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    1. October 23, 2014 | Splinter Spheres, Find Dad, McDonalds

      by , 08-03-2017 at 03:00 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      It all started when I was visiting my older brother in this 6-story building. I was sleeping, but then things changed. I was bugging him from the bottom floor. For some reason he pointed a camera to the ceiling to show that he didn’t want to leave his room on the 6th floor.
      [New Scene]
      While at Best Buy, some lady asked me if I wanted $500. Obviously, I took it.
      [New Scene]
      I was on a small incline somewhere, being chased by these spheres of wood splinters(big ones). Later, I walked out a nearby building and tried to walk past all the sleeping spheres, but that was difficult when a large rock ball rolled down the stairs I was using. There was also a black cat. It turns out that around 50% of spheres were awakened by me and some other guy. As a result, The other guy got stabbed in the head by a huge wooden spike. It didn’t do anything but hurt and show up on the over-head map.
      [New Scene]
      I was back home, although it was destroyed. Dad was there, but he was leaving. When I asked him where he was going, He laughed and said that he wasn’t telling me(very uncharacteristic of him). Latter, I put a helmet on and barricaded the garage. I thought it was a good idea, but it turned out that some kid found it immediately and disappeared. (He found the metal panel that was loose). Next, I was right outside it when some teenagers showed up in a car, me knowing they were going to get something they needed from the sidewalk. So, I left and took off running unseen to the south. When I got to near the end of the road, I saw this group of houses that were barricaded and manned. One person pointed a gun at me and shouted “Freeze!” so I froze. They asked me what I wanted, which was to find my family. They told me to go back to my house to get supplies, to which I responded, “There’s nothing at my house.” Later, I left to the south east, and ended up in a building where the ground floor was a McDonalds. The elevator was incredibly slow. Finally I get to the ground floor, I go outside, and wake up.
    2. #210 - More zombies... -.-

      by , 03-15-2016 at 03:52 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      The setting was post-apocalyptic via zombies. I'm with Matt and Justin walking along a gravelly road. Nearby is a concrete block building that looks rundown, I think it was pretty difficult to get into but we managed. It was day time so the place was well-lit, the whol place was just grey concrete and the room was big with a high ceiling. I remember some random flashbacks to before there were zombies, it was about some guy would run up the walls (in my mind I knew that zombies had high strength and could do this pretty easily). I think there was another person who did this too.. It doesn't make much sense. But there was more to it, something about the guy being a necromancer and he was the one who started the apocalypse by creating zombies.
      The flashbacks were short, so continuing from before we were in the building. We heard noises from outside and a group of asians were heading towards the building. Damn, we have to hide. Fortunately there was a boxing ring in the room so me, matt and justin hid behind it. The asians entered and were talking, a few of them walked around the ring and some of them got in it. It felt like the dream glitched here, they could see me but my mind was like 'oh that shouldn't have happened. Just pretend they didn't see you and go under the boxing ring'.
    3. #193 - Shopping / Shannara

      by , 01-23-2016 at 06:39 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Shopping
      I remember being outside of the mall chilling out on a seat, I believe I had a bag of stuff I had bought. I noticed my ex girlfriend shopping in a Pagani shop for clothes. There's also a group of random girls (maybe late high school) that she gets annoyed about because she doesn't want to talk to them or something? They're outside and my ex has to wait until they go before it's safe to leave. Mean while she continues to change clothes while I just chill, every time I look back at her I see that she's wearing something new. Short shorts (hot damn), jeans, etc. The group of girls walks into the Pagani shop too now, my ex looks through the window and sees them entering and looks at me showing how frustrated she is with the girls. I decide I'll go walk in and say hi properly.

