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    1. The Cake is a Lie

      by , 07-18-2019 at 11:51 PM
      I'm arriving at a house in a neighborhood where an old lady greets me and takes me inside. Passing by the pantry, I notice a large cake inside. Straight ahead, I also see part of the same cake floating in a water jug. She asks me if I would like anything to drink and I politely decline. Seeming like she wants me to drink, she asks if I'm sure, and I say yes. I'm now suspicious if she's trying to get me to drink because the water's poisoned somehow by the cake. After refusing twice she still ends up pouring a glass from the jug and tells me to drink it. I threaten her by grabbing her face and saying something before walking out and leaving in my car. On my drive home, I get pulled over by a cop car. I roll my window down and the female cop tells me that the lady I was with was some kind of killer and just wanted me to know.
    2. villain in arena, produce guests, cutting off fingers

      by , 03-02-2019 at 06:21 PM
      2 mar, (3) dreams

      Fighting area, combatting a whole series of people. At one point I am the guy on a platform covering the area in poison, I guess I’m villain. “I’ve built and immunity to this” as he sprays it all over the citizens. I look like Thranduil with a long beige robe and hair.

      I’m setting up a platter for guests or customers as I’m at produce and buying 2 cheap cartons of strawberries, cutting into some foreign looking melons, buying discount bags of assorted fruits(blueberries, starfruit, etc, in red mesh bag). I wash my hands and the new Filipino colleague is behind me to help I think? Apparently I’m in a house or MY houses bathroom now and he’s looking through the pantry saying “you guys got a lot of ingredients” and I say yeah.

      Trying to reattach area on finger
      Go to black market surgeon
      Put my finger in bag on his desk
      He comes back and tells me he needs More
      I cut off other finger and drag my friend down a series of above ground tunnels and see the doctor again, he looks like a old dentist working on someone in a seat
      I slap the bag of fingers on his desk while I bleed
      Apparently it was needed for someone’s facial reconstruction
      I can see the face, it’s a male with dark complexion and deep green eyes. It fixed his eye and cheekbone l don’t know how. He was a handsome looking man.
      I felt like I was in Palestine, rushing to help someone by donating fingers.
    3. Trump-Russia summit

      by , 07-18-2018 at 01:38 PM (Exterminate)
      My dream father was President Trump. We were in another country (Likely Finland), as my dad was getting prepared for an important meeting. I noticed a lot of garbage was lying around in this room that important leaders were soon to meet in, so I decided to help maintenance clean it up during some down time. I recall scraping off a thick layer of grease from what appeared to be a pickup truck bed. After a few minutes' work we all left the place to go to the assigned meeting place. So now I am in a van with Trump driving, Vladimir Putin riding shotgun, me behind Trump, Putin's wife next to me, and brother behind me. Putin's wife in this dream was a creepy old hag who cared about nothing but her appearance and that she was better than everyone else. Trump and Putin were talking it up in the front seat, but Putin's wife silenced Putin for talking too much and getting friendly with the enemy. That was kind of the point of the meeting was to try to ease America-Russia relations and work out peace, but she wanted none of it. She then asked me some questions about how old I am, and what I do for work. She said I smelled horribly and should be ashamed. She asked how I could be in her presence with the how bad I smelled. She said she was the most powerful woman in the world and that I should leave her sight. I tried to defend myself saying I took a shower and used deodorant and fragrance in the morning, but she just responded that I should have applied it again before entering her presence. She then reached in for a kiss, but I pulled away because #1 gross and #2 I felt she was trying to kill me. She tried a couple of times and eventually landed one mostly on my cheek. I scooted as far away from her as possible and a moment later I felt a numbing sensation start on my cheek and a bit of my lips. I knew it! She tried poisoning me with her lipstick. (See Doctor Who for where this idea came from) I immediately called out to my father that we needed to get to a hospital straight away because Putin's wife tried to kill me. Putin sighed in frustration and we sped up looking for a doctor.
      memorable , non-lucid
    4. [02-02-2017: Duel]

