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    1. Lucid Highway

      by , 02-03-2016 at 07:38 PM
      3 February 2016

      It began at the McDonald’s by I-435. I was with woman who resembled Robin from “How I met your Mother.” I don’t remember the events preceding this; I just remember realizing that I was dreaming at some point during this dream. It was cloudy, foggy almost. Now usually when I realize that I was dreaming I almost immediately end up waking myself up and that almost happened but I did not want that. So I decided to say a prayer (I’m a Christian) asking God to help me in preserving this experience and then everything began to snap into focus. I could not get over how real this felt. How real everything felt. I took into account all of the mistakes I had made when attempting to remain lucid before and I made sure not to make those mistakes again. Robin and I then made our way to the 435 Highway and I decided to jump. The jump was higher than expected, like way higher, and when I came back down I hit the ground with a thud. The shock almost woke me up and I could feel myself slipping back out of the dream. At this point it began to feel like sort of a daydream as I was beginning to wake up and I could feel myself lying on my couch IRL. I knew that opening my eyes would finalize the end of this experience so I squeezed them shut attempting to bring this sort of daydream back into a lucid dream. It a few seconds but I was able to do it. My body fell back asleep and the dream was back in full focus. I was back in The Dream Realm.

      I was still on 435 with Robin but something was different. In reality 435 is a beltway but in this dream it was a long highway that stretched for miles, maybe hundreds of miles, in just one direction. Robin and I began to fall for each other as we walked down the highway. There were no cars and I do not remember there being a median. The clouds had cleared and now it was a bright and sunny day. There was something tranquil about the whole thing. Vast rolling hills, cool air on your skin, and just the calm silence. It was really cool. Robin and I were coming up on some kind of structure. It appeared to be a series of upright tubes that protruded out of the ground like towers. I could see them past an overpass.
      Now one of the tools I use to tell if I am dreaming or not is my magic watch. Every once in a while I will do a reality check IRL by checking my watch. I will press two ‘buttons’ (they’re not buttons IRL) at the top and the bottom of the face of my watch. If nothing happens (or if I’m just not wearing a watch) then I know I am not dreaming. However if the face of my watch unlatches and opens up then I know that I am dreaming. This has never failed me. Now in The Dream Realm I will use this magic watch as a bottomless storage device. When the face opens up I can reach in and pull out anything that I want. I pulled a rose out of my magic watch and offered it to Robin. Then I pulled out a chocolate, Robin was very moved by the gesture. She and I kissed and we’ll just say that things happened from there.

      I ‘awoke’ on top of Dennis from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The whole gang from the show was there laughing at us. Now I thought that I had woken up for real so I resigned into a non lucidity. At least for a short while. I don’t really remember what happened, I just remember that I was in a highway rest stop and the Dennis and I were embarrassed but we were able to laugh it off. The diner was run by a woman. I remember it was snowing outside, this only served to further solidify the idea that this was not a dream as I had gone to bed expecting a snow storm the next morning. Then I realized that things were not quite right so I checked my watch and sure enough, I was still in The Dream Realm. I was lucid again.

      This was a shock to me as I had never been lucid for this long before. I turned away from the window to see that the place had gone dark. The counter was closed off and all of the blinds were shut. I was freaked out by this so I pulled a six shooter out of my magic watch. I thought about exploring the diner more but decided against it as the place kind of made me uneasy. I went outside. I was in the mountains and it was a wooded area. The snow was thick and the wind was strong. I did not know where to go from here so I asked God where I should go next. Before I knew it the wind blew me towards a pair of motorcycles. The moment I mounted one of them it was as if winter itself disappeared in the blink of an eye. All the snow just sort of evaporated and it was a clear sunny day. Again I could feel myself waking up and I fought it off. Someone had joined me on the motorcycle next to mine and we both rode off on the highway. Then the police chased after us for reasons unknown and we attempted to out run them. Now the guy who had joined me, we’ll call him Jeff, I guess was streaming this online because he kept talking to a camera. We went off road with the police hard on our tails and took dive off of a ledge. It must have been 20 foot drop. We hit the ground with a splat and I remember us both laughing as our mangled selves were lying in pools of blood. My femur was completely broken and sticking out and it hurt like hell but I was having such a good time that I was able to laugh it off. Then Jeff said to the camera, “I hope you enjoyed this segment but we gotta go now. Till next time, keep it real!” Then he said to me, “Whelp time for us to wake up. Till next time.” And he disappeared, I assumed he was another dreamer who had woken himself up (I may have been lucid but my mind wasn’t completely rational).

