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    1. Girl, Portal, Tomatoes, Asuss Power, Minecraft, Run

      by , 04-23-2017 at 04:28 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-here was this girl that walked in place at night for some reason, which prevented the escape of some characters. Trying to reason with her was futile. I opened portals for easy travel to her parents, which signed up for all the things. These things would reveal the girl's location if she came within range of one of them. Reasoning with her was impossible.
      [New Scene]
      I was sitting at a wood table eating salad with lettuce, cheese blocks, and...tomatoes? I hate tomatoes. Why didn't I become lucid then?
      -2-A cool antagonist I forgot about had a source of something called Asuss Power. The source looked remarkably like a Minecraft Wither Skeleton Skull. I took it and ran into the ocean, then insta-mining my way down and away. I was getting chased by another antagonist unsuccessfully.
    2. [30-07-2016] #1st competition entry

      by , 07-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Fallen asleep at 0:25, woke up at 4:00. Tried some WBTB but no lucid results.

      First dream

      It was a grim, overcast day. It was in some huge haunted mansion, deep inside woods, an alley with elms growing on both sides was leading to it. I was a witcher and with some other witchers we were fighting a huge monster that was moving so quick, that it was hard to tell how it exactly looked like. The monster had something to do with the mansion and forest and I knew that there was a reason why it was there. We were fighting bravely, using only swords.

      Some time later I was back in my mansion in some city. I was wearing a black suit, preparing for a funeral of a man that died helping us. Suddenly I heard someone knock to my door. I went out of my changing room, went downstairs and opened the door. I saw another man in black suit, but I didn't knew him. He asked "Are you Geralt of Rivia?" I confirmed and the man entered my mansion. I realized that it's an ambush and tried using some sign to eliminate him, but he was quicker. He touched my chest and I felt like something really heavy lied on it. I couldn't breathe and my heart was pounding heavily. Then a shot - he had a sawed-off shotgun and shot me in my chest.

      Then I turned into someone else - a little girl. I checked a book for forest spirits and other wraiths living in forests, then left my house and went to the elm alley, heading towards the haunted mansion.

      Second dream

      I was in some kind of huge city, in my house in a flat. Suddenly something happened, I left my room and saw all the people running in panick. There was no time to ask, demons attacked and we had to defend ourselves. There were huge armies of enormous bald men with yellow glow in their eyes. They were spitting out fire and lava, entering rooms and killing everyone in sight. Somehow I was able to tear my way to a shopping mall, where I had to stop on moving stairs. Stairs going down were taken by demons who attacked everyone on the stairs going upwards, igniting them with pyrokinesis and throwing fireballs. A few times I saw a little boy, whole in blood, going up the stairs. He was grinning ominously to me, demons did him no harm. I decided to fight back instead of escaping this time, fighting fire with fire. I thrown fireballs and used pyrokinesis at demons, but my aim wasn't very accurate. Once I hit that strange boy with fireball, but again he wasn't even harmed, still grinning to me. I managed to send demons back for some time, so that people could arrange hospital in nearby shops. I went there to help them, I saw that weird boy again.

      Suddenly I found myself at the backside of a car, with someone who was giving driver a syringe. The man had black hair and was wearing a pale blue shirt and black trousers. I had two pillows with me, but as the man left the car he took one of them. We drove forward, but I told them to drive back so I could get my pillow. Driver did as I said and we took both the man and the pillow inside.

      We drove to a huge cathedral, thousands of people gathered to see a pope making a mass for successfully banishing demons back to hell. The pope came closer to edge of some platform and said "To destroy devil, we have to take it's power!" A hellish pit opened up and people started to take power, but it came with enslavement as heavy chains or barbed wires grown all around them. I shouted out "No!", people have disappeared and I was left with a demon that possessed pope. He spawned a minion - it was a humanoidal demon made of salt that was hard as rock. It had spider like mandibles, eyes covered by round glasses made of salt and it had also soldier clothing made of salt. We were fighting, it was really hard to harm the demon. I used an attack and run away tacting, running all around the chamber. The demon jumped in front of me and with high pitched voice of little girl said "We will destroy humans!"