      by , 02-02-2017 at 11:04 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a slightly grim afternoon. I was outside my house, just in front of my exit gate. It was raining a bit. I turned back, facing entrance to my house. Suddenly a huge knight in black armor appeared and challenged me for a duel. We started fighting. Just like the knight, I was able to block or parry each of incoming attacks. I was fighting bare handed while the black knight used a battle axe. When I finally managed to land a hit, the knight escaped and came back with someone helping him. It was a human in rags, he blown a dust off his hand and made a purple mist form almost everywhere. I escaped from it as I knew that it was poisonous. After a few more blocks the mist dispersed and I was able to counter one of his attacks. I made a surprise upper cut punch that sent him flying back and fall, bouncing on the ground twice.
    5. #197 - When I get that feeeeling / Shark and poison

      by , 02-01-2016 at 10:14 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I had two lucids last night, the only thing I did different was meditating for 30 minutes before bed.

      Dream 1 - When I get that feeeeling
      This dream was pretty long, so there's a big segment from the beginning which I forgot

      Me and a friend and I think possibly a couple others have screwed up a heist during the night or something. The building we're in is the typical giant company building with glass windows, very modern and clean looking. We make a plan to place the blame on one of the members and then safely get him away, for some reason the name Todd comes to mind. We place some stuff from what I think may have come from a dead security guard (which may be why we're in trouble) into a giant pebble bowl which has a large stone statue of a man in the centre (about 2m high). Morning comes and we're all prepared, the building we're in starts busying up. We pretend to find the stuff in the pebble bowl and the blame gets put on Todd. Poor Todd :/ but we planned for this, he's the scapegoat with a getaway car. I remember some vague understanding that we had prepared a helicopter to come pick him up, but we also prepared some other surprises for the cops. Todd gets put in cuffs and is escorted behind me with two security guards at his side. I remember looking back and seeing him as we continued to the back of the building where the cops were waiting. Todd grabbed a huge platter of food which was being carried by a waiter and wrestled for it, trying to stall for time so the plan would have a chance. He does this to two different waiters. As we make it outside it's time to activate the plan, we see two men on a bridge nearby who get sniped with tranquilizer and then jets fly over bombing them. The two security guards behind me get knocked out (I forget how) and a black helicopter swoops down. I'm now 'Todd' and I leap up into the helicopter. Hell yeah lets go!

      Me and a dark skinned man are flying away in the helicopter, at some point the dream transitions to us driving a red car on the road. We're going downhill and I see Zeph walking uphill on the pavement. The guy next to me yells out "Chocolate!!" to him as we pass by. This triggers memory of this having happened already in the dream, I ask the guy what he means by yelling chocolate. He explains that it's to do with how his grandpa on his deathbed had a final wish, it was a block of chocolate. Then apparently Zeph said that on his deathbed he'd like the same thing.
      The guy next to me driving the car is now a skinny redneck man with a moustache. Hmm, odd. He starts talking about how the ladies don't want him because he's older and no longer has that 'sex appeal' or something.
      I realize I'm dreaming, but I'm surprised the dream is so stable upon this realization. I decide to go with the flow of the dream since the guy next to me is really dropping some passionate feels about how ugly he is. I look away and look back at him, wow he's uglier now. Half his mouth swollen, oh my god that's gross O_O. He says "my face just doesn't have that sexual healing factor". I instantly think about the song, the car stops as we arrive at our destination and I hop out. "it's that feeling which gives me sexual healing" I sing loudly.
      "Oh wait, that's not how it goes.. Ah!" I say to myself, but also to the moustache guy as if I was asking him. I remember how it goes now.
      "When I get that feeeling, I need, sexual healinignggngngg!" me and the moustache guy sing really loudly in sync, I really exaggerated the end of it too I know that I can't sing for shit and I wondered if I was singing in my bed as this was happening. Felt pretty good though .
      We're walking forward, we're at the skytower (although it doesn't look like the skytower). I decide it's time to ditch this moustachio and enjoy the lucid. I start by running and jumping a few metres high, touching a part of the skytower above me. Damn this is stable, I had a feeling that 'reality checking' may only destabilize the dream, like becoming too aware will wake me up. I couldn't think of anything to do though, so I decided I'd jump to the top of the skytower. I jump on top of the ceiling part which I touched before and look up. Wow, so high, it's completely shrouded by clouds. I crouch down, knowing that I'll have to charge up to jump really high or fly. Just as I was about to jump I wake up though .