      Then I decided it was time to wake myself up. Not because of the injury but because I just felt that it was time. I had a blast and now my time was done. As Jeff said, “Until next time.”
      I woke up on the couch and checked my wrist: No watch, this was real. I quickly jotted down this experience and proceeded to caress my femur for the next minute as phantom pains persisted thereafter.
    2. [04-05-2015]

      by , 05-04-2015 at 08:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Meeting of wizards

      I was standing on top of a platform, high above the ground. I was a powerful necromancer, meeting with a conjurer and elementalist.

      Running away from the police

      I went out of my home. I walked for a while, and found myself in an industrial street from VIII century. Suddenly I saw a minimap on the left bottom corner of my vision, and a star indicating that police is looking for me.

      I decided to run away. I saw that they already surrounded the area. The policemen were wearing blue uniforms with strange hats. As I ran away, they shot at me. Luckily none of their shots were succesfull. I saw an old Ford car, but decided to leave it there.

      Running towards an alley leading into slums, I found a gun lying on the ground, and took it. It was getting dark. I ran towards junkyard, and found a shelter that one of the homeless built before his death. I've hiddent there, preparing for a sudden attack.

      Suddenly I saw someone coming. He was wearing black suit, and holding a suitcase full of money. When I looked at him, text saying "russian drug dealer" appeared above his head. I panicked and shot at him, but somehow the bullet haven't hit him.

      Luckily, he just ignored me. After a short while of waiting, a soldier jumped on a parachute and landed close to me. He told me that he is a great general, and that if I want to live, I must accept his offer. He told me that I'm going to be a "Head Director Paladin".

      Dark Lord

      With group of my teachers we went inside some kind of crypt, buried underneath the school. It was dark inside, and there were many skeletons lying on the ground. Suddenly I recalled that I was there before, fighting with the undead. There were skeletons with huge swords, cloaked skeletons summoning other undead, and the dark lord himself.

      The dark lord was a skeleton, surrounded by field of strong, pale blue energy. Despite having no tissue or skin, it had long, dark curly hair. Trying to survive the encounter, I fought every way possible. I ran towards small chamber, leaving most of the undead on a corridor. They had to run towards the chamber, which let me fight them one by one.

      I took a huge sword out of my backpack, and slashed my way out. There was only the dark lord left. I knew that this particular undead is too strong to kill it with a mere sword. I focused and cast a "destroy undead" spell. Then my vision returned back to the school.

      I told teachers that I was there before, but none of them listened to me. They just wanted to take any valuables from there, and seal it from the world. I estimated that all the junk they took was worth two thousand dollars.

      When they went away to sell it, I entered the crypt. Suddenly I traveled back in time, and saw that it was a school cloakroom before. I looked around, and between closets I saw a girl sitting on a bench. She went out a while later.

      I looked again, and saw that there were some cats running around. I realised that the horror had something to do with the cats. Suddenly a horrifying music started to play. For a long time I chased those cats and freed them. When there were only two of them, a weird man appeared.

      It was an old, bald man with long, white beard. He was wearing grey suit. I took another cat, and went closer to him. He was holding a carving knife, and there was a cat sitting on the table. I asked "What's with this knife?" And the man stabbed the cat to death.

      This angered me. I let the cat that I was holding before go away. I found a cleaver lying nearby. I made a long, horrifying howl and threwn it at the man. It made an arc and hit him in the foot, cutting it in half. The man started to scream in pain.

      Then I realised, that I was responsible for all the foul ongoings there, as truly I was the Dark Lord.