      I started fighting with more ferocity, managing to destroy one of demon's hands and distorting it's face badly. Then the possessed pope appeared and fixed his demon with one gesture, then said "Come on! That line was great! You know how hard it is to train a demon like this?" I ran to give it another punches and then the pope said to demon "Look, he's coming back! You could say your line again!" He treated the demon like a child, probably it had a mind of a child. We continued our battle, punching, dodging, running away and chasing. Suddenly the salt demon disappeared and pope appeared. I saw a door to the side of chamber open up and release devil's source of power. I thought "Someone succeeded in getting to the switch deep in hell." I quickly ran towards it and not minding force field that pained badly, I jumped and put my hand into power source, scrathing it all over with nails. It burnt slightly. Pope appeared and said "And what you wanted to achieve with this? You stand no chance..." Suddenly the hellish realm (as getting through cathedral's doorway was walking through portal to it) started to fall apart. But I managed to escape in a capsule that I found.
    3. Meaningful Dreams

      by , 01-27-2016 at 02:15 AM (My Dream Journal)
      Ugh, I accidentally deleted this, so I have to re-type it. Why does it always happen to me?????
      I am dressing up for church, putting on a short black dress. There was some significant reason why this was important, but I can't remember why.
      I am in a room, and my church youth minister comes up to me. She tells me that they are going to inject me with something that gives me a "sub-power" which is basically a super power. She tells me that it won't hurt, which I am afraid of. In the dream I have a memory of them injecting me with something in the past. I remember that it only hurt a little, but I am still scared to be injected. Anyway, the youth minister is leading me through hallways, and she tells me the different categories of the powers. A nearby girl asks what type of power she has, and the youth minister says "convention." The girl responds, "cool!" I ask the youth minister for some examples of powers in the different categories. She tells me that I don't understand how it works. We then make it to another room, where there is a riddle waiting for us to read. I know it has something to do with the power injection thingy, and suddenly I understand why the youth minister said I didn't understand.
      I am in the car with my brother and dad. My brother is in the driver's seat, and my dad is in the seat next to him. We are driving into a parking lot, and you can either park in the right parking lot or left one. My brother chooses the right. I get annoyed at him because apparently we went in the left parking lot last time. When we are turning into the right parking lot, I realize that my dad is doing all the steering even though my brother is the one sitting in the driver's seat. It ends with us turning into a parking spot.
      I know this probably sounds weird, but all the dreams I had last night seemed like they had lots of meaning to them.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Dancing Goldfishes

      by , 11-02-2015 at 06:20 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm laying on a bed. It's made of forged iron, painted white, with high, graceful spirals making up the head and feets of it. The sheet are white too, as is the bigs fluffy pilows. translucents drapes billows from the ceiling to the floor around it, half obscuring the light walls and the french window. Say window is half open to a lush garden. It's day time, but the room is shrouded in shadow. I'm surrounded with bright orange goldfishes, swimming in the air in a complex choregraphy. I touch one of the mand it turn into a luminescent blue, shining with its bones shadowing its skin. It stop when I let go of it. I touch another one and the same thing happen. I find it pretty, and touch my own arm. The same thing happen, my flesh turn blue and luminescent from the tips of my fingers to my shoulder. I realise that I'm wearing a floorlenght nightgown, and that I'm sharing the bed with a sandy haired man. He's sleeping, and I touch his thigh. His whole leg changes, and he wake up. At first he doesn"t say anything, but as I gently move my hand to his torso he starts to freak out and begs me to stop. I'm surprised ans doesn't understand why he's so distressed by what I'm doing, but I let go of him and lay back down on the bed, playing with the goldfishes.
    5. Two Fragments [Sensei comp Day 2]

      by , 01-26-2015 at 10:37 PM
      Two fragments of a really cool dream that I had, sadly I didn't become lucid but the dream itself was quite vivid so that's a good thing. I also did a WBTB at 3:20 after going to bed at 11pm but that didn't really help anything and I fell back to sleep to this dream.