      Dream 2 - Shark and poison
      I'm at home and my brother comes over. I decide it's time to move out, me and my cat leave to a trailer park place where I plan to live now. It's apparently a cult or something though, I remember being in water (like a swimming pool, but also the ocean). There's sharks swimming around so I hop out of the pool, damn sharks are scary. I'm in a fancy mansion house that the cult leader owns, I know that they're going to try poison me. The lady tries to jab a needle of poison into me but I keep dodging, she then gets a 4-barrel sawn-off shotgun poison shooter thing... It fires right at me and I try to dodge it but I think it got me. I run like hell, on the way I see my cat, she's been poisoned. I pick her and her body is limp but she's still alive, there's still a chance to save her. I'm outside running down the road, I see a person from high school and his older sister jogging together, I think they're a part of the cult but they're not after me. I see a random guy on the street and I run up to him. I tell him that he needs to look after the kids in that building (I point up towards the mansion, it seems different some how).

      The scene transitions, wasn't I poisoned? I'm surprised how resilient I am to its effects. I'm drunk in an apartment now with my ex girlfriend, I now realize that I'm not drunk though... It's the poison and I'm dying. I go into the bathroom and vomit blue (apparently from a blueberry smoothie). My ex comes in, we share a moment and kiss. It's actually pretty gross though, she now has blue on her mouth (wow that really is gross O_O). If we're going to kiss I should wash my mouth first,
      I look into the mirror above the sink and realize I'm dreaming, I go to wash the vomit out of my mouth. I look back up at the mirror and realize that the wax has gone funny on my braces. I fiddle around with it for a while but it's really soft and not the consistency + texture it should be. Argh I'm wasting my time, I'm dreaming so I should do something. I then wake up. damn it..
    6. [22-01-2016]

      by , 01-22-2016 at 10:03 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      "Rocks ruined my life"

      I saw a great ancient settlement. It was a mix of Babylonian, Aztec and Mayan civilisations. Hieroglyphs on a wall made of gold depicted many scenes from it's history, but I couldn't understand anything. I saw a king - a black, bald man wearing golden pants. He sang a catchy song about poison while I've seen an enormous steel syringe apply a poison to a body of another man. The song ended abruptly and I saw a man wandering the desert in search of civilisation and rescue. Every object lying on the ground formed word "Rocks". The man walked up a hill, and saw a huge valley with "Rocks" written all around it by sand or stones. He said "Rocks ruined my life!"
    7. Dark, the emperor, and the queen

      by , 12-13-2015 at 09:33 PM
      I gave an old woman a recipe which includes a poisonous flower. She later turns up dead by the effects of that poison - but I suspect her son took advantage of that situation to kill her himself, knowing that it would be dismissed as an error in dosage. There's an inheritance involved.

      Disembodied, I'm 'standing' at the edge of the ring of a gladiatorial circus, observing a man who's now lying on the ground looking half-dead, but he's nonetheless victorious and a crowd-pleaser. I'm bored. These games have been going on for days now and it's gotten repetitive, I'm impatient for him to move on.

      I shift my perspective, finding the emperor in a large private room attached to the circus. A man in armor is talking to him about the man who's won the games, and the emperor is incredulous - why should the emperor fear or make concessions? That man fears him, the emperor - the proof of that is in the way he travels from place to place and uses the name he does. (His name is a word literally meaning "dark," but associated with low, dirty things.) The man in armor raises the issue of Dark's rumored connection to the queen.

      The queen's present in the room, tall and dark and with green-tinted hair, hair mostly covered by a black veil. She's legendary for her beauty and suggested to be not entirely human; there's a rumor that Dark is one of her kind, and looking for her. It's close to the truth, but not quite it - in actuality, he's a survivor of the court of her previous husband. She's unaware of this. She only survived that massacre because the emperor refused to give her up, treated her as a prize.