      FA - in home

      I was sitting in an armchair. It was dark. I looked around and saw that my relatives were sitting nearby, and looking at me. Suddenly I heard a phone ringing. I took the phone - it belonged to my younger sister, and went back to my relatives. I gave the phone to my sister.
    3. Riding With Rock Stars

      by , 10-08-2013 at 08:39 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was riding down the street, either on a bike or motorbike with lead singers from Blink 182 and the lead of Metallica. I said to everyone that all we needed was the drummer from Blink 182 (Travis Barker), and we all the band would be complete. I saw someone coming from the distance to join us, I think it was Travis. I started singing a Blink 182 song. The lead singer from Metallica, looked at me and shook his head. I don't think he liked their type of music.
      The Digital Underground-blink182.jpg
      Blink 182 - Tom, Travis and Mark
      The Digital Underground-matellica-lead-singer.jpg
      Metallica - James

      I was now sliding on the ground, getting pushed by one of the Blink 182 singers (Tom Delong) while he was on his motorbike. I wasn't in control of the situation and was coming up to a red light, when Tom kept going straight through the light. Luckily the cars had seen what was happening in the distance and let us by.

      I saw a police car going in the opposite direction as it passed us. I figured it would have done a U-turn and came back after us. I think we were getting chased by police now. Tom sped up and gave it all he had. I wasn't sure if we would be able to lose them, but I think we pulled away to some extent. I said to Tom that he could use me as bait so I could give him a free ride out of trouble. I don't think he was willing to do it, and I kept insisting.

      I was a bit worried about the police taking the number plate down so we could get tracked down later. We were heading straight towards a gate which was closed, and was worried I would be hurt and wouldn't break through. As I went through it, I did it with ease. Tom dropped me off just passed the gates. I was looking around for a hiding spot, for when the police arrive. I noticed a bin which I was thinking of getting in.

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    4. Police is after me yet again

      , 03-13-2013 at 06:18 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 3/13/13. Last night went to bed 1:30 am - 9:30am.

      I was chased by police, again. I'm walking down a pedestrian zone, 2 cops in black uniforms, they look like NY police. They are walking towards me. There some kind of a metal column in the middle of the walkway, and it exactly covers their view of me as we walk. It's unnerving to walk slowly this close to them, but it works, they can't see me.

      I sit down outside a small store. Lady owner comes out and tries to shoo me away. Then she sees the look of desperation on my face and askes me if I need to hide. I nod "yes". She lets me in. A customer brings her dog in for grooming and walking downstairs.

      - I'm in another building. Could be police station. There are stairs to go downstairs but it's restricted area. I walk there anyway, because I feel that's the way out. Big chase, I'm up in the metal construction thing under the ceiling and jumping out the closed window.

      Chase is always fun, but this one was a little tense, for some reason.
    5. (21/10/11) - SO close!

      by , 10-21-2011 at 03:00 PM (LiveInTheDream's DJ v2.5)
      Last night I came close to a lucid dream multiple times. I didn't get to MILD quite as heavily as I would have liked, but last night I caught myself as I began to fall unconscious and bring myself back long enough to use a mantra for a few minutes before falling completely asleep. All night long it was like my mind wanted to be lucid, but it just never actively grasped that it was in a dream even though it passively acknowledged that fact multiple times.

      1) Fragment of walking somewhere in third person. People were talking about dreams as I passed by them.

      Dream Signs: being in third person, being somewhere without remembering getting there, people talking about dreams, being around people

      2) Short dream where I suddenly appeared in my class room, and this time I knew I had suddenly appeared there, because I was standing up front by the teacher instead of sitting at a desk. I half-panicked as I hurried to take my seat, as if my only explanation was that I had gone insane for a moment and walked up to the front without realizing it. But somewhere deep down something was trying to tell me it was a dream. The dream ended before that could sink in.