      Dream 2 - Shannara
      I remember that I'm in the world where the Shannara chronicles take place. I watched the first episode of the tv series yesterday and it seemed to effect my dreams . In the post-apocalyptic scenario I was traveling with Allanon, the princess, the rover and maybe the half-elf Will. Something happens between the characters, there's another group where I think Allanon had travelled with the leader for a time. One of the leaders underlings got upset when someone passed away and blamed it on Allanon. The place we were in at the time was this huge abandoned underground base that was built to protect people from nuclear attacks. One of the characters showed the blue elfstones to another character, who acted stunned and said 'I need some fresh air'. Only, that person then secretly took the elfstones and left.. The underling who blamed Allanon at this point had a hissy fit and set a nuke to rain down on us. Alarms start ringing and the doors to the base close up. There's a certain "Oh no! That person is still outside!" (the person with the elfstones). Allanon looks up at the closing doors, he's flabbergasted.. The idea that so much life will be destroyed saddens him. I also remember a 'space-view' of the weapon launching the nuke, it had these huge hangar doors much like the ones we were being protected by in the base. We're all wondering what to do now that we've noticed the person stole the elfstones. Apparently the rover girl switched them by covering the real stones in black soot and handing the girl 3 other stones. This part confuses me as I was pretty sure it'd be hard to make any pebble resemble an elfstone :/. I don't catch on that it's a dream though.
    4. Alien Devastation

      by , 01-07-2016 at 06:35 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      There was an invasion of aliens. Structures destroyed. I was looking at a post-apocalyptic world. The color theme is not dark; it's sunny, with lots of vegetation and ruined buildings.

      I traveled to an area with lots of ruins and some people and dinosaurs/animals. There were even apes. One in particular has developed human-like intelligence, and he keeps it to himself. I dropped a nail cutter, and he found it. He knows what it is. I was thinking I should get it before other apes see it and develop intelligence, but he gave it back to me. I then asked him if he doesn't want the others to become like him. It seems the ape likes his position over the other apes.

      I was in a small village where some humans gathered. There were two children who has not gone out of the village because they weren't permitted. Only adults can go out because of the danger outside. Still, I led them out and asked them about the plants around them. One said he called one shrub/tree an "apat" (four in our language), and he went on to point out other plants, but he hasn't seen most of them. The mother came rushing in to bring them back. Then there's a falling debris/alien object. I punched it away. The parent realizes that she can't keep her children safe forever. Not in this world at least.



      - I saw a trailer for an alien invasion movie before sleeping.
    5. All you need is love!

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:13 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm not sure about the chronological order of this dream.

      It's a post-apocalyptic setting again, but this time the apocalypse happened very recently; we still don't know how bad it is, and what exactly has changed. I'm walking through a facility set in a warehouse with a man in a lab coat; there's a lot of people running around with files and tablets, making impromptu meeting and talking. It's badly lit, and I feel like I'm underground, even thought I can see a boat on the otherside of the warehouse, ad the light boncing of the waves painting pattern on the ceiling. I overhear a man talking about going to live at sea, on oil-extracting platform. I point out to the man walking with me that thoses platform are limited in space and food, so that's not a viable move. He leads me to a computer and we can see the number of people killed, separated in profession in a kind of spreadsheet. He points the physicians to me, telling that one in forty got killed. The number of killed physicians is two hundreds, and the cell color is orange.
      I'm outside now, with a middle aged woman, in an alley between two buildings. It's a very sunny day, the shadows on the orange walls are razor sharp, an the metallic mesh closing one end of the alley is glittering. There's also a grey plastic table against the wall to my left, with a box on it. A man with sunglasses pick something up in the box and put it in his mouth. I sprint to him and kiss him, stealing the thing in the process. It's slightly sweet and chewy, like gum. Now that I'm close I recognize David, and he take another gum; it's small, white and tubular shaped, like a rubber from the end of a mechanical pencil.
      We're back inside the warehouse, with the man and David, and we learn that we have to ask for help to some people. I know that they aren't normal human, and I pick a photograph of one of them, telling the crowd that I know him, that I call him Raphael. One of the people ask him how much I know him, and I answer that he likes me in white. We decide that me and David will go looking for him.
      We're on a road, in a middle of a forest; I check a map, it seem that we are in Europe, somewhere between Germany and Russia. The sun is high in the sky, but the air is pretty chilly. David got a jeans, hicking boots and a warm coat, but I'm in a white, flowy dress. It cover my arms and go down to the floor, but it's made of a light material, in lots of layers. We've been walking for a long time and I complain that we're running out of road. We finally reach a big building, well integrated into the forest, with big glass walls and dark woods. The door has a steel inlay, and I walk in with David. Inside the floor is carpeted, the wall painted white and with the same dark wood panneling. It has the slightly cushy warm of central heat. I go to the admission desk, letting David sit in one of the armchair overlooking the road. The receptionnist is a small, blond-haired woman with a tight ponytail that brush her neck. She listens to me and talks into her headset before gesturing me to go to the armchair. I give her a smile and turn around, but before I can move Raphael enter the room.
      He's a towering, willowy man, crowned with golden curls. He's wearing a long-sleeved light blue t-shirt over a jean and his fingers are stained with paint. He notices me and pulls me off the floor into a bearhug, and I get a good look of his freckled, charming face and light green eyes.
      Later, I'm walking into the nearby city with David, the warm of the sun nicely contrasting with the chillness of the air. We're on a very pretty, pedestrian street made of sandstone. David makes me laugh, and I can see from the corner of my eye Raphael, walking with a small group of friends ahead of us turning around and looking for me. David whispers to me that Raphael agree to help because he's infatued with me. I laugh at the idea, but Raphael big smile when he hears my laugh seem telling.

