. My bed was in the place it was when we first moved there, and had the tie-dye bedspread I had when I was 10 or 11. I had covered the crates, which were on the bed and scattered throughout the room, with some kind of fluid so they'd burn better. I then was having second thoughts about blowing the room up, but it was too late; the crates were ignited. Someone else, another girl, was there with me, and I was frantically trying to find something to put out the flames with. I thought about grabbing the hose from underneath the cabinet in the bathroom (no such hose IWL), but remembered that water to a chemical fire was only going to fuel it. I noticed that my bedspread was starting to burn. The other girl was just standing at the bathroom sink, being no help. It was kind of like work for some reason. I didn't know how to put out the fire.

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    12. Two Fragments: Representational Influences

      by , 08-21-2014 at 07:07 PM
      NLD, first sleep: Several of us are downstairs in a house at night. The front door is wide open. Through an adjacent window, I see a man sitting on a bench next to the road outside, waiting for the bus. Perhaps he tires of waiting, because after a while he gets up and walks right in the front door. I recognize him as "The Vagrant," a character played by Johnny Depp. He wears white face make-up and an old fashioned suit and hat, resembling a mime from the Charlie Chaplin era. I feel hospitable toward him and offer to let him sleep in the wife's room, as she is not home. (I have no sense of who "the wife" might be; there's something impersonal about all the DCs; they are more like roles than individuals.) Someone standing nearby ("the husband"?) gives me a dirty look for leaving the door open and then telling the vagrant he can stay. I don't openly acknowledge the glance, but gives me a sense of foreboding: I don't know anything about this guy, and I've just offered to let him sleep in one of the upstairs rooms. If he turns out to have ill intent, we'll be leaving ourselves vulnerable when we go to sleep.

      Scene change. There are about three of us upstairs now on a sort of balcony, in addition to the vagrant, who is swinging on a rope. He has not said a word since entering the house, and I start to wonder if we should be worried about his intentions. I consult the DM, who is not physically present in the scene: "If I do 'sense alignment', is it blatant?" It feels as though I ask the question aloud, but in a way that does not manifest audibly in the dream scene -- I'm asking OOCly (out of character). The DM confirms that, yes, the effect would be blatant, meaning that I can't cast the spell on the vagrant without him noticing, either because I have to make distinctive invocations and gestures, or because he would be able to subjectively feel the mental intrusion. I don't want to cast the spell if the vagrant will be aware of it, because at this point I already strongly suspect that his alignment is not on the "good" spectrum, and I don't want to alert him to my suspicions. After the vagrant leaves off swinging, one of the other players on the balcony asks the DM if she can use the same effect on the rope that he has just let go of. She's trying to be clever: a rope, obviously, won't notice anything amiss or feel itself being scryed on. However, she seems to be missing the obvious, so before the DM has a chance to respond, I scoff jokingly, "You can't 'sense alignment' on a rope!"

      Note: I'm interested in the way dreams can take on aspects of other forms of representation. Mine are often heavily influenced by structural elements from films, video games, and even tabletop gaming, the first and last of which were strongly present here.

      NLD, second sleep: The fabric of the dream was very thin and immediately frayed upon waking because I did not keep still enough. There was an elaborate plot that I wasn't able to piece back together. However, I was with a group of people that were playing costumed characters, acting out scenes that were somewhere between a play and a LARP.

      Afterwards, an actor who is a dwarf (of the genetic, not the fantasy variety), comments to me about his disinterest in playing out live-action versions of stories he has already filmed or done on stage. "Kid, we want to see it, or we want to hear about it. We don't want to live it. We've already done that."

      Note: This dream appears to have been incubated by the thoughts I wrote down after the last dream about the various representational formats that have been an influence on my dreaming. Dream would like to remind me that I left out plays and LARPs. Thanks, Dream, I guess my dreaming is also influenced by plays and LARPs (even if I haven't engaged in either since the '90s). Anything else?

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    13. All Friends at a Play

      by , 11-12-2013 at 02:21 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      I was in a long line that stretched from my house to (you guessed it) a warped version of my school. This is another thing I should keep an eye out for in my dreams..
      I was waiting in the line with my girlfriend. Apparently there was a play going on at the school. When we got close to it, my girlfriend mysteriously disappeared and I was left wondering where I should be going. I entered the building and discovered my girlfriend's mom, who got angry at me and told me to put my two packs of luggage (which I was magically now holding) under the stage. I tried to do so, but she shouted.
      "You need help with those!"
      "But..not real-"
      "Go get help."
      I walked towards the stairs and found a manager there who told me to go put the two packs under the stage. I got annoyed, telling them that that's what I was trying to do in the first place.
      I put my luggage under the stage, and headed back to the stairs, this time going down them. As I did, a large group of people headed up. They were who I assumed to be the actors for the play. I saw multiple people I knew, and a lot of them gave me dirty looks, even though some of them are friends in real life. I got to the last step and entered a large, warehouse looking place. The line was stretching all around the edges of the walls here, from left to right, filled with people. I tried to figure out where my girlfriend or my friends were, and found one of my friends who told me how stupid this was.
    14. Got Milk?

      by , 08-31-2013 at 05:41 PM
      August 31, 2013
      Method: MILD & WBTB (WILD attempted, but failed)
      Sleep time: 8-9 hours

      Dream 1

      Got into a river for a cool dip, this river reminded me of a river flowing through the Amazon Rain Forest. I could hear the sounds of the wild animals all around me. I must have been pregnant or just delivered a baby because my breast was leaking milk something terrible. As I got into the river for a cool dip, I could see the milk leaking from my breast mix in with the river water. The animals in the river drank the water and milk concoction and as they did, the came out of the river huge ! Then they started to get like super powers from the mixed drink and started doing things they normally don’t do (like monkeys being able to fly like birds in the sky). I saw something ‘hanging’ from some of the animals that got out of the water and when I took a closer look, I noticed that now, they too have huge enormous breast leaking breast milk (I really should have become lucid from this dream ).