      Fragment One:
      I was in an undersea library with my dad and I somehow had gotten powers that could allow me to do anything that I wanted. We met a little girl who said it was her birthday and she wanted food and a boy to play with. My dad and I led her towards an elevator and when the doors opened I created some food. The doors closed and while we were in the elevator I noticed the little girl had a large carrot hat on. I looked to the food again and it was also filled with carrots. The elevator doors opened on the same floor we were on previously and I created a boy about my age to play with the little girl, she didn't seem the slightest bit interested and started playing on a laptop. I made the boy to be her age and he ran up to her, threw the laptop away, grabbed her hand and went off to play somewhere.

      Fragment Two:
      My dad and I exited the library before being approached by a fish/man who told us that we should keep quiet about what we were trying to find otherwise pirates could take advantage of us. My dad thanked him and I thought to myself that if we were caught I would be able to kill everyone with my new power. I then saw two of my friends that had left the school over by a cafe of sorts, they were wearing leather jackets with jeans and were also with another group of people that I assumed were their other friends. I approached the one on the left and asked him if he remembered me, in reply, he introduced me to the other one and told me I had met him in year 5. I found this slightly odd since I had met the guy much earlier than that but I got distracted when a lot of my other friends, who were also wearing leather jackets, began running down the street. I ran after them and as I vaulted over some railing and jumped a large flight of stairs I realised that I was wearing a leather jacket too. Every time I did a stunt I would hear J's voice telling me to be careful, I kept on trying to reassure her that everything was fine and that I was completely safe but she got really worried when I grazed my knee on some paving. I again wondered why I felt no pain but I wanted to focus on the supposed race that my friends and I were having. I told J again that it didn't hurt and proceeded to do a huge jump onto the top of a four story carpark roof, I began to float upwards mid-air but came back down and landed on the third story. The dream ended there.

      I really liked that dream, it was vivid and epic so I would like to do something like that again. Becoming lucid would make that dream more epic and I am begninning to question the dreams again so if I can do an RC it'll be as easy as that. I'm going to try the WBTB a little bit later in the morning or go to bed earlier because when light comes through the blinds I can't go back to sleep anymore so that's something to also take into account.

      - Have a third Lucid Dream.
      - Have a conversation with a DC.
      - Fly.
      - Find my Dream Guide.
      - Summon an an animal and ask it a question. [Dare]
    6. The Book, A Principle, Shocked