      Yeah, Eli does find that there's an awful lot of people loving me recently

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    6. Eating Earthworms (NLD)

      by , 02-01-2015 at 09:14 PM
      This was the last dream of the morning, and it seems to demonstrate the process of waking up, as the self-awareness and memories of my dream-self gradually align closer and closer with those of waking life.

      Am I a human or a fox? It is unclear at first. I find an overturned clay pot on the walkway next to a building. It is full of writhing earthworms, and I eat a number of them, enjoying the slick chewy texture. Approvingly I think, "From the foxes' perspective, stocks aren't really working out. What they want is more protein, more easily accessible."

      By "stocks" I mean the stock market, which I think must have crashed, and I have the impression that the world is in some post-apocalyptic state. I am on the grounds of a museum in Northern California, one with a park-like campus. I move across the lawn and encounter an enormous earthworm sliding out from under a bush. It is already several feet long, and I guess that this is only a quarter of its length. In diameter it is as thick as my arm. At this point my body is clearly human, and my thoughts are getting closer to those of my waking mind.

      It surprises me to see a worm so large. I feel like I've seen ones this big in other countries, but never here. Still, I remember seeing those big banana slugs in the Bay Area, so maybe giant earthworms are part of the same ecosystem. Probably I never saw one before because they're usually underground. Why is this one on the surface?

      I tear off a few inches of meat from the front end of the worm and nibble on it. It is much coarser in texture than the regular-sized worms I was just enjoying, and I find it unpalatable. I wonder if cooking would improve it or make it even worse, softer and mealier. I throw the uneaten portion to the ground, regretting that I took more than I'm able to consume. I should have started with a smaller sample. Poor worm. I look at it, and it is still crawling along as though nothing happened. I reassure myself that it will probably be fine; the missing section might even grow back.

      I start to wonder if it is safe to eat raw worm. I always thought it was, and the couple I swallowed whole in the past had no ill-effects, but this one was enormous. It was sobering to learn that raw snails can harbor fatal parasites. Given that worms just eat rot and fungi, might they contain bad bacteria? After all, now that I've seen where they live... I think about my worm compost bins. I probably should look into this before eating any more.
    7. Abandoned House

