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    1. Police officers, a robber, and morgan freeman?

      by , 04-21-2018 at 07:49 PM (Exterminate)
      The earliest scene I recall was of a group of 4 police officers reporting to a scene of another officer about to jump off a tall building. The officers were all walking with one hand on their belts and the other ready to grab their gun. The officer on the building fell off the building head first and died on impact. It looked like he was forced off instead of jumping by choice.

      I then recall the police showing up at my door. The house was actually one I lived in about 6 years ago. It was a trailer home with a storage unit. The officer told me I needed to come with them, as there appears to have been a robbery at our location. Another officer stayed with my family to brief them on the situation. I checked our storage unit and sure enough it was broken in and cleaned out. The cop gave me a firearm and a short safety lesson on how to use it. I already have gone through gun safety before, so he wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. I get in his car and the dream scene shifts to when we get to the location of the suspected robber. It appears to be a walmart parking lot. The first thing I notice is an ambulance with its siren on and lights shining, pulling away from the store entrance and driving away toward a hospital. The police officer tells be to open the trunk and put on a bullet-proof vest. I oblige, and start putting it on. It feels very heavy. Its a pea green vest that is put on like a button-up shirt. The officer notices a big white van that appears to belong to the robber. We start walking toward it, but it drives away before we get to it. The officer gets all dejected and calls the mission failed. The dream ends as he tells me to hand over the gun as the suspect got away.

      I get the feeling that I need to record this interesting dream, so I pull out a recorder and repeat what happened into it. I was dictating the dream in a weird middle eastern accent, meanwhile my mother gave me some reading material on lucid dreaming to check out. I wasn't interested in what she gave me as it was more related to dream interpretation. (This whole section is closely related to my waking life. I just bought 4 lucid dreaming books and this is the first night I have decided to record my dreams first on a voice recorder.)

      I recall another dream involving a comedian who looked like Morgan Freeman, but sounded like someone completely different. I wish I could recall the voice to say who it sounded like, but that is something that will remain a mystery it seems. He first told a story of a man who was covered in thick reddish-brown hair. It was like an animal with its rough texture. I dunno what point he was trying to make, but he segwayed it into how we need to be more loving and tolerant toward those who look and sound different to us.
    2. The Hot Sun

      by , 02-15-2018 at 08:15 AM
      Morning of February 15, 2018. Thursday.

      My dream starts in a house that I had never lived in. It seems to be what would have been the second house west of the King Street mansion, where I have not lived in over twenty years. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me. We had apparently been sleeping on the porch. However, two people are talking very loudly kitty-corner (diagonally) from the intersection on our street, and they are on West 10th Street. They are on their porch. It is three o'clock in the morning.

      I am annoyed, as I want to sleep longer (though I do not feel tired in my dream so its link to a biological need for more sleep is not a key factor here, especially as first-level dream state indicators or DSI1s, such as beds or other subliminal signs of being in the dream state occur in over twenty percent of my dreams as does vestibular system autosymbolism). Eventually, a police officer shows up in a police car on the other side of the street. He notices me at the porch windows and I point with my right finger in the direction of the annoying people (to my right, which means I have subliminal awareness that I am in the dream state, as I sleep on my left side, which is resultantly more closed off from the environment I sleep in). He goes over to tell them not to be doing this. (I assume that someone else had called the police.)

      A short time later, Zsuzsanna and I are in the Cubitis house without my dream self even noticing. It is still around three o’clock in the morning, yet I notice the sky has the appearance of approaching dawn. (I see this through the back and front windows, in that order. I am never outside at any point in this dream.) This concerns me. I know it probably means humanity does not have much longer. Still, Zsuzsanna has a cheerful attitude and it seems that it may actually be a lesser threat than I had thought, as it might be normal for this time of year. I am overheated when I wake but not with as ill of a feeling as I sometimes get when it is too warm.

      Two environmental factors had influence on this dream; the heat, and someone talking outside our window as I was sleeping. Still, the sun symbolizes emergent consciousness and dawn would be analogous to leaving the dream state. RAS does not take the form of a police officer very often, but it is a good indicator, as RAS could be seen as a biological “police officer”, with the purpose of preventing sleep from lasting too long, especially under perceived real environmental aspects as a survival mechanism.

      Because of this dream, I can more specifically validate the intersection symbolism as relevant to most dreams that feature this as a main focus. It is simply autosymbolism for the neural gating of RAS mediation, the subliminal choice to remain asleep or to wake. The evidence is obvious. The police officer as RAS, though not here inherent to the WAF in this case as he is on the opposite side of the street rather than being close to my dream self, is going to the house kitty corner from where Zsuzsanna and I are sleeping on the porch (which is autosymbolism for a specific level of unconsciousness closer to the end of the sleep cycle). I point out (to RAS) the house diagonally from where I am (and this is actually a form of faux lucidity with actual liminal dream control being a lesser factor, faux lucidity being dream self behavior based on the virtuous circle of dream state knowledge without being lucid and liminal dream control more about creating and controlling the dream at its core without recall of what a dream is as in apex lucidity). Instead of dominating my dreams as RAS usually does in the final stage of the sleep-wake transition, he goes over to tell them to stop so that Zsuzsanna and I can sleep (dream) longer. However, even though RAS autosymbolism did not trigger the WAF (waking alert factor), I see evidence of the approaching day, "sooner and brighter than I want”, as the emergent consciousness factor, and in this heat, it is seen as a somewhat negative environmental aspect.

