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    1. Buddhas and Wario

      by , 10-08-2016 at 08:19 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I was sightseeing through a rustic-modern, asian-feeling neighborhood. We walked through a dusty dark shrine, filled in shapes of buddha statues in the darkness, made out of brassy, coppery, dark metal. There was a multitude of them, some of them seemed to be fused together. An unknown acquaintance was accompanying me, and they prayed to the statues. I did not pray, but as the sound of the prayer resonated with the metal it produced an unearthly echo that sent a chill down my spine, prompting me to pray as well.

      We moved on to an arcade, where familiar but also unknown people are there. There was a computer there and I showed them a 'glitched level' where I play as Wario in a 2D platformer navigating a procedural-looking cavern that reminds me of the Ice zone in Spelunky, but with trees and unknown sunlight from above. The graphics were modern but not 3D.
    2. Religious dream and carnival

      by , 06-27-2012 at 03:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1) A minister prayed for me and black goo came out of my hands and vanished. I felt cleansed and at peace. Then my bro in law, A, was suspect. We convinced him and his wife. She said ew get it out. The minister said I had to do it but I didn't believe. in myself enough. It was only partial and he saw paralyzed with fear as the black goo ran from his hands.

      * religious dreams have a deeper meaning to me. This dream was about some negative emotions and stress at my job. It is up to me to have a different attitude.

      2) My wife kids and I were at an annual carnival. it was huge this year with rides. I think my wife is pregnant and she can't ride. I felt bad for her. I see my ex and her mom. oh great look who it is. I wonder around looking for addmission prices. A security guard stops me and tells me I can't cut in line. I tell him I. just want to know admission prices. He says he's doesn't know. I ask him why he's such an ass? He says alright fine its $2.

      * Both dreams very vivid and deatailed. I left details out because of time.
    3. Solar Adoration at Sunrise

      by , 08-28-2010 at 06:29 PM
      This morning I dreamed I saw the Sun rising through the woods that are north of my house. I believe I had actually woken up before this dream and saw it was dawn through the glass door. In my dream I was looking through this door and I could see the Sun through the woods, as if they were transparent, as it rose above the horizon. The disk of the Sun was bright crimson and it was surrounded by perfect blackness. As it rose I gave my the solar adoration for sunrise:

      Hail unto thee who art Kephre in thy rising,
      And unto thee who art Brahma in thy birth
      And even unto thee who are Zeus in thy ambition.
      Hail unto thee oh Sun in this thy rising.

      By the time I had finished the Sun was completely above the horizon.

      Yesterday at sunset I meditated on the visualization of a red setting Sun, as described in the Contemplation Sutra. This might well have been an inspiration for the dream.

      Tags: praying, sun, sunrise
      non-lucid , memorable