      by , 09-30-2014 at 01:43 AM
      In this dream I live in a big two-story house with a decent amount of land; I believe it is quite a few acres. The land is full of big oak trees, pine trees, and grassy areas. There is this other two-story house probably 300 to 500 feet away from our main house. We own it as well, but it is abandoned. The front door is missing, and the minimal number of windows makes it look dark and creepy. The building has not been decorated. The walls are plain, or at least they were plain concrete-colored walls until some kids spray painted nearly every part of it. The paint wasn't art, as it mainly consisted of tags and other creepy phrases. Glass is shattered throughout the building, and many concrete blocks have been destroyed.
      My friend, "Prez", is notorious for going there. He spends his time there with friends but he doesn't paint the place. I was looking at the building from my house, and my parents approached me. "I don't want you to hang out with him" They said. "He goes to the building." It feels like it's just another spot teenagers go to do teenager things and like we don't own it. Even though it's so close to my house, I've never been there. Even though it's so close to my house, so many kids hang out there, and so many illegal activities have been committed. I disregard my parents statements and hang out with Prez anyway. We are in the building and I take note of all the details of the place. The big ball-room like structure and all the glass shattered all over the place. I noticed columns holding the building have collapsed as well. We are in the eastern part of the building. It feels like this place is haunted.
      After a while my parents arrive. They aren't happy I'm here. Meanwhile, as this is happening, I didn't notice it at the time, but the dreamscape changed. It was like I was in one of those 3D Modeling computer programs. That's the best I can explain it. The building was still there but it seemed like I was on a grid that was already designed but the background was all black. Anyway, my parents are here now and they are tired of kids coming here. They started coming up with ideas on how to stop this. The idea that they seemed to like the most was to make the place look less creepy. We painted the walls white, and painted cartoon suns on the walls too. Teenagers can't get the thrill of being in a so called "haunted" building when it's a lot brighter and there are cartoon pictures painted on the walls. Even though it was ours, they still wanted to avoid being seen by cops. We did this stealthily.
    8. Fragments

      by , 09-22-2014 at 09:21 PM
      A flood warning in Boston - they expect the buildings around the harbor to be under three feet of water. Evacuation is recommended.

      Post-apocalyptic setting, there's a human doctor taking care of a human-looking robot going by the code name Rabbit. It has black stitches in a ring around its throat. It put them there itself - they're decorative.

      Late 19th century England, two immortals dressed all in white are talking. "Just defend (this place)." "Domi, this is a terrible plan."

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. May 22nd, 2014

      by , 05-22-2014 at 11:05 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Two parts to this dream.

      In the first part there is something to do with mini go-karts or remote controlled cars in a forest. Also a four room building where people rotate through the rooms or something.

      Second part takes place in a city that's been destroyed, but I do not know by what. People are scrambling for supplies to survive. There is one train that runs through the center of town. I don't know where it goes but it frequently hits people crossing the tracks or people commit suicide by standing in front of it. I don't know where the terminal is because it never stops, even when it hits someone.

      The buildings are mostly destroyed or empty and many people have gathered together in groups for survival, often attacking other groups to steal their supplies. I am on my own and every day I am afraid of being attacked or killed. One day two men armed with electric drills try to attack me but I am able to disarm them and get away. I run into a large building and find a doctor (A Middle Eastern man with white hair and a white goatee) there who is helping anyone he can and has a small shop where he lets people underpay for many things. Most of the food however is gone. His volunteers find crates of Kraft Dinner and Mr. Noodle Ramen and I trade a small green pencil and the promise of being a volunteer later for one of each. I have to argue with a Chinese looking lady at first, who I think is the doctor's whife, who wants to give me a small fist size ball of rice for the small amount of money I have, because she doesn't want to give me the boxes of food.

      I set out from that place with my food hidden inside a garbage bag and forget my shoes and have to go back for them. It is dark and I don't know how I am going to get home in the dark and alone without being robbed or killed. Dream ends after I leave the doctor's store and head out into the darkness of the destroyed city.
    10. An iron mask and a censored broadcast

      by , 02-05-2014 at 01:19 AM
      I'm in a store that sells various forms of blades, among other things, and my attention's caught by an iron mask with a strangely curved dagger set into it, removable. (After I woke up I realized the dagger's shape was inspired by F/SN.) The mask's face seems very narrow, but I believe that the mask's features will fit themselves to the wearer. The eyes are particularly narrow and I don't see any holes to look out of. There's a long and narrow stylized beard that reminds me of ancient Egyptian art, which would cover the wearer's neck, and the mouth is designed to look as if it's been sewn shut. I like it.