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    3. I Guess You Can borrow That; Return With Lucidity

      by , 01-31-2018 at 05:06 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I am traveling in a foreign country, driving a car down a dirt road—although there’s a bit of a traffic jam at the moment, and nobody is actually moving except the pedestrians, who walk between the cars and on the side of the road. Two women wearing some kind of sari-like traditional dress walk past. I think about giving them a lift—something I wouldn’t ordinarily consider doing, but they seem particularly trustworthy somehow.

      At some point, I suddenly find that the car is full of people, and I’m in the backseat. The two people in the front seats are wearing police uniforms, and two or three other people are standing between the rows of seats. I ask a man in a white business-type shirt standing to my left if this is a police chase, and he confirms that it is. I have heard about this—of officers requisitioning vehicles so they can go after somebody who would otherwise escape them. I suppose that’s OK—not that I get any choice in the matter.

      The next thing I remember is walking through a public building, talking with the same man. He’s asking me questions. One is, essentially, whether I can take any time off work. I reply that I can’t. I’m working remotely even now, on this trip. He is concerned that I’m not recovering from something, which he seems to feel is my fault, and wants me to undergo a scan of some kind—he’s holding the equipment now, beside a machine there. This is a little exasperating, as I’m already pretty sure this has to do with some kind of control issue, which isn't exactly news. But what’s more troubling is the fact that he’s mentioning things that happened since the car chase, and I don’t remember anything between now and then. I try to determine how big of a memory gap I’m dealing with. Very shortly afterwards, I conclude that this is not something it’s possible to do without knowing what happened during that time. And at that point, I wake up.

      It’s an hour or so after that—after recording the dream and after listening to people being typically noisy atypically early downstairs—that my cell phone rings. Or vibrates, rather, since that’s the setting I keep it on. I’m annoyed since I was almost asleep, and this is such a good opportunity for having a lucid dream. If I ignore it and don’t move, it’ll stop soon enough. But it doesn’t stop after the normal number of rings, and so I finally give up on the dream and get up to shut it off. And that’s when I realize—this is a dream.

      This is the part where I figure out what to do, now that I have this opportunity. And right now, what I want to do is go back to the setting of the last dream and figure out what was going on there. I head over to the window and step onto the windowsill, disregarding the glass pane, which obligingly acts as though it didn’t exist.

      It is dark out, but the setting I see before me has nothing else in common with what I’d ordinarily see out my window. For one thing, it’s a long way down—the ledge where I’m perched isn’t as high as an airplane would fly, perhaps, but it can’t be that much closer to the earth. The landscape spread out before me is also unfamiliar, and remarkably strange. The ground is uniformly flat, with nothing but houses and trees as far as the eye can see. But every so often, there are tall, thin spires, each set of them closely grouped, apparently made of rock— like giant needles stuck into the earth. Their tips are about level with where I am—in other words, incredibly high—and they’re so disproportionate to the rest of the landscape that they look unnatural.

      Looks like I’ll be flying, then. But first—I will it to become daytime and wait for a little while. Nothing happens. Well, that was probably a little unrealistic, but it was worth a try. Anyway, I can see just fine, even with no discernible source of light: everything below me and in the distance is clear and crisply outlined. But seen with night-vision, it’s all dark blue, which will make it less interesting to fly over. (Later on, after waking up, I’ll recall that I intentionally enabled myself to see in the dark in a lucid dream a couple months ago—could it be that it was a lasting modification? That would be interesting.)

      I ready myself and launch outwards, extending a set of muscles I only have in dreams, when I choose to: wings. It’s a smooth glide for the most part. There isn’t much in the way of wind up here—as empty and still and silent as it is on the ground far below. Trees, houses, more trees, more houses, and the nearest set of spires, coming ever closer. It’s an odd feeling, being up here in this lonely place, poised and sharply aware and secure somehow.

      The next part is difficult to remember—I’m not exactly sure how I managed to find my way back to the building from the first dream, but it seemed to involve flying in a pattern around the spires—a little like dialing the combination of a lock, a little like grabbing the fabric of dream-space and twisting it in exactly the right way. But one way or another, I'm there. The building was full of people before, but now it is dark and empty. And a woman with brown skin and dark hair is standing beside me there—she will take me to the man I want to speak to.

      And that’s the point where it would be best to end this account, I think….


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    4. Police officer

      by , 10-25-2017 at 11:50 PM
      I had a dream last night!

      I was a male police officer who lived alone, and took in trouble children to try and help them have a better life.

      I remember bringing them to school, and watching from the balcony as the teacher taught them.
      I was constantly in trouble though as I was on the bad side of criminals for doing that with their gang members..!

      A lot of chasing ensued..!
    5. #138 - Hot Fuzz / Sand pit / Superheroes

      by , 10-24-2015 at 10:19 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      We finally got Freeview TV last night, we haven't had TV in this flat since last year ^_^ it had a pretty strong influence on my first couple dreams.

      Dream 1 - Hot Fuzz

      I watched my favourite comedy movie last night, 'Hot Fuzz'. Such a kickass film, the camera angles, foreshadowing, the way they bring back the lines they've said earlier in the film, everything about this movie is great . Anyways, I remember being a police officer in a room similar to the police office from the film. There were other officers around me too, I must be training them or something as they get more skilled by following me around. This kind of relates to the movie how Simon Pegg is really good at his job, in this case I seem to influencing the others into being better too. I think we were then in a large dining hall and I got some kind of formal training in martial arts...? Can barely remember this.

      Dream Fragments

      The dream following 'Hot Fuzz' where I was also a police officer but doing different things.