      She joins in the conversation, teases the emperor, saying that if she ever sees this Dark, she might recognize one of her own kin and turn on the emperor. Her voice is nasally. She then speculates more seriously about what would happen if she ever really did meet one of her sisters - "Lure her to her death."

      The emperor is irritated with this line of conversation, and tells the two of them that this is enough talk, focus on the tribute instead.

      Later. Dark is standing in front of an open shrine, holding an antique sword in poor physical condition but with great symbolic meaning. He's telling the spirits that if he enters the dream with this weapon, with all that meaning attached, it will become something miraculous. He's lying. But in actuality, it will lead him to a cross buried in the ground - I see the cross glowing dull red - and then to a bow which will infect him with hatred for a time.

      I have a body now. I'm standing in a temple somewhere bright, talking to a woman who's explaining to me that she won't leave this building. She took a demon into herself, made herself its prison. She describes how she'd been fighting someone, and when it was over, a part of herself that should have been restoring was draining instead, and she hasn't been able to stop it - she can feel herself flaking away, and if this continues, there'll be nothing left of her in a mere few thousands of years.
    8. #147 - Poison caterpillars / Family Guy / FA / Trippiest dream ever

      by , 11-02-2015 at 10:21 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Set up a DEILD alarm for 1:30, 3:20 and 5:10 last night, trying different alarm tones for each. I found that the 'rooster' sound woke me up but the others didn't. After kind of putting off dedicating effort into DEILD I decided last night that I'd give it a proper try, so when I woke up I actually managed to lie completely still with my eyes closed. I remember reading some advice somewhere that you should focus on a point, so I focused on the centre of my forehead. It kind of felt like meditating in a way. I decided that it was a good enough attempt for the night just knowing that I could do that if I wanted to, then I got up for a WBTB.

      Dream 1 - Poison caterpillars
      This dream was pretty interesting, I woke to the 3:20 DEILD alarm and tried cementing it to memory which I found a bit easier than I would if I had moved around. I was in a room at night time, my friend John was here too and we seemed to be in a survival kind of scenario. We had to go to sleep for the night so we each had our own floor mattress and bedding. I lay down to go to sleep but at some point in the night a friend from back home called Fraser showed up. He was the guy we were trying to survive against. He placed these caterpillar-worms on us that were tiny at first (~1cm long), but soon grew to be maybe 7cm long. They poison you just by touch and have these alternating purple to green bands along their body. I remember one crawling on me and thinking that the touch of it was stinging. Fraser came in and took the grown up caterpillars, like it was supposed to be every ones goal to get them (like a quest item?). I was pretending to be dead I think so he wouldn't notice I was still alive despite being poisoned.

      Dream fragment - anime artist?
      I remember a group of people on a sunny day walking down a pathway by the road and they were somehow related to anime/manga. Possibly the artists who make it

      Dream 2 - Family guy
      I remember having a dream where I think I might have been Bryan from Family Guy. The dream was telling the story of how Stewy and Bryan met and how they came to become a part of the Griffin family. Apparently Stewy was adopted alongside Bryan it seems. I think I (Bryan, who at the time I called Mike because I forgot his actual name) went to a one-off job. I met Stewy there who I seemed to hit it off really well with, we ended up become tight comrades and somehow headed off on a journey together in a car (feels like third person during this so I don't think I'm Bryan anymore). They end up getting adopted into the Griffin family which I find weird because I thought Stewy was born as a Griffin.

      FA - I seemed to remember writing 'Stewy and Mike' into my phone so I could recall the dream later, but when I woke up later on and I looked at my phone... there was nothing! Dun dun dun!