      by , 11-22-2014 at 08:28 PM (One Up Seeker)
      1. It was almost nighttime and the sun was setting. I was wandering on a snowy mountain by myself, and snow was falling pretty heavily. The mountain wasn't to steep, so I didn't have to climb anything, it was just as though I was walking up a really steep hill. As I continued walking, I saw some sort of campsite, some sort of base it seemed where alot of people were sitting around. Around the perimeter of this base there were many armored guards. Their armor was black and it had to be heavy for sure. I took a look at each one of these guards, and they looked as tough as stone. None of them would move unless they had too.
      I approached the guards casually, as though I belonged to their camp. As I got closer to them, I looked inside the camp to get a better look and I saw some men inside that looked like they had alot of power. Almost everyone inside the camp was wearing armor of some sort, but the ones that really stood out to me where the ones that had a glowing aurora around them, as if they had some sort of magical power or something. Contrary to what I expected, the guards actually let me inside of the camp without any problems at all. Immediately as I entered the camp I got the vibe that all of these guys were evil. I looked to my right and not too far away was the bonfire that I had seen before I entered, I walked over to it and talked to the guys that were there.
      There were about 5 or 6 guys here that were just talking, and one of them had a glowing purple aurora. As I was talking to these guys I noticed that behind the guy with the aurora there was a big book. The book was black and had intricate designs all over it, and it was glowing red. Suddenly my friend Caitlin appeared behind me, and she walked up to my side and started talking to the guys. I asked the powerful guy, "Whats that book for?". "I'll just tell you that its a powerful book, and I'm here to guard it" he replied. Caitlin then whispered in my ear, "Steal it from him".
      Somehow the guy with the aurora heard her and said, "Steal it, I dare you." Now all the guys around the bonfire had their eyes on me. Caitlin broke the silence and started talking to all of the guys. She got them all so interested that she made the guy with the aurora get closer to her, leaving his guard post with the book unguarded. I saw he was distracted and I silently but quickly ran and grabbed the book. As I picked up the book a screen popped up in my field of vision, "Press A to pick up" and I did so, but it was real, it didn't even seem like a video game at all, it was odd. Once I had the book in my hands I felt a surge of power rush through me.
      Immediately, all of the guys at the bonfire noticed and started running after me. The guy that was glowing started shooting at me with a silver staff that also had intricate designs all over it. When he shot at me with his staff, glowing red streaks of light would come out. As I continued running I could hear those beams of light flying past me, some even as close to me as my ear. I looked back at one point and I saw an entire group of about 50 men break through a wall at the base, and they started fighting the guys that had the black armor.
      The men that broke through the wall were wearing animal fur and had torches, swords, and all kind of medieval weapons. I returned my focus to just running away, but I knew it would be a while until that because at the bottom of the mountain there was another camp, much bigger than the one that was behind me, and a battle was going on. Half of the base was engulfed in flames, but that didn't stop the fighting. I had no weapon on me, but once I made it into the camp at the bottom I made my way through it. I found out that the men with animal fur as their armor were on my side.
      After some time of fighting, we won. I walked out of the base and found myself on an open plain, covered in snow. It was cold, and the sky was overcast. Suddenly the entire environment around me changed, and I now found myself on a highway that was somehow in the middle of a forest. Of course, I became Lucid now. I looked around me, everything was so crystal clear. The sky was a light blue and partly cloudy. There was a nice breeze flowing around me. I flew up into the air and hovered a few hundred feet up. Not far away from me I spotted a military helicopter flying towards me.
      Within seconds it was right on me, I boarded the chopper and sat down in the back where the passenger seats were. Already in the back was a man who looked like he was in the military, and then a blonde lady that was fine. She looked in her late 20's but that was no problem to me(Honestly, I rarely go for sex in my LDs anywhere near as much, I only bang chicks when they show up themselves lol). Now, since it had been a while since I had done anything intimate in a Lucid dream, I decided to break that streak, so I got closer to the blonde.
      "Hey, wanna bang?" I asked quite casually. Immediately as I asked this the military guy next to me grabbed me by my shirt and said, "This isn't your Lucid Dream, so you can't do whatever you want!". He then threw me out of the helicopter. I tried flying to soften my landing, but for some reason I had now lost my ability to fly. I hit the ground at full force. I didn't feel any pain, but I did feel alot of pressure as I landed on my right shoulder.
      I got up of of the ground, pretty shocked at what had just happened. I started thinking about what the military guy had said. "What does that mean?" I thought to myself. I started walking around on the highway. I noticed one thing though, The closer that that chopper got to me before I got onto it, I could feel myself getting weaker. And whenever the chopper was flying away from me I got stronger and returned to my original state of power.
      This is where my memory goes blank, I know for a fact that the dream felt as though as if it were a day long, but I dont remember what happened in the middle. I remember at the end of the dream I was on my street in my neighborhood and the helicopter came back out of no where, next thing I knew It somehow woke me up.
    7. Moar games

      by , 01-30-2014 at 11:31 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      there is a trailer for team fortress 4 apparently and Nintendo is finally making another starfox game. Though my freind couldn't get any details because the dev team was two janitors and a high school gym teacher. Now I have a gun( it feels scary to have this kind of firepower and I shoot at the linolian floor. I shoot the paint off and now there is a black spot where I shot. My mother suggests I shoot at the wooden floor instead but I am too dumb to realize my mom has a point. THere will be no black spot. But this gun( looks like the gun of the ground glitcher from that youtube video crying pc gamer) wouldn't belong to the heavy who was in the tf4 trailer? hm. ThenI am sitting in bed in Not Sleep Paralysiz vizualixzing eating a strawberry. I had to get up early though. The End
      Tags: gun, power, starfox, tf4
    8. A Chance To Test Out My Power!

      by , 01-15-2014 at 05:14 PM
      In relevance to the title; often after becoming Lucid I follow the story line from the original dream to keep me entertained. However some dreams don't test you to your full potential, fortunately this one did.

      I was having a dream where me and my brother Robbie where on the run from some sort of Korean army, (about 30 blokes, some in jeeps and tanks.) We were running over some hill top with them in pursuit when we came across a little abandoned shed. We ran and hid in the shed, but it was so small Robbie was freaking out. He ran out the shed and unfortunately was seen and shot. More so though they had seen him come out of his hiding place and all stopped outside. I could see through various gaps and holes in the sheds panels exactly what was happening. They knew I was inside and the were coming right towards me.