      I remember making porridge and putting some brown sugar into it at some point... Though this might not have been a dream

      Dream 2 - Sand pit
      There's some competition going on where everyone is split in to groups and have to dig a sand pit (I'm guessing it was on the beach). The day itself was gloomy and the sky was grey. Our sand pit seemed to have burrows underneath it, it was already about 1m deep. I think I did something like blew a big hole in the centre of the pit, exposing these burrows. They were lined with this reddish staining and it may have had a glistening effect to it too (possibly a kind of slime? I didn't touch it though). I jump down to the side by the sand pit and have to start filling it in again using a bucket I found. It seems like each group is only allowed one tool to use between them and we have a shovel and 2 buckets. The buckets were already in the pit so I wonder if it's okay, though I know I'm cheating by using them .

      Dream 3 - Superheroes
      Another hero dream? The area we're in is barren with dark dirt beneath us and cloudy skies above. Heroes are fighting villains all around me, and I myself and locked in battle with a villain wearing a pseudo-suit (it's red and covers the whole body, including the head and face). It seems like there is a bunch of these villains wearing fake-suits that give them super powers, someones evil scheme to fight the superheros. I slash into the fake suit and manage to cut it open, but inside was the man who was behind it all. The suit detaches and hovers beside him (it maintains its form as if it still had someone in it). The villain in front of me has a yellow suit on and a brutish looking evil face, I feel like I've seen him before as a well-known villain, but I don't think he actually exists. I'm no match for him, by stripping the red suit, he is now able to use his full power! I dash away and jump, I arch my blade/hand (I'm not sure if I had this before or not) through the air and slice the red suit in half, destroying it, as I make my escape. I spot Martian Manhunter nearby and jump onto him.
      "Fly away! Now!" I shout, he complies understanding the seriousness of the situation. The villain is on the ground behind us as we shoot into the sky. I'm glad that he can't fly, but I know that the only one who can save us it... Superman! Unfortunately he's locked in battle with Superwoman (who is apparently a villain in my dream). I get out this kryptonite cream and tell the Martian we need to finish Superwoman off and take down the main evil villain. We charge at them and I slam the burning kryptonite cream (which ignited) against the back of Superwoman. She honestly looked more like the hulk, just completely ripped and huge. I can't recall much of what happened next but I think we win? Superman and Superwoman have to go inside this room together with the principal or something and discuss something with him, while me and a few others have to wait outside in the hallway. I'm sitting in the way of one of the others and ask him if he wants me to move so he can pass into the hall, I move anyways and he says "nah that's oka-... oh, alright then".
    6. Police officer fasley accused of wrong doing

      by , 10-10-2015 at 10:25 PM
      I was a police officer and the station got a call about a fire going on in the park (ie a wooded park) somewhere. I think I was a detective officer like Murdoch from Murdoch Mysteries. I was trying to investigate the situation. But at two different times, a boy and a girl (I think with blonde hair) came over and basically accused me of being the one to start the fire. It was only I think a couple of days later, their guardian (I don't think it was either of their moms) came over to accuse me of the same thing. I asked if I could call my boss (Who was the Chief of Police and I was also friends with him) to sort out the problem. He came down and sorted it out
    7. [23-05-2015]

      by , 05-23-2015 at 05:29 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was inside an abandoned secret research facility. It was dark and quiet. The darkness was somehow sinister and overwhelming, but there were a few lit areas. I had a sawed-off shotgun in my hands and I was ready to shoot. I walked down the corridor, getting closer to a corner.

      I sneaked closer to the corner, and jumped from behind it. It seemed that I entered a room with cells for live specimens. There was a bit rotten human body of a girl, lying in a puddle of dried out blood. I came closer to examine the body, but suddenly it has awakened.

      The undead girl scratched me with her claws a few times, but I managed to shoot her head off with one shotgun blast. I went into a dark corridor again, and stumbled upon an object I couldn't see. I dropped the shotgun, and ran, afraid of monsters.

      Out of a corridor I ran into a dark street. My mother and two sisters appeared, and we just went through the sinister, overwhelming and somehow heavy darkness. We were worried as we had no reflective bands. I took a phone out of my pocket and tried to lit the way, but mother told me to lit the area behind us.

      We walked straight a dark road, into a small city. Suddenly a police officer appeared and talked with my relatives about a punishment for not having a reflective band. I covered behind a car standing nearby, but he somehow sensed my presence and called me out.

      When I came closer to him, I teleported back into of the research facility. I tried to find that corridor again, but I ran into another undead girl that killed me. I changed into a disembodied spectator. I watched scientists getting eaten by creatures similar to shamblers from Quake game. I watched it from a distance, and couldn't move my body, just stand and watch. Once I took the perspective of a monster eating a scientist alive. Then my vision turned red.

      I got teleported again. I watched Lara Croft from Tomb Raider series running up the stairs in the facility. I moved closer to her, and suddenly she stopped and looked back, as if she was looking at me. She seemed somehow familiar, I realised that she is a girl I knew.
    8. No Helmet, Hanging With Fame, Hailstones (29.7.14)

      by , 07-29-2014 at 12:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Record at 2:10am

      I'm at a road down linsell bull. I see a police officer and he catches me without a helmet while I'm on my go cart. He smiles and can't believe I'm not wearing a helmet. He walks over towards me and I think about making a run for it but expect that my go cart won't have quick enough acceleration. He sees that I've had a recent fine for the same thing and says that I only just for my license back as of today. I'm pretty pissed off as I knew the fine was going to be another $180. I start to think to myself that I hope this is a dream or I think that as I awaken.