      Dream 3 - Trippiest Dream Ever
      I'm lying in bed in the middle of the night surfing the internet on my phone. It's the first time looking at a screen in a dream where it isn't actually in 'full screen'. I think I come across some music website. Basically it has an artistic anime-style kind of epic drawing. The whole background has this intense vividness to it, which was hued in a surreal purple colour. It has this anime girl that looks like she's jumped forward and reaching out for something with a smile. The art style really impressed me and caught my eye. The website plays music, but for some reason I was too quick to click on the next link and skipped to a new page. Damn. I backspace and head to the previous window. Huh? The background has changed?? It's now a new drawing in the same epic style, a different girl (different clothes, face, haircut, etc) with a different colour hue (possibly orange this time). I refresh the page -- it changes again. Now it's like a steel grey. I think the girl on this one might have had a short fringe with silvery hair. Wow this is all pretty cool, but I really wanted to see the one from the first page. I keep refreshing a couple more times cycling through the art, some of which comes up multiple times. I end up talking to the person who apparently makes it all, the artist herself. I'm not sure how we're communicating, it's like she's communicating through the screen. I'm also sitting at my desk with my laptop in front of me instead of being on my iPhone. I can't remember what we were talking about, possibly about who she is and how she may or may not be the artist? Shit gets crazy as we talk though. Like... absolutely chaotic. She shows me the art on her website and it's no longer static. Some of which is video clips but they flash past my eyes so fast. One clip is from Bakemonogatari (an anime) as a hint, suggesting that she is the artist who draws it (which in my head explains why her art is so amazing). But it just gets so crazy because it's all so vivid and fast, the next part there's an image of an anime girl who mimics the artists words. Her movements come in a strobe-like fashion, the screen flickers rapidly, her face appearing to tilt right while her smile broadens into this insane toothy grin with wide eyes. What the f*ck is going on? Everything is so colourful and vivid with so much change in the lighting. Orange, green, blue, purple, black, white. It's quite beautiful. Next scene she sends me porn which I try to ignore, then realize that it's still open on my browser. I have to close it down manually. I open up a screen which shows all my active apps and try delete it, only to find that there's an endless stream of porn videos open on my phone/laptop. How the hell did this happen?? If someone saw this they'd think I was a pervert. There's just too much and I don't even know what happens but I wake up, realizing that I'm now in my room for real. It was just so realistic though.

      On my 20th day of no PMO using the Brainbuddy app. Safe to say that it definitely affected my last dream O_O. My dream recall improved last night too (the 2 nights before my exam yesterday were below my average by quite a bit). From today onwards I have a lot of spare time until I head back to the North Island. I'll be dedicating a lot more time to my dream practices I think from now on (i.e. ADA, DEILD, meditation, + other related stuff like reading ETWOLD)
    9. Toxicity (2.6.15)

      by , 06-02-2015 at 12:22 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I with Trev and Dave and some other bloke. We're out in a dry area. There are these poles that are in the ground, like a long monkey bar. One of the guys has to unscrew something to be able to move the poles. It's not the best job to be doing the unscrewing because the poles hold a toxic substance inside them. After unscrewing one of the poles, we move onto the next one. I jokingly say to the guy that did the unscrewing, that's it's his turn to do the unscrewing to this one. I decide to do the unscrewing which is done pretty quickly. Im at the front when moving the pole. It's he worst area to be because the toxic substance falls out of the front of it. Somehow some of the substance falls into my mouth and I swallow a bit. I'm unsure how serious this is.

      Im walking around trying to find some water to wash my mouth out. The town looks a cowboy western town. I find a tap and use that water to wash my mouth out. As I'm doing this, I hear someone say that the water isn't meant to be used for drinking. The water tastes pretty crappy and weighs more then normal water. I'm panicking, trying to find some water. I'm inside a building which looks like a hotel. I see mg cousin Rach and I think my Nanna. I'm starting to feel the effects of the toxins at this point. I find a plastic bottle which is a quarter full of water. I ask Rach if it's ok to use. I forget what she says, so I drink it.
    10. One For You, One For Me (29.5.15)

      by , 05-28-2015 at 11:13 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      (Details a bit sketchy this morning)
      One For You, One For Me
      I'm inside somewhere and I'm spraying some kind of chemical onto it. Certain sprays have different results to the plants. I'm hearing someone mention them to me as I spray them onto the grass. I think about Dope plants as he explains about all the different sprays. I decide to spray the stuff into my mouth for some reason, I don't recall it having any taste. It dawns on me soon after that this stuff probably isn't the best to be ingesting. Either I figure it out or someone mentioned it to me. I begin to freak out and spit what ever I can out of my mouth. I notice my hearts skipping beats as I monitor it.