      Dream Signs: being somewhere without remembering getting there, being around people

      3) I was looking to buy a car, and I found that one guy had a special deal going on for light cycles (like the ones in Tron: Legacy). Of course I took the opportunity right away, and as soon as I got on the light cycle, the entire world turned Tron-esque with dark structures set off by glowing outlines and everyone wearing those slick suits. It was great fun to ride around the city, but unfortunately I got a little too adventurous and pulled off a rather dangerous move to take a shortcut down the wrong side of the road, and as luck would have it, the cops saw me do it. However, without ever really being lucid, I thought to myself, "I can just go back in time because this is a dream...right?" And sure enough, I was able to pull back to right before I made the illegal action and take the safe path this time.

      Dream Signs: being somewhere without remembering getting there, highly unusual events
    6. Vivid dream

      by , 05-17-2011 at 11:21 PM
      Tuesday May 17th 2011.

      This was a very vivid dream that I remembered having today. It ended abruptly but was very interesting. At no point was I lucid.

      The dream began in my college campus, which in retrospect looked nothing like my campus does but I knew it was. There was a football game going on and I don't remember seeing it but knowing it was going on not to far from where I was. It was a special football game, not a national title but it had more significance than just a regular game. I remember that I was with my group of friends, and we were looking for a party to attend to after the game (we knew that there would be lots of large parties around since our college won). I remember traveling through the buildings and campus and seeing other people celebrating, I was with one of my friends and lost track of the others.

      One of my most vivid memories of this dream was when I texted one of my friends who was on the campus if he knew of any parties yet. But the text read exactly "Party > Limeade > Go" (in retrospect this would have been a great way to realize I was in a dream based on the jumbled jargon in the text). The reason I said limeade in the text was because at the time I was thinking of a Cherry Limeade from Sonic while we were traveling the campus. My friend simply replied "What?", and that was the end of the conversation.

      After traveling the campus and seeing a large group of people (I remember seeing a girl who was consistently playing this single drum beat [I don't know if she was using drums or not to do it], I had heard her playing drums all over the campus) me and my friend decided to walk over to the other end. We walked upon a HUGE cathedral (this is a community college mind you, with absolutely nothing resembling something like this in real life) and I wanted to go inside to see how big it was from the inside. There were two doors before you entered the cathedral, one was a normal wooden door, but once you past that you came across and very small glass door. Very small as in, I wasn't even able to fit through it small. I remember getting about half of my body inside of it and looking, it was massive inside and very pretty.

      Knowing we couldn't fit to get in I told my friend we needed to leave, so we did. However trying to fit through the small glass frame caused it to break slightly. I feared that this would be massively expensive to fix, and told my friend to run and get out. I remember we were running to a parking lot and I looked back and saw the first door of the cathedral wide open, I yelled at my friend to close it so that no one would know we were there. He ran back and closed it (I remember watching him run, and hoped no one would see us). We continued to run towards that parking lot and I thought we were going to get my car, but instead we got into his which looked like a bright green Kia Soul (In real life he drives a Grey Kia, but nothing like a soul).

      We drove out onto the road from the parking lot, and were getting out of the campus when a police cruiser in the other lane turned on his lights and whipped around behind us. My friend pulled off a badass driving maneuver and did a sliding park on the other side of the lane, he then backed up until we were into the driveway of what looked like a big campus building. Almost 8 other police cars circled nearby, all with their lights on making me very nervous about what was to come. A police officer got out and told us he would let us talk to their best interrogator (an interesting note, after typing this I realized that at this point it went from twilight to full blown darkness). It was a women and she came up to our car. She began questioning my friend about marijuana use, and even though I continually told him he didn't have to answer anything he dug himself deeper and deeper into a guilty confession (we had taken no drugs prior to this stop, but she was baiting an answer that would sound like it) and my friend eventually confessed to using coke (he has never taken coke in real life ever) and drove off.

      We got into a wild chase with the police and I kept telling him that he had to stop, there was no way he was going to get away. He kept speeding and eventually we got into a down town district. I remember his crazy driving caused traffic to lose control, and I remember a grey hound bus crashing and rolling (I remember his exact words were "Oh why did it have to be a bus"). Two more cars got flipped and crashed and I knew someone had died in this whole mess. Right when one of the cars flipped and rolled I woke up.

      It was extremely vivid. At no point was I lucid, though I wish I had been.