      Dream 2
      Recorded at 8:10am

      It's night time and I'm at a stadium. There's a group of people who are the siblings of all sorts of famous people. They're all around my age in the mid 20's. They being led out of the stadium and I choose to follow and be apart of them. A small group goes one way and the other the other, I see that the small group is less famous and I follow them. I think they're related to the owner of tackle world.

      We reach a car and a group hops into the back of a wagon (the boot), which doesn't have seats, it's just a floor. We all cram into the car boot and head off to our destination. As we're driving, some asks me to search for something and I can't figure out how to spell it. I think I even try and write it and it's as if I have fat thumbs and keep pressing the wrong letters. We're all having a laugh about what's happening. I start to feel apart or the group and feel as if I can hang with them. I look look around the car and notice more famous siblings are crammed into the front seat. I think I can see Frasier but can only see the back of his head.

      Dream 3

      Im walking down Blaxland with Dad because we heard off my brother that Jamie Lonen was moving just down the road from us. We look at the house from the outside and seem to think it's alright. We go in for a closer look and see the owner of the house talking to someone at his front door. Dad walks up the drive way and tells the owner he's just having a quick look up the drive way. The owner seems to look as if he thinks Dad is being rude by what he's doing and I somewhat agree.

      We're back home and it starts to hail pretty heavy, to the point of where it is hailing inside the house which is crazy considering the small size of the hail stones. I see Dad on the couch but he doesn't freak out about the hail stones coming inside.

      We get a knock on the door and I think I expect it to be Jamie but it ends up being Luke Brey. He's got a pram with him with a child in it. The child looks too old to be still in a pram. Luke looks to be wearing clothes that are fashionable.

      Dream Fragment:
      Daryl mentions about a fruit that combats against fat. I think that he's probably seen an advertise on a website and thought it was legit.

      Side Notes:
      Very rarely I remember a dream within only an hour or two of sleep.
    9. Another High School Reunion, The Mall, and Volleyball

      by , 10-19-2013 at 02:52 PM
      My sleeping schedule has stabilized and my body has recovered from that spicy hot sauce incident, so I am starting to recall more dreams and also longer dreams. The vividness of the dreams appears to be the same though. I feel like now I just need to work on increasing the vividness and length of my dreams and it should be much easier to do an RC inside one and become lucid.

      I actually wrote down the second dream first, then as I was trying to go back to sleep I remembered the first dream, that was pretty lucky and I'm glad I managed to remember it.

      Dream 1: I remember eating a bunch of foods, not particulary which kind of foods, but was supposedly in a place halfway between the middle floor of my house and some sort of mall with a clothing store, that looked similar to the layout you see in the clothing store the members of the Jersey Shore worked at, except there was a tv on the right wall. I was watching one channel on the tv on the wall from outside in my chair when my brother, sister, and my sisters friend Tori came into the store. Joey changed the channel but I didn't bother him about it for some reason.

      I am not actually sure if this next part is part of the same dream or different dream, I'm going to go ahead and just make it Dream 2 just cause i feel like it. :cheeky: But there is definitley a gap here in my dream recall :shock:

      Dream 2: I remember it was a big group of people going to this giant parking garage, like something had just ended. I was rollerblading around the entire place while people were talking, and getting in cars. I saw this girl from my high school although she had twins of herself, they were both extremely hot. I saw my first girlfriend ever from middle school (also pretty hot xD), and pretty soon I fell over on the rollerblades. There was this food stand and my friends Andrew and I think it was Sancho were holding up a giant bag of sandwhiches/subs. They were all storing the food away for whatever wasn't sold at the high school reunion or whatever it was. The lady running the stand said we could take as many sandwhiches as we want. I tried to grab some but couldn't stand up because I was on rollerskates. Andrew and Sancho kept grabbing a bunch of sandwhiches, then I just took the whole bag because they were being douchebags.

      Dream 3: I had a dream similar to another one where I'm going through a mall thats closing down. On the top floor there was a movie playing so me and a bunch of other people went to go see it. Then a few people, around 10 or so including me went on a road trip to the beach, I don't remember much of this part but it took a while, maybe 5 minutes or so. Anyways once we get to the beach we start playing volleyball. My friend Andrew is with us except he is on the other team, theres also a lot of fat women for some reason, but mostly just normal strangers. I start out being in the back and I'm always the reason our team is losing points. I decide to go up to the front and start spiking it, and we start winning points. Then I start bragging saying stuff like is that all you got? and I tell them I'm ready for round 2 lets go. Then we are in some area and everyone is in this small room and crowded around cause there's so much of us. Most guys have a girl around their arm and I don't then this girl comes up to me and gets under my arm, didn't even say anything wtf. Then my friend Andrew walks by with an attractive girl on his arm as they walk by, then as I'm about to walk out the door theres this girl with a massive butt that says "aww ill be your girl" then she twists her hips up and almost slams them down on me, I try to hold the bottom of her butt to reduce the blow, but not try to grope her. Then I walk outside and I get stopped by a lady police officer, she looks like an old teacher or someone but I just can't point out exactly who she is. She stops me and says I got something in my arm. I have no idea what it is but I say oh it's probably nothing (it might be drugs or something). She takes out a wooden paddle and starts rubbing my skin with it to find out what it is. I kept telling her how its ok and it's probably just something stupid, trying to get her to stop. She keeps going and eventually a plushie football comes out of my arm... WTF!?!?!, then she opens up the football and says "ICE CREAM", I look inside expecting ice cream but theres just a tiny plushie ball inside. Then I wake up. craziness I tell ya :panic::panic:

      EDIT: Just remembered last night I also had a dream fragment where I was just watching this movie, the dream was just the screen and I was not even watching the movie in the dream it was just the screen. The movie was about like a behind the scenes look at a Led Zeppelin that is going to be coming out soon. (not in real life)

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    10. It's Just an Environmental Awareness Safety Course Right?

      by , 07-21-2013 at 04:53 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      It's Just an Environmental Awareness Safety Course Right? (Non-lucid)


      Seems this hypnosis script is working well for me, and the scary thing is, because of its universal use in being able to connect the dots better and recall things better, if I were to actually make a hypnosis script to have better recall, the dream content below would be greater, much greater.

      I'm also beginning to notice how easy it to get the dream plot despite of my lack of knowing the content within it. Because I focus on the emotions and as much of the totality of the dream-scape itself, piece by piece, I can find bits of imagery coming in to make the dream a little bit more comprehensible. Of course, it's not perfect, especially since I'm only using a general hypnosis script, but I'm glad either way that I have this memory still ingrained in my unconscious. Since after all, the more the person finds themselves naturally wanting to remember these things and sustaining them even when they have to do something else, it becomes easier to recall.


      So I'm inside a house that's almost the exact replica of the one I'm staying currently in waking life. Only that this house within the dream had this sense of a yellow-green atmosphere flowing around me and my perception of reality within the dream. Imagine for a moment of recalling any of your dreams where you found yourself mixing through sepia themed dreams or even yellow-green overlay dreams where it feels as if you're going into the past or even just in a rush because while you're moving quickly, everyone around you and the environment around you feels like it's going a bit slower than you.

      But at the same time, you find yourself noticing that you tend to slow down a bit as well in order to be able to socialize with these dream characters, otherwise, things wouldn't make sense if you spoke fast while they couldn't right? Now, I'm going through that same motion, and everything is coming by naturally, and I haven't even gained sentience or the type of awareness to see that I'm dreaming, however, due to the circumstances within the dream, I probably did, but just wanted to see the plot unfold.

      But now is not the time for me or you reading this to worry about that, and as I go through embracing the dreaming environment a bit more, I started to get myself solidified into the dreaming experience. I begin to notice there were a few dream characters already engaging themselves with each other. Eventually, I found myself slipping into the conversation somehow as I'm sitting next to a dark-skinned female that resembles someone in waking life.

      It's as if she never knew what I was doing beforehand, standing around the environment feeling as if I was just lost in the moment of the dream, lost within the confines of my mind as I'm twisting and turning the dream time and dream setting without even realizing it. The more I engaged myself with these dream characters, the more the yellow-green atmosphere, or the overlay surrounding this dream setting disappears.

      I noticed how I continued to blend in with the dream characters, mixing around in seeing things in third and first person. The female beside me is wearing a white blouse along with white short pants. The contrast between her dark skin and the white clothes, combined with the slightly saturated sepia tone within the dream makes it hard to see if this is some simulated dream with implications of a past moment or something, or even a glimpse into a probable event in the future.

      Suddenly, my confusion for this dream being random or probable pre-cog, was eliminated the moment I heard this female asked me a question about what I'll be doing after summer is over. I knew her response related to some things I'm actually doing over the summer, and then she stops herself abruptly and remembers her logic doesn't make sense. And the experience was weird in itself, it felt as if I knew she would come to that realization, and all I needed to do was just wait and see her do it.

      It's as if that despite of my uncertainty in this dream, it felt as if there were unconscious processes becoming apparent to me. Such as what people might say, how things will end up, how the dream will turn out, and such.

      I wondered because of this awareness of the unconscious formulating the plot of this dream were my sparks of being lucid, but just going back with the dream since the lucidity didn't really matter. I'm not sure if because I was aware of these unconscious processes, that I naturally find myself not caring much about lucidity altogether, seeing how I would obviously do something completely different if that were the case.

      The moments within this dream, the pacing, started having its ups and downs to the point where I couldn't follow what else these people were saying, and it feels as if there would be a dream shift because of it. Before the dream shifts, I recalled that the same female, this woman in her 50s most likely just like in waking life, told me about some type of Environmental Awareness Safety Course that I could take.

      Find that pretty ironic as I spent most of this dreaming entry describing the dream environment.

      The moment she stated this, her existence is hard to follow because I realized I shifted from being inside of a house to being outside with maybe 2 people with me. It felt as if this same lady was replaced with a younger dream character, and I began to notice how I was looking at a certain person within the dream while she's talking to me.

      You know how you're discussing things with people, and you tend to avert your eyes a bit from time to time to look around in space and the environment? It was just like that, except that this dream character himself had something that was odd or familiar about him for me to make a longer gaze at him.

      It wasn't anything concerning, I was probably just bored of the content the dream character female to the right of me was saying, and probably was just staring at space when a dream character just happened to be within that spectrum of vision. The man notices I'm looking at him as well, and this gives us an awkward moment where we go back to the people we're discussing things with and pretending nothing happened. I can't really recall the next conversation, so I'll talk about the dream shift to where things get even more random and a bit more hectic.

      You may notice how the pacing of this dream, or at least these dreams that I felt connected with each other, really doesn't add up, but still somehow makes sense. It's as if that despite of being able to recall of this, we have a predisposition to connect the dots together, even if the endeavor itself would just be apophenia.