      I'm at my old house in Merinda Park and the phone rings. Someone picks it up and talks to Lois who was on the other end. She was asking if I was interesting in going out for dinner, and that herself and husband wouldn't be attending because they have dinner in the fridge that needs to be cooked. I felt as if they could have work around it and maybe have their dinner for lunch that day.

      I feel like it will be a good idea to go to the dinner as I will be able to get to know some of the people better. I think they were from my school. I remember chatting to someone? Josh's future mrs?

      I'm inside somewhere and there's tables. I see Josh's future mrs there.

      Side Notes
      Even though I feel groggy upon awakening, I deeply and completely accept myself. (Seemed to do its job for me)

      I recall my dreams upon awakening....I d
      I remember my dreams upon awakening.... I d
    11. Very toxic flowers | My back hurts, or does it?

      by , 03-29-2015 at 10:59 PM
      1st dream.
      I am on a green field with some white flowers. There were two groups of people.
      1st group were 2 people who walked around at the white flowers with a air blower or something like a can of air. And blew air on the white flowers. It was like there came something out of the flowers almost like bubbles.
      Not that far away from them were there 2 others (group 2) in front of their car. They looked over at the 1st group, and they looked kinda shocked.. They went a little closer to the first group and told them that the white flowers were very toxic, and their life were in danger..

      2nd dream.
      I was out biking with my dad, and my back started to be very sore and hurt a lot. Suddenly I was on the ground and I couldnt move. It turned black.. Colors and things came back and I now were at a hospital, I was told I needed to rest because of my back.
      My stepmother and stepsister were there to visit me, and I could tell my stepsister was worried about me.
      I were in doubt and kinda thought "My back doesnt hurt that bad?".. "Did I pretend and fake it all?"
      It was like they knew what I was thinking, cause they said "You can go home now".

      I also remember being at my grandfather and grandmothers house, but not what I did there. Just that I walked a little in their living room but thats it.

      Spoiler for Danish:

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    12. The city of cool people at the end of the volcano

      by , 09-24-2014 at 10:01 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      The city of cool people at the end of the volcano (Non-lucid)


      I was trying to go to a secret town, and I believe I was in a video game of some sorts because I was seeing the dream in third person during a scenario that involved the inside of a volcano, but the lava was purple and I believe it was poisonous. From here, the dream went back to first person. There was some sort of skeleton with a shield that was stalking me:

      I was not afraid but I figured that I had no weapon I no way to fight it, so I just started to run avoiding the lava until I went through a big door and appeared in another room. Here there was a lot of lava, but now it was normal lava. At the very end, I saw a huge door that was made out of stones, but these were very cracked, so I figured that I needed bombs to shatter it, but I had none and I tried to look for an alternative. I saw a couple of big roman vases that had water on them, but the water was boiling and the vase was super hot:

      I figured that moving the vases would help me proceed, but I did not try because I would burn my hands, as I figured that the vase was very hot in addition of very heavy (it was like 4 feet tall.)

      I was able to find some secret entrance that took me to the woods. I explored the woods until I found a secret village. There were about 20 houses, each of them were next to each other making a square shape, and in the middle, there was a plaza. I figured that I needed to talk with certain people in the right order to be accepted there. I had memories of being at this place before and I was able to recall that, but i had no idea how to do it or whom to talk to. I tried to use my phone and Google for advice but I could not get my phone started. I believe it did not even turn on.

      It seems that you needed to be cool to be accepted here, otherwise, you could get killed. I started to see some people coming out from there houses and they told me we had to party and figure out if I was cool or not. There were several tables with drinks and food (the plaza was empty earlier) The tables appeared to be pretty fancy:

      There were also several speakers, huge speakers and very loud music. In a split second, there were lots of people dancing and having fun, so I got involved and started to have fun as well. There was a small black bee in the party as well, said bee did not sting anyone, but it was flying around and sometimes resting on people. The bee stooped flying and jumped onto my pants. I tried to ignore the bee to not loose my cool.