      I'm distracted by the sound of more people arriving outside. There's a brief confrontation but they dismiss me and the people I'm with as not threatening, which irritates me. There's some debate over whether this post-apocalyptic, breakdown-of-society situation we're in will last, or whether things will return to normal in a few days.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are three astronauts who've said or done something that their bosses wouldn't approve of, and they've ceased broadcasting in a way that implies they're dead or soon will be. But when I talk to someone who wasn't watching their broadcast live, I find she's got a different impression of events, she believes everything's fine, and some reasonable-sounding excuse has been given for why the astronauts are no longer broadcasting. Their previous broadcast has been censored or changed.

      I'm playing a piano, using sheet music for a jazz tune I'd never heard before. The sun's going down, and the light gradually darkens until I can't make out the sheet music in front of me.

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    11. Cathedrals, hearts, death, and mystery

      by , 01-09-2014 at 02:31 AM
      Just a name: Sven Odinson.

      I've got some government job in which I'm part of a team of people in suits protecting someone, and we're currently in a hospital, when I pass a room where a team of people in red uniforms, EMTs maybe, are preparing for something. Something about them catches my attention as odd, and I mention to a coworker the possibility of a disguised threat. She agrees with me.

      Something about political opposition to dances in cathedrals by night.

      A zombie apocalypse setting, in which someone was approaching the house I was holed up in and we nearly shot each other, wrongly assuming each other to be zombies. She tries to convince me to come with her to some camp and I agree only because I'm fairly confident about being able to escape her along the way if it seems necessary, whereas if I start a confrontation with her here and now I'm fairly confident she'll shoot me. She's traveling with someone who joins her then and gives me a checkup, and she takes a very long time to find my pulse. When she finally says "Found it," I say, "Look at that, I have a heart. That's one for the books."

      A little girl saying "(something) to read hearts, death to solve the mystery." A choice between two different goals, reminding us to match the approach to the goal. This is a girl who I and the people I'm traveling with met a long time ago, and at the time she just seemed like a tragic figure, sole survivor of some massacre in which she watched the deaths of everyone else in her castle and the surrounding village. When I'm thinking about this, I see a memory of one of the people I'm traveling with standing in a pool of water with her, up to his neck in the blood and gore surrounding this girl. The journey we're on somehow involves the spirit of a certain place - either we're searching for it or it's opposing us or something - and we met this girl fairly early in that journey, but now that we've met her again, we realize she's more than she seems; the tragic figure we met originally was at least partially an act, and I strongly suspect she is that spirit.

      Now she's saying, "Sure you shouldn't just make perception your goal?" That's following on the death-to-solve-the-mystery thing she said just before. One of the guys I'm traveling with says, "Sorry, our goal is to take the cat out of the box." A Schrodinger's Cat metaphor; we don't want to just find the answers for ourselves, we want to eliminate the mystery completely.
    12. Killing People with Bookshelfs, I'm Black Cat, Ice Sword & Water Sword Combo

      by , 12-10-2013 at 08:55 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Killing People With Bookshelfs (DILD)


      Yeah, this dream clearly didn't have a script. It's like David Cage's Beyond Two Souls meets Apophenia's desire for self-fulfilling prophecies from unrelated occurrences to create some Stand Alone complex. Even that attempt for analogies didn't make sense.

      My perspective for this dream was mostly looking as an over watcher of events while being able to pick and choose how certain occurrences would be implemented to cause a chain of events. I was lucid throughout the part with the killing people with bookshelf, but after that, I'm not too sure.

      I believe I had to make sure a character I'm focused to was led to safety. They had to encounter several dream characters that looked like Black Ops, soldiers, and other military and espionage related themes. Instead of having to get the character to shoot the people, I decided to be tactful with the environment.

      It seemed that while the soldiers that were facing off random gun firing from the opposite side, they were completely oblivious to how the objects around them could easily injure them or even kill them. There were probably some explosive barrels, but I decided to just move the bookshelf that seems to be conveniently the same length of the 4-5 dream characters lined up right in front of it.