      However, even with these patches of recall, I'm sure if I gave this recall more thought rather than putting it off, I may have found an underlying meaning behind this, just like finding a needle in a haystack of information that feels less significant.

      You may also begin to notice how my dream self went from this passive and naive boy to some calculated and psychopath closet serial killer. It won't make sense initially, but there's no need to worry about that now until you begin to notice when I start to change completely within this dream.

      Now, I find myself inside of a tunnel, a very spacious tunnel. The sounds bouncing from the walls with ease as I hear the vibrations and humming, I begin to notice that there may have been some vehicles around here if I looked beyond that's right to the curve blocking my view of what's ahead.

      Suddenly, I find myself being cognizant of a dream character to my left, and she's another dark-skinned female, and I had a feeling she was this same female talking to me before the dream shift. Something felt so weird being around her, and I kept paying more attention to her to wonder why I would be in this tunnel with this female.

      Because of my uncertainty, I had to just let things happen naturally and just become aware of the unconscious feelings and emotions so that I would be able to connect the dots and have better neurological changes to hopefully get the underlying meaning of this dream. This female, despite of her facade not having contrast to this dream, her vibe, her energy, the way she expressed herself even when she was dormant for a good bit before I got myself back into the pacing of the dream was comforting.

      I felt safe around her, but also had these feelings that she has bigger plans ahead for us within this tunnel. She's wearing a swamp-green jacket with a few highlights that quickly made me assume it was probably raining when we were going into this road tunnel.

      Her black hair has a small shine, but not enough to really provide contrast within this dream environment, which was saturated in a brown and nearly sepia tone overlay. While the overlay itself made the environment bland, insignificant, boring to gaze at, there was a sense of realism as I found the air around me literally going in and out through my eyes and body.

      My breathing, the pacing was perfectly fine, I felt as if I had unlimited energy and would never be tired, and all that would make it seem any different from that would simply be psychosomatic occurrences (
      And by that, just like how initially when we first recall our lucid dreams, we may found ourselves getting excited mentally, and because of that, the body will generally follow, which would generally make us have a harder time staying in touch with the dream).

      Because I began to notice myself being dissociated from the double-edge sword that psychosomatic reactions can give us in our dreams, I felt more at ease for whatever plot would come in this dream. I literally had this unconscious implication that it's simply a dream, a simulation, but knowing whether or or if I'm aware of the dream simply didn't matter. Because like before, you'll remember how that if I were lucid, things would end up differently (i.e. me changing the dream environment).

      Finally, the pacing of the dream picks up a bit more, I started to feel the rush, the excitement, the slight thrill of wondering what will come next. And with this assurance of security I had with this female beside me, despite of her being this randomly generated thought-form/dream character, I'm finally getting into the groove of this dream.

      I found myself realizing what I'm wearing, a black long jacket that stretches all the way down to my ankles along with a dark gray shirt and black dress pants. It felt weird that while this female had her jacket saturated with water, my outfit was completely dry and perfect. I guess having my jacket wet would feel uncomfortable seeing how I would begin to notice the weight of the soaked jacket.

      Now, the female and I find ourselves encountering a police officer, and during this moment, there was this feeling of fear, the type of fear that foreshadowed there would be bad things to come. But because of how this female to the left of me sweet talks her way with this police office, I decided to mute the conversation altogether.

      Now, you may begin to notice why I wanted to mute the conversation, because I knew that the more she would sweet-talk her way with the police officer, how she expresses herself wouldn't matter, because you'll find out quickly that the dream character's fate would be sealed either way. I merely avert my eyes to some other direction, while still keeping my peripheral vision in synch with the female's swamp-green jacket. Somehow, just somehow, she finds a way to kill him silently.

      Instantly, I turn around a bit to have better inward focus on what she's holding, a silenced pistol. The moment I saw this pistol, and how my outfit and her outfit felt a bit peculiar, there was some kind of ambition that would involve some kind of retaliation. I started connecting the dots a lot better from that, and just let whatever happen, happen.

      It as if I was shifting through being a spectator of the dream and shifting myself into the dream in third person or first person. My sense of identity was more expansive, and it felt like I was watching 1080p Blue-ray film or something while still shifting back and forth from spectator to a participant in the dream.

      Because I have a better presumption of who this female is, a sweet talker that knows how to kill and fortunately doesn't seem she'll try and switch sides and do the same for me, I had a feeling of what she would do next, hide the body. She opens a door to the left of us, and I follow along with her, and I noticed I still have some fear for her.

      But with the security she easily expressed to me that she wouldn't shift her positive views of me, it was more of me having conflicting moments of a sense of security with fear slipping in despite of knowing things would be perfectly fine with her. Because the sense of security beings to express itself more to me, the more I wondered the point of me being with her. That would find myself realizing I would be safe around her made me wonder if I'm just the same as her, except I'm just letting her do things her way.

      Or maybe I was really commanding her to do something unconsciously while at the same time, I still thought I was just some guy who happened to have an expert killer that happens to be nice to me. So as she places the body in a decent position, I realized there's another door to me on my right. While she's busy standing around there, I take a small peek of what's beyond.

      You know how when it's raining, and you see the lights' horizon on the vehicle front being more apparent, and how with the slight drizzling of water that goes all over the place distorts that light, but in subtle ways? It was just like that, and because of that, I started to question the situation we're in now, because those same lights were police officer lights.