      This was the point where I became lucid as I was panicking and just about to wake myself up, therefore realising that I was dreaming. Now lucid, I stayed in the shed and watched them approaching. As the first person reached the shed he pulled out an RPG, and put the end through one of the holes in the shed right in front of me.

      What happened next was inspired by something I had seen in a film; X-men First Class. In it, a character called Sebastian Shaw has the ability to - "Absorb the energy of any impact he is struck by, including not only direct physical blows, but also the impact of bullets."

      So when the rocket was fired directly at me, I almost caught the force between my hands and squeezed it down to nothing. I also have a video for you so you can visualise it

      XMen Sebastian Shaw - YouTube

      After I had effectively absorbed the first one, several more followed, including multiple shots at the same time. Between catching the RPG's I had made a force field shield around me with my bare hands and was sustaining it with my mind. My vision was constantly quite blurred and chaotic, as you can imagine from the video, but I could still see out towards the rest of the army standing in the background a few hundred yards away. I stuck a hand out, whilst deflecting bullets with my other, and literally crushed the remaining men and vehicles at will with my hand.

      This happened until there was nothing left but burning vehicles and mangled bodies. It was quite an epic display of power, although hard to describe. Though I did wake up feeling great about myself. Thanks for reading!
      Tags: film, lucid, power
      memorable , lucid , nightmare
    9. Practicing Super Powers & White Monkeys

      by , 01-04-2014 at 11:26 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was at home (hometown?) and saw an old man through the window, and I thought, he shouldn't be here/there. And then, I must be dreaming! Immediately, the surrounding became darker, until I can't see anything but darkness. I was then inside our living room (hometown for sure), but surrounded by darkness, and crystalline sparks. I kept saying "Clarity" hoping that it will clear everything up, but it just got darker, and I just got confused. I also focused on breathing. As everything went dark, I thought, I must be waking up, but told myself, no way.

      I was outside on the backyard. I felt like it was ours, but it doesn't look anything like it in real life. It was night or just dark. There's a small field for planting. JV's mom was working on it, tilling the soil, and I started to worry. Some things are out there that might cause harm. Some small things. After I secured my own mom, I dragged her to the sidelines and then I fought the small flying... thing. A small robot. It flew up what looked like an elevated garage. I kept focusing my powers of electricity to shoot it, but once I raised enough electricity, they turn into paper. I tried moving stuff with my mind instead. I raised metals and threw it at the robot. Eventually, I forgot all about the robot (which wasn't retaliating in any way) and I practiced my dream powers, trying to lift a heavy metal pipe with my mind. I kept failing, but eventually I succeeded, but not by much. I thought, This will be cool practicing this all the time now that I can lucid dream!

      I was inside an abandoned building with others. It was night outside, and it was dark inside the building. We were avoiding some things. Bad things. Evil things. (Guh... so that's how Good Omens affect my writing...) We hurried to get out of the gate (invisible, which is quite silly) before something inside caught us. We didn't look back.

      I was outside, still night. I looked back. I saw happy faces of my high school classmates (quite clear was JG's face) as if they just finished playing basketball.

      Daylight. We're supposed to escape by climbing some sort of really tall statue that reaches way up in the clouds. A companion commented how there are some snakes up there now, which didn't happen before. A short scene near the beach (or the road near Victorias, where the road is elevated from the sugarcane fields on both sides): someone was walking on the fields. I was walking on the elevated area (road).

      I was up on the statue. There's a platform where barrels and/or snakes roll out, and we have to jump over them and avoid them, which gets more difficult as the level increases. (I swear to gawd that's what I thought in the dream) There were monkeys somewhere here. At first I was just watching, but then I went into first-person view, and I slipped under the mouth/area where they barrels/snakes go out. I ended up outside a building, holding up a window. I had to, or else the whole factory (house like) will collapse, and all the white monkey workers inside will get crushed. After a while, I let go, and the monkeys were able to escape. The area felt provincial, like the areas I used pass by via Don Salvador Benedicto.

      There's something about a chosen one, a child, but that part of the dream mostly escaped me.