      So the bookshelf falls down and they die or pass out, and I proceed to move to the next area where I would have to do a similar activity.
      Other than that, I can't recall what happened at this point.


      I'm Black Cat Walking Through a Post-Apocalyptic/War Environment (DILD)


      I seem to have taken the form of Black Cat from the Spiderman franchise.

      Spoiler for black cat:


      This dream was weird in its plot, though actually having a dream where the dreamer would prefer finding the script than following it isn't really too surprising. And finding an actual starting point is difficult since it may end up in back tracking to another dream shifts. So I'll just recall moments where I was lucid.

      I'm strutting my stuff like nobody's business in my tight-latex-wearing female embodying existence. The outfit texture resembles the one the Bayonetta chick wears:

      Spoiler for bayonettaaa:

      I had a cluster of emotions during this role as a female. I felt confidence and ready to pounce on anyone.

      I mostly felt sensations around my back that were tingling so much that I was wondering if my knees would become weak from this really overwhelming surge of sexual and euphoric feelings. Since I'm a female, I took the initiative to find some random male dream character and prepared my right hand for a brutal smack in the ass.

      Then I continue walking without showing a sign of wanting to see the dream character's response, and now there seems to actually be a script that I ended up following for this dream.

      The dream shifts to where I'm starting to become more aware of the sensations of my back, almost as if my back had some kind of multi-range rape contingency and prevention system or something.

      I'm walking through some areas that seemed to have been demolished either through construction work, or some post-war & post-apocalyptic setting to it. The overall color scheme for this environment consisted of very milky cool colors along with the dominant being light gray.

      I made this deduction seeing how the walls and the flooring had some kind of light pasty gray color to them. I could see the massive accumulation of crumbles from the buildings in a few areas along with the twisted and stripped metal bindings that sustained the building's composition.

      The area I was active in by this point seemed to have been me trying to escort a man to safety. At this point, I feel like I wasn't Black Cat anymore, and was shifting in and out with my dream self and her body as well. Eventually I started to look at her, and was wondering if I'm the guy she's escorting to safety.

      I noticed that I started to get a bit anxious and cautious of any scenario where I had to watch my back. I think the Black Cat entity that I took a full embodiment possession of wanted to give me assurance that I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

      Other than a few dream characters that came out of nowhere which I had to kill with a silenced gun I believe, there wasn't a lot going on for this dream after that.

      Too bad this isn't a dream where I had good control of my movements in first person perspective, it was more of just being aware of movements in third person and spectator view.


      Ice Sword and Water Sword Combo (Non-lucid)


      All I recall for this dream is seeing a dream character that resembles Haru Glory from Rave Master holding a sword.

      Apparently the sword is called an "Ice Sword" based on the information that shows up as a HUD next to the character that's shown in 2d. Apparently the Ice Sword transforms when you have the Water Sword or something in a certain state to gradually build up into something that I can't remember.

      The dream setting was night time, and had a dark blue overlay atmospheric vibe to it.

    13. Fractal patterns and the things that come back from the skies.

      by , 08-06-2013 at 06:38 PM
      3rd person following a woman, and I'm aware this scene is about to become a nightmare, something involving a husband who came back from outer space wrong, carrying something inside him that will manifest in the house in strange ways, killing him and trapping her here. It's already starting to feel like a nightmare, so I take over and steer her toward the front door to change the scene. It takes two doors to leave the nightmare/house.

      Outside, I'm my IRL self, and I'm walking out of the mansion I'm temporarily staying at, walking down to the road to see if my IRL sisters have arrived yet. I follow the road toward town, and I pass Tilda Swinton walking the other way and rubberneck shamelessly, walking backwards until she's out of sight. Eventually I come to a fair, where a few people are in costume, including myself, something patriotic-themed. I spot my sisters in the crowd but don't want them to recognize me while I'm in costume. The crowds push me into one of the tents showing various curiosities, and one of them, something about a man who fell from the skies, switches the scene to something more stable.