      Even though I only glanced quickly to see what's out there, I had a presumption there would be at least 10-20 cops, maybe more seeing how that was just looking at one part of the tunnel before the curve to the right blocked my vision of the rest of the path. I was surprised that despite of these cops aiming their automatic weapons at us, that they didn't even realize I closed the door. I looked at the female and gave her a gesture that we need to go now.

      Like NOW.

      She instantly gets the idea, and as I'm following her by going back out from the door we cam in, abstract dream logic starts kicking in again.

      Immediately, I heard a click.

      This is not a good click.

      After this concerning click, I can hear the sound of the hands moving around the object slowly, and I quickly realized we're at gunpoint. All at once, everything felt like it was just going to end here, when everything felt so right and calculated, only to be contradicted with a dream character that just happened to show up so quickly.

      It almost felt as if my female companion in this dream didn't take out all two individuals in this dream, and if I were to actually pay attention to who she was talking to rather than muting out the conversation and realizing someone was with her, we wouldn't be in this position at gunpoint.

      However, my female companion seems to defy the contradicting logic of the dream character showing up by bravely moving away from him, despite of our backs facing him. I looked at her and wondered how she could risk her life like this, how could someone just go around throwing their lives away like that and keep moving?

      But now wasn't the time for me to revel in that thought, I felt her character, her courageous demeanor, I wanted to follow along with that. I slowly walked and followed her side by side as well, while having 360 vision of seeing the guy still aiming the gun at us.

      Why isn't he shooting us? Why, despite of what the female did to the other guy by killing him, he doesn't shoot us? It felt inconsistent, and I wondered if the female companion truly instilled fear into the police officer that he couldn't shoot, or maybe he was just afraid to pull the trigger altogether for other reasons.

      While I'm sustaining 360 vision a bit longer, it feels the officer is putting his gun down, and me and the random female companion gracefully exit out of the tunnel. Now that we're outside, while still sustaining the 360 vision, I begin to notice the air is much different than inside the tunnel. Things aren't so concentrated as much with the sound waves, and everything feels spacious again. We're now in a section of a road, and we're near the side railing, just like what you would see if you were driving in high altitude.

      While we're walking, I'm still trying to string together what in world just happened with this experience with the police officer. I immediately find myself being addicted to this female's presence, so I quickly ran up to her and quickly conformed to her pace of walking. She doesn't really look at me much, keeping her head in profile view to me, and she starts explaining what happened.

      Apparently, she stated how she switched guns with the cop somehow, which means that if the cop is holding the gun without gloves, he would be caught in a situation where if the cops that we encountered before closing the door again finds out the bullet of the dead cop came from that same gun, the cop would be in a predicament of explaining what happened.

      While she's telling me this, it's still hard to comprehend how she switched the gun somehow, and why the cop didn't want to shoot us. It felt as if while she was trying to make a cohesive statement, she ended up failing, or maybe I failed to acknowledge the other bits she was declaring to me. And even though I was confused, I still found myself somehow trying to connect the dots again by what she stated and actually congratulated her for pulling it off.

      Okay, why am I congratulating her on killing someone? I know that she had to do it to avoid any kind of problems with them, but still, it felt almost disgusting for me to state that to her. My own mentioning of acknowledging her ability to get us out of the situation ruined the value of the plot of this dream. Just what in the world was going on and why am I suddenly finding solace in what she did just now?

      Of course, this didn't really make itself apparent that much, seeing how I still had some fear with this woman. She was an enigma, while I was sure that I could basically do anything to her (sexual thoughts started coming in for some reason), I still wanted to do it in a subtle manner because I don't know what her breaking point is. This started to become sick, but before the dream ended, it was as if all the thrill and fear turned me on because of how she expressed herself.

      So I guess after that, we had sex, I can't recall what happened after, just the two of us walking down the road.

      But I'm sure with my attitude around her, we were bound to have sex.


    11. [DILD]Arrested for Not Having a Light While Skateboarding

      by , 06-29-2013 at 08:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Arrested for Not Having a Light While Skateboarding (DILD)


      It seems I'm heading for the apartment I used to reside in college, and as I'm going through this very familiar dream environment from College Station, the setting of the dream goes from afternoon to night time fairly quick. I'm apparently using a skateboard, which is rare for me to do in a dream, and as the walk light confirms I can move, there's a police vehicle about 15 feet away from me.

      I ignore it because I didn't feel I was doing anything bad, just strolling along and riding a skateboard back to the dream apartment. Then I look inside to find a police officer is looking at me suspiciously, and he prompts me to stop and then informs me how I have get arrested for not using a light while skateboarding.

      I couldn't even fathom why I needed a light in the first place if I have nothing to attach it on the skateboard, and holding it on my hand wouldn't make a different either. It just didn't make sense to me since the setting wasn't even that dark. I enter the police vehicle, and the composition of the vehicle is very abnormal. There's about 3 more police officers in the vehicle, and suddenly the same car as the space of a limo. There's two cops sitting on the left side, and one on the right, and I guess I sit somewhere on the left, and I didn't even pay attention to see if anyone was going to operate the vehicle in the first place.

      It's almost as if the moment I said that, the dream characters that were police officers suddenly lost all competence and awareness of their roles of actually BEING officers. But I decided to just let it play along and see where this is going to lead me. The dream shifts, and I'm not in the police station office, and it's pretty busy, but not too hectic. People were going about doing their usual thing, and I'm not even sure if I had handcuffs attached or not. There were moments where I had my hands in the position that implied I was handcuffed, and other moments where I was venturing around the huge police station office with many stairs, levels, and floors.