      Spoiler for WARNING: Violence:

      I was watching small girl (the chosen one?) talk to God (he looked and felt like the one on Facebook, but full-bodied). She was asking him questions and he answers her with funny responses. I forgot the details of the exchange.


      I slept around 4 p.m.
      I woke up around 5:44 p.m.
      I meditated before falling asleep.
      I was listening to Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory) and The Gorillaz playlists the whole day.
      I thought about how the music I was listening to connects to my high-school memories.

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    10. 31st Oct 2013 Various fragments

      by , 11-01-2013 at 02:45 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was going around some streets and i've had some kind of power.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      There were three cybord dudes infiltrating some building and at one point one of them started remembering the past where they were kids, still with semi-mech bodies and were playing around with them, then they went to some train station.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was some ancient city, covered in gold and some researcher arrived to find something of importance. There was a bit party that kinda distracted him as he was trying to decipher symbols on walls and then he was talking to mayor. Then something gone wrong with symbols and massive army of enemies attacked the city and started destroying everything. There was also ASCII Dwarf fortress-like view of the battle, the researcher tried to stealth out of battle but got caught, he then used some kind of time travel to return to before city got attacked. He started with symbols again and found some fake ones.
    11. The Most Vivid Dream I've Ever Had In My Entire Life

      by , 03-17-2013 at 06:25 PM
      So I was walking down the street, then all of a sudden, my sister turns into a car and drives off, this fat clown comes out of nowhere and says:"HEYY MY CAR!!!!!" So I just looked at the clown and he starts chasing me, I ran down the street and stopped infront of a rainbow, it was epic, I put my hand through the rainbow, feeling lots and lots of power, it was amazing. So then I ran into MC donalds and hid by the window. The clown ran in and he passed RIGHT BY ME, but it turns out.. He was only there to get the MC donalds. LOL. So then I ran out of the place, I turned in to a 4 year old, and our teacher said "BRB GOING TO THE WASHROOM" then she ran away.. Then I woke up.
    12. Test of my 'Powers'

      by , 10-10-2012 at 05:30 PM
      Im not too sure where I was, I think I was upstairs at my house, I pinched my nose and realised I was dreaming. I decided I would see what powers I have, so I went downstairs and I tried flying/levitating, It worked and I hit my head on the ceiling . So then I tried to see if I could control an eletrical current, so I thought about it and the electric/lightning sparked up my arm, I didn't manage to control that power. So now I tried telekinesis and it worked amazingly, I put my hand out and faced it to someone that was near me, they couldn't move and I could control them with my hand and I threw the guy on the floor

      Long time since I journaled a dream on here but I thought it was worth it as this was one of my best lucids
      Tags: power
    13. I dreamed a an event that i thought up before i actually went to sleep!!

      by , 05-11-2012 at 03:59 PM (All Human Beings Are Also Dream Beings!)
      Although I didnt become lucid, i found it interesting how my mind took over a dream that i previously had been dreaming of before actual sleep.

      Tonight was the first time i feel asleep in a dream that i created myself!! it started with a beautiful girl of whom i like in my class. I dreamed that we were sitting at a beautiful candle lit dinner outside, along with the scenery of the ocean. We ate a nce dinner and i would of course treat her with the most respect, and ask her questions about her plans for the future.

      The dream start to have a mind of its own when we were done eating a nice dinner! Now we are waiting in line at a movie theater. It was a long line but it is finally are turn to receive our tickets. At this point we are both unsure of what movie we want to watch.

      I stop and stare at my surroundings. In a theater, I always notice that the Interior design is always red---so as i looked at my surroundings, i noticed the colors where very red. I guess this is what my mind picked up from my experience in a movie theater.

      Finally the beautiful girl decides what film we want to see. at this point the dream begins to get blurry. We are in a theater but i cant see anything! the screen is blank! (the dream is starting to change).