      3rd person following a man who observed that if you trace every human interaction you've had throughout your life, and all the interactions those people had and so on, it creates a fractal pattern which he used to warp time and space around himself, condensing it all into a single point with himself at the center, the God of this world. The ground loops over his head to meet itself in a single vividly-colored sphere. Although he's the only creature that can exist in this sphere, there's a door through which he can watch or enter the old world at any point in time or space. The world's been completely transformed by his actions, all throughout its timeline. At the moment he's observing the writing systems that are developing. He's been translating the various markings that he's seen through the door, images made by different cultures throughout time and space, but as far as he can tell, none of them are using a written alphabet. All the markings translate into numbers.

      He walks through the door into the same point in time/space that he'd originally lived, modern times. The place has been through something like an apocalypse as a result of his actions, but it's mostly recovered now. He seeks out a friend who'd tried to stop him, and they talk about the changes in the world, and about what's happened to his older brother's estate since the funeral. 'For a madman, he was alright,' the other man says.
    14. Post-Apocalyptic Sex with Eva [DEILD]

      by , 05-31-2013 at 06:48 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Post-Apocalyptic Sex with a Blonde (DEILD)


      I'm fighting two people at once, and I'm thinking it's with weapons like semi-automatics or maybe just knives and swords. Either way, this person wanted the whole world to blow up for some reason. He wanted me to die along with him, and the dream environment we're in resembles the Interchange map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ( the image above).

      Before the explosion, it felt like a regular construction site, a very huge one that was spacious and only had randomly placed large objects on the brown soil. There was a clear blue sky with few clouds hovering over, and the whole dream itself was obviously in for something serious. Anyway, back to the guy who wanted to blow up the world, or at least this section of the dream environment I'm part of.

      All I can recall is that he was tall, had tan skin, and was probably Caucasian. He had another friend that would probably be his backup in case things go wrong with the world ending. It felt like a huge bomb from the sky was going to come crashing down, and before I could even react and absorb the contents of the dream environment, there's a 10-second countdown.

      I started panicking, trying to find some kind of underground shelter in hopes that the inevitable nuke blast wouldn't destroy anything under the surface. I found a huge blue metal cargo container you would see on trucks that was open on both sides, and decided to quickly rush and duck for cover there. When the countdown reaches zero, I'm not sure what to feel at the moment other than the sound of the nuke piercing the atmosphere and moments from explosion. The blast quickly spreads out, and I can barely feel anything at all. I didn't die, but I did feel small vibrations from my body that probably absorbed some of the recoil from the blast.

      The guy that wanted to blow me up along with him was dead, and it felt like I was the only person in this dream environment. The area itself was shifting a lot, and that's probably due to the fact that I wasn't interested in paying attention to the dull environments that were mostly made of gray and light turquoise walls and blocks that occasionally gave shape into houses and other things. I walk around the area for a bit, and I happened to see a blonde female sitting down alone in the corner. She has light & soft skin, and she has curly and wavy blonde hair.

      NOTE: 18+ below

      Her cheeks were slightly puffy, and her eyes most likely had a hazel or blue color, not completely sure since she greeted me with a concerning spread eagle pose. She's wearing a light blue denim jacket that probably only extends 3 inches from her breasts along with a very short denim skirt. She's waiting for me to enter her
      , and I let my dream body go towards her. As I get closer to her, I kneel down, and I immediately take my dick out. I move my hands to her sides so that she's in between them, and I get even closer to her. She decides to open her legs so she can wrap them around my lower back region.

      She braces for the wall and leaves her arms stationary as she receives a slow penetration into her vagina. My penis feels the slightly tingling sensations and being en-coated with her vaginal liquids and being slightly squeezed in and out. I could feel everything, and it was so strong, I had to do it slow or else I would probably climax too fast. I can hear her slightly augmented breathing as I pick up the pace a bit more. It felt so good and I didn't want to stop, and I started phasing out and being amazed on how real this felt.