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    13. 9-8-14 "Yeah, it felt good, man!"

      by , 09-18-2014 at 05:43 PM
      A young man got fed up with his girlfriend, murdered her in her sleep, and vlogged about the experience. They were the proverbial "cute couple", very affectionate. They looked sort of like hipsters. They lived in like a hotel that didn't have any doors. You had to climb into your room through the window via a ladder. The man must have been unemployed.

      One day, the man just got tired of her. Maybe she annoyed him or he just didn't like her anymore. So he settled on the obvious solution to his problem: to kill her. Before she got home from her job or whatever, he drenched her side of the bed in some sort of toxic liquid that her skin would absorb.

      She came home. She was obviously utterly in love with him, and she was sooo happy. She loved him more than anything. After they had talked for a while, they went to bed together. In the morning, she was dead. He started making videos about what it was like to kill someone. He seemed really happy and excited. I remember him saying something like, "Yeah, it felt good, man!"
    14. Drink Up To Bad Health (18.9.14)

      by , 09-18-2014 at 02:02 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I make some kind of potion which is suppose to enhance longevity and health. The indigence are strong substances that you would think are toxic. Your average person wouldn't be able to get their head around it.

      I'm down an isle in a supermarket. My brother is in another isle, about to drink the potion. I'm yelling out to him to not be a pussy and that it's good for you. I'm unsure if he actually tries it.
      Daryl has tried it and he comes to me and says he tried it. I'm holding a glass which has the dark liquid in it. It's only filled up about an inch. I take tiny sip and my whole mouth and throat close up on me. It's the weirdest feeling. It's like I had just drank pure poison. This freaked me out a lot, changing my perspective on what I had created. I wasn't convinced that this would be beneficial, and that it would be down right dangerous.

      Dream Fragment

      I can see the Honey I had bought today. It wasn't in it's original container and now is in a squeeze bottle.
    15. Library

      by , 05-17-2014 at 07:23 PM
      I'm standing outside my IRL local library with two women. One of them needs to get something from inside the building, without getting caught. There's only one person inside to avoid being seen by, that and hiding her face from the cameras, so it seems fairly simple, but she's still worried, and she's standing around working out various plans. This seems to be something she intends to do on her own, she's not asking either of us for help, and the other woman with us is just waiting impatiently off to the side, but it seems to me this would go a lot easier and faster if I just went ahead and took care of it myself. After all, unlike her, I don't show up on video, and it'll be much easier for me to avoid that person inside - they're mostly walking around the main area near the door, so I'll just go around to the side of the building instead and walk through the wall.

      The section of wall I phased through comes out in the fantasy section, off in the corner of the library and out of sight. I'm looking around at the fantasy books, and thinking about how I used to eat this stuff up, and about how much more difficult it is for me to get lost in a book now. I'm aware that the quality of the books hasn't changed, it's my own mindset - but I somehow feel sure that if I look at one of these books, now I'll find one I can get absorbed in. I pick one up and flip through. The paragraph I'm looking at now involves characters named Maedhros and Fingon - I recognize the names from Tolkien, and I note this as odd, since this isn't a Tolkien book. These aren't meant to be the same characters either; the author seems to have just stolen the names for his own characters.

      The dream scene changes to a scene from that book. One character is explaining three weapons to another, and he's making a big deal out of a knife that secretly contains some kind of poison. He says there are two options with this - a whole dose inside will kill instantly, but "a thousand light touches... well, depends on how you define death." The scene changes; he's meeting a small group of people in a forest, one of them a queen, and they're coming to some agreement. He secretly places small doses from that poison in each of their drinks, which will give him some power over them - to his mind, this is simply making sure that they don't back out of the deal they've made. After they drink, they instantly realize what's happened and regret making this deal, but it's too late now.
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