      The dream ended very quickly! it was like my mind was trying to tease me. My mind was like "now that we got that out the way, get ready for the weird stuff". Now i am in some sort of academy. It was like a boys prep school---everyone wore uniform (a white collared shirt with Black jeans).I remember walking down a long hall with people laid across the floor having conversations. The weird part about the people laying across the floor was that everyone was Asian lol

      Now am walking down this hall, and the next thing i know is i hear a voice. Its the Beautiful girl! she wasn't physically there but i could hear her voice. her voiced called out to me "hey is everything OK I'm just checking on you" and i would reply "yes everything is fine". As i walked through this huge academy full of Asian people, sometimes she would come back and check on me again---starting with the same thing "hey is everything OK I'm just checking on you" and of course i would reply with im find

      I wondered if this was me trying to fight to get that dream back? because i was now in some weird Academy for boys that didn't know of

      Anyways I found my way to an open Auditorium. Now to think of it, it resembled my old Middle school Auditorium very beat up and old looking. As i entered through the back door; at the front stage stood a boy who of course was Asian. He was chubby, big boned, and he wore the same clothing as the others (white collar, black Jeans).

      As i approached him, judging by the look on his face he did not seem happy with my presence. Suddenly this big boned boy burst! into the air. I'm thinking: he has powers! ---towards me he flew throwing blue flames at me; Obviously trying to kill me! as i dashed around the auditorium.

      I remember his words as well "YOU THINK YOU"RE BETTER THAN ME!!!". At that moment in the dream i wished that the Beautiful girl would call me, and ask "if everything thing was alright".

      Thank God I woke up out of fright lol...but i loved the whole experience. For the slightest of seconds i dreamed of something i actually wanted to dream about.

      P.s. I hope i see that killer kid with powers when I'm lucid so i can kick his butt lol
    14. First Lucid In A Long Time!

      by , 05-08-2012 at 10:15 PM
      I became lucid at the start of the dream, but my body felt slightly distant. I was in a large walled garden, the walls in question being two stories tall and having buildings built into them. The grass was vibrantly green and the sky a pastel blue. I looked at my hands, and the dream became more vivid. I then remembered about dream spinning, and so promptly span twice on the spot. The increase in clarity was amazing! I could feel my heartbeat in my chest due to my excitement. I remember someone talking to me, but I ignored them and flew away. The dream then changed.

      I was then riding down the main road of my town on my moped. I wasn't wearing any protective gear and was driving like a complete pillock. Still, it was very fun Here it was raining, and I could feel the cool touch of the raindrops on my exposed skin. I eventually got to the entrance of the high street and dismounted. The traffic seemed to have just stopped, with some people gathering near me to see what I would do. I decided to try some powers, and felt a change of weather was in order. I stretched my hands out in front of me together and pointed them palm first towards the sky. I then pulled my hands apart in a great semicircle. As I did so, the grey clouds receded with my hands and the sky behind was sunny and a beautiful light blue. Someone near me said "Thanks mate!", and several other people were looking with amazement.

      I then lost lucidity, and have little memory of the dream that followed save for a few snippets. There was a robot factory, my brother, a large laser and the enclave.
    15. Dragons, and wise words.

      by , 02-24-2012 at 01:59 PM (Enter the mind of Ladendais)
      I do not particularly remember a lot of this dream, but I do remember bits and pieces that I would like to write down. My memory picks up standing outside of my old middle school, and I am standing next to a rather old individual that closely resembles some sort of elf. I am apparently a certain race that has been trained by this elf, and I am asking a few questions about various topics. When I asked "How long have you been training people?" he simply responded in a rather wise crack tone, "I've been training your people for billions of years". Just after he said that he cast some sort of magic on me and he flew away into the distance. I assume this magic was some sort of "Dragon speak" like the type on Skyrim. Shards of rocks began to sprout out of my body, and I started yelling as I circled up into the air. My voice was very loud, and with each shout a feeling of pure awe came over me and it was getting stronger by the second. I remember calling out for "Talos" and a huge dragon flew from the sky, bigger than anything I remember seeing within my dreams before.

      The feeling that I had was simply mind blowing, words cannot describe, but epic would be the best way to confer the feeling. I soon find myself inside of the school setting within the halls with this giant dragon, and I seem to be questioning him as I pet him. I cannot remember the conversation between myself and this dragon, but I do remember that his words were wise.This has to be one of the most memorable dreams I have ever had simply because the scale of this dragon was just unimaginable, and the feelings of power and overall excitement were overwhelming.
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