      It was as if her vagina was injecting sedation that would soften the head of my penis while at the same time increasing its sensitivity. We kept having a slow and deep intercourse, and I place my neck on top of her right shoulder for support as I'm continuing to pound her. She starts saying some words, but I wasn't able to recall them very well, however, I'm presuming she was talking dirty to me to make me feel more excited. She wraps her arms around the back of my neck, and this entices me to hold on to her tighter as well. She's trapped me with her legs, and each time I go out slightly before coming back in, she uses her feet to thrust me into her deeper and faster.

      She wanted it very bad if she's doing this, and then I realized it's probably Eva in a different form. I had a feeling that she wanted this for a long time,
      and those other dreams I had with her, she was slowly creeping herself towards me, basically offering her body to me waiting for me to do something to her. Now she's the one making the actions and indirectly guided me through this whole act of intercourse. She keeps talking dirty to me, and her whispers to my right ear makes my back tingle and vibrate immensely.

      I can't remember how long this act of sex was, but it felt like I had a near-perfect simulation of what vaginal sex would feel like. The gushing sounds, the tingling sensations as she squeezes the head of my penis in and out, and her words to me as she tightly wraps her arms and legs around me was all too much, but so pleasurable. I actually climaxed in the dream, but I felt it was just an orgasm rather than ejaculation. The orgasm itself slowly crept itself up to me, it felt as if I had the orgasm already somewhere during the penetration, and then it just comes in like a loaded shotgun.

      I had to pull out because having that kind of experience with the orgasm and her vagina walls that seem to have a mind of its own that seeks to please me as much as it can would just be a mindfuck; I would probably be in a temporary blackout from it all as well.

      Oh and if that wasn't enough, this experience happened again in slight alterations to Eva's costume and face as well for at least 4-5 times. I think she made it clear to me of the type of visages she would transition into rather than that default form I gave her. Her first form in the dream I believe was with her hair in a pony-tail, and she had freckles on her face, then the next one was her hairstyle forming into a shape of an "M," with the center of her hair in a smooth-V curve going up both left and right, and then drooping down to have sides that looked like they were cut to take shape of a pointy end. As for her face, that was hard to recall, except for one form that had a shiny light pink color to it. The white highlight that was small, but very intense and noticeable really added on towards me being enticed by it. Her lips didn't have those small creases and grooves you would eventually see if you looked deep enough, her lips her wet and shiny, and completely free from blemishes
      (even though the creases would only show up if she was puckering up).

      If I wasn't so saturated in the moment of vaginal penetrations in the 4 sessions we had, I probably would've asked her to perform fellatio for me with those attractive lips.

      Other than that, each session we had seemed to allow me to get adjusted to her cunt that kept giving me new sensations that are so hard to describe.

      The dream environment itself didn't matter, considering that it had a post-apocalyptic vibe to it.

      I also recall her eventually having her clothes off and spreading her ass for me, potentially greeting me to have anal sex with her, but the vaginal was more than enough. Maybe she was just showing how flexible she was, but it felt like she was wanting me to do more after those sessions.

      I wake up to find myself have light surges of mental orgasms, and unfortunately, I got up too quickly instead of enjoying them a bit more.
    15. More Fragments

      by , 05-17-2011 at 05:29 PM
      I've had a fair number of dreams that I've written down but haven't posted. There will be a lot more posted in the near future.
      1. A vacation house in a cemetery with a canal flowing alongside it. Only one part of it is haunted, and that's the hot tub.

      2. Post-apocalyptic. Images of a barren landscape, partially destroyed, but more just battered. The land and the damage still pretty fresh. If I recall correctly, it was like waking up in 28 days later having missed the whole thing and trying to figure out what's going on and why the place was uninhabited. No imminent threats, just loneliness. I find one survivor and hang with her. Later, we find a whole bunch more and I remember packing my bags to go with them somewhere.

      3. I'm in a video game and I get to a boss level, I have to move a small fantasy-style army across a mapped out green landscape to these mountains. We get there and I beat the shit out of this midget-height boss (a goblin, I think) in SLOW MOTION. I remember grabbing him by the feet and swinging him head first into a ledge.
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