      The environment inside mostly was saturated in a turquoise color which really created the theme of how chilled and relaxed this area of the dream was. I could sense that it was fairly air-conditioned, and it just had that office smell to it, most likely because of the blue-violet carpet that had all sorts of colors in small dots, but not too much to where they dominate the general color. I could hear some fans blowing when I'm going around the police station office, and just random dream characters that are occupied doing desk work and such.

      I was beginning to wonder if I'm really committing a crime here, seeing how I'm not in jail. The dream shifts and I'm sitting down bracing my back against the wall with handcuffs still attached. I turn to the right and saw I'm near an exit of the building, and then I turn back to find some random blonde male coming near me. He seemed like a friendly guy, and I guess he asks me what I got in trouble for.

      I told him I got stopped by the police for not having a light at night while skateboarding, and I started to explain how it was silly to even be arrested for doing so. Everyone but him started to make those quiet remarks to themselves about what I just said, like:

      "Ooooh, look how he's trying to *insert whatever they said*"

      He looks around them for a bit and focuses on me again. He mentions if I wanted to hang around with him sometime later on, and with this logic, I'm not so sure if an office is supposed to ask anyone to hang out when they're handcuffed. He stated how he has friends that drink, and I felt his logic was even more contradicting especially since I had a hunch that he arrests his friends for drinking as well.

      I don't know, maybe it was just my dream emotions preventing me from conceptualizing a cohesive thought on what's actually going on with me and this guy talking. I forget what I stated to him, but whatever it was, he casually leaves and probably goes back to his duty.

      I can't remember much to that dream seeing how I put off the recall for a day.

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    12. Murders in Graveyards, Presentations in School

      by , 12-31-2012 at 03:51 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Remembered two dreams this morning. The first one involved...DUNDUNDUN MURDERRRRRRRRRRRR.
      Suddenly, there was a murder. I didn't freak out about it or anything. My family and I decided to stay at a nearby hotel, just to be a little safer. While at the hotel, I caught wind of a rumor about some ace-detective-turned-pastor who would be going to the crime scene in the nearby graveyard to solve the clues. Out of no where, I was watching the pastor investigating, almost like a cutscene in a video game. He didn't investigate for very long. Probably found what he needed to.
      This is when I decided to go to the graveyard myself. I felt a little spooked, but I brought my iPod with me and listened to MCR while walking around the graveyard.
      Should've used that as a way to go lucid, I was listening to a song by MCR that didn't even exist.
      I got to the back part of the graveyard to find a weird looking bug in a black shell. The shell popped open, and a scary looking, browin-ish colored beetle crawled out, screeching. I screamed and fled in terror, and looked behind me, seeing the beetle take to the air with vibrant colored wings. I ran as fast as I could out of the graveyard, and made it out, but not before feeling a stinging pain on my shoulder...
      Now for the other dream.
      For some reason, I wasn't in my body, but instead in the body of a police officer with a mustache. I was hiding from this extremely nasty guy in a sumo outfit, and when his back was turned, I jumped out and made him sit on a chair so I could interrogate him. Sadly, I forget how that conversation went, but I do recall it being very short.
      I stepped out into the nearby hallway, and suddenly, I was back in my body again. I found some friends of mine who aren't actually my friends irl, and we went down this hallway called 'The Troubled Kids Hallway'. It looked like a normal hallway, but anyways. We made it out into this auditorium that resembled my old lunch room from middle school, and kids were lined up getting ready to watch a presentation. I found my girlfriend, and she waved at me, but her expression was one of unease. Her hair was dyed red-orange in color, unlike the black color she has in real life.
      For some reason, I wasn't allowed to sit next to her, so I found a seat far away and sunk into it, saddened that I couldn't be with her.

      And that was that. I have a little fragment of me using Assassin's Creed-styled parkour climbing to travel around a city, but I think that was a part of the murder dream. I think.
    13. Across The Field...

      by , 07-23-2012 at 07:44 AM (Dimension X)
      All I remember is that I was standing in a field and there was a line of trees, and behind it was a house. I had to steal something from that house for some reason, but apparently, a police officer lived there, and was hanging around outside a lot for some reason. I remember it being kind of dark/gloomy outside too. I don't know how, but i stole whatever i needed to. I remember it was kind of a simple item. like a metal bar... but i needed it for something, apparently. After that, all i remember is going into some sort of clearing, to an even bigger field, and then i saw random cats climbing around collapsed trees. I'm surprised I remember this much of this dream because it wasn't even lucid. O_o
    14. walking with Skrbek

      by , 11-30-2011 at 06:08 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      I walk through a forest with Ondrej Skrbek. For some reason, there are people checkin on us. There is one of those police people, that normally can be seen checking parking tickets. She stops us and start asking questions. Skrbek then start explaining. The funny part is that he refers to his parents as "my wife and husband". I try to correct him, but he didn't gets it. I can see on the lady, that she understands. I am thinking "damn man, you are making us look like fool eastern Europeans".
    15. Dreams from Friday and Saturday

      by , 02-28-2011 at 07:09 PM
      I didn't get a chance to update my journal for the last couple of days.

      1. I'm wandering through some house that has obviously been abandoned in a hurry.

      2. Two people have been swarmed by killer bees, and I'm trying to phone for help. The phone isn't working properly. The two people pass out and fall into a huge pool of water in the ground.

      3. My dad has gone missing for a few days. I'm standing on the steps of the police station, not knowing what to do. A policeman comes up to me and we talk for a bit. He gives me a stack of paper.
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