      Dream 2

      A woman was looking for someone to help her with putting on a play from a book. She went around asking everyone to assist her in the play, but no one could help her because they couldn’t understand the topic of the play. She needed someone who was familiar with this play that she was going to be adapted from a book, but she was very upset because she couldn’t find anyone familiar with the book. I told her I knew what she was talking about and she looked at me baffled because she hadn’t even told me what the name of the book was, or what the book was about. I told her that she didn’t have to, that I just knew what she was talking about without even telling me. She told me if I could tell her the name of the book, I would receive the job. I told her the name of the book was, “The Bell Jar.” I was correct.

      Note: I have no idea why this book came into my dream, I believe that I either saw a moving that made a reference about it or heard someone in RL talking about it...either way, I have not read the book myself...weird?
    15. The Phone Call [Mutal Dream Attempt #1]

      by , 05-25-2013 at 12:03 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I was going for WILD after my WBTB but I was very tired and my WBTB was too short. I had several awakenings but only remember two of the dreams.

      I am at work with some silver can in my hand it looks like a tall boy beer. I get the idea that has huperzine in it. I take a long drink and note the taste. It is very sweet and fruity with a pleasant alcohol after taste. I look at the can and see its Blueberry Pomegranate flavored. I remember taking huperzine earlier and try to calculate how much huperzine is in my system now. I worry that it will be too much.

      I see Frank walk by and he comments on my drink. Something about how he wants to try some so he can get lucid. I am shocked and happy that I turned so many people at work on to lucidity. (actually just 2 in waking life).

      I realize that having beer at work will get me fired so I try to hid it under my desk. Then, I not a horrible side effect of drinking huperzine beer in the day time. I am incredibly aroused and it will not subside. My boss asks me to come over to talk to her but I am too embarrassed get up out of my chair. I quickly wake up.


      I am at my old Jr. High cafeteria in Smithville, TX watching some play on the stage that was there in waking life. Then play ends but we they begin a second showing and every moans about it. We stay because we all feel obligated to support our children.

      The curtain opens and someone is trying to hang something on a wall that had busted out sheet rock. I am curious if this is the actual play of if they need to fix the set. I wonder up on stage and some toddlers come out to play with me. I talk to one and then realize I am on stage. I duck and army crawl away.

      I have a brief awakening and focus on my awareness and body.

      #186 - 5:18AM - DEILD

      I find myself back at my old Jr. High but I am outside in the commons area where we used to hang out before class. I am staring at the concrete and see the trash can that is always there. I look and see the grassy center and the structure around me. For a moment the memory is so vivid that it conjures up old indescribable emotions that are only connected to that time and place. For just that moment, I am completely overwhelmed and think that I literally somehow teleported there in waking life.

      I quickly recover from this and assure myself that I am dreaming. I look around at the scene and note how correct everything seems. After a moment my vision gets a little blurry so I stop and remember my task. I walk around toward the gym and shout out, "CANISLUCIDUS!" CL's name sounds and feel a little thick in my mouth so I shout out his real name which is much easier to say. Nobody shows up so I decide to just call him on my cell phone. I reach to my right pocked were it always is and at first I feel nothing but after a few pats I feel a lump and then the shape of my phone.

      I pull it out and blindly push something on the screen saying CL's first and last name then put the phone to my ear. I immediately hear a very stereotypical Russia man on the other end.

      The details are a little hazy with the dialogue but I remember basically what was said. I may have to paraphrase a little here.

      Man: This is [firstname][lastname].
      Me: Uuummm. OK. Where are you?
      Man: Rustonovic Farms (or something like that then some Russian phrase)
      Me: Rustonovic Farms?

      I repeat the Rustonovic Farms and the phrase several times to remember. I quickly decide this is gibberish and let it go.

      Me: I want to talk to the real [Firstname][lastname]

      There is silence on the line but I wait. Then...

      CL: Hey! How are you?
      Me: Hey! What's up,man? This is Mike. You know from the Internet. It's Xanous. (CL begins talking excitedly but I interrupt him.) I want to tell you something. You are dreaming.

      I want CL to actually be here so I look over to my right expecting to see him. He's standing right next to me on a cell phone but he doesn't seem to notice that I am here. I look at him while talking.

      Me: You are DREAMING. Get it? This is a DREAM.

      The light of recognition seems to come into CL's eyes now.

      CL: OH WOOOOW! Yeah I am.
      Me: Ok good! So here's my code word. It's [code word] Remember that. OK what's mine.
      CL: Account numbers.

      I realize we started walking together now and notice that we made our way over to the high school parking lot. I look over at CL and he still has the phone to his ear like he is talking to someone else.

      Me: Really? Account numbers? That's two words.
      CL: [Gibberish]
      Me: Ok so account numbers it is.

      I realize that CL's voice has gone sort of flat and lifeless. I wonder if he's lost his . I look back over at CL and I see that he is a boy now and we are at my waking life car. I open the door. The dream is getting unstable and my lucidity is starting to slip. CL climbs up into the car and sits in a car seat. I go with the motions and strap him in.

      Me: You're not really lucid are you? Are you even [first name]?

      The scene goes dark and I find myself in the void. I quickly wake myself to remember